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Adaptation - Chapter Five

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part five of the story. If you haven't read part four yet, you should probably do that first.

I’ll fucking murder him, Chris growled. I swear to god I will!

It had been a difficult week since Caesar’s initial visit. Things had been tense and awkward between Andrea and Chris, but what really surprised Andrea wasn’t how different things were, but rather how different they were not. Chris hadn’t mentioned Monday’s activities at all and Andrea avoided bringing up what had happened as well. If it wasn’t for the half-installed television lying face down on their living room floor and the half-bracket bolted to their wall, she might have believed that she had dreamt the whole thing. Well, that and the one change to Chris’s behavior.

Chris hadn’t touched her sexually at all since Monday, nor had allowed himself to be naked in her presence. Under different circumstances Andrea might have been made insecure by that, but his body language didn’t suggest that he no longer found her attractive. On the contrary, he stole glances at her whenever he thought she wasn’t looking; if anything he seemed more attracted to her yet far, far less willing to act on it. She suspected that he had taken the things that she had said to him to heart, but didn’t want to risk a confrontation by bringing it up.

As the days passed, things became slightly less tense and progressed towards a peaceful equilibrium. That all stopped, however, when the phone rang on Friday night and Chris answered. Andrea didn’t need to ask who it was – the humiliated and terrified look on Chris’s face told her everything that she needed to know. He was polite bordering timid while on the phone, but once he hung up the floodgates of rage flew open. He had spent a good fifteen minutes ranting about the things he would do to Caesar already, and Andrea was getting a bit tired of nodding her head and playing along.

I’m dead serious, you know, he continued. I could bash his head in with a golf club or slit his fucking throat with a kitchen knife. Yeah, he might look like he’s in better shape than me, but I’m a lot stronger than most people think. I might not even use a weapon; I might just tear his fucking head off with my bare hands!

No, you won’t, she snapped, rolling her eyes in her head. She had hoped that if she let him vent then he’d eventually run out of steam, but that didn’t appear to be happening and she was growing worried that he might be about to do something very stupid.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! he demanded, sounding surprisingly hurt. What, you think he’s that fucking tough? Well let me tell you something, he’s not going to have the element of surprise this time, and…

The element of surprise? Andrea laughed incredulously. You walked in on him sleeping, Chris. He wasn’t hiding in our closet waiting to ambush you, he was lying in our bed in plain sight.

And I waited for him to get up! Chris insisted. I could have just caved his skull in while he was down, but I have a little something called honor. I don’t run around attacking sleeping men or fucking people’s wives behind their backs.

Andrea considered pointing out the multitude of logical fallacies in Chris’s argument, but opted not to. Caesar would be there any minute and she was growing extremely worried that Chris would get himself hurt, and remembering Monday made her feel a little bolder than normal. Walking up to him calmly, she slapped him across the face with an open hand. She didn’t think she had hit him that hard, but it was apparently enough to knock him off-balance.

What the fuck?! Chris cried, his voice sounding shocked and hurt.

Andrea let out a heavy sigh. She reminded herself that she was frustrated with Chris and she was worried about what he might do, but she didn’t actually hate the man. Wrapping her arms around his torso, she gave him a gentle hug.

Honey, I love you, she began. I hope that you realize that, I really do. It’s because I love you that I don’t want you to get hurt, and if you try to rip his fucking head off, as you so eloquently put it, you will get hurt. I know that you don’t want to hear this, I know you want to believe that you’re capable of beating the shit out of Caesar, but it’s the truth. On your best day and his worst he’d mop the floor with you, and I just don’t want that to happen.

Well what the fuck am I supposed to do, Andrea?! Chris snapped. Do you honestly expect me to just sit here and watch while that fucking loser puts his hands on my wife?! Maybe if he put as much effort into getting a real fucking job as he does into wrecking happy homes then he’d be able to get his own fucking wife.

Andrea felt the urge to slap Chris again rising. She knew that the situation had him under a lot of stress, and that a lot of that really was her fault, but she really wasn’t in the mood to deal with his snobbish bullshit at the moment. She didn’t care for the implication that she was some kind of whore, as if money alone was the sole reason why he was married to her while Caesar was not, and wondered if by tolerating that kind of thing in the past she had helped create the current situation where he thought it was okay to say such things. Her rage rapidly building, she was about to slap him when the doorbell rang.

Ignoring the pained expression on Chris’s face, she turned her back on him and went to the door. She knew exactly who it was, and she knew that Chris wouldn’t want her letting him in, but she really didn’t care. She was fed up with Chris’s attitude and couldn’t help but remember how much more tolerable he had been on Monday. Ignoring Chris’s silent plea, she opened the door and let Caesar in.

Caesar greeted Andrea with a kiss – not a polite kiss on the cheek, either, but the kind of kiss that is typically reserved exclusively for lovers. Andrea kissed him back, though she did so hesitantly and kept an eye focused on Chris; still afraid that he might do something stupid. Chris’s face contorted in anger and humiliation, but he remained where he was standing. Seeing that Chris wasn’t going to cause a problem – at least not yet – Andrea kissed Caesar back in earnest as memories of how she felt on Monday flooded her mind.

You’re tense, Caesar observed.

It’s nothing, really, Andrea claimed. It’s just been, well, a difficult week.

Has Chris been giving you trouble? he guessed.

Nothing more than I can handle, Andrea lied. She realized that a confrontation between Caesar and Chris was almost certain, but she didn’t want to outright encourage it. Besides, she kind of enjoyed the idea of having Chris under her control, and hoped that by saying it aloud she might make it true.

Fair enough, Caesar shrugged, his tone implying that he knew Andrea wasn’t being entirely truthful but wasn’t interested in pushing it.

Walking into the house, Caesar approached Chris. Chris’s body language was extremely tense – his fists were balled, his shoulders were rigid and slightly hunched over, he even seemed to be snarling. By contrast, Caesar appeared remarkably relaxed; even standing within arm’s reach of Chris he appeared confident and unworried. Andrea wished she could be as unworried as Caesar was. She wasn’t sure, but it looked like Chris was strongly contemplating taking a swing.

How you doing, little buddy? Caesar smiled, clearly either oblivious or unmoved by Chris’s threatening body language.

You’re not here to make small talk, boy, Chris growled. You’re here to install me goddamned TV. Now get to work, bitch.

Has he been like this all week? Chris asked Andrea with a sigh. I can see why you’d be stressed.

Don’t you fucking look at her, boy, Chris hissed. I’m the man here, and you’ll address me.

Rolling his eyes slightly, Caesar turned towards Chris and slapped him across the face with an open hand. Judging by the sound it produced, it seemed to Andrea that he hadn’t hit him much harder than she had earlier; though it was hard enough to knock Chris to the floor. She was grateful for that, as she knew that Caesar could have hit him with a closed fist and significantly harder if he had wanted to. She simply hoped that it would knock some sense into Chris and he might back down before Caesar hurt more than just his pride.

You may be many things, Caesar stated plainly as Chris climbed back up to his feet, but the man is a bit of a stretch. I’m disappointed in you, Chris. I know that you’re still adjusting to things, but surely you realize that using that tone and language with me is in no way acceptable.

Acceptable?! Chris demanded. You don’t get to tell me what’s acceptable, you fucking spic. You fucking came into my house and raped my wife, and you think you can tell me that the problem is my language?!

Caesar shook his head slowly, clearly unhappy with Chris’s behavior. Chris instinctively shrunk back, clearly expecting to be hit again. Andrea wished that Chris could start thinking about how much he didn’t want to get hit before saying exactly the kind of thing that would get him hit, though she supposed that was a bit much to ask for. Fortunately for Chris, Caesar seemed more disappointed than angry.

I didn’t rape your wife, he sighed. Sure, I fucked her brains out – you should remember, you were there for the second time – but I assure you, it was completely consensual. If need be we can discuss that further later, but right now there’s a more pressing issue. As I warned you, your language is completely unacceptable. I suppose a large part of this really is my fault, after all, I was exceedingly merciful and forgiving with you on Monday, but it needs to stop now. I’m sorry, Chris, but I’m going to have to put you in timeout now. Go over to the corner and have a seat facing the wall. Be silent and think about what you did wrong so that you can avoid repeating your mistakes.

Chris looked like he was about to explode. Andrea might have been happy that Caesar didn’t resort to violence, but it seemed like Chris would have preferred being punched in the face to being told to sit in the corner. Balling his fists tightly, he stood his ground.

You don’t tell me what to do, Chris growled. His body language made it clear that even he didn’t believe the words that he was speaking.

Caesar again shook his head slowly in disappointment, then walked up to Chris so that he was standing mere inches from the man. His body language was still confident, but it was no longer quite as relaxed. Staring Chris in the eyes, his stance was extremely menacing. Andrea was convinced that a violent confrontation was about to happen; she said a silent prayer that Chris might think about what he was doing and back down but feared that his pride would not permit that.

And again, we find ourselves at a crossroads, Caesar stated, his voice eerily calm. You have two choices, Chris. You can be a good boy and get your ass in the corner without causing a scene, or you can continue with this ridiculous little temper tantrum and force me to put your ass in the corner. Both paths are going to end with you serving your timeout, but one of them is significantly more likely to include some internal bleeding. Now, I don’t mean to rush you, but I need an answer now. I’m going to count to three, and if you aren’t in timeout by then I’ll assume that you need some help from me to get there.

Andrea’s first thought was that three wasn’t nearly high enough. She suspected that Chris might be convinced to back down, but it was unlikely that he’d manage to do so in three seconds. She was considering intervening when Chris made it unnecessary by punching Caesar in the stomach as hard as he could.

The blow seemed a bit more effective than Chris’s pathetic attempts on Monday, but not by much. Caesar remained standing, and while his face betrayed a hint of pain he was clearly far from incapacitated. A look of mixed remorse and focus came over Caesar’s face as Chris followed up on his initial attack with a series of wild, flailing motions.

Fortunately for all parties, Caesar was able to easily deflect the uncoordinated attack. He grabbed Chris’s wrist in mid-air, then twisted the wrist behind Chris’s back hard, causing Chris to emit a pained groan. Holding Chris’s arm twisted painfully behind his back, he marched him into the corner before knocking him down to his knees with a kick to the back of Chris’s leg. With Chris in the corner, on his knees, and facing the wall Caesar released his grip on the wrist.

The smartest thing you can do right now is stay put, Caesar explained, still hovering over Chris. If you try to get up you’ll only get yourself hurt, and your timeout doesn’t start until you stop misbehaving. Resisting will only draw this out and make it more unpleasant.

Andrea knew that what Caesar was saying made sense, but she also knew that in his agitated state Chris would be unlikely to listen. Sure enough, before Caesar had even finished delivering his warning Chris attempted to get up on his feet. Apparently running low on mercy, Caesar punished his insubordination with a quick jab to the kidney. Groaning loudly in pain, Chris fell back to his knees and clutched his back where Caesar had struck him.

I know that hurts, Caesar sympathized. It’s going to hurt for a while, too. When you feel that pain – when you find yourself pissing blood, as you very well might if I hit you hard enough – I want you to remember that it didn’t have to be this way. If you had remembered your place, if you had done as you were told, you could have avoided all of this. That’s the lesson, Chis. Disobedience yields suffering, and it always will. Understand, little man?

Fuck you, Chris growled, his voice awash in pain.

Bending down slightly, Caesar grabbed Chris by his thinning hair and pulled his head back sharply. It didn’t look like he was hurting him – yet – but he was clearly in an excellent position to inflict some pain if he chose to do so. Maintaining his grip, he placed his face uncomfortably close to Chris’s ear.

I’m really sorry, Caesar said, keeping his voice low and calm, but I don’t think I heard you correctly. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you to repeat yourself. Enunciate your words and choose them carefully, as saying the wrong thing could result in some serious damage to your body.

I understand, Chris relented. He clearly wasn’t happy about submitting, but he knew enough to realize how futile resistance would be.

There’s a good boy, Caesar praised, condescending patting Chris on the head. Now, while you’re in timeout I would like you to think about what you did wrong and what you should have done instead. I don’t want you speaking, moving, or doing anything to call attention to yourself – you should be using this time for self-reflection, not for further making an ass of yourself. Once you’ve been in timeout for long enough I’ll let you know, and then we’ll have a talk about your behavior.

You have my sympathy, Caesar continued, turning his attention back to Andrea. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to put up with his shit all week long.

He really hasn’t been like this all week, Andrea explained, hoping to spare Chris any further punishment while maintaining the illusion that she had been in control. He’s actually been pretty well-behaved, for the most part. It wasn’t until you called that he started acting up.

Andrea immediately regretted her choice of words when she saw Chris wince in reaction. She hadn’t meant to talk about him as if he were some disobedient child; the words just felt right at the time. She felt a little bad about the realization that she had just further hurt Chris’s pride, but that guilt was mitigated by a sense of retribution for the stress that Chris had just recently put her through. She knew that it was probably unreasonable, but she wanted Chris to behave the way that he had been on Monday when Caesar had finished with her and deeply resented his most recent temper tantrum.

That’s probably my fault, Caesar apologized. It’s hardly surprising that he would have difficulty adjusting to his new role, and it probably didn’t help that I wasn’t here to guide him. On the bright side, I’m off all weekend – should be plenty of time to help him adjust. You don’t mind if I crash here tonight, do you?

Andrea didn’t mind at all. Watching Caesar calmly force Chris into timeout had been strangely erotic, and she was rapidly remembering all of the details as to just how good he had made her feel on Monday. Unfortunately, she could see Chris steaming in the corner, and she knew that he’d likely be unable to remain quiet if she answered Caesar’s question the way that she wanted to. She hated depriving herself of pleasure for Chris’s sake, but it seemed preferable to the all-out violent confrontation that she feared might ensue if she were to answer honestly.

I don’t think Chris would appreciate that, she answered timidly, hating herself for how her response made her sound.

I think he’ll manage, Caesar shot back, but that’s not really the point. I’m not interested in how Chris feels about this – he’s in timeout for a reason, and frankly I think he’s already gotten enough of my attention for the night. I’m interested in how you feel. Ignoring Chris, and remembering that honesty is important, would you like me to sleep here tonight?

I would, Andrea admitted. She saw Chris wince as if someone had punched him in the gut, but her answer was the truth.

I’m not letting that piece of shit sleep in my home! Chris shrieked. The fact that his words dripped with fear undermined his position a bit, but not nearly as much as the fact that he wasn’t willing to stand up before saying them.

Exactly which part of remain silent are you having difficulty understanding? Caesar sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. You’re timeout has now restarted, and it will restart again each time you speak up or call any attention to yourself – though next time you fuck up I’ll likely tack some additional punishment on as well. If you don’t want to spend the rest of the night sitting in the corner – possibly soaking in your own urine if you push me hard enough – I suggest you shape up, little man.

Andrea watched Chris quiver with rage, clearing weighing his options. Fortunately, he seemed to understand he was beaten and managed to hold his tongue. A part of her was grateful that he wouldn’t be getting himself hurt, but another part of her was a little disappointed. Watching Caesar taking charge of her husband had become a major turn-on, whether she liked it or not.

It’s settled, then, Caesar grinned, turning his attention back to Andrea. I’ll take the bed with you, and Chris can take the couch – assuming he’s out of timeout by then. If he’s really good, I suppose we could even let him sleep at the foot of the bed. But we’ve pissed away enough time talking about little Chris; I’m far more interested in you.

Leaning over, Caesar kissed Andrea on the lips before she had a chance to respond. She again felt hesitant, afraid that making out with Caesar would only further enrage Chris, but she got over that fairly quickly. She knew that Chris would realize what was going on – he might have been facing the wall, but he wasn’t completely oblivious – but she just didn’t care. She enjoyed kissing Caesar, and if Chris wasn’t man enough to object then she didn’t really see why she should object for him. Feelings of lust and power returning, she kissed Caesar back with the same enthusiasm that she had had on Monday.

Encouraged by Andrea’s cooperation, Caesar ran his hands over her body. Feeling his powerful, dexterous hands exploring every inch of her flesh helped Andrea to remember how she had given in so quickly the last time. By the time he had slipped a hand under her shirt and grabbed her breast she was already dripping wet and eager to fuck. It occurred to her that in all the time she had been with Chris he had never managed to get her so turned on, and Caesar had only just gotten there.

She was vaguely aware that Chris was whimpering softly in the corner, but she didn’t really care all too much. Caesar either hadn’t noticed or didn’t deem the noises Chris was making as worthy of attention, so she didn’t have to worry that Chris was going to get himself hurt. She did feel mildly bad about hurting Chris, though remembering how hard he had gotten last time made it difficult for her to feel all too much guilt. Still, she figured she could spare him a little humiliation and get what she wanted just the same. Breaking off the kiss, she rose to her feet and grabbed Caesar’s hand in the hopes of leading him back to the bedroom. To her surprise, rather than following Caesar grabbed her hand back and pulled her down on top of him.

We’ve already fucked in your bed, he explained, sensing Andrea’s confusion. Twice, in fact. Let’s break in the couch. We’re already here, and besides – Chris might end up sleeping on it tonight. I think it will comfort him if it smells like sex while he’s lying here and wondering what we’re doing in the bedroom.

Andrea would have preferred to move things to the bedroom, but she didn’t really feel like arguing the point. The only real reason that she wanted to take it to a different room was to spare Chris’s feelings, and she figured those feelings would be hurt just as effectively by hearing her begging Caesar to take her to the bedroom and fuck her brains out. Besides, she wasn’t really in a talking mood. Her make out session with Caesar may have been brief, but it had gotten the job done.

Grabbing her shirt by the bottom, Caesar pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side where it fell only a few feet from where Chris was still sitting. Andrea briefly rose up off of Caesar to remove her pants and underwear while Caesar did the same before sitting back down on top of him, fully nude. She might have been a little ashamed of how wet she was – she was positively dripping by that point – but she knew that she wasn’t the only one who was tremendously aroused. She could feel the heat of Caesar’s cock, fully erect and pressing against her thigh.

Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed Caesar’s dick and guided it in. She told herself that she wouldn’t have minded a little more foreplay, that her eagerness was really just to get it over with so as not to hurt Chris by drawing things out, but she knew that wasn’t the truth. The truth of the matter was that she was ready to go, and just didn’t feel like putting it off any longer. Still, it made her feel better to tell herself that she was being compassionate, even if she knew deep down that she was just horny.

Running his hands up her back, Caesar guided her into a rhythmic motion. As she bounced away she could feel her concern for Chris’s suffering transforming into indifference, which in turn began to transform into enjoyment. She could still hear him whimpering in his corner, but no longer did she feel bad for him – on the contrary, she wanted more. Each pained sob made her feel powerful, reminding her that she had a tremendous amount of control over her husband. Reminding herself that the last time she exerted that control Chris seemed to have gotten off on it, she gave herself mental to embrace the cruelty that she was feeling.

Are really you still whimpering like a little girl? she taunted, her voice dripping with lust. God, Chris, you really can’t do anything right, can you? In case you’ve already forgotten, you’re supposed to be silent and I can still hear you. If I have to stop fucking my boyfriend in order to go over there and correct you, I promise you won’t like it – I might not be able to hit as hard as him, but I’m pretty sure I can still leave a mark.

Her words felt horribly cruel leaving her mouth, but she was far too lost in the moment to really care. Besides, they did the trick – though a few stray sobs managed to escape, Chris was clearly at least trying to keep quiet. More importantly, every syllable of hatred that she lobbed at him seemed to push her closer and closer to orgasm. Seeing approval in Caesar’s eyes, she decided to continue.

In fact, she moaned, now that I think of it I really don’t hit you enough. You’ve proven time and time again that you aren’t bright enough to take verbal correction, so maybe it’s time to step it up a notch. Plus, I’ll be honest with you – I think the idea of sending you to work with a black eye and you having to tell people that your wife beat you up because you wouldn’t shut the fuck up while she was riding her boyfriend’s cock is fucking hilarious. In fact, I’m going to be just looking for an excuse to put you in your place from now on, so you had better be on your best behavior if you’re not looking to have some awkward conversations come Monday.

Glancing over her shoulder, Andrea stole a peak at her husband. Still facing the wall, his left hand was braced against the floor behind him but his right hand was in his lap. Watching as carefully as she could while bouncing up and down on Caesar, she thought she saw Chris’s right elbow twitching slightly. She technically couldn’t see what Chris was doing with his right hand, but based on his behavior on Monday she had a pretty good idea.

Hands where we can see them! she demanded. I can’t believe that I actually have to tell you this, but you’re in timeout to be punished and think about what you did – not to spray my wall with your disgusting slime.

You know, Caesar chirped in, clearly enjoying Andrea’s tirade, there are devices that we could get for that. He’s clearly incapable of keeping his hands out of his pants, and it’s neither reasonable nor realistic to expect you to police him twenty four hours a day. You could keep his pecker under literal lock and key – it’d save you a lot of stress and would probably make him a lot more obedient once he realizes that he has to earn permission to play with himself.

The idea of keeping Chris is chastity (while openly fucking her own boyfriend) struck Andrea as monstrously cruel, yet simultaneously incredibly hot. She could already imagine him sheepishly asking her permission to go to the bathroom and pleasure himself, and could see herself denying him that permission for no other reason than to simply remind him of the power she held over him. She knew she should feel bad about thinking such things, that she should be striving to be a good wife, but at the moment just thinking about having and abusing complete control over Chris’s dick was speeding her towards orgasm. Wrapping her arms around Caesar, she fucked him hard as thoughts of the many cruel things she might be doing to Chris in the future danced in her head.

As she continued to fuck Caesar, she found herself regretting her demand that Chris be silent. She had enjoyed exerting the power over him, but she found that fucking Caesar was actually slightly hotter when she could hear her husband’s whimpers in the background. Still, although Chris’s lack of noticeable suffering didn’t help things, it didn’t hurt them enough to present a serious issue either. Just ten minutes later she found herself asking for and receiving permission before cumming hard, and Caesar cumming as well. Once again, he neglected to pull out – in fact, he seemed to thrust in as deep as possible before releasing his seed.

Exhausted, Andrea collapsed on top of Caesar with his dick still inside of her, still pulsating gently as it continued to pump sperm into her. She felt good – the sex had been incredible, and she took Chris’s lack of any real resistance as a sign that he had remembered his place. Things could have ended right there and she’d have been happy, but she knew they wouldn’t. That was okay, though. She was pretty sure that they’d only get better.

I think that’s enough time in the corner, Caesar called, his hands still braced on Andrea’s ass and his dick still inside of her. You can come out now, Chris – and just to show there’s no hard feelings, I think your wife has a tasty snack for you.

Turning her head, Andrea watched as Chris crawled out of the corner. His face was contorted to a ridiculous extent – in it she saw desire, shame, hatred, and fear. She felt a little bad to be putting him under so much stress, but not nearly bad enough to stop. It wasn’t like he hadn’t ever treated her poorly, after all, and the tenting in his pants that he tried so hard to conceal with his posture told her that he was enjoying what was happening at least on some level.

I’m not going to let you put me in a chastity belt, Chris mumbled. His voice was quiet and nervous; he had clearly needed all of his courage just to announce his objection.

Andrea turned her attention back to Caesar. It looked like Caesar was about to correct Chris, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to show Caesar that she was capable of handling Chris on her own, and besides – she was extremely happy where she was straddling Caesar and didn’t want that to change.

Chris, honey? she said, doing her best to sound as sweet as possible. Come over here for a second. Just take a seat next to us, please.

Chris looked nervous; he clearly suspected a trap. Still, he didn’t seem willing to directly disobey Andrea, so he did as he was told and hesitantly took a seat next to her and Caesar on the couch. It bothered Andrea slightly that he looked more afraid of Caesar than he was of her, but she intended to fix that.

Reaching forward with her left hand, she pulled his face towards her gently. Once it was only a couple of feet away from her, she slapped him as hard as she could with her right hand. The blow hit squarely; a trickle of blood began to come from his mouth. Looking at his face she could tell that he was terrified and hurt. Looking at his crotch, however, suggested that on some level he liked it – his dick was even harder than it had been before.

Sweetie, I hope you know that we’d never force you to do anything you truly didn’t want to do, she smiled, grabbing his head again and pulling him back towards her. Are you certain that you don’t want us to put you in chastity, though? Don’t you think it would make things easier?

Chris hesitated for a second before answering. Andrea suspected that he was trying to think of a way to avoid agreeing to a chastity device without getting hit again. It made her feel a little bad – she knew that his task was impossible; she had every intention of beating him until he agreed. Hoping to communicate that without insulting his intelligence by spelling it out verbally, she struck him again; just as hard as she had the last time.

I’m still waiting on your answer, honey, she grinned, keeping her voice calm and artificially warm.

Okay! he whimpered. Okay, it’d make things easier.

Not good enough, she sighed, slapping him again. Chris, I don’t want you to tell me what would make things easier – trust me, honey, I already know. What I want you to tell me is what would make you happy. Tell me what you want, Chris – that’s all I’m asking for.

I want you to put me in chastity so that things will be easier, he relented. That would make me happy. He didn’t sound happy about it at all, but he seemed to know that he was beat.

I thought so, she smiled, stroking his face where she had hit him. Since you’re being such a good boy now, I have a reward for you. Lie down on the floor on your back – it’s dinner time.

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