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Remote Control - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

You look uncomfortable, Luke observed as Cynthia took a seat in his office. Did the surgery go okay?

It went fine, she answered. At least I assume it did – I mean, I was unconscious for the entire thing, I remember counting backwards from one hundred and then the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. My neck is just a little sore, is all.

Yes, unfortunately that’s to be expected, Luke replied. Your body still views the implant as a foreign object and your immune system is trying to destroy it. In a day or two it will realize that tossing wave after wave of antibodies at silicon, copper, and tungsten is a hopeless endeavor and it will accept the chip as a part of itself. At that point the physical pain should go away, though it wasn’t the physical pain I was talking about. You’re not having second thoughts about participating in my research, are you Cynthia?

I’m not, she lied. She absolutely was, but it seemed silly to bring up her concerns after the surgery was complete.

You haven’t changed a bit since I was a graduate student playing teacher’s assistant and you were a struggling freshman in my class, he sighed. You were a terrible liar then, and you’re a terrible liar now. You’re clearly uncomfortable with something, Cynthia, and that’s okay – but I don’t want it to contaminate my data. Tell me what’s going on; I promise I won’t be angry.

She wanted to tell him the truth, but she knew that she couldn’t. The truth was that she was having severe second thoughts about her participation in Luke’s research, and most of them were about Luke himself. It wasn’t that she disliked him – brilliant, physically attractive in an admittedly unconventional way, and bizarrely charismatic, she actually very much looked up to him. It was that he scared the hell out of her. Luke was as ethically flexible as he was intelligent, and the fact that she was now officially his human guinea pig was unnerving to say the least.

It’s just kind of freaky, you know? she answered, hoping to satisfy him with a half-truth. Thinking that there’s now an actual microchip implanted in my brain and controlling my thoughts.

It’s a bit amazing, isn’t it? Luke smiled. For what it’s worth, the microchip can’t control thoughts – the human mind is a complicated thing, and we simply don’t have the technology to do that just yet. What it can control, however, is chemistry – and through chemistry, mood. Once activated, the chip will monitor your biochemistry and use electrical impulses to encourage your own body to keep everything in its ideal range. This isn’t actually that revolutionary an idea – as a civilization, we’ve been using psychological medication to correct chemical imbalances for years. My chip simply does it more efficiently, in real time, and using the body’s own neurochemistry – thus preventing the multitude of harmful side-effects that often come with traditional medication.

I guess, she replied lamely. Everything he had just said had been explained to her before, but she was still uncomfortable about the idea that her mood would be influenced not by herself but by a microchip implanted in her head – and even more uncomfortable about the fact that Luke was the one controlling that microchip.

You still seem unhappy, he sighed. Look, think about the good you’re doing for humanity – if this implant is successful, harmful chemical imbalances will become a thing of the past and mental health will take a giant leap forward. If that doesn’t make you feel any better, consider the benefit the chip will have towards you – you might not be on meds, but improving your biochemistry should still be tremendously helpful. If even that doesn’t make you feel better, think about what I’m paying you – you’ll earn more for your brief participation in my study than many people make in five years.

She felt a little shallow about it, but thinking about the money did actually cheer her up quite a bit. Reminding herself that once Luke’s study was over her student loans would be paid off and she’d still have enough left over to purchase a car, she forced a lame smile. She was still nervous about what was happening, but knowing how much she would be paid did make her feel a bit better about it.

That’s more like it, he commented as he pulled a small remote control out of his pocket. So, now seems like as good a time as any to get started. I’m going to activate the chip. It will boot with the default settings, which should produce a noticeable improvement in your mood. On the unlikely chance that the changes you experience are undesirable, just say the word and I’ll shut it down. Relax, kid – this probably won’t hurt at all.

Before Cynthia had an opportunity to react, Luke pressed a button on the remote and activated the chip. The effect wasn’t instant, but it was extremely noticeable. After a few seconds Cynthia felt tremendous – it was like she had been asleep her entire life and was only then truly waking up. Her mind was focused, her senses sharp, and she felt like she could take on the entire world. Brimming with energy, she forgot entirely about her reservations about participating in Luke’s study – she simply felt too good to distract herself with anything.

Based on that contented look on your face, I’m guessing you don’t want me to shut it down, Luke observed. Tell me, Cynthia – how do you feel?

Amazing, she responded honestly. Really, Luke, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so incredible in my life. I’m glad that you talked me into this – this feeling is indescribable.

I’m glad, he grinned. But we’re not quite done yet. As I said, the chip is currently using the default parameters, which should be pretty close to ideal – there’s really not a ton of variance amongst humans, but there is some. The next step is to fine-tune it. I’m going to make some minor adjustments, and I want you to tell me what you feel. Fair warning, some of them will likely be unpleasant – but remember, they’re only temporary. This will allow me to better understand what certain stimuli do to your brain as an individual.

Luke pressed another button on the remote, but didn’t say exactly what it would do. After a few seconds Cynthia found herself extremely irritated with him for not explaining what he was doing more thoroughly. She hated his aloof nature and the way that he seemed to hold himself so far above his fellow human, and she didn’t see why she should tolerate such arrogance. Her blood boiling, she had to force herself to remain seated – she desperately wanted to jump up and punch him in the face as hard as she could.

How do you feel now, Cynthia? he asked innocently.

Like tearing your fucking throat out, you arrogant pile of shit, she growled, readying herself to pounce.

I think we’ve found anger, he laughed. Let’s shut that down and keep moving.

Before Cynthia could leap to her feet and attack him, Luke pressed another two buttons on the remote. Her rage dissipated quickly, but it was replaced with something else: shame. She couldn’t believe that she had just threatened to physically assault Luke – it was so out of character and so inappropriate. Her face going bright red, she covered it with her hands in embarrassment.

And now? he prodded.

I’m so sorry, Luke, she whimpered, wishing that she could vanish. I can’t believe that I said that – I honestly don’t know what came over me.

Just as I suspected, that would be shame, he smiled, pressing another two buttons on the remote. You have nothing to apologize for, Cynthia – that was the chip, not you. Fortunately, the shame you’re experiencing is also the chip, and it will fade in a second or two.

The shame had actually faded before he had even finished explaining, but it was replaced by sheer terror. Realizing that Luke could completely control how she felt in such a massive way was horrifying to Cynthia – she wanted to run away, hide, and find a way to get the chip out of her brain. She would have done it, too, if it wasn’t for the fact that she found herself completely paralyzed with fear. Telling herself that it was probably just the chip again, she looked up at Luke with her lips quivering in terror, hoping that he’d get the message and reverse whatever he had just done.

I don’t even have to ask to recognize terror, he commented, pressing another two buttons on the remote. Relax, kid – it’ll be over in a second or two. So, I’m three for three on negative emotions, let’s mix this up a bit and try something positive.

The terror fading away, Cynthia began to feel good again. In fact, she found herself feeling so good that she couldn’t help but giggle. The idea that she had been so afraid of something that had been so temporary suddenly struck her as ludicrous, but more importantly she just wanted to laugh. Seeing no reason to hold it in, she burst out with laughter.

And that would be elation, Luke grinned. I’m afraid I am going to have to rein that in just a bit – I do like to see you happy, but I need you to be able to focus at least a little. Don’t worry, though – I’m not going to take it all away, just adjust it so that you’re capable of interaction.

As Luke fiddled with the remote Cynthia felt her mood coming back down a little. She still felt phenomenal, but she no longer felt the need to laugh. Calming down a bit, she watched as Luke pressed a few more buttons on the remote and nervously wondered what they might do.

After a few seconds, Cynthia began to feel extremely good, though in a very different way. She felt herself deeply sexually aroused, which made her uncomfortable. Although there had always been some sexual tension between her and Luke when they had been in college, she had never discussed sex at all with him and really didn’t want to change that. Looking up at Luke, she shot him a shy look in the hopes that he’d reverse whatever he had just done without her having to admit to what she was feeling.

How are you feeling now, Cynthia? Luke asked.

I’d prefer not to say, she squeaked, hoping that he’d be able to figure it out on his own. Can you undo what you just did?

Eventually, he smiled, but I’m going to want my data first. Tell me what you’re feeling, Cynthia – I’m not a mind-reader, you know, and this study depends on you being open and honest.

The knowing grin on his face made two things clear to Cynthia: he knew exactly what she was experiencing, and he wasn’t going to move on until she told him. She hated the idea of having to tell him how turned on she was, but she knew she didn’t have a choice. Reminding herself of the massive payday that awaited her once the week was over, she swallowed her pride and answered him truthfully.

I’m feeling aroused, she choked out, her face growing bright red with shame again. Can you turn that off, now?

I could, he shrugged, but I’m curious as to how far it can go. The particular signal the chip is currently sending is at an intensity of three out of sixteen. Let’s jack up the intensity just a bit and see what happens.

Cynthia begged Luke with her eyes to reconsider – she could already feel her panties growing embarrassingly damp and she didn’t want to see how much further it could go. Unfortunately, if Luke noticed he didn’t seem to care. Picking up the remote, he pressed a few more buttons as Cynthia struggled to keep cool.

It took a few seconds for Cynthia to feel the effects, but what she felt was massive. Despite the tremendous legitimate shame and fear that she felt over what was happening, she could no longer seem to think about anything other than sex. She found herself struggling to keep her hands outside of her clothing, and she was quickly losing that particular battle. She knew that if Luke hadn’t been staring directly at her with that knowing grin on her face she’d have a hand down her pants by then, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to restrain herself.

Please turn it off, she moaned, disgusted with the lust in her voice though hardly surprised by its presence. Please, Luke – I need you to turn it off this very instant.

Why the urgency? Luke shot back. You sound like you’re enjoying this – what’s the horrible thing that will happen if I leave it on?

I’m going to masturbate, she whimpered. She hated herself for saying it, but she figured that he already knew and probably wouldn’t turn the thing off until she said it.

Interesting, he grinned. I’m assuming that your sense of shame is the only thing that’s holding you back, and that you’re trying to tell me you don’t think it’s quite strong enough to do the job for much longer. Fortunately, I can think of any easy way to remedy your current problem.

Luke pressed a few more buttons on the remote. Cynthia prayed that he might be scaling back the arousal that she was feeling before she did something truly humiliating in his office, but she suspected that wasn’t the case. The look on Luke’s face was downright sadistic, and she didn’t think that would correspond to offering her mercy.

After a few seconds she found out exactly what he had just done. Her arousal stayed the same – she still felt a burning need to thrust her hand down her pants and take care of her needs. Unfortunately, her level of shame shot up to nearly the point it had been earlier. Cynthia had never felt so conflicted in her life – a part of her desperately wanted to tear off her clothes and fuck herself silly, another part of her wanted to hide away from the world and be alone with her terrible shame. She felt as though the two opposing desires were tearing her apart.

The chip works, Luke stated plainly. I knew it worked long before I even contacted you about trying it out – I know what I’m doing. Really the only reason I’m testing it on humans at all is because the FDA requires it. The way I see it, if I have to go through the tedious experience of running these tests, I might as well have some fun with them. The FDA will get their data, and I get to learn more about the human mind. For example, right now I’m curious as to whether lust or shame is more powerful a motivator. Both are currently set to seven, so they should be about equal to you. If you masturbate while I’m watching, we’ll know that lust is more powerful, if not we’ll know that it’s shame.

Cynthia was absolutely horrified at what he was saying, but she was completely powerless to do anything about it. She wanted to run, but she suspected that if she so much as stood up the friction between her thighs might actually trigger an orgasm. As humiliating as that might have been normally, at the moment she worried that the shame of cumming while Luke watched might actually literally kill her. Powerless and completely at Luke’s mercy, she began to softly cry in frustration.

Please, Luke, she whimpered, I can’t handle this! I really feel like this is killing me, please show some mercy?

Ah, I suppose we do have a history, Luke chuckled. I still want an answer to the question regarding lust and shame, but I can put it off for the time being. Since we go back, I’ll cut you a little slack.

Luke picked up the remote and pressed another few buttons. Cynthia wanted to believe that he had taken pity on her and shut off the whole thing, but he was still wearing the same sadistic look that he had been earlier. After a few seconds her fears were confirmed when she felt the changes that he had just made with his remote.

Her sense of shame remained the same – she was still utterly mortified by how she was feeling and honestly couldn’t remember a time in her life when she had felt such humiliation. Her sense of arousal, though, grew even more intense. Despite the fact that she had managed so far to keep her hands out of her pants, the minimal stimulation of her clothing rubbing against her body as she breathed was driving her insane. In fact, she realized that an orgasm was rapidly approaching, even though nothing had really happened.

Her sense of lust rapidly overpowering what modesty she felt, she finally gave up and decided to masturbate. She was completely disgusted with herself for her lack of self-control, but it seemed like hiding it was stupid and pointless. Luke clearly knew what was going on, and she didn’t see how cumming in his office would be any more degrading with her hands in plain sight than it would be with them in her panties. As she thrust her hand down the front of her pants she was vaguely aware of Luke playing with the remote again, but at that moment the only thing that she cared about was attaining the sexual satisfaction that she so desperately craved.

Unfortunately, before she was able to make contact with her clit she felt her senses returning to normal. She was still extremely turned on, but her lust wasn’t powerful enough to excuse masturbating in Luke’s office while he watched. Although the shame that she felt no longer seemed to be artificially amplified, it was easily enough to take the wind out of her sails and force her to consider what she was doing.

Deeply embarrassed, she pulled her hand out of her pants and began to openly cry. She couldn’t believe that she had behaved in such a vulgar manner, but that wasn’t the only thing that was bothering her. Her engorged clit throbbed painfully, angrily demanding the satisfaction that she was denying herself. She could feel a literal puddle in the crotch of her panties, and though she wanted desperately to finish herself off she simply couldn’t bring herself to do so without the chip to blame for her actions.

Why are you crying? Luke taunted cruelly. You asked me to turn it off, and that’s precisely what I did. Shouldn’t you be happy about that?

I wanted you to turn it off before, she whimpered. Turning it off when you did was just evil.

Why is that? he laughed. Because I didn’t wait until after you came? I’m not stopping you, Cynthia – if you still want to fuck yourself, go right ahead.

Cynthia was strongly tempted. Even though the chip was no longer artificially inflating her libido, she still felt the tremendous lust echoing through her body. Unfortunately, without her neurochemistry being altered she couldn’t bear to degrade herself in such a lewd manner. Frustrated and afraid, she crossed her legs tightly and continued to cry.

Poor little girl, Luke sighed, picking up on her frustration. I know what you want – you want me to turn it back on so that you can finish what you were about to start, but you can’t bring yourself to ask me. I’ll show some mercy and do what you’re afraid to ask, but I want something in return. When you fuck yourself – and you will be fucking yourself before you leave this office – I want you fully naked for it.

Cynthia was appalled that he would even ask for such a thing. She believed that she had been humiliated far more than enough already, and forcing her to lose her clothing just seemed monstrous. Realizing that as long as the remote was in his hands she’d be powerless to stop him, she decided that she needed to take action. She didn’t like the fact that she might be jeopardizing her payment, but she knew that she needed to do something to stop what was going on before it got any worse.

Springing to her feet, she leapt onto Luke’s desk and made a desperate grab for the remote in his hand. Unfortunately, she was far too slow – Luke simply slid his chair back and held the remote out of her reach. Not willing to give up just yet Cynthia was about to make another attempt when Luke pressed a few more buttons on the remote.

Before Cynthia had time to react she again felt the effects of the chip. Her arousal returned, nearly as strong as it had been the last time – though mercifully without the exaggerated shame she had felt the last time. Though she still would have liked to have gotten the remote out of Luke’s hand, the only thing she could think about at the moment was the orgasm she had been denied earlier. Distracted but not beaten, she attempted to thrust her hand into her pants before Luke could stop her.

Sadly, she was again too slow. Before she had managed to get even a finger inside of her waistline, Luke had grabbed her wrist and forced it away. She tried to wrestle it free, but even with the adrenaline that her frustration had produced surging through her blood she simply wasn’t strong enough to overpower Luke. Looking up at him, she pleaded with her eyes for just a shred of mercy.

I’ll let you fuck yourself, he explained, but not until you’ve done as I asked. Lose the clothes, little girl.

She wanted to argue with him, but the painful throbbing of her clit was a bit distracting. She felt as if she might explode if she didn’t get some satisfaction soon, and it didn’t seem like she’d be able to talk him out of it anyway. Shooting him a quick nod, she let him know that she’d cooperate – even though she hated him more than anything for what he was doing to her.

As Luke released his grip on her wrist, she quickly got to work obeying his instructions. Stripping naked was tremendously humiliating, but her monstrous libido made it difficult for her to care. Though she would have liked to have shown some hesitation in the name of modesty, she couldn’t seem to bring herself to delay the satisfaction that she needed so desperately. Within seconds of his releasing her, she was already completely naked.

Cynthia knew that she should be ashamed by what was going on. She was fully nude and sprawled out on top of Luke’s desk, and the lecherous look on his face as he leaned back to watch her made it clear that what was going on had nothing to do with science. At that moment, though, the only thing that she could think about was how good it would feel when she finally got to do what she had been wanting to. Acting quickly so as to take care of her needs before Luke changed his mind, her hand practically flew between her legs towards her sensitive clit.

She managed to cum the instant that she made contact. Her orgasm was hardly subtle, either – it was more powerful than anything she had ever experienced before in her life. She didn’t just feel it in her genitals, she felt it in her entire body. As waves of pleasure coursed through her being she struggled just to keep her moans as quiet as possible – she worried that if she didn’t hold herself back, not only would everyone in the building know what was happening but she might actually damage her own hearing.

Strangely, though the orgasm was tremendously enjoyable, it did nothing to quench her desires. She was a little nervous about the potential implications of that, but it didn’t seem like too big of a problem. Enjoying the immense physical pleasure that she was experiencing, she continued to aggressively rub her clit as her orgasm rolled on and on. Her moans growing louder, she began to realize that the end of her orgasm was nowhere in sight.

After cumming for five minutes straight she began to worry. Her clit was growing sore, and although she was experiencing true physical bliss she still felt as insatiable as she had been earlier. She began to worry that she was going to hurt herself if things kept up, she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep her volume in check, and she knew that she needed to do something. Though she hated herself for trying to end the joy that she was feeling, she forced herself to ask Luke to turn it off.

Please shut it down, she moaned loudly, still in the throes of her orgasm.

In a minute, Luke shrugged. I feel like you’re holding back, and I don’t care for that. I want you to cum loudly, Cynthia, yet it seems like you’re actually trying to restrain yourself.

The idea of not holding herself back was a little intimidating, but she was in no position to argue with Luke. Even if he hadn’t demanded it she didn’t think she’d be able to restrain herself much longer anyway. Telling herself that she was only doing it because Luke had ordered her to, she gave herself permission to give in completely.

No longer holding herself back, Cynthia’s moans were deafeningly loud. She might have worried about tearing her vocal chords, but at that moment there was nothing that she could think about aside from the tremendous pleasure that she was feeling. Ever muscle in her body spasmed with orgasmic force, and nothing else in the world mattered to her in the slightest.

Luke allowed her to continue for another minute before taking the remote and pressing a few more buttons. Though Cynthia was a little disappointed that she’d no longer be feeling what she was feeling, she realized that it was for the better. It seemed to her that her body wasn’t meant to handle the stress of such a powerful orgasm, and she really wasn’t sure if she’d be able to survive much more of what was happening. After a few seconds she found herself finally coming back down from the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

Unfortunately, with the force of her orgasm no longer distracting her she was forced to face her current situation. She was completely naked and lying on top of Luke’s desk as Luke sat back grinning at her, which was fairly humiliating. She was pretty sure that everyone within a mile had heard her cumming, and wasn’t exactly happy about that. Most troubling, though, was the realization that Luke had been able to force her to do what she had just done. The look on his face implied that he was only getting started, and she really didn’t want to find out what the full extent of his plan was.

You need to take this chip out of me, she whimpered, wrapping her arms around her body to conceal her nudity. You can keep the money, but I need out of this experiment.

No, he replied coldly. I’ve already paid to have it implanted, and I don’t feel like wasting money pulling it back out.

I’m not asking, she growled, trying to sound as intimidating as possible. If you don’t take it out of me, I swear to god I’ll go to the police.

Go ahead, he laughed. A word of advice, though – before you go to them, wrap some tin foil around your head. It will do nothing to block the radio frequencies that this remote uses, of course, but it seems appropriate. I mean, if you’re going to tell the cops that I have a magical remote control that makes you rape yourself you really ought to be wearing a tin foil hat for that, don’t you think?

She knew that he was right. Claiming that there was a chip in her brain controlling her actions sounded ridiculous even to her, and she knew it was the truth. Going to the police would be pointless; no one would believe her story. Additionally, she worried that Luke might resent it a bit more than he was letting on, and pissing off the man who could control exactly what she was feeling with the touch of a button seemed pretty unwise to her. Still, she couldn’t just accept what was happening and let him continue to abuse her.

Please, Luke, she whimpered. I can’t handle this – just show a little humanity for once in your life?

Quit being such a drama queen, he shot back. Think about this for a second – I hold the power to make you feel worse than you ever thought was even possible, but I haven’t done that at all. Instead, I’ve used it to give you what I’m willing to bet was the most powerful orgasm of your entire life, and you’re complaining about it? Toughen up, kid – this experiment doesn’t end until I say it ends. You’ll cooperate whether you want to or not, though for your sake I strongly suggest that you stop fighting me – you wouldn’t want me to get angry with you.

Cynthia racked her brain for ways that she could escape his control, but couldn’t come up with a thing short of gouging a knife into the back of her head and hoping for the best. The sad reality was that she just didn’t have anything to negotiate with – Luke had complete control over her body, and no one would believe her if she tried to get help. She didn’t want to cooperate, but she knew that she didn’t have a choice. Besides, what he had said made some sense – it had been the most powerful orgasm of her life, and even though she was utterly terrified and humiliated she still felt physically good – if a bit exhausted.

Climbing off of Luke’s desk, Cynthia began to dress herself. As she donned her panties she found herself utterly appalled at how drenched they were – if she hadn’t known better she’d have sworn that she wet herself. She considered simply leaving them off, but she felt slutty enough without having to take the train home wearing no underwear and she didn’t feel like leaving Luke with a trophy of his conquest. Putting them on, she did her best to ignore the sensation of wet cotton against her skin.

I’ll cooperate, she choked out as she continued to dress herself. But I’m begging you, Luke – please be gentle? Don’t do what you just did again – I really don’t think that I can handle it.

I’ll consider it, he grinned. Anyway, we’re done for the day. Be back here tomorrow at 7:00 PM, and don’t be late. Not that I don’t trust you, but I’m going to send the chip a simple instruction just to make sure that you don’t run away. I’ll deactivate it when you return. Oh, and wear something nice – we’ll be going to a party.

Cynthia considered asking Luke what he was doing as he pressed a few more buttons on his remote control, but she decided it would be a waste of breath. She didn’t think that he’d tell her, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to know. It seemed like the best thing that she could do at the moment was to leave before Luke changed his mind and decided to abuse her some more. Finished dressing herself, she turned around and left his office before things could get any worse.

Continue reading with chapter two.

Remote Control - Chapter Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part two of the story. If you haven't read part one yet, you should probably do that first.

Exiting Luke’s office, Cynthia couldn’t help but notice the expression on Luke’s secretary Janet’s face. She had very clearly heard Cynthia’s orgasm from earlier, and very clearly didn’t approve. Cynthia wanted to tell her that it wasn’t what she thought, but she wasn’t sure how she could do so. Explaining that her moans came because she had been forced to masturbate to the most powerful orgasm of her life by a chip implanted in her head didn’t exactly seem believable. Besides, the look of pure contempt on Janet’s face implied that she really wasn’t interested in talking to Cynthia about what she had overheard. Her face bright red with shame, she walked quickly out the door – she didn’t like the fact that Janet probably thought she had just fucked Luke, but there wasn’t exactly anything that she could do about it.

Leaving the building, Cynthia walked down the street to the train station. She reminded herself that as horrible as everything that was happening was, as soon as Luke’s perverse experiment was over she’d no longer be at the mercy of public transportation to get around. Though the knowledge that her financial needs would be met helped a bit, it was little comfort when she considered the immense power that Luke had over her.

As she waited at the station for her train to arrive she began to feel strange. Despite the force of her orgasm earlier, she felt bizarrely turned on. It didn’t seem reasonable to her – she was terrified and humiliated, and fairly worn out after the ten minute orgasm she had experienced in Luke’s office – yet she couldn’t deny the fact that she was feeling slightly aroused. Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly severe as it had been earlier, and she was able to easily control herself. Though difficult, she managed to ignore it and focus only on the money that she’d receive once her participation in Luke’s study was over.

By the time that her train had arrived it was becoming a bit of a challenge for her to ignore how turned on she was feeling. She suspected that it was Luke’s doing – he had said that he was going to do something to ensure that she returned, after all. The way she could feel it slowly building led her to suspect that it would only grow more intense until she returned to Luke’s office the next day, which made her nervous. Though she was able to maintain her composure at the moment, she wasn’t sure that would still be the case later.

Hopping on the train, Cynthia was relieved to find that it was mostly empty. She didn’t think she’d lose her self-control again like she had in Luke’s office earlier, but it was nice to know that if she actually did she wouldn’t have an audience. Taking a seat towards the back of the train, she did her best to think non-sexual thoughts but found it difficult to think about anything else. Still, she managed to keep her hands outside of her pants for the entire ride home.

Arriving home, Cynthia headed straight to bed. It was getting late, and she was utterly exhausted after the experience in Luke’s office. Additionally, she was fairly certain that if she stayed up much longer she’d just end up masturbating, and it felt like giving in and doing so would be accepting what Luke had done to her. She tossed and turned in her bed for a few hours, but eventually fell asleep.

She didn’t sleep well. Her frustration continuing to build throughout the night, the best that she could manage was a kind of restless half-sleep. She considered masturbating in the hopes of relieving herself, but after her experience in Luke’s office she didn’t think that would work. She suspected that just like before, she’d enjoy the masturbation but never actually reach the point of satisfaction.

Waking up the next morning, Cynthia was alarmed by how turned on she was. It still wasn’t quite as bad as it had been back in Luke’s office, but it was far too severe to ignore. Her panties were absolutely drenched, and she found it impossible to think about anything other than sex. She hoped that that was as bad as it would get, but it didn’t seem likely.

Crawling out of bed, Cynthia headed to her bathroom to take a shower. She was covered in sweat and felt quite filthy, but more importantly she felt that she needed to do something to distract herself. Jumping in the shower, she set the water as cold as she could possibly stand in the hopes of turning herself off, but it was no use. She was just as horny as she had been before, she just happened to be cold and wet as well.

After her shower she spent some time pacing back and forth in her apartment, struggling with what was going on. She was absolutely terrified of what would happen when she returned to Luke’s office later, but she knew that she that running away wasn’t an option – she could barely function as it was, and things were only getting more severe. Forgetting about her bigger picture problems, she struggled with the issue of her immediate desires. She wanted very, very much to masturbate, but was afraid that once she started she’d be unable to stop. Additionally, her pride demanded that she not give in – it felt like if she did give in, Luke would have won.

She managed to last until noon before the temptation simply became too great. She was disappointed in herself for not being able to control her base desires, but she knew that it wasn’t entirely her fault – the chip in her brain was controlling her, after all. Justifying what she was doing by telling herself that she just needed to get it out of her system, she put on some loud music to drown out the noises she knew that she’d be making, stripped naked, and jumped into bed to take care of her needs.

Unfortunately, she found herself unable to attain satisfaction, just as she had worried. She came – frequently, and with tremendous force – but no matter how often she came she still wanted more. After a few hours she began to worry that she might actually rub the skin off of her clit if she kept doing what she was doing, but even the soreness which had been gradually building up wasn’t enough to derail her. Her orgasms were orders of magnitude more intense than normal; thinking of anything other than how good she felt seemed impossible. She was still vaguely aware that she was hardly safe, but she didn’t really care all too much.

Eventually she glanced over at her alarm clock and noticed that it was already 5:30. That was a bit of a problem – she had to be out the door in fifteen minutes in order to catch her train or else she’d be late. While she normally didn’t fret quite as much over punctuality, the chip in her brain gave her plenty of incentive. It seemed like her arousal was still growing more severe, and she didn’t want to wait until she hit the point where she literally couldn’t prevent herself from masturbating in public.

Forcing herself to wrench her hand out of her crotch, Cynthia let out a quiet groan of frustration. Even though her body was sore from all the orgasms she had experienced, somehow stopping herself seemed even more painful. Resisting the urge to ignore Luke and just spend the rest of her life lying in bed fucking herself, she got up and tossed on the one evening gown that she owned, as per Luke’s instructions. It was a bit shorter than she would have liked, but she figured that she had bigger problems at the moment. Taking a deep breath, Cynthia exited her apartment and headed towards the train station.

She arrived just in time to catch her train. Unfortunately, being rush hour the train was absolutely packed – she couldn’t even find a place to sit down. Normally she’d be mildly irritated by being forced to stand for the entire ride, but at the moment it seemed downright dangerous to be around so many people. She wanted to believe that she’d be able to control herself, but she just didn’t trust herself to resist the effects of the chip. On the bright side, it was so crowded that she could barely move, so she figured she’d at least have that extra hurdle if her self-control ended up failing her.

Eventually the train’s doors closed with a pneumatic hiss and the train began to move. The inertia shifted Cynthia’s body slightly, and she felt her thighs rub together. With her sexuality intensified, it actually felt incredibly good – so good, in fact, that she accidentally let out a quiet moan. Catching herself quickly, she bit down hard on her lip to silence any further noises she might make and hoped that no one had heard. It seemed unlikely that anyone would have heard over the noise of the train, but she had a bigger problem – the brief pleasure that she had experienced was extremely tempting, and it was taking more willpower than it should have just to refrain from giving in and doing it again.

Focusing, Cynthia forced herself to snap out of it. Just to be on the safe side she moved her feet as far apart as the cramped situation would allow, hoping to avoid any further accidental contact. Her body screamed at her for refusing its demands and her clit began to throb painfully in denial, but she knew that she couldn’t allow herself to masturbate on a crowded train no matter how much the chip might have made her want it.

She had nearly regained her composure when a new problem arose. To her horror, she felt a man’s hand grabbing her ass. Although the train was crowded, it was very clearly intentional – she could feel his fingers crudely squeezing her flesh. Normally in a situation like that Cynthia might have screamed as loud as she could, but it didn’t seem like a great idea to call attention to herself in her current state.

Knock it off, she forced herself to growl, keeping her voice low enough that she wouldn’t draw any more attention to herself but loud enough that she was sure he’d hear her.

You’re kidding, right? came a man’s voice from behind her. I heard that moan, and I saw you spreading your legs – it’s a bit late to start playing hard to get, don’t you think? Shut up and enjoy it, slut – you clearly want this.

Cynthia wanted to explain to him that what she had done was absolutely not an invitation, but she was afraid that if she opened her mouth she’d moan again and end up undermining her entire point. Additionally, though she really didn’t want to think about it a part of her actually wanted the man to continue what he was doing. As repulsive as being groped by a stranger on a train may have been, she couldn’t pretend that his crude touch didn’t feel ridiculously good.

Inspired by her lack of argument, the man hiked her short dress up and hooked his fingers into the back of her panties. Cynthia knew that she needed to stop him before he went any further, but her body simply wouldn’t cooperate. She told herself that fighting with him would only cause a scene, and that the train was so packed that no one could see anything below her shoulders anyway, but she knew that wasn’t the real reason for her lack of resistance. The truth was that even though she was absolutely disgusted by what was happening, she desperately wanted it to continue.

Eventually the man’s fingers wormed their way all the way down her panties and reached her pussy, which was a bit of a problem. She was sopping wet, and suspected that if the man viewed her repressed moan from earlier as an invitation to be sexually assaulted then he’d view her wetness as proof that she wanted it. Unfortunately, it was far too late to do anything about it – she simply struggled to keep from moaning as he slipped a finger inside of her, filled with self-disgust over how easily it slid right in.

Jesus Christ, slut, he laughed into her ear. I knew you wanted it, but this is insane – I don’t think I’ve ever felt a wetter cunt than yours. A word of advice for the future, though – the short dress was a great idea, but skip the panties next time. If you want strange men finger-fucking your slutty little twat, it would be a good idea to make things easier for them.

Keep your voice down, Cynthia moaned, disgusted with the lust she heard in her own voice. It bothered her that she had asked him to be more subtle rather than asking him to stop, but it seemed to be the best that she could manage at the moment.

Or what? he challenged, slowly pumping his finger into Cynthia and driving her to distraction. I’m pretty damned sure that you’re not going to make me stop – cunt this wet, you clearly want it. I’ll make a deal with you, slut. Lose the panties like a good little whore, and I’ll keep it quiet as I play with you. Otherwise, I’ll be as loud as I please – who knows, maybe someone else will want to join in.

The idea of having someone else join in was disturbingly hot to Cynthia, but she knew that it would be a bad idea. She hated the fact that she’d be arriving at Luke’s office without her panties – she suspected that he might get the wrong idea about that – but it seemed slightly preferable to having the entire train know what was going on. Reaching down, she grabbed her panties by the waistband and slid them down to her knees. Letting gravity force them the rest of the way to the floor, she then stepped out of them.

That’s a good little whore, he quietly praised, increasing the speed with which he pumped his fingers into her. See how much easier this is without your panties getting in the way? Hell, I could probably pull my cock out and shove it right up your slimy little fuck hole with your panties off, and no one would be the wiser. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, bitch?

Horrifyingly, she realized that she absolutely would. Though she had never been the type of person to actually engage in casual sex, at that moment she wanted nothing more than to be fucked relentlessly, and she didn’t really care whom it was that did the fucking. Still, she knew that she couldn’t consent to such a thing – she was in public, and the consequences could be disastrous.

You can’t, she whimpered. There’s too many people here – just play with my pussy, okay?

You’re a demanding little whore, aren’t you? he laughed back. I don’t know, slut – I know what you get out of being finger-fucked by me, but I’m not sure what I get out of the arrangement. Seems the least you could do is reach back and stroke my cock, and hey – maybe once you feel it you’ll decide that you want it rammed up your cunt after all.

Worried that if he actually did fuck her she’d find it completely impossible to conceal what was happening, Cynthia reached back and slipped her hand down his pants. She wanted to be disgusted with what she was doing – grabbing the dick of a stranger whose face she hadn’t even seen seemed despicable – but as her fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft she found herself feeling nothing but desire. Amazingly, what he had said turned out to be true – just touching his semi-erect prick made Cynthia desperately want to get it inside of her. Terrified of what she might do, she bit down even harder on her lip to prevent herself from accidentally asking him to fuck her.

Grasping his cock in her hand, she began masturbating him as well as she could with her actions constrained by his pants. He didn’t seem to mind, though – his dick rapidly grew erect under her awkward actions. Cynthia was a little concerned that getting him hard without getting him off could be risky, but she was more worried about putting off the orgasm that she felt quickly building up – she knew that if she did cum, there was no way that she’d be able to keep it quiet enough for no one to notice.

You got me hard already, you little whore, he whispered into her ear. Seems a shame to not do something with it, you know. I think I will fuck that slimy little cunt of yours after all – you obviously want it.

You can’t, she protested, secretly hoping that he would anyway. If you do that, people are going to notice.

Yeah, but they’ll notice you more than me, he chuckled. I’ll make a deal with you, though – get me off with your hand in the next five minutes, and I’ll refrain from fucking you. If you fail, though, you’re going to need to be punished. I think I’ll punish you by fucking that whore asshole of yours instead of your pussy. So, do we have a deal?

The deal actually sounded extremely good to Cynthia. Though she had no desire to lose her anal virginity to a complete stranger in public, they were also only five minutes from her stop, so she’d be safe regardless of not she managed to stroke him to orgasm. Really the only thing that made her hesitate was the fact that deep down, she really did want him to fuck her.

Okay, she moaned, forcing herself to ignore the voice in her head that screamed at her to just give in and tell him to fuck her. Five minutes – I should be able to get you off by then.

You didn’t even have to think about it, did you? he quietly laughed into her ear. Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here – you just want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you? It’s okay, bitch, I understand. In fact, I’ll even do you a favor and start getting you ready for it.

Cynthia wasn’t quite sure what he had meant, but she didn’t have to wait long to find out. Keeping two of his fingers in her pussy, the man worked his thumb into her asshole. Cynthia groaned in humiliation as his thumb forced its way into her virgin anus, but she came to realize that it actually felt surprisingly good. She reminded herself that it was likely just the chip screwing up her perspective – she normally absolutely wasn’t the kind of girl who would enjoy anal stimulation – but it was impossible for her to ignore how tremendously erotic she found the experience. Distracted by the new violation, she accidentally let out another stifled moan.

I knew it, slut, he chuckled. Seeing as you’re apparently into it, I don’t see why we should have to wait five minutes. Bend over a bit – this cock is going straight up your ass and I’m not going to be gentle.

Though deeply turned on, the prospect of getting fucked up the ass by someone who clearly had zero interest in her well-being was frightening enough that she was able to resist his demand. She realized she’d probably end up enjoying it – in her current state of mind there was nothing sexual that she could think of that she didn’t suspect she’d end up enjoying – but the risks were too high. She suspected that it would hurt far too much for her to not cry out in pain, and really didn’t want anyone else noticing what was going on given that they’d probably also notice how much she was getting off on it.

Not yet, she moaned in reply. I’m not ready yet – if you try something now you’ll end up ripping me apart. Just wait the full five minutes, okay? It’s not that long.

I doubt that, he replied coldly. Seems to me that the kind of slut who lets strangers finger her filthy little holes in public is probably used to taking it up the ass hard and doesn’t need that much preparation. Sure, it might hurt a little – but you’ll live. Still, I don’t want you thinking that I’m not a gentleman, so I’ll make sure your ass is stretched out nice and wide before I fuck it hard. I’ll give you your five minutes, but I’m going to fuck that whore ass hard once they’re up.

The man removed his fingers from Cynthia’s ass and pussy. She groaned a little, though more out of the fact that she missed his fingers than the fear of what he might be about to do. Without giving her any warning at all, he forced the two fingers that he had been fucking her pussy with up her asshole. Though the thick coating of cum which had accumulated on them made them slide in a little easier, she wasn’t at all ready for the girth. As his fingers painfully stretched her asshole out she let out a pained grunt, though was able to keep it quiet enough that it didn’t seem like anyone heard.

With his fingers inside of her, the man began to pump them in and out. Though he started slow, he quickly built up speed. As her body adjusted to the new penetration, Cynthia found herself enjoying having her ass fingered far more than she would have liked. She was disgusting to find that she struggled less with the pain and humiliation of what she was feeling and more with the desire to tell him to shove his dick into her already. Finding it impossible to keep silent any longer, she began moaning softly – though she was careful to keep her volume low so as not to alert anyone else.

You just can’t wait for it, can you whore? he chuckled into her ear. You’re hardly the first slut I’ve been with, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who sounded like they could cum from having their asshole fingered alone. That’s probably a good sign – I’m not going to be gentle at all when I fuck that whore ass of yours, but given how you’re acting I’m guessing that you want it nice and rough.

She would have liked to deny it, but he was right. Though she wouldn’t have thought it possible, his fingering of her asshole was quickly driving her to orgasm. Even his threat of fucking her ass roughly wasn’t enough to turn her off – in her current mood she actually did suspect that she’d want it hard. Trying to ignore him, she reminded herself that she was only a few minutes from her stop – all she had to do was deny her orgasm for a little longer, and she’d be safe. Unfortunately, deep down she didn’t really want to be safe at all.

As she continued to bite down on her lip in a futile effort to forget about the pleasure that she was feeling, he forced a third finger up her ass. The pain returned – having never had anything in her butt before, Cynthia was completely unprepared for being stretched out so wide and so roughly. In a way, the pain was actually desirable. Though it was hardly capable of getting her mind completely off her looming orgasm, at least it wasn’t pushing her closer to it. Unfortunately, less than a minute after having the third finger forced inside of her she could already feel the pain fading away.

As the pain drifted off into nothingness, the man began to build up steam. As he quickly pumped his fingers in and out of her virgin asshole Cynthia knew that her orgasm wouldn’t be far off. She reminded herself that she had less than a couple of minutes to go before she could make a run for it, but it was little comfort – even though it wasn’t that long, she wasn’t quite sure she’d make it anyway. She tried desperately to think of vile, disgusting things in order to distract herself, but his powerful fingers stretching her out consistently brought her mind back to the dilemma she was trying so hard to avoid.

Worried that the way things were going she’d probably beg him to fuck her ass before she reached her stop, Cynthia poured her focus into stroking him to orgasm before that could happen. She reasoned that if he had already cum then he’d be in no position to fuck her, and it seemed like a good idea to focus on something other than the physical pain and pleasure that was driving her to distraction. She did her best to stroke him as quickly as she could, but it seemed futile – she realized that he was most likely forcing himself to avoid cumming just so that he’d get the chance to fuck her in the ass.

It felt like an eternity had passed, but eventually the train came to a stop at Cynthia’s station and the doors came open with another pneumatic hiss. She knew that she should be happy about that – she had managed to delay her orgasm throughout the entire ride – but she found that she felt nothing but disappointment. It bothered her deeply that she wouldn’t get the satisfaction that her body demanded, and a part of her was seriously considering blowing off her appointment with Luke and staying on the train so that the man could do what he had promised to do. Still, she knew that would be a bad idea – if Luke didn’t deactivate the chip soon, she didn’t think she’d have the mental capability to ever get to his office.

Focusing her willpower, Cynthia pulled her hand out of the man’s pants and shoved her way towards the door. She hesitated a bit, hoping that he’d grab her arm and force her to stay until he had taken her anal virginity. Sadly, he did not pursue her – she was able to make it off the train without too much difficulty at all.

Standing outside the train’s doors, she lingered until they came to a close again, hoping that he’d come off the train to finish what he had started with her. As other people filed out of the train she realized that she had never actually turned around to look at his face, and had no idea who he was. It bothered her a little that any of the men leaving the train could have very well been him, though for some reason that she didn’t understand it turned her on as well. She stood awkwardly, hoping that one of the anonymous men leaving the train would grab her by the elbow and have his way with her, but no one did. Frustrated and desperate, she found herself fighting the urge to push her way back onto the train so that she could demand that he follow her out and fuck her in the ass as he had promised.

As the doors finally came closed and the train departed, she began walking towards Luke’s office. By that point her arousal was so intense that just the friction of her thighs rubbing against her naked cunt was propelling her towards orgasm, but she continued to resist. The street was hardly deserted, and she hoped desperately to regain some of the pride that she felt she had lost on the train. She reminded herself that she’d soon be in Luke’s office and the desires would go away when he finally deactivated the chip, but it was little comfort. To her disgust, she realized that she didn’t really care about the chip being deactivated – at that moment, all she really wanted was just to cum.

Continue reading with chapter three.

Remote Control - Chapter Three

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is part three of the story. If you haven't read part two yet, you should probably do that first.

Cynthia arrived at Luke’s office at 6:45. She was technically fifteen minutes early, but she didn’t think that he’d mind – it would just mean more time to abuse her. Brushing by Janet’s desk, she did her best to avoid eye contact with the woman and headed straight for Luke’s office. Unfortunately, she found the door locked.

You can’t go in there, Janet hissed, her voice dripping with disdain. Luke is busy at the moment, and he doesn’t like to be disturbed – even by his whores.

I have to, Cynthia insisted, ignoring Janet’s insult. You don’t understand; he’s expecting me.

He is, she agreed. At 7:00 – and it isn’t 7:00 yet. I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but spreading your legs for Luke doesn’t earn you special treatment from me. Take your seat and wait patiently, and he’ll see you when he’s ready.

You don’t understand, Cynthia half-moaned, half-growled. I have to see him this very instant. Look, can you at least let him know that I’m here?

I’d be happy to, she replied, just as soon as you sit your ass down and stop making a scene. Christ, I would think after your performance yesterday you’d be too worn out to want to go again – you know the whole building heard you cum, right?

Cynthia’s face went bright red with shame. She wanted to explain to Janet that it really wasn’t her fault, but knew that she’d never believe her. Not wanting to get into a fight while feeling so vulnerable, she took a seat and did her best to stay still as Janet glared at her contemptuously. Still eyeing Cynthia with disgust, Janet reached for her telephone and dialed Luke’s extension.

What’s up, Janet? came Luke’s voice through the intercom.

Your 7:00 whore – I’m sorry, appointment is here, Janet informed him.

I’m afraid I’m a bit busy at the moment, Luke replied. Let her know I’ll be ready for her at 7:00, though, and that I appreciate her punctuality.

Believe me, Luke, I tried that, Janet answered. Sadly, she seems to think that after her performance yesterday the sun must shine out of her asshole and that she’s just too good to wait.

Yes, I suspected that would be the case, Luke answered. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m too busy to see her at the moment. Listen, Janet, I’m really sorry to put you through this – I’m sure it must be quite uncomfortable being around her in her current state. If it helps, feel free to do whatever you want to her – beat her, rape her, shove your entire fist up her ass if you feel like it. I have a feeling she’ll enthusiastically consent to anything you can think of. She is straight, but from what you’ve told me in the past you quite enjoy playing with straight girls, don’t you?

Janet turned her gaze back towards Cynthia as a mechanical click signified the end of the call. Cynthia hoped that what Luke had said was just a joke to screw with her mind, but the predatory look on Janet’s face told her otherwise. As Janet rose to her feet and began to approach her, Cynthia was shocked to find that although she was mildly panicked and disgusted by the idea of being with a woman, her dominant emotion was joy – she was grateful for the fact that someone would finally finish what the man on the train had started.

So, is what he said true? Janet asked, continuing to approach as Cynthia struggled to remain seated. Would you really consent to anything that I wanted to do to you?

It’s not, Cynthia lied, the lust in her voice betraying the truth. I swear, I honestly have no idea what he’s talking about.

Nice try, Janet shot back, clearly not buying her lie. Now try to say it without sounding like you’re about to cum. Listen, bitch, I don’t know what he did to you that has you so horny, but fortunately I don’t really care either. Get on your hands and knees and flip that tiny little dress of yours up – I want to see what you’re planning on offering Luke later.

Cynthia found herself complying with the order, but she forced herself to stop. The idea of getting the orgasm she had been denied since the train was intensely tempting to her, but her fear of lesbian sex was powerful enough to let her resist. Placing her hands on the arms of the chain, she forced herself to stay still.

No, she moaned back, trying and failing to sound firm.

Janet shot her a subtle grin. For a second, Cynthia thought she might be about to back off. Strangely, she found herself more disappointed than relieved by the idea that she’d spend the next fifteen minutes waiting in silence rather than being raped by Luke’s secretary. She was fighting the urge to tell Janet she was just kidding and comply with her orders when Janet reached back and slapped her across the face extremely hard. Though painful, it seemed to only further the powerful arousal that Cynthia was already feeling.

That wasn’t a polite request, whore, Janet calmly explained. I’m going to have my way with that tight little ass of yours, the only question is how much of a beating you’ll take before that happens. Now do as I fucking told you, or I’ll show you just how hard I can really hit.

Climbing out of the chair, Cynthia dropped to her hands and knees as Janet had instructed. She told herself that she was complying out of fear of the beating that Janet would surely deliver if she continued to refuse her, but she knew that wasn’t the truth. The truth was that as afraid as she was of what might happen and what it might mean about her sexuality, she was eagerly looking forward to it. She felt as if she’d cum the instant anything touched her throbbing clit, and was desperate to let that happen.

Good slut, Janet praised, sounding rather surprised by how quickly Cynthia gave in and obeyed her. God, Luke wasn’t kidding, was he? You really will do anything. I wonder, though – I’m guessing you’ve had plenty of cocks shoved down that little whore throat of yours over the years, but have you even eaten a pussy?

I haven’t, Cynthia admitted, simultaneously disgusted and aroused by the thought of going down on another woman. Please don’t make me do that, though? I really am straight!

That’s what they all say, Janet laughed as she knelt down next to Cynthia. It’s okay, bitch, I don’t expect you to be a pro at it. You should know, though, that I am going to force you to try. So, you know – start getting used to the idea that I’m going to be fucking your face before Luke sees you. In the meantime, though, let’s see what kind of panties you wore for Luke to tear off.

Grabbing the hemline of Cynthia’s dress, Janet casually pulled it up over her ass. Cynthia was deeply humiliated by that – she remembered that she had left her panties on the train, and wasn’t happy about Janet thinking that she had come to see Luke wearing no underwear. She realized it was too late to do anything about it, though, and simply buried her face in the carpet as shame coursed through her body.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Janet taunted, crudely grabbing Cynthia’s ass and spreading the cheeks apart. I take it panties only slow down a whore like you. Tell me though, bitch – is your pussy usually this sopping wet, or are you just excited about getting your first taste of pussy? I can see the cum glistening off your lips from here.

It’s not that! Cynthia insisted as Janet slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt with disturbing ease. I swear to god, I’m not normally like this – your boss did this to me!

Janet let out a heavy sigh, removed her fingers from Cynthia’s crotch, and slapped her across the ass as hard as she could. Cynthia let out a stifled yelp, but even that seemed to drip with lust. Laughing at Cynthia’s obvious shame, Janet returned her fingers to her crotch and began to slowly pump them in and out.

So, first lesson about eating pussy, she explained as Cynthia began unwillingly moaning in pleasure. Don’t tell me that you’re turned on for Luke instead of me – that’s just common sense. I don’t really care if you enjoy this or not, but it’s mildly insulting to tell a lesbian that your sloppy little fuck box is only wet because of a man. Got it, bitch?

That wasn’t what I meant! Cynthia moaned.

I don’t care what you meant, Janet growled, spanking her ass again. But I’ll forgive you, provided you do something to make up for it. Tell me how much you’re looking forward to sucking my pussy. Tell me how badly you want me to cum on that little whore tongue of yours.

I want you to cum on my tongue? Cynthia moaned hesitantly. Though deeply turned on, she still had serious reservations about lesbian sex.

I don’t think you could sound less enthusiastic if you tried, Janet sighed in disappointment. Clearly spanking your ass isn’t getting the message across – you seem to enjoy it far too much. Perhaps there’s something else that I can do to your ass to help you understand your place.

Before Cynthia had time to react Janet removed her fingers from her pussy and forced two of them into her asshole. She groaned a little in humiliation, but found that it didn’t hurt like it had earlier. Janet’s fingers were far smaller than those of the man on the train, and though she was hardly being gentle with Cynthia she wasn’t being quite as rough. She tried hard not to, but Cynthia found herself moaning in pleasure as Janet began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her asshole.

God, what a fucking whore you are, Janet hissed. I guess it’s not your fault, though – I should have guessed that you’d get off on having your asshole fucked. You’re pretty loose here, by the way. Just how often do you take it up the ass?

I don’t! Cynthia protested. I swear, I’ve never been fucked in the ass in my life!

Bullshit, Janet growled, forcing a third finger into her asshole. Normal women can’t take three fingers this easily. Either you get fucked up the ass so often that you’re all stretched out, or you got your asshole fucked on the way over here and you’re still loose from that. Which is it, bitch?

He didn’t fuck me, Cynthia groaned in shame. She didn’t like admitting what had happened on the train, but it felt mildly better than allowing Janet to continue believing that she was some kind of anal sex fiend.

Is that so? Janet laughed, clearly not expecting that particular response. Well, I know it wasn’t Luke – he’s been in his office the entire day. Tell me, bitch – who exactly was it that got your filthy little asshole all nice and stretched out for me? What’s his name?

I don’t know, Cynthia tearfully admitted. She knew how shameful it would sound, but she wasn’t sure how else she could answer the question.

Well, I’m sure what you have with him is very special Janet sarcastically taunted. And hey, this is good news, too! You’re apparently the type of slut that would let literally any man into her asshole without so much as knowing his name, and once I’m done with you you’ll be able to feel the same way about women! You’ll be an equal opportunity fuck toy, servicing anyone willing to have you.

Cynthia groaned in humiliation. The image Janet was painting was abhorrent to her, yet all it was doing was further turning her on. Combined with Janet’s expert digital manipulation of her virgin asshole, she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching yet again. She knew that cumming at that moment would look tremendously bad for her – it would lead Janet to believe that she actually enjoyed the type of abuse that she was being subjected to – but she didn’t care anymore. She figured that she might be able to push her orgasm back a minute at the most, and if it was going to happen she might as well let it happen already. Finally giving into the temptation, she let herself cum.

The orgasm was mind-blowingly intense. She wasn’t sure if it was the chip altering her chemical balance, the taboo of being with a woman, or the fact that she had been holding herself back for the last hour, but it was even stronger than the one she had experienced the previous day in Luke’s office. Unfortunately, it was so intense that she found herself completely unable to restrain herself in even the tiniest way. She moaned just as loudly as she had the day before, and left no doubt in Janet’s mind – or the minds of anyone within a mile of her current position – as to just how powerfully she was cumming.

You’re sure that you’re straight now? Janet laughed as Cynthia eventually came down from the high of her orgasm. I mean, you’re hardly the first straight girl that I’ve gotten off, but usually it’s a bit harder than just shoving some fingers up the dirty bitch’s asshole.

Cynthia considered pointing out that it was Luke’s fault again, but she knew that would be a bad idea. She didn’t think that Janet would believe her about the microchip in her brain, and suspected that she’d just resent her giving Luke the credit for the orgasm. Deeply ashamed and fairly terrified of what might happen next, she continued to bury her face in the carpet and tried to hide from the world.

Don’t get shy on me now, bitch, Janet warned, taking her fingers out of Cynthia’s asshole and stripping out of her khaki pants. I made your slut ass cum, now it’s time for you to return the favor. Are you excited, bitch? Looking forward to your first taste of pussy?

Please don’t make me do that, Cynthia begged. I swear to god, I’m really not gay!

Selfish little slut, Janet growled, grabbing Cynthia by the hair and slapping her across the face. I don’t give two shits if you think you’re gay or not, you’re going to suck my pussy to thank me for making you cum. If you want to get this over with quickly I strongly suggest you enthusiastically cooperate, as I don’t plan to stop until I cum all over that slutty little face of yours. Fair warning, too – you’re going to have a much more difficult time getting me off than I did getting you off, though that’s to be expected. I’m sure you realize that most women don’t cum nearly as easily as sluts like you.

As Janet laid down before Cynthia and spread her legs wide, Cynthia considered stalling for time. She believed that she might be able to delay things for the ten minutes until Luke would see her, but it didn’t seem like a great idea. She couldn’t really imagine Luke saving her after what she had overheard earlier; if anything she suspected that Luke would help Janet. She worried that he might deactivate her chip but still force her to do as Janet had demanded, and as terrifying as the thought of going down on a woman was to her she realized it would be even worse if she wasn’t already deeply aroused. Reminding herself that it was just the chip and shouldn’t reflect on her, she cooperated and timidly extended her tongue as Janet grabbed her hair and led her face into her crotch.

Good slut, Janet grinned. Now, you can start thanking me for fingering your filthy little asshole by giving my clit a kiss.

Obeying Janet’s instructions, Cynthia pressed her tongue against Janet’s clit. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t taste terrible – though she was a little freaked out by the idea of tasting a pussy that wasn’t hers, the flavor was otherwise completely inoffensive. Finding that nothing terrible had happened, she began to cautiously lick it and found that as troubling as it was, she actually didn’t hate what she was doing.

Figuring that Janet wouldn’t mind as long as she cooperated with her, Cynthia reached back and began to play with herself as she flicked her tongue across Janet’s clit. Not only did it feel ridiculously good, but she found that it distracted her from the revulsion in the back of her mind concerning what she was doing with her mouth. Aggressively masturbating while continuing to orally service Janet, she felt yet another orgasm rapidly building up.

That’s a good slut, Janet moaned lustfully. You eat pussy pretty good for someone who pretends to be a straight girl, you know. Show me how much fun you’re having by shoving that little slut tongue up my hole. Come on, bitch – fuck me with your tongue.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Cynthia quickly complied with the order and thrust her tongue as deep into Janet’s pussy as she could. As Janet’s most intimate flavor filled her mouth she realized that though she might have identified as straight, she was actually enjoying her first experience eating pussy. She tried to convince herself that it was just the chip perverting her own desires, but she couldn’t seem to believe it – though she knew the intensity with which she was feeling things was certainly the chip’s fault, she couldn’t pretend that a part of her wasn’t legitimately getting off on what she was doing.

The realization that she didn’t hate lesbian sex nearly as much as she thought she did pushed her over the edge and Cynthia came again. It wasn’t quite as intense as it had been the time before – she hadn’t been holding it in for an hour, after all – but it was still quite noticeable. Janet’s cunt managed to partially muffle her climactic moans, but not to the point where Cynthia wasn’t certain that Janet knew what was going on.

You little whore, Janet mocked. That’s two for you, and you haven’t even gotten me off a single time yet. You had better hurry up – Luke’s going to see you in five minutes, and if you haven’t gotten me off by then I’m going to be very angry with you. I won’t let you off the hook or anything – you’ll still have to suck me until I cum – but I’ll go out of my way to make sure that you don’t enjoy it. Don’t start thinking that Luke will protect you, either – he loves it when I abuse his whores, and he might even help me punish you if you fail me.

Cynthia wasn’t too worried about what Janet might do to her on her own if she failed to get her off in time. She realized that there really wasn’t anything that Janet could do to her in her current state that she wouldn’t end up enjoying. The threat of Luke helping her, on the other hand, was sufficiently terrifying. Luke could hurt her with a single touch of a button, and after how he had behaved the previous day she suspected that he would not hesitate to join in on humiliating her. Motivated by both fear and lust, Cynthia doubled down on her efforts to make Janet cum as quickly as possible.

Continuing to masturbate with her right hand, she brought her left hand forward and began to fuck Janet with two of her fingers. With the hole occupied, she moved her mouth back to Janet’s clit, sucked it into her mouth, and aggressively flicked her tongue across it. Janet seemed to approve – still gripping her hair, she pressed her crotch into Cynthia’s face as she moaned loudly in pleasure.

Slightly complicating things, Janet began to grind her crotch into Cynthia’s face. By turning everything into a moving target she made Cynthia’s job a bit more difficult, but Cynthia was in no position to complain. Doing her best to keep up, she struggled to continue fingering and licking as Janet coated her face in a sticky layer of female cum.

Complicating things even more, Luke’s chip seemed to be getting close to maximum strength. Cynthia continued to play with herself with her free hand, but she really didn’t need to. She found herself in a state of perpetual orgasm, and it made it tremendously hard to focus on anything at all.

I don’t think you’re going to make it, bitch, Janet taunted as she continued to hump Cynthia’s face. I really hope that you’re feeling masochistic, as you only have three minutes left to get me off.

Terrified, Cynthia intensified her efforts but found it extremely difficult. Janet’s face humping made it nearly impossible for her to take control of the situation; really all she could do was stick her tongue out and hope for the best. Still, she didn’t give up hope – as Janet’s moaning became more and more intense, she began to think that she might actually make it. Casting aside any lingering heterosexuality that she might have been holding on to, she forced herself to do everything in her power to get Janet off before she ran out of time.

She seemed to be making progress. Unfortunately, just before it seemed like Janet was about to cum Janet shoved Cynthia’s face away from her and scooted back. Cynthia hoped that Janet had decided she didn’t feel like cumming on Cynthia’s face after all, but it didn’t seem too likely. She suspected that Janet had just decided that she wanted an opportunity to punish her.

That was pathetic, Janet panted, out of breath and clearly lying. I know it was your first time eating pussy, but you really are completely talentless there. It’s a bit of a problem, too – from now on, every time you come here to see Luke I expect you to drop down to your knees and service me first, and if you don’t learn to eat pussy better that’s going to take forever. Let’s try a different position and see if that helps anything. Lie flat on your back and spread those slut legs of yours. Oh, and slut? Quit fucking yourself – you’ve cum enough for today; if you want to cum again you’re going to have to earn it.

Cynthia rapidly complied with her directions. She was mildly disturbed by the fact that she had more difficulty wrenching her hand out of her crotch than any other aspect of what Cynthia had ordered, but she had bigger problems on her mind. She had less than a minute to get Janet off, and her prospects of succeeding felt quite grim.

As Cynthia waited impatiently Janet placed her knees on either side of her head and straddled her face. After spending a few seconds hovering over Cynthia’s face and forcing her to crook her neck up uncomfortably to reach, she reached down, grabbed Cynthia by the hair, and brought her crotch down on her face hard. Holding Cynthia by her hair she grinding her hips back and forth, continuing to coat her face with cum. Cynthia did her best to try to continue pleasuring her with her mouth, but there was little that she could do in her position.

I see you’ve found something to do with Cynthia here, came Luke’s voice. I knew you two would get along eventually – and to think, you didn’t like her at first.

I still don’t, Janet shot back, still fucking Cynthia’s helpless face. This bitch can’t eat pussy to save her life. She’s willing enough, but she’s a bit too eager – artlessly trying to force her tongue as deep into me as she can. Frankly, it’s a little embarrassing, and she still hasn’t gotten me off despite getting off at least five or six times herself. Shit, Luke, I think she’s cumming right now and I’m not even touching the little whore.

I’m not surprised, Luke laughed. I think I might be able to help, though. If the problem is that she’s a bit too eager, this ought to fix things.

Cynthia watched in horror out of the corner of her eye as Luke pulled the remote control out of his jacket pocket. She had spent the entire day hoping that he’d reverse whatever he did as soon as possible, but at that moment she wanted him to hold off and let the chip continue doing its thing so that she wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt and shame she knew she’d feel about going down on a woman. Unfortunately, with Janet’s twat still grinding against her face she was powerless to protest, much less doing anything. As Luke pressed a couple of buttons on the remote she simply prayed that the remorse over her behavior wouldn’t be too severe.

It took a few seconds, but she eventually felt her arousal levels returning to normal. It was somewhat nice being able to think of things other than sex, though the emotional stress was intense. With her orgasmic energy fading away, it was difficult for her to accept that she was lying on her back outside of Luke’s office with her legs spread wide open and Luke’s secretary’s cunt in her face.

Shame flooding her psyche, Cynthia pulled her tongue back into her mouth, clenched her jaw shut, and did what she could to try to get out from under Janet. Unfortunately, Janet had little interest in letting Cynthia escape until after her job was done – she simply held her tightly by the hair and continued to grind her dripping cunt into Cynthia’s blushing face. Hoping to regain at least a shred of her dignity, Cynthia then tried to close her legs – only to have Janet quickly thrust her hand into her crotch before she was able to block her. Resigned to her fate, she simply tried to tune everything out as Janet continued to hump away.

Well, she’s not too eager anymore, Janet commented, but now she’s not responding at all. I don’t know what you just did, but think you could do something somewhere in the middle? Get her licking, but not quite as cunt-crazy as she was a moment ago?

I could, Luke shrugged, but I don’t see why you can’t do it the old fashioned way. She might not be as horny as she was a few seconds ago anymore, but I’m sure she’ll still respond to the same stimulus. Seeing as you already have your hand in the right place, why not use it to communicate your approval to her? If she pleases you play with her clit – otherwise shove a finger or two up her asshole as punishment.

I doubt that would work, Janet laughed, still fucking Cynthia’s face. This bitch loves it up the ass – in fact, that orgasm that I’m sure you heard earlier was entirely just from having her asshole fingered. I swear, I wasn’t touching her anywhere else or anything.

Really? Luke laughed back. I’m surprised, Cynthia – you never struck me as the anal type. Even with your special situation, I have to admit I’m a little amazed that you could cum that way – especially with a woman.

It wasn’t just with me, Janet helpfully explained. Apparently she let some stranger up her butt on the way over here. She swears that she didn’t actually let him fuck her up the ass, but she was already stretched out enough that I was able to get three fingers up the little bitch without even having to try hard.

What a whore, Luke smiled, obviously enjoying Cynthia’s degradation. I doubt she’ll feel the same way about taking things up her ass right now, but I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want to risk it. There’s other ways to punish her anyway – for example, I’m betting that her clit is still quite sensitive after the day that she’s had. Go ahead and pinch down on it hard – I’m positive that will give her the motivation that she needs.

Cynthia looked up at Janet and begged her with her eyes to disregard Luke’s suggestion. She absolutely didn’t want her asshole getting fingered again, but it seemed preferable to the pain she suspected she’d experience if Janet actually did what Luke was advising her to do. He was right – her clit felt extremely sensitive after being turned on for the last day, and she wasn’t sure if she could handle the pain.

Unfortunately, Janet didn’t seem to be feeling all too sympathetic for Cynthia’s predicament. A cruel grin plastered across her face, she reached back, grabbed Cynthia’s swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger, and twisted hard. The pain was unbelievable – Cynthia cried out loudly, only to have her screams muffled by Janet’s body. She tried to struggle her way to freedom, but after the abuse her body had taken she was ill-prepared for any kind of physical contest.

That sounds like it really hurts, Janet laughed. If you want me to stop any time soon, you should probably get to work, bitch.

With no other option available, Cynthia forced her tongue back into Janet’s hole. It was tremendously humiliating – although she had done it before, without the chip clouding her judgment it was impossible for her to pretend that she was okay with what was happening. Still, pain was a powerful motivator, and her desire to end it far outweighed the taboo of what she was being forced to do.

With Cynthia cooperating, Janet released her grip on her abused clit. Rewarding her for her efforts, she slipped a finger into Cynthia’s pussy and slowly began to fuck her with it. Though still in a lot of pain and extremely freaked out by what she was doing with another woman, Cynthia was surprised to find that it felt extremely good. Figuring that taboo pleasure from Janet was far preferable to pain, she repressed the disgust she felt for what she was doing and focused on getting Janet off.

It wasn’t easy, but after about ten minutes Janet came on her face. Cynthia found the act of having another woman cum on her face deeply humiliating, but she tried to console herself by reminding herself that at least it was over. To her surprise, she found that a part of herself was actually a little sad that it was over – an orgasm had been slowly building over the last ten minutes, and it bothered her that she wouldn’t get to experience it. Still, even after all she had been through she couldn’t bring herself to complain about that.

I knew you could pull it off, Luke commended as Janet finally climbed off of Cynthia’s face. Unfortunately, since you took so long I’m afraid we now have to leave right away. Come on, Cynthia – let’s show you off to the world.

Cynthia considered begging for a minute to wash her face, but she knew it would be futile. She hated the idea that she’d have to go out in public with Janet’s cum slowly drying on her skin, but she knew that she had bigger problems. The sadistic look on Luke’s face made it clear that she’d have bigger problems than simply smelling like pussy at whatever party Luke was taking her to.

Continue reading with chapters four and five.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Conquest - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Iana eyed Kron with tremendous disdain. His presence in the temple of the moon was sacrilegious, but even if they hadn’t been standing on sacred ground she’d have hardly been happy to see him. Orcs had always been forbidden in her city, and she had never had the desire to change that. As was typical of elves, Iana wasn’t a fan of the orcish race.

Standing at nearly eight feet tall, Kron was massive even by orcish standards. If he were of any other race she might assume that he was a low ranking peon due to his mismatched armor, but she knew that was normal for orcs – where other races might craft their own equipment, orcs typically simply looted what they wanted from their kills without concern for whether or not it matched. What little mossy green skin the armor exposed was covered with deep scars, speaking to his violent history. Even if it hadn’t been for the cruel axe strapped to his back which functioned both as a weapon and a symbol of rank, his savage appearance would have told her that she was looking at an orcish warchief.

You don’t look happy to see me, elf pig, he growled, his voice as rough and violent as his physical appearance. What happened to the legendary civility of your breed? Shouldn’t you be throwing some kind of fancy ceremony to welcome me into your temple?

This is hallowed ground, she reminded him. Your very presence here defiles this temple; you’ll understand if I don’t go out of my way to make an abomination such as yourself feel welcome here. On any other day I’d have your body riddled with crossbow bolts and dragged out while my priestesses worked diligently to purify anything that your filthy blood soiled as it spilled from your disgraceful body.

A subtle grin crept across Kron’s face. A natural sadist even by orc standards, he took great delight in knowing that his enemy was suffering due to his presence alone. Still, as much as he enjoyed hearing about how his being in her precious temple hurt her, he wasn’t about to permit an elf – even an elf queen – to talk back to him. Approaching slowly, he raised up his gauntleted hand and brought it down hard across Iana’s pristine face, dragging the spikes across her pale blue skin and sending her to the floor. He knew she’d live – elves healed quite quickly from non-fatal wounds – but he also knew it would hurt like hell.

This isn’t any other day, he grinned. I’m not here to see the sights of Moonglenn; I’m here to discuss your surrender. My army surrounds your city, your allies have abandoned you, and if the greatest worry you currently have is the presence of a low-born in your sacred little temple, well, then you just haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t want my armies painting your city with the blood of your people, you should speak to me with respect.

Iana hated it, but she knew he was right. The city-state of Moonglenn had been elven territory for ten thousand years, since long before the orcs even existed, but there was no denying that she was beaten. Her army lay broken and scattered, and the only thing standing between the extinction and survival of her race was Kron’s will. Though disgusted with the situation, she knew that she had no choice in the matter.

I’m sorry, she forced out, disgusted with herself for apologizing to something as foul as Kron. You’re right – we’re beaten, and I acknowledge that. Grant safe passage to my people so that they might leave, and Moonglenn is yours to do with as you please.

Not good enough, he grunted. Elves have abused my people for thousands of years –enslaved us, killed us like vermin, burned our bodies, and spat on our ancestors. I’ll take Moonglenn – that much is certain – but I want some payback as well. Your commoners can have their safe passage, but your nobility stays here.

Absolutely not, Iana retorted quickly. Do you honestly expect me to consent to being slaughtered? Be reasonable, Kron – you’ll have your vengeance in knowing that you’ve beaten and humiliated my people and driven us from our own lands. Isn’t that enough?

Kron grinned again; entertained by how quickly she spoke of the virtues of being reasonable when it was her life on the line. Standing over her hunched body, he kicked her in the midsection to knock her down flat on her back. Bringing his steel encased boot to her throat, he applied pressure to cut off her air supply. He wasn’t going to kill her – he fully intended to back off before any real damage was done – but he did want her to remember just how easily he could.

You’ll consent to what I tell you to, he smiled, pressing down with his boot to add weight to his words. I’ve crushed your army; it would be easy to march on your city and take what I want by force. If it comes to that, I’ll allow safe passage to no one – both commoner and nobility will be taken prisoner, though I’ll make sure that the commoners know they could have been spared such a fate if only their good queen Iana had been more reasonable. You have no power over me, puny elf pig – accept what little charity I offer and be grateful for it.

Kron removed his boot from Iana’s throat and gave her another kick to the midsection for good measure. As she gasped for air he soaked in her suffering – the way that she glared at him made it very clear that she hated everything about what was currently happening, but knew she was powerless to change a thing. He enjoyed that deeply – watching any elf suffer was always pleasurable, but seeing an actual elf queen stewing in impotent rage filled him with sadistic joy.

There is good news, he continued. You think I’ll have your nobility slaughtered, but I won’t. In fact, I’m not planning to kill any of you – I’m planning to keep you alive as long as I can. Us orcs might enjoy the occasional blood spilling, but we can contain our lust for death when we need to – especially when we have suitable distractions.

Iana grimaced at his words. She had no desire to see her people cut down in the streets, but she knew there were plenty of fates worse than death and wasn’t so na├»ve to think that Kron didn’t know the same. A remarkably resilient race, elves could withstand tremendous abuse without dying from it, and she suspected that Kron and his army would take full advantage of that fact. Still, she knew that she had no choice – as horrific as her fate might be, it was her duty as the queen to do what was right for her people, and in this case that meant saving the commoners even if it doomed the nobility.

Fine, she choked out, accepting that she had no choice. I accept your terms. Let my commoners go, and the nobility – and the city – are yours.

Still not good enough, elf pig, Kron roared, kicking Iana again in the stomach. I am warchief of the Blackened Skull Clan, and I demand tribute. My people will have your city and your nobility, but I want something for myself.

What could I possibly offer you? Iana snapped. You’ve taken everything I have – there’s nothing left to give!

I want an elven fuck pet, Kron laughed. Not just any elven fuck pet, though – I want an elven fuck pet who is also a queen. I’ll keep her naked at all times, fuck her whenever I please, and lead her around on a leash so that all who question my might will see how enemies of the Blackened Skull are treated. Offer yourself to me, elf pig – beg me to make you my fuck pet.

I’ll sooner die, Iana hissed.

Okay, Kron shrugged. It doesn’t have to be you, anyway – just the queen. If you die, you aren’t queen anymore – and I can make the new queen my fuck pet. Are you sure you want me to kill you, elf pig?

Iana quickly realized what he was saying. If she died, her eldest daughter would be crowned queen and suffer whatever tortures Kron had in mind. She was terrified of the things that Kron might do to her, but she absolutely couldn’t sentence her daughter Jin to the same fate in her stead. Swearing a silent oath of revenge, she accepted that if she wanted to protect her daughter she’d have to do as the orc ordered.

No, she whimpered. Please don’t kill me. Make me your fuck pet instead. Are you happy now?

Is this what passes for begging? Kron laughed, kicking her hard in the chest. You royal types are always so soft – you spend your entire lives being given whatever you want and you don’t even know what to do when that’s not the case anymore. This ends now – I won’t have a fuck pet that can’t even beg right. Climb up to your knees. Strip naked, knowing you’ll never wear clothes again. Kiss my boots and beg me to give you the honor of being my personal fuck pet.

Iana felt absolutely nauseous. Obeying his demands seemed exponentially worse than death, and she knew it would only get worse. She’d have gladly embraced death instead, but couldn’t bear the thought of her daughter having to face the fate that she was avoiding. With no other options, she reluctantly obeyed. Climbing to her knees, she slipped out of the flowing regal robes that she was wearing, realizing that she might very well never have her nudity covered again. As the robes fell to the floor, she lifted the crown off of her head – only to have Kron stop her.

The crown stays on, he grinned. You’ll be raped, beaten, and humiliated before all who care to watch, but you’ll still be an elf queen.

Iana understood what he wanted – he wasn’t leaving the crown on as a mercy, he was doing it because she was meant to be his trophy. He wanted everyone to know that he had truly conquered her people and taken their queen as his slave, and the crown would help to accomplish that. Unfortunately, her knowledge of his motives changed nothing – she was still completely at his mercy and knew it would be unwise to argue. Leaving the crown in place, she leaned forward and touched her lips to his boots, repressing her intense desire to vomit from the indignity.

Please let me be your fuck pet, she choked out, the words like acid on her tongue. I know I don’t deserve the honor, but please, show mercy and let me be yours.

Kron placed his hands on his hips and pretended to think it over. Iana knew it was all an act – orcs weren’t exactly legendary thinkers – but she had no choice but to remain on her knees and tolerate his posturing. After a few seconds a malicious grin crept across his face, letting her know that things were about to get worse.

Leaning down, Kron shoved Iana’s body to the floor and grabbed her wrists. Taking a silver chain that he had wrapped around his shoulders, he tightly lashed Iana’s wrists together behind her back. It seemed completely unnecessary to Iana – Kron’s bodyguards and the army he had outside her city walls were more than sufficient to keep her from attacking. As she wondered what was going on he grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet, still grinning widely. Reaching into the pouch he had strapped around his waist, he pulled out a small vial filled with a glowing purple fluid, and removed the cork from it.

Still not good enough, he smiled, forcing open Iana’s mouth and pouring the contents of the vial into it. But you’re making progress, so I’ll be patient with you for now. This potion should help you to learn your place a bit faster. It was hard to come by, but seeing as you’re royalty I think you’re worth it. Swallow it all, now – I have another ready for your daughter if you choose to spit.

Not wanting to risk her daughter’s well-being, Iana willingly swallowed the entire contents of the vial as Kron poured them into her mouth. She hoped that it would be a poison of some sort, but she knew that was unlikely – Kron seemed to enjoy her suffering far too much to allow her the mercy of death. She considered asking what it was that he had fed her, but it wasn’t necessary – she felt the effects of the potion almost instantly.

It wasn’t a poison that he had fed her at all, but rather a sex potion – and a remarkably powerful one at that. Even though sex had been the furthest thing from her mind, Iana found herself suddenly unable to think of anything else. Her entire body yearned for physical stimulation, she honestly wondered if she might explode if she didn’t get some satisfaction soon. She quickly realized why Kron had taken the time to bind her arms – if she had been free, she likely would have been masturbating. She might have been grateful for the indignity that his binding was sparing her, if it hadn’t been for the painful frustration that she instantly felt.

Now, let’s try begging again, Kron laughed, clearly amused by the extremely noticeable effect the potion was having on Iana. Back on your knees, pig. Let’s hope that you beg better with motivation, as that potion’s effects are only going to get worse.

Iana was absolutely terrified – she could barely handle how aroused she was already, the idea that it could get worse was unthinkable. She worried that she might actually die from frustration, but she worried more about the things she might do to disgrace herself if she lived. Dropping back to her knees, she told herself that she was only doing what Kron ordered to spare her daughter, but she knew that was no longer the absolute truth – as disgusting as the idea of having sex with an orc would normally have been, the thought was currently disturbingly tolerable.

Please make me your fuck pet, she whimpered, disgusted with the perverse lust her voice dripped with. Please, Kron – I accept your authority entirely, and I’ll do anything you want if you’ll just permit me to serve you as your fuck pet.

Anything? Kron laughed. Let’s test that theory – this temple offends me. I have no love for the failure of a goddess it honors, but I’m sure I can find something more interesting to do with it. Ask me to turn this pathetic shrine into a whorehouse, pig.

Iana was horrified by his request. She had sworn a sacred oath to prevent the defilement of the temple, and she could think of nothing worse than turning it into a house of ill repute. She wanted desperately to refuse him, but she knew it wouldn’t make a difference – he didn’t need her permission, he was just forcing her to ask in order to humiliate her. Besides, as the burning desire between her legs grew more and more intense, she wasn’t sure that her body would forgive her if she chose that moment to rebel against him.

Please turn this temple into a whorehouse, she groaned, deeply disgusted with herself for violating her oath but knowing that there was no other choice.

You don’t sound like you want me to at all, he chuckled. You should, you know – after I take your city, your former priestesses are going to need work. Converting this worthless temple into a whorehouse won’t just be good for the citizens of New Moonglenn – it will let your priestesses continue to work in the same temple they’re used to working in.

Iana knew that she should be horrified by what she was hearing – it sounded very much like Kron planned to force the priestesses, all of whom had sworn an oath of chastity, into prostitution. To her disgust, though, she found that while the idea was troubling, it wasn’t at the forefront of her mind. What she really cared about wasn’t the priestesses, or the temple, or even her city – it was how deeply she ached for sexual satisfaction.

I’m sorry, she whimpered. You’re right – I’m grateful for the mercy you’ll show the priestesses. Please accept me as your fuck pet now?

And they say us orcs have a one track mind, he laughed vulgarly. Poor little elf slut – you really want it, don’t you? I don’t think you’ve earned the right to call yourself my fuck pet just yet, but I’m warming up to the idea. I’ll tell you what – I won’t fuck you yet, but since you’re clearly desperate I’ll let you get yourself some pleasure. You may fuck the toe of my boot, slut – make it entertaining enough, and I might just take some pity on you and rape you the way you want to be raped.

Kron extended his foot forward, placing it between Iana’s legs. Iana tried to convince herself that she needed to refuse to participate in such a degrading act, but her body didn’t want to hear it – the monumental yearning between her legs needed to be satisfied, and it wasn’t concerned with her dignity. Knowing that she was about to give in and do as the orc asked, Iana told herself that in some ways it was actually for the best – fucking his boot might be a humiliating way to attain the satisfaction she so desperately needed, but it was far preferable to actually fucking Kron himself. Swallowing her pride, she lowered her body down until her crotch made contact with the filthy boot.

Iana felt her attitude change the instant that her clit made contact with the steel plating of the boot. It seemed that the potion hadn’t just magnified her sexual desires, but her sexual responsiveness as well – even though the contact was minimal and the situation disgusting, it filled her with more pleasure than she had ever experienced in her life. Her pride and decency rapidly evaporating in the face of such powerful lust, she began to grind her crotch back and forth on the orc’s boot – slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed.

As her animal instincts took over, Kron and his bodyguards laughed viciously at her humiliation. They made countless jokes about how depraved her actions were, but Iana didn’t care – her orgasm was quickly building up, and if her heightened senses were any indication she expected it to be powerful enough to tolerate any verbal abuse that they could throw at her. Unfortunately for Iana, Kron pulled his foot away the instant that she was about to cum, leaving her even more frustrated than she had been at the beginning. Desperation taking over, she attempted to chase his foot and finish the job, only to be easily restrained by Kron’s laughing bodyguards.

Poor little elf slut, Kron taunted. Where’s your sense of dignity? I love watching elves humiliate themselves as much as the next orc, but allowing this to continue just seems wrong. Still, you seem to be learning obedience, and I guess that should be rewarded. Since I’m such a kind master, I’m going to let you suck my cock – get it nice and hard, and I might just take pity on you and shove it up that tight little elf cunt of yours.

Iana watched in revulsion as Kron undid his belt and began to strip out of his armor. She was disgusted with him for even suggesting such a thing, but she was far more disgusted with herself – she knew that as wrong as it was, she was deeply excited by the claim that he might just fuck her. She hated to think about it, but her biggest problem with her current situation wasn’t that she was about to be raped but rather the fact that she wasn’t about to be raped right away.

As Kron’s heavy chainmail pants dropped to his ankles, though, she got a new problem to worry about. She had heard that the genitals of orcs were typically on the large side, but Kron’s equipment looked positively dangerous. Easily twice the size of anything she had ever seen before, she worried that she’d be unable to take it without being literally torn apart. Still, she knew she had no choice in the matter – even if Kron would have permitted her to opt out, her own raging libido would have forced her to continue anyway. As Kron’s bodyguards released their grip on her, she scooted forward so as to obey his orders.

Grasping what little pride she had left, Iana tried to force herself to hesitate in a futile attempt to maintain a shred of dignity but found the task impossible – with each passing second the throbbing between her legs grew more painful and intense, and she didn’t want to waste time. Diving in, she brought her head to the orc’s cock and ran her tongue along it. It tasted of salt and sweat, but the flavor wasn’t nearly offensive enough to make her stop.

You lick good for royalty, Kron grinned as blood flowed to his growing erection. But I didn’t tell you to lick my cock – I told you to suck it. Fair warning, too – if I feel a single tooth on my cock, I’ll tear each and every tooth from your mouth myself.

Iana wasn’t sure how she’d fit such a massive object in her mouth, but Kron didn’t seem interested in hearing her protests. As she struggled to open her mouth as wide as possible he grabbed his dick and roughly forced it in. Showing a complete lack of concern for her well-being, he merrily thrust it down her throat as Iana struggled to repress her gag reflex. His bodyguards laughing and cheering him on, Kron grabbed Iana by her hair and began to fuck her face roughly as his cock continued to grow inside her mouth. Tears of anguish streamed down Iana’s cheeks, but Kron showed no mercy.

After a few minutes of brutal facial abuse, Kron was fully erect. Pulling his dick out of Iana’s mouth, he crudely shoved her away. Iana was grateful that the abuse had finally come to an end, though she found herself a bit disgusted with her reasoning. While she was happy that Kron’s cock would no longer be tormenting her throat, she was far happier about the fact that she might be about to get fucked. Looking up at him, she begged him with her eyes to show a little mercy and finally have his way with her.

You look like you have something to say, bitch, Kron laughed, brandishing his erection as if it were a weapon. Is there something you’d like me to do to you? Don’t be shy now – if you ask really nicely I might just be generous.

Please fuck me, Iana forced out, tears still streaming down her face. She hated Kron for what he had done to her, but she needed satisfaction and couldn’t pretend otherwise.

On your knees, pig, Kron laughed. Press your face into the floor and thrust your ass into the air. I’m going to fuck you like a dog – it’s only right that you be positioned like one.

Iana quickly obeyed his order. Everything about what was going on was wrong – the position, the lack of respect, the fact that they were in a sacred place – but the only thing that she could think of was how desperately she needed what was about to happen. She knew that it would hurt terribly – Kron’s dick had only grown larger in her mouth, and she didn’t expect him to be gentle – but she didn’t care. At that moment there was nothing that she wouldn’t gladly do in order to quench the fire that was burning inside of her – she simply hoped that he’d finally take her instead of forcing her to further beg.

Fortunately for Iana, Kron seemed done with verbal humiliation for the moment. Kneeling down behind her, he wrapped his massive hands around her waist, aimed the head of his cock at Iana’s dripping opening, and slowly pressed the tip in. Iana was disgusted with herself for how easily it slipped into her – it seemed terribly shameful that she be able to take anything of that size without massive struggle – but mostly she felt relief. She was finally about to get fucked, and not a moment too soon. She struggled to force herself back on Kron’s dick, but Kron simply laughed and held her steady.

Kron soaked in Iana’s frustration for a few seconds, taking delight in how she tried so desperately to get his dick further inside of her. Once he decided he had enough he tightened his grip on her waist and thrust in hard, impaling the elven queen on his cock in a single stroke. Caught off-guard, Iana let out a pained yelp – though even her cry of agony dripped with lust. His rough insertion had hurt her terribly, yet the pain wasn’t nearly enough to derail her need for sexual satisfaction.

Did that hurt, little elf? Kron taunted. If you’d like me to stop, just say the word – I wouldn’t want our first time to be painful to you or anything.

No, Iana grunted, in tremendous pain but more afraid of the aching she’d experience if he stopped. Please don’t stop – fuck me as hard as you like.

Good slut, Kron laughed. And don’t you worry – I’ll be fucking you as hard as I like whether you want me to or not. See, the thing I love about elves is how quickly they heal. If you were any other race I’d have to worry that I was damaging you – fucking a human this rough would destroy her cunt and make it worthless before I had even finished. With elves, though, I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll rape you as hard as I like, and you’ll heal up within minutes of my pulling out. Sure, over time I’ll stretch you out until your cunt is so loose you’ll be able to fit a fist up it without difficulty, but until that happens I get all the fun of raping your tight little hole over and over again.

Iana let out an involuntary moan. The prospect of being stretched out the way that he described was absolutely horrifying, yet a part of her found the idea to be almost hot. She knew she wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t for the potion she had been fed, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Just imagining being stretched out to the point that her genitals would be worthless to anyone but an orc was quickly driving her to orgasm.

You sound like you’re having fun, Kron laughed as he fucked her without mercy. You might make a worthy fuck pet yet – you sure seem to enjoy orc cock. It’s too bad I didn’t that you enjoy being fucked like a pig in your own worthless temple earlier – we could have skipped this entire war altogether. Thank me for honoring your worthless elf cunt with my orc cock, whore. Prove to me that you’ll make a good fuck pet.

Thank you for honoring my worthless elf cunt with your orc cock, Iana moaned. She knew she should be disgusted with herself for saying such a thing, but she just didn’t care – the only thing that mattered to her was that Kron continued to fuck her.

Good slut, Kron praised. Now prove to me that you really want to be my fuck pet. Cum on my cock, so that all can see what rules you.

Iana wanted to hold out and retain her last shred of dignity, but her body just wouldn’t cooperate. Unable to hold herself off any longer, she broke into a powerful orgasm. Moaning loudly, she was vaguely aware of the fact that Kron’s bodyguards were standing around her laughing at her humiliating performance, but she really didn’t care. As every muscle in her body contracted violently she began to believe that what Kron had said was true – she really was ruled by his cock, at least at the moment.

Completely ignoring her orgasm, Kron continued to fuck her hard for another half hour. During that time he drove her to countless orgasms, each one eating away at any resistance Iana might have still held. As her body adjusted to his massive cock she found herself coming to love it – even if she despised the orc that it was attached to.

Eventually Kron reached orgasm himself. Gripping Iana by her hips, he drove into her as deeply as possible before flooding her womb with his orcish sperm. Iana felt his ejaculation filling her, but she felt something else as well. As massive quantities of hot semen filled her inside, she could feel the base of Kron’s cock inflating inside of her and further stretching her out. Though still under the potion’s influence she was deeply worried – if it got any bigger, she feared she might be stuck with his dick inside of her. Filled with panic, she tried her best to escape but was held steady by Kron’s strong hands.

You didn’t know about the knot, did you slut? Kron laughed as the base of his cock continued to inflate. It’s an evolutionary advantage that my people picked up when our race diverged from yours. See, after we mate, the knot swells up and keeps the male locked inside the female, plugging her hole and keeping all of the sperm inside. You’ll be stuck like this for another hour or so, impaled on my slowly wilting dick as my sperm continues to fill you. Oh, and just so you know – our races haven’t drifted so far apart that we’re infertile with each other just yet. Ork-elf hybrids may be rare, but they’ve been known to happen.

Iana was absolutely terrified. As Kron released his grip on her hips she tried to free herself, but found what he had said to be true – she really was stuck like that, impaled on his massive prick. Still feeling sperm oozing into her, she found the idea of being impregnated by an orc to be simultaneously disgusting and arousing, though she was no longer sure how much of the arousal was the effects of the potion. She wanted to believe that everything she had done had been the potion’s magic, but it was difficult to convince herself that the orgasms she had experienced meant nothing – they had, after all, been the most powerful of her entire life.

Stuck in her position, she had no choice but to hang her head in shame as Kron’s generals entered the temple and congratulated him on his conquest. She knew that they superficially meant his army’s conquest of Moonglenn, but it was difficult to ignore the way that they looked at her. She suspected that the conquest they were really congratulating him on wasn’t of her city at all, but was rather of her person.

After an hour Kron’s knot finally decreased in size to the point that Iana was finally able to remove his cock from inside of her. It came out of her with a vulgar wet popping noise, and the instant it was out of her thick orcish sperm flowed from her abused hole. Lying on the temple floor and leaking a torrent of her conqueror’s sperm onto the hallowed ground was humiliating, but she was a bit more concerned with the knowledge that all of it wasn’t leaking out – some would most certainly remain inside of, potentially impregnating her.

Congratulations, bitch, Kron grinned. I’ve decided to make you my fuck pet after all. Rest a minute, but don’t get too comfortable – there’s still the matter of your surrender.

My surrender? Iana asked, perplexed as to what was going on. What exactly did we just do?

That was just for fun, Kron laughed. Your actual surrender is going to be far more public. It’ll be good for my soldiers’ morale to watch a hated enemy bowing down to their War Chief. We’ll have a parade and everything.

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