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Corruption - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.


Julia was having a very bad day. She spent most of the day at work getting chewed out by her boss, her car was acting up, and she just wasn’t happy with the direction that her life was headed in. She had hoped to take a bath and turn in early, but her roommate Melissa had some friends over and she didn’t think that she’d be able to get to sleep with all the noise. Irritated, she headed towards into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Approaching her bed, Julia stumbled a bit and fell towards the wall. Landing on the floor, she inadvertently ended up bumping up against the bookshelf, causing it to wobble. Sitting on the floor, she watched as the vase she kept on top of the shelf fell off of it. As she watched the vase tumble towards the ground a deep sense of foreboding came over her. She didn’t understand why – as far as she knew it was just some cheap knickknack that she had picked up in an antique store months ago – yet she somehow sensed that something extraordinarily bad was about to happen.

Landing on the floor with a sharp shattering sound, the vase exploded into thousands of pieces. Julia expected that much. What she didn’t expect, though, was what came out of it. A cloud of supernaturally thick black smoke rose from the shattered porcelain, swirling about and shifting itself into a vaguely humanoid figure. Julia tried to let out a scream as the smoke congealed into something more corporeal, but found herself unable to make any noise louder than a dull whimper. As the scent of hazelnuts filled her nostrils, she sat on the floor paralyzed in fear and watched as the smoke finally took shape.

What stood before her may have been vaguely humanoid, but it certainly wasn’t human. This was something of a big deal for Julia – never the superstitious type, her mind couldn’t make sense of the data that her eyes were feeding it. She wanted to believe that it was just a man in a costume, but the otherworldly qualities of what stood before her made it impossible for her to accept that explanation. The word demon kept popping up in her mind, and though she had never believed in such things she was unable to come up with a plausible alternate explanation as to just what in the hell it was.

Standing over seven feet tall, its body looked like a twisted version of a man’s. Its arms and legs were in the same places as a man’s would be, but they were just a bit longer and more savage than what would be considered human. Draped in blood-red robes, its skin was a perfect black – not simply dark, but seeming to devour any light that might touch it. Its face seemed to be some twisted hybrid between the face of a man and the face of a bull, with bright red eyes that glowed like iron in a forge. Brutal spikes protruded through its skin on its knuckles, elbows, and knees. It looked very much like something that was designed not just for combat, but for cruelty.

I’m losing my mind, Julia whimpered to herself quietly.

That seems possible, the creature replied, its voice surprisingly smooth for something generated by such a ferocious creature. Your kind is prone to such things, after all. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, though – there’s seven billion more of you; the loss of one is hardly significant. You may call me Dantalion, by the way.

Please leave me alone, Julia begged, absolutely terrified. Please leave?

I could, Dantalion shrugged, but I don’t think you want that. You see, Julia, you’re the one that freed me from that decrepit urn I’ve been trapped in. Given how much I despised being in there, I think you deserve a reward for your troubles.

I don’t want it, Julia whimpered. I’m happy with things the way they are, and all I want is for you to go.

Now you’re just being silly, Dantalion laughed dismissively. I can see through your soul, Julia – I know how unhappy you are with your life. You feel perpetually weak and impotent, insignificant and meaningless in your world. You’re right, by the way – you are the very poster child for irrelevancy. I can change that, little girl. I can give you the power that you so desperately crave. I can make you matter.

Though scared out of her mind, the demon’s words were extremely tempting to Julia. He was dead-on accurate – she felt tremendously unimportant in life, and frequently wished that she did have the power to change things. Still, even without believing in the existence of demons she knew that making a deal with one probably wasn’t the best idea. She might have wanted power, but she wasn’t at all interested in what she suspected she’d have to exchange for it.

You can’t have my soul, she replied, hoping to make it clear that she knew what was going on and wasn’t going to have any part of it.

I don’t want it, Dantalion shrugged. In fact, if you really get down to it you don’t even have a soul – you’re really little more than a series of chemical reactions which has achieved self-awareness, with no mystical spark inside of you giving any greater significance than iron oxidizing into rust. You’ve watched too many movies, little girl – you’re not Faust, I’m not Mephistopheles, and I’m not planning to force you to sign any contracts in blood or ink. I’m offering you a gift, not a bargain – you’re obligated to give me nothing in exchange. I do, however, have to make sure you’re worthy first.

Julia wasn’t quite sure how to react. Though the demon’s words sounded sincere, his cruel visage led her to believe that trusting him would be unwise. At the same time, though, she desperately wanted what it seemed like he was offering her. She was still quite terrified, but turning down her one chance to turn her life around just because the creature making the offer looked frightening seemed almost impossible. She couldn’t bring herself to agree, but she couldn’t bring herself to outright refuse either.

What exactly does that mean? she asked, telling herself that she’d at least hear him out before turning him down.

Simple, Dantalion explained. Your breed has an unfortunate tendency to internally fight against yourselves. As the saying goes, you are your own worst enemies – constantly battling against what you view as your baser instincts. Allow me to demonstrate.

Dantalion slowly approached Julia, extending his clawed hand. Julia tried to get up and run away, but found that her body simply wouldn’t cooperate with her. She tried again to scream, but all she was able to produce was a timid whimper, easily drowned out by Melissa’s music from the next room. Unable to move, she watched petrified as the demon brought his hand to her face. As his preternaturally cold flesh of his palm made contact with Julia’s forehead she clenched her eyes tightly shut, hoping that when she opened them everything would be back to normal.

Unfortunately, upon opening her eyes Julia found that everything was most certainly not back to normal. In fact, things had only gotten stranger. Instead of being in the comfort of her bedroom, she found herself in a room with no windows or doors. The walls, floor, and ceiling were a pure, solid white – or at least she assumed they were. She knew there was a floor, as she knew she was standing on something, but she wasn’t sure if there even were walls or a ceiling. The perfect white blended together, hiding any detail of corners or edges that might have existed.

As alarming as the change of setting was to Julia, it wasn’t the most alarming thing that she was experiencing. As the demon removed his hand from her forehead she felt completely overcome with lust. It felt monstrously inappropriate to her – it seemed to her that the only thing she ought to be feeling when in the presence of a literal demon was sheer terror. Although the terror was still present and she still wanted very much to run away screaming, a significant part of her also wanted to masturbate – even though she knew how wrong it would be.

What the fuck did you do to me? she demanded, pleasantly surprised to find that she was capable of speaking loudly again though more than a little unhappy with the lust she heard in her own voice.

Nothing permanent, Dantalion explained. And nothing too severe, either. I’ve simply caused your body to be a bit more receptive to physical sensation. Everything that you feel will be more intense – both pleasure and pain. I’ve also given it a gentle nudge towards the pleasure side of that particular scale, though it would be simple enough to reverse things if that turns out to be a problem for you.

Change it back, Julia begged, still hearing more sex in her voice than she wanted to. This isn’t right – I don’t want to feel like this!

Which is exactly my point, Dantalion smiled. As I said, you’re currently on the pleasure side of the scale – which is by definition what you should want to feel. With your senses heightened, you could experience more pleasure than you ever realized was possible. You could fuck yourself right now and find yourself in a state of perpetual orgasm, yet you choose instead to beg me to change it back. Why is that, little girl?

Because I’m not some filthy slut! Julia exclaimed, wishing that her body would agree with her and stop being so aroused.

Such an interesting word, Dantalion chuckled. Do you know what a slut is, little girl? A slut is a human that is no longer constrained by its own false morality. A slut would have the intelligence to understand that the heightened sensation that I just gave you is a gift, and a slut would have no qualms about taking full advantage of it. This, incidentally, is my point – you’re not a slut, Julia. Rather than giving in and doing what you really want to do, you fight yourself – insisting that you must not allow yourself to feel pleasure, though never really understanding exactly why that is.

Julia told herself that he was full of shit, but she couldn’t seem to make herself believe it. Despite her immense terror she had never been so turned on in her life; her body screamed at her to relent and do as the demon had suggested. Steeling her will, she reminded herself that she was a respectable person, not some filthy animal ruled over by its most basic urges. Though she desperately wanted to give in, she just couldn’t allow it.

You can’t make me do that, she growled defiantly. You might be able to screw with my body, but you can’t force me to do anything.

Is that so? Dantalion laughed.

Raising his hand into the air, Dantalion motioned quickly to the side. Confused and terrified, Julia found herself rising up to her feet and stretching her arms out wide. She tried to stop herself, but she found she no longer had even the slightest control of her own body. As she watched in impotent fear, she brought her right hand to her left wrist, extended a finger, and dragged the nail down her arm. Although she wasn’t pressing hard enough to break the skin, with her intensified physical sensations it felt like the most severe pain imaginable. Feeling as if a soldering iron drenched in vinegar was being dragged across her skin, Julia let out an agonized scream.

After a few seconds Dantalion motioned in the opposite direction and Julia removed her nail from her arm. The pain faded quickly, though adrenaline coursed through her veins and she could feel her heart pounding rapidly. Still unable to control her own body, she watched in horror as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, stripped out of it, and removed her bra. She focused as hard as she could in a futile attempt to regain her own autonomy, but it was no use. All she could do was to whimper as she brought her hands to her breasts and began to gently rub them.

Please stop this, she begged. I’m sorry that I said you couldn’t force me – clearly I was wrong. Please don’t rape me, though – please?

Rape you? Dantalion laughed. I’m not even touching you, little girl. No, I won’t be raping you tonight, and you have my word on that – unfortunately, I’m not so sure you can make the same promise.

Still playing puppet to the demon, Julia began to roll her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. The sensation was intense – just as the pain produced by dragging her fingernail across her skin had been amplified earlier, so too was the pleasure that she felt in her nipples. Unprepared for the intensity of what she felt, she let out an accidental moan. Ashamed of herself for reacting in such a slutty manner, she clamped her mouth shut tightly and did her best to repress any further signs of enjoyment.

Unfortunately for Julia, hiding what she was feeling was a difficult task. Her nipples had always been a bit on the sensitive side, and with her senses so dramatically elevated the pleasure she was feeling was beyond anything she had experienced before. To her horror, she realized that she might actually reach orgasm through nothing other than the stimulation to her nipples. Disgusted by the idea of cumming in such a corrupt and wrong way, she did her best to think of other things in a futile attempt to sabotage her own pleasure. She tried hard to focus only on the terror that she was feeling as opposed to the pleasure, but neither her body nor her mind seemed to want to cooperate.

Please stop, Julia begged again, disgusted by the idea of having an orgasm while the demon watched. You have to stop this right away, please!

Why the urgency? Dantalion replied dismissively. You sound like you’re enjoying yourself, so why should I stop this right away? Why not wait a few minutes and see where this goes?

Julia wasn’t quite sure how to respond. She really didn’t want to tell the demon that the urgency was due to the fact that she’d reach orgasm if she kept playing with her nipples, but she doubted that she’d be able to hold herself back for a few more minutes. Suspecting that he already knew what was going on and realizing that there’d be no hiding it if she did actually cum, she decided to swallow her pride and tell him the truth.

If you don’t stop now, she moaned, I’m going to orgasm. Please – I can’t hold this off much longer!

Why should you? Dantalion shrugged. Your kind loves to orgasm – you might pretend otherwise, but it’s actually one of your favorite things. Still, if it’s too much of a problem for you, I suppose I could relent. If you’d prefer, I can have you twisting your nipples painfully instead of simply toying with them. Just say the word.

Julia might not have been eager to experience an orgasm in such a shameful situation, but she wasn’t about to ask him to make her hurt herself. The pain that she had experienced earlier when she had been forced to drag a fingernail across her skin had been so intense; she doubted that she could handle the far more significant pain that would be involved in torturing her own nipples. Terrified of the alternative, she focused her energy on staving off her rapidly approaching orgasm – she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it off forever, but she desperately hoped that the demon would show her mercy eventually.

As her resolve began to melt away, Julia wondered what she was doing. She knew that if she gave in and allowed herself to cum it would likely be the most intense orgasm of her life, yet she still felt compelled to avoid it. Though she hated it, the demon’s words were beginning to make sense – she really was fighting against her own best interests. She accepted that her actions didn’t make much sense, but it didn’t seem like it would make a difference – whether she wanted to or not, she was about to cum.

Immediately before her orgasm began, though, she felt her fingers removing themselves from her nipples and her arms stretching back out. The frustration of being so close to orgasm and having it denied at the very last second was massive; in many ways it was even more painful than dragging her fingernail across her skin had been. Emotionally breaking down, she began to cry tears of sexual frustration as the demon looked on grinning sadistically.

Please let me finish, she choked out, utterly humiliated but unable to handle the stress of being denied.

Let you finish what, little girl? Dantalion laughed, feigning ignorance.

Julia knew what he was doing. Apparently it wasn’t humiliating enough to just force her to ask him to let her finish, he wanted her to explicitly spell it out for him. She considered refusing, but the urge to cum was far too great for her to just ignore it. Swallowing her pride, she rationalized that the demon already knew exactly what she was talking about anyway, so at least it wouldn’t be as if she were telling him something that he didn’t know.

Please let me cum, she whimpered, hating herself for giving in without more of a fight.

Dantalion waved his hand again, a mischievous smile plastered across his cruel face. Instead of seeing her hands return to her chest on their own, she found that she had regained control of her body. This irritated her – she felt slutty enough after having begged the demon to let her finish without being forced to put in the work herself. Still, she was desperate, and figured that she had already humiliated herself so thoroughly that it wouldn’t make too much of a difference. Deeply ashamed of how she was behaving but unable to hold herself back, she willingly brought her hands back to her chest. To her frustration, though, her nipples had lost their elevated sensitivity – while playing with them felt mildly good, she doubted she’d be able to attain orgasm from that alone.

You seemed so confused earlier, Dantalion explained. You begged me to make you stop playing with your nipples, then you begged me to let you finish. I hate to see your breed using what little brainpower it has so chaotically, so I figured I’d simplify things for you. Your nipples are no longer extraordinarily sensitive, though everything below the belt still is. Do with that information as you please.

Julia was a bit disgusted by the new development. Playing with her nipples was shameful enough; actual masturbation seemed beyond what she could tolerate. Unfortunately, instead of her frustration dissipating over time it seemed to only have grown stronger. Choking down her self-disgust, she attempted to shove her hand down her pants but found that she was unable to fit even a single finger down the waistband of her khakis. It struck her as odd – the pants had never been so tight-fitting in the past, and she suspected the demon was responsible. Grumbling quietly to herself, she attempted to rub her crotch through the pants but found that her hand wouldn’t cooperate. As Dantalion looked on smiling, she realized that she wouldn’t be able to have her orgasm until after she stripped naked.

Can you look away please? she requested irritably. I’d really like some privacy.

Privacy? Dantalion chuckled. Why, little girl? Do you think I was in that urn for so long that I’ve forgotten what human anatomy looks like? You don’t need privacy – hiding in the shadows is such a large part of why you are where you are. In fact, you need the opposite.

Dantalion approached Julia again and placed his hand upon her forehead. Just as she had the time before, Julia closed her eyes as the icy skin of the demon’s palm made contact with her face. She sensed that she was no longer in the white room that she had been in, and based on what the demon had just said to her suspected that she wouldn’t appreciate the change of venue. As she felt his hand lifting off of her skin, she cautiously opened her eyes and immediately regretted it.

Rather than standing in an empty room, Julia found herself in the center of a stage. With a spotlight on her she found it impossible to see anything other than her immediate surroundings, but she feared that it was no longer just her and the demon. Forcing herself to ignore her burning need for an orgasm even if only temporarily, she attempted to run away only to find there was nowhere to run to – the stage seemed to go on forever regardless of which direction she ran and the spotlight simply followed her.

Julia didn’t manage to run for very long. With each step she found her arousal growing more and more intense; ignoring it quickly became physically painful. She could feel her clit throbbing in her panties; she sincerely worried that she might actually explode if she didn’t get some satisfaction soon. Knowing that she needed to do something, she tried to convince herself that it was all a dream and she was still safely in her bedroom. She didn’t really believe it, but she needed some excuse for what she was about to do.

Taking a deep breath, Julia undid her pants and slid out of them. She attempted to masturbate through her panties so that she could retain just the slightest shred of dignity, but found that just like her pants she was unable to fit even a finger through the waistline. Mortified but unable to put it off any longer, she cursed the demon and slipped out of her underwear, deeply embarrassed by how wet her panties had grown. Fully naked and on stage, her feelings of vulnerability and shame rivaled her feelings of sexual frustration.

Reasoning that if she was going to have to suffer the indignity of being fully nude on stage then she might as well get something out of it, Julia thrust her hand into her crotch. As her fingers made contact with her engorged clit she felt overcome with the greatest physical pleasure she had ever experienced. Strangely, though, she did not cum. Although masturbating felt extremely good, it wasn’t doing anything to get her the satisfaction that she so desperately yearned for.

You’re going to need to be bolder, came Dantalion’s voice. Simply standing there and rubbing yourself might normally do the trick, but the type of orgasm you’re looking for is going to require a bit more dedication. Lie down on your back and spread your legs so that the audience can see. Don’t just fidget with your clit, either – fuck yourself like a true slut.

Julia cringed a bit at the word audience – she absolutely hated thinking that people were watching her, yet at the same time found the idea strangely arousing. Her clit still throbbed painfully, though, and she really didn’t have the composure to debate it. Telling herself that she’d be able to somehow make everything all right later, she did as the demon requested and laid down on her back. Spreading her legs wide, she went back to work masturbating but found that satisfaction still would not come. Before she could ask for clarification, though, a dildo rolled onto the stage and bumped against her shoulder.

She understood that she was meant to use it to fuck herself, but that was a bit of an issue. The dildo was nearly three inches in diameter, significantly thicker than anything that had ever been inside of her. A part of her worried that she’d be unable to take such a thick object, another part of her worried that she would. She wasn’t happy about trying, but she realized that she really didn’t have a choice at that point. Overpowered by lust and shame, she took the dildo in her hand and brought it to her crotch.

Pressing the head into her slit, Julia found that the dildo did fit – though not too easily. She was wet enough to insert it, but she could feel the girth stretching her out. It was mildly painful for her, but not necessarily in a bad way. Humiliated but still desperate to attain satisfaction, Julia began to slowly fuck herself with the dildo. A part of her was deeply ashamed of how easily she had been able to insert it – it felt tremendously slutty to be able to take such a thick object at all.

Slowly fucking herself with the dildo, Julia’s shame gradually faded away into pleasure. Though she was a bit concerned that she really was stretching herself out with such a massive object, the idea actually struck her as fairly hot. Still enslaved to her passion, even the pain of taking such a large object was driving her closer to orgasm. Before her lust could completely silence her sense of modesty, though, she found a new cause for concern.

She couldn’t be certain, but she thought she heard voices softly mumbling amongst themselves in front of her. Forced to remember what the demon had said about an audience, Julia realized that she had no idea how many people might be watching her, or even if they were people at all. The idea of being watched while she defiled herself with such a large sex toy was deeply humiliating, yet at the same time it seemed to make the act that much more arousing. Figuring that she had already come so far that it wouldn’t help to back down at that point anyway, Julia continued to build up speed as she felt her orgasm growing closer.

As Julia fucked herself harder and harder the voices before her seemed to grow louder. What was once a gentle mumbling that was so quiet she wasn’t even sure if she had really heard it transformed into a dull roar. She could no longer tell herself that she wasn’t being watched, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop either. She told herself that stopping would be pointless – the audience had already seen her fucking herself with a massive dildo so the damage was already done – but she knew that wasn’t the real reason for her persistence. The truth was that just knowing she was being watched by strangers was a massive turn-on – as shameful as it felt, feeling as though every unseen eye in the room was glued to her was extremely exciting.

As the roar of the crowd grew louder, Julia began to make out individual voices. She was a bit horrified by what they were saying – how disgusting she was behaving seemed to be a common theme. Some of them even shouted instructions at her – fuck yourself harder, you stupid bitch seemed to come up rather frequently. Ignoring the voice in the back of her head that screamed at her to stop before she lost all of her dignity, Julia complied with the requests and fucked herself as hard as she could.

Pushed to her limits both physically and emotionally, Julia felt her orgasm finally beginning. Her muscles contracted violently – she realized that she must have looked like she was having a seizure, but she really didn’t care. Moaning so loudly that her vocal chords hurt, she embraced the most powerful orgasm of her life. As the crowd erupted into applause with lewd catcalls mixed in, Julia felt herself drifting out of consciousness from the sheer energy with which she came.

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Corruption - Chapter Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter two of the story. If you haven't read chapter one yet, you should probably do that first.


Julia awoke in her bed the next morning, still completely nude. Feeling emotionally raw, she wondered if the events of the previous night had been real of if she had merely imagined them. The evidence suggested that they were real – the vase was no longer on top of the bookshelf, her body felt sore yet satisfied, and she never slept in the nude – but it just seemed so impossible. She told herself that it must have been just an extremely vivid dream, but she wasn’t completely convinced. It felt entirely too real at the time to explain as just her subconscious playing tricks on her.

It bothered Julia that she couldn’t be sure of how real what had happened was, but she didn’t want to dwell on it. Hoping to put it out of her mind, she climbed out of bed and dressed herself. As she was dressing herself, though, she felt as though she was being watched. Though she saw no one in the room, she distinctly detected a foreign presence. She considered calling out the demon’s name, but couldn’t seem to bring herself to do so – talking to things that might have been purely imaginary seemed a bit silly to her. Still, she couldn’t help but feel like she smelled the extremely faint scent of hazelnut.

Ignoring the powerful feeling that she wasn’t alone, Julia went about her day. She didn’t have anything all too important planned, but she did have a number of errands that she had been putting off. She knew she could have put them off a little longer, but keeping occupied seemed like a good idea – she didn’t want to sit around and have to think about what had happened and might still be happening. Tossing on a jacket, she headed to the grocery store.

As she went about her business, Julia felt slightly strange. Normally a fairly shy and reserved person, she found herself feeling surprisingly confident. While she might have disliked being out in public in the past, she found herself actually taking pleasure in interacting with other people. She wondered what had changed, and suspected it had something to do with the events of the previous night. Somehow interacting with a cashier just didn’t seem quite as terrifying after she had brought herself to orgasm in front of an audience that she couldn’t see – even if it hadn’t really happened after all.

Taking pleasure in her newfound sense of confidence, Julia spent the entire day out in public. Her motivation shifted – at first it was really just meant to be a way to keep busy, but as time progressed she found that she legitimately enjoyed being in public without her natural shyness. Concerns about what had happened the previous night and whether or not they had been real were still in her mind, but mostly she was just enjoying herself. She was having so much fun that she didn’t return home until well after dark, and by that time had convinced herself that the previous night’s events had been nothing more than an especially vivid dream.

Arriving home, Julia found that Mellissa had her boyfriend Mark over, as well as another man that she didn’t recognize. She considered taking advantage of her confidence and joining them in the living room, but opted not to. She had never really spent a ton of time with Mellissa and her friends in the past, and she worried that it might seem strange if she were to break with that pattern. Removing her jacket, she headed back into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Alone in her bedroom, Julia felt her confidence weaken as the scent of hazelnuts once again filled the air. Outside of her home it had been much easier to convince herself that Dantalion was nothing more than a figment of her imagination, but standing in her bedroom where it had happened and smelling what she had smelled when he had first appeared made it a bit more difficult to ignore just how real things had felt. Fear seeping into her, she suspected that the demon was about to manifest itself in front of her again.

He didn’t show up, but he made his presence felt just the same. As the scent of hazelnuts dissipated, Julia felt her sense of hearing being amplified. Even though her door was closed, she could hear what was being said in the living room just as clearly as if she were there with Melissa and her friends in person. She wasn’t quite sure how to react – she was glad that the demon hadn’t manifested itself in front of her again, but having her hearing amplified supernaturally made it exceedingly difficult to tell herself that the previous night had just been a dream. Trying to ignore the frightening ramifications of what was going on, Julia focused on the conversation in the next room.

You’d be wasting your time, Jim Melissa laughed, her voice as clear to Julia as if she were sitting right next to her. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in years – if it wasn’t for the fact that she seems to use tampons, I’d swear that she didn’t have genitalia at all.

I don’t see why that should stop me, the man she assumed was Jim replied. Just means that she’s probably hungry for it. Besides, shy chicks are fun – they might pretend to be all proper and shit externally, but once you get their pants off they love it rough and nasty.

I doubt she loves it at all, Melissa shot back. Trust me Jim – she isn’t just shy, she’s frigid. I doubt she even masturbates; you’d probably get more participation from a fucking blow-up doll.

The conversation bothered Julia. They were very clearly talking about her, and she resented the dismissive way that Melissa spoke of her sex life. Although Julia and Melissa weren’t exactly best friends, they had always managed to get along and it seemed like a violation of the relationship for Melissa to be telling strangers about how much sex Julia wasn’t having. She considered going out into the living room and telling Melissa that just because she didn’t fuck a different guy every week didn’t make her a prude, but she wasn’t sure how she would explain the fact that she had managed to overhear them speaking. Besides, even with the confidence she had earned from the previous night Julia still preferred to avoid confrontations whenever possible.

Unfortunately for Julia, it seemed that Dantalion had other plans. As her sense of hearing faded back into normal human range, she felt herself losing control of her own body just as she had the previous night. Despite the fact that she really just wanted to go to bed and pretend that she hadn’t heard anything at all, she found herself marching out of her bedroom and into the living room. Terrified by the idea of being forced to confront her roommate, Julia tried her best to regain control of her body but found the task to be impossible.

Marching straight up to the couch that the three people were sitting on, Julia braced herself for what the demon might force her to say to Melissa. To her surprise, though, she walked straight by Melissa without saying a word and stood in front of Jim. While Mark and Melissa looked on in confusion, Julia leaned in, kissed Jim deeply on the mouth, and thrust her hand down his pants.

What the fuck has gotten into you, Julia? Melissa gasped, sounding more shocked and confused than anything else.

Terror gripped Julia as she broke off the kiss in order to answer Melissa’s question. She had no idea what the demon might force her to say, but she was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be good. She couldn’t personally think of any reasonable excuse for the way that she was behaving, and the demon didn’t exactly have a history of concerning himself with protecting Julia’s dignity.

Nothing’s gotten into me, Julia answered against her will. You’ve been getting fucked ten times a week; I’ve been forced to fuck myself alone late at night after you’ve gone to sleep. I’m sick of it, bitch – there’s two cocks in this apartment, and even a slut like you should be able to share.

Julia couldn’t believe the words that had come out of her mouth. Even though they were spoken in her voice, they sounded so unlike anything she would ever say. She wasn’t exactly in the habit of admitting her sexual appetites, and though she didn’t necessarily disagree with the idea that Melissa was a bit on the promiscuous side she wasn’t the type of person that would come right out and say it. Mark and Jim looked understandably shocked by her behavior, but Melissa didn’t look so much shocked as offended. Julia wanted to apologize and take everything she had said about her back, but her voice simply wouldn’t cooperate.

Excuse me, bitch? Melissa shot back. Are you actually calling me a slut while you’ve got your hand down the pants of some guy whose name you don’t even know?

I don’t need to know his name, Julia shrugged. In fact, the only thing that I really need to know about him I know because I have my hand down his pants. If calling you a slut is a problem, though, I can use a different term. How about worthless fuck toy? Human sperm bank? Any of those working for you?

How about frigid prude? Melissa growled back, clearly getting increasingly angry. Sure, I fuck a lot – I enjoy sex and I’m not afraid to admit it. At least I’m not cowering in fear of my own libido, pretending that my self-denial gains me some bullshit moral high ground. You of all people don’t get to look down on me, bitch – your twat may as well be purely decorative given how little use it sees.

Yeah, it’s real impressive how you’re able to fuck any guy that will have you, Julia laughed sarcastically. Please, bitch – you think that’s something to be proud of? Anyone can do what you do – I could easily be exactly as big a whore as you if it wasn’t for my pesky dignity and self-respect getting in the way.

Julia wanted desperately to apologize. She knew from experience that Melissa wasn’t the type to back down from a fight, and her body language made it very clear to her that she wasn’t pleased with the things that Julia had said. She tried to shoot her a submissive look to let her know that she really didn’t mean the things that she had said, but it was no use – Dantalion simply forced her to glare at her tauntingly instead.

Jim, honey? Melissa cooed, turning her attention away from Julia. You know what you were saying about the things that you’d do to this bitch if you had the chance? Well, here’s your chance – do whatever you want to her. Take away her dignity, rape the living shit out of the little whore, whatever. If she goes to the cops, I’ll testify that I saw the entire thing and that she was the aggressor. Break the slut.

Oh please, Julia laughed. You think this little limp-dicked faggot can break me? Go ahead, little boy – do your fucking worst.

Julia was absolutely terrified. The look on Jim’s face suggested that he was all too happy to help Melissa teach Julia a lesson, and it didn’t look like Melissa or Mark were planning to intervene on her behalf. She wanted to apologize and explain that she hadn’t meant anything that she had said or done, but her body simply wouldn’t cooperate. She realized even if it did, it probably wouldn’t make too much of a difference anyway – the hole was already dug, and it would be unlikely that she could talk her way out of it. As if to guarantee that she would receive no mercy, she then unwillingly turned her attention towards Jim, looked him dead in the eye, and spit directly in his face.

Fortunately, Jim didn’t appear angry. He did, however, appear focused. Grabbing Julia by the hair, he slapped her across the face. As pain blossomed out from Julia’s cheek, he grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her over his knee, facing down. Julia tried to fight back, but instead of resisting her body seemed to cooperate fully as Jim pulled down her pants and underwear, exposing her ass.

We’re going to need to work on your manners, bitch, Jim growled. The first thing I want you to do is apologize for mouthing off to me.

Or what? Julia taunted. You’re going to spank me? Please, if you spank as gently as you slap I doubt I’ll even feel it. Still, if you want to embarrass yourself I’m not going to stand in your way. Just do me a favor and wake me when you’re done, okay?

Unsurprisingly, Julia’s mockery did little to calm Jim down. Raising his hand up in the air, he brought it down across her ass as hard as he could. The pain was tremendous – he had hit far harder than he had when he slapped her. Julia tried to cry out in pain as her ass erupted into suffering, but Dantalion had other plans. Instead of screaming, she laughed dismissively at Jim’s efforts.

Is that all you’ve got, little boy? Julia chuckled. I was actually just kidding about asking you to wake me up earlier, but if you can’t hit any harder than that I think I might actually need you to. Unless your plan is break me by making me feel embarrassed for your shit performance, you’re going to need to step up your game a bit.

I’m just getting warmed up, Jim assured her, spanking her ass again. Trust me, bitch – you’ll be begging for mercy soon enough.

Sure I will, Julia yawned sarcastically. Listen, I hate to tell you how to do your job, but let me give you a tip in the hopes of getting this over with a little quicker. Pretend that you’ve got a set of balls, and hit me like a man would – I know it’s a stretch, but these playful little love taps aren’t really doing much other than making you look like a pathetic little pussy bitch.

Feeling challenged by the words that Julia absolutely did not want to say, Jim proceeded to spank her mercilessly. Julia desperately wanted to beg for mercy as her skin screamed in agony, but the demon would not permit it. Although the pain was well beyond what she would have thought herself capable of handling, she spent the entire time taunting Jim and daring him to hit her harder. Paradoxically, despite the pain being overwhelming she found the experience to be extremely erotic – between the intensity of the physical stimulation and the humiliation and degradation of being bent over a stranger’s knee and spanked, Julia found herself growing obscenely wet. When Jim’s arm got tired a few minutes later she worried that she might never be able to sit down again without pain, yet she found herself somehow craving more abuse.

Aww, is the poor widdle baby getting exhausted? she laughed. You can always switch to your left arm, though I doubt it’ll do you any good. At this point it might be best to just accept what I think everyone already knows – you’re a pussy, and a wimpy little bitch like you could never actually dominate a woman without help.

Shut the fuck up, Jim growled, clearly getting irritated with Julia’s unnatural ability to ignore the substantial pain that he knew he must have inflicted on her.

Make me, bitch, she dared him. Actually, that might be a bad idea – I doubt you’d be any better at forcing me to shut the fuck up than you were at spanking me. Maybe you should just get down on your knees and beg me to shut up before I hurt your precious little feelings any further – if you do a really good job, I might consider it.

Letting out an irritated grunt, Jim shoved Julia off of his lap and onto the floor. After pulling out his erect cock, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her knees. Julia was grateful for the fact that at least the spanking was over – she was pretty sure that she really couldn’t handle it if he did decide to switch arms and continue – but she wasn’t exactly happy about what she suspected was about to happen. Julia might not have been the most sexually experienced person ever, but it didn’t take a sex expert to figure out just how Jim intended to force her to stop talking. A part of her was glad – his cock was more than large enough to silence her and prevent the demon from digging her hole any deeper – but she expected that having her face fucked while Melissa and Mark watched on might be both painful and humiliating.

I hope you’re not planning to gag me with that, she sneered. I mean, I can’t imagine that such a tiny gag could be very effective. You should grab something a little bit larger – I think we have some toothpicks in the kitchen.

I’m glad to hear that you think it’s so small, Jim shrugged, seemingly unfazed by her attack on his penis size. Seeing as it’s apparently smaller than a toothpick, I can’t think of any reason that you’ll struggle to take the entire thing.

Julia tried to pull her head back, but the demon forced her to do the opposite. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed Jim’s erect cock. Unfortunately for her, he was nowhere near as small as her words had implied – in fact, just opening her mouth wide enough to accept it was mildly uncomfortable. Despite the tremendous fear that she was experiencing at the thought of being orally violated, her outward demeanor did not change – as far as anyone else knew, she was a willing participant.

Placing his hand on the back of Julia’s head, Jim began forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. Instead of pulling back as she would have liked to, Julia cooperated fully; taking his penis into her throat and touching her nose to his stomach. It hurt her to do so, but the demon seemed to be repressing her gag reflex. Looking up at Jim, Julia taunted him with her eyes – silently relaying that she could handle anything that he was capable of throwing at her.

So much for your prude, theory, Jim laughed as Julia began to bob her head up and down painfully. There’s no way a girl as chaste as what you described would be able to deep throat me so willingly.

Yeah, I really didn’t see that coming, Melissa admitted. I mean, I haven’t seen her with a man in years, but the way she’s sucking your cock – with an audience no less – kind of blows away my theory. I guess she isn’t a prude after all. A disgusting slut, maybe – but definitely not a prude.

Julia wanted to explain to her roommate that she really wasn’t a slut at all; that she hadn’t been responsible for anything that she had said or done that night. She knew that it would be futile – convincing Melissa that actually she was possessed by a demon that she had accidentally freed from a vase she had bought at an antique store didn’t seem possible – but she wished that she could at least give it a try. Dantalion, however, had other plans for her. Rather than allowing her to defend her behavior, he forced her to reach over towards Mark and thrust her hand into his crotch. Julia was both ashamed of her behavior and fairly intimidated – it felt to her like she was trying to claim Melissa’s boyfriend as her own, and she suspected that Melissa might take it the same way.

You okay with this, babe? Mark asked, sounding eager to join in but concerned about what ramifications it might have for his relationship with Melissa.

You know what, Melissa shrugged, go right ahead. If little Julia wants to be a slut, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use her like one.

Works for me, Mark smiled, removing his pants to provide Julia better access. Looks like Jim could use some help anyway. It’s cool, buddy – I got your back.

Challenged by his friend’s words, Jim grabbed Julia’s hair tightly and began rapidly forcing her head up and down without mercy. It was tremendously painful and degrading to Julia, but she cooperated fully. She hoped that Jim would take her lack of visible suffering as a sign that he was wasting his time trying to violate her mouth and grow tired of it soon, but it didn’t seem likely. While Jim seemed a bit disappointed that Julia wasn’t begging for mercy, he seemed to be enjoying himself just the same. Julia worried about what would happen once Mark fully jumped into things – he had already grown nearly as erect as Jim was from Julia’s stroking.

Strangely, although the experience was tremendously painful, Julia still felt herself growing more and more turned on. She couldn’t understand why – having Jim’s cock repeatedly thrust down her throat was hardly pleasant – yet she could feel her wetness dripping down the inside of her thighs. As tears streamed down her cheeks she found herself desperately hoping that Jim would fuck her, and it wasn’t just so that she could avoid the oral abuse.

After a minute she got a brief break from having her throat bruised in order to have her shirt removed. She was deeply ashamed by that – neither Melissa nor the two men seemed interested in stripping any further than was necessary and she hated the idea of being the only naked person in the room – but she cooperated just the same. While Jim removed her bra, Julia eagerly kicked off her pants and panties that were still around her knees. By that point both men were rock hard, and as ashamed as Julia might have been about the situation she was eager to find out what they might do with their erections.

You’re no bigger than your little friend here, Julia taunted Mark. I hope you’re not planning to try to gag me with that little pecker – I mean, I’m bored enough as it is with this idiot’s attempts.

Not going to gag you, Mark assured her, kneeling down behind her. Though I’m not exactly going to be gentle, either. Hope you’re on the pill, slut, cause I don’t feel like wearing a condom.

Julia was absolutely terrified by what she had just heard. She wasn’t on the pill, and she certainly wasn’t hoping to get knocked up. She tried again to wrestle back control of her body from the demon, but found the task to be as futile as it had always been. Rather than protest, she simple raised her ass into the air in order to invite Mark in.

While Julia went back to work fellating Jim, Mark explored her crotch with his hands. Finding out how wet she was, he forced two fingers inside of her and began pumping them in and out, causing wet, sloshing sounds to emanate throughout the room. As if to alleviate any doubt that anyone might have had as to how turned on she was, she grinded her hips back while moaning loudly as Mark continued to finger fuck her. Embarrassingly, she realized that while she might have only been reacting the way that she was because the demon was forcing it, she was actually deeply enjoying it just the same.

Sounds like you’re ready, slut, Mark laughed, positioning the tip of his cock against Julia’s slit. In fact, sounds like you’re about to leave a fucking puddle between your knees. What kind of slut gets that fucking wet from getting throat fucked anyway?

Do you want to have a conversation, or do you want to fuck? Julia demanded, briefly wrestling her head off of Jim’s cock. I’ll understand if you just want to talk – I mean, you do seem like a bit of a pussy. If you do want to fuck, though, do me a favor and let me know when you’ve gotten started. Between your pussy-assed nature and your tiny little pee-wee, I probably won’t notice otherwise.

Gripping Julia firmly by the hips, Mark thrust in hard as Jim forced her head back down on his cock. Having taken Julia’s taunting as a challenge, he was absolutely brutal. His assault was actually mildly effective – his thrusts did cause Julia a bit more pain than she would have liked – but she was easily wet enough that she found herself enjoying his brutality rather than fearing it. As Mark worked into a savage rhythm of quick, deep strokes, Julia could already feel her orgasm building.

I’d really hope you two pussies can fuck her harder than that, Melissa challenged. Come on, Mark – I’ve personally witnessed you fucking harder than that. Don’t show this bitch any mercy, honey – make it hurt. If she’s not walking funny for the rest of the week then you didn’t do your job right.

Encouraged by his girlfriend, Mark managed to somehow pick up the pace and fuck Julia in an even more brutal manner. Not wanting to be outdone by his friend, Jim followed suit – repeatedly forcing his cock down Julia’s bruised throat. The pain was impossible to ignore, but Julia was beginning to not really care. As her orgasm built, a part of her was actually grateful for the demon’s manipulations. Sure, it hurt like hell and she worried that she’d never regain the dignity that she was throwing away, but it was the best sex that she had had in her entire life.

Julia managed to last about ten minutes before her orgasm came. It was mind-blowingly intense – despite the lack of denial immediately prior, it rivaled the orgasm that she had experienced the previous night. Even with Jim’s cock lodged deep within her throat it was obvious to everyone what was happening, and Julia didn’t really care. By that point she felt that she had lost whatever pride she might have had, and she wasn’t about to let her sense of morality interfere with the realization of her pleasure.

Watching Julia cum seemed to trigger Jim’s orgasm. Placing his hands on the back of her head, he pushed her head down until he was as deep into her throat as he could be. As his cock pulsated in Julia’s mouth she felt his sperm flowing down her throat. With no other option available, she swallowed the entire load as Jim grunted loudly.

With his load spent, Jim pulled his wilting cock out of Julia’s mouth and pulled his pants back up. He seemed almost embarrassed with himself for not having been able to make Julia beg for mercy. Julia thought it was somewhat amusing in a corrupt way – had she had control of her actions she would have begged for mercy the instant it had begun. As if on cue, Julia felt her control of her own body return the instant Jim had finished zipping up his fly.

With control of her body back, Julia wasn’t quite sure what to do. She thought about explaining what had happened and asking Mark to stop, but it didn’t really make sense. She doubted she’d be able to convince anyone – she barely believed it herself – and besides, though she might not have been responsible for her actions she couldn’t pretend that she hadn’t enjoyed the results. Figuring that whatever damage could be done had already been done, she simply continued to play along as if she were still under the demon’s control.

After another ten minutes or so Mark’s breathing began to intensify. Realizing that he was about to cum and not wearing a condom, Julia began to worry. Though she had deeply enjoyed the feeling of being fucked bareback, she wasn’t eager to pay for the pleasure by being impregnated. She wasn’t sure if she could talk him out of it, but she figured that she had to try.

Don’t cum in me, she begged. I’m not on the pill – just pull out and cum on my ass instead.

Still giving orders, bitch? Mark growled. Fuck that shit – I’ll cum wherever I want. If you end up getting knocked up, that’s your own goddamned fault for being such a stupid whore in the first place. If you really want me to pull out, I suggest you let me know that you understand your place. Tell me that you’re my bitch, apologize for being such a dumb slut earlier, and beg me to cum on your face instead.

I’m your bitch, she choked out. I’m sorry that I was such a dumb slut earlier, but I promise you that I know my place. Please cum on my face? It would help me to understand what a stupid whore I am, you know.

I suppose I could, Mark laughed. Though, I don’t see how much good it will do if you just wash it off immediately after. Promise me if I’m kind enough to cum all over that little slut face of yours that you’ll sleep wearing my cum as a reminder of what a worthless whore you are.

I promise, Julia whimpered, disgusted with the idea of being forced to sleep wearing a man’s semen but unwilling to face the alternative. I’ll wear your cum as long as you like, just please don’t cum in my pussy?

Laughing at Julia’s degradation, Mark pulled out of her and grabbed her hair. Pulling her face towards his crotch, he furiously stroked his cock as his orgasm began. Julia opened her mouth wide in the hopes that he’d aim for it – though degrading, swallowing his cum seemed preferable to wearing it – but he completely ignored the target that she had provided and coated her face with his sperm. Julia wasn’t sure if Dantalion was interfering with Mark’s body as well, but it seemed to her that he might be – the amount of cum that he managed to produce seemed far beyond what was reasonable. By the time he finished, every inch of Julia’s face was dripping sperm.

After his orgasm finally ended, Mark released his grip on Julia’s hair and pulled his pants back up. Not wanting to stick around and discuss what had just happened, Julia headed straight for her bedroom without even getting dressed. She knew that she’d have to deal with the fallout of what had happened with Melissa at some point, but she wasn’t eager to do it that night. Mostly she just wanted to get away from the others – the sense of humiliation in what she had just done was overwhelming.

Entering her bedroom, Julia crawled into bed. With Mark’s cum dripping down her face, she worried that she might not be able to actually get to sleep. Fortunately for her, Dantalion intervened. Within seconds of her head hitting the pillow, she was out like a light.

Continue reading with chapter three.

Corruption - Chapter Three

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter three of the story. If you haven't read chapter two yet, you should probably do that first.


Julia woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed. Though still emotionally drained and extremely fearful about what was going on, her body felt relaxed and well-rested. Her throat, ass, and vagina were still mildly sore from the abuse that they had sustained the night before, though not nearly as sore as she would have expected them to be. She was grateful for that, at least.

She considered trying to again convince herself that everything that had happened so far had just been a dream, but didn’t see the point in wasting the effort. The soreness she felt combined with the fact that her face was coated in dried semen made it abundantly clear that the previous night’s events had been real, and she knew that she never would have done the things that she had done on her own volition. It was intellectually troubling for her to accept it, but she could no longer pretend that the demon’s existence wasn’t quite real.

After taking a quick shower Julia dressed herself to go out. She didn’t really have anywhere specific to go, but hanging around the apartment all day seemed undesirable. Keeping busy seemed like a good idea, and she wasn’t eager to spend time around Melissa after what had happened the previous night. She worried that Melissa might resent the fact that Julia had unwillingly called her a slut numerous times, as well as slept with her boyfriend.

Confirming her suspicions, Melissa shot Julia an icy glare as she passed her on her way out. Although Julia wasn’t happy to find that her roommate was angry with her, in a way the glare seemed almost positive. Julia had often felt as though Melissa looked down on her, yet there was something almost respectful about the way that Melissa glared at her. It felt to Julia as if for the first time she was being seen by Melissa as an adult rather than a little girl.

Hopping into her car, Julia drove off in no particular direction. She had only been on the road for a few minutes when the increasingly familiar smell of hazelnuts filled her car, indicating that Dantalion was about to make his presence felt. Strangely, though mildly intimidated by what she knew was about to happen, Julia wasn’t quite as terrified as she might have expected to be. She had faced the demon twice so far, and though both situations had been painful and humiliating, a part of her really didn’t regret them. Her confidence did waver a bit, however, when she glanced to the side to see Dantalion’s brutal form hunched over in her passenger seat.

You’re welcome, he smiled.

Excuse me? Julia growled, her irritation with his implication that she should thank him overpowering her sense of intimidation. I don’t recall thanking you.

I’m aware, he sighed. Still, your lack of civility would hardly justify rudeness on my part. You really ought to thank me, by the way – I’ve done so much for you already.

You had me raped, she reminded him. Do you honestly think I should thank you for that?

Absolutely, Dantalion grinned. You can call it whatever you like, but you enjoyed it. More importantly, though, you benefited from it – your newfound sense of confidence and the respect your roommate now has for you are all because of me. Imagine how much better off you’d be if you gave in and stopped resisting my help.

I will never stop resisting, Julia growled. I don’t want your fucking help; I want you to go away and never come back.

And I want to know why I should concern myself with what an insignificant hairless ape wants, he shrugged. I don’t, you know – you can thank me or resist me, but in the end you’ll give in. Or break. Definitely one of those two things.

Julia gulped loudly. While Dantalion’s tone hadn’t necessarily been menacing, his words were quite intimidating. The casual way in which he said that she would break as if it would mean nothing to him at all was deeply unnerving, and she had no reason to doubt that he would hesitate to hurt her. She still felt anger at him for the cruel manipulations that he had forced on her, but her fear quickly stepped into the forefront of her mind.

Moving on, he continued, Get on the freeway and head southwest. I’d like to see you cooperate a bit more today – while I’m fully capable of controlling your actions, it would please me to see you take some initiative. It would demonstrate that I’m not wasting my time with you and that I wouldn’t be better off simply tearing your spine out and possibly using it to write out vulgar insults to whatever god you believe in. So, you know, either cooperate, or let me know exactly which faith you subscribe to.

Having given the instructions, Dantalion promptly vanished just as quickly as he had appeared in the first place. Julia considered disobeying him, but it didn’t seem like a great idea. She knew that he could simply control her actions, and she really didn’t want to find out just how literally he had meant it when he mentioned tearing out her spine. Fairly nervous about what might happen, Julia drove onto the freeway and headed southwest as the demon had asked. She took some comfort in knowing that at least whatever did happen would probably happen far from her home – should the demon choose to humiliate her again she at least wouldn’t be humiliated before people that she knew.

After driving for about five hours Julia noticed that she was running low on gas. Spotting a truck stop on the side of the road, she pulled over to refuel her car. While stopped, she decided that she might as well take the opportunity to use the bathroom –after driving all morning her bladder was nearly full. After parking her car, she headed towards the bathrooms.

Walking towards the women’s room, Julia was irritated to find that it was marked out of service. This was a bit of an issue – her bladder was more full than she had previously thought, and she really had to go. She tried the door, but found that it was locked. As the scent of hazelnuts again wafted into her nostrils, she began to worry – she wasn’t sure what the demon was planning, but it seemed like whatever it was would be made more unpleasant if she didn’t urinate first.

Glancing to the side, Julia noticed that the men’s room was open. She wasn’t crazy about the idea of using it, but the truck stop seemed pretty empty and she really had to go. Timidly approaching it, she knocked loudly on the door and waited for a response. When nothing came, she poked her head through the door, found the bathroom empty, and headed in.

Not wanting to waste any time, Julia headed straight towards the furthest stall from the door and locked the partition door behind her. The bathroom was absolutely filthy – even if she hadn’t been a woman in the men’s room she’d have been eager to do her business and get out of there. It stank of urine, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a week, and there was even a hole in the partition wall next to her. Laying down a layer of toilet paper on the seat, she squatted down and began to urinate. It was nice to know that whatever the demon was planning to throw at her, at least she wouldn’t have to worry about pissing herself during.

Before Julia was able to finish emptying her bladder, though, she heard the sound of the door opening and footsteps entering. Fear gripping her, she held her breath as those footsteps headed towards the stall next to hers. She silently panicked – she couldn’t run away without being seen, but the hole in the partition wall made staying in the stall risky as well. Frightened and embarrassed, she simply stood completely still and hoped for the best as the man entered the stall next to hers.

Julia did her best to remain as silent as possible as the man drained his bladder mere feet away from her. She hoped that after he finished he’d leave without incident, allowing her to make a run for it. She told herself that it was unlikely he’d look through the hole in the wall anyway – he had no reason to believe that there was anything of interest to him on the other side, after all. All she had to do was to remain quiet and not do anything to call attention to herself, and she’d be fine.

Hearing the toilet flush, Julia felt a modicum of relief. She was almost safe – all she had to do was wait for him to leave and she’d be home free. Looking through the hole in the wall and into the next stall, she waited anxiously as the man turned around to leave. Unfortunately, before he left he bent down a bit and looked right back through the hole, making eye contact with Julia. Though the eye contact was brief, he clearly saw that Julia was a woman.

Standing back up, he lowered his pants and faced the wall, thrusting his semi-erect penis through the hole. Julia was absolutely disgusted – although he hadn’t said a word, it was clear that he actually expected her to do something with his penis. She thought about making a run for it – she didn’t think he’d be all too effective at chasing her down with his pants around his knees – but before she could rise to her feet she again smelled the scent of hazelnuts and felt the demon’s presence.

Though Dantalion hadn’t materialized, she could guess what he expected her to do. She absolutely did not want to comply, but she realized she didn’t have much of a choice. She remembered how easily he could take control of her body, and she remembered how sadistically he used that control the previous night. Though she wanted nothing to do with the man in the next stall, it seemed mildly preferable to do what needed to be done on her own than to let Dantalion take over and find out just how low he might make her sink.

Utterly disgusted with herself, she reached over and cautiously wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft. It responded quickly – the instant her fingers made contact she felt it growing hard as blood rushed to it. She took that as a good sign – if the man got hard so easily, then he might cum easily as well. While the idea of making a stranger cum repulsed her, she realized that she probably wouldn’t be getting out of there until it happened. Wrapping her fingers around it, she began to slowly masturbate him.

Suck, came his voice, sounding rough and impatient.

His attitude bothered Julia. She realized that it was a bit silly to get hung up on manners, but the fact that he couldn’t even manage a simple please irked her. If she thought that she could get away with it she’d have bolted out of the bathroom with all the speed she could muster, but she knew the demon wouldn’t permit that. Swallowing her resentment, she leaned in and licked the man’s cock as it continued to grow hard in her hands. She hoped that the man would accept licking instead of sucking – it felt like a fair compromise to her.

I said suck, bitch, he growled. Not lick – Jesus fucking Christ, I understand that the average truck stop slut ain’t exactly a genius, but I’d think that you’d know how to suck a fucking dick, given that that’s all you’re good for.

Ironically, Julia was actually about to suck him before he said anything. Licking his cock had gotten her more turned on than she was happy with, and she didn’t really see how sucking him would be any more undignified than simply licking him. Really the only thing that made her hesitate was his attitude – she hated the way that he referred to her as a truck stop slut, and had little desire to reward him for being such a pig. Still, she realized that Dantalion was watching, and doubted that he’d care too much about her excuses.

Disgusted with the man’s behavior, Julia sucked his cock into her mouth. She was irritated with herself for giving in so easily, but she knew that she really didn’t have a choice. On a deeper level, she was irritated with herself for the fact that complying with the man’s instructions was turning her on. She tried to convince herself that the arousal she was experiencing from submitting to such an asshole must have been the demon’s work, but she didn’t really believe it – as much as she hated to think about it, it felt organic.

That’s better, slut, he laughed as Julia continued to degrade herself. I knew you’d figure it out eventually – you might not be too bright, but I can always count on a stupid bitch like you knowing what to do with a cock. Just to show there’s no hard feelings, if you do a good job I’ll even reward you. Not only will I shoot my baby batter right down your throat the way you want it, I’ll even tell my friends so you can get more.

Julia was a little horrified by his promise. She had hoped to do a good job just to get it over with quicker, but the idea that doing so might result in more men threw a monkey wrench into that plan. Vividly imagining a line of men just waiting for their turn to violate her mouth with the same repugnant disrespect as the current man was demonstrating was a bit disturbing to Julia, yet at the same time she found the thought paradoxically exciting. Telling herself that he was most likely just bluffing, she tried to forget that he said anything at all and stuck with her initial plan of making him cum as quickly as possible.

In the hopes of speeding things along, she tried to emulate the way that Dantalion had controlled her body the previous night. She wasn’t nearly as brutal as he had been – she honestly doubted she could handle such rough abuse again – but she willingly sacrificed her physical comfort in the hopes of getting out of the bathroom before things got any worse. It hurt her to take his cock down her throat, but she figured it was probably for the best.

After about five minutes the man began grunting rhythmically, suggesting to Julia that he was about to cum. She was happy that he was almost finished, but alarmed by what else she heard – over the primal grunts of the man she clearly made out the sound of the door opening again. She hoped to god that whoever was entering would be disinterested in using her sexually, as she doubted that he wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on based on the noises that her current partner was making.

After a few more grunts the man began to cum. As warm, salty semen washed over her tongue Julia considered pulling back, but decided not to. Having such a rude person cum in her mouth was degrading, but it seemed slightly preferable to having him cum on her face – she hoped to run out of the bathroom when he finished and didn’t plan on wasting time washing her face. As her mouth quickly filled with his cum she swallowed reluctantly, more to get it off of her tongue than anything else.

What’s going on in there? came a new voice.

Got a slut in the next stall, her current partner answered. Bitch is a bit on the dumb side, but that’s probably to be expected – don’t exactly expect a Nobel laureate to be hanging out in the men’s room sucking stranger’s dicks. What she lacks in brains she makes up for with her mouth, though. Anyway, I’m about done with this whore if you want to take a turn.

Without even thanking her, the man withdrew his cock through the hole, pulled his pants up, and left. Julia hoped that she might be able to follow suit and leave herself, but before she was able to the new man took the last man’s place. Wasting no time, he dropped his pants and stuck his cock through the hole. Though frustrated by her inability to escape, Julia knew that her best move would be to comply and get it over with. Letting out an irritated sigh, she leaned back in and engulfed the new dick in her mouth.

The second man lasted slightly longer than the first one before he shot his load down Julia’s throat. Unfortunately, just as he began to ejaculate a third man came in. Julia once again repeated her performance with him, only to have a fourth come in as he finished. As man after man filed into the bathroom the instant that she was finishing up with her current partner, she began to suspect that Dantalion had something to do with the clockwork timing. Unfortunately, she knew there really wasn’t anything that she could do except continue as she was.

After a few hours Julia’s jaw began to ache severely. She hadn’t had a break since the first man entered, and her mouth wasn’t accustomed to such consistent abuse. Her mouth wasn’t the only part of her body that was giving her trouble, though – after being unceremoniously used as little more than a sperm receptacle for hours she had grown deeply turned on. She could feel how wet her panties had grown, and was severely disgusted with herself for that.

As her jaw cried out in physical pain, she began to wonder why she was sucking them at all. She had figured out by that point that none of the men were willing to settle for a mere hand job, but she doubted that any of them would object if she fucked them instead. Really the only thing that was holding her back from doing so was her own pride – as undignified as her behavior had been so far, actually having sex with anonymous strangers still seemed like it would be worse. Still, even though she was disgusted with the idea, she found it impossible to put it out of her mind.

While Julia imagined what it might be like to have sex with a stranger, her current partner reached orgasm. Unsurprisingly, just as he was cumming she heard the door open yet again. Just as had happened countless times already, seconds after his spent cock withdrew through the hole it was replaced with a new one. The new one, however, was a bit more intimidating than the ones before it. Even though it wasn’t fully erect yet, it seemed to be substantially thicker than every other dick Julia had fellated so far. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to open her mouth wide enough to make it fit even if her jaw hadn’t already been sore.

Stroking and licking it, she thought about her situation. She really wasn’t looking forward to hurting her jaw by stuffing such a thick object in it, and though she hated to admit it she was intensely horny. The solution seemed so simple to her – she could spare herself the pain that oral would bring while taking care of her own needs. She found herself wishing that the demon would take control of her body and simply force her to do what she wanted to so that she could claim innocence, but that didn’t seem likely.

Before long the cock was fully erect, and it had only grown thicker. Fearing that she wouldn’t be able to fit it in her mouth at all, she decided that it was silly to continue hurting herself. Rising to her feet, she bent over facing away from the wall. Filled with a twisted combination of moral self-loathing and primal lust, she reached between her legs, grabbed the cock, and pressed it up against her dripping pussy. She told herself that she was only doing it to spare her mouth any further abuse, but she knew that wasn’t the truth. As she felt the cock’s head rubbing up against her wetness she knew that she was more motivated by her desire to fuck than her fear of pain.

Of course, the man’s massive girth was still an issue even without her mouth being involved. He was nearly as thick as the dildo that Julia had taken on the first night; Julia struggled just to get the head inside of her. Once inside she felt as though it were stretching her out as it slid deeper and deeper into her. Though painful, she found the idea of being physically altered by a stranger’s cock to be strangely exciting. Although she was deeply disgusted with herself for giving in, she was glad that she did.

Figuring that she had already humiliated herself enough that a little more wouldn’t make a difference, Julia reached back and began to rub her own clit as she slowly grinded her hips back and forth on the cock. After spending hours performing oral sex on strange men and getting increasingly more turned on the entire time, the feeling was intense – though she was still vaguely away that she should feel shame for what she was doing, it was difficult for her to focus on anything other than the massive pleasure that she was experiencing. As she gradually built up speed she found herself regretting that she hadn’t decided to use her genitals instead of her mouth earlier.

Julia ended up lasting only ten minutes before her orgasm arrived. She briefly tried to conceal it out of a desire to not make too much noise while in a public bathroom, but quickly found that particular task to be impossible. Giving in to the pleasure she was feeling, she came loudly without concern for who might hear and what they might think of her.

As her orgasm ended she noticed that her partner sounded as if he too was about to cum. Terrified of being impregnated, Julia quickly spun around, dropped to her knees, and stroked him the rest of the way to his orgasm. She was a bit slow, though, and ended up taking the first stream of his sperm across her face. After swallowing the rest she submissively licked him clean, enjoying the decadence of tasting her own sex on a strange man’s cock.

When the man finally left Julia noticed that she hadn’t heard the door open that time. Although still somewhat horny, the pain in her jaw made her think that it would probably be a bad idea to stick around much longer. After waiting for the man to leave, she quickly exited the stall and made a run for it.

Once out of the bathroom Julia made a beeline for her car. She noticed a small group of men standing around near the bathroom, and realized that they were staring at her. Her face went bright red realizing that some of them had likely been in the bathroom with her, and that she had no idea which ones they were. It also bothered her that they had seen her face, though she reminded herself that she was a good five hours from home and it was unlikely that she’d ever run into any of them again.

Driving home, Julia realized something strange. She felt a small amount of shame for what she had done, but it was easily overwhelmed by her sense of satisfaction. She found herself more disgusted with herself for not feeling shame than she was for her actions in the first place, which struck her as odd. She wondered what had happened to her – just three days ago doing what she had just done would have been absolutely unthinkable, yet a part of her was actually glad that she had done it.

By the time Julia arrived back home she was absolutely exhausted. Passing by Melissa in the living room again, she noticed the same icy yet respectful stare. She realized she’d have to deal with that eventually, but she was too tired to deal with it at the moment. Entering her bedroom she hopped into bed and fell quickly asleep.

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Corruption - Chapter Four

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter four of the story. If you haven't read chapter three yet, you should probably do that first.


Julia awoke to the sound of her alarm clock. Reaching over, she slapped the off button as consciousness filtered into her body. She had to be at work in an hour, and that worried her deeply. She hadn’t been getting along with her boss recently, and she suspected that anything Dantalion might do would only exasperate the already stressful relationship.

Grabbing her cell phone, she attempted to call out of work. The instant that she hit the call button, however, the battery drained from full to empty – despite the fact that the phone was currently plugged in. As the odor of hazelnuts filled the air, she understood that Dantalion would not be permitting her to ditch work that day. Frustrated but understanding that she didn’t have a choice in the matter, she took a quick shower and dressed herself.

As she headed out to work her feeling of dread only increased. The fact that Dantalion apparently wanted her to go to work was extremely intimidating – though she didn’t know exactly what he might do to her there she doubted that his plans would involve making her look professional and respectable. She knew that she couldn’t outright refuse him, but she hoped that she might be able to negotiate with him.

Once alone in her car she looked around to make sure that no one was watching and called out his name. She felt a little silly doing so – talking to a demon that wasn’t even there at the moment felt like the behavior of a crazy person – but she was willing to suffer some minor awkwardness while alone in her car if it meant sparing herself severe humiliation later at work. After a second the smell of hazelnut filled her car and Dantalion appeared again hunched over in her passenger seat.

Speak quickly, he instructed. Or get a larger car – this position is hardly comfortable.

Okay, look, she began. My boss hates me, and he’s probably just looking for reasons to fire me as it is…

I know all about Jake, Dantalion interrupted. Try to remember that I can read the thoughts and emotions of your breed, and cut to the chase.

Fine, she replied. I need you to leave me alone while I’m at work. I know I can’t force you to, but I’m asking you nicely – please don’t get me fired.

I suppose your cooperation yesterday does deserve some reward, he admitted. I’ll leave you alone while you’re at work today, but I expect you to maintain the attitude you displayed yesterday. Fair warning: I’ll be testing that cooperation after your work day is over. Force me to take physical control of your body, and I’ll make sure that you regret it.

Dantalion vanished before giving Julia a chance to reply. She wasn’t sure how she should feel about what just happened. On the one hand she was grateful for the fact that the demon wouldn’t be sabotaging her work life that day, but on the other she was a little nervous about his claim that he’d be testing her cooperation. Accepting that there really wasn’t anything that she could do about it, she headed to work and hoped for the best.

The demon kept his word and left her alone at work, but it hardly made the day easy. Dantalion’s promise of putting her cooperation to the test echoed through her mind, making it difficult to think of anything else. A part of her dreaded what might happen after work, but another part of her that she wished didn’t exist was actually looking forward to it. She wondered what the hell had happened to her – it felt so inappropriate to be turned on by thoughts of being sexually abused and humiliated by a demon, yet she couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t. She tried to focus on her job and forget all about what was happening in the rest of her life, but spent the day distracted just the same. She worried that her obvious lack of focus would likely add stress to her already strained relationship with her boss, but it seemed substantially better than the alternative.

By the time five o’clock rolled around Julia was feeling extremely torn. She didn’t want to hang around work any longer – things were awkward enough with her boss as it was – but she was extremely nervous about what would happen once she left. Accepting that she’d have to deal with whatever Dantalion had in store for her one way or the other, she clocked out and headed to her car, hoping that whatever it was wouldn’t be too bad, but realizing that it likely would.

After starting the engine Julia began to drive home. She was halfway there when her engine began to overheat. Not wanting to risk further damage to her car, she pulled over and parked in the first place she could, which happened to be the public park. She considered walking the rest of the way home, but it didn’t seem like a great idea. Going home meant dealing with Melissa, and she really wasn’t looking forward to that. Even if Dantalion didn’t interfere, she expected that coming to terms with what had happened on Saturday night would be unpleasant. Accepting that she was going to be uncomfortable no matter where she was, she decided to hang out in the park until her engine cooled down.

Julia found a bench inside the park and took a seat. Looking around, she was happy to find that the park was mostly empty. A handful of stray people strolled around casually, but it wasn’t so crowded that she’d be humiliated in front of a large crowd if Dantalion should decide to abuse her. Relaxing, she tried to enjoy the peace and quiet but knew that it likely wouldn’t last forever.

After an hour it began to get dark and what few people were in the park began to leave. Julia figured that her engine had had enough time to cool down by then, and decided it was probably time for her to leave as well and deal with whatever fallout there might be between her and Melissa. She took one last look around the park, trying to soak up the tranquility around her before heading into a potentially hostile situation.

While looking around, Julia spotted a man walking towards her. She vaguely recognized him, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on where she had seen him. He seemed to recognize her as well – as he approached he squinted at her, as if trying to remember just who she was. Not wanting to be rude, Julia hesitated for a moment as he got closer.

I know I’ve seen you before, but I can’t remember where, he said, carefully eyeing her face. Oh Christ, I just remembered – you were the girl at the truck stop all the way out in Springton yesterday, weren’t you?

Julia panicked a bit – she too realized where she had seen him before; he was one of the men outside the bathroom. She thought about lying to him and claiming that it had been someone else – it seemed plausible enough, they were over 250 miles away from the truck stop – but she suspected that Dantalion wouldn’t approve of that. Her face red with shame, she timidly nodded to indicate that she was that girl.

I fucking knew it! he laughed. God, what are the odds of running into you here? We should celebrate, you know. How about we head over to the bathroom and you suck my cock again?

Fuck you, you fucking pig, Julia growled. Regardless of how she had behaved the day before, she was not in the habit of performing oral sex on strange men just because they asked her to, and she deeply resented the implication.

Don’t feel like going into the bathroom, huh? he shrugged. Yeah, can’t say I blame you – it’s pretty disgusting here. Anyway, the park’s almost deserted – you can just blow me right here if you prefer it.

Julia was about to make a run for it when the scent of hazelnuts wafted into her nostrils and let her know that that would be a bad idea. She wanted very much to argue with Dantalion – she was willing to cooperate, but going down on such a scummy person seemed unfair – but she knew that it wouldn’t be wise. Aside from the fact that she suspected he’d just take control of her body and force her, she wasn’t crazy about talking to phantom entities that it seemed only she was aware of. She knew she’d have to agree, but she wasn’t happy about it.

Fine, she grumbled. Let’s hit the bathroom – hopefully you’ll be quick.

I’d be quicker if we did it here, he argued. There’s no one around, and that place reeks of piss anyway. Get on your knees, bitch – I think it’s time to make another deposit to the sperm bank.

Julia wanted to argue with him, but she was nervous enough about any repercussions that her initial refusal might have incurred and didn’t want to see how much more Dantalion might tolerate. Angry yet helpless, she dropped to her knees while attempting to murder the man with her eyes. She quietly fantasized about biting his dick off, but she knew that Dantalion would neither allow her to nor approve of such an attempt. While she got into position, the man grinned widely and unzipped his pants.

On the bright side, he wasn’t the man with the extraordinarily thick cock. This was a very good thing, as Julia’s jaw still ached from the previous day’s activities and she wasn’t sure that she could handle that particular cock at the moment. Though he was hardly thin, she suspected that she could handle him with minimal discomfort.

Eager to get her current humiliation over and done with, Julia leaned in and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. It felt mildly sticky, though she reasoned that she’d be disgusted with the situation regardless of his current genital hygiene. Hoping that once she got his dick wet with her saliva it would stop bothering her, she brought her head to his crotch and ran her tongue along the shaft.

Upon tasting his skin, she immediately recognized the flavor of female cum. Utterly disgusted, she realized that his dick wasn’t sticky because he was sweating; it was sticky because he had recently had sex. She instinctively tried to pull away, but the man grabbed her by the hair and held her in position long enough for her to remember that she really didn’t have a choice. Repressing the disgust that she felt concerning the fact that she was tasting some strange woman on his dick, she reluctantly went back to licking it.

Yeah, hope you don’t mind, he explained. I actually just fucked some bitch about an hour ago, but I should be ready to go again. I can’t imagine a slut like you would have an issue with that – I mean, a decent woman probably wouldn’t want to taste cunt on the dick that she’s licking, but you suck stranger’s cocks in truck stop bathrooms. I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’re about as far from decent as one can be.

Julia shot him a grimace to indicate that he was pushing her, but continued to lick away. Whether she liked it or not, she really had no choice but to tolerate his verbal abuse and it seemed like the quickest way to put an end to it would be to make him cum. Doing her best to pretend that she wasn’t going down on a man that she’d just as soon murder, she focused on getting him hard so that she could be done with him. Unfortunately, it seemed to be taking a bit longer than she had expected – though he was slowly growing hard, she worried that it would take so long that someone might wander by and see what she was doing.

Yeah, you’re going to need to do more than just lick it, whore, he commented, seemingly having picked up on Julia’s frustration. Like I said, I just blasted a load in some other skank, so it’s not going to be as easy today as it was yesterday. Not to tell a professional slut like you how to do her job or anything, but it might help if you were a little more into it. Play with yourself, bitch – get yourself turned on and I might get turned on as well.

She suspected that he was just being a pervert, but his words did make sense. Besides, on a deeper level that she would never admit the act of being forced to go down on such a disgusting creature in public was turning her on, even if she didn’t understand why. Justifying it by telling herself that she was only doing what she needed to do in order to get the job done quicker, Julia slipped her free hand down up her shirt and began to play with her own breasts. She found that her nipples were surprisingly sensitive – upon touching them she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. Though embarrassed by her outward display of arousal, it seemed to help her cause – she could feel him growing harder by the second.

After a minute of licking him while playing with her breasts the man was fully erect. As she sucked him into her mouth she removed her hand from her shirt and slipped it down her pants. She told herself that she was only doing it in order to help the man get off quicker, but the wetness that greeted her made it difficult to believe. She knew that the truth was that she just wanted to masturbate, yet even in her current situation admitting that to herself seemed impossibly shameful.

God, you really are a slut, aren’t you? he taunted. I can only imagine how many times you fucked yourself in that stall yesterday. You know, if you’re really looking to get off, you don’t have to suck me. I’m betting your jaw must still be tired from yesterday, and I’d be happy to fuck you in the pussy instead of the mouth. Honestly, they’re all just worthless holes to dump cum in as far as I’m concerned.

Julia resented the crass way that he had phrased it, but she knew deep down that it wasn’t a terrible idea. Her jaw really did hurt, and regardless of whether or not she wanted to be she was fairly turned on. Really the only thing holding her back was her sense of modesty, and that just didn’t make sense in the current situation. Besides, she figured that Dantalion would approve of her eschewing modesty for lust – it seemed to be his goal from the beginning.

Do you have a condom? she asked, pumping his cock with her hand.

No, but I don’t need one, he replied.

Why not? she inquired. Have you had a vasectomy or something?

Oh hell no, he laughed. In fact, I’m actually pretty damned fertile. The thing is, I don’t really care if I knock your slut ass up – ain’t like you know who I am or where I live or anything, so that’s really your problem.

Julia was about to outright to tell him to go fuck himself when she smelled hazelnuts again. She was deeply irritated – she was disgusted by the callous disregard for whether or not he impregnated her and more than a little terrified of the potential consequences of having unprotected sex. Although she was secretly a little turned on by his demonstrable lack of respect for her, her pride made continuing excruciatingly difficult. Unfortunately, she knew that she really didn’t have a choice in the matter – Dantalion hadn’t really cared about her irritation in the past, and she had no reason to believe that trend was about to change.

You can’t cum in my pussy, she warned, standing up and unbuttoning her pants. You can cum on me if you like, but you absolutely can’t cum inside of me. Is that understood?

Look at you, giving orders like you’re somehow not just some ignorant truck stop whore, he laughed. I’ll try to remember to pull out, but I’m not promising anything. Ain’t my fault your slut ass is too dumb to be on the pill.

Grabbing her by the waist, the man bent Julia over. She cooperated with him, though she was fairly terrified of getting pregnant. Strangely, that fear seemed to make things somehow hotter for her – thinking about the horror of being forced to carry such a despicable man’s baby was paradoxically extremely hot to her. As he forced his cock roughly into her, she let out yet another involuntary moan.

Taking Julia’s accidental moan of pleasure as a sign that he was doing something right, the man fucked her hard. He made absolutely no pretense of concern for her well-being; his actions were rough and brutal. While Julia felt like she ought to be offended by such callous treatment, the truth was that it was exactly how she wanted it. Less than five minutes after he began he had already driven her to orgasm, and she suspected that it wouldn’t be her last for the day.

She was well on her way to her second orgasm of the night when her heart stopped. Hearing footsteps approaching, Julia looked up to see her neighbor Paul strolling down the path in their direction. She considered trying to make a run for it, but it seemed too late – Paul had already noticed her and the man fucking, and she was pretty sure that Dantalion wouldn’t allow her to escape. Deeply ashamed, she hung her head low and hoped that her hair would cover her face sufficiently enough that Paul might not recognize her.

Julia? Paul called out as he got closer. Jesus Christ, that is you! God, I never would have guessed that you’d be the type to fuck in a public park. Your roommate, maybe, but not you.

Fuck in a park? the man fucking her laughed before she could answer. Shit, buddy – just yesterday she spent about four hours sucking strangers’ cocks in a truck stop men’s room. This here is a true slut – I doubt fucking a guy in a park is anything all too exceptional for her.

Jesus, Paul replied, sounding as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I had always thought she was about as far from a slut as you could get – honestly, I’d have described her as a prude if anything. I have to admit, I’m pretty freaked out by all of this.

Don’t be, the man encouraged. This bitch isn’t here to change your misconceptions about her, she’s here to fuck and suck. You can stand around like an idiot wondering how you missed it for so long, but I don’t think she’s going to care. Alternatively, you can pull out your cock, shove it down her throat, and use her the way she’s meant to be used.

Julia didn’t much care for the man volunteering her services to her neighbor, but she didn’t necessarily disagree. She had no idea what she could say to Paul – explaining that she was only acting that way because of demonic influence seemed like a tough sell – and having Paul join in on the act seemed like the best way to avoid an awkward conversation. Besides, with her second orgasm building she wasn’t exactly opposed to having him join in just for the sake of joining in. Sucking off her neighbor while getting fucked by a stranger seemed terribly humiliating, but she accepted that it was probably the best outcome possible in her current situation.

Paul hesitated for a bit and then followed the man’s advice. Walking towards Julia’s face, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Eager to have an excuse not to have to explain what she was doing, Julia eagerly sucked it into her mouth and went to work getting it hard.

You know what’s funny? Paul mused as his cock grew stiffer under Julia’s tongue. When you and Melissa moved in I was pretty happy about it. To be completely honest with you, I was looking forward to having some slut right down the hall that I could go to and fuck whenever the urge struck. I always thought it was her, though – had I known that you were this easy I wouldn’t have wasted so much time going after her.

Julia wanted to correct him and let him know that his initial beliefs about her and Melissa were accurate, but she wasn’t quite sure how to convince him given her current setting. Besides, she had bigger problems. The way the man who was fucking her was grunting led her to believe that he was about to cum, and as strangely turned on as she was by the idea of being impregnated by the scumbag she knew that she’d regret it.

Releasing Paul’s erect cock from her mouth, Julia quickly spun around and grabbed the other man by his shaft. Sucking and stroking him aggressively, she brought him to orgasm before he had an opportunity to force himself back into her. He intentionally pulled out of her mouth and bathed her face in semen in an act of defiance, but she figured having to go home sticky was infinitely preferable to having to go home pregnant.

You stupid cunt, he growled, milking the last few drops of his cum onto Julia’s face. I really wanted to cum inside of you too – but I guess there’s always next time.

Julia was about to turn back around and finish off Paul, but before she could he grabbed her hips and forced his cock into her pussy. She was a little offended that he would take such liberties without asking, but truth be told she didn’t mind too much. She had been very close to her second orgasm when the first man had cum, and she was eager to attain it. Instead of complaining about Paul overstepping his bounds, she simply reached back with her free hand and began aggressively rubbing her clit.

She managed to get herself off another two times before Paul came himself. Just as she had with the other man she spun around immediately before he started to ejaculate and forced her mouth over his cock. Paul at least was polite enough to not pull out – he shot his entire load down Julia’s throat as she swallowed willingly. Julia appreciated that – at least she’d only have one man’s semen drying on her face as she headed home.

With Paul satisfied, she headed straight towards her car. She suspected that if she hung around more men might come, and even though she was still somewhat in the mood it seemed like having more sex in public could be a bit riskier than she was willing to tolerate. She was already nervous enough about the fact that Paul had seen her; she didn’t want anyone else who might recognize her to wander by.

After driving home Julia took a quick shower and headed to bed. She wasn’t actually tired yet, but she felt the need to avoid Melissa and sleep seemed like a plausible excuse. She knew she’d have to deal with it soon enough, and she knew that she’d probably have to deal with Paul as well, but she felt a bit too emotionally vulnerable to handle it at the moment. Climbing into bed, she wondered if there was any way that the demon could help her out, then promptly fell asleep.

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