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Adaptation - Chapter Four

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part four of the story. If you haven't read part three yet, you should probably do that first.

Caesar’s orgasm lasted for an impressively long amount of time. By the time he finally finished Andrea felt as though he had injected her with gallons of semen, which surprised her but wasn’t even remotely unpleasant. Climbing off of him she heard his cock come out of her with a wet plop and felt his cum pouring out of her and down her thighs. Exhausted, she laid back in the bed next to Caesar with her head propped up on the pillows.

She could still see Chris’s face from her angle. His eyes were fixated between her legs, and the expression he wore made it very clear that he wasn’t happy about Caesar cumming inside of her. Still experiencing the afterglow of her orgasm, Andrea decided to taunt him a bit more and parted her legs just enough that he’d be able to see the copious amount of sperm slowly leaking out of her. It did little to soothe him – in fact, he looked like he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for very much longer. His body language suggested panic, but Andrea felt little sympathy towards him. She figured that if it was really that big of a deal, he’d grow a spine and say something. Besides, whatever negative emotions he might have been feeling clearly weren’t enough to depress his erection.

That wasn’t so hard, now was it Chris? Caesar smiled as he wrapped his arm around Andrea’s shoulder.

You came inside of her, Chris stated, sounding utterly shell-shocked.

I did, Caesar agreed. Where exactly did you think I was going to cum? You know what – don’t answer that. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all for you to be telling me exactly where you’d like me to cum on my girlfriend.

What if she gets pregnant?! Chris demanded, his tone growing more urgent.

What if she does? Caesar shrugged. You make decent money, I doubt you’ll struggle too much making ends meet even with another mouth to feed. If anything, you should hope that I did knock her up – it’ll make you more useful in the long run. There’s no way that your wife will kick your sorry ass out once you become the live-in baby-sitter – after all, who else is going to watch the kids when we go out on dates?

Caesar’s words weren’t exactly calming Chris down. Chris’s body language had grown more intense; he was practically shaking with rage. Andrea began to worry that Caesar was pushing too hard. She knew that Chris’s desire for self-preservation would keep him pacified to a certain extent, but there was a limit to that and it seemed like he was butting up against it hard. She closed her legs a bit, worried that if Chris did something stupid he might end up getting seriously hurt.

Looking pretty agitated there, Chris, Caesar observed. You should probably try to relax a bit before you do something you’ll regret. Maybe now would be a good time to go for a walk? Not like I’m going to be fucking her again right now – it’s going to be at least twenty minutes before I’m ready to go again.

I don’t want my wife knocked up, Chris growled, ignoring his suggestion.

I don’t really care what you want, Caesar shot back, but I’m feeling mellow now and would prefer to avoid having to remind you of your place. I’ll tell you what, little buddy – if it’s such a big deal to you, we’ll fix it. I’ve already cum inside her – bit too late to change that – but if you really want to, you can douche your wife. Don’t get used to this kindness, though – I’m being extra gentle with you now in order to help you adjust, but times will change.

We don’t have any douches, Andrea pointed out. She didn’t mean to contradict Caesar, but she had always heard that douching was unnecessary and potentially dangerous and as such didn’t own any.

The hell you don’t, Caesar laughed. There’s one right over there – leaning up against the wall. So, little man, how badly exactly do you want my cum out of your wife?

Fuck you, Chris hissed, apparently having found Caesar’s joke to be less than entertaining.

Watch that, boy, Caesar warned, his voice taking on an extremely stern tone. Just because I’m playing nice for now doesn’t mean that I’ll hesitate to put you in your place if I need to. So, here’s how this goes. Once again, you have options.

Your first option, he continued, is to take a walk and calm down. Sure, my cum will stay inside your wife, but it probably won’t do anything – probably. Your second option is to get your little bitch ass over here and suck out as much as you can. You get to clean out your wife, you get the rare, undeserved privilege of touching her sexually, and best of all you get to find out what a real man tastes like – and don’t even pretend you don’t want that. Your third option is to disrespect me again, and we all know how it goes. I’ll spare you the details, but the key points are that you go to the emergency room, the cum stays inside of your wife, and I get fired up enough that I probably end up depositing some more. So what’s it going to be, Chris? Are you going to be a good boy?

Andrea held her breath while waiting for Chris to make his decision. The look in his eyes suggested that he was about to take a swing at Caesar, and she really didn’t want that to happen. She might have had some pent-up frustration with her husband, but she didn’t want to see him beaten to a pulp and didn’t doubt that that would be the outcome if things came to blows.

The bulge in his pants, however, suggested something else. As angry as Chris might have looked, he was still rock-hard – implying that he might actually be willing to take Caesar’s second option. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that – Chris had never exactly been talented when it came to oral sex, and while the idea of having him suck another man’s seed out of her adulterous twat seemed mildly interesting it was also pretty weird. Still, it seemed preferable to watching her husband being beaten within inches of his life, so she parted her legs slightly in the hopes of encouraging him to avoid engaging Caesar in an ill-advised physical confrontation.

Chris hesitated for a second, but eventually began to approach the bed. Andrea was extremely nervous for a moment. She wasn’t sure exactly what Chris was going to do once he reached the bed, and from the look of things he wasn’t completely sure either. His eyes seemed to dart between Caesar and her, as if he was carefully weighing his options.

It wasn’t until he reached the bed that he made up his mind. Lowering his gaze to her crotch, he timidly crawled into bed and placed his head between her legs. It was a strange feeling for Andrea – just having Chris’s head between her thighs felt foreign even ignoring her present circumstance – but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Though she normally would have felt somewhat self-conscious and even embarrassed in her position at that moment she felt oddly empowered. Obeying her dominant urges, she reached down, grabbed Chris by the hair, and guided his face the rest of the way in.

Chris might have been hesitant before, but the instant his tongue touched Andrea’s sensitive flesh all of that hesitation seemed to vanish. He seemed to have completely forgotten his distaste for giving oral sex; if Andrea were to criticize his technique it would only be because it was too eager. Diving in without reservations he forced his tongue as deeply into her as he could, slurping out as much of the foreign sperm as he could manage.

Andrea’s initial reaction was amusement – the way that Chris was going to town on her was almost comical. Disarmed by the spectacle of it all she accidentally laughed before she caught herself and realized that Chris might view her laughter at him as intensely disrespectful. Strangely, however, Chris didn’t seem to mind. She was certain that he had heard her laugh – he’d have to have been deaf not to – and yet he didn’t slow down in the slightest. If anything, he only intensified his efforts.

Suspecting that Chris was actually motivated by the humiliation, Andrea decided to find out for sure. She let out another laugh, a bit more forced and less organic than the last. Unlike the first laugh which had been inspired by the absurdity of the situation, this time she was laughing directly at Chris himself. Confirming her theory, Chris submissively forced his tongue deep inside of her.

The realization that Chris did apparently get off on humiliation was surprising to Andrea – he had always been so thin-skinned and prickly that she never would have guessed that secretly he craved being laughed at. More importantly, however, it freed her. With the understanding that Chris actually enjoyed being hurt she no longer felt all too bad about what was happening. The guilt rapidly evaporating, she no longer felt the need to hold herself back at all.

Reaching back down, she again grabbed Chris by his hair. Instead of pulling him into her, however, he pulled his head up. As Chris stared at her in nervous anticipation, she reached forward with her free hand and slapped him across the face hard. A look of terrible confusion came over his face, but she didn’t really care. Pressing down on Chris’s head she forced him back between her legs to continue his task.

That’s for hiding what a decent cum-rag you are from me for all those years, she explained as she felt Chris’s tongue once again enter her. Just think of all the time I wasted letting you fuck me when I should have been fucking other guys and having you clean up after them. You’re a lousy fuck, Chris, and Caesar is right – you always will be no matter what you do. You’re not half bad at sucking me clean, though, and we could have saved countless tissues if I had only known this sooner.

Chris’s face went bright red with shame. Andrea worried a bit that she might have pushed too far, but he didn’t stop licking her so she figured it was probably okay. She might have to explain herself later, but that was bound to happen anyway. Besides, Chris’s licking was providing a powerful distraction. Though she never would have really expected it, he was actually doing a fairly decent job at cunnilingus. He couldn’t match Caesar’s skill earlier, of course, but between the utter taboo of the situation and the emotional exhaustion she was feeling she suspected that she might actually be able to reach orgasm again from Chris’s tongue.

While Chris continued to lick away, Caesar wrapped his arm around Andrea’s shoulder tightly. Glancing over at him, she saw what looked like approval in his eyes. Emboldened by that, she decided to push Chris further.

I suppose what’s important is that we know now, she half-lectured, half-moaned. From now on, we won’t have to waste any more time pretending that you’re worth fucking. I hope you remember the last time you had that pathetic thing you call a dick inside of me – I know I sure don’t – because it’s never going to happen again. If you’re good, though, I might just let you clean me out after Caesar fucks me. I have a feeling that’s going to be happening quite a lot, and you know – it’s just cheaper to use your tongue than tissue paper.

From her angle it almost looked to Andrea like Chris was starting to sob. She probably would have felt a little bad about the things that she had said if it wasn’t for the fact that she could also see that his right arm had slipped underneath his body and his right shoulder was flexing in a rhythmic manner. To her shock and amusement, she realized that he might have been crying, but he was jerking off as well.

Jesus fucking Christ, she exclaimed, are you actually jerking off? For fuck’s sake, Chris, I just told you that you were an acceptable sperm mop and you’re already doing your best to prove me wrong. I can’t believe that I have to tell you this, but a good cunt-rag absolutely would not play with its worthless little peewee. If you really feel the urge to play with that pathetic little stub then you ought to focus on doing your job right – if you’re good, I might just give you permission to go to the bathroom when you’re done and rub one out, provided you keep the noise down and remember to clean up after yourself.

Chris let out a quiet groan and began to cry a little bit harder, but he didn’t stop licking. With tears streaming down his face he managed to remove his hand from his crotch and place it on the bed where Andrea could see it. She felt terribly cruel for forbidding him even the simplest act of self-pleasure, but she was okay with that. At the moment, cruelty felt hot – and it was pushing her quickly towards orgasm.

You know, she continued, lost in the moment, now that I think of it, I don’t think you should be playing with yourself at all in my presence anymore. Just thinking about all the disappointment that sorry excuse for a penis of yours has brought me is borderline traumatic, and I just think it would be easier for everyone if we were to pretend that it didn’t exist at all – I mean, for all practical purpose it really doesn’t anyway. From now on, you’ll keep that shriveled little thing out of my sight unless I request otherwise – and trust me, I doubt I’ll be requesting otherwise. Understood, bitch?

She could hardly believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. She might have thought such things in the past silently, but she’d never speak them aloud – much less address her husband as bitch. Still, saying the things made her feel good, and the way that Chris nervously nodded while continuing to suck her clean suggested that she could actually get away with it. She wondered just how much further she could push before Chris pushed back, but decided that she could figure that out later. Chris had gotten enough attention for the night, and it was time for her to focus on herself.

We’ll hash out the details later, she moaned, but for now, just focus on being a good little cum rag and making me cum. If you manage to pull it off – and that’s a big if, seeing as you’ve never managed it before – not only will I squeeze even more of Caesar’s delicious sperm into your mouth, but I might just give you permission to use the bathroom afterwards in order to take care of your own disgusting needs.

Chris did as we was told and continued to lick away. His technique was far from perfect – his jaw seemed to be tiring and his quiet sobs were slightly distracting – but it was okay. The situation itself was extremely hot to Andrea, more than hot enough to make up for Chris’s lack of oral proficiency. It took a good amount of time, but eventually Andrea found herself on the brink of orgasm. Remembering what Caesar had made her promise she asked his permission first, enjoying the humiliation she was certain that Chris must be feeling in hearing his wife ask another man for permission to cum even though he was the one doing the work. Caesar quickly agreed.

It wasn’t the most powerful orgasm, of course. Frankly, she had cum harder from masturbation in the past. It was, however, real – and the first one that Chris had ever managed to give her in all of the years that they had been together. She was okay with the lack of intensity; she figured she had Caesar for when she wanted to cum hard and anything that Chris managed was just a bonus. All told, she felt more sexually satisfied at that moment than she had ever felt in her entire life.

You did okay, Chris, she stated, basking in the afterglow. Not great – but great is a bit more than we can expect from you anyway. You can go to the bathroom and do your thing, now – I have to say good night to my boyfriend here. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself like a good cum rag, of course.

Chris quickly headed to the bathroom with his head hanging low, apparently eager to get the orgasm that he had been denied. Andrea felt like she should feel bad for him – he had taken an awful lot of abuse, after all – yet she just couldn’t seem to feel any guilt at all. She was entirely too satisfied to mess around with remorse, and besides, it wasn’t like sex acts with Chris didn’t routinely end with her frustrated in the past. Ignoring Chris’s plight, she turned to Caesar and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

So what happens next? she asked, Was all that talk about being your girlfriend just an act? I’m not going to go all school-girl and freak out on you if this was a one-time thing, but I need to know: Will I ever see you again?

Of course you will, he smiled back warmly. I meant what I said, every single word of it. And hey, at the very least? I still have to come back to finish installing your TV at some point, right?

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