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The Farm - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Alicia was beginning to get nervous. She had been wandering down the highway for almost two hours and she had yet to even see a car, much less get one to stop and give her a ride. Further complicating matters, it was beginning to rain. While she didn’t mind a light drizzle, she really couldn’t afford to get soaking wet – not only would it be uncomfortable, but she expected it might make it a bit more difficult to convince a stranger to let her in his car.

She remembered when she first had the idea of hitchhiking across the country. She had just graduated high school and was unhappy about the fact that she really didn’t know who she was as a person. Spending a few months on the road on her own seemed like an excellent way to see the country, meet some interesting people, and attain some sorely needed definition in her life.

Her family wasn’t quite as crazy about the idea. At 5’6" and 138 pounds, Alicia wasn’t exactly in an excellent position to fight off danger should it arise. She promised that she’d carry pepper spray and very little cash, but it hardly put their minds at rest – they truly believed that she’d be robbed, raped, murdered, or possibly worse. She quietly chuckled to herself – though she had managed to avoid the particularly grim fates that they had predicted, no one warned her that she might have to deal with something as simple as being stranded in the rain. Sadly, her pepper spray made a poor umbrella.

Continuing down the highway, Alicia spotted a barn down the road and on her left. This was hardly abnormal – all she had seen in the last few days were fields of corn with the occasional farm-related structure. It was a welcome sight, though. She didn’t expect a barn to have any type of security, and at 10:00 at night she didn’t think there would be any people in it. She figured she could sneak into the barn, hide out until it stopped raining, and possible get some much needed sleep.

As she approached the barn she spotted a farmhouse about one hundred feet away from the barn. She also became aware of a surprising amount of mechanical noises coming out of the barn itself. This was unexpected, but not necessarily a bad thing. The mechanical noise would camouflage any sounds she might make as she got closer, so she’d be able to investigate without having to worry about waking up anyone in the farmhouse. She suspected that it was just random machinery running overnight; nothing to be all too concerned about.

Getting even closer, Alicia saw that the barn’s door was wide open and the lights were on. This was a little more concerning, as it implied that there would be people inside. She considered turning back, but she decided not to. It could be miles before she found shelter, and by then she’d be completely drenched in the rain. Besides, the fact that the door was open and the lights were on didn’t necessarily mean that anyone was in it, and she felt like she should find out for sure before ruling it out. Spotting a dumpster about thirty feet from the barn door, Alicia quickly made her way to it and crouched behind it. Nervously poking her head around the corner to investigate, Alicia couldn’t believe what she saw.

The inside of the barn was lined with six stalls, with three against each side wall. Each stall contained the heavy machinery that was responsible for the noise, but that wasn’t what had caught her attention. With the exception of a single stall, each of them also contained a woman kneeling down on the floor with the tubes attaching her breasts to the machines. They were each fully naked except for cow-print covered elbow-length gloves and knee-length boots. Alicia rubbed her eyes, hoping that she was just seeing things. Unfortunately, as her vision came back into focus it was clear that there was nothing wrong with her eyes.

Alicia was a little curious as to what was going on, but that curiosity was easily overpowered by a desire to get the hell away from the barn as quickly as she could. She didn’t like the fact that she’d be drenched in the rain, but compared to sticking around it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Climbing to her feet, she spun around and began to run.

Unfortunately, Alicia was so focused on escaping the area that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was running. After only a few steps she ran into what felt like a brick wall. Falling backwards onto the ground, she looked up to see what she had collided with. To her horror, she saw that the wall she had run in to was actually a man.

As her eyes adjusted she saw how she could have mistaken him for a wall. Although the man’s muscles didn’t bulge out or anything, he was clearly in excellent shape. A little over six feet tall and with a serious, almost militant appearance he intimidated the hell out of Alicia. Piercing brown eyes shot out from above his highly pronounced cheekbones, giving him a look of tremendous intensity. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her pepper spray.

Stay back! she demanded, brandishing the weapon in the hopes of scaring him off.

Now that’s just rude, he shrugged, showing no signs of being intimidated. You’re trespassing on my property, you know. I don’t mind or anything – not like you’re hurting anything – but threatening to mace me on my own land just feels like a bit of a dick move. What on Earth did I do to you?

Don’t give me that I’m innocent shit, she growled. I saw what was going on in your barn, you sick freak!

Having told him that she had witnessed what was going on in the barn Alicia expected some kind of attack. She kept her finger tensely pressed up against the pepper spray’s trigger, waiting nervously for him to make his move. To her surprise, though, he didn’t attack – he simply rolled his eyes and shook his head.

It’s funny, he chuckled. You don’t strike me as the puritanical type, what with your lack of hyper-modest dress and the mere fact that you’re trespassing on my land at this hour. Guess it just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover, though – apparently you can look normal and still be sexually repressed.

I’m not sexually repressed, she growled, but there’s a big difference between being open-minded and tolerating the shit that you have going on in that barn. That’s just sick.

Yeah, probably, he shrugged. I’m not going to pretend anything I do is normal, but it’s all consensual. You might not agree with what’s going on it that barn, but it really doesn’t matter – when all is said and done, I’m happy, they’re happy, and your opinion on what we do to get happy really doesn’t mean shit. Anyway, here’s the deal: I don’t feel like standing out here in the rain, so I’m going to go inside and have a drink. It looks like you’d like to get out of the rain too, so you’re welcome to join me. Alternatively, you can get the fuck off my property. Fair warning, though – the next house is about fifteen miles down the road, so unless you have an invisible car somewhere you’re looking at a long ass walk through the rain.

Having said his piece, the man turned around and began walking towards the farmhouse. Alicia wasn’t sure what to do. She was still frightened, but she was calming down a little. She reasoned that if he was going to kidnap, rape, or murder her he’d have probably done something other than just walking away. Additionally, fifteen miles was an extremely long walk – the sun would be up before she reached the next house and she’d already be soaked to the bone anyway. She still didn’t trust him, but joining him inside seemed slightly less unpleasant than the alternative.

Climbing up to her feet, Alicia scurried towards the man and followed him into the house, keeping her finger on the trigger of the pepper spray just in case. She was relieved to find that there wasn’t anything abnormal about the inside of the house – she had half-expected it to be decorated with human remains in a display of fealty to some forgotten god, but the room she was in looked like any other mundane kitchen. She stood awkwardly in the doorway for a few seconds until the man motioned for her to have a seat at the table.

So, what are you drinking? he asked. I have beer, water, orange juice, bourbon – just let me know what you want.

Alicia really wanted a beer to calm her nerves, but it didn’t seem like a great idea. She no longer expected the man to carve parts of her flesh away, rape her, and ultimately murder her; but it didn’t seem wise to get drunk around someone who had essentially admitted to her that he was a sick pervert. Still, she didn’t want to appear rude and shoot him down entirely – it felt good to be out of the rain and she wanted a little time to dry off.

I’ll have water, she replied timidly.

Why aren’t I surprised? he laughed, filling a glass with tap water and pouring himself some bourbon. I hope you don’t have a problem with me drinking something a little harder, at least. I know some religions not only forbid alcohol, but even forbid associating with people who use alcohol.

My religion doesn’t forbid alcohol, she corrected him. I mean, I’m not even religious. I’m just not much of a drinker. Either way, no – I don’t have a problem with you drinking whatever you want.

My mistake, he apologized. You reacted so negatively to what was going on in the barn, I guess I just kind of assumed you were a religious person. Don’t normally see many non-believers freaking so intensely out over seeing some sex, you know.

I didn’t see sex, she replied. I saw women being treated as cows and getting raped by machines.

Milked, he corrected. The machines milk them, they don’t rape them. I do breed them, of course, but I do that the old-fashioned way. I suppose that I could build a machine to handle that as well, but that seems like it would be a lot of work and significantly less fun.

Alicia had no idea how to react. It felt like he should be deeply ashamed of what he was doing, but there wasn’t even the slightest hint of remorse or embarrassment in his voice. His tone was frustratingly casual, as if he were simply discussing the recent weather. Confused, Alicia simply sat there with her mouth hanging open, wondering if she had somehow traveled to an alternate universe where such disgusting behavior was actually appropriate.

You clearly don’t understand what’s going on, he chuckled, taking a seat opposite her at the table. Let me explain. The first thing that you should know is that this is all exclusively consensual – those women as you called them may be chained down, but they’d stick around even if I unchained them. They enjoy being milked – it relieves the pressure. They also enjoy being bred, but you haven’t actually seen that yet. I enjoy breeding them and milking them, and I make enough money selling the milk to various fetishists to bankroll the entire thing and still have something left over. Essentially, everyone wins.

I just can’t believe that, Alicia replied. No woman could possibly want what I just saw.

It may help if you stop thinking of them as women, he explained. They’re genetically still human, of course, but if you think of them as cows it makes this all so much simpler. As to your claims that no woman could possibly want that, I’ll have to respectfully disagree. I’m sure even you would choose this life, if the circumstances were correct.

Just how much have you been drinking tonight? she shot back, mildly offended by his implication that she might actually not only tolerate but want to be a cow. There is absolutely no way whatsoever that I would ever let you do anything remotely like what you do to those women to me.

Cows, he corrected, standing up and walking back to his refrigerator. Trust me, they don’t mind – they know what they are.

Grabbing a coffee can from the top of the fridge, the man then headed to the pantry. Stepping inside for a minute, he rummaged around before returning with a strange metallic object in his hand. Taking a seat, he placed the object in front of Alicia and then reached into the coffee can. As Alicia watched in confusion he pulled out two rolls of what appeared to be $100 bills and placed them in front of her as well.

What is this? she asked, deeply confused.

Think of it as an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is, he explained. That object is a chastity belt – it prevents sex, masturbation, et cetera. Your body language makes it very clear that you’re a bit worried about being raped, so you should be happy – it will prevent that as well.

And the money? Alicia continued, far more interested in the stack of cash that was sitting in front of her.

Twenty-thousand dollars, he shrugged. Here’s what I’m thinking – you stick around her for twelve hours. You’ll wear the belt the entire time, just so you don’t have to worry about anyone doing anything to you that you don’t want. I’m so confident that you’ll want to join us before that time is up that if you don’t, I’ll remove the chastity belt, give you the money, and drive you into town. You can then buy an umbrella, and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the rain again. Or a car. Really, I don’t care – if you can last twelve hours without begging me to join then the money is yours to do with as you please.

Alicia wanted to tell him to piss off – she was still uncomfortable in his home and had no interest in staying for another twelve hours. Having the money right in front of her, however, made it difficult for her to form the words. Twenty-thousand dollars was a lot of money, and her mind drifted towards what she could buy with it.

You don’t have to answer right away, he continued. I’ll tell you what – there’s a bathroom down the hall and you look like you were in that rain for a long time. Go take a nice, hot shower. When you get out, you can put on the chastity belt and see if you can earn the money – or you can just get dressed, leave the belt, and go away. If you do choose to hang around, though, there’s also some sweats in the bathroom closet that you can borrow. They’re not exactly flattering, but they’re warm and a hell of a lot drier than what you’re wearing now.

Alicia wasn’t quite sure what to do, but the prospect of a hot shower seemed highly desirable. It had been a few days since her last shower, and she could feel the grime on her. She hoped that she’d be able to think more clearly once she wasn’t cold and wet, and borrowing his bathroom didn’t seem any riskier than following him into the house in the first place. She reasoned that if he was going to do anything to her he’d have done it by then – he was, after all, significantly larger than her. Finishing her glass of water, she headed into the bathroom.

Alicia entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her. After carefully testing to make sure that it was really locked, she turned the shower on and cautiously began to strip out of her wet clothing. She didn’t like the idea of being naked in his house, but she reminded herself that it was probably okay. If he had really wanted to get her naked, he wouldn’t have needed to trick her into taking a shower – he could have just as easily beaten her down and forcefully stripped her.

Fully naked, she stepped into the shower. She still wanted to reject the bet, but doing so just didn’t make any sense. She realized that most of her reluctance was just the fear that he’d rape, torture, and murder her – and it seemed like if that was his plan then he’d have done something already. He certainly wouldn’t have to bribe her to stay – he could just overpower her and force her with physical strength. The offer was still creepy as all hell, but it didn’t seem like it was outright dangerous.

Conversely, there was quite a bit that made her want to accept the bet. She realized that if she hadn’t seen the barn she’d have likely been begging him for a dry place to spend the night, and he was practically offering to pay her for that. The money wasn’t inconsequential, either – with that much cash she’d be able to afford a used car, gasoline, and hotel rooms for the rest of her journey.

Alicia spent about twenty minutes in the shower, relaxing under the hot water. Stepping out and toweling off, she eyed her clothing. Rain water still dripped from the cloth; she had no desire to put them back on. She peeked into the closet and found a plain gray sweatshirt and plain gray sweatpants. They were boring to look at, but they were warm and dry. The thought of how good they would feel as opposed to her soggy, cold clothing sealed the deal in her mind.

She picked up the chastity belt. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a pair of heavily armored panties with a keyhole in the side. It didn’t really make any sense to her why he would want her to wear them, though she figured it really wasn’t a big deal. She wasn’t exactly planning on having a lot of sex over the next twelve hours, and the protection from rape was somewhat desirable. After using the toilet she slipped into them and pressed the clasp on the waistband together until she heard a click. Tugging back on the waistband she found that they were securely locked in place. The realization that she was stuck in them was a little unnerving, but it was too late for her to back out. After slipping into the gray sweats from the closet she headed back out and found the man sitting in the kitchen, still drinking his whiskey.

Glad to see you accepted, he smiled. I have to admit, I’m a little surprised – you struck me as a bit of a coward; I honestly didn’t expect to ever see you again. I trust you’re wearing the chastity belt underneath? That was part of the deal, you know.

Alicia understood that it wasn’t part of the deal, but she didn’t feel like dropping her pants and letting him check. Taking her knuckles she rapped on the shield that covered her crotch, hoping that the metallic sound it produced would be proof enough. The man seemed a little disappointed that she hadn’t chosen to prove her compliance in a more interesting way, but he also seemed to accept that she was wearing the device.

Close enough, he shrugged. So, it’s currently 11:38. Make it to 11:38 tomorrow morning without asking me to if you can join and the money is yours – along with a ride into town if you want one. Just to demonstrate what a nice guy I am, I’m even going to let you spend the first eight hours or so sleeping – you do look exhausted, after all. Let me show you the guest bedroom, and we’ll continue this at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Alicia timidly followed behind the man as he led her down the hallway. The deal that he offered sounded far too good to be true; she was growing deeply concerned as to what the hidden catch might be. She worried about what he might have meant by guest bedroom – she could easily see it being one of the stalls in his barn. Still, aside from the kinks that he had witnessed in his barn he hadn’t given her any obvious concern for alarm, and she really wanted the money. It was too late to back out, anyway – the belt was already locked into place.

Stopping in front of a door, the man led her into the guest bedroom. Alicia was relieved to find out that it was exactly what a normal person would expect – just a blandly decorated bedroom with nothing out of the ordinary. It was nice to know that she wouldn’t be sleeping hooked up to some bizarre human milking machine, though she worried that she still didn’t know what the catch was. She considered asking him what was going on, but wasn’t sure exactly how to phrase it.

Having shown her the bedroom, the man excused himself and shut the door behind him. Still confused, Alicia took a seat on the bed. The soft mattress felt tremendously good – she had forgotten how nice it was to sleep in a real bed. Relaxing, she laid back on the bed and spread her arms. She was still worried, but it seemed silly to dwell on it. If something bad was going to happen there really wasn’t anything that she could do about it, and it just didn’t make sense to waste an opportunity to sleep in a warm bed.

After turning off the lights Alicia crawled underneath the blankets. She was more comfortable than she had been in a very long time, but something still felt off. Frustratingly, Alicia realized that she was mildly turned on. It wasn’t overpowering her or anything, but she didn’t like the fact that she was horny at all. It worried her that she would react in such a way so soon after seeing something as repugnant as what she had seen in the barn.

She told herself that it was pure coincidence – it had been so long since she had been in a warm, soft bed that her body was just reacting strangely. Pulling the blankets over her tightly, she attempted to ignore it and get some sleep. Unfortunately, in pulling the blankets over her she inadvertently brushed against her right nipple with her wrist. Though she had barely grazed it through the cloth of the sweatshirt, the act sent chills down her spine. She didn’t understand why, but she felt herself growing wet.

Cautiously, she attempted to slip her hand down her pants. She told herself that she was just seeing how tight the chastity belt was, though she knew that wasn’t exactly the case. Unfortunately, she found that the chastity belt was absolutely tight enough – she could just barely manage to get her fingers an inch passed the waistline, and that wasn’t doing her any good. Frustrated, she tried to worm her fingers in through the sides of the crotch, but found that to also be impossible. Pressing on the crotch from the outside was equally pointless; the metal shield simply diffused the pressure away from where she wanted it.

Alicia tried to convince herself that the fact that she couldn’t get any satisfaction was a good thing. She swore to herself that she wouldn’t have actually masturbated even if she could – not in a stranger’s house, and especially not after what she had seen in the barn. She couldn’t seem to convince herself, but it didn’t seem like a big deal. What she would have done was irrelevant – it wasn’t like she had a choice anyway. Frustrated but enjoying the warmth of the bed, she attempted to get some sleep.

Unfortunately, ignoring her arousal was a bit more difficult than Alicia had anticipated. Knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it she attempted to force it out of her mind, but found the task to be completely impossible. Irritated, she decided to think about disgusting things in order to turn herself off. She didn’t have to rack her brain too hard for that – she just remembered the sight that she had seen in the barn.

She remembered what the women looked like. Each was on her hands and knees, with a tube attached to each nipple. The looks on their faces were almost embarrassing – each wore an idiotically orgasmic grin. She wondered if they had any idea how ridiculous they looked, or any understanding of how degrading their situation was. She knew that different people valued respect on different levels, but letting a man refer to you as a cow seemed completely beyond the pale. It didn’t seem like they were unaware of it, either – the black and white cow-print style of their boots and gloves made it blatantly clear how they were viewed.

Maddeningly, the thoughts were doing nothing to turn Alicia off. In fact, they seemed to be having the exact opposite effect – as disgusted as Alicia knew she should be, she couldn’t help but feel a little envious of the women. She had no interest in joining them, but the looks on their faces was strongly appealing. They looked so blissful and satisfied, while she felt nothing but frustration.

Alicia realized that thinking about what she had seen in the barn was a mistake, but it was too late to stop. She wanted to know exactly what he had meant when he referred to breeding his cows – she had a general idea but she wanted details. She found herself involuntarily imagining how he would do it, and found her body responding in the worst possible way given her situation with the chastity belt.

She again tried to find a way around the chastity belt, but again found her efforts to be futile. Focusing, she forced herself to think of something other than the barn. She tried to think about how the weather had been, what she might do with twenty thousand dollars – anything other than sex. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried she found her mind inevitably drifting back to the frustration that she was feeling.

Fortunately, Alicia was actually pretty tired. After a couple of hours of restless stirring she managed to fall into something resembling sleep. Though she wasn’t in any way awake, she was still very much aware of how desperately she needed to cum. She began to strongly suspect that the man had done something to her – she couldn’t remember ever having been so turned on in her entire life, and it was only getting worse. Unfortunately, she knew there really wasn’t anything that she could do about it. Tossing and turning throughout the night, Alicia started to worry that winning the bet would not be nearly as easy as she had initially suspected.

Chapter two is here.


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    I might end up chained in someone's barn myself if I'm not careful :)

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