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Infidelity - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Danni glanced at her cell phone impatiently. The clock read 8:13, making him thirteen minutes late. She considered giving him a call and seeing where he was, but thought better of it. She worried that doing so would appear desperate, and she felt that she had already degraded herself enough simply by agreeing to meet him.

She told herself that deep down she really wasn’t the adulterous type. It wasn’t like she had set out to cheat on Kevin or anything – her relationship with Geoff had started out with completely innocent intentions. He was just some random guy that she talked to online; little more than a friend she hadn’t even met in person. Granted, they did discuss sex more frequently than was probably appropriate, but Danni didn’t see anything wrong with that. She was an adult, after all, and didn’t see why she should have an issue discussing her sexuality.

As time progressed their discussions became more direct. Instead of talking about things he might enjoy doing to some random woman, Geoff spoke of things that he wanted to do to Danni. Conversely, Danni found herself opening up to Geoff about her secret fantasies on a level that was wholly inappropriate. Danni knew that lines were being crossed, but she couldn’t bring herself to end it. While the veneer of innocence slowly stripped away she swore to herself that they were just talking, so it didn’t really count. She knew that she secretly fantasized about it being more than just talk, but she figured that imagined infidelity was harmless enough in the grand scheme of things.

Of course, Geoff wasn’t content to let things rest with mere discussion of fantasies alone. Before long he was taking control of her sex life, without even being in the same place as her. He made her agree to only masturbate when he had given her permission, and forced her to earn his permission by verbally degrading herself. Other times, he’d order her to masturbate multiple times in rapid succession, until her fingers – and clit – were painfully sore. She felt increasing shame each time she gave in to his demands, but she couldn’t seem to bring herself to disobey him. It was no longer even remotely possible to pretend that she was innocent, but she clung desperately to the fact that there technically hadn’t been any physical contact with Geoff so it technically didn’t constitute cheating.

When Geoff told her that he was going to be in her town in two weeks she felt more conflicted than she had ever felt in her life. She knew that Geoff would want to see her – he wouldn’t have brought up his visit if he didn’t – and she knew that there would be nothing innocent about his visit. It bothered her deeply that she suspected she would soon no longer be able to claim that at least the two had never had sex, but at the same time she was thrilled by the thought of being violated by more than just text on a monitor.

Clinging to her last shred of innocence, Danni outright refused to see him before he had a chance to bring it up. She reminded him that he didn’t have her exact address and informed him that there was absolutely nothing that he could do to make her change her mind. She knew that she was lying – as she typed the words her greatest fear was that he might actually believe her and leave her alone – yet it seemed important to her that she at least make the effort to preserve her modesty.

Unfortunately, Geoff knew her far too well to buy into her feigned reluctance. Immediately seeing through the act, he simply laughed at her attempt to deny him and assigned her a punishment that she was to inflict upon herself each night until he arrived. She considered resisting again, but decided not to. She knew he’d see through it just as easily, and she was still terrified that he might not.

Staring at her cell phone’s clock in a corner booth two weeks later, she wished that she had resisted a bit more. She wished that she had spent the last two weeks dreading the fateful moment when they’d actually meet instead of looking forward to it. She wished that she felt more shame over the fact that she was dressed like a slut in a short microskirt sans panties in a sleazy bar; yet all she felt was her freshly-shaven pussy growing wetter in eager anticipation.

After sliding her cell phone back into her purse she looked up to see him walking through the door. She was a bit shocked by what she saw. He had described himself as six feet tall with a lean but muscular build, which in her experience usually meant five foot eight with a couple extra pounds, yet he apparently had been completely honest. If anything, he looked larger, stronger, and more powerful in person than he ever had on her computer’s screen. She worried that he might not find her attractive enough for him, and might lose interest the instant he saw her. On a deeper level, she worried that if he didn’t lose interest, she’d be completely at his mercy – he looked as though he could overpower her without the slightest of difficulties and have his way with her whether she wanted it or not. On a still deeper level, she found herself thoroughly excited by the prospect of just that. She considered sloping down in the booth in the hopes that he wouldn’t see her, but before she was able to react he had spotted her and was already headed in her direction.

You’re late, she squeaked out, hoping to establish some degree of power even if it were minor.

I am, he acknowledged coolly as he took a seat.

Was traffic bad? she blubbered out, hoping that filling the air with words might dilute the immense anxiety she was feeling at the moment. It’s been really random recently, since they started repairing Oak Street. Sometimes you can get all the way down High street in a matter of minutes, sometimes it takes hours. Hopefully it will all get better when…

Danni, Geoff interrupted. I like you – you know that. I enjoy talking to you, which is why I do it so much. After this weekend, I’m still going to enjoy talking to you. You’re one of my favorite people in the world, and I hope you know that I mean that sincerely.

I do, she offered lamely in reply, mildly embarrassed for her lack of composure.

However, he continued, I’m not here to talk to you right now. Do you know what I am here to do, Danni?

Fuck me? she replied timidly, secretly hoping to god that she was right and hating herself for that.

Good girl, he smiled. That’s precisely what I’m here for – to use your body for my own lurid amusements without the slightest concern for your dignity and fuck you like the filthy little slut that we both know you really are. Of course, there’s something we have to do first. I believe you have something for me?

Danni knew what he was talking about. Reaching into her purse, she produced fourteen sheets of loose-leaf paper folded into quarters and covered in her own handwriting. Sliding the papers across the table to Geoff, she felt a powerful sense of shame and arousal as he unfolded them in order to verify that she had completed the punishment he had assigned her.

A bit sloppy, he critiqued, but I’ll accept it. Tell me, though – how did it feel writing these out?

A little embarrassing, she offered as her face grew red with shame.

You can do better than that, he scoffed. You’ve spent the last two weeks fucking yourself nearly to orgasm, stopping yourself at the last minute, and then copying the phrase My fuck-holes are the property of my owner and I will make them available to him whenever he chooses to use them twenty five times a night. I’m certain you felt more than just a little embarrassed during this ordeal. Be explicit; tell me exactly what you were feeling.

A lot of things, she answered. Embarrassment was definitely the big one, though. I was also terrified that someone would find those fucking papers and realize what a whore I’ve been acting like…

What a whore you are, Geoff corrected. When you say acting like it implies that this isn’t who you really are deep down, and that’s simply not the case – whether you admit it or not.

Fine, she groaned. What a whore I am. Either way, it was absolutely terrifying. I kept imagining someone going through my purse, finding what I had written, and demanding an explanation. I don’t even know what I would have said if that came up.

That’s very interesting, he interjected, but it still feels like you’re holding out on me. What else did you feel when you copied that phrase, Danni?

Turned on, she admitted, sensing what he wanted her to say. Immensely turned on – which, I might point out, was pretty fucking sadistic of you. Masturbating and stopping right before I came was painful enough, but having to write that fucking phrase over and over again made it almost unbearable. You have no idea how much I wanted to cheat and finish myself, but I didn’t. I hope you appreciate that.

I do, he grinned. And I’m sorry that it was unpleasant for you, but some pain is necessary in order to correct your behavior – I trust you understand. It’s all in the past, though – you’ve completed that part of your punishment, and I’m proud of you. Of course, there was more to your punishment, wasn’t there?

There was, she sighed. And yes, I’ve been doing that too. I’ve worn short skirts without panties every day for the last two weeks, and I’ve shaved my pussy every day whether it needed it or not. I hope you appreciate that, by the way – you have no idea how scary it’s been. Every time I’ve gone out in public I’ve been terrified that someone’s going to see what I’m wearing and take it as an invitation to rape me.

That must have been ever so traumatizing for you, he laughed sarcastically. I mean, the thought of being raped by strangers and used like a common whore? That’s totally not the type of thing that you get off on, right?

It was still frightening! she insisted. Plus, like the copying, it was insanely frustrating as well. It’s been nearly impossible for me to think of anything other than how desperately I need to get fucked for the last couple of weeks – between the dress, the shaving, and the copying I’m constantly reminded of how much I want it. I have to admit, you really know how to torment a girl.

I do try my best, he smiled. I’m glad that you’ve obeyed my full instructions, but I was hoping for some proof. It’s not that I don’t trust you or anything – believe me, I do – but it seems silly to take your word for it when you can just as easily show me.

Err, okay, Danni agreed reluctantly. Though it didn’t make much logical sense to be shy around him, she was still a bit nervous about showing him her nudity immediately after meeting him. Should we go into the bathroom or something?

You’re an eager little slut, he laughed. I like that. Don’t worry, now, I’m absolutely planning to take you into the bathroom in the immediate future, but I’d like you to prove to me that you’ve been following my orders first.

Danni understood what he was getting at – he wanted her to show him that she had been shaving her crotch and not wearing panties as he had instructed at the booth. Doing so was mildly frightening, but the bar wasn’t too crowded and she suspected she could pull it off without drawing attention to herself. Not wanting to test his patience, she reached down, hiked her skirt up a bit, and parted her thighs so that he could see that she had done as he instructed. Unfortunately, rather than duck under the table and see what she was presenting him with, Geoff simply sat still and impatiently drummed his fingers against the table.

I’m waiting, he sighed. Waiting, and hoping that you don’t expect me to crawl down under the table like some pathetic peeping Tom.

I can’t just show you here! she protested. There are people here!

There are, he acknowledged. Though, they don’t seem to be looking this way – at least not at the moment. It seems to me that if you’re really feeling shy, you should probably cooperate before that should change. It would be trivially easy to call some attention to us, after all.

Danni wanted to argue, but the look on his face and the tone of his voice made it clear to her that he would not hesitate to make good on his thinly veiled threat. Looking around, she saw that what he was saying was true – at least for the moment. Though there were plenty of people inside the bar, none of them happened to be looking in their direction at the moment. Hoping to get it over with before that changed, she reluctantly climbed out of the booth.

Moving slowly so as to avoid attracting any attention to herself, she positioned her body as close to the table as possible while facing Geoff in the hopes that what she was about to show would be seen by him alone. Nervous, embarrassed, and far more turned on than she would have expected to be she reached down and carefully pulled the front of her skirt up, showing Geoff that she wasn’t wearing any panties. As he glanced over and smiled she considered pulling her skirt back down and taking her seat, but she knew that it would be a bad idea to do so until Geoff was satisfied.

Unfortunately for her, Geoff seemed to want more than just a quick visual inspection. Calmer than he had any right to be, he reached forward and forced his fingers between Danni’s thighs. As he rubbed his fingers across her tender flesh under the premise of making sure she really was clean-shaven she found herself simultaneously fighting against the urge to push his hand away and the urge to spread her legs wider so as to encourage him. Splitting the difference, she simply stood still and hoped that no one would notice.

Soaking in her humiliation, Geoff took advantage of her vulnerability and worked a single finger into her disturbingly wet pussy. Caught off-guard, a stifled moan escaped Danni’s lips before she bit down hard on her lip to prevent any further vulgar outbursts. His finger felt intensely good, but the fact that they were in public outright terrified her. She didn’t want him to stop, yet what little sense of modesty she still had demanded that she do something.

Can I sit down now, please? she begged, disgusted with the lust she heard in her own voice.

Come on now, he laughed, slowly pumping his finger into her. My finger is inside your fuck hole, slut. I can feel how wet you are; I can hear the sex in your voice. You don’t want me to stop at all, and you know it. Tell me what you actually want me to do.

Danni really didn’t want to admit what she wanted him to do, but she didn’t see what choice she had. Geoff wasn’t showing any signs of relenting in his assault, and she worried that it was only a matter of time before someone happened to look in their direction and see what he was doing to her. Swallowing her pride, she decided to tell him – it seemed like he already knew anyway.

I want you to fuck me, she forced out, careful to keep her voice low so that no one overheard.

I can’t hear you, he lied. It’s okay, though – I can entertain myself with your sloppy little cunt until you manage to find your voice.

I said I want you to fuck me, she moaned a bit louder, hoping that it would be loud enough to earn Geoff’s approval yet not loud enough to call any attention to herself.

Your volume is better, he admitted, yet I’m not sure I approve of the words. Seems if you’re really as desperate as your tone implies you really ought to be begging me to take your slut ass into the bathroom and use you the way you’re meant to be used; not just stating a desire.

Please take me into the bathroom and fuck my whore brains out, she blurted out, overcome with both lust and shame.

Good slut, he smiled. I really ought to make you beg a bit more just to prove to me that you understand your place, but I’m feeling merciful – for the moment at least. I just hope I don’t spoil you.

Rising up to his feet, Geoff removed his fingers from Danni’s crotch and wrapped them around her wrist. Holding her tightly, he led her towards the bathroom. His actions did little to calm her nerves – with his massive hand wrapped around her wrist it was difficult for her to forget just how much larger and stronger than her he was. She was both frightened and aroused by the fact that he didn’t need her to cooperate willingly in order to take what he wanted from her, but she realized it didn’t make a difference – even if she were capable of overpowering him and escaping, she wouldn’t want to. Wishing that she could bring herself to resist more if only for the deniability it might earn her, she obediently followed him into the bathroom.

Fortunately, the bar was a small one and had a single, one-person unisex bathroom as opposed to a men’s room and women’s room with stalls. Danni was grateful for that – though she couldn’t know for sure, she doubted that Geoff would hesitate for a second to violate her in a more public multi-person bathroom. Her pride was wounded enough by the fact that she was about to be sexually violated by a man whom she had only met in person minutes prior without having to worry that others might stroll in and witness that violation.

Lose the clothes, Geoff ordered as he locked the door behind them.

Danni thought about resisting him. The sluttiness of how she was acting combined with the guilt she felt over cheating on Kevin bothered her deeply, and she thought she might feel better if she fought back a bit. Unfortunately, actually refusing his orders seemed a bit too risky – he didn’t seem displeased with her at the moment, and she desperately wanted to keep it that way. Unwilling to rebel against him openly but unable to cooperate enthusiastically and accept responsibility for what she was doing, she decided to compromise and strip down slowly. She knew her petty resistance was hardly anything to be proud of, but it seemed critical to her that she be able to tell herself later that she didn’t give him everything he demanded without the slightest struggle.

After slowly removing her top, Danni carefully folded it up and placed it on top of the sink. While reaching back to unhook her bra, she glanced up into his eyes. Disturbingly, though he still looked interested in her he also appeared somewhat impatient. Worrying that her lack of celerity was offending him she quickly abandoned any pretense of rebellion and hastily stripped out of her bra, but it was too late. He had noticed her lack of obedience, and was clearly displeased with her.

I’m sorry, she offered, hoping that a preemptive apology might get her off the hook. I’ll move faster.

I know you will, he smiled. And trust me – I’m not angry at you, or even disappointed. It’s my fault, really – I was lax with you earlier, and I have only myself to blame for your current disrespectful indolence. Sadly, I can’t simply turn a blind eye to this, as to do so would only encourage you to misbehave in the future. You understand, don’t you?

Danni was terrified. Although Geoff’s tone was calm and relaxed, she knew from experience just how sadistic he could get with his punishments. She also knew, however, that arguing with him would only make things worse. Gulping loudly, she reluctantly nodded her head.

Calm down, he laughed. You look scared out of your wits, and it really isn’t necessary. All I’m going to do is give you a quick spanking; nothing all too extreme.

But someone might hear! she protested. She knew it was risky to challenge him, but she worried that the door wasn’t nearly thick enough to block the sounds that a spanking would inevitably produce – especially if he hit her hard enough to make her scream.

They might, he agreed. If you’re worried about that possibility, I’d be more than happy to open the door and guarantee that people will hear, thus leaving nothing to chance. Alternatively, you might just want to get the rest of those clothes off and bend that slut ass over the toilet before I stop feeling so merciful.

Danni was worried that someone might hear her, but she was far more worried about what Geoff might do if she continued to disobey him. Motivated by fear and lust, she quickly stripped out of her remaining clothing and bent over the toilet. Being completely nude in a public bathroom felt tremendously trashy to her, but at the same time it was highly exciting. Though she was still afraid of the spanking she was about to receive, the thought of what would happen after gave her ample inspiration to hold strong.

Once Danni was in position Geoff reached back and brought his hand down hard across her ass. He hit her hard enough to sting a little, but not so hard that Danni couldn’t handle the pain. She was grateful for that – she knew that he could easily have spanked her much harder had he wanted to. In addition to sparing her a bit of physical pain, his relative gentleness reduced the chances that someone might overhear them and find out what was going on.

Geoff spanked Danni a few more times, being careful not to hit her hard enough that she’d feel compelled to cry out in pain. Once he had lulled her into a sense of security with his soft blows, however, he brought his hand down hard. Caught off-guard, Danni cried out in pain and instinctively reached back, hoping to shield herself with her hands. Realizing what she was doing, she immediately brought her hands forward – she knew that Geoff wouldn’t appreciate her attempt to defend herself – but by then it was too late.

It’s unfortunate, Geoff sighed. That was going to be the last spanking until you decided to try to block me.

I’m sorry! she whimpered. It just hurt so much! I promise I won’t do it again!

I know you won’t, Geoff smiled. In fact, I plan to make sure of it.

Looking back at him, Danni watched as Geoff pulled a small roll of black electrical tape from his pocket. Grabbing her hands, he braced them against a pipe that was mounted on the wall behind the toilet and bound them tightly to the pipe with several passed of the tape. Although the tape appeared thin, it was quite effective – she found that no matter how hard she tried, she was completely unable to move her hands. Being bound and vulnerable in public made her extremely nervous, but only seemed to further turn her on.

With her arms secured, Geoff continued the spanking. He wasn’t nearly as gentle as he had been earlier – although Danni knew that he was capable of hitting her harder if he wanted to, it still hurt tremendously. She found it necessary to bite down hard on her lip just to keep herself from screaming aloud, and by the time he had finished her ass stung terribly. Despite the considerable pain she was in, however, his brutality had only intensified her arousal. Being spanked by him reminded her of how completely at his mercy she was, which was a major turn-on for her.

That wasn’t so bad, now was it? he grinned. Now, what do you think I should do to you next?

Fuck me? she whimpered, ashamed of how she was acting but desperate to get the satisfaction she had been denying herself for weeks.

Come on now, slut, he chided. I know that you can beg better – and louder – than that.

Danni was extremely nervous about being loud. She worried that there was a very good chance people outside could hear them, and she really didn’t want complete strangers hearing her beg to be fucked like a desperate whore. At the same time, however, she was more sexually excited than she could ever remember having been, and absolutely did not want to delay the act that she had come to the bar specifically for. Telling herself that she was only doing it in order to avoid punishment but knowing that was a lie, she resolved to give him what he wanted – it was, after all, what she wanted as well.

Please fuck my slut ass? she begged. Please, Geoff – you have no idea how desperate I am! I need your hard cock inside me, I need to cum! Please show mercy on your slut and give her what she wants?

Better, he replied. Not great, but I suppose we can work on that later. I suppose I can take some mercy on you, though – I can see your cunt juices seeping down your thighs, so I can guess how much you really want it.

Danni felt a pang of shame. The act of begging a man who was not her boyfriend to violate her sexually in a public bathroom was devastating to her pride, and his crude observations as to her arousal weren’t making it any easier. Although she found the degradation extremely erotic, it was still very difficult for her to handle. She hated how slutty she felt, but couldn’t pretend that she was getting off on it at the same time.

The shame she felt faded quickly, however, when she heard the sound of Geoff’s zipper coming down. As his pants dropped to his ankles and he braced his hands around her hips she struggled not to squeal in delight – she knew that the moment she had been looking forward to for months was about to finally arrive. A voice in the back of her head chastised her for acting in such a wanton manner, but by that point she really didn’t care.

Enjoying Danni’s frustration, Geoff teased her by rubbing the tip of his cock against her hole. It felt tremendously good to Danni, but she wanted more. She tried to thrust her hips back to force him inside of her, but he simply held her steady and denied her the pleasure that she desperately needed. Completely at his mercy, she simply whimpered and hoped that he would take mercy on her soon.

After teasing her for what felt like an eternity, Geoff squeezed her hips tightly and thrust into her hard. His rough entry hurt a bit, but Danni didn’t care. What little pain she felt from his brutal thrusts was easily drowned out by the immense pleasure she was finally experiencing. Even though it had only just begun, it was already the best sex she had ever had in her entire life.

Working into a steady rhythm behind her, Geoff leaned forward, wrapped his arms around Danni’s torso, and began to play with her breasts. He proved to have far more dexterity than his massive hands would suggest – though his actions were forceful, he manipulated her nipples with tremendous skill. As he plowed into her while tweaking her nipples, Danni felt her orgasm rapidly approaching.

As her orgasm continued to build, Danni found herself struggling to put it off. She wanted to cum, of course – in fact, there were few things that she wanted more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. Geoff had long since established that she wasn’t allowed to cum without his expressed permission, and she knew that he wouldn’t grant it easily. She suspected that she’d have to loudly beg for it, and in her current condition she knew that she’d give in. While begging lustfully for permission to cum while all of the bar listened in did strike her as theoretically hot, she knew that it was exactly the type of thing she would regret later. Hoping to put off that particular humiliation for a bit longer, she did her best to restrain herself.

She managed to last about ten minutes before the task of delaying her orgasm became impossible. Unable to think of anything other than how good Geoff’s actions felt, she gave in to her desires and came hard. The orgasm was intense – far more powerful than anything she had experienced before – and keeping quiet about it just wasn’t realistically possible. Knowing that she’d regret it later but unable to control herself, she moaned loudly in ecstasy as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

Her orgasm seemed to trigger Geoff’s as well. Plunging deeply into her, he flooded her with his hot, sticky cum. Danni knew that she should ask him to pull out – having unprotected sex with him was obviously dangerous – but she didn’t waste her breath. She knew that she’d be unable to convince him, and besides – she wasn’t sure that she would have wanted to anyway. Rather than fight him, she cooperated fully; flexing her vaginal muscles to milk as much of the fluid out of him and into her as possible.

That was intense, he panted after emptying his balls into her. Honestly, after that I’m almost tempted to let the fact that you came without permission slide.

Err, sorry about that? she offered lamely.

Unfortunately, he continued, I’m afraid that if I were to let it slide you’d take it as a signal that you don’t really have to follow the rules I’ve set for you, and we really can’t have that. I do want you to know, however, that I’m not mad at you at all – while I am going to have to punish you, you’re still my favorite person in the whole world.

Danni tried to apologize again, but before she was able to say a word Geoff had taken a cloth out of his pocket, wadded it up, and stuffed it into her mouth – effectively gagging her. Picking her shirt off of the sink, he then pulled it over her head and wrapped several layers of tape over it to hold it in place. Blindfolded and gagged, Danni began to worry as she heard Geoff rifling through her purse. After a few seconds, she felt the sensation of her lipstick being used to write something on her vulnerable ass, still sore from her earlier spanking.

There, he said after writing what he wanted on her body. In case you’re wondering, it says Please rape me - I made the letters extra-large so that they’ll be easy to read. As for your punishment, I think a brief time out is in order. I’ll be back eventually – in the meantime, I think I’ll go get a drink.

Unable to see what was happening, Danni hoped to god that he was just bluffing as she heard the door open and shut behind her. She listened intently for the tell-tale sounds of his breathing indicating that he was still in the room with her. Disturbingly, she heard nothing at all – if he was still there, he was doing an excellent job of concealing it. Terrified and praying that he wouldn’t take things too far, Danni wondered why despite the intense orgasm she had just experienced, the guilt of what she had done, and the fear of what might be about to happen she was still hornier than she had ever been with Kevin.

Continue reading with part two.

Infidelity - Chapter Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part two of the story. If you haven't read part one yet, you should probably do that first.

Accepting that she was almost certainly alone in the bathroom, Danni tried her hardest to escape. She pulled back as hard as she could in a futile attempt to break out of the tape binding her wrists to the pipe, but only managed to hurt her wrists. She attempted to pull down and slide her wrists out of the tape, but was found the adhesive nature of the tape made that impossible. Realizing that she was trapped, panic began to set in.

When she spoke to Geoff online they frequently spoke about their respective fetishes, and she realized that she had told him how she fantasized about being whored out to strangers. She worried that he might not realize that she viewed it purely as a fantasy and didn’t want it to actually happen – at least, she wanted to believe that she didn’t want anything to actually happen. Her body’s arousal made it extremely difficult for her to pretend that she absolutely hated what was happening to her. Just the same, she feared that being forced to sleep with strangers might not be quite as hot in reality as it was in her mind.

She considered screaming for help, but that didn’t seem like the greatest idea. With her mouth gagged she was unable to produce anything other than a mumble, and she wasn’t sure that calling attention to herself would be the greatest idea. She worried that the wrong person might hear her, enter the bathroom, see Geoff’s vulgar message written upon her ass, and take advantage. Bound and naked she’d be powerless to fight him off; she’d have no choice but to submit to whatever he wanted to do to her.

The message that Geoff had written on her wasn’t her only problem, either. She could feel her own wetness dripping down her thighs, and while she wanted to believe that it was mostly Geoff’s semen seeping out of her she knew that much of it was her own juices. Even without the invitation on her ass, a stranger would have legitimate reason to believe that she wanted it. Maddeningly, the thought of being raped by a complete stranger was only making the problem of her arousal worse.

She reminded herself that this was Geoff she was dealing with, and she did trust him. She knew that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her too bad, but she worried that her definition of going too far didn’t exactly match his. She told herself that he was probably standing right outside of the door and barring any strangers from entering, and while she found the idea comforting a part of her hoped that she was wrong.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting she heard the door swing open behind her, followed by a few footsteps, followed by it closing and locking. She could hear a man breathing in the room, and knew that she was not alone. She told herself that it must be Geoff, but she had no way of being certain. Powerless to do anything regardless of who it was, she simply remained still and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, whomever it was seemed to have plans for her that didn’t involve removing her blindfold and freeing her. Waiting helplessly, she heard the sound of a zipper being lowered followed by pants hitting the floor. Danni was comforted by the fact that it sounded extremely similar to how it had sounded when Geoff dropped his pants earlier, though she knew that could very easily just be a coincidence.

Just as Geoff had done before, the man wrapped his hands around Danni’s hips. It made Danni extremely nervous – though the actions were the same as earlier and the hands felt to be about the same size as Geoff’s were, they weren’t squeezing her quite as tightly. She told herself that it was probably just Geoff behaving slightly differently in order to screw with her mind, but she couldn’t seem to convince herself. She was beginning to suspect that it wasn’t Geoff at all.

Strangely, though she found the idea of being raped by a complete stranger utterly terrified, she couldn’t pretend that it didn’t turn her on as well. She didn’t want it to actually happen, but the thought of Geoff passing her around to strange men to use however they liked struck her as maddeningly erotic. She tried to push the idea out of her head, screaming at herself that she was not a whore and such thoughts were completely inappropriate, but it was no use – whether she liked it or not, she was getting off on the idea of being raped by complete strangers.

The man behind her, however, seemed much less conflicted. After aiming his cock at her dripping slit he thrust in hard, very similar to how Geoff had entered her earlier. Wasting no time, he began fucking her brutally; showing no concern whatsoever for her enjoyment. His quick, hard strokes made her feel like a piece of meat being used for nothing other than his sexual gratification, but Danni didn’t mind. She didn’t want to admit it, but that was precisely how she wanted to be used.

While the man used her as little more than a humanoid sex toy, Danni tried to figure out if it was Geoff or someone else. His penis felt roughly the same in size, though it was difficult to tell with the aggressive way that he was fucking her. His brutal, remorseless strokes also felt similar to how Geoff had been with her, though she suspected few men would be gentle when finding a woman in her position. She couldn’t be sure that it was Geoff currently fucking her, but she couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t, either.

Strangely, as time progressed she found her concern for whether she was being fucked by Geoff or raped by a stranger waning. She still hoped it was Geoff, of course – but the idea of being used in such a filthy and slutty manner was growing more desirable by the minute. She rationalized it by telling herself that it really didn’t matter if she approved or not – she was powerless to stop what was happening – but deep down she knew that she was getting off on it.

As the man pounded away behind her, Danni found herself dealing with a new problem. His rough strokes combined with the taboo of being raped by a complete stranger in a filthy bathroom were quickly driving her towards orgasm. She worried that she might cum again, and with her mouth gagged she had no way to ask for permission. Knowing that Geoff would not approve of that – especially when she was already being punished for cumming without permission – she tried her best to distract herself. Unfortunately, being blindfolded and fucked hard made it difficult for her to think of anything other than how good it felt.

With each stroke pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm she feared she might regret, Danni began to realize that her odds of success weren’t looking very good. She suspected that she might be able to delay her orgasm another five minutes, but her body simply didn’t care about the consequences of cumming again without permission. Realizing that her only hope was to make the man cum quickly, she did her best to get him off by fucking him back as well as she could in her bound position.

Unfortunately, the act of actively participating in her own rape made it significantly more difficult for her to put off her own orgasm. Her plan seemed to be working – she could hear the man fucking her breathing heavily, suggesting that he might be approaching orgasm himself – but she didn’t think she was capable of delaying her own climax until that happened. Accepting that her task was hopeless, she gave in and gave herself permission to cum. She figured that if she was going to get punished for it, she might as well enjoy it.

Her orgasm wasn’t quite as powerful as the first one, but it was still far more powerful than anything she had ever attained through masturbation or vanilla sex. Unfortunately, it was also powerful enough that she was completely unable to mask it. Giving up on any prospect of cumming quietly, she moaned openly into her gag and simply hoped for the best. She rationalized that the quaking of her body had already tipped her partner off as to what was happening, so trying to hide it from him simply didn’t make any sense.

Her partner seemed to enjoy her orgasm. Seconds after it began, he began to cum himself – inside of her, just as Geoff had earlier. Danni tried to tell herself that she should be disappointed in herself – if she had held out for just a few seconds longer she would have succeeded in suppressing her orgasm and spared herself any further punishment if it really was Geoff fucking her – yet she just couldn’t feel too bad about it. Her orgasm was too intense for her to regret, and being punished for the bliss she felt was far more appealing than the idea of denying herself – especially after having spent the last two weeks in perpetual sexual frustration.

After depositing his load inside of her Danni hoped that the man would remove her blindfold and reveal that he was Geoff all along. Unfortunately, her partner seemed to have other plans. Rather than freeing her, he playfully slapped her on the ass, pulled up his pants, and left the bathroom without saying a word – leaving Danni still bound and vulnerable. She tried to convince herself that it must have been Geoff and that he was still just screwing with her head in order to teach her a lesson about cumming without permission, but she just couldn’t be sure. A part of her hoped that it wasn’t – as terrifying as the idea of being left available in a filthy bathroom was for multiple men to use, it still struck her as immensely hot.

She spent about thirty seconds wondering how long Geoff would keep her bound like that before hearing the door open up again and another person entering the bathroom. As the door slammed shut again she told herself that it must be Geoff that just fucked her, and that he had probably only left the bathroom so that she wouldn’t know it had been him. Waiting patiently, she fully expected him to remove the blindfold and release her.

Instead of hearing Geoff’s voice, however, she heard something extremely alarming: the sound of a zipper being lowered and pants dropping to the floor. She knew from her online relationship with Geoff that he had an extremely high sex drive, but she doubted that even he would be able to fuck her three times in such rapid succession. As she felt an erect cock being pressed against her abused yet still dripping pussy, she began to realize that she had either been raped by a stranger or was about to be raped by a stranger. Disturbingly, her body continued to betray her – as horrified as she was by the idea of what was happening, the realization that she was actually being shared with other men only furthered her arousal.

Steeling her will, Danni forced herself to resist her current partner. Ignoring her libido’s demands she dropped to her knees in an attempt to prevent the man from entering her. Unfortunately for her modesty, he was significantly stronger than her and had little difficulty taking what he wanted. Wrapping his arm underneath her midsection, he effortlessly pulled her to her feet and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her. To her disgust, Danni accidentally let out a muffled moan of pleasure as he penetrated her against her will.

As the man held her in place and fucked her roughly, Danni considered her situation. It bothered her that she was being shared, but the fact that she didn’t even know whom she was being shared with was extremely troubling. She worried that the person raping her was someone that she knew, and though she’d never know his identity he might know hers. Additionally, she worried about discretion – she lived in a small town, and a rumor about her allowing herself to be used like a filthy whore would spread quickly. She hoped that the shirt wrapped around her face would adequately conceal her identity, but worried that it wasn’t nearly enough.

Paradoxically, the idea of having her reputation ruined and being publicly branded a whore did nothing to quell her lust. Within mere minutes of being penetrated she found herself cumming hard. Telling herself that she had already pissed away whatever dignity she had left and so she might as well enjoy it, she made no attempt to repress or conceal her orgasm. Her partner seemed to approve – as she came hard he chuckled, continuing to fuck her hard the entire time.

Her partner managed to last another fifteen minutes inside of her, during which Danni came twice more. She felt like she was losing her mind – she consciously hated what was happening to her, yet she didn’t want it to stop. She knew that she should be completely disgusted with what was happening and orgasm should be the last thing on her mind, but her body just wouldn’t cooperate. Whether she liked it or not, she was having the best sex of her life.

After cumming inside of her like her last two partners had, the man pulled up his pants and left the bathroom without saying a word. Danni hoped that her abuse might be coming to an end, but she wasn’t so lucky. Within seconds of the man leaving, she heard the door opening up again and yet another man entering. Just as had happened before, the sound of the door closing behind him was quickly followed by the tell-tale sounds of a zipper coming down.

She considered putting up the token resistance of trying to prevent the new man from having his way with her, but ultimately decided not to bother. She told herself that resisting would be a bad idea – if the current man happened to be Geoff he wouldn’t appreciate it – but she knew that wasn’t the real reason. The truth was that she was hornier than she had ever been in her life, and delaying her rape for even a second simply didn’t make sense. She secretly wanted to hoist her ass up in the air in invitation, but managed to restrain herself from tossing aside what little dignity she might have still had.

Danni spent the few three hours bound in that bathroom, being unceremoniously and disrespectfully used by complete strangers; each of whom left without saying a word as soon as he finished, only to be replaced by a new man. After the first hour she stopped counting the number of times that she had been raped – the intense stress of her defilement combined with the massive pleasure that she was feeling made the task too distracting. She hated the fact that she no longer knew exactly how many men she had been with in her life, and she hated the fact that she came with every single rape – often more than once – even more. She tried to snap herself out of it, but each time a man finished inside of her or on her ass she found herself desperately hoping that he wouldn’t be the last.

After three hours of her abuse the pattern changed. A man had just finished, adding a fresh layer of semen to her already sticky and wet ass, and she was waiting for his replacement to enter to take his turn. When the door opened to allow the next person in, however, the footsteps were both quieter and sharper than those she had heard earlier. She thought nothing of it until she heard the door close behind her and the new person spoke.

Oh my god, came an unmistakably female voice.

Danni had no idea how to react. Though she might have fantasized about being used by strange men, she had never told Geoff anything about being used by women as well. The thought of being forced to serve women despite her being straight struck her as bizarrely interesting, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle the added stress after her already trying ordeal. Additionally, the voice sounded frighteningly familiar, though she was unable to place it with what little the woman had said. Confused and afraid, she simply froze up in fear; a part of her hoping that the woman would leave without doing anything, another part of her hoping that she’d have her way with her.

In the end, the woman did neither. Placing her hand on the shirt wrapped around Danni’s head, she began the arduous task of removing it. With the tape gone, she slipped Danni’s shirt off of her head; allowing Danni to see again. This was a bit of a mixed blessing for Danni – though she was grateful for being able to see what was going on, what she saw devastated her. The woman in the bathroom was none other than her friend Amy, and the look on Amy’s face implied that she had some serious explaining to do.

This isn’t what it looks like, Danni began.

I’d like to believe that, Amy replied. I’d love to believe that you’re not cheating on your boyfriend by letting dozens of strangers fuck your brains out. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty imagining an alternate explanation at the moment. Help me out, Danni?

I was raped! Danni insisted.

She knew it wasn’t the entire truth, but she felt extremely vulnerable in her position and really didn’t want to explain how she was cheating on Kevin with a man she met on the Internet. Unfortunately, it seemed like Amy knew it wasn’t the entire truth as well. The look on her face suggested disbelief, and Danni couldn’t really blame her. She suspected that Amy might have overheard her moaning in orgasmic bliss earlier, and claiming that the entire thing had been against her will was a difficult sell.

Raped, huh? Amy shot back, her voice dripping with doubt. I guess that’s what’s written on your ass – or at least, it looks like it. Honestly, it’s a bit difficult to read what with it being soaked in sperm and all. Jesus, Danni, how many guys raped you? It looks like there’s at least a couple pints of sperm just plastered on your ass, and that’s not even including what’s leaking out of you.

Amy’s tone bothered Danni deeply. She would have expected her friend to sound panicked and sympathetic, yet she sounded cool and collected. Her calmness bothered felt almost mocking; Danni couldn’t understand how she could be so cold. She wanted to say something about it, but she knew she should worry about getting freed first.

I don’t know, Danni snapped. Listen, could you untie my hands? I promise I’ll answer all of your questions, but please just free me first?

I guess, Amy sighed, slowly unraveling the tape that bound Danni’s wrists to the pipe. I still feel like I’m not being told the whole story, though. I’m your friend, you know – you can tell me anything.

Danni realized that she would have to give an explanation. She really didn’t want to – completely overwhelmed with a powerful sense of shame, she wanted only to run home and hide from the world. Unfortunately, she knew that would be unwise. Though Amy wasn’t exactly close to Kevin, they did know each other and Danni didn’t want her tipping Kevin off. While Amy freed her, Danni searched her mind for a plausible explanation that she could give her friend which wouldn’t make her look like the world’s biggest whore, but found it difficult to come up with anything.

Once freed, Danni grabbed her shirt and put it on, hoping that she’d feel a bit less vulnerable once she was dressed. Looking at the sink, however, she found that the rest of her clothes were no longer there. This was a bit of a problem, as the slutty shirt that Danni had worn as per Geoff’s instructions barely reached down to her navel, leaving her completely bottomless no matter how hard she tried to pull it down. She repeatedly scanned the bathroom with her eyes in the hopes of finding the rest of her clothing hidden somewhere, but it was no use – someone had taken her clothes, and no amount of searching was going to change that.

I need my skirt, she whimpered. I can’t go out there like this! Everyone would see me!

Judging by the amount of cum on you, Amy replied, I’m guessing that most of them have seen you already – most likely while their dicks were buried inside of you. I guess that I could run back to my place and grab some clothes for you, but I’m not sure that would be a great idea. The whole bar was talking about the slut in the bathroom who’s taking all cocks when I came here, and I’m pretty sure that if I leave you alone you’ll spend the entire time getting raped some more. I think your best bet is probably to just follow me to my car as quickly as you can – ain’t like anyone is going to be seeing anything they haven’t already seen.

Danni was growing increasingly uncomfortable with Amy’s behavior. The way that she pronounced rape as if Danni was making the whole thing up bothered her deeply, but it wasn’t just her inflection that made Danni nervous. Amy’s eyes seemed to fixate on Danni’s nudity, especially her abused lower body. Danni wanted to believe that she was just looking at her to survey the damage, but there was something downright predatory about the way that her friend was looking at her. A part of her wanted to say something about it, but starting a fight with her friend in her current condition seemed like a very bad idea, even if she was beginning to doubt just how loyal a friend Amy really was.

Although Danni didn’t appreciate how her friend was behaving, she knew that she was right. Hanging out in the bar would almost certainly lead to more rape, and even though a part of Danni actually liked that prospect she knew it would be a bad idea – especially if she hoped to convince Amy that she was a wholly innocent victim. Walking out into the bar completely bottomless still terrified her, but she knew that it was the least unpleasant option that she had. Her face burning with shame, she nodded to Amy to indicate that she understood.

Without giving her any time to prepare herself, Amy grabbed Danni’s wrist and opened the door. Exiting the relative safety and privacy of the bathroom, she practically pulled Danni’s terrified body along behind her. Danni told herself that her friend was only doing what needed to be done – they’d have to pass through the bar eventually, so it was best to just get it over with. At the same time, however, she couldn’t help but feel as though something was amiss. Amy appeared too confident and wore an almost proud expression, as if she were showing Danni off to the crowd rather than helping her through it. Though she told herself it wasn’t possible, it almost seemed to Danni as if Amy was getting off on her humiliation.

The bar’s patrons were a bit less ambiguous in their reactions. As Danni was paraded through the bar trying desperately to cover her nudity with her free hand and her face with her hair, they cheered and laughed at her shame. They called her every disgusting thing that they could think of, outright claiming that Danni was the most depraved slut to have ever existed while boasting of the things that they had done to her. Danni wanted to correct them and let them know that she was really a virtuous, modest woman who had been taken advantage of, but she knew that wasn’t possible. She didn’t want to hang around long enough to make her case, and besides – wearing nothing but a flimsy shirt with semen seeping down her legs and leaving a trail behind her, she wasn’t sure that she could even convince herself.

As they got closer to the door, the men seemed to realize that Danni was leaving. Predictably, they were a bit less than happy about that. They demanded that she hang around a little longer, and shouted out the vulgar things that they still planned to do to her – fucking her in the ass, taking pictures, and any other disgusting thing that they could think of. Danni was terrified that one of them might grab her and force her to stay, yet even in her humiliated state she found the thought of being physically overpowered and raped out in the open disturbingly hot. She knew that if Amy hadn’t been faithfully pulling her along she might have lingered a bit longer – though she wouldn’t have openly hung around, she could easily see herself hesitating just long enough for someone to grab ahold of her. Fortunately for her modesty yet less fortunately for her libido, Amy did not slow down.

Once out of the bar Amy led Danni towards her car. The fresh air hitting her, Danni found her animal lust finally subsiding – only to be replaced with a powerful sense of dread and shame. While Amy unlocked the car and let her in, Danni wondered how she’d be able to come out of her experience without being branded the town whore. She feared that such an outcome simply wasn’t possible and couldn’t understand why a part of her was happy about that.

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