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Proving Day - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Julia shifted uncomfortably in her hard plastic chair. She was still a bit groggy, having been taken to the meeting hall along with the rest of her boarding school class immediately after wakeup. She wondered what was going on as no one had told her anything – she was simply given a small sealed bag and led into the room with the other girls. Looking around the room, the rest of the hundred or so girls seemed equally confused. That was mildly comforting – if she was in trouble, at least she wasn’t the only one.

Standing atop an elevated wooden stage between two pillars and behind a podium was an older blonde woman in her late twenties. She was dressed sharply, in a short black skirt and an authoritative gray dress shirt. Her body was lean, her facial features pretty yet harsh. Julia immediately didn’t like her, though she assumed that was more due to the twin black armbands the woman wore on her left shoulder, a sign of relatively high party rank. It seemed that Julia wasn’t the only one who felt that way, either – the room was only about three quarters full and all of the seats closest to the stage were empty. As one of the last to arrive, Julia was amongst the girls sitting closest to the stage, which she hated. It made her feel tremendously vulnerable to not have another person sitting in front of her.

It wasn’t unheard of for a woman to advance through the party ranks as the woman had, but it was certainly uncommon. Julia had actually met quite a few women like that in her eighteen years – societal norms strongly discouraged placing women in positions of authority over men, so many women of power found themselves working in places like the all-female boarding school where Julia grew up. In her experience such women were invariably cruel; often even more so than their male counterparts. She realized that it likely wasn’t their fault – the system was clearly designed to only allow the most sadistic and ruthless to advance, and women likely had to try harder than men just to prove themselves – but just the same she fully understood that such women were absolutely not her friends.

“History is important,” the woman began, a smug smile plastered across her face. “We need to understand the morass from which we crawled out of if we are to avoid making the same mistakes that put our species there in the first place. A lesser civilization might shy away from examining such an embarrassing and shameful past, but we are most certainly not a lesser civilization. My name is Laura and I’m here to guide you through our past as well as help you make sense of the present.”

“As many of you no doubt know, today is a holiday – and one of tremendous importance. What you may not realize, however, is that it was a holiday even before the revolution, though hardly one that our predecessors took seriously. Back in the twenty-first century they referred to it as April Fools’ Day, a day during which they’d play meaningless pranks on each other. These pranks served no practical purpose and earned them nothing more than the right to point at one another and call each other fools. Is it any wonder that their civilization didn’t last?”

“Our founders might have been forgiven if they had chosen to ban the holiday and be done with it, but our founders were no fools – they were likely the wisest men who have ever been. They saw that there was some potential in the very foundation of the holiday, and with some modification it could be salvaged and turned into something of value. No longer would the people play moronic, juvenile pranks upon each other – they’d do something of actual meaning. Additionally, there would be a bit more at stake than simply the bragging rights associated with fooling one’s peers. April Fools’ Day was dead, but in its place Proving Day was born – though many of you probably have heard of it by a different name. Can anyone tell me what this day is known as on the streets?”

Julia gulped. She had heard rumors about what the day was called, but desperately hoped that they were wrong. Looking around, it seemed like most of the other girls knew what it was called as well, though none of them seemed in a hurry to volunteer the answer either. Julia suspected it was more out of a fear that they’d be correct than fear that they’d be wrong.

“Not a single one of you,” Laura sighed contemptuously. “You must all be either tremendously ignorant or tremendously cowardly – either way, it’s no wonder your gender wound up on the bottom. The correct answer is Rape Day - it might not be the official name, but it’s fair enough. I’m guessing many of you have heard all kinds of awful things about today that you don’t want to admit to, some of it true and some of it exaggeration, and that’s why we’re all gathered here this morning. You’ve all turned eighteen since the last Proving Day, and that means you will all be participating. It’s probably for the best that you understand exactly what you’re participating in.”

Muffled gasps echoed quietly through the air. Julia apparently wasn’t the only one who was less than pleased to find out that the rumors of Rape Day were based in reality, though no one dared to call attention to themselves by openly objecting. The smug grin on Laura’s face grew – she obviously enjoyed the fear she was inspiring in the young girls.

“Calm down now,” she chuckled condescendingly. “It’s really not too bad – if history is any indicator then most of you ignorant sluts will actually end up enjoying it, even if so many of you insist on pretending otherwise. Regardless of whether you love it or loathe it you do need to understand how it works – you’ll remember, this isn’t some pointless waste of time like April Fools’ Day was. Proving day is how our young adults prove their worth to our civilization, which they do by earning points. You need to understand just how those points are earned.”

“Originally it was extremely simple – a man earned one point for each woman that he penetrated, with a five point bonus if she happened to have been a virgin when he caught her. It worked, but it wasn’t perfect. For example, a woman has three serviceable holes, yet the initial scoring system encouraged men to use only one – this was quickly corrected by awarding one point for each hole penetrated. Additionally, a new rule was created that stated that all points would be lost if the man did not ejaculate inside of the woman, so as to discourage men from simply shoving it in and moving on. A word of warning about that, too – if a man ejaculates in your mouth and you spit it out then he loses all of the points he’s earned from you until he forces you to lick it back up, so unless you have some twisted desire to suck cum off of the ground you should probably just swallow the first time like a good girl.”

Julia was disgusted, and not just by the thought of being forced to lick ejaculate from the ground. The explanation of men competing to violate women as if it were a sport was deeply troubling, but not nearly as troubling as her unwilling reaction to the thought. As repugnant as the whole thing was, a part of her seemed to be intrigued – in fact, it was growing impossible for her to ignore how turned on she was by the whole idea. Unable to accept her body’s bizarre betrayal of her morality, she helplessly squirmed in her chair and tried to ignore it.

“Don’t think that our founders were completely deaf to your needs, though,” she continued. “They wanted this to be fun for you as well. To that end, men score two additional points for each time they make their target orgasm – if he makes you cum five times, that’s another ten points to his name. I’m sure some of you are thinking that five times is a bit unrealistic, but I have some good news there as well. The ruling council wanted your first Proving Day to be memorable, so they put something special in your dinners last night. With the drugs that are flowing through your tight little bodies right now cumming five times isn’t just possible, it’s probable. Those chemicals don’t just make your orgasms more frequent, either – they make them far more intense so that there’s no way you’ll be able to realistically conceal them. When you cum, everyone around you will know it.”

Things were beginning to make a little bit more sense to Julia. It had seemed tremendously strange that the girls of her class had been given such a large dinner the night before – typically they were given the bare minimum to sustain life – and now she understood why. The fact that she had been drugged explained her body’s reaction to the vile explanation of what the next day would hold, but she couldn’t help but worry that there might be more going on. As alarming as her arousal was, it didn’t feel foreign – even if it was being chemically magnified its origins seemed natural and internal.

“Being unable to conceal your orgasms isn’t actually necessary for scoring purposes,” Laura explained with a smile. “That part is really just for entertainment later. You see, your biowarden chips will detect the orgasms with one hundred percent accuracy for scoring purposes, and that’s just the beginning. When your chip detects an orgasm it broadcasts a signal to your conqueror’s biowarden chip. This enables his retinal camera, recording everything that he sees for the entire duration of your orgasm. Once the orgasm is over the recording is indexed to your name and automatically uploaded to the net for review. These files, by the way, do not expire and are available to the general public, so just think – decades down the road your coworkers, employers, and really anyone even remotely interested will be able to see exactly what you little whores look like screaming in pleasure while being skewered on some complete stranger’s cock simply by plugging your name into their smart phones. This policy may seem terribly cruel to some of you more timid girls, but we’ve found it to be enormously beneficial in the long term – you sluts have such an easier time remembering what you are when you know that everyone has seen your filthy holes convulsing in pleasure.”

Julia felt more torn than she had ever felt in her life. Consciously she was disgusted and terrified by the idea – knowing that anyone who wanted to would be able to instantly see her in the throes of orgasm without her permission or even notification seemed diabolically cruel. However, a part of her that she didn’t want to exist seemed to deeply yearn for the experience. She found herself unwillingly imagining complete strangers on the street noticing her, plugging her name into their phones, and witnessing her violation right in front of her. Before long her goal wasn’t to ignore the feeling of general warmth creeping through her body – that battle was already lost – but simply to pretend that she hadn’t noticed just how damp her panties had grown. On the bright side it didn’t look like she was alone in that particular struggle – most of the other girls in the room wore expressions of mixed fear and unwanted arousal while squirming awkwardly in their seats. She tried to write it off as just a function of the drugs in her system, but didn’t completely accept that explanation.

“There’s a very good reason why I’m telling you how the men score points on proving day,” she continued, openly taking great pleasure in the emotional chaos she was causing in her audience. “Proving Day isn’t just for the men to prove their worth – it’s for you little bitches as well. Just like them you’ll have your own scores, and how you earn and lose points is tied directly to how the men earn points.”

“Your score is extremely important. Those of you that wind up in the negatives – which will likely be the vast majority of you – can look to your score when you’re wondering how you wound up as nothing more than a worthless fuck toy for any man that will have you. For the select few of you who manage to eke out a positive score, however, there are certain privileges that come along with that. Extra rations, preferential placements, even advancement through the party ranks are all possible rewards – if your score is high enough. Manage to make it into the top five percent, and you’ll be rewarded with tools to make this day a bit easier on you. For example, I’m not all too worried about being violated today.”

Stepping out from behind the podium, Laura reached down and grabbed her short black skirt by the hemline and began to pull it up. Things began to make sense once the fabric rose above her crotch, displaying the bright metallic plate that she wore instead of panties. Julia found herself wishing that she had something like that to keep her safe, yet a part of her suspected she’d be disappointed and unhappy if she were to find herself in such a contraption, preventing her from participating in the ritual. Disgusted with the second thought, Julia did her best to push it out of her head.

“This will provide just a bit more security than the cloth panties you little whores are wearing,” she laughed as she lowered her skirt, “and it protects my score as well as my virtue. You see, men don’t so much earn points as take points from you – each time a man scores a point on you, you lose a point as well. For example, if a man were to grab one of you virgins, sample each of your three holes, drive you to orgasm, and dump his load deep inside of you then he would earn ten points and you would lose ten points – though you would get the heart-warming knowledge that your first time is lovingly preserved in high definition for all to see. Our founders wanted this to be a competition and they knew that if there wasn’t any penalty for it then most of you little sluts would probably ruin the sport of it by lying back and spread your legs willingly. This gives you some inspiration to fight – though I’ll be amazed if most of you don’t end out the day with scores in the negative triple digits just the same.”

“As for earning points, that’s tied to the men’s score as well. We earn points for assisting them – for every two points they score, we score one. Going back to my previous example of the virgin who lost ten points, if you happen to be the virgin’s friend and you give her conqueror a hand – holding her down, guiding him in, perhaps even helping her to reach that orgasm so that she has a recording of her first time – you would earn five points as well as protect yourself. Remember, if he didn’t score his ten points on her, he’d have likely scored it on you.”

“Lots of girls seem to struggle with that – it seems that many of them really dislike the idea of being pitted against one another. I remember my first Proving Day; every one of my little bitch classmates was absolutely appalled by the idea. I didn’t personally take issue with it but I pretended that I did – even rallying those little bitches together with the promise that under my leadership we would keep each other safe. Once I earned their trust I turned the dumb sluts over one by one, racking up enough points to get myself noticed. More importantly, though, I enjoyed it – I’d have done it even if I wasn’t earning points just to watch those little cunts suffering for their ignorance. Granted none of them were friends with me after, but why would I want to be friends with a bunch of public cum receptacles anyway?”

Julia really didn’t care for the nonchalant way in which she described betraying her friends’ trust. It seemed like an unspeakably cruel and reprehensible thing to do, yet she didn’t see the slightest hint of guilt or remorse in the woman’s face – if anything, she looked to be proud of herself. Julia felt her face twisting into a scowl, but she managed to repress it – she knew that it would be unwise to show any sign of disapproval while sitting so close to the stage.

Without warning the woman hopped off of the stage. Panic seized Julia as she began to approach; she instinctively held her breath in a futile attempt to not be noticed. She didn’t allow herself to breathe until Laura stopped in front of the girl three seats over from Julia, and even then found herself shrinking back into her chair while trying desperately to turn invisible.

Glancing over while doing her best to not call any attention to herself, Julia recognized the girl that she had stopped in front of as Angela. They had actually been friends when they were much younger, though had grown apart over the years – Angela was far more outgoing and aggressive than Julia, and their personalities simply didn’t work well together. Julia felt a little bad for Angela – she knew how terrified she would be in her position – but at the same time she couldn’t help but feel relieved that it wasn’t her getting stared down at the moment. She didn’t know what Laura was planning to do, but was fairly confident that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

“Did the story of my first Proving Day bother you, little girl?” the Laura menaced, the smile never leaving her face. “Do you think there was something wrong with how I earned my points?”

“No, ma’am,” Angela replied timidly, her words dripping with fear. Angela might have been slightly on the bold side when amongst her peers, but she clearly knew better than to challenge a woman of Laura’s status.

“Now that’s obviously a lie,” Laura sighed, slowly shaking her head in disapproval. “Tell me, little girl – do you think I’m too blind to have noticed the look on your face, or too stupid to know what it means? Which is it, am I an invalid or an idiot?”

“I’m sorry,” Angela whimpered, beginning to panic. “I didn’t mean anything, ma’am, I swear!”

“Poor little girl,” Laura chuckled as she reached forward and stroked Angela’s face in mock-comfort. “You’re absolutely terrified – the guilt you feel for insulting me must be just eating you up from the inside. If I were a cruel woman I might just let you sit there and suffer; tormenting yourself for your sins. Fortunately for you, however, I happen to be the merciful type. I’m going to give you a chance to apologize for your insult by being my little assistant. Grab your bag and join me up on the stage, won’t you?”

Laura climbed back on stage and headed towards the podium. Angela hesitated for a moment – she understandably didn’t want to get up on the stage with Laura – but eventually climbed up just the same. While Laura walked over to the podium Angela stood awkwardly by her, looking as if she were about to cry.

“Be a dear and give that pillar a hug,” Laura ordered as she reached under the podium and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

Angela likely realized it was a trap, but she had no choice to obey. Keeping her head down and her eyes low, she stretched her arms around the pillar, her bag still in her right hand. Laura quickly cuffed the hands together, trapping her in the vulnerable position. With Angela unable to escape, Laura took the bag from her hand and turned her attention back to the audience.

“Each of you should have been given a bag on your way here,” Laura stated. “Open it now, and I’ll explain what it’s for.”

Julia grabbed her bag and tore open the seal. Inside she found two objects – a tube of clear liquid and a strange conical plug-like device. The plug was roughly three inches long and made of soft rubber, and tapered in towards the bottom. She wasn’t sure what either of them was for, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to know either.

“This is a relatively recent development,” Laura commented. “Back in my day they didn’t screw around with stuff like this – they’d simply release the girls with whatever they had on them and see what happens. Personally, I preferred the old way. Knowing that we might be getting fucked hard in your unprepared asshole gave us some extra incentive to not get caught in the first place, and those who did get caught got the extra humiliation of being forced to beg the man to prepare them before taking the back door – or the added punishment of having their assholes torn open, should they not beg well enough. Unfortunately, the cost of treating the predictable injuries was substantial, and the ruling council deemed it cheaper to simply allow you whores to prepare yourselves.”

“Your bags contain two objects: a tube of lubricant and a butt plug. The lube reduces friction, the plug stretches you out so that you won’t be literally torn apart when you get fucked in the ass today – and trust me, nearly all of you will be getting fucked in the ass today. I personally don’t really care whether you ruin your assholes or not, but High Command would prefer it if your holes were still serviceable once all this is over – those holes are, after all, how many of you will be earning your livings. Seeing as most of you bitches are probably too stupid to figure out how to get those plugs in on your own, you’re all going to do it together now – and I’ll guide you through it with the help of my assistant right here. Drop your panties, bitches.”

Walking back over to the pillar, Laura unceremoniously pulled Angela’s skirt down along with her panties, leaving the girl completely exposed from the waist down. Julia felt terrible for Angela – being in such a vulnerable position in front of everyone couldn’t have been easy – but she was a bit more concerned with her own well-being. With no other girls sitting in front of her Laura would notice if she ignored the order to remove her underwear, and Julia knew that would not end well. Mortified, she reached under her skirt, hooked her fingers under her panties, and pulled them down to her knees. She took some small comfort in the knowledge that everyone else had to do it too, but still she wished that she were sitting closer to the back where she might be able to get away with disobeying.

“The first thing that you need to do is lube up your plug,” Laura explained, squirting a large amount of lubricant into her left hand and rubbing it into the plug. “Make sure you coat the entire thing, and be generous – as most of you will soon find out, there’s really no such thing as too much lube. Don’t worry about it if some gets on your fingers, either – you’re going to want those extra slippery as well.”

Julia did as she was told. She tried to focus only on the task at hand and ignore what she knew was coming next, but found the task impossible. As much as she tried to block the thought from her mind, she couldn’t help but think about exactly where that butt plug was going to go. Most troubling, however, was the fact that a part of her actually seemed to be looking forward to it.

“Now you don’t want to just ram it up there,” Laura cautioned. “That would defeat the whole point of preparing yourselves, especially if you’ve never taken anything up the ass before. What you want to do is use your fingers to get yourselves ready, starting with just one and working your way up until the plug slides right in. I’ll demonstrate.”

Laura raised her left hand high into the air with her index finger extended. Wrapping her right arm around Angela’s waist in order to hold her in place, she then rudely pressed the finger directly against Angela’s vulnerable hole. Her face bright red with shame, Angela let out a tortured groan as the finger slowly slid into her.

“Much looser than I would have expected,” Laura mocked, loudly enough for everyone to hear. “This isn’t the first time you’ve taken it up the ass, is it?”

“It is!” Angela insisted, her voice dripping with shame.

“Don’t you lie to me,” Laura warned, briefly removing her finger to slap Angela hard across her ass before reinserting it. “I’ve prepped enough of you little bitches over the years to know when a girl is a secret ass-whore. It’s unfortunate that your friends had to find out about your penchant for anal like this, but it was bound to happen eventually. Look at the bright side: at least none of this will be all too new to you.”

Unable to respond, Angela simply hung her head in shame. Taking open pleasure in the helpless girl’s disgrace, Laura began slowly pumping her finger in and out, causing Angela to unwillingly moan softly. The moans were quiet – Angela was clearly doing her best to be silent – but seated so close to the stage Julia had no difficulty hearing them. She again sympathized with Angela’s plight, but a part of her felt almost jealous. Although the moaning seemed primarily fueled by embarrassment, Julia clearly heard a hint of pleasure in them as well.

“Are you stupid bitches enjoying the show?” Laura growled, turning her attention back to the audience while continuing her assault on Angela. “I’m not doing this to entertain you – I’m showing you what you should be doing right now. Unless you want to come up on stage and join this little whore here I strongly suggest you get to work.”

Julia’s libido might have been intrigued by the idea of joining Angela, but her conscious mind was still in control. Not wanting to be the last person to comply she wasted no time in reaching down and inserting a finger into her anus. To her surprise, it didn’t feel all too bad. It didn’t feel quite the same as masturbating, but it was alarmingly close. As she slowly began to pump it in and out she found herself sympathizing all the more with Angela – it was taking much more willpower than she would have expected not to moan in pleasure as well. The twisted looks on the rest of the girls’ faces combined with the occasional whimper implied that she was hardly the only one feeling that way.

“Much better,” Laura smiled before turning her attention back to Angela. “Now as for you, little bitch – I couldn’t help but notice that you’re biting down on your lip, almost as if you’re trying to keep yourself from moaning. I don’t think I care for that – it feels almost like you’re continuing to lie to me by pretending you’re some kind of stranger to getting ass fucked.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am!” Angela whimpered, lust clearly evident in your voice.

“I don’t want you to be sorry,” Laura hissed. “I want you to stop. We’ve already established that you’re an ass whore, your repression fools no one. Let it all out, slut – sure, moaning like a bitch in heat while getting your asshole fingered would normally be shameful, but it ain’t like you’ve got much dignity left to lose.”

A look of defiance mixed with fear came over Angela’s face. She technically complied with the order and moaned slightly louder, but she was still very obviously holding herself back. Julia was impressed; both with the courage it must have taken to defy Laura and with the self-control Angela must have needed in order to restrain herself. She realized that if she were in Angela’s position, being expertly manipulated by Laura, keeping so quiet simply wouldn’t be possible.

“Still resisting, slut?” Laura laughed, sounding more amused than offended. “I can’t imagine why you’d seek to keep what you’re feeling secret, unless… Oh, I think I know what it is! You’re afraid that if I make you cum you’ll lose a point, and you don’t want to start the day off with a negative balance. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Rather than respond Angela bit down on her lip again, and Julia suspected that she knew why. If Angela was feeling anything similar to what Julia was feeling, she needed all of her focus just to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Fortunately for her, Laura didn’t seem to mind the disobedience – she seemed far too entertained by pushing Angela closer and closer to orgasm to be offended.

“Can’t answer, huh?” Laura taunted, working a second finger into the girl. “It’s okay, I’m certain that’s it, and you don’t have to worry. I’m a woman, so you can cum all you like and it won’t affect your score in the slightest. I know, I know – it takes all the sport out of it, doesn’t it? Well, I’m sure we can find a way to fix that. Would you like that, whore?”

Angela offered no answer, continuing to biet down on her lip in a futile attempt to hide what she was feeling. It was a losing battle; despite her best efforts the volume of her moans continued to grow. Julia was impressed with how long Angela had held out, but doubted she’d be able to keep it up for much longer.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Laura smiled as she moved her free hand to Angela’s groin and began aggressively rubbing her clit. “Let’s make a little bet, then. If you can manage to avoid cumming like some depraved bitch in heat, I’ll happily uncuff you as soon as we’re done. If, however, you give in to your inner slut with your entire class watching, well, I’ll still uncuff you – just not until the day is over. You technically won’t lose any points to me, but spending the entire day chained to a post in public is unlikely to result in a positive score. Sound fair, bitch?”

“Please no,” Angela moaned loudly. The lust drenching her voice made it clear that she had no chance of winning the bet.

“Look who finally remembered how to speak!” Laura laughed. “It’s just too damned bad that I couldn’t understand what you just said, what with all the moaning. I’ll just assume that you meant to enthusiastically agree with me – meaning that our bet is on. Sure, it seems strange that you’d agree when it appears pretty certain that you’re going to lose, but maybe that’s the point, right? Maybe you want to lose.”

Angela was in no position to argue. Even if she had possessed the authority to refuse Laura’s terms, she was far too distracted with the task of concealing what Laura’s fingers were making her feel. Unable to fight, she simply bit down hard on her lip and hung her head low, her face bright red with shame.

“Once you’ve gotten your tight little assholes stretched out, it’s time for the fun part!” Laura announced cheerfully, turning her attention back to the audience. “Simply take your plug and shove it in, and then you can pull your panties back up. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you should adjust to it shortly. Oh, and save yourselves some dignity – just insert it, don’t fuck yourselves with it. I don’t want to see any of you little whores wasting time fucking your own assholes like this.”

Taking the plug in her hand, Laura forced it into Angela’s anus and began to pump it in and out – slowly at first, but rapidly building speed. She continued to rub Angela’s clit with her free hand, increasing her aggression there as well. The look on Angela’s face suggested that she would be losing the bet, and likely losing it soon.

Angela managed to hold out for another minute, but eventually the inevitable happened. Before Julia had even managed to pull her panties back up Angela’s orgasm broke through with remarkable force. It seemed as though all the energy that she had managed to repress broke free at the same exact time. She came, screaming in pleasure despite knowing the terrible consequences. Julia hoped if she was forced to orgasm that day it wouldn’t be nearly as blatant, but realized that the same drugs intensifying Angela’s orgasm were in her system as well.

“So close,” Laura mock-comforted, leaving the plug inside of Angela while climbing back to her feet. “And hey, it’s not the end of the world or anything. There’s even a bright side to this. See, it’s not just incredibly high scores that catch attention – incredibly low scores tend to raise eyebrows as well. You’ll be spending the entire day chained up here, and once word spreads that easy points are available you might even have guys lining up just to use your disgusting holes. You might even set a new record for the lowest score ever, and that’s sure to catch the high council’s attention – though I don’t know that you’ll be pleased with their idea of what a fitting reward is for a record-setting whore.”

“As for the rest of you bitches,” Laura smiled, “I have only one more piece of advice to give you for this day. If you’re hoping to set the kind of score that gets you noticed, the key is to start early. It’s only seven-thirty, and I expect my score to be in the mid triple digits before eight o’clock.”

Julia was puzzled by the comment until she heard the heavy metallic clang of the doors behind her opening. Spinning her head around quickly she witnessed at least thirty men flowing through the doors; hungry looks plastered on their faces. Realizing what was about to happen, Julia felt slightly better about the fact that she had been forced to sit towards the front. Being closer to Laura was intimidating as hell, but at least she was one of the furthest from the doors.

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