Friday, February 1, 2013

Initiation - Part One

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Monday, September 5th, 2011

I still can’t believe it. When I pledged Omega-Tau-Omega I honestly didn’t think they’d even consider me. I’m nothing special, and they’re like the sorority. I’m not complaining, but I can’t understand why an organization like theirs would be even remotely interested in a small fish like me. I’m almost positive that they must have made a mistake, but I’m not going to be the one to point it out to them.

Of course I’m not in yet. They made that very clear – I’ve been invited to participate in their initiation, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll pass. Still, it’s an opportunity and I’m not going to turn it down. Being an anonymous wallflower in high school sucked, and if I’m accepted into ΩΤΩ I’ll be able to truly put that part of my life behind me. I realize that the initiation is probably going to be painful – the no-hazing rule is generally understood to be a joke – but I’m not going to give up without a fight. I’m not too happy about the fact that I’ll be ditching class for the rest of the week so as to participate in their rituals, but I’m sure I can make it up later.

The process seems simple enough; superficially at least. All pledges are expected to do anything that any ΩΤΩ sister asks of us without question, but we’re also assigned a specific big sister to act as a guide. The way it was explained made it very clear that our guides would do more hazing than actual guiding, but I can accept that. This next week might be humiliating, but I doubt there’s anything they can do to make it any more humiliating than the last four years of my life.

My big sister is named Ivy. She’s a senior, and probably not the type of person that I’d normally get along with. She’s pretty and popular, and seems to have a bit of a sadistic streak. It’s hard for me to not think of her as just another one of the cool kids who tormented me in high school, but I’ll get over it. I only have to get along with her for a week, after all.

I’m extremely nervous, of course. It’s kind of freaky to think about how critical the next week is to the rest of my life, after all. Still, I’m grateful for this chance.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

I spent the beginning of today being interviewed by Ivy. Most of her questions were pretty mundane and predictable – she wanted to know who I was, what high school was like for me, et cetera. I think I did well enough presenting myself as the type of person that ΩΤΩ would want to have as a member. I mean, she didn’t show me the door or anything, so that’s got to be a good sign.

After covering the less interesting questions we dove into questions about my sex life. I was honest with Ivy and told her that I was a virgin, hoping that we could skip that section. Unfortunately, my lack of experience didn’t earn me any slack. Instead of discussing sex acts that I had done, Ivy made me tell her about my sexual fantasies. She was extremely probing, which is a little embarrassing. She now knows that I’ve masturbated while thinking about my dad, though I think she understands that it’s just a fantasy and not anything that I would actually do.

Turns out telling her that I was a virgin may have been a mistake. Ivy made it very clear that ΩΤΩ had a reputation to protect, and they absolutely did not want to be branded as a bunch of prudes. I explained to her that I really wasn’t a prude – I honestly just haven’t met the right guy yet – but she didn’t really seem to care. She said she wasn’t going to kick my ass out or anything, but apparently I’m on thin ice.

What happened next still doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Ivy handed me a chastity belt and told me to put it on. I pointed out that putting me in a chastity belt wasn’t going to help me lose my virginity, but Ivy didn’t want to hear it. She told me that I could either wear the belt of get the fuck out. I wasn’t crazy about letting her literally lock up my genitals, but I figured in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t really that bad.

Putting the belt on was pretty humiliating on its own. Ivy said she didn’t trust me to do it in private, so she forced me to strip out of my pants and panties while she watched. I was about to put the belt on when Ivy stopped me. Apparently simply trimming my pubic hair to keep it neat isn’t enough for her; she feels that I need to be clean-shaven. She says that if I’m still a virgin then I’m not a real woman yet, and so I don’t deserve the dignity of pubic hair.

I told her that I’d shave from now on, but she said that wasn’t good enough. She pointed out that once the chastity belt was locked in place I’d be unable to shave, and said she didn’t want me to have to deal with a veritable jungle when it was finally removed. That made me a little nervous – I don’t know how long she intends to keep me in this belt for, but the idea that it could be so long that my pubic hair could be an issue is more than a little unnerving.

Without giving me a chance to dress myself, Ivy marched me down the hall to the bathroom. That was pretty humiliating, actually – the hallway was hardly deserted having a bunch of other sisters watching me walk down it completely bottomless wasn’t exactly the high point of my life. They didn’t seem to really take notice, though. I’m not sure if I should be comforted by the fact that I didn’t stick out or worried about the fact that apparently being marched down the hallway half-naked isn’t a bizarre enough occurrence to warrant interest.

Once in the bathroom Ivy shaved my pussy. I didn’t want her to – I told her I was more than capable of doing it myself – but she insisted. She said that she wanted it done right and that she couldn’t trust a virgin like me to get the job done. Being shaved by another woman was a very, very weird experience. Ivy knows I’m not gay and she didn’t try to fuck me or anything, but there were times when she touched me and I couldn’t help but feel it was a little sexual. The worst, though, was my response. I’m really not into girls or anything, but for some reason I got insanely wet while she was shaving me. She didn’t say anything, but I can’t imagine that she didn’t notice.

After removing all of the hair she had me use the toilet. Once my bladder was empty, she helped me into the chastity belt on and locked it tight. She explained to me that I’d be allowed out twice a day in order to use the bathroom, but I’d be closely watched during those breaks just to make sure I don’t do anything inappropriate. I’m definitely not happy about the fact that I’m going to be supervised in the bathroom so as to prevent me from masturbating, but I’ll live.

Once the belt was in place Ivy let me put my pants back on and sent me home, but not before feeding me a pill. She wouldn’t tell me what the pill was, but I strongly suspect that it was some kind of aphrodisiac. Ever since I’ve gotten home I’ve been insanely horny, but the belt is well-designed and there’s really nothing that I can do about it. It’s humiliating and uncomfortable, but if the worst ΩΤΩ can throw at me is a little sexual frustration then I’m sure I’ll be okay.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

I spent the entire day at the ΩΤΩ house being tormented by Ivy. It was pretty humiliating, but I’m still alive. Still, I’ll be glad when this week is finally over.

After my morning bathroom break Ivy took my back to her room and ordered me to strip out of my clothes. I tried to close the door first, but she stopped me. She said she’d let it slide that time, but if I attempt to do something without her ordering it again she promised that she’d make me sorry. There was something insanely unnerving about her tone – I don’t know exactly what she’d do to punish me, but I really don’t want to find out. Not wanting to test her patience, I stripped out of my clothes without waiting for her to tell me again. She left the chastity belt on, but I was otherwise naked. It was extremely humiliating – other sisters were hanging out in the hallway and I was practically nude.

I made the mistake of covering my chest with my arm. Ivy really didn’t appreciate that – she slapped me across the face hard and forced me to stand with my arms at my side while other sisters looked in. She then gave me a lecture about how maybe if I wasn’t the type of prude that tries to cover her titties up all the time then I wouldn’t still be a virgin. While she verbally degraded me she casually played with my nipples. I wanted to tell her to stop – I’m really not gay at all – but I was far too intimidated to say anything at all. I doubt she would have stopped anyway.

The really fucked up thing is that just like when she shaved me, I felt myself getting turned on my her touch. I don’t just mean like it felt kind of good, either – it made me seriously horny. It took all of my willpower just to keep quiet and not moan while she was playing with my tits, which really creeps me out. I’m going to blame it on a combination of whatever drugs she’s been feeding me and the chastity belt preventing me from getting any satisfaction; I’m honestly not normally like this.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies in Ivy’s room. Well, she called them movies – I think the term hardcore pornography would be more appropriate. It’s not like I’ve never seen porn before or anything, but the stuff that Ivy made me watch with her was pretty extreme. All of it was heavily BDSM themed, always with submissive women. Sometimes it was a woman being dominated by a man, sometimes it was another woman, but it was always brutal. I’m actually not normally very squeamish at all, but some of what I saw really disturbed me.

Between videos Ivy forced me to describe what I had just watched while Ivy played with my nipples some more. It felt a little silly – she was in the same room and had just seen the same thing as I had – but I knew better than to question her. She focused on what the submissive woman in each video was feeling; forcing me to describe in as much detail as possible how I would feel if I was in her position. She kind of forced me to only talk about how much I would enjoy it – if I said that I didn’t think I’d like something that happened to the woman in the video she immediately punished me by pinching my nipples hard.

The really fucked up part, though, was how turned on it made me. I don’t know if it was being forced to empathize with the woman in the video, the drugs, or the constant nipple stimulation, but I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. It’s a pretty embarrassing, but I got so wet that my juices were leaking out the sides of the chastity belt’s crotch.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one feeling turned on, though. Towards the end of the day Ivy openly masturbated during one of the more brutal movies. I kept my eyes on the screen the entire time, but just hearing her pleasuring herself really got to me. I felt a little awkward about it – I had actually never been in the same room as someone else who was masturbating in my life before today – but mostly I just felt tremendously jealous. It was impossible for me to think of anything other than how much I wanted to be doing exactly what she was doing. It’s humiliating for me to think about, but if I wasn’t locked up I probably would have joined her.

After her third orgasm she explained to me how she’s allowed to masturbate whenever she wants, but I am not. She said it’s because she’s a respectable woman while I’m just a pathetic little slut pig, and that I simply don’t deserve the pleasure of orgasms. She forced me to agree with everything that she said and even repeat it back to her. It was horribly degrading, being forced to announce to her that I’m a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to control my own sexuality, but I managed to play along by reminding myself that I only have to hold out for a few more days.

Ivy said that I did such a good job in learning my place so quickly that I deserved a reward. A part of me was desperately hoping that she would reward me by letting me out of the belt – as shameful as it was, I couldn’t think about anything other than getting some sexual satisfaction already. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all. My reward was being permitted to lick her fingers clean. Being forced to taste another woman’s pussy was pretty gross, and yet it still only seemed to further arouse me. While I licked her fingers clean she told me that if I really impress her, she might just let me taste her pussy directly next time. I’m more than a little freaked out about that prospect.

As a final humiliation, Ivy forced me to lie on my back and spread my legs as wide as I could so that she could inspect the belt. It was a flimsy excuse – she knew there wasn’t anything wrong with the belt – but I knew better than to argue. I knew that she’d probably notice how wet I was – I’m pretty sure my thighs were literally glistening with my juices – but I hoped that she wouldn’t mention it.

No such luck, of course. Not only did she mention it, she lectured me on how disgusting I was. She said it’s one thing for a lady like her to enjoy sex, but a lowly fuck pig such as myself getting so repugnantly wet from watching porn is completely unacceptable. She forced me to apologize to her for being such a worthless little cunt, and made me promise that I wouldn’t act like such a slut in the future. Hopefully she doesn’t expect me to keep that promise – I can try to hide my arousal, but I’m learning that I really don’t have the slightest control over whether or not I get turned on in the first place.

By that time it was getting late, so she took me into the bathroom for my evening bathroom break. Being watched while I pee is obviously humiliating, but the worst part was that I really understood why I needed supervision. If she hadn’t been keeping an eye on me, I probably would have masturbated right there. Hell, I was barely able to refrain from fucking myself silly even with her watching.

The worst part of it all is that I’m still absurdly frustrated sexually. There are so many things that I think I should be addressing mentally – the fact that my sorority sister seems to enjoy sexually abusing me, the fact that even though I still think I’m straight the evidence is beginning to suggest otherwise, even just the basic humiliation of everything that’s happened. I’m not thinking about any of that, though. The only thing that I seem to be thinking of is how desperately I’d like to get this fucking chastity belt off of me so I can finally cum already – it’s driving me insane.

Friday, September 9th, 2011

My head is killing me. Last night was pretty extreme. I’m still having difficulty believing that it all actually happened. I really want to believe that it was all just a bad dream, but I’m pretty sure it was real.

The day started simple enough. Ivy took me into the bathroom for my morning break, led me back to her room, and fed me my daily pill. I really fucking hate those pills. I’m positive that they’re responsible for the extreme frustration I’m feeling, and it’s starting to become a serious issue. It’s no longer a matter of me wanting to masturbate, it’s a matter of me needing to masturbate. My clit is throbbing so hard that it actually hurts.

I told Ivy that I was worried that the pills might be bad for my health. I know I probably shouldn’t have – she’s made it pretty clear to me that I should never question anything she does – but I was just so desperate to end this frustration that I felt like I had to try something. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to get mad. She told me that they’re mostly harmless, no worse for my body than just getting drunk. I made the mistake of telling her that I had never gotten drunk. I think I thought she might take some mercy on me if she knew that I wasn’t the drug-abusing type, though in hindsight it was pretty naïve of me.

Ivy seemed amazed to find out that in addition to being a virgin, I had never tasted alcohol. She gave me another quick lecture on ΩΤΩ’s reputation and how they really don’t want to be thought of as a bunch of prudes, and how I would never be accepted if I was so sheltered that I had never been drunk. I was a little nervous, but she explained that it would be simple enough to fix. She then excused herself briefly and returned a few minutes later with a couple of beers in her hands.

I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of getting drunk with Ivy. I’ve always been curious about what being drunk was like, but I really didn’t want my first time to be with someone so predatory. At the same time, though, I knew that I really didn’t have a choice. Hoping to spare myself some new humiliating punishment, I accepted the beer that she offered me and forced myself to drink it down. It didn’t taste horrible, at least.

I started feeling the effects of the alcohol before I had even finished the first beer, but Ivy wasn’t quite done with me yet. She didn’t want me tipsy, she wanted me absolutely hammered. It made me a little nervous that Ivy wasn’t drinking at all, but I knew better than to question her. She continued to force me to drink until I could no longer walk straight. Once she had accomplished that goal, she invited a few of the other sisters into her room to watch me humiliate myself.

I had always heard that alcohol lowers your inhibitions, but now I truly understand exactly what that means. I’m normally pretty shy when it comes to talking about sex, but yesterday I had no filter whatsoever. I revealed every single moronic thing that crossed my mind, much to the delight of the other sisters. Looking back I realize that they were mocking me, but at the time I just enjoyed the attention.

I let everyone know how much I hated wearing the chastity belt, and how if they’d remove it I’d probably fuck myself right there while they all watched. I revealed that even though I’m honestly straight I was totally getting off on it when Ivy was playing with my tits. God, I even let them know that I had dirty thoughts about my own father. I pretty much made a complete jackass out of myself.

My virginity was a big topic of conversation, of course. It seemed like they could hardly believe that I had never had sex with a boy, and couldn’t understand how such a thing could be possible. Even drunk it felt weird, like they were examining me as if I were some kind of alien. Unfortunately, drunken me is an idiot – I somehow got it in my head that I should tell them that not only have I never had real sex, I’ve never even touched a penis. They all seemed completely blown away by that revelation, though looking back I realize that I really should have kept my mouth shut.

Ivy said that we needed to fix that and suggested we take a little trip. I knew that I should be worried, but it wasn’t like there was anything I could do about it. With the alcohol in my blood giving me courage, I followed her to her car.

Ivy drove us into the city. After driving around for a while, she drove down a quiet alley. I was pretty nervous – it didn’t exactly seem like the safest part of town. Still, it wasn’t exactly like there was anything that I could do about it.

Ivy parked the car and ordered me to strip. I didn’t argue with her, but I did hesitate – it was scary enough just sitting in the car fully clothed without having my nudity to worry about. She didn’t care for my slow response, though. She slapped me across the face hard and told me that I was wasting time. She reminded me that no one was there and pointed out that if I have a problem with that then she’d be happy to find a more crowded area for me to get naked in. Not wanting to see how sincere the threat was, I complied with her order and stripped off everything except that fucking chastity belt.

After tossing my clothes in the back Ivy started the car up again. That actually scared the hell out of me – I was terrified that we would drive back out into the busy streets with my tits showing. Fortunately, she kept the car in drive instead of reverse. I wasn’t crazy about going deeper down the alley, but at least there wasn’t anyone there to see me. Or at least, that’s what I thought.

We had driven about a fifty feet or so down the alley when I saw them – three homeless guys, sitting with their backs against the wall. I shrunk down and wrapped my arms around my chest to cover my nudity, hoping that Ivy would drive us past them before they noticed me. Unfortunately, Ivy had other plans. To my utter horror she put the car in park and removed the key from the ignition.

Well, let’s get this shit started, she announced. Out of the car, bitch!

I reached back for my clothes, but Ivy stopped me. In hindsight I guess it was pretty silly of me to think that she might let me get dressed first, but I felt like I had to give it a try. Even drunk I was still absolutely terrified of being naked in public, and it seemed impossibly cruel even by Ivy’s standards to force me. I begged her to show me a little mercy, but she wasn’t interested in hearing my excuses.

Look, Kim, she explained, sounding calm yet impatient. I really don’t want to hear your shit. You’re going to be getting out of this car one way or the other – even if I have to physically force you myself. If you cooperate, I’ll let you back into the car – if not, you’ll be walking home. I’m not completely heartless, though – if you do force me to make you walk home, I’ll keep your clothes in the car just so they don’t get dirty. So, your choice bitch – do you want to get out voluntarily, or do you want me getting angry with you?

I absolutely did not want to get out of the car voluntarily, but there was something about Ivy’s tone of voice that made me think she wasn’t kidding when she said she’d make me walk home naked. Terrified but completely without options, I took a deep breath, wrapped my arm around my breasts to cover myself as best as I could, and exited the vehicle. The instant I was out Ivy slammed the door shut and locked it.

I huddled by the side of her car, desperately hoping that having proven whatever point she was trying to prove Ivy would let me back in. The homeless men had taken notice of our presence, and I really wanted to get away before they did anything. Unfortunately, rather than let me back in Ivy got out herself. Walking around the car, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over towards where the men were as they looked on in confusion. I don’t think they had a clue what was going on – though to be fair, neither did I.

Gentlemen, Ivy announced. I’d like you to introduce you to my good friend Kim. Kim here is quite the oddity – you see, in her eighteen years on this planet she has yet to be with a man. I don’t just mean she’s a virgin, though – little Kim’s never so much as touched a dick. You see, Kim has always believed that she’s truly the highest quality ass available, and she didn’t think it was right to settle for anything but the most desirable of men.

I really hated how she described it as if I thought I was too good to have sex with a common man. It wasn’t even true – my virginity honestly is just a matter of coincidence, not snobbery – but the fact that the guys we were talking to were very obviously homeless it felt like it was almost dangerous. She was painting me as some kind of stuck-up bitch, and I didn’t think the men were going to appreciate that.

Fortunately for you guys, she continued, I’m no longer able to sit idly back and watch her saving herself for some prince charming that isn’t coming. You gentlemen seem like the fine upstanding type, and I think you’re more than good enough for her stuck-up ass. Unfortunately her pussy is locked up for the time being – and will remain that way until she learns to follow orders – but I certainly wouldn’t mind if you wanted to break this bitch’s mouth in.

Having offered her explanation, Ivy roughly shoved me towards them. The feeling of fear and humiliation was intense, but strangely what I remember most was the feeling of betrayal. I felt like Ivy had just literally thrown me to the dogs, and while I realized that she was more of my chief tormentor than my friend it didn’t seem okay. Of course, I had bigger things to worry about at the moment than my relationship with Ivy – I clearly had the men’s attention, and it didn’t look like they were interested in conversation.

I tried to explain to them that I really wasn’t the snob that Ivy had claimed I was, but it was pointless. I was too drunk to make anything approaching a cogent argument and they didn’t seem to care one way or the other. While I babbled about how I’m really not the kind of girl that they should feel good about orally raping, they simply pulled out their cocks and approached.

The one that was closest to me made the first move. Reaching for my hair, he grabbed me and pulled me down to my knees. Maintaining his grip, he forced my head into my crotch. I had to struggle not to vomit right then – even without the alcohol-induced nausea the stench was intense. Unfortunately, things looked like they were going to get worse before they would get better.

Don’t be rude now, Ivy warned. Get that dick in your mouth, bitch – I sincerely hope you don’t think you’re too good for him. God, at this rate you’re going to be in that chastity belt for the rest of your life.

I hate to think about it, but the thought of spending more time in the chastity belt actually gave me the motivation that I needed. I was utterly disgusted by what was going on, but I’ve been so fucking horny that I was willing to do pretty much anything in order to get out of the fucking thing. Repressing my urge to throw up, I grabbed his rapidly hardening dick with my hand and stuffed it into my mouth. It didn’t taste any better than it smelled, but I was pretty sure that Ivy wasn’t interested in hearing my complaints.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but that wasn’t a problem for the homeless guy. Still controlling my head with his grip on my hair, he guided my actions. I shouldn’t really say guided, actually – it was more like forced me without any concern for whether I wanted to or not. It certainly didn’t make refraining from puking any easier – in addition to the noxious smell I had to deal with the physical sensation of having his cock rammed down my throat. Still, I managed – secretly inspired by the fantasy that if I did well enough, Ivy might let me out of the belt when I finished.

The first guy might have been happy to roughly rape my mouth, but the other two didn’t seem content to just sit back and enjoy the show. Taking advantage of my vulnerable position, the crudely groped my body while stroking their cocks. It was absolutely disgusting – they pawed every inch of me, focusing much of their attention on my crotch. Predictably, they were unable to circumvent the chastity belt – god knows I had tried more than a few times myself – but that didn’t stop them from giving it their best. Though I hate to admit it, I secretly hoped that they’d be more successful than I had been. The idea of getting fucked by some strange homeless guy in a fucking alley was appalling, but I was so desperate that I probably would have been grateful for that particular indignation.

They eventually accepted that the chastity belt wasn’t going anywhere, but that hardly made them leave me alone. While they waited for their turn they continued to slobber all over my body, taking full advantage of the fact that I was completely unable to defend myself in any way. I could almost feel their stench rubbing off on me, but the really screwed up part was that it was actually turning me on. I honestly don’t know why that happened – I was still consciously disgusted by what was happening – but I could once again feel my pussy juicing up in futility.

It took the first guy about five minutes to cum. When I felt the sperm shooting out of his dick I tried to pull my head off of him, but he firmly held me in place; shooting his cum directly down my throat. The idea of swallowing the semen of some homeless stranger was utterly abhorrent to me, but I really didn’t have a choice. As he grunted in pleasure, I was forced to swallow every single drop. Feeling the warm fluid sliding down my throat was simultaneously thrilling and disgusting; though I can’t understand why I know that if I wasn’t wearing that fucking chastity belt I’d have almost definitely been masturbating right there, even though I was in public.

After he finally finished shooting his load down my throat he released his grip on his hair and allowed me to remove his cock from my mouth. I had a few seconds to catch my breath while the first guy moved aside so the next one could take his place, but they didn’t give me any additional time to recover. I would have liked to have had some more time to get my bearings, but in a way it seemed like a good thing – the sooner I got started the sooner I would be done, after all.

The second guy smelled just as bad as the first one did, but by that point I was mostly used to it. I was still grossed out by what was happening, but my disgust was taking a back seat to my arousal. I can’t really explain why, but for some reason the disgusting nature of everything that was happening was only turning me on more. While the second guy callously fucked my face I found myself bizarrely grateful for the rough treatment – it almost felt like it was how I was meant to be used.

While he was busy with my mouth, the remaining guy took advantage of the fact that he had the rest of my body to himself. No longer content to just grope me while jerking off, he rubbed his cock over my skin. I could feel the precum leaking out of it, yet I found the idea of being coated with such a disgusting fluid oddly arousing. Eventually he kind of lurched over me, humping away at my chastity-belt protected crotch. As repulsive as it was, I wished desperately that the belt wasn’t there to prevent the penetration that he so obviously wanted.

The second guy ended up cumming much quicker than the first one – I think all the time he had spent stroking his cock while he was waiting for his turn got him halfway there before I even touched his dick. Unlike the first guy, though, he didn’t shove his cock down my throat to cum. He pulled out almost all of the way, leaving only the tip inside. In a way it was almost worse – I knew that I’d still have to swallow if I didn’t want Ivy to get mad at me, but I had to consciously act in order to swallow. Additionally, by shooting his load directly onto my tongue I was forced to really taste every drop of it, and it didn’t taste any better than his cock did. Still, I managed to swallow it all.

The third guy barely lasted thirty seconds before he shot his load. I suspect that he was ready to cum just from humping me from behind, and probably only held himself off so that he could sample my mouth. Unlike the first two guys, he pulled out completely before ejaculating. I forced myself to open my mouth out of fear that Ivy would punish me if I didn’t, but he didn’t seem to care in the slightest. He didn’t even aim for my mouth – instead he spewed his disgusting seed over the rest of my face. It must have been a very, very long time since he had last cum, too – it felt like he truly managed to cover every inch of skin on my face with his sperm.

With all three men satisfied, Ivy let me back into the car. I desperately wanted to ask her to remove the chastity belt and let the men fuck me, but I restrained myself. As much as I wanted her to do that, I felt like I still had a little too much dignity to beg her to let me give my virginity to a bunch of homeless guys. Also, they all appeared pretty drained – I’m not even sure if they would have been able to get it up for another round. Still, the desire was definitely there.

Ivy didn’t let me get dressed until we were back in the sorority house, but that wasn’t too big of a deal – it was late at night, and I don’t think anyone could really see into the car. What was a little more frustrating was that she didn’t let me clean the third guy’s cum off of my face, even when we were in the bathroom for my evening bathroom break. She said that if I’m the type of slut that’s going to go around sucking off homeless dudes then I can’t complain if I have to wear their cum like the worthless whore that I am.

Sneaking into my house was a little terrifying. Dad still seems to think I’m some innocent little twelve year old girl or something, and he’d probably lose his shit if he found out that I had sucked anyone’s dick. If he found out that I had just blown three homeless guy’s in some back alley, he’d probably kick me out of the house, stop paying my tuition, and completely disown me. Fortunately, I managed to make it to the bathroom before he saw me in my drunken and cum-covered glory.

It’s really screwed up. I should be freaking out about all the disgusting things that I did last night, and in a way I am. I’m utterly disgusted with my behavior, and I know that just being drunk is no excuse. At the same time, though, my primary urge isn’t to repent for what I did – it’s to get out of this fucking chastity belt and fuck myself silly. I swear to god, if Ivy doesn’t let me out soon I really think that I might literally explode.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Well, the good news is that I no longer feel too horrified about what I did with those homeless guys on Thursday. I’m still a little disgusted with myself, but it’s no longer on the forefront of my mind. The bad news is that it’s because I have a newer and more intense reason to hate myself.

Yesterday started pretty much the same as every other day of the week. After my diary entry I headed over to the ΩΤΩ house for my morning bathroom break. Everyone was staring at me and giggling; though no one said anything I’m pretty sure that Ivy told everyone what I had done the night before. It was pretty fucking humiliating, but there really wasn’t anything that I could do.

Ivy forced me to take my pill before letting me out of the belt for the bathroom break. It was probably smart of her – after the ridiculously painful frustration that I’ve been experiencing all week I probably would have fought her on the pill if I hadn’t been so desperate to pee. Knowing that she’d find a way to force me regardless of what I did and desperate to drain my bladder, I accepted it without a struggle.

We then headed back to her bedroom where she forced me to strip down to my chastity belt. I’m getting entirely too comfortable being nearly naked around Ivy, and that worries me. There’s still a little shame, but most of what I feel is just a desperate yearning for her to finally remove that goddamned belt so I can finally be completely naked around her.

We spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon watching movies again. Just like on Wednesday, Ivy played with my tits while we watched and forced me to describe what I thought the woman in the video was feeling after each one ended. It was still a little embarrassing, but after what had happened the night before it didn’t even really bother me that much. Ivy seemed to pick up on that and invited a couple of sisters into her room to join us, but even that didn’t faze me too much. I was pretty sure that they had already heard about what I had done with the homeless men, so watching me verbally degrade myself wasn’t exactly a new low.

In hindsight, I think she might have just been lulling me into a false sense of security. Around 5:00 she proved to me that she was still quite capable of humiliating me effectively. I had just finished describing a particularly brutal scene in which a young girl was sodomized by two men at the same time, and Ivy popped in the next movie. I recognized it instantly.

I watched in horror as I saw my own body on the screen, bent over on all fours in front of the first homeless guy. A part of me hoped that it was just a coincidence, that Ivy had somehow found a porn flick that just strongly resembled the scene that I had done on Thursday, but that wasn’t the case. While I silently prayed for a power outage to spare me further embarrassment, the camera zoomed in on my face. There was no mistaking the fact that it was me on the screen.

My face went bright red with shame as the other sisters laughed at me debasing myself on screen. While I was forced to watch how disgustingly I behaved I vividly recalled how it had been – I remembered the smells, the taste, everything. Troublingly, I could feel my pussy growing obnoxiously wet. I was already turned on after having spent most of the day watching porn while having my tits played with, but being forced to relive what had happened was testing my self-control. I could feel my clit throbbing painfully in desperation; if I had a pair of bolt cutters handy I probably would have cut that fucking belt off myself and fucked myself right there with everyone watching. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do except sit there pathetically whimpering in frustration.

I thought that Ivy would make me describe what I had been feeling during the event just as she had for every other movie that I had been forced to watch, but she didn’t. Instead, she mixed things up a little – she had the other sisters tell me what they assumed was going through my head while I fellated three homeless strangers. It wasn’t flattering – I was told that I was the most disgusting, despicable slut to have ever walked the Earth. They pulled no punches whatsoever; they made it painfully clear that they had zero respect for a worthless whore like me.

After enduring their verbal abuse Ivy had them leave us alone in her room. I was somewhat grateful for that – I was feeling pretty vulnerable and it was nice to not be outnumbered – but I knew better than to think that Ivy was showing me mercy. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in all of this it’s that Ivy is an unrepentant sadist; she’s not the type to worry about hurting my feelings.

She confirmed my suspicions quickly when she stripped out of her pants and pulled her panties to the side. I assumed that she was going to flaunt her ability to masturbate in front of me again, which bothered me deeply. In hindsight I realize that was pretty naïve of me – though being forced to watch her pleasure herself would have been painful, what she had in mind was far worse.

You’ve been a good sport about this whole thing, she praised. I realize it can’t be easy for you – I mean, you did just have a bunch of women watching you suck a bunch of bums’ cocks in a fucking alley and independently come to the same conclusion that you really are a disgusting piece of fuck meat, and that has to hurt your pride. I think you’ve earned a reward. The last time we did this I let you taste my pussy juices from my fingers, but since you’ve been so well behaved I think this time I’ll let you taste the real thing. Do a good job, and I might just let you out of that belt already.

I wish I could say that I hesitated, but I didn’t. For all the fear that I have about homosexuality, I dove right in without missing a beat. Sure, I was a little creeped out that I was actually going down on a woman – especially a woman who had treated me so cruelly in the past – but there really wasn’t anything I could think of that I wouldn’t do in order to get out of that fucking belt. The really shameful thing that I don’t like thinking about, though, is that I probably would have done what she wanted even without her mentioning the belt – I don’t know why, but after watching myself blowing those homeless guys I was really getting off on the idea of being used for oral sex by people who don’t respect me. I prefer not to think about that.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, but Ivy wasn’t shy about telling me. She wasn’t exactly tactful, either – the fact that it was my first time earned me no mercy with her, if I didn’t do exactly what she wanted she was quick to remind me that I’m nothing but a worthless fuck toy and if I can’t even eat pussy right than ΩΤΩ has no use for me. I hated the crass things that she was saying about me, but it wasn’t such much that she was hurting my feelings as it was that she was really turning me on. I already felt like I was close enough to having a nervous breakdown just from all of the sexual frustration that I was feeling without her masterfully adding to it.

Unfortunately, Ivy was noticeably harder to get off than the three homeless guys were. I don’t know if it was because they were sexually frustrated or if it’s just a difference between men and women, but it took me almost an hour before she finally came on my face. When she finally did cum I was grateful – my tongue and jaw had gone numb from overexertion, but more importantly I thought that I might finally be allowed out of the fucking belt. She had, after all, implied that I might be if I did a good job.

Of course, Ivy wasn’t planning to let me off the hook so easily. She said that I took entirely too long to make her cum, and though she accepts that I’m still learning how to be a good little pussy slave she simply can’t reward such sloppy behavior. I’m not proud of it, but I fell down to my knees and begged her to cut me just a little slack and let me out for just a minute. I literally cried and everything; it was pretty embarrassing.

Ivy thought it over for a minute and then told me she’d give me another chance, but I had better not fuck that up. I wasn’t crazy about going down on her again – my jaw still ached worse than it ever had in my life – but I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to earn some relief. I immediately shoved my head back into her crotch, but she pushed me away.

God, you sure love pussy for someone who keeps pretending she isn’t gay, she laughed. After that shitty performance though, I’m not sure that I want to fuck your face again right away. Don’t worry too much – I promise this won’t be the last time you get to lick my cunt – but I have something else in mind. Get dressed, slut – you’re going to introduce me to your parents.

I was utterly terrified. I didn’t know what Ivy was planning, but I knew her well enough to know that it wouldn’t be good. Unfortunately, I was also desperate to get out of the belt and really would have done anything. Telling myself that I was only cooperating because I really didn’t have a choice, I followed her to her car. I took comfort in the fact that at least mom wouldn’t be home – she’s been working second shift at the hospital recently – so any humiliation that I might suffer would only be in front of my father. It helped a bit, but I was still absolutely terrified.

As we drove to my place Ivy explained how it was going to be. She was going to pass herself off as a friend from college. I was okay with that – I figured it would be much easier to present her as just some girl who is in some of my classes than the woman who was sexually torturing me. She then explained that if I did anything to piss her off, she’d show my family the tape that we made on Thursday. I was significantly less okay with that – if my dad were to see what I had done it would very literally ruin my life.

Once we got into the house Ivy introduced herself to my dad and we all sat down to get acquainted. Watching Ivy around my father was almost surreal – she acted like a friendly, innocent girl in every possible way. In a way it was kind of nice – I wouldn’t have to explain to dad later why I’m friends with the sociopath that I know Ivy to be – though it was still a little unnerving. I really felt like she was an entirely different person.

We had been there for about thirty minutes when dad had to use the bathroom. The instant that he was out of the room Ivy reached into her pocket, grabbed a pill, and dropped it in his drink. It wasn’t really necessary, but she made it clear that if I warned him in any way she’d show him the movie that we made on Thursday. I hated the idea of holding my tongue while Ivy drugged my father right in front of me, but I really didn’t have a choice.

I assumed that she put whatever she’s been feeding me into his drink, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Dad didn’t act horny at all, but about half an hour after he got back he started acting really sleepy and excused himself to go to bed. Ivy waited another few minutes or so and then led me into his bedroom.

Dad had managed to make it into his bed and strip down to his t-shirt and boxer shorts before passing out. It was a little awkward seeing my own father in his underwear, but I didn’t complain. I knew that Ivy wouldn’t appreciate a lecture on morality from me, and besides, I knew her well enough to know that just seeing my dad in his boxers probably wouldn’t be the worst I’d have to deal with. As if to prove me right, Ivy headed straight towards the bed, grabbed my father’s boxers, and pulled them down to his knees. Though I was a little curious, I forced myself to look away.

Don’t you fucking look away, bitch, Ivy growled. I know you want this, and he’s going to be out cold for at least a couple of hours. Get your slut ass over here before I get any further irritated with you. Be an obedient little slut piggy and I might just let you out of that belt. Disappoint me, and not only will you stay in it but I’ll show daddy here exactly how you’ve been caring for the city’s homeless population.

I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but I also knew that I didn’t have a choice. I told myself that it was just because I couldn’t let my dad see the tape, but I knew that wasn’t the truth. I knew that I was mostly motivated by a desire to get out of the belt, but even that isn’t the whole story. The absolute truth was that as wrong as I knew it was, I wanted to get a closer look – I just needed to feel like I was being forced.

Of course, Ivy wasn’t planning to just make me look. As soon as I was close enough she grabbed my wrist and forced me to touch it. I knew that I should have fought her, but I didn’t. I was terrified of displeasing her, and besides, I really did want to feel it even if I don’t like to admit it.

He’s too soft to do anything, she observed. That’s an important lesson for you, actually. Those guys yesterday did all of the work getting themselves hard, but not all men are like that. Especially for an ugly skank like you, you really should get used to having to work for it. Show me what you’ve learned about using your mouth and get him hard, bitch.

I considered arguing with Ivy – I mean, she was telling me to put my own father’s dick in my mouth – but I knew it would be futile. Resigned to my fate, I leaned in and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. It tasted a lot better than the ones I had sampled on Thursday, at least – though the flavor was musky, it was hardly overpowering. As I gently worked it in and out of my mouth I could feel it getting harder and larger by the second.

Emotionally, I was barely able to avoid melting down. Just knowing that I was sucking my own dad’s dick was absolutely mind-blowing – suddenly blowing three homeless guys in an alley didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Of course, my body decided to complicate things even further. While blood flowed into his rapidly hardening cock, I could feel myself getting intensely wet. I tried to convince myself that it was just the frustration that I had been feeling all week coming out at a bad time, but I couldn’t believe it. I hate myself for it, but I was getting massively turned on by sucking off my dad.

It took a few minutes, but eventually my work paid off. Dad’s dick was fully erect – it was able to stand on its own, and even appeared to be gently throbbing. I assumed that Ivy was going to force me to finish the job and suck him until orgasm, but she actually grabbed my hair and pulled my head off of him; all the while stroking his dick with her hand so that he wouldn’t go soft.

You know, I’ve really been taking complete control of your sexuality this week, she mused. I feel a little bad for that, actually – you might be the kind of worthless slut that would suck her own father’s dick after he passes out, but I should let you make at least some of the decisions. To make up for it, I’m going to let you decide what happens next. I can keep you in the belt and let you compare your daddy’s cum to the cum of those homeless guys, or I can remove the belt. If I remove the belt, though, you know what I’m going to expect you to do with your new-found freedom, don’t you?

I knew what she was hinting at – Ivy was saying that she would only let me out of the belt if I fucked my own father. A part of me was utterly disgusted, but a larger part of me was thrilled – and it wasn’t just because I would finally be let out of the belt. I wish I could say that I had to think it over, but that would be a lie. I was hornier than I had ever been in my entire life; and I really was willing to do anything in order to get some satisfaction. Completely disgusted with myself, I let her know that I knew what she expected and asked her to remove the belt. Ivy quickly complied.

The instant that the belt was off my hand shot towards my crotch. I didn’t even think about it – it was just pure instinct. Unfortunately, Ivy intercepted me and grabbed my wrist before I could make contact. She explained to me that I’m a worthless little slut and my only value is in giving sexual pleasure to others, so it’s inappropriate for me to touch myself. She made it very clear to me that the only pleasure I’m allowed to have is what I get from servicing other people.

For what little it’s worth, I did hesitate for a couple of seconds before mounting Dad. I was hornier than I had ever been in my life, but I still knew that what I was about to do was wrong. My resolve didn’t last long, though – the instant Ivy let out an impatient sigh I climbed up over him and straddled his hips.

I wanted to just get him inside of me already and get it over with. Dragging things out was only adding to the self-disgust I was feeling, and on a more shameful level I just didn’t want to wait any longer. Of course, Ivy wasn’t about to let me end my misery so quickly. Once I was in position she grabbed dad’s cock and held it away from me so that I couldn’t slide down on it. Sadistically, she teased me with it, briefly touching it to my clit before pulling it away and always reminding me that it was my own father’s cock I was feeling.

After teasing me for a minute or so I think she realized that I really couldn’t take any more and guided him into me. It’s a good thing that she gave in then, too – at that point I really thought I might explode if she kept it up. As she slid his cock into me she taunted me by reminding me that I was giving my virginity to my own father, but I didn’t care. Hell, I barely even noticed – I came within seconds of her inserting him into me.

I shouldn’t just say that I came, either. I’ve had orgasms before, but none of them come even close to comparing to what happened last night. Every single muscle in my body contracted violently; I moaned so loudly that I’m amazed the neighbors didn’t call the cops. I don’t know if it was the weeklong denial, the drugs that Ivy had been feeding me, or even just the utter taboo of the situation, but it was easily the most intense orgasm of my life by a wide margin.

When I finally came to my senses I noticed that Ivy had her camera out and was recording me. I probably should have done something, but I ignored it completely. I figured she had already recorded enough evidence to damn me from the day before without even factoring in her new footage, so it probably didn’t make sense to complain if she wanted to record a little more. Besides, it wasn’t like I had any way to force her to stop. Ignoring the camera, I continued to ride my dad’s cock hard – it hurt a little bit on account of my being a virgin, but I really didn’t care.

Ivy didn’t feel like just letting me ignore the camera, though. She forced me to clearly state my full name, just in case there was any doubt about my identity. She made me tell the camera that the man that I was fucking was in fact my father, and that I didn’t care because I’m just that disgusting of a whore. She was absolutely brutal, but her harshness did nothing to detract from the massive pleasure that I was feeling. In fact, I was getting off on her abuse – even though I had just cum harder than I ever thought was possible I could already feel another orgasm building.

Dad managed to last a good twenty minutes with me fucking him as hard as I possibly could as per Ivy’s demands. I was pretty close to cumming again when I felt his sperm shooting into me. Even though I was pretty lost in my own lust I realized that having my father cum inside of me was a bad idea – I’m pretty sure that he’s disease-free, but having been a virgin I never really saw the point of going on the pill.

I tried to dismount him, but Ivy had other plans. Grabbing my hips, she forced me down on him entirely, making sure that he could shoot his cum as deeply into me as possible. I knew that I should struggle, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. There was something so animalistic and taboo about having my own father’s hot cum being shot directly into my womb that I just couldn’t force myself to fight it. In fact, I came again – just as hard as I had cum the first time.

Dad came a lot inside of me– I mean, I don’t know if he was just backed up or if the drugs Ivy slipped him caused him to ejaculate an abnormally large amount, but it felt like he pumped a full gallon into me. I could feel it oozing out of me when Ivy finally allowed me to dismount, but Ivy wasn’t about to let that happen. She scooped it up with her fingers and did her best to force it back inside of me before putting me back into the belt. I begged her to let me wash it out of something first, but she told me that if I’m going to go around being the kind of slut that fucks my own dad bareback then I ought to accept that there may be risks involved.

Once the belt was back in place she let me get dressed and we left. On the way out I glanced back into the room at my dad, which might have been a mistake. I can’t be certain, but I swear to god I think I saw his eyes open. I’m more than a little horrified about that. I’m having enough difficulty accepting what happened without having to deal with him knowing about it.

I spoke to him briefly this morning, and he didn’t mention anything. That’s probably a good sign, but there was something off in the way that he looked at me. It really felt like he was seeing me as a woman instead of as his daughter, which makes me a little nervous. I doubt he’s the type that would keep it secret from me if he knew what happened last night, but I’m still pretty fucking scared.

I can’t understand why, but I’m still obnoxiously horny. I had the most intense orgasms of my life last night and I’m utterly terrified that my dad knows I pretty much raped him in his sleep, but if it wasn’t for this fucking chastity belt I’d probably be fucking myself right now instead of writing in this goddamned diary. I can still feel his cum churning inside of me, yet instead of being disgusted like I ought to be I just want more.

On the bright side, today is the big day. I’ll either be accepted into ΩΤΩ or rejected, but either way I’ll finally be out of this fucking belt. It’s not a moment too soon, either – though I’d like to think that there’s nothing that Ivy could force me to do that would be worse than what she’s already done, I know her too well to really believe that.

Continue reading with part two of the story.

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