Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sibling Rivalry - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Erin browsed through the pictures on her older brother Alex’s cell phone. They all looked fairly similar – blurry, poorly lit, and taken from the same angle; but they were damning enough. The phone’s low resolution and cheap plastic lens might not have gotten the finer details but it got more than enough to prove two things: the girl in the pictures was definitely Erin, and she was definitely performing oral sex on a man. Her long black hair may have obscured her face in some of the pictures, but there were quite a few that showed her elven face with an almost sadistic clarity.

She was overwhelmed by a number of emotions, none of which were positive. She was disgusted that her own brother would spy on her, enraged that he would blackmail her, and remorseful that she had let Steven talk her into going down on him in the first place. She was also extremely worried – she didn’t know exactly what Alex wanted, but she was fairly certain that she wouldn’t like it.

You can delete them if you like, Alex taunted. I’ve already made backups – there’s copies on my computer, e-mailed to myself, and on a thumb drive hidden somewhere outside of this household.

Erin wasn’t surprised. Alex might have been a cocky piece of shit, but he wasn’t an idiot – she knew he wouldn’t show her such juicy blackmail material without making copies first. Flipping his phone closed, she angrily tossed it back to him. She considered jumping at him and tearing his throat out with her teeth, but at six feet tall with a lean build she realized that he’d have little difficulty fighting her off. Two years older than her, Alex had always been bigger; and though they hadn’t fought physically since they were small she remembered how easily he had always been able to overpower her.

You’re a fucking pervert, she growled. What kind of a sick freak hides out in his own sister’s closet and spies on her? I’d really like you to explain to me why I shouldn’t tell mom and dad on you – this might be the final straw that gets you kicked out for good.

I’d be happy to explain, Alex grinned. Here’s what I’m thinking: You see, mom, I couldn’t find one of my shirts, and I thought it might have went back to Erin after you did the laundry last week. I was looking in her closet for it when I heard her enter her room with Steven. I figured that Erin remembered she’s not allowed to have boys in her room so they’d only be there for a minute, and I didn’t want to interrupt anything so I just sat quietly and waited until they left. Think that’ll work, Erin? Does it sound plausible enough?

And what, Erin sneered, while you were in my closet your phone just accidentally slipped and snapped off a couple of dozen of pictures? Yeah, that’s plausible. I honestly cannot understand how I could be related to someone so stupid.

I’ll admit it isn’t exactly bulletproof, Alex shrugged. To tell you the truth, I’m counting on them being a little distracted. Finding out that their son was doing bad shit won’t be much of a surprise to them, but their darling baby daughter? Shit, Erin, you’re supposed to be the good one; and yet here you are sucking the neighbor boy’s cock. They might not kick you out for that, but I’m betting you can kiss going away to college next year goodbye. Probably best for you to stay home until you learn how to act like a proper young lady, you know.

Unfortunately, Erin knew that he was right. Her parents were extremely conservative and militantly strict; the only reason they were willing to pay her tuition to an out-of-state school was because she had them convinced that she was a living saint. Even with their skewed view of her she had only just barely managed to convince them to agree; it wouldn’t take much for them to reverse their decision. Seeing their precious virginal daughter performing a disgusting sex act with a man in their own home would be more than enough to change their mind in a hurry. She knew that Alex would probably catch some hell for his role in taking the pictures, but that wouldn’t change the fact that she’d likely be spending the next couple of years in an all-female Catholic university. She didn’t want to admit it, but he had her beat.

I hate you so much, she growled. How could you do this to your own sister?

You’ve had it coming, he shrugged. You’ve always been their favorite, and I’m sick of it. You’re their little angel, I’m the demon-spawn that god sent to test them. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, either – you know the situation, and you exploit it to your advantage. When they found that empty vodka bottle in the trash, it must have been Alex – precious little Erin would never touch alcohol. When their car was dented, it must have been mean old Alex, who never respects anyone’s property. I think it’s high time that you experienced what it feels like to be the black sheep of the family.

So that’s your plan? she demanded. You’re going to destroy your sister’s life just for some petty revenge? I know we’ve had our differences, Alex, and I know that I haven’t always been the best sister in the world to you, but I’m begging you – please don’t do this. Please, Alex? If you show them, it will literally ruin my entire life.

I’d prefer not to have to, he admitted. Well, that’s not entirely true – if it comes down to it, I’ll show them the pictures in a heartbeat and I won’t even feel the tiniest bit of guilt. Still, that’s plan B.

Then what’s plan A? she asked.

Simple, he laughed. Here’s the deal, Erin – I like getting my dick sucked. Unfortunately, a certain tattle-tale goody-two-shoes has created an environment where I can’t have a woman anywhere close to this house without mom and dad watching me like a hawk. It’s not the end of the world, of course – I can always go somewhere else for a blowjob – but just once, I’d like to fuck some bitch’s mouth in the comfort of my own bed.

Well what the fuck do you want me to do about it? she demanded. Mom and dad might trust me, but I’m not a miracle worker. You don’t honestly think I can convince them to look the other way so you can bring some skank into your room, do you?

It does seem pretty unlikely, he admitted. I mean they trust you, but there’re definitely limits. Hell, I bet if Jesus Christ himself were to appear in the flesh before them and demand that I be allowed to take girls into my room they’d probably just convert to a new religion, preferably one with a messiah who isn’t gullible enough to trust a piece of shit like me. Still, I can think of one cock- sucking little slut that I could take into my room without them so much as raising an eyebrow.

Erin racked her brain trying to figure out who he was talking about. She had seen some of the women that Alex dated. They were all raging sluts; not a single one of them would be permitted within a hundred yards of her parents’ home – even if her parents did trust Alex. Still, the way that he had said it implied that she should know who he was talking about. Noting the lecherous grin on his face, she began to realize in horror that he might have been talking about her.

You can’t be serious, she replied incredulously. Please, Alex, tell me that you’re not saying what it sounds like you’re saying. I’m your fucking sister, you sick fuck!

I don’t give a fuck, he shrugged. Just because you’re my sister doesn’t mean that you can’t suck cock – and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. It might not be ideal, but the convenience of being able to get a blowjob in my own home twice a day more than makes up for any taboo.

You really disgust me, she growled. Just thinking about this makes me want to vomit.

Then you’re thinking about it the wrong way, he laughed. This is actually a win-win situation. It took you what, like twenty minutes to get Steve off? You might be willing to let a guy fuck your mouth, but you don’t seem to know how the fuck to do it. I’ll give you a chance to practice – by the time you go to college you’ll be hands down the best little cock-sucker in the entire school. On the other hand, we can go to mom and dad. I’ll probably get a slap on the wrists for spying, but you? Missing out on the college of your choice is only the tip of the iceberg, Erin. They’ll remove your door and ground you until the day that you move out. You’ll be supervised at all times, only allowed out of the house to go to church – and you’ll be going to church an awful lot. Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they had you fitted for a chastity belt.

But I’m your sister! Erin insisted. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Of course it does, Alex answered. It means that mom and dad will think nothing of leaving me alone with you. It means that if they happen to see you walking out of my room they’ll just assume that we were innocently talking. Mostly, though, it means that I have a chance to get my dicked sucked twice a day – once when I wake up, once before I go to sleep. You might be my little sister, but trust me – I won’t mind blasting my load down your dirty whore throat.

Erin had no idea what to do. Performing any sex act with her brother was repugnant to her, but she knew that he wasn’t kidding about how their parents would react if they were to see the pictures. Both of her options sucked, but she hoped that she might be able to change one of them. She couldn’t believe she was about to negotiate with her own brother over something so disgusting, but she didn’t see what choice she had.

You can’t cum in my mouth, she stated. I didn’t let Steven cum in my mouth, and I’m certainly not going to let my own brother. You have to warn me when you’re about to cum, and none of your cum is allowed to get anywhere near me. Also, this is a one-time thing – that’s very optimistic that you thought you might be able to pull it off twice a day, but that’s absolutely out of the question. You get one, and only one – and if you tell anyone about this, I swear to god I’ll murder you in your sleep. In exchange, I want all the pictures deleted – simply promising not to show them is not enough, I want them to cease to exist entirely.

Interesting offer, Alex laughed. Here’s my counter-proposal: twice a day, and I’ll cum wherever the fuck I want. Additionally, just to make sure you don’t change your mind, I’m going to fuck your mouth before I leave your room. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you start thinking up excuses for mom and dad. Maybe you could tell them that Steven’s pants malfunctioned, and then you tripped and fell on him, and then you had a twenty minute long seizure with your head in his crotch. They do seem to believe everything you say, so who knows – it might actually work.

Erin knew that he was mocking her – the pictures were explicit; there was no explanation that she could give her parents that they would be even remotely likely to believe. He had her beaten, and his unwillingness to negotiate in any way made it clear that he knew it. She was disgusted with herself for even considering it, but as hellish as what Alex was proposing it did seem moderately better than what she knew she’d have to deal with if her parents saw the pictures. She didn’t want to give in to his demands, but she needed time to come up with a plan.

I will never forgive you for this, she growled. Fine – you’re a sick fuck, but it’s not like I have a choice here. One in the morning, one at night, and no one – and I mean absolutely no one – ever hears about this or sees the pictures. Now get the fuck out of my room – just being in your presence nauseates me.

I’d be happy to, he laughed. Before I do, though, you need to do something for me first – the agreement is that I get a blowjob right now. If you want me gone, get on your little slut knees and get ready – I don’t plan to be gentle.

Erin took a deep breath. She was repulsed by what she was about to do, but she had no other options. Dropping to her knees, she tried her hardest not to think about what was happening. She reminded herself that in a few months she’d be three states away and out from under the watchful eyes of her parents, and once that happened she’d never have to see Alex again. She didn’t like the situation, but she knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Grinning as if he had just won the lottery, Alex approached her and dropped his pants. Already mostly erect, his penis jutted vulgarly towards Erin’s face. Erin was shocked – he was much larger than Steven was, and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to fit it all in her mouth. She considered protesting, but thought better of it. She figured that he was arrogant enough without knowing that she thought his cock was intimidatingly large.

Placing his hand on top of Erin’s head, Alex slowly moved his hips towards her; bringing his erection closer and closer to her mouth. Erin struggled to turn her head away, but he managed to hold her firmly in place. With his cock inches away from her face, she could smell its musky scent. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant – truth be told, she actually liked how he smelled on some primal level that she didn’t understand – but the fact that it was her own brother disgusted her. Utterly repulsed by everything about the situation, she clamped her jaw shut tightly.

So, first lesson, he stated. I’m a little amazed that I need to tell you this, but open your fucking mouth. I know you like to play up the whole innocent little girl act, but I find it difficult to believe that you need to be told to open your mouth so I can shove my cock in it.

I know that I need to open my mouth, she growled, offended that he would suggest she was that ignorant.

My bad, Alex laughed. I forgot that my own sister is such a pro cock- sucker. To be fair, giving you advice was probably pretty appropriate. I’ve never sucked a dick in my life, and I’m betting you’ve sucked dozens – if not hundreds – all while convincing everyone that you’re some chaste little princess.

Erin hated how he kept acting like she was some raging whore. The truth was that Steven had been the first and the only man that she had went down on, and she hadn’t even really wanted to do that. She suspected that Alex knew that and was only saying such things in order to humiliate her. She thought about arguing with him and letting him know that she absolutely was not the slut he kept making her out to be, but it didn’t seem like a possible goal. Swallowing her pride she reluctantly opened her mouth; telling herself that at least she’d soon have an excuse for not talking.

With her jaw open, Alex forced the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth. She was relieved to find that the size wasn’t as big of an issue as she had expected it would be – though she had to hold her mouth open slightly more than she had with Steven it wasn’t intolerably painful to do so. As she felt his shaft rubbing against her lips and tasted the head of his cock against her tongue she nearly gagged. He didn’t taste bad, but the idea that she was actually tasting her own brother’s private parts was a bit much for her to handle.

Careful there, bitch, Alex warned. Guys like it when you look like you’re having fun, and you look like you’re about to vomit. Try to smile – a slut like you ought to be fucking thrilled to be getting a dick in her mouth, even if it is her brother’s.

The criticism was a little more than Erin could tolerate. Jerking her head back, she pulled her mouth off of Alex’s cock. He pulled her hair hard, but she preferred that pain to having to listen to him telling her how she should be enjoying it.

It looks like I’m about to vomit? she demanded. I’ll clue you in on something, asshole – that’s because I am about to vomit. You might have found a bullshit way to force me to do this, but there’s absolutely no way in heaven or hell that you can force me to enjoy it. Like every other intelligent woman on this entire planet, I will never enjoy being anywhere close to your filthy little genitals.

That’s too bad, he laughed, clearly unimpressed with Erin’s tirade. If you really can’t bring yourself to even fake it, we’re going to be here for a long, long time. Here’s the deal, bitch – this blowjob doesn’t end until I cum. I don’t care if it takes six hours and your fucking jaw goes numb, I am not finished until I dump some sperm. If you want this to take longer, that’s fine – I’ve got nowhere to go in the immediate future.

It’s not my fault! she insisted. Try to understand this, Alex: I’m not disgusted because I’m trying to be disgusted; I’m disgusted because that’s how any normal, decent human being would feel in this exact situation. I honestly can’t help it!

Then learn to fake it, he growled. Because if we get to the point where I honestly believe that you’ll never get me off, I’m not going to let you off the hook. We hit that point and I’m just going to have to pick a different hole.

Erin didn’t take Alex’s most recent threat lightly. She was still a virgin, and though she wasn’t necessarily saving herself for marriage she certainly hadn’t been saving herself for Alex. She would sooner show her parents the pictures herself and accept the draconian punishment that would certainly result than actually allow her own brother to rob her of her virginity. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t exactly solve her problem.

Terrified, Erin immediately went back to work. She still found the act disgusting, but her sense of revulsion was overpowered by her fear of Alex making good on his threat. Repressing the loathing she felt for the entire situation, she began to feigning pleasurable moaning. She realized that any idiot could tell that she was faking her enjoyment, but she hoped that it would be enough to persuade Alex to show a little mercy.

A strange thing happened as Erin continued to bob her head back and forth. As time passed, Erin’s moans became more and more legitimate. She was still exaggerating them for Alex’s benefit, but the root source of them was no longer completely artificial. Horrified, she began to realize that there was a part of her that didn’t actually completely hate what was happening.

It wasn’t completely unexpected to her. Erin put a lot of effort into maintaining her good girl image, but she knew it was all a lie. The actions were legitimate – she really did avoid anything sexual – but it wasn’t like she actually didn’t have a sex drive. Secretly, Erin thought about sex quite a lot; and one of her favorite fantasies was being forced to orally pleasure a man. Still, she never fantasized about her own brother.

As time went by Erin found things shifting. Disgust was still present, but it was rapidly being overcome by her sense of lust. She tried to repress that, reminding herself that this was her goddamned brother that she was fellating, but her libido didn’t seem to care. She wasn’t happy about it, but she was legitimately turned on.

This might just be my imagination, Alex laughed, but it kind of sounds like you actually are getting off on this. I’m shocked, Erin – what happened to any decent human being would be disgusted? Did you misspeak, or is it just that you’re not quite as decent as you like to pretend to be?

You’re wrong, she insisted after pulling his dick out of her mouth. I hate this, I hate you, and I will absolutely never forgive you, you perverted freak.

That’s just sad, he shrugged, pulling Erin’s mouth back onto his cock. You should be more pragmatic, sis – you’ll be getting your face fucked by me at least twice a day, so you might as well enjoy it. Besides, it’s not like you’re fooling me. Everyone else might think that you’re a perfect little angel, but I’m your big brother and I know who you really are. I’m betting your little pussy is juicing up even now.

Erin absolutely despised the crass way that he talked about her, but she hated even more that he was right. Kneeling down on the floor of her room, she could feel her panties growing damp between her thighs. She didn’t want to think about what that meant, though, and she absolutely didn’t want to discuss it with Alex. Hoping to shut him up, she went back to sucking on him – as disgusting as that was, it was better than talking with her brother about how unbelievably turned on she was.

In desperate need of a way to distract herself from her shameful arousal, Erin challenged herself to go deeper with each stroke. As her brother’s cock penetrated into her throat she gagged painfully, but she preferred the simplicity of pain to having to think about why she was so turned on. Unfortunately, instead of distracting her from her lust the suffering seemed to add to it. Though she still had enough self-control to prevent herself, she wanted desperately to shove her hand down her skirt and masturbate.

On the plus side, Alex seemed to enjoy Erin’s suffering just as much as she secretly did. After a few minutes he began softly grunting with each thrust of her head. Erin wanted to find his obvious pleasure disgusting and gross, but it only added to her arousal – as much as she hated her brother at that moment, the fact that he was getting off on her actions was a major turn-on.

About ten minutes after she had begun Alex placed his hand on her head and pulled her in deep, choking her with his dick. Erin pulled her head back a little as Alex groaned loudly and his cock began to pulsate. Feeling her tongue being bathed in warm saltiness, Erin was horrified to realize that he was cumming. She yanked her head back roughly to get his cock out of his mouth, but not before accidentally swallowing some of his semen. Alex permitted her to pull her head off of his dick, but he didn’t let her go. Gripping her hair tightly he held her steady until he had finished his orgasm on her face.

Erin was utterly disgusted. She had never so much as touched a man’s semen before, and she hadn’t planned on changing that – especially with her own brother. She could still taste his cum in her mouth and she felt it slowly dripping down her face. In a show of defiance, she spit out as much as she could onto the floor. She hoped that Alex would be insulted by her open show of revulsion to the taste of his sperm, but he appeared to be more amused than anything else.

You really shouldn’t have done that, he chuckled.

I shouldn’t have done that?! Erin demanded. What the fuck did I say earlier? You can’t cum in my mouth or on my body – are you really so stupid that you forgot already?!

I didn’t forget, he shrugged. I just didn’t care. You can tell me where I’m allowed to cum all you like, but I’m under no obligation to obey. You, on the other hand, could stand to learn some obedience. Wasting my cum is a major no- no – you’ll either swallow it or wear it, but you absolutely don’t get to spit.

What the fuck are you going to do about it? she growled. And don’t waste your time bluffing – I know you too well to think that you’d show mom and dad the pictures over something like that. You show them the pictures and the deal is off entirely – I may be screwed, but you’ll lose your blowjobs.

You’re right, he admitted. But I can’t just let it slide – if I tolerate your bad behavior you’ll never learn. I often suspect that’s why you’re such a stuck-up cunt, by the way – you’ve never really been punished because you’ve always been able to pin the blame on me. That shit ends now.

Alex grabbed Erin by her hair and pulled her towards her bed. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, he pulled her body over his lap. Erin was caught off-guard – though they frequently sparred verbally, they hadn’t fought physically in over a decade. By the time that she reacted and tried to get free it was too late; Alex had her over his lap with her arms pinned down behind her back.

Alex grabbed the hemline of Erin’s skirt as she thrashed about in a futile attempt to escape. Holding her steady with one arm, he pulled the skirt up over her back with the other, exposing the frightened girl’s panties. Erin was afraid of what he was about to do, but her greatest fear was that he’d notice how damp her panties were. Clenching her thighs tightly shut, she prayed that the white cotton fabric wouldn’t betray her secret. It seemed to work. Alex didn’t comment on her wetness, which Erin assumed meant that he probably hadn’t noticed – he wasn’t exactly the type to ignore it out of politeness.

With her skirt up and her arms pinned behind her back, Alex reached back and spanked Erin hard. Erin let out a frightened yelp as Alex spanked her again. As Alex continued to abuse her vulnerable ass Erin renewed her struggle with added vigor. She had never been spanked before, and she didn’t much care for it – it was painful, but more importantly it felt tremendously undignified. She was a grown woman; spanking seemed like something one would do to a wayward child.

Let me the fuck go! she demanded.

Eventually, he laughed as he continued the assault. You need to learn your place – hopefully this will help you to understand that it’s not acceptable to act like a spoiled little stuck-up bitch. Once I feel you’ve been adequately punished, you’ll apologize for your little temper tantrum and I’ll let you go.

Jesus Christ, Erin retorted, what drugs are you on? I will never apologize to you – you ought to be apologizing to me you fucking pervert.

You say that now, he shrugged, but I’m hoping that you change your mind before my hand gets sore. Even if you don’t, I can always just use a belt for a little while. You might have difficulty sitting down for a couple of days, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Erin was panicking. She realized that he had her completely at his mercy – he could spank her until the skin fell off of her ass and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to actually apologize to him. He was the one who behaved inappropriately – it was wrong, illegal, and disgusting for him to have cum anywhere near her. If he didn’t want her to spit it out, he shouldn’t have gotten it in her mouth.

Unfortunately, she knew that Alex wasn’t concerned with what was fair. She could make the argument that he was the one in the wrong in the most eloquent way possible, but it wouldn’t force him to let her go. As Alex continued to spank her ass hard, Erin felt her pride melting away and her willingness to say anything just to end the abuse increasing. It wasn’t just the pain, though. For reasons that made no sense to Erin, the spanking was only making her wetter. She felt that she needed to stop it before Alex noticed.

Okay, wait, she begged. I’ll say it. Please stop?

Alex let out a heavy sigh and temporarily stopped his assault. Resting his hand on her ass, he crudely gave it a squeeze, causing Erin to wince it pain. She wanted to tell him to stop – grabbing her ass was completely unacceptable – but she knew that it would probably be unwise to lecture him on morality at that point in time.

Well, sis? he mocked. I believe you have something to say to me?

I’m sorry, she choked out. Now take your hand off of my ass and let me the fuck go.

Unfortunately for Erin, Alex did not let her go. Chuckling quietly to himself, he raised his hand up and continued to spank her brutally. The pain was almost intolerable, Erin felt as though her ass was on fire. Despite her physical and emotional suffering, though, she was still more turned on than she could ever remember being.

I said what you told me to say! she protested. Please stop, I can’t take this anymore!

Not really, he critiqued. You were supposed to apologize for your temper tantrum, instead you simply spat out a generic I’m sorry, and you didn’t even sound sincere. I suspect you’re not sorry for the grievous sin of disrespecting my cum; you’re just sorry that you’re being punished. Maybe a little more spanking will help you to see the error of your ways. Let’s hope it doesn’t take long – my hand is growing tired and I don’t think you’ll prefer the belt.

Okay, I’m sorry! Erin cried. Please give me another chance?

I really shouldn’t, Alex sighed, pausing his assault and groping her ass again. You need to learn that your actions have consequences, and you can’t just whine until you get your way. Still, you’re my little sister, and I do love you, so I’m going to cut you some slack just this one time. I hope that you appreciate it, but more importantly I hope that you understand this mercy really is a one-time thing.

I understand, she insisted, tears streaming down her face. And I’m really, really grateful. I’m sincerely sorry for my temper tantrum. I should have swallowed your cum happily, and it was wrong for me to spit it out. Please forgive me? I promise I’ll never do it again.

I don’t know, he sighed, swatting her ass again. I just don’t think I buy it. If you were really sorry you’d probably beg me for a chance to lick my cum up off of the floor.

But that’s disgusting! Erin protested. You can’t actually expect me to do that, can you?

I most certainly can, he assured her, punctuating his words with hard slaps to her ass. Well, maybe not right away – but after a couple minutes of beating your ass with the belt, I’m pretty sure you’ll do anything that I suggest. It’s unfortunate that it has to come to that, but this is your decision.

Okay, wait, she begged. I can’t believe you’re making me do this, but okay. Alex – may I please lick your cum off of the floor? I’m begging you, nothing would make me happier.

I don’t know, he replied. Are you begging me because you want me to let you go, or are you begging me because you really want to do it? You did say it was disgusting and all, so I’m having a little difficulty believing you.

It’s because I really want to do it, she lied. I’m sorry that I said it was disgusting – I was lying. Please let me prove it to you, Alex?

Erin was disgusted with herself for the things that she had said, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. She was far more disgusted with herself for the fact that she had grown so wet – she was amazed that Alex hadn’t noticed yet but didn’t expect her luck to hold up for much longer. Fortunately, he seemed to accept her pleading. Releasing her arms he roughly shoved her off of his lap, causing her to land painfully on the floor.

Don’t make me regret showing you such mercy, he warned. I may not have you pinned down at the moment, but it wouldn’t be difficult to grab you and bend you over my knee again. Now, you claimed that you wanted to suck my cum off the floor – what’s stopping you?

Erin crawled up to her hands and knees. Her ass still hurt terribly, but that was the least of her problems. Looking down at the floor she saw the cum that she had spit out mixed with her own saliva, soaking into her carpet. Struggling not to vomit, she slowly leaned down above it and extended her tongue. She couldn’t believe what she was doing – drinking Alex’s cum was easily disgusting enough without licking it up off of the floor like some depraved whore. Still, she knew that she didn’t have a choice. Clenching her eyes shut she made contact with her tongue, struggling to repress her own nausea.

You’re testing my patience, Alex warned. You told me that you were desperate to lick my cum off of the floor, yet it looks as if you’re about to puke. Perhaps you need another spanking to really appreciate the honor that I’m permitting you by letting you eat my sperm.

God, please no! she whimpered. Alex, I swear to god, I’m trying as hard as I can. Please cut me some slack? You’re pushing me too hard!

I cut you slack when I gave you this chance, he growled as he stood up. Demanding more in so little time makes me feel like you’re not appreciating how gentle I’m being with you. Still, just because you’re my sister, I’m going to be kind. If you don’t want to eat my cum, you can wear it instead.

Before Erin had a chance to react Alex had pounced on her and again grabbed her by her hair. Erin was terrified, she feared that she was about to be spanked again and she didn’t think that she could handle that. To her surprise, though, instead of pulling her back to the bed Alex pressed down on her head, pressing her face into the small puddle of cum on the floor. Grinding her back and forth he forced her face into the cum, leaving it a sticky mess. Once he felt that he had mopped up enough of his slime with her face, he released her and stood back up.

I plan to go to sleep around midnight, he stated calmly. I’ll expect you in my room no later than 11:30. Please remember that I was exceedingly merciful with you this time – if you perform as poorly tonight I will make you regret it. Got that, bitch?

Yes, she sobbed. Can you please get the fuck out of my room now?

Of course, slut, he laughed, walking off.

Erin remained on the floor for a few minutes after he had left her room. Her face hurt from being rubbed in the carpet, her ass stung from the spanking. She was disgusted with herself for all of the things that she had done, and disgusted with her brother for his sadism. Most of all, though, she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. The only thing preventing her from spending the next several hours masturbating furiously was what little pride she still had left, and she didn’t know how much longer that would hold out.

Chapter two is here.


  1. I love all of your stories. Are you on fetlife?

    1. Technically yes, though I haven't really done anything with my fetlife account yet. I'm atteroero there.