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Author's note:

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Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Dalia woke up to the sounds of glass shattering followed by human struggle. Quickly climbing out of bed, she obeyed her instincts and attempted to hide in her closet. Unfortunately for her, she was far too slow – before she had taken a single step her door flew open and two men wearing ski masks charged in.

Easily overpowering her, the men blindfolded and gagged her before tossing a thick burlap bag over her head. With her vision obscured and her voice muffled, they then bound her wrists tightly behind her back and lashed her ankles together with rope. Completely helpless, Dalia was then carried out of her home. She tried her best to scream for help as she felt her body being placed in the trunk of a car, but was unable to produce anything more audible than a muffled whimper.

After hearing the trunk slam shut Dalia felt the car that she was in beginning to move. She suspected that she was being kidnapped – though it seemed almost impossible to her that such a thing could occur in a developed country, she couldn’t think of any other plausible explanations. She remembered what she had been told about being kidnapped – be passive, pay attention and remember as much as you can, and don’t try to escape unless you’re certain that you can. Paying close attention to the road noise in the hopes that that information might help her later, she did her best to mentally block out what she had heard about the probability of surviving a kidnapping.

After about fifteen minutes Dalia felt the car come to a stop and heard footsteps approaching the trunk. Popping it open, someone grabbed her, tossed her over his shoulder, and carried her away from the car and into a building. She had no idea where she was, but she was certain that she wasn’t alone – she could hear dozens of voices speaking quietly amongst themselves. It seemed strange to her – she wouldn’t expect there to be more than a few people involved in an actual kidnapping.

Seating her in a bench, the man carrying Dalia removed the sack from her head as well as the blindfold. As her eyes adjusted to the light, Dalia looked around to try to figure out what was going on. She was not happy with what she saw.

She seemed to be in some kind of a courtroom, though it was clear that the men gathered in the room with her were not lawyers and judges. As the daughter of a wealthy mining company owner, Dalia had spent much of her life around lawyers – and the appearance of the men surrounding her was far too rough for white collar work. Though one of them was dressed as a judge, he was clearly an imposter.

To her side she saw her stepmother Erika, still wearing her sleep clothes and bound and gagged just as Dahlia was. Though the presence of a familiar face was slightly comforting, the terrified look in Erika’s eyes did little to calm Dalia. Erika was clearly afraid of what was happening, and Dalia suspected that was the correct response.

Looking forward, she saw her father Christopher seated in a folding chair before the judge’s stand – also bound and gagged, and also wearing the clothing that he slept in. His presence made her even more nervous. Kidnapping her would make sense, but kidnapping the man who would be paying the ransom along with her did not. She wasn’t sure what could possibly going on if it wasn’t a kidnapping, but the look in her father’s eyes made it readily apparent that it wasn’t something good.

Standing next to her father was Cuauhtemoc Mullins. She had never actually seen him in person before, but she recognized his worn, olive skin and tall, wiry frame from pictures. Cuauhtemoc might have been a mere miner in a multinational company, but he was a big enough thorn in her father’s side that his name came up frequently.

The illegitimate son of a Mexican day laborer and an Appalachian seamstress, Cuauhtemoc had grown up dirt poor. Although his threadbare working-class clothing projected an image of intellectual weakness, he was actually quite brilliant and charismatic; speaking with far more eloquence than one would expect a man of his meager origins to possess. Though Cuauhtemoc had never finished high school, she had frequently heard her father’s associates warning him about underestimating his intellect or charm. Unfortunately, rather than use that intelligence to advance himself, Cuauhtemoc seemed intent on using it to agitate from within her father’s company. He did his job, but he also made sure that the other workers didn’t get too comfortable – even pushing for unionization, which her father was absolutely not okay with.

His presence there terrified Dalia, as she knew that her father had fired him a few days ago after spending months collecting evidence against him in anticipation of a lawsuit. She knew that Cuauhtemoc was no fan of her family, and she doubted that the sudden loss of employment would have endeared them to him. Any lingering doubts were quickly dispelled by the malicious, predatory grin plastered on Cuauhtemoc’s face – she knew that she was absolutely not in a safe place.

Order in the court! screamed the man playing dress-up as judge. This court will come to order!

His request went largely ignored. While he pounded away furiously with his gavel, the assembled crowd continued to talk amongst themselves – at least until Cuauhtemoc rose his hand into the air, causing the entire courtroom to immediately fall silent. Dalia was impressed with his control of the crowd, but she wasn’t surprised. She had overheard quite a few of her father’s conversations about the man, and knew that he was considered a charismatic leader whom people seemed to naturally follow.

Christopher Augers, he grinned as he removed the gag from Dalia’s father’s mouth. You stand accused of wrongful termination, exploiting the working class, and just generally being a total cunt. How do you plead?

Plead? her father spat back incredulously. Listen you fucking half-blood spic – just because you and your hooligan buddies snuck into a courtroom doesn’t make any of this real. Untie me this instant – you’re in enough trouble as it is!

My mistake, Cuauhtemoc laughed sarcastically. It’s good to know this isn’t real, though. I intend to seek the death penalty for your crimes, and it’s nice to know that when I’m personally slicing open your worthless throat and spilling out whatever black fluid serves as blood for things like you that it won’t really count. How’s that work, anyway? I mean, do you just show up in hell and calmly explain to the devil that my court’s authority was questionable so he should send you back?

Dahlia’s father gulped visibly. He might not have been eager to accept Cuauhtemoc’s authority, but he wasn’t about to test his sincerity when his life was on the line. While the courtroom setting might have been obvious farce, he was pretty sure that having his throat slit would be real enough.

I want a lawyer, he choked out. I have rights, goddamnit!

It seemed an extremely strange request to Dahlia. She wasn’t sure what good a lawyer would do in a kangaroo court – really it would only provide Cuauhtemoc with another person to abuse. Still, she realized that her father had his habits. He had employed an entire legal team just to protect himself and his company; it was hardly a surprise that he’d seek their help even when it was inappropriate.

You want a lawyer? Cuauhtemoc growled, obviously feeling the request was out of line. That actually sounds familiar, you pig-fucking son of a whore. In fact, I remember asking for a lawyer myself just a few days ago – do you remember how that worked out?

That’s different, Christopher replied coldly. You signed an arbitration clause, which specifically forbid the use of legal counsel.

I did, Cuauhtemoc admitted. Of course, I had no choice. I had to sign the contract if I wanted a job in this town, seeing as you’ve bought out all your competition. I have to live in this shithole of a town because you don’t pay enough for me to get the fuck out. Sure, I might have signed – but I was coerced, and it doesn’t count.

Is that your esteemed legal opinion, you fucking wetback? her father laughed. Remind me again – where exactly was it that you went to law school?

Dahlia wasn’t sure whether to be impressed with her father’s courage or horrified by the foolish risks he was taking. He might have been right – Cuauhtemoc’s contract likely would have held up in a real court of law – but he was hardly in any position to make that argument. Cuauhtemoc didn’t seem to appreciate his legal criticism, either – with a disturbingly sincere smile across his face, he squatted down and punched Christopher in the gut as hard as he could.

That felt good, Cuauhtemoc grinned as Christopher groaned in pain. In fact, that felt so good I kind of want to do it again. I won’t, though – I wouldn’t want to besmirch the honor of my court and call its legitimacy into question, after all. In fact, just to show you how fair I am I’m even going to accept your explanation. I signed the contract, and even though I was coerced into doing so by economic means it still stands. I’m hoping, though, that you’ll cede your right to a lawyer as well. Think it over, Chris. While you do, I’ll just find something to entertain myself with. By the way, which one of these is your wife and which one is your daughter?

Dahlia hated that question. She was only three years younger than Erika, and had even attended high school with her. Though she managed to get along with Erika, she didn’t like being reminded of the fact that her father left her mother for a woman that could easily pass as her sister. Christopher didn’t seem to care much for Cuauhtemoc’s question either, though his resentment was based more on the implication of what might be about to happen.

You know what? Cuauhtemoc continued before Christopher could concoct an answer. It doesn’t really matter which one is which. Let’s start with the one on the right – she looks feisty.

With the order given, two men approached Erika and grabbed her by the shoulders. As she flailed about as best as she could with her wrists and ankles bound, they carried her towards Cuauhtemoc while Christopher struggled against his own bonds. He didn’t know exactly what Cuauhtemoc planned to do, but he knew that he wasn’t okay with it.

Get your fucking hands off of my wife you pieces of shit! he demanded, still struggling in vain against the ropes that bound him.

Wow, Chris, Cuauhtemoc chuckled, visibly unmoved by Christopher’s demand. You really don’t like it when people touch your wife, do you? That’s too bad, you know – I have to think you’re going to absolutely hate what happens next.

Reaching into his left pocket, Cuauhtemoc produced a butterfly knife and flicked it open with a masterful, fluid motion. With the opened blade in his hand and a sadistic smile on his lips, he slowly approached Erika as she continued to struggle. Upon seeing the weapon Christopher ceased his struggling immediately – he knew that he was beaten, and wasn’t willing to risk his family’s life.

Okay, wait! he shouted. Look, I’m sorry – I’ll agree to whatever you want, just please don’t hurt my wife. Come on, Cuauhtemoc – this is between you and me, let’s leave my family out of it.

Hurt her? Cuauhtemoc laughed. You misunderstand, Chris – I’m not going to hurt her at all. The knife isn’t to cut her, it’s just to speed things up a bit.

While the two men held Erika steady, Cuauhtemoc grabbed the neck of the T-shirt that Erika had worn to bed in his hand and pressed the blade against it. Pulling back with his right hand while sawing down with his left, he sliced the shirt’s front open, exposing Erika’s breasts. Grabbing her pajama pants and panties, he pulled them down to her knees along and then sliced the crotch in half. With Erika’s clothing shredded and hanging off of her limbs, he swung the knife shut and returned it to his pocket.

See, Chris? he smiled. Not a scratch on her – and you’d know if there was, given how much skin she’s exposing. Nice body on the little whore, by the way – tits are a bit on the small side, but she’s still fuckable.

Don’t call my wife a whore, Christopher warned.

Or what? Cuauhtemoc laughed. You can’t do shit to stop me – I can rape her, beat her, even murder her, and all you can do is sit there and watch; crying like a bitch the entire time. Besides, calling her a whore isn’t an insult – it’s taxonomy. She’s clearly not with you for your warm and caring personality, you know. We’re getting sidetracked, though – I believe you were supposed to be thinking over whether or not you wished to waive your right to legal counsel.

Fine, Christopher growled. I waive my right to a lawyer. Now get your hands off my wife and let her dress herself, you sick fuck.

I thought you would, Cuauhtemoc grinned. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can take my hands off of your wife just yet. It would be unfair to her, you know – sluts like her hate it when you start something and don’t finish it. Ask me to finish it, Chris. Ask me to satisfy your wife the way that you never could.

You must be joking, Christopher replied incredulously. I’d sooner die than ask a thing like you to rape my wife.

You won’t die, Cuauhtemoc informed him. Christ, Chris – what kind of a barbarian do you think I am? No, I won’t kill you if you refuse. I’ll carve your dick off and stuff it into your mouth and then have both your wife and daughter gang-raped while you watch – but you’ll probably survive that. It’s your call, though. You can ask me to satisfy your wife – I’ll make sure the whore enjoys it far too much to call it rape – or you can expect to spend the next several hours bleeding profusely from your crotch as you watch your family defiled in every way possible. What’s it going to be?

Christopher paused for a second. Asking Cuauhtemoc to violate his wife seemed unconscionable, yet he knew that he had no choice. He was completely at Cuauhtemoc’s mercy, and had no options other than to play along and do as the man demanded.

Please satisfy my wife, he choked out, clearly hating every word of it. Know this, though: I will make you pay for this.

Sure you will, Cuauhtemoc laughed condescendingly while dismissively patting Christopher on the head. I could point out how ridiculous it is for a man in your current position to be making threats, but I’m going to just let it slide – for now at least. In fact, just to show you what a good sport I am, I’m even going to show you a little charity. Your whore of a wife her has three serviceable holes that I can use, but I’m going to let you declare one of them off-limits. So, Chris – what’s it going to be? Her cunt, her asshole, or her mouth?

Christopher looked at his wife, trying to ascertain what she would want him to say. Dahlia looked at her stepmother as well, and was surprised by what she saw. Erika still looked quite terrified, but Dahlia could swear that she saw a hint of interest in her eyes. She knew that Erika slept around a lot in high school, and she wondered if the rumors she had heard about her were true – it almost seemed like she was looking forward to the violation.

Don’t look at her, bitch, Cuauhtemoc warned, slapping Christopher across the face. Look at me, and politely request that I spare one of your wife’s holes. Careful now – keep being a disobedient little twat and I’ll withdraw my offer and fuck her in all three.

The back one, Christopher choked out. Please don’t fuck the back one.

The back one? Cuauhtemoc laughed. Which one would that be, Chris? I mean, depending on which way I face her when I mount the little whore that could be her cunt or her asshole. I’m going to need you to be more specific, Chris. Something along the lines of please don’t fuck my wife’s dirty little asshole as that’s only for special occasions or please spare her dripping cunt the agony of being stretched out by your spic cock will suffice.

Her asshole, okay?! Christopher replied sharply. Please don’t fuck my wife’s dirty little asshole, as that’s only for special occasions! Are you happy now, you piece of shit?

I’m getting there, Cuauhtemoc smiled. And from the look on this dirty little whore’s face, it looks like she will be to. So, let’s see – if I can’t fuck her asshole, that only leaves her mouth and her cunt. Seeing as her mouth is gagged, looks like I’ll be doing the bitch proper. Hope she’s on birth control, Chris – you don’t pay us enough to afford condoms, you know.

She’s not, Christopher replied, sounding extremely uncomfortable. In fact, I take it back. Her pussy is off limits. Pick a different hole.

I’m afraid it’s too late to change your mind, little buddy, Cuauhtemoc grinned, approaching Erika and thrusting his hand between her thighs. We’ve already gotten the little slut’s hopes up with the promise of getting her cunt reamed – it would be cruel to bend her over and fuck her in the asshole instead. I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you, though – given how dripping wet this whore’s cunt already is, I think it’s safe to say that she’s looking forward to what I’m about to do to her. And hey, even if I do knock her up? Ain’t like you can’t afford to feed one more mouth, right?

Dahlia’s witnessed a look of pure anguish on her father’s face. She could understand why – a devoutly religious man, her father absolutely did not approve of abortion. She suspected that he’d rather die than have his wife impregnated by another man, yet heavily outnumbered and with his arms bound he was powerless to stop what was happening. Overwhelmed by empathic pain, Dahlia turned her gaze towards her stepmother instead.

Erika, by contrast, wore a much more nuanced expression. As Cuauhtemoc explored her sex with his hand Dahlia could see unwilling lust in her eyes. It was mixed with tremendous shame and fear, of course – but it was undeniably there just the same. Her facial expression said that while she might not have wanted to enjoy what Cuauhtemoc was making her feel, she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

I’m not kidding about pussy being wet, you know, Cuauhtemoc taunted. This bitch is literally dripping all over my hand. You don’t have to take my word for it, though – let me show you.

Removing his hand from Erika’s crotch, Cuauhtemoc held it up in the light. He clearly hadn’t been exaggerating – his skin glistened with Erika’s juices. While the crowd erupted into laughter and Erika’s face went bright red with shame, he slowly approached Christopher with his hand held out in front of him. As Christopher resumed his struggles, Cuauhtemoc cruelly wiped Erika’s cum on his face, forcing him to feel the evidence of his wife’s arousal.

What’s the matter, Chris? he laughed. Are you mad that her pussy doesn’t get that wet for you? Don’t get angry with her; you really can’t blame her. I mean, look at you – you’re a shriveled old man whose only positive quality is his wealth. Sure, it’s enough to get this whore to spread her legs for you, but you can’t really expect her to enjoy it too.

His words cut Christopher deeply. As Dahlia watched in silent horror, she saw a tear trickle down her father’s cheek. She realized that she had never seen her father cry before, and seeing such a thing seemed highly inappropriate. Hoping to spare him the indignity of watching his humiliation, she forced herself to look away from him as Cuauhtemoc turned his attention back towards Erika.

Reaching forward, Cuauhtemoc grabbed Erika by her hair. As the men holding her released their grips, he dragged her towards Christopher. Positioning her so that she was standing immediately in front of him and facing him, he braced his arm in front of her stomach and pressed down on her shoulders with his free hand, forcing her to bend over into Chris’s lap. Still not yet satisfied with her position, he then grabbed her hair again and pulled her head up, forcing her to make eye contact with Christopher. Christopher tried to look away, but Cuauhtemoc wasn’t planning on allowing that mercy – releasing his grip on Erika’s hair, he grabbed his and forced him to face her.

I want eye contact the entire time, he explained. I want you to see what your wife looks like when she actually cums, so that you’ll know how she’s been faking it every time with you. If you break eye contact with her – even for a second – I swear to god I’ll make you regret it.

Christopher obviously didn’t want to comply with his demand, but he didn’t want to find out exactly how Cuauhtemoc might make him regret it either. Though visibly emotionally distressed, he forced himself to look his wife in the eyes as Cuauhtemoc lowered his pants and brandished his erection as if it were a weapon. Dahlia felt terrible about the pain that she knew her father was in, but she couldn’t help feeling a little relieved as well that her father was cooperating. She couldn’t be sure, but she worried that Cuauhtemoc might involve her if he chose to make Christopher regret his disobedience.

I was planning to give you a little more foreplay, Cuauhtemoc explained, rubbing Erika’s clit with one hand while guiding the head of his cock into her with the other. Given how wet you already are, though, it seems like it would be a waste of time. Still, I’d caution you to brace yourself – I don’t plan on being gentle.

With his warning given, Cuauhtemoc wrapped his hands around Erika’s waist and thrust in hard. Even with the gag in her stepmother’s mouth, Dahlia could still hear her crying out in pain. At least, she wanted to believe that it was in pain – though the gag muffled her sounds too much for Dahlia to know for sure, she couldn’t pretend that there wasn’t a little pleasure mixed into it.

You know, Chris, Cuauhtemoc began, I might not like you very much, but I have to admit – you have fine taste in pussy. Yeah, her tits are a little small, but Jesus Christ, man – her cunt feels like it’s sucking me in. I only wish I knew what a fine piece of ass this little whore was earlier – just thinking of the months I wasted dumping my cum anywhere other than her juicy snatch makes me angry. In fact, I think that you should apologize for that, Chris. Tell me how sorry you are for not inviting me to fuck your wife the way you never could earlier.

I’m sorry I didn’t invite you to fuck my wife the way I never could earlier, Christopher choked out, his voice dripping with the purest hatred imaginable.

Good boy, Cuauhtemoc mocked. Since you’re being such a cooperative little bitch, I’m going to reward you by letting you hear your whore wife moaning as she gets fucked by a real man. See how generous I can be when you behave yourself?

While Christopher struggled to maintain eye contact with his wife, Cuauhtemoc removed her gag and tossed it to the side. Erika didn’t look happy about it in the slightest, and Dahlia suspected that she knew why. As she heard her stepmother trying and failing to restrain herself from moaning in pleasure, she realized that the gag was more of a benefit to her than a hindrance. While it was in it made it easier for Erika to pretend that she hated what was happening, but with it out it was impossible for her to pretend that she wasn’t enjoying her violation – even if she knew how inappropriate it was for her to react that way.

You hear that, don’t you boy? Cuauhtemoc grinned. Sounds completely foreign to you, doesn’t it? That’s what your wife sounds like when she’s enjoying sex. That’s what she sounds like when she prioritizes the cock inside her above the bank account attached to its owner. Listen carefully, now – you’ll never be able to produce these sounds yourself, and it’d be a shame if you missed them. How’s it feel, bitch, knowing that your wife is receiving more pleasure from me now than she ever had in all the time she was married to you?

Utterly humiliated, Christopher hung his head in shame. Unfortunately, in doing so he broke eye contact with Erika – an act that Cuauhtemoc had specifically prohibited. Irritated with the failure to comply, Cuauhtemoc reached forward and slapped Christopher in the face – brutally pounding Erika from behind the entire time.

I didn’t tell you to look away, Cuauhtemoc growled. I asked you a fucking question. If you don’t want to answer, though, that’s okay – I’ll just ask your slut wife instead. Tell me – and your husband – how it feels to get fucked by a real man, bitch. Look him in the eye and tell him what you’re feeling right now.

I’m sorry, Erika moaned. Her voice dripped with shame and self-disgust, but it was clear even to Dahlia that the strongest thing that she was feeling at the moment was lust.

I didn’t tell you to apologize, Cuauhtemoc spat, slapping Erika’s across her ass hard to demonstrate his irritation. I told you how it feels. I’m going to give you one more chance to answer honestly. It’s okay if you fuck it up, though – I’ll just assume that you’re not worthy of my superior cock and stop fucking you. Of course, I’m going to have to finish in someone - perhaps your stepdaughter will prove acceptable if you can’t seem to live up to my expectations.

While making his threat Cuauhtemoc turned his head and looked Dahlia straight in the eye. The look of animal lust on his face combined with the seriousness of his tone made it extremely clear that he was making no empty threat – if Erika didn’t do as he commanded, Dahlia would be forced to take her place. The thought of being raped right in front of her father – along with countless strangers – sent chills down Dahlia’s spine. Chaotically, though, she also found herself disturbingly turned on by the thought, even though she absolutely did not want to be. Cuauhtemoc might have been both too old and too poor for her, but his charisma and the way that he had complete control over the situation was extremely attractive.

Tell him what he wants to hear, Christopher demanded, his voice dripping with pain. No matter much it hurts, just do it. We have to protect Dahlia.

Well, that was unexpected, Cuauhtemoc commented, still fucking Erika brutally hard. Have to admit, Chris – can’t say that I would have ever expected you to voluntarily sacrifice for anyone else. You always struck me as the self-serving sociopathic type who would happily throw his daughter under the bus in order to protect his interests, but I see now that I’m mistaken. Strange, though, that you don’t care about your wife nearly as much – in fact, you flat-out begged me to fuck the little whore. I suppose it makes sense, though – you of all people must know how sexually frustrated your wife has to be with you, so it ain’t exactly like I’m hurting her. Isn’t that right, bitch? Tell your husband how much you love my cock.

I love his cock, Erika moaned loudly, her face and voice burning with shame.

Goddamned right you do, Cuauhtemoc growled, slapping her ass again just for fun. You heard that, didn’t you Chris? I’m not talking about the words she said – you can tell yourself that she had no choice – I’m talking about the way she said them. You heard her sincerity – she might pretend later that she was raped, but you’ll always know that she loved every second of it. Isn’t that right, whore?

It is, Erika admitted, sounding almost as orgasmic as she was ashamed.

Good bitch, Cuauhtemoc praised. Now, I want you to do something for me. I want you to show your pig fucker of a husband here what it looks like when you really cum. Do that for me now, bitch – cum on my dick so that just once in his miserable life he’ll get to see the real thing.

Cuauhtemoc had barely finished making his demand when Erika broke into an extremely visible orgasm. Dahlia couldn’t know for sure, but she was fairly certain that her stepmother wasn’t faking it either. Her moans of raw animalistic pleasure were far too enthusiastic for that; if she was faking it than she deserved an award for her masterful performance.

Don’t look so sad, Chris, Cuauhtemoc chided as Erika’s orgasm finally subsided. You should be happy – you’ve finally gotten to see what it looks like when a woman cums. She’s never done that before with you, has she? Be honest now – I’ll know if you’re lying.

She hasn’t, Christopher admitted, the misery in his voice implying that he spoke the truth.

I can’t say I’m surprised, Cuauhtemoc grinned. And honestly, you can’t blame her – it’s ridiculous to think a woman could ever be satisfied with a piece of shit like you. If it wasn’t for me, your wife might have gone the rest of her life without even cumming like she just did, and that just wouldn’t be fair. You should thank me for that, by the way. Thank me for making your wife cum the way that you never could.

Thank you, Christopher managed to force out, sounding as if he was about to vomit.

Not good enough, Cuauhtemoc warned, punctuating his words with thrusts of his hips into Erika. Say the whole thing, bitch – unless you want to be thanking me for making your daughter cum as well.

Thank you for making my wife cum the way that I never could! Christopher shouted, clearly terrified by Cuauhtemoc’s threat.

Cuauhtemoc continued to violate Erika from behind, verbally abusing Christopher the entire time. Though he didn’t order Erika to cum again, his lack of demands hardly stopped her – she seemed to reach orgasm every five minutes, despite the obvious shame that she was feeling. Cuauhtemoc took great delight in that, pointing out each time how funny it was to him that Erika could no sooner prevent herself from cumming with him than she could manage to cum with Christopher.

The abuse was painful for Dahlia to watch. Her father had always been such a proud man, and watching his own wife being violated by a man he hated was clearly taking its toll on him. He looked completely emotionally broken; Dahlia barely even recognized him with the agony present in his face. She felt terrible for him, but she also felt a little guilty. Though she tried desperately to ignore it, a part of her was strangely envious of Erika. She was certain that she’d feel different if it actually happened, but something deep down in her instinct made her wish that Cuauhtemoc were raping her instead of her stepmother.

After about twenty minutes it seemed that the abuse was drawing to a close. Cuauhtemoc’s breathing had intensified, and the rhythmic grunts that he produced with each thrust made it clear even to a virgin like Dahlia that he was about to cum. Christopher looked torn – he was obviously glad that it was almost over, but he hadn’t forgotten about his wife’s lack of birth control and wasn’t counting on Cuauhtemoc to pull out.

Thrusting in as deeply as he could, Cuauhtemoc’s orgasm began. He made no secret of what was happening – he clearly enjoyed the suffering he was causing Christopher. It seemed effective. From Dahlia’s perspective, it looked like her father was in more pain than he had ever realized possible. Erika fared slightly better – though her face was still beet red with shame, she wore an expression of intense contentment as Cuauhtemoc flooded her womb with his illegitimate sperm.

I know I told you this already, Cuauhtemoc grinned, keeping his prick inside of Erika even as his orgasm ended, but this really is some top-notch pussy that you’ve landed. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my life – I’m actually amazed she was able to take my entire load. Too bad about the lack of birth control, by the way – if quantity is any indicator, I’m pretty sure that I just knocked up your slut wife.

Get it out of her, Christopher pleaded. Take her to the bathroom and let her wash it out. Please, Cuauhtemoc – I’m begging you.

Begging me? Cuauhtemoc chuckled. Never thought I’d see the day, Chris. Unfortunately, I’m not taking her to the bathroom when we have a perfectly good douche right here – the only way this sperm is coming out of her is if someone sucks it out.

Christopher looked like he was about to vomit. Dahlia couldn’t blame him – she knew how much he despised Cuauhtemoc, and actually swallowing his sperm must have been an atrocious thought. At the same time, though, he obviously wasn’t crazy about the idea of sitting idly by and allowing his wife to be impregnated by such a hated enemy. Wearing a look of pure revulsion, he lowered his eyes in shame and self-disgust.

Okay, he whimpered quietly. If that’s what it’s going to take, fine.

Fair enough, Cuauhtemoc shrugged. I didn’t expect you to agree to that, but I did make the offer. Bring his daughter over here so she can suck my load out. Bitch looks hungry anyway.

Wait! Christopher cried as two men grabbed Dahlia and carried her towards Cuauhtemoc. I thought you meant me! Please, Cuauhtemoc – leave my daughter out of this?

Hold up, you thought I was asking you to suck my cum out of your wife’s twat? Cuauhtemoc laughed, pretending he hadn’t been implying exactly that. Well, I guess that’s why you were so eager to agree. Sorry, Chrissie – I’m afraid you won’t be getting to eat my sperm today. Wouldn’t be fair to your daughter, after all – just look how excited she is. Would be cruel and shit to deny her now, you know?

Despite what Cuauhtemoc had claimed, Dahlia was absolutely not looking forward to what was about to happen. She hoped to god that her father might be able to talk Cuauhtemoc out of it, but despite her father’s apparent eagerness to do so she didn’t think he had much of a chance. Mentally bracing herself, she tried to pretend that she was somewhere else – only to find the potent scent of sex and sweat pulling her back to reality.

Cuauhtemoc grabbed Dahlia by the hair as he finally pulled out of Erika. After removing her gag he pressed down on her, forcing her to kneel down immediately behind her stepmother’s ass. Dahlia could see that he hadn’t been lying about how much he had ejaculated – semen flooded out of Erika’s visibly used genitals and down her thighs. She felt nauseated by the thought of having to taste it, yet paradoxically aroused at the same time. As disgusting as it seemed, the utter taboo of what Cuauhtemoc was demanding turned her on in a powerful way.

Ever eaten pussy before? Cuauhtemoc asked as he slowly guided Dahlia’s head in.

No, Dahlia replied, hearing the terror in her own voice. I’ve never done anything – I’m a virgin, for Christ’s sake!

I wouldn’t worry about it, Cuauhtemoc encouraged. Sure, your stepmother might not enjoy the cleaning as much as she would with an experienced cunt-sucker, but she’s had enough pleasure already. Now, in case you haven’t been paying attention, your father wants you to use that sweet little mouth of yours to suck all of the cum I just shot into your whore stepmother out. Use your tongue to scoop it all out like a good little cunt cleaner and then swallow it out while your daddy watches.

Don’t do it, baby, Christopher interrupted, tears of agony streaming down his cheeks. I don’t care what he threatens to do to me – let him kill me if he wants to; he’s probably going to do that anyway.

I’m not going to threaten to do anything to you, Cuauhtemoc corrected. Jesus, Chris – you’re the monster here, not me. No, I’m going to leave you out of this entirely, though I will provide your little cum-sucker of a daughter a little incentive. If she does a good job, I’ll reward her by letting her clean me up after she finishes with your wife. If she does poorly, or she refuses to cooperate, I’ll punish her by having her fucked in every hole until every single sperm cell in this room is inside of her. I should warn you, too – I’m guessing she’s not on birth control, and if she forces me to punish her I promise you that no one will be sucking the cum out of her. So, Chris – what were you saying to your daughter again?

Christopher looked like he could barely function. He obviously didn’t want to instruct his daughter to obey Cuauhtemoc’s perverse orders, but he certainly didn’t want to see her gang-raped to pregnancy either. While her father stewed in his own impotent hatred for the situation, Dahlia simply remained kneeling behind her stepmother, unsure of what she ought to do.

Do as he tells you, sweetie, Christopher eventually managed.

Not good enough, Cuauhtemoc growled, holding Dahlia steadily by the hair to prevent her from doing anything at all. You’re sending the poor girl mixed messages, Chris – first you tell her to disobey me, then you tell her to obey. That’s just going to confuse her, you know? It would be unfair to make her suck her stepmother’s whore cunt without knowing what her father really wants, so I’m going to need you to be more explicit. Tell the little bitch exactly what you expect of her, and be both vulgar and graphic. Oh, and Chris? Stop calling her sweetie and baby – it’s creepy. From now on, I want you to address her as you stupid bitch, and if you want your daughter leaving this room without a cunt full of potent sperm you’ll say it like you mean it.

Suck Cuauhtemoc’s cum out of your stepmother’s cunt, you stupid bitch, Christopher choked out after a brief pause, audibly hating every word of it. Tears streamed down his face, but he knew that he was powerless to do anything but cooperate.

Dahlia didn’t want to do what he was asking, but she didn’t want him to suffer any more than he already had either. She knew he didn’t really want her to do what Cuauhtemoc had ordered, but she knew that it would probably hurt him more to see her suffer the consequences of refusal. Additionally, even though she was far more turned on than she would have liked to have been she absolutely did not want to lose her virginity to a brutal gang rape. Telling herself that it would all be over soon enough, she leaned in and timidly extended her tongue; touching it to a glob of semen that had been slowly crawling down her stepmother’s inner thigh.

It didn’t taste as bad as she had anticipated. In a way, that was a very bad thing – it seemed to her that she ought to be downright nauseated by what she was doing, and that simply wasn’t the case. As the warm saltiness coated her tongue she found the muskiness of it almost arousing, even though she did not want to be aroused. Aside from the tremendous shame that she was sure she’d feel if she looked like she was enjoying what she was doing, she suspected that it would hurt her father to see his only daughter behaving in such a disgusting way. Repressing the part of her that wanted to dive right in and cooperate enthusiastically, she continued to slowly and timidly lick the cum off of Erika’s thighs.

We don’t have all night, Cuauhtemoc sighed, growing impatient with Dahlia’s nervous performance. You’re not even sucking it out of her hole, either – you’re just slurping up what’s already spilled out. I don’t mind or anything – you are your father’s daughter, so it’s only reasonable that you’d have a taste for my cum – but that wasn’t the point of bringing you over here in the first place. You’re to suck it out of her, not off of her – now get that little whore tongue of yours up her cunt and get to work.

A part of Dahlia was actually happy that he had given her that particular order. She didn’t want to think about it, but deep down she really did want to do precisely what Cuauhtemoc had just demanded. After feigning some brief disgust, she leaned in to obey him – only to have him grab her by the hair and stop her at the last moment.

I was doing what you asked me to! she protested as he pulled her back.

You were, he admitted, and don’t you worry, little slut – you’ll get a chance to taste your stepmom’s pussy yet. I just think your daddy ought to see this, you know? You’re his little girl, and I don’t think it would be fair to rob him of the chance to see his little baby sucking cum out of a pussy for her first time ever. Let’s turn around a little so that he can see what’s going on.

Releasing his grip on Dahlia, Cuauhtemoc grabbed Erika by her shoulders and spun her around so that she was facing away from Christopher. Grabbing Dahlia by the hair, he then moved her so that she was again kneeling down behind her stepmother with her shoulders up against her father’s knees. It bothered her deeply that she would actually be forced to perform a sex act with her father watching so closely, but she knew that she had no more choice in the matter than he did. As Cuauhtemoc again began guiding her head towards her stepmother’s crotch, she simply did her best to pretend that her father wasn’t there.

Keep your eyes open now, Chris, Cuauhtemoc cautioned. If you look away, even for a second, I’m going to be very, very angry with you – and I might just decide to take that anger out on your daughter. Besides, as a proud parent you should want to see this – aren’t you excited to see just how well your little girl eats pussy?

Christopher groaned in response as Cuauhtemoc continued to guide Dahlia’s head towards the target. Inches away from the goal and with her stepmother’s scent filling her nostrils, she began to panic. Dahlia had never been with a woman, and going down on her father’s wife seemed disgustingly inappropriate even without the multitude of other atrocities that were going on. Unfortunately for her, Cuauhtemoc maintained a firm grip and refused to let her instinctively pull her head back. Applying firm pressure to the back of Dahlia’s head, he pressed her face into Erika’s leaking pussy.

Dahlia clamped her mouth tightly shut as Cuauhtemoc grinded her face into her stepmother’s crotch. It proved ineffective – even with her mouth shut the fluids still seeped between her lips, filling her mouth with the intimate flavors of both Cuauhtemoc and Erika. She was disgusted by the knowledge of what she was tasting, but simultaneously turned on by it.

Your daughter’s doing a shit job, Cuauhtemoc growled, still fucking Erika with Dahlia’s face. You might want to say something to her about that – if she keeps fucking up like this, I’m going to have to punish her for it.

Sweetie, I know it’s hard, but you have to do what he’s telling you to do, Christopher choked out. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere else – the sooner you finish, the sooner this will all be over.

You’re just trying to piss me off here, aren’t you? Cuauhtemoc sighed. I warned you about calling her sweetie - her name, is stupid bitch until I tell you otherwise. More importantly, what the fuck was that shit? I don’t think you’d ever be so kind and constructive with an employee that fucked up as badly as your daughter is, and I really don’t think she deserves any special treatment. Now, I want you to try again, and while you’re doing that I’m going to punish your daughter for your inability to reprimand her correctly.

Releasing his grip on Dahlia’s hair, Cuauhtemoc pulled his knife back out and gracefully flicked it open. While Dahlia knelt in stunned terror he proceeded to slash away her pajamas just as he had done to Erika; leaving her naked and exposed with the remains of her tattered clothing hanging off of her bound limbs. She wanted desperately to cover her nudity so that her father didn’t see her like that, but the rope binding her wrists made doing so impossible. Confused and terrified, she looked to her father in the hopes that he would say something that would make everything okay. Unfortunately, her father was under strict orders to do the opposite.

That was pathetic, you stupid bitch, Christopher forced, tears streaming down his face. Put some fucking effort into it and scoop it out with your tongue so she doesn’t get knocked up.

Even though she knew he was only saying it to protect her, the words cut Dahlia deeply. Her father had always treated her like a princess; being told to tongue-fuck her own stepmother in such a crass way seemed so tremendously alien. It hurt her feelings, but being spoken to so roughly also turned her on a bit.

Realizing that there was no way she’d be getting out of what Cuauhtemoc had demanded, she did her best to get it over with quickly. Forcing herself, she rammed her tongue deeply into Erika’s well-fucked pussy and bathed it in the hotness of Cuauhtemoc’s semen. As fluid poured into her mouth, she forced herself to swallow it quickly. She told herself that swallowing quickly was necessary in order to get it out of her mouth as soon as possible, but deep down she knew that she was far more aroused than disgusted by the act of drinking Cuauhtemoc’s sperm.

Unfortunately, Erika seemed to be enjoying it too. Her quiet moans were deeply restrained – she clearly didn’t want anyone to notice what she was feeling – but they were still audible enough for Dahlia, Cuauhtemoc, and Christopher to hear. Dahlia did her best to ignore them; reminding herself that it would be hypocritical for her to be angry at Erika for being turned on when she was so turned on herself. Still, the knowledge that her stepmother was getting off on what she was doing was both troubling and exciting.

You hear that, don’t you Chris? Cuauhtemoc taunted. This can’t be easy for you – in one night, you’ve witnessed two different people getting your slut wife off better than you ever could. I’m sure disappointing women sexually is nothing new to you, but it can’t feel good to know that the woman you’ve been disappointing is such a slut that she can get off on her own stepdaughter’s inexperienced tongue.

Dahlia wasn’t really sure what to do. If her father hadn’t been there, she’d probably ignore Erika’s moaning and continue to do what she was doing – in truth, she actually kind of enjoyed knowing that she was making Erika feel good. Her father’s presence changed things, though. Not only was she uncomfortable with performing what was very blatantly a sex act in front of him, but she knew that it probably hurt him just to see his wife getting off with another person. She slowed her actions a bit, hoping to dull the pleasure that she was giving Erika while still getting the sperm out of her.

Don’t slow down, bitch, Cuauhtemoc warned. In fact, if you really want to get all of my semen out of her, making her cum is probably a good idea – it’ll force her cunt muscles to contract and force the sperm out. Suck on her clit for a while; the bitch seems to enjoy that.

Not wanting to test Cuauhtemoc’s patience and provoke more abuse, Dahlia did as she was told and flicked her tongue across Erika’s clit a few times. Her repressed moans hinted that she enjoyed it, but Cuauhtemoc’s exasperated sigh implied it wasn’t enough. Hoping to satisfy him, she sucked her stepmother’s clit into her mouth; causing Erika to reflexively move her ass back a bit and force Dahlia’s nose into her hole. Ignoring the simultaneously disgusting and exciting feel of male and female cum coating her face, Dahlia focused on getting Erika off.

Your wife really seems to enjoy this, Cuauhtemoc remarked, but I’m wondering if your daughter feels the same way. She seems so eager to demonstrate that she hates this, but I’m beginning to suspect that’s all just an act.

Cuauhtemoc squatted down behind Dahlia and forced his hand between her legs. Dahlia tried to clench her thighs shut to block him, but she was far too late – by the time she had reacted, he had already forced a finger inside of her. To her horror, it didn’t hurt in the slightest – she realized that she was much wetter than she had thought. In fact, as he began slowly pumping it in and out of her she found herself in a situation very similar to Erika’s; struggling not to moan openly from the massive pleasure that she was feeling. She silently prayed that he’d keep her arousal a secret, but she was not so na├»ve as to believe that would be likely.

After coating his finger and much of his hand in Dahlia’s juices, Cuauhtemoc removed his hand from her crotch and held it up so that Christopher could see. Dahlia felt her face going bright red with shame, but she was powerless to change anything. Hoping to distract herself from the massive humiliation that she felt, she intensified her efforts at getting Erika off.

Looks like she enjoys it, too, Cuauhtemoc laughed, wiping his finger across Christopher’s face. You know, you really should show some gratitude right about now. Thanks to my selfless actions, we’ve discovered a whole new use for your worthless daughter. If it weren’t for me she’d grow up to be yet another member of the idle rich, but now she can actually contribute something to society as a cunt sucker. Thank me for that, Chris. Thank me for showing your daughter her full potential in this world.

Thank you for showing my daughter her full potential, Chris reluctantly whimpered.

Although Dahlia was enjoying what she was doing far more than she would have liked to, she didn’t want to prolong her father’s agony. Knowing that it wouldn’t be over until she made Erika cum, she focused her willpower and ignored everything except for the task at hand. Troublingly, the most difficult thing for her to block out was how much she missed Cuauhtemoc’s talented fingers probing her virgin pussy. Though she’d sooner die than admit it aloud, his penetration had been the most erotic thing that she had ever felt in her life. She hated herself for it, but she knew that if her arms weren’t tied behind her back she’d probably lack the willpower to prevent herself from masturbating, even though her father was right there watching her.

It took a while, but eventually Dahlia managed to bring Erika off with her mouth. The orgasm sounded restrained to her – apparently Erika was just as conflicted about what was happening as Dahlia was – but it was definitely authentic. Cuauhtemoc’s prediction turned out to be accurate, as well – as Erika’s cunt quivered in orgasmic energy, a torrent of semen flooded out of her and into Dahlia’s mouth. Not wanting to piss Cuauhtemoc off after having gone so far already, Dahlia willingly sucked up as much as she could and quickly swallowed it down.

Good girl, Cuauhtemoc praised. I’m sure you could have done better, but being your first time I think you deserve a little slack. Since you’ve done your job well, you deserve a reward – specifically, the honor of cleaning my cock off. A word of warning, though – if I so much as think that I feel a tooth, I’ll make sure that every man in this room has an opportunity to sample each of your three holes. I might even be generous and give your father a turn, too.

The threat was sufficiently terrifying, but it was also mostly unnecessary. Dahlia had no plans to bite, though she wasn’t all too happy about her motivation. She wanted to believe that it was because she was afraid of the repercussions, but that wasn’t the truth. The truth of the matter was that she found the idea of having to orally service him extremely hot. She hated herself for her betrayal – she knew that she’d be sucking the very cock that just raped her father’s wife – but she couldn’t deny what she was feeling.

Grabbing her by her hair, Cuauhtemoc pulled Dahlia’s away from Erika and guided her head towards his crotch. His cock was limp, yet still glistened with her stepmother’s juices with a small amount of his own cum mixed in for good measure. Dahlia knew that tasting such a thing should disgust her, but it didn’t bother her at all. She had grown accustomed to the flavor with Erika, and secretly quite enjoyed it. Extending her tongue, she willingly ran it across the length of his shaft; soaking in the musky flavor of sex. Ignoring the pained groan her father put out, she continued to lick the cum from Cuauhtemoc’s groin wherever she saw it.

As Dahlia cleaned his cock with her tongue, she noticed that it was growing steadily larger. She wasn’t sure how she should feel about that. On the one hand, it was almost flattering – she liked knowing that Cuauhtemoc was apparently attracted enough to her to grow hard under her tongue. On the other, it was more than a little terrifying – Cuauhtemoc didn’t seem like the type of guy that would simply stuff his erection into his pants and ignore it; she suspected that if she got him fully erect he’d want to do something with it. Unfortunately, she had no control over what was happening. She couldn’t think of a way to clean him without contributing to his erection, and deep down wasn’t sure if she’d want to prevent his erection even if she could.

It’ll go faster if you suck it into your mouth, Cuauhtemoc encouraged, a devious grin on his face.

Not wanting to argue with him, Dahlia did as he suggested and stuffed his semi-erect cock into her mouth. He was too long for her to fit it in all the way, but she managed to get the first three or four inches in without too much struggle. Enjoying how it felt in her mouth, she slowly began to rock her head back and forth as Cuauhtemoc grew harder by the second.

Think we might have a problem, Chris, Cuauhtemoc stated. Your little slut of a daughter seems to be getting me hard again, and I’m going to have to do something with that. I don’t feel like jerking off, so that means someone is going to have to get fucked. Since you’ve been so cooperative so far, I’m going to let you have some input. Which hole do you think I should ram this cock into next, Chris? Oh, before you get your hopes up – you’re not my type.

Fuck my wife again, Christopher groaned. He clearly didn’t like asking Cuauhtemoc to violate his marital vows, but his only other option was to volunteer Dahlia.

Man, you just love watching me fuck that bitch, don’t you, you little cuckold? Cuauhtemoc laughed. Sadly, I’ve already sampled her cunt, I’m not in the mood for a blowjob from her, and I did give you my word that I’d stay out of her asshole for the night. I’m afraid it’s going to have to be your daughter, but she’s got three holes too. Which would you like me to cum in, Chris?

Her mouth, Christopher responded quickly. He might not have liked the idea of asking Cuauhtemoc to cum in his little girl’s mouth, but it was easily preferable to the alternatives.

Fair enough, Cuauhtemoc shrugged. And conveniently, the little slut’s already sucking my dick. Sadly, she’s not very good at it – her inexperience shows, and if she keeps up at this pace we’ll be here all night. Here’s the deal, Chris – I’m going to give your whore daughter five more minutes to make me cum in her mouth. If she manages to accomplish that we’ll move on; otherwise I’ll simply pick a different hole. If you want to preserve her virginity for the time being, you’d do well to coach the bitch – she doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing at all.

Dahlia knew that he was right about her not knowing what she was doing, but she wasn’t crazy about his solution. It bothered her enough that her father was there to see what she was doing; getting tips from him just seem beyond the pale. Still, she knew that she was in no position to argue, and she really did need some help figuring out what she ought to do. Keeping Cuauhtemoc’s cock in her mouth, she turned her eyes towards her father in the hopes that he’d tell her some secret that would make it all end quicker.

Be more aggressive, Christopher encouraged, audibly struggling with the idea of teaching his daughter how to go down on a man but understanding that he had no choice. Try to get more of it into your mouth – force it down your throat if necessary.

Dahlia wasn’t sure how to accomplish what her father was telling her, but she did her best to try it. Trying hard to repress her gag reflex, she forced her head towards Cuauhtemoc and the tip of his cock into her throat. It hurt significantly, but at the same time there was something deeply erotic about it. The act of abusing herself for Cuauhtemoc’s pleasure made her feel extremely submissive in a very moving way; if her father hadn’t been there she might have actually asked him to take her virginity on the spot.

Go faster, baby – I mean, you stupid bitch, her father suggested. I know it hurts, but it’s important. Ignore the pain, and it’ll all be over soon.

Dahlia tried to do as her father asked, but it just wasn’t possible. It was difficult enough for her to manage taking Cuauhtemoc in her throat at all; doing it with any speed simply wasn’t going to happen. She tried to force herself, but her body simply wouldn’t cooperate. She was a bit worried about that – Cuauhtemoc seemed to be enjoying what she was already doing, but she doubted that he’d manage to cum in the brief time that she had left.

Her father did her best to coach her, but his efforts were futile. Even if he had been able to ignore the fact that he was encouraging his daughter to participate in her own oral rape, Dahlia simply wasn’t physically capable of hurting herself enough to get Cuauhtemoc off in time. As time ran out, he simply held his tongue – he knew that she wasn’t going to make it, and all the encouragement and coaching in the world wasn’t going to change that.

It was a good attempt, Cuauhtemoc offered as time ran out. And don’t you worry, little slut – we’ll turn you into a pro cocksucker yet; it just won’t be tonight. Unfortunately, we’re out of time, and that means it’s time for me to pick another hole.

Dahlia felt deeply torn. She was terrified of losing her virginity while her father watched, but the way her clit was softly throbbing made it impossible for her to pretend that there wasn’t a part of her that was secretly thrilled. She thought about protesting – it seemed like the appropriate thing to do – but wasn’t really sure what she could possibly say. Instead, she simply remained silent as Cuauhtemoc grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her feet.

Taking her by the shoulders, Cuauhtemoc forced Dahlia to take a seat on her father’s lap. As her ass came down on the thin fabric of her father’s pajama pants, she found yet another reason to be uneasy about what was happening. She could feel his cock through the thin fabric, and he was at least partially erect. She was absolutely disgusted by the fact that her father had apparently gotten hard from watching her abuse, but she kept quiet about it. As gross as it was to her, she figured that he had suffered enough that night.

Grabbing his knife, Cuauhtemoc flipped it open and quickly slashed away the rope binding Dahlia’s ankles. After returning the blade to his pocket, he grabbed her ankles and hoisted them up into the air, spreading her legs far apart. Forced to balance her weight on her father’s lap, Dahlia’s ass grinded awkwardly against her father’s growing erection. Feeling his cock throbbing against her flesh made her extremely uncomfortable, but Cuauhtemoc soon gave her something to effectively take her mind off of it.

Without warning, Cuauhtemoc forced the head of his cock into her slit and rammed it in hard. Dahlia cried out; though more from the surprise than any actual pain. It did hurt her a little, but she was so tremendously turned on by that point that the pain was minimal. What little discomfort she felt was easily drowned out by a combination of unrivaled shame and ecstasy. She couldn’t believe that she was no longer a virgin, she couldn’t believe that she had lost her virginity in such a despicable way, but mostly she couldn’t believe how good it felt. Despite the massive shame and humiliation that she was feeling, she could feel her orgasm rapidly building.

Guess what, Chris? Cuauhtemoc laughed. Your little girl is finally a woman. You should congratulate her, you know – her first fuck is a big moment in her life, and you wouldn’t want her to think that her daddy doesn’t approve.

You have to stop, Christopher pleaded. Please, Cuauhtemoc. You’ve made your point, you’ve taken her virginity, but please stop this? She’s not on birth control!

Not my problem, Cuauhtemoc shrugged, beginning to slowly pump in and out of Dahlia. Really, Chris, for someone who speaks so frequently about how people should be held responsible for their actions you’re remarkably inconsistent when it comes to your own fuckups. If you don’t want your wife and daughter getting knocked up, you should have put them on the pill. I mean, I might have accelerated things with your wife, but it was really only a matter of time before the frustration of sleeping with you drove her to another man. As for your daughter, this little slut is hot – I can’t remember when I’ve fucked a pussy this wet. She clearly loves fucking, and leaving her unprotected is just asking for trouble. I’d like to see you take some responsibility for your actions, just as you demand that others take responsibility for theirs.

Okay, fine, Christopher whimpered. It’s all my fault, and I’m sorry. Please pull out now? Please don’t do this to my little girl?

I don’t know, Chris, Cuauhtemoc laughed. If I pull out of your little slut’s pussy, where exactly am I supposed to finish? We’ve already established that I’m not fucking your wife again tonight no matter how much you want me to, your daughter’s mouth has proven insufficient, and that really only leaves one more option.

Fine, Christopher cried, disgusted by the idea of Dahlia being sodomized but preferring it to her being impregnated. Just do it.

Do what? Cuauhtemoc shot back, feigning ignorance. Spell it out for me, Chris – what do you want me to do to your daughter?

Fuck her in the ass, Christopher choked out. I’m sorry, baby – this is for the best. I know it will hurt, but at least you won’t get pregnant.

Well, since you asked so nicely, Cuauhtemoc smiled, I suppose I wouldn’t mind turning your daughter into a true three holer for you. You owe me for this, though – I hope you realize that.

Cuauhtemoc pulled out of Dahlia and pulled her to her feet. Spinning her around, he forced her to bend over and assume the same position that Erika had been in earlier; face to face with her father. Motioning to one of the men, he thrust his cock back into her and resumed fucking her hard. Dahlia was a bit surprised that he was back in her pussy, but she wasn’t about to complain – the idea of being sodomized by him terrified her, and her orgasm was close enough that it felt like being denied would be tremendously painful.

As the man that he had motioned to approached with a bottle of lubricant, Cuauhtemoc entertaining himself by increasing the speed with which he was violating Dahlia. The stress on her was massive – his actions felt better than anything she had experienced before in her life, but being face to face with her father made it extremely difficult for her to accept. She wanted to keep a straight face and pretend that she wasn’t moments away from orgasm, but the horrified look on her father’s face made it clear that she was failing in that goal.

Continuing to build up speed, Cuauhtemoc began to massage lube into Dahlia’s vulnerable asshole. In a way, it was nice – the terror that she felt as he worked a finger into her virgin anus was enough to delay the orgasm she felt rapidly approaching, thus sparing her the sliver of dignity she knew she’d lose if she came while looking her own father in the eye. It was still tremendously awkward, of course – she was being raped and anally fingered while her father watched – but it was slightly better than actually cumming from it as far as her pride was concerned.

Cuauhtemoc slowly pumped his finger in and out of her ass for a few seconds before sliding in another. With the second finger added, Dahlia could feel her anus stretching to accommodate the girth. It didn’t hurt too much, but there was pain present – which made her nervous. Cuauhtemoc’s cock was far thicker than two of his fingers, and she worried that she wouldn’t be able to handle the pain when the time came to actually get fucked in the ass by him.

After giving her a minute to adjust, Cuauhtemoc forced a third finger into her. The pain was slightly more significant – especially as he built up steam with both his fingers and his cock until the point where he was fucking her quite quickly – but Dahlia was surprised to find that the pleasure was more noticeable as well. His fingers up her ass still hurt a bit, and they most certainly still felt strange and degrading, but they were no longer sufficient to derail the orgasm that had been building up inside of her. Still staring her father in the eye, she bit down hard on her tongue in a desperate attempt to distract herself and prevent the moans she felt she could no longer restrain.

I think she’s stretched out enough by now, Cuauhtemoc informed Christopher. Just so we’re absolutely clear, as I don’t want any misunderstandings, you’re specifically asking me to fuck your little whore of a daughter up the asshole and turn her into a proper slut, correct?

Christopher timidly nodded his head; too ashamed to repeat Cuauhtemoc’s vulgar words aloud. Mercifully, Cuauhtemoc didn’t force him to – pulling both his fingers and his cock out of Dahlia, he pressed the tip of his cock against her asshole. She was stretched out enough that it managed to fit in, but not without pain – as he pressed just the head inside of her Dahlia struggle not to scream.

Try to relax, slut, Cuauhtemoc encouraged. The tenser you are, the more this will hurt. I know you might not like getting ass-fucked, but it seems to be very important to your father. Don’t worry, though – I’m sure you’ll get used to it in time. At least, I hope you do – this isn’t going to be the last time that I fuck you in the ass, you know.

As Cuauhtemoc continued to slowly press forward, Dahlia found herself wondering what he meant when he claimed it wouldn’t be the last time. It seemed unlikely – she doubted that there was any way the night could end which wouldn’t prevent her from ever seeing him again – yet she found herself strangely hoping that he spoke the truth. She didn’t know why, but the idea of being used by him sexually in the future was a major turn-on.

Eventually, Cuauhtemoc managed to work his entire cock into Dahlia. The pain was intense, but it wasn’t more than she was capable of handling. She worried that she’d be walking funny for a week, but she didn’t expect that she’d be passing out from agony any time soon. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that – on the one hand, passing out would spare her the humiliation of being conscious while her father watched her sodomy, on the other she was secretly enjoying what was happening enough that she suspected she’d regret it if she missed a second of it. With his cock fully inserted into her formerly virgin asshole, Cuauhtemoc paused a moment to give Dahlia time to adjust.

Congratulations, slut, Cuauhtemoc grinned. You might have been a virgin less than an hour ago, but now you’ve been fucked in every hole that you have. Tell your little girl how proud you are of her, Chris.

I’m proud of you, Christopher whimpered in reply.

That didn’t sound sincere at all, Cuauhtemoc critiqued, beginning to fuck Dahlia at a slow but extremely noticeable pace. I’m disappointed in you, Chris. You seemed like such a supportive father earlier, and here you sound almost unhappy about the fact that your slut daughter is realizing her true potential. Maybe it’s just the shock of seeing it for the first time, though – perhaps you’ll feel differently when you’re watching the video later.

What video? Christopher demanded, sounding deeply alarmed. Dahlia was fairly freaked out, too – the events had been traumatizing enough without having to worry about them being recorded.

There are hidden cameras throughout the room, Cuauhtemoc smiled. Everything that has happened since we entered this room has been recorded in digital high definition and uploaded to a secure server. It’ll need editing before it’s ready to be viewed, of course – we’ll cut out the parts where you sound hesitant, leaving only you begging me to fuck your wife and daughter and me happily complying, and for the sake of anonymity I’ll be blacking out my own face, but once we’re done it should be quite the little porn movie. You’re a bit of a celebrity around here due to your wealth; I’m sure many people would be interested in seeing your wife and daughter being fucked like the whores they are. And hey, just because I’m feeling altruistic – I won’t even charge for it. I’ll put it up on the Internet for free for anyone interested.

Dahlia watched as the blood drained out of her father’s face. He was absolutely terrified, and she wasn’t surprised – her father’s public image was tremendously important to him, and a video like what Cuauhtemoc was describing would absolutely ruin him. It bothered her a little that she suspected he was more concerned with how the video would reflect on him than how it might damage her, but she couldn’t focus on that too much. Though she never would have thought it possible, she was beginning to enjoy her anal rape, and the orgasm which had been teasing her all night was once again within her grasp.

As Cuauhtemoc began to slowly pick up his pace, Dahlia found herself struggling to outwardly pretend that she hated what was happening. The pain was fading rapidly, and in many ways what he was doing felt better to her than her vaginal rape had from earlier. There was something tremendously degrading and animalistic about being anally raped to her, and though she knew that it shouldn’t it turned her on tremendously.

After a few minutes Cuauhtemoc was fucking her in the ass at full speed, and the pain had almost completely faded. Dahlia was no longer able to contain the lust that she was feeling – though she didn’t want to, she moaned audibly with each stroke. She was still deeply humiliated by the fact that her father was face to face with her the entire time, but she wasn’t sure if he even noticed – he still wore the same shocked expression that he had acquired earlier when Cuauhtemoc informed him about the video, and she suspected that his mind was still on his reputation.

The idea that her father was more concerned with the video getting out than the fact that his wife and daughter were being raped right in front of him irritated Dahlia. While she could understand that he was under a fair amount of stress, it reminded her of the fact that her father really was a selfish person, and he always had been. As pleasure overtook her body, she began to wonder why she was holding back her orgasm in order to please him – she doubted that he’d make a similar sacrifice for her benefit.

It was a moot point, anyway. After holding herself back for so long, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to delay her orgasm any longer. It really didn’t matter if it was morally correct or incorrect at that point, as it was going to happen regardless of how she justified it. Realizing how futile it was to try to stop things, she gave in to her instincts and came hard.

It wasn’t Dahlia’s first orgasm – though she might have been a virgin, she was no stranger to masturbation. It might as well have been, though. The pleasure she felt was so far beyond anything she had ever experienced on her own that it made every orgasm she had ever had in her life seem mild and dull. Accepting that there was no way in hell that she might be able to conceal the force with which she was cumming, she completely ignored her father’s presence and gave herself permission to cum openly and loudly.

Her orgasm seemed to push Cuauhtemoc over the edge as well. Driving in all the way, he flooded her abused asshole with his cum. The feeling of being ejaculated in was strange and alien, yet deeply exciting to Dahlia. Though she didn’t want to, she found herself wondering how it would feel to have him cum inside her pussy. A part of her desperately hoped that at some point in the future, she might find out.

You have to destroy the tape, Christopher squeaked out as Cuauhtemoc’s orgasm came to a close. I’ve done everything you’ve asked, Cuauhtemoc – please don’t destroy my family’s reputation?

You know what, Chris? Cuauhtemoc replied. I’m actually feeling pretty mellow after using your wife and daughter. Like I said, I planned to seek the death penalty, but now I’m thinking that I might be open to a plea bargain – and while I won’t be destroying the recording, I might be convinced to keep it private. Interested, little man?

I am, Christopher replied quickly, eager to save his life and reputation.

Wonderful, Cuauhtemoc grinned. Here’s the deal, Chris. You’ll be rehiring me – with a significant raise, of course. I don’t feel like working in the mines anymore, though, so I’ll be working in your office. You know, to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re treating your employees fairly.

Fine, Christopher groaned.

There’s more, Cuauhtemoc continued. I don’t like my apartment – it’s a total shithole, but it’s all I could afford on the pittance you pay your workers. I’ll be moving in with you – you’ve got a nice place and enough room for one more. You’ll barely notice me, except for when I’m kicking you out of your bed so that I can sleep with your wife. And hey, that’ll only be half the time – the other half I’ll be sleeping in your daughter’s room. Think of it as a glass half full type of thing.

Okay, Christopher whimpered. He obviously didn’t like the agreement, but it beat being murdered or having his wife and daughter publicly exposed.

I’m glad we could come to an agreement, Cuauhtemoc smiled. Now, there’s just one more thing we need to do before we can call it a night. Your daughter cleaned up your wife, so I think it’s only fair that your wife should return the favor. Stay where you are, little slut – you’re about to get your stepmother’s tongue up your asshole…


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