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Adaptation - Chapter Three

cuckolding, humiliation, domination, creampie
Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part three of the story. If you haven't read part two yet, you should probably do that first.

Chris hesitated for a bit, seemingly weighing his options. Andrea held her breath – she wasn’t completely sure what she would do if Caesar were to beat Chris into submission, but was fairly confident that she would act in a way that made her hate herself in the morning. She wanted to believe that she would intervene on Chris’s behalf and absolutely refuse to ever speak to – let alone sleep with – Caesar again, but she was almost positive she’d do the exact opposite. Fortunately, Chris seemed to eventually realize just how outmatched he was. Again lowering his eyes to the floor, he submissively shook his head no.

I’m glad, Caesar smiled, patting Chris on the head condescendingly. So, moving forward, a word of caution: I’m going to be pretending that you aren’t here, and I suspect that my girlfriend will be as well. Help us to preserve this illusion. I said that you could watch, and I’m not taking that back, but watch silently and with your eyes only. If you try to participate, if you try to draw attention to yourself, if you so much as clear your throat too loudly I can promise you that you’ll regret it. You know that I’ll make good on that promise, don’t you boy?

Chris nodded timidly, avoiding eye contact the entire time. He might have had some doubts as to whether or not he’d actually come to enjoy his new role in life as Caesar had promised, he might have believed that he would yet be able to sabotage Caesar’s plans and return things to how they were, but he knew damned well that disobeying Caesar at that moment would not end well for him. As Caesar turned to walk back towards the bed, Chris timidly backed up towards the wall.

Andrea felt extremely conflicted about what was going on. On the one hand, she did want to sleep with Caesar again. She felt incredibly guilty about that, but the last time had been so immensely enjoyable that she was eager to experience it again. Furthermore, watching the way that Caesar had confidently asserted his authority over Chris had been a major turn-on, even though she was wished that it hadn’t been. It seemed to her that a decent woman wouldn’t get excited watching a strange man emasculate her husband, and she felt a great deal of guilt over that. Still, as troubling as the morality of the situation was to her she knew that she wanted Caesar in the worst way.

On the other hand, she didn’t necessarily want to fuck Caesar in the way that he was suggesting. The sex might have been desirable, but she knew that doing it with Chris watching would be tremendously painful to him. Even ignoring Chris’s likely pain (which wasn’t nearly as difficult to do as she would have liked) the idea of him watching her with another man seemed a bit perversely voyeuristic, and that was assuming that he managed to keep completely quiet and out of the way – something she wasn’t sure he’d be able to manage.

Can you make him leave the room? she asked Caesar hesitantly.

She immediately regretted the question. She knew that Chris heard what she had asked, and she knew that he wouldn’t be happy about the fact that her biggest problem with what was going on was him, but she wasn’t sure that she could make any other argument. She couldn’t pretend that she didn’t want Caesar and suspected that if she were to pretend that she loved and was faithful to her husband then both men would see right through it. She hoped that Chris would think that a part of why she didn’t want him there was to spare his feelings, but the crushed look on his face suggested that he did not.

I could, Caesar answered, but it’s better this way. I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in sneaking around and doing things behind his back. This will help him to accept reality, which in the long run will make things better for all of us. Don’t you want to be able to fuck when you want to, rather than simply when Chris isn’t here?

What he was suggesting did sound tempting, but she still felt tremendously guilty about how she was feeling. The shameful reality was that she was much more okay with Chris being hurt than she wanted to admit – in fact; a part of her even seemed to think that his humiliation was hot. She tried to convince herself that she was just venting the frustration that had been accumulating throughout their entire marriage, but she knew that was a lie. The truth was simply that as much as she hated herself for it, she was getting off on the idea of Chris being humiliated.

I just don’t want him to get hurt, she lied, mostly for Chris’s benefit. Even if it wasn’t the truth, she felt that it was a good idea to lead Chris to believe that she was concerned with his well-being. In a way, she was – she didn’t want him to get seriously hurt, she just liked the idea of him suffering a little.

He won’t get hurt, Caesar smiled as he climbed into bed next to her. Well, at least not too much – assuming he manages to keep his mouth shut. What pain he will experience is constructive, too – it will help him to learn and accept his place.

That said, he continued, I think I’m done talking about Chris for the night. The little guy’s been hogging all the attention, and he’s just not that interesting, you know? I can’t imagine that you really want to spend the whole night thinking about your loser husband, not when I can think of much more enjoyable things that you could be doing instead.

Running his fingers through her hair, Caesar guided Andrea’s head down towards his crotch. She knew that she could resist – she knew that she should resist, what with Chris watching from the corner – yet she did not. Chris was out of her line of vision, and besides, Caesar was right – she really didn’t feel like thinking about Chris anymore for the night. She knew that she should be ashamed of what she was doing, she knew that she should be protesting loudly, but she just didn’t see the point. The damage was already done, so she might as well enjoy herself.

By the time her head was inches away from Caesar’s semi-hard cock she had almost completely forgotten about Chris. She couldn’t see him from her angle, and Chris had so far managed to remain silent as per Caesar’s instructions. Besides, she was a bit distracted. She could smell the evidence of her infidelity on Caesar’s genitals; the scent of her own sex combined with his sperm filled her nostrils. Strangely, she found herself extremely turned on by that. She had never been a huge fan of the taste or smell of cum, but at that moment it struck her as bizarrely animalistic in a very good way.

Opening her mouth, she ran her tongue down the length of Caesar’s cock, feeling it grow slightly stiffer under her touch. The taste of her fluids mixed with his filled her mouth, further repressing any sense of guilt or remorse in what she was doing. Enjoying herself far more than she knew she ought to be, she gave it a few more licks and coated it in her saliva.

By that point Caesar was legitimately erect. Andrea felt a brief tinge of guilt for that – she remembered how much bigger he had felt than Chris, and worried that seeing him erect would be devastating to Chris’s pride. Strangely, however, that guilt was tempered with excitement. A cruel part of her almost enjoyed the idea of Chris’s pride being laid to waste; taking great pleasure in the knowledge that Chris might suffer in seeing how he was no match for Caesar. Troubled by her own thoughts, she opened her mouth wide and impaled it on Caesar’s dick.

Unfortunately, having Caesar’s dick in her mouth did little to distract her from the knowledge that she was humiliating Chris. Hoping that a little discomfort might fix things, she forced her head down until she found herself gagging on Caesar’s cock. It didn’t help much – she realized all too late that Chris would probably note that she had never gagged on him and would likely suspect it was due exclusively to size as opposed to the fact their sex life had simply never been that aggressive. She was okay with that, though. Remembering how tame and meaningless sex had always been with Chris made her resentful, and that only seemed to further intensify the pleasure she was experiencing in his humiliation. Knowing that she probably shouldn’t but unable to stop herself, she forced her head up and down on Caesar’s cock – gagging each time – and reveled in the humiliation that she knew Chris was almost certainly experiencing.

Before long, Caesar wasn’t just fully erect – he was practically throbbing in her mouth. She could relate to that. Going down on Caesar while Chris watched and knowing how humiliating it must have been for him had been a major turn-on; she suspected that she was just as eager to fuck as Caesar was. She thought about asking Caesar to return the favor and go down on her like he had last time, but thought better of it. While it might be nice for Chris to see that oral sex can actually go both ways, she was dripping wet and at the moment what she really wanted was just some good, hard sex.

Caesar, apparently, felt the same way. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he repositioned her body so that she was straddling him while facing him. She realized that in her current position Chris would be able to see everything, though facing away from him meant that she wouldn’t be able to see him. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. A part of her liked the fact that she would be able to pretend that Chris wasn’t even there, but another part of her really wanted to see the look on his face when Caesar drove her to orgasm in a way that Chris had never been able to accomplish himself.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to worry about it for too long before Caesar gave her something else to occupy her mind. Placing his hands on her hips, Caesar lifted her up a bit and brought her down hard, impaling her on his cock. Normally she wouldn’t much care for that – one of the things she hated about Chris was how he would drive in hard long before she was ready – but at the moment she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She was more ready than she could ever remember having been, and any errant pain she might have experienced due to Caesar’s rough entry was easily masked by the massive pleasure of once again having him inside of her.

She let out a deep moan as Caesar ran his hands back to her ass and pressed into her deeply. She hadn’t meant to moan (it had simply happened naturally) and it wasn’t until the evidence of what she was feeling had escaped her lips that she realized that Chris would have certainly heard it. A part of her felt bad about that, given how she had never moaned with such force with Chris and she had only just gotten started with Caesar, but that part of her was losing power by the second. With her libido taking over, the guilt she wanted to feel was being replaced with cruel pleasure, partially out of a desire for revenge but largely fed by simple sadism. Realizing that it was far, far too late to spare Chris’s pride she gave herself full permission to moan openly and truly vocalize exactly what Caesar was making her feel.

It didn’t take very long at all for Andrea to once again find herself on the brink of orgasm. It struck her as strange – no matter how long Chris managed to last she never seemed to even get close, yet only a few minutes after penetration from Caesar she was already almost there. She knew that a big part of it was her partner – Caesar was far more talented, far more attractive, and far more energetic than Chris ever was. That wasn’t all of it, though. A big part of it was also knowing that Chris was there watching, knowing that his eyes were likely fixated on Caesar’s superior cock thrusting in and out of her. She still felt that it was a little gross of Chris to stick around and watch, but she was getting off on his humiliation enough to make it worthwhile.

Apparently sensing what Andrea was feeling, Caesar wrapped his hands around her hips and forced her to stop bouncing. Andrea let out a frustrated groan – even knowing that he wasn’t going to leave her hanging, she still hated being denied an orgasm when she was so close. She tried to resist and keep fucking him, but Caesar was far too strong and had little difficulty holding her in place. Unable to get herself off, she pouted while waiting for Caesar to do whatever it was that he was planning.

Still holding her by her hips, Caesar turned her around while remaining inside of her so that she was facing away from him. It bothered her a bit – she had been enjoying being able to see Caesar’s face while fucking him – but not enough to complain. So close to her climax, she was substantially more interested in cumming than she was arguing over which position she would be in. Once he had her in place, Caesar used his hands to encourage her to resume fucking.

The instant Andrea looked up she realized what Caesar had done. Standing before her, about ten feet away and with his back to the wall was Chris, his eyes focused intently on the penetration just as she had suspected. He looked utterly humiliated and as if he was about to break down in tears, though that didn’t surprise Andrea – it was, whether she liked it or not, exactly what she would have expected. What did surprise her was the way the crotch of his dress pants had tented up. He was hunched over a bit in a hopeless attempt to conceal it, but he was very clearly sporting a full-on erection.

Her initial reaction was one of disgust. She still wasn’t completely okay with Chris’s voyeurism, and the fact that he was getting off on it bothered her. Disgust gave slowly gave way to resentment, as she wondered how Chris could be so incompetent that he couldn’t even seem to handle being cheated on correctly. From there, however, it went in an interesting direction.

She noticed the frustration in Chris’s eyes, and realized that it was all for her. Strangely, she realized that Chris’s frustration was something of a turn-on for her. She found it almost flattering in a perverse way – he was at the very least indicating that he wanted her desperately – but it didn’t end there. The idea of denying him any pleasure, of forcing him to be the one who would go to bed frustrated and unfulfilled for once seemed disturbingly hot. To her surprise, she found that having to see her husband’s humiliation while she rode another man’s cock wasn’t a hardship at all – it only intensified the lust she was already feeling.

Too close to orgasm to concern herself with playing the role of the good wife, Andrea gave in to what she was feeling. She spread her legs wide to make sure that Chris would be able to fully see what he otherwise could not have and moaned loudly so that he would know just how much more she loved fucking Caesar than him. She gyrated her hips and rode Caesar hard just to make sure that Chris knew she was every bit as much of an active participant in the act as Caesar. She sadistically soaked in the frustration in his eyes, knowing that he was too afraid of angering Caesar to dare even ask if he could possibly participate.

May I please cum? she asked desperately, remembering Caesar’s rule and taking a perverse pleasure in reminding Chris that where Chris couldn’t make her cum if he wanted to, Caesar had such an easy time driving her to orgasm that he could get away with demanding that she attain his permission first.

You may, he answered.

That was all that it took.

Lost in the moment, Andrea made no effort to disguise or downplay the force of her orgasm. On the contrary, she did everything in her power to convey just how good it felt and how happy she was with the current situation. Locking eyes with Chris, she taunted him, challenged him, and above all mocked him; doing her best to non-verbally communicate to him just how unworthy he was and had always been of sleeping with her. Chris looked hurt – devastated even – but his erection didn’t go down in the slightest. If anything, he seemed to be struggling even more not to play with himself.

She came so hard, in fact, that she managed to push Caesar over the edge as well. Still under the spell of her own orgasm, she heard Caesar grunting and felt his hot sperm shooting into her, coating her insides. Chris seemed to notice as well – he stared at her urgently, seemingly struggling just to keep silent. Andrea suspected she knew why – Caesar was not wearing a condom, and Chris most likely would have really liked for him to pull out. Acknowledging Chris’s concerns, she forced herself down as far as she could onto Caesar’s cock so that his cum would be shot as deeply into her as possible; flexing her vaginal muscles to milk as much of the sperm out of him as she could. Chris’s facial expression made it clear that he really didn’t approve, but that only seemed to intensify the corrupt pleasure that Andrea felt. Besides, if he wasn’t man enough to stop them from fucking in the first place, she doubted he was man enough to try to do something now.

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