Friday, September 7, 2012

The Colony - Chapter One

Caitlyn had told herself that it was just a joke when she applied to the program and submitted to the testing. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go to Mars – in fact, she wanted nothing more – but she didn’t think there was any chance of her being accepted. Telling herself that she was just killing time helped her feel better about what she expected to be the inevitable rejection.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, but as she waited for an answer she began to feel slightly optimistic. Caitlyn might not have been the ideal candidate, but she had a few things going for her. At 19 years old she still had a long life ahead of her, which she figured would work in her favor when they analyzed the cost to benefit ratio of sending her. She was intelligent and a hard worker, traits that she assumed would be desirable to the colony. She worked out frequently and was in excellent health, so the odds of her spontaneously dying from a heart attack after the colony paid to ship her all the way to Mars were slim.

She was also fairly attractive. Her golden blonde hair framed her nearly perfectly symmetrical face, and though skinny at just 115 pounds she had an extremely feminine figure with curves in all of the appropriate places. She didn’t know how that would help her, but she was used to people treating her differently because of her looks. A part of her disliked that – she felt shallow using her attractiveness to get ahead – but if it meant that she could actually see a different planet she figured that she could handle what little guilt she felt after the fact.

Worried that she was getting too optimistic, Caitlyn reminded herself that she still wasn’t perfect. She may have been intelligent, but she hadn’t really accomplished anything yet. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, and as such she had no specific training or skills. She was mildly socially awkward, never knowing exactly how to behave around people. She was also a little short – at 5'3" she was slightly below the average height. None of these seemed like they would normally be huge issues to her, but she realized that she was competing against literally hundreds of thousands of people for her position. The colony would want perfect, and that wasn’t what she was.

When she got the acceptance notification in the mail she assumed that one of her so-called friends was playing a joke on her. It didn’t seem like a funny joke to her at all – in fact, mocking her burning desire to set foot on a different planet seemed unconscionably cruel. She wanted to believe that the letter was legitimate, but it just seemed so improbable. Human technology had progressed to the point that a sustainable colony on Mars was feasible, but sending people over was hardly inexpensive – and she couldn’t understand why they’d want her.

She became guardedly optimistic when she called the number on the letter to verify that she had received it. The operator on the other end sounded extremely real, and she didn’t think anyone hated her enough to put so much effort into such a mean-spirited prank. After jotting down the address that she was given she hung up the phone, telling herself not to get her hopes up – it all still seemed so unlikely.

When she showed up at the launch point she fully expected to be told that there was a clerical error and sent on her way. Placing her left thumb on the scanner she braced herself for the inevitable disappointment. To her surprise, though, the word approved appeared on the screen in front of her below her name and image. For the first time, she began to realize that she was actually leaving Earth.

As she boarded the shuttle she found herself overwhelmed with emotions. She was excited that she would actually realize her life-long dream of living on a different planet, but a part of her was also sad. She knew that at some point the colony would develop the infrastructure necessary for intra-planetary travel, but it was unlikely that that point would be during her lifetime. She knew that she was taking a one-way trip, and she knew that she would never set foot on Earth again.

The journey was surprisingly uneventful but mostly pleasant. During the time Caitlyn got to know her fellow colonists, nearly all of whom were female. They seemed nice, but she felt like she didn’t fit in. All of them seemed to be professionals – scientists, doctors, and engineers. Caitlyn was none of those things. She was a 19 year old college student who hadn’t even declared a major yet. She again felt like someone had made a mistake, but she no longer cared – it wasn’t like they were going to turn the shuttle around at that point.

After six months in space the shuttle finally reached its destination. The landing was rough, but Caitlyn barely noticed. She knew that she was about to walk on a planet that she wasn’t born on, something that countless other humans would never experience. There was nothing that could take away from that moment.

Her legs wobbled as she exited the shuttle. She knew the gravity was significantly less than what it had been on Earth, but after half a year of no gravity at all she was no longer used to the term down meaning anything. Stumbling awkwardly, she made her way to the processing center with the rest of the group.

Taking a seat in the intake area, she had difficulty remaining calm. She wanted to dance in joy, but she didn’t want to look like an idiot. Everyone else looked happy and excited to be there, but they were keeping cool. She didn’t want to be the weird one.

It took a few hours, but eventually Caitlyn’s name was announced over the loudspeaker. Following its direction, she walked through the door labeled 4. Eager to start her new life as a colonist, Caitlyn beamed with joy as she entered the intake room.

The room was relatively small, and looked a lot like any office on Earth – if it wasn’t for the view of the desolate Martian landscape through the window she probably wouldn’t even know that she was on a different planet. Sparsely decorated, a desk sat in the middle with a man sitting behind it. Two yellow footprints were painted on the floor in front of the desk, and a conveyor belt stretched across the wall behind him.

Caitlyn couldn’t tell how old the man behind the desk was. His rough facial features implied that he was in his thirties, yet his bright eyes suggested that he was closer to Caitlyn’s age. He wore a simple flat black uniform, similar to what Caitlyn had seen in pictures of the colony. Over his wrists were two bands, both black with a bright yellow stripe. The one on his left wrist, though, had a large white bar cutting across the stripe.

Caitlyn Boadicea? asked the man seated behind the desk. Am I pronouncing that right?

That’s correct, Caitlyn cheerfully responded. And yes, that’s me.

Wonderful, he replied dryly. See those yellow footprints in front of my desk, Caitlyn? Do me a favor and stand on them so we can get you fitted for your uniform.

Caitlyn followed the man’s instructions and placed her feet on top of the yellow footprints. The man pressed a few keys on his keyboard and a tone chimed through his computer speakers. What appeared to be a series of lasers swept her body for a few seconds, then another tone played. A few seconds later a metallic box came sliding along the conveyer belt, which the man turned around and retrieved.

Easy enough, he stated, placing the box on the desk. Here’s your uniform, Caitlyn. Go ahead and get changed, and someone from your unit will be along shortly to get you oriented.

Caitlyn excitedly opened the box, but was surprised by what she found in it. Despite the box being large enough to fit a few full outfits inside, it contained very little. There were four cloth loops, each black with a bright red stripe. She assumed based on the size that they were meant to be worn around her wrists and ankles, but she wasn’t completely sure. Aside from the cloth bands the only other item in the box resembled thong panties. They were also black with a bright red stripe down the center, but there was also a bizarre rubber protrusion sticking outwards from the crotch.

I don’t get it, Caitlyn admitted. Am I supposed to wear this on top of my clothes?

On top of? the man asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Caitlyn, this is your uniform – they are your clothes. The things you’re wearing now will have to be discarded.

There must be some mistake! Caitlyn protested. I think something must be missing – look! I’d be practically naked.

Caitlyn angled the box so that the man could see how empty it was, but he didn’t seem interested. Instead of examining the box with her, he simply turned his attention to his computer. After some brief typing, he swiveled the screen so that Caitlyn could see it. Her name and image appeared at the top of the screen, followed by a lot of data that Caitlyn didn’t fully understand.

No mistake, he insisted. Here’s your file, Caitlyn. You should be proud – it says that you’ve scored very highly on your evaluation tests. 93rd percentile physical, 95th percentile intellect. Be happy, kiddo – you’ve got good genes. You haven’t actually accomplished anything with your life yet – no college, special training, or anything else that would benefit the colony – but your genetics imply that you could do just about anything that you set your mind to.

Thank you, Caitlyn acknowledged. But that doesn’t explain the uniform.

Caitlyn, do you have any idea how much it cost just to get you here? he continued. I’ll tell you – roughly twenty-five million American dollars. Let me put that in perspective for you. The average American earns about forty-thousand dollars each year that they work, and works for about fifty years during their lifetime. Do the math – just getting you here cost the lifetime earnings of over 12 people. That’s a lot of resources to expend just to get you over here. What exactly did you think you’d be doing when you got here?

I don’t know, Caitlyn admitted. I could be a doctor, or an engineer, or something like that. I figured you could train me in something – I swear to god, I’m smart enough to figure it out with a little help.

You are, he agreed. Trust me, I’m not arguing that – I can see your test results right here. The thing is, Earth has tons of people that are just as intelligent and don’t need that training – they already know their fields. If we needed a doctor, we’d have recruited a doctor – likewise for any other profession. It’s just not cost-effective to bring people who might be able to serve the colony; we need people that can already pull their weight.

Then why’d you bring me? Caitlyn demanded. I never pretended that I had specific training, but you guys accepted me anyway!

I’m surprised you haven’t figured this out on your own, he laughed. Hell, your test results say you’re far smarter than me, and this isn’t really that complicated. It may cost twenty-five mil to bring a person here, but that’s not the only way that we can get new humans on Mars. That’s where you come in – we didn’t spend the money for you; we spent the money for your reproductive organs. When all is said and done, our money didn’t just bring you here – it brought you and at least a dozen people you have yet to give birth to. Viewed like that, it suddenly becomes cost-effective.

Things were finally starting to make sense to Caitlyn, but she wasn’t exactly happy about the newfound understanding. She had been wondering why she was accepted ever since she received the notification, but she had been too afraid that if she asked what was going on the colony would reexamine her application and rescind their invitation. Looking back, she remembered seeing the term breeder class on the letter, though she had been too excited to worry about what it might have meant.

I won’t do it, she stated obstinately. I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that – I’ll do any other job, and I’ll do it well, but I’m not a whore. I’m a virgin, for Christ’s sake!

Yes, that’s in the file as well, he laughed. Trust me, kiddo – the testing process is extremely thorough, I know pretty much everything about you. As to your claim that you won’t do it, we may have a problem there. We have extremely limited resources here, and everyone has to pull their own weight – if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

What if I refuse? she threatened.

Then you’ll be expelled from the colony, he shrugged. Believe me, absolutely no one wants it to come to that – the environment might be nice inside the bubble, but on the outside it’s hardly capable of sustaining human life. I realize that sounds harsh, but you have to understand that this isn’t Earth. We don’t have an endless supply of resources here; even the air you’re currently breathing costs us. Anyway, I’m not here to argue. You can put on your uniform voluntarily, or I can physically force you – your file indicates that might be a slight challenge, but I should be able to pull it off without any major difficulty. The end result is mostly the same, but you can spare yourself some physical pain by cooperating.

Caitlyn considered her options. Looking the man over, she realized that he was telling the truth – he was much larger than her and would have little difficulty forcefully stripping her. She considered running, but she had nowhere to run to. She didn’t want to wear the ridiculously slutty uniform, but she realized that she had no choice. At least she figured she could spare herself the indignity of being stripped naked by a complete stranger who might take some liberties in the process.

Taking a deep breath, Caitlyn began to strip out of her clothes. She was mortified, but she knew that she had no other options. Unfortunately, the man behind the desk wasn’t exactly making things easy for her. Instead of politely looking away, he openly ogled her body as she continued to lose clothing.

Could you look away? she asked. The way you’re staring at me is making me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t even know you, and I’m really not a slut.

Your file disagrees, he laughed. It says right here – sexual responsiveness: 98th percentile. You might be a virgin, but your sex drive is ridiculously high – you probably masturbate what, five hours a day?

That’s none of your fucking business, Caitlyn growled. He might have been correct, but he was still a stranger. I don’t care what that file says, I’m not going to fuck you.

She’s right, came a voice from the doorway. At least for the time being. She hasn’t been through her initiation process yet, and no one gets to fuck her until that happens – especially not a man in your situation. Really, I shouldn’t have to tell you these things.

Caitlyn turned her head to see where the voice had come from. In the doorway stood a woman, wearing the same breeder’s uniform that sat in Caitlyn’s box – though her thong didn’t seem to have the same rubber plug protruding out. She appeared to be slightly older than Caitlyn – probably in her late twenties or early thirties. Her long black hair perfectly framed her pixie-like face; her hourglass figure exuded sexuality. Caitlyn didn’t notice how attractive she was, though – she didn’t really notice anything other than the uniform. She felt shallow for feeling the way she did, but the uniform made the woman look like an absolute whore and Caitlyn’s immediate reaction was revulsion. She realized it was hypocritical and somewhat distasteful to feel that way after the woman had just stood up for her, but her mind couldn’t perceive the woman as anything more than a worthless sex object.

Calm down, the man laughed. I know the rules and I wasn’t planning on fucking her – at least not now. You have my word that I’ll give it to this little slut nice and hard at some point, though. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re here – Caitlyn here seems to be having some difficulty accepting her role.

That’s what I’m here for, the woman shrugged before turning her attention to Caitlyn. Hi, Caitlyn. My name is Ariadne. Think of me as a mentor – I’m here to show you the ropes and get you acclimated to your new life. Now let’s lose the underwear and get that uniform on so we can get started.

Caitlyn didn’t want to cooperate, but she knew she was outnumbered. Stripping out of her underwear, she quickly grabbed the thong and began to put it on. She knew the flimsy garment would conceal little nudity, but it seemed better than nothing. As she slid it up past her ankles, though, Ariadne stopped her.

Caitlyn, dear? Ariadne interjected. That’s inside out. The plug faces inwards.

But, that would mean it would go in me! Caitlyn protested.

Sometimes, Ariadne admitted. It’s actually a little more complicated than that. See, that’s not just a chunk of lifeless rubber in there, it’s a miracle of modern engineering. The plug behaves differently based on different variables – sometimes it’ll go in you, sometimes it won’t.

Variables? Caitlyn asked, confused by what Ariadne was telling her. What does that mean?

It’s simple, really, Ariadne explained. If the plug detects fresh sperm in you, it assumes its default position – the one you see it in now. In that situation, yes, it will go in you and stay in you, doing its job by keeping the cum nice and safe inside of you. If it doesn’t detect fresh sperm in you, it will recede out and you’ll barely even notice that it’s there. If it hasn’t detected sperm in you for a while, it’ll begin to vibrate against your clit to remind you that you’re slacking off. Don’t worry about that, by the way, it actually feels quite good. Unfortunately, it detects your arousal levels in real-time and is programmed to make sure that you won’t cum from the vibration alone.

Caitlyn was freaking out. She was already having enough difficulty accepting her situation, being told that she’d have an intelligent sex toy strapped to her crotch at all times wasn’t making it any easier. Horrified, she dropped the panties to the ground.

You look terrified, Ariadne observed. You shouldn’t be – there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Look, I’m wearing mine right now.

Ariadne motioned to the man behind the desk with her hands. He pressed a few more keys on his computer, and the waistband of Ariadne’s panties suddenly loosened a little. Approaching Caitlyn, she lowered her panties. Not wanting to stare but unable to look away, Caitlyn looked down and saw a plug just like the one in her panties embedded in the woman’s vagina. As she continued to lower the garment the plug fell out with a vulgar popping sound and what Caitlyn assumed was semen gushed out of her. Shocked, Caitlyn quickly looked away in revulsion.

Don’t be so bashful, Ariadne laughed as she pulled her panties back up. It’s just semen – nothing gross about it. The sooner you accept that the happier you’ll be – trust me, you are not going to have a good time here if you don’t like cum. Anyway, put your panties on – the plug will recede as soon as it detects your cunt juices without semen; it’ll only be inside of you for a second or so.

I can’t, Caitlyn sobbed. I’m sorry, but this is all too much for me. I’m really not a slut.

Low S.R. number? Ariadne asked the man behind the desk.

Actually, sky-high – 98th percentile, he replied. She is a virgin, though, and seems to be married to some fantasy world where she’s above sex.

How irritating, Ariadne sighed. Well, judging from the way that you’re looking at her and that awkward angle that the crotch of your pants are tenting up, I’m thinking you can imagine at least one way to educate her. I won’t interfere, but remember the rules – no one fucks her until her initiation.

Always happy to help, the man grinned as he stood up.

Caitlyn was panicking, but she didn’t know what to do. As the man grabbed her roughly and pulled her back to his chair she considered screaming, but she didn’t really see the point. She didn’t like what was happening to her, but she knew that it was all by their rules – it seemed unlikely that anyone was going to come and help her. Taking a seat, the man pulled Caitlyn’s body over his lap as she tried futilely to free herself.

Calm down, little girl, he said as he held her steady. I’m not going to hurt you – in fact, I’m pretty sure that you’re going to enjoy this. Fighting will only cost us time.

Pinning her arms behind her back, the man forced his hand between Caitlyn’s thighs. She attempted to clamp her legs shut to block his advances, but he was entirely too strong. Caitlyn cried out a little as his finger made contact with her sensitive clit, but neither the man nor Ariadne seemed to care.

I think you need to understand exactly what being in the 98th percentile for sexual responsiveness means, he explained as he began to gently rub her sensitive flesh. See, let’s say we pick 99 other women at random and put them in the same room as you. Of all of those women, only one or two is likely to have a higher sex drive than you, and not by much. That’s not a subtle thing, either – it means that you react totally differently. For example, most of those women wouldn’t enjoy having a strange man that they just met a few minutes ago bending them over his knee and rubbing their clit. You, on the other hand, are juicing up already.

Caitlyn wanted to tell him that he was wrong, but she knew he wouldn’t believe her. The shameful truth was that she was enjoying his finger on her clit. She didn’t want to enjoy it, and she was still terrified and humiliated, but she could feel herself growing wetter by the second and didn’t want to discuss that. As her face went bright red in shame, she hung her head low.

Cheer up, Ariadne encouraged. You might have been embarrassed by your high sex drive on Earth, but this is Mars. Being a slut here might be frowned upon by some, but it’s an absolute godsend in our profession. You’re going to be working one way or the other – at least this way you’ll love your job.

But I don’t want to love it! Caitlyn protested. I don’t want to be a slut at all!

Is that so? Ariadne laughed. Well, that’s easy then. Just stop being a slut – quit getting wet while a strange man finger fucks you. Stop enjoying it.

I can’t, Caitlyn tearfully admitted. I want to, but I can’t control that.

Of course you can’t, Ariadne laughed. It’s just who you are. Speaking of finger fucking, how is she? Is she actually a virgin?

Right on cue, the man slipped a single finger into Caitlyn’s dripping twat. She groaned as it went in, though it was out of humiliation rather than pain. She wanted to hate everything about what was happening, but her body rebelled against her. As his rough finger slid into her she let out an involuntary moan in pleasure, unable to deny how good it felt.

I think so, he answered. I mean, the test is hardly 100% accurate, but this bitch is tight. I only have on finger in her, and I doubt I could fit a second one inside. God, it’s like a vice – I can feel her cunt muscles squeezing against it. I honestly don’t know how you’re going to get a dick inside of her.

Relax, Ariadne assured him. The human pussy is an elastic thing – it’ll stretch to accommodate nearly any object if you get it wet enough. Trust me, when the time comes to pop this bitch’s cherry she’ll be dripping wet – literally.

Caitlyn groaned in shame as the man continued to fuck his finger into her. She hated how they were talking about taking her virginity as if she had no say in the matter, though she realized that was likely the truth of the situation. Further complicating things, as he continued to skillfully masturbate her she found herself involuntarily becoming aroused by the idea. She didn’t want it to actually happen, but just thinking about it was seriously turning her on. As the man pumped his finger in and out of her vulnerable pussy she found it impossible to stop herself from moaning openly.

Please stop this, Caitlyn begged between moans. I’m not a slut, you’ve made a mistake.

Please, Ariadne laughed. The fact that you can’t even prevent yourself from moaning like a bitch in heat proves that there’s no mistake. You love his finger in your cunt; you just don’t want to admit it. Still, maybe you need more proof. Try her back door – see if that helps teach this slut her place.

Realizing that Ariadne was talking about inserting something into her anus, Caitlyn quickly resumed her struggle. She had always viewed anal sex as disgusting, and something only a true whore would enjoy. Unfortunately for her, her position made escape impossible – the man was able to easily restrain her while sliding a second finger into her vulnerable asshole.

Caitlyn groaned loudly, humiliated by the fact that not only was a stranger fingering her, he was fingering both of her holes at the same time. She couldn’t believe that she was being degraded in such a disgusting way, but that wasn’t her biggest problem. Her biggest problem was the fact that even though she consciously hated the idea of having anything inserted into her ass, her body seemed to absolutely love it. As he continued to finger both of her holes she found herself once again moaning in shameful pleasure.

Just like I thought, Ariadne laughed. Like a true slut, you love it up the ass. Hell, you can’t even contain yourself enough to mask how much you like it. Are you ready yet, bitch? Can you finally admit that the tests are correct?

I’ll never admit that, Caitlyn moaned defiantly. I’m not enjoying this at all – those aren’t moans, their cries of pain.

Both Ariadne and the man laughed openly at her lie. She realized that it would be a tough sell – there was nothing remotely painful about her moans; anyone could tell that she was actually loving the abuse. Still, she couldn’t just admit that – doing so would mean that what they were saying about her being a slut was actually true.

After a few minutes of the assault Caitlyn realized that she had bigger problems. The man’s fingers in her holes still felt good, but they were beginning to feel a little too good. Shamefully, she realized that if he continued she’d almost certainly orgasm – though it wasn’t imminent, it would happen soon. As humiliated as she was for just moaning, she didn’t think she could handle the degradation of actually cumming from such a lewd act.

You have to stop, she begged lustfully. Please, I’ll wear the uniform, but you have to stop this right now.

Or what? the man inquired. What’s so urgent that I need to stop right now?

I don’t want to say, she moaned. Just please stop? You’ve proven your point, just let me go already!

I think I know what it is, Ariadne laughed. You’re going to cum, aren’t you, bitch? You little slut – he’s only been working you for five minutes or so and you’ve just met him.

Tearfully, Caitlyn nodded her head to indicate that Ariadne was correct. She didn’t want to admit it, but she couldn’t think of any other plausible excuse. Besides, it didn’t seem like she was telling either of them anything that they didn’t know – her lustful moans had left little doubt as to how her body was reacting. She rationalized that it was better to have them think that she was about to cum than to let him continue and demonstrate just how explosive her orgasms typically were.

Unfortunately, her honesty didn’t seem to earn her any mercy. The man not only failed to stop his assault, he seemed to actually intensify it. As he rapidly pumped his fingers in and out of her, Caitlyn felt her resolve melting away. She gave up entirely on trying to repress her lustful moans, openly crying out in pleasure. She felt ashamed of her lack of modesty, but it seemed a little pointless – neither of the two strangers seemed to be buying her I really don’t like this act.

After a few more minutes she knew that her orgasm was imminent. She tried to push it back by thinking of non-sexual things, but found the exercise impossible – no matter how hard she tried, his powerful fingers quickly brought her back into reality. As the moment rapidly approached she found her outlook changing. She still wanted to avoid the humiliation of cumming loudly under such disgusting conditions, but a part of her was willing to accept that humiliation in exchange for a powerful orgasm. Focusing her willpower, she tried her hardest to repress that desire.

Please, she begged. I can’t hold back much longer – if you don’t stop now I’m going to cum. Please stop?

Her libido screamed at her – as embarrassed as she was, she hated herself for actually asking him to stop. Still, she felt it was necessary – she figured that he’d ignore her request anyway, and at least she’d be able to later claim that she tried. Having said her peace, she tensed up as she felt the inevitable orgasm approaching – she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she really wouldn’t be able to hold herself back.

Unfortunately, the man didn’t ignore her request. To Caitlyn’s horror, for the first time since she had arrived he actually did exactly as she had asked and removed his hand from her nether region. As humiliated as she was, the pain of being denied an orgasm when she had been so close was far more powerful than any sense of modesty that Caitlyn could muster up. She struggled to free her hands – not because she wanted to escape his grasp, but because she desperately needed to finish herself off.

Sadly, the man had little difficulty restraining her. With both of his hands free he was able to keep Caitlyn’s wrists pinned securely to her back as Caitlyn flailed about futilely. Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to use her hands, Caitlyn began grinding her crotch against his knee in a pathetic attempt to finish the job. Unfortunately, the way that he was holding her made it impossible – she could just barely rub her clit against the soft flesh of his thigh, and she knew that would be insufficient to get her off.

What’s the matter? he taunted. You asked me to stop, didn’t you? Well, bitch – I stopped.

Caitlyn began to cry in humiliation. She knew that he was right but at that moment she just didn’t care. She was disgusted with herself, but she no longer wanted to cum – she needed to cum. Frustrated and desperate, she swallowed her pride.

I’m sorry, she whimpered. It was a mistake to ask you to stop. Please finish me off?

What do you think, Ariadne? he asked. Think I do what she wants?

It looks like you just did, Ariadne laughed back. She wanted you to stop and you stopped – yet the little bitch doesn’t seem to appreciate it at all. I’d keep that in mind before doing what she wants again; clearly she has an issue with gratitude.

Look, I’m sorry, Caitlyn begged in desperation. I know that I asked you to stop, and it was stupid of me. Please don’t leave me like this, though – I feel like I’m going to explode! Please finger me some more; you can use whichever hole you like but just don’t let me suffer like this!

Poor little girl, Ariadne laughed. I’d tell him to show you some mercy and let you cum, but there’s a problem. See, only a slut would actually want something like that, and as you’ve stated time and time again, you most certainly are not a slut. I know we’ve just met, but as your mentor I feel the need to protect you – even if you obviously look down on me for the fact that unlike you, I actually enjoy my sexuality. I think I need to protect your honor here and make sure that you don’t act like a slut and give people the wrong idea.

Defeated, broken, and desperate, Caitlyn hung her head low as tears streamed down her face. She wanted nothing more than to cum but she realized that she was completely powerless to make that happen. She knew that it was her fault, too – she deeply regretted insisting so adamantly that she wasn’t the slut they thought she was. Though it still felt like the right thing to do as far as her pride and sense of modesty was concerned, she would have given anything to take it back if it just meant some satisfaction.

The man continued to restrain her in her position for several more minutes. As time passed, Caitlyn’s arousal faded slightly. She still wanted to cum more than anything, but she no longer felt like it would happen the instant someone so much as brushed up against her crotch. Continuing to cry, she began to accept that the tests probably weren’t wrong after all.

Eventually the man let her go. Caitlyn considered masturbating to orgasm quickly, but that didn’t seem like the best idea. She figured it would take at least a minute to get off, and they’d probably just restrain her before she reached that point. Besides, even after her shameful display she didn’t want to prove to them just how slutty she really was by dropping to the floor and fucking herself while they watched.

Feel like putting on your uniform now? Ariadne asked, tossing her the panties.

Caitlyn didn’t feel like it at all, but she knew she didn’t actually have a choice. Flipping the panties inside out so the rubber protrusion was facing in, she slowly pulled them up her legs. She hesitated as the rubber made contact with her pussy – pushing it inside of her seemed like such a degrading act.

Letting out a sigh, Ariadne approached Caitlyn and grabbed her panties. Hiking them up sharply she forced the protrusion fully inside of the girl, then thrust her hand between Caitlyn’s legs and pushed up just for good measure. As the object penetrated her, Caitlyn found herself involuntarily flashing back to how good being fingered. Horrified with her own decadence, she realized that she was actually getting off on being fucked by the inanimate object attached to her panties. Unfortunately, just as Ariadne had explained earlier the rubber protrusion quickly withdrew; leaving Caitlyn no less frustrated than she had been before.

With the panties in place, Caitlyn felt the waistband sharply tighten and heard a mechanical clicking noise. Tugging down a little on them, she found that she was unable to remove them – they were firmly locked into place. Having taken care of the panties, Ariadne handed Caitlyn her bands. Caitlyn quickly put them on her wrists and ankles where they also locked themselves into place. As she looked at Ariadne she felt overcome with shame – she knew that she now looked every bit as slutty as the strange woman did.

The shame didn’t last for long, though. A few seconds after donning the bands, Caitlyn felt the rubber protrusion in her uniform panties buzz into life, vibrating softly against her clit. It felt tremendously good – she was still extremely frustrated – but she remembered Ariadne’s warning from earlier. She knew it would shut off as soon as she got too close to orgasm, leaving her frustrated all over again.

Caitlyn thought about stripping out of the panties before she could reach that point – she wasn’t sure how firmly they were locked, and wondered if she might be able to pull them off with brute force. She decided not to, though. She knew that she’d just be forced to put them on again, but that wasn’t the only reason. As terrified as she was of being denied yet another orgasm, the sensation of the rubber buzzing against her clit just felt too good for her to voluntarily stop it. Frustrated, dazed, and feeling as if she were in a dream, Caitlyn followed Ariadne out of the intake room and into her new life.

The second chapter is here.

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