Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friends - Chapter One

I’m still not sure what Paige saw in me. She was socially conservative and excruciatingly proper; I’m a warped nihilist with a chaos fetish. I was too young for her and we had very few common interests. The sex was great, but I still don’t think it could have been good enough to justify our relationship.

I know what I saw in her, though. Girls my age tended to view sex as something that was terrifying, cannot be enjoyed, and should only be had with a man that you think you might someday marry. Paige wasn’t by any means a slut, but at 22 she had at least outgrown those silly beliefs – she enjoyed sex and was willing to have it just for fun, even though she knew there wasn’t any real future between us. I know it’s tremendously shallow, but at my age that was enough.

She was also smoking hot. 5’2", 110 pounds, and with flowing orange hair, she was often mistaken for a model. Though she never dressed in a way that would be considered slutty, she was hit on constantly. I kind of liked that – I don’t get jealous easily, and there was something incredibly validating about knowing that seemingly every other man wanted to fuck my girlfriend.

Paige lived in an off-campus apartment with her best friend Alana. They actually looked extremely similar, except for the fact that Alana was a couple of inches taller and brunette. They were frequently mistaken for sisters, due to their similar appearance and close relationship. I probably would have thought Alana was smoking hot as well, if it weren’t for the fact that she was a perpetual cunt to me.

The fact that Paige had her own place was also a major plus. As a high school kid, having a place that I could get drunk (on beer that my girlfriend could legally buy), fuck my brains out, and sleep off the damage without having to worry about parental interference was fucking huge. My friends would look forward to the day that the stars aligned and they might be able to sneak in a couple of uninterrupted hours with their significant other in her home; I’d just go over whenever.

The only problem with spending time at her place was Alana, who never passed up on an opportunity to let me know how much she despised me. At first I thought it was just a personality clash – I’m unapologetically aggressive and frequently outright offensive, traits that many people dislike. Paige told me that wasn’t it, though. Apparently Alana just hated every man that Paige dated, regardless of his personality. Fortunately, I didn’t really care – I had already written Alana off as an irritating bitch; I wasn’t even a little concerned with how she felt about me.

Eventually, Paige explained her theory about the hatred. The two had always been best friends, but Alana also had a mild crush on Paige despite the fact that she identified as mostly straight. She had been open about it, but Paige was almost militantly heterosexual – she freaked out if I tried to kiss her after oral sex out of fear that tasting herself would make her gay. They were close enough that it didn’t screw up the friendship, but Paige assumed that Alana was always a little jealous of the men that she slept with.

I should probably point out that while Paige had issues with lesbianism, she was hardly sexually repressed. She had some deep exhibitionist and masochistic streaks. She loved the risk of fucking in public, and really got off on being degraded and slapped around during sex.

I headed over to Paige’s place on Friday night. She had some movie that she wanted to watch with me. I didn’t really care about the movie, but she had beer and Alana had plans to go out that night. I was willing to sit through some shitty chick-flick if it meant wild, drunken sex without Alana interfering.

When I arrived, I was disappointed to find out that Alana was still there. Paige explained that her plans had been cancelled, and suggested that we could go out instead. I declined that offer – I didn’t really feel like going out, but more importantly it felt like it would be a pussy move. I wasn’t afraid of Alana, and I wasn’t about to change my plans because she had a problem with me.

Paige excused herself to grab the movie, leaving me alone with Alana. While she was gone, Alana tried her hardest to make me feel uncomfortable, staring at me coldly while saying nothing. I probably should have respected the fact that I was in her home, but I have difficulty backing down when I feel challenged.

Maintaining eye contact with her, I took a seat on their couch while grinning dismissively. I wanted to let her know that I wasn’t intimidated by her bullshit stare in the slightest; that I barely even noticed how much she hated me and certainly didn’t care. She seemed to catch on – as I stretched out my arms on the couch, she looked as if she was going to explode.

Paige returned with the movie before either of us said anything. After popping it in the DVD player, she lowered the lights and took a seat next to me on the couch. Leaning back, I stretched my arm over her and wrapped it around her shoulder. It was partially out of a desire to hold her, but partially just a juvenile act of marking her as mine in front of Alana.

Irritatingly, Alana took a seat on Paige’s opposite side. I considered telling her to fuck off, but thought better of it. It was just as much Alana’s apartment as Paige’s, and I suspected that Paige would side with her friend over me. More importantly, I realized that was just want Alana wanted – she was lingering around just to piss me off, letting her know that it was working would be counterproductive. I figured that my best bet would be to simply ignore her presence.

I don’t remember what the movie was, but I remember that it was painfully boring. I tried futilely to pay attention for the first half hour before giving up completely. With little else to distract me, I found myself drinking heavily. Unfortunately, the alcohol did little to make the movie more interesting.

As the movie droned on I found myself getting increasingly irritated with Alana’s presence. If she wasn’t there I’d have already been fucking Paige. There was no reason for her to be there – it didn’t seem like she was any more interested in the shitty movie than I was; the only thing her presence was accomplishing was cock-blocking me.

She must have known what she was doing. Alana was a bit of a cunt, but she wasn’t an idiot. She wasn’t getting in Paige’s pants, and she wanted to make sure that no one else did. It didn’t bother me that she was working against me – I like a challenge every now and then – but it bothered me that it was working.

As the alcohol lowered my inhibitions I realized that it really shouldn’t be working. The only thing stopping me from being all over Paige was the belief that it would be inappropriate to do so with Alana in the room. I fucking hated Alana, though – making her uncomfortable should have been a goal. I’m also an exhibitionist, I actually prefer fucking while people watch. I saw no reason to restrain myself for Alana’s benefit, if she had a problem with it she could always leave the room.

Leaning over, I kissed Paige on the mouth. She seemed a bit hesitant but she kissed back anyway. When I look back on it I think she probably wanted to fuck as badly as I did, she just didn’t want to actually tell her friend to piss off. Emboldened by the alcohol and my desire to fuck with Alana, I pressed on. Paige reciprocated, though she kept me from going too far; swatting my hand away whenever I tried to slip it inside her clothing.

Paige played up the whole conservative image, but she was hardly afraid of sex. Once she got turned on she’d drop the whole I’m a proper lady act and the real Paige would come out. I assumed that the only thing that was holding her back was her fear of offending Alana, and I believed that if I could get her aroused enough it wouldn’t be an issue.

After a few minutes of making out with her she was no longer blocking me when I tried to get my hand up her shirt. She’d push me back a little whenever Alana made her presence known, but otherwise did her best to stealthily encourage me. Unfortunately, Alana seemed hell-bent of clearing her throat every time I started to get anywhere.

I considered moving things to Paige’s bedroom but decided not to. I knew it would make things easier, but easy was not my goal. I wanted to fuck, but I wanted to fuck with Alana too. I was tired of her bullshit and making out with the woman she had a crush on right in front of her seemed like an awesome way to get back at her. Each time she cleared her throat irritated me, but I comforted myself in knowing that what I was doing was almost certainly hurting her worse.

After about fifteen minutes of making out, Paige excused herself to hit the bathroom. Alone again with Alana, I shot her an arrogant grin. I wanted her to know that she wasn’t bothering me in the slightest, and that I had no intention of backing down.

I know what you’re doing, she growled.

I’d hope so, I shrugged. I mean, I think you’re a cunt, not an idiot – and you’d have to be an idiot not to see what I’m doing.

So this is your genius plan? she shot back. Artlessly groping Paige to mark your territory? Yeah, I’m sure you’ll have a real bright future with her.

If you’re thinking about my future with her, you’re probably overthinking this, I retorted. Let me simplify this for you – I’m going to continue making out with Paige, right here in your living room. If you want to continue with your bullshit throat clearing, that’s fine – it’s going to stop working soon enough. If you want to be a little bitch and run away so that you don’t have to watch, that’s fine too.

This is my fucking home, she reminded me. If anyone’s leaving, it’s going to be you.

And yet, here I am, about to fuck your best friend on your couch without the slightest concern, I laughed. You might be looking at this the wrong way, bitch – if you play your cards right, I might just let you watch. That’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to fucking her yourself, you know.

Alana looked like she wanted to rip my throat out, which was pretty much the reaction that I was going for. I wanted her angry and frustrated; it felt only fair after her incessant cock-blocking. Before she could do anything, though, Paige returned to the room with a blanket.

Paige sat down again next to me and tossed the blanket over us. She made up a lame excuse about being cold, but I think everyone knew what was really going on. She wanted some privacy to mess around, but she didn’t want to excuse herself to her bedroom. Paige was weird – making out with me in front of her friend wasn’t a problem as long as we were hidden, but actually going into her bedroom with me before the movie ended would have made her feel slutty.

I was okay with the blanket. I knew that Paige would be more receptive with it blocking Alana’s views, and I also knew that it wouldn’t prevent Alana from knowing what I was doing. She might not know the specifics, but I was pretty sure it’d get to her just the same. In a way it was almost better – she might very well imagine that I was doing worse things than I actually was.

With the blanket covering us Paige was much less reluctant. Instead of blocking my advances when I slid my hand up her shirt she leaned back to allow me access. I was subtle in my actions, careful not to make any motions that would convey exactly what I was doing to Alana. I didn’t mind her knowing, but I didn’t want Paige to stop me.

Keeping my motions fluid and relatively slow, I continued to fondle her for a few more minutes before slipping my hand down the front of her pants. Paige gasped a little, but slightly parted her legs to allow access. Needing no further encouragement, I slid my hand into her panties and began rubbing her clit.

Paige had always had a very sensitive clit, and it seemed like she was enjoying the risk factor of having my hand down her pants with Alana sitting right next to her. After a few minutes, she was visibly struggling to hide her pleasure. Though she managed to prevent herself from moaning, her rapid, shallow breathing left little doubt as to what was going on. Leaning forward, Alana shot me a dirty look. I returned it with a smile.

After about ten minutes Paige was having difficulty controlling herself. She whispered that we should go to her room into my ear, but I turned her down. I removed my hand from her pants and claimed that I wanted to see the rest of the movie. She knew it was bullshit, of course – I hadn’t even been pretending to be interested in the movie – but she didn’t want to argue.

Paige looked surprised and frustrated. Alana looked confused - I think she had hoped that we’d disappear into her room, allowing her to remove herself from the awkward situation that I had created without having to actually back down and lose face. I did my best to look oblivious, as if I had no idea how frustrated Paige was or what she had meant when she asked to take me to her bedroom. Neither of them was drunk enough to want to explain it to me.

I gave Paige about ten minutes to cool off before I slipped my hand down her panties again. She seemed a little more reluctant to allow me access that time, but she didn’t tell me to stop. Alana shot me another dirty look as I went back to finger fucking Paige, but she managed to hold her tongue. I ignored simply ignored her, focusing instead of getting Paige off.

Paige lasted about five minutes before she found herself uncomfortably close to orgasm. Just as she had the last time, she pulled my hand out of her panties and suggested that we go to her room. I strongly considered it – after watching her struggle to repress her lust I was feeling pretty horny myself – but I decided not to. I could hold off a little longer, and the enraged look on Alana’s face was making it all worthwhile.

By that point it was painfully obvious that I didn’t care about the movie, but neither of them seemed to want to call out me on it. I think the idea of excusing herself early to go to her bedroom with me was difficult enough for Paige to accept; arguing with me to make me come with must have been unfathomable. Conversely, while Alana had no interest in sitting around as I fingered her friend she wasn’t about to encourage us to head to the bedroom where I’d be free to do whatever I wanted.

I let Paige cool off a bit, enjoying the fact that everyone was wondering what the fuck I was doing but no one wanted to say anything. Again leaning back, I draped my arm over her shoulder and pretended that I was spontaneously interested in the movie. Alana was glaring at me, Paige was begging me with her eyes, but I pretended not to notice either of them.

Once I felt that Paige had relaxed enough I went back to work. She seemed extremely hesitant to let me back into her pants –she must have known that I was up to something – but she relented just the same. I think that between the alcohol and the frustration she was willing to give me much more leeway than she normally would. Regardless of why she tolerated it, she clearly enjoyed it – in a matter of minutes, I again had her struggling to repress her moans.

I didn’t wait for her to pull me hand out that time, though. Once it seemed like she was just about to again tell me to come to the bedroom with her, I immediately stopped without saying a word. I figured that she’d probably stop me anyway, so I may as well take control and stop myself.

Paige didn’t care for it at all. She glared at me; a mixture of confusion, lust, and frustration in her eyes. Alana glared at me too – she might not have known exactly what I was doing, but she knew that she should hate me for it. I struggled to continue to pretend that I had no idea how both of them felt.

I repeated my actions three more times. Each time, I’d bring Paige as close as I could to the point where I thought she’d stop me then unceremoniously stop myself. My goal was to have her so desperate for an orgasm that she’d be willing to have it in front of Alana. Alana had accused me of trying to mark my territory, and I was okay with that – but if I was going to mark my territory, I wanted to do it right.

Paige was practically begging me to come with her to the bedroom. She still held back a little – she kept her voice low and tried to whisper in my ear so that Alana wouldn’t hear, but it was obvious how frustrated and desperate she had grown. I was okay with that – her desperation was a major turn-on. Alana, of course, was very much not okay with it. Unfortunately for her, there wasn’t anything she could do about it.

Sliding my hand down Paige’s pants yet again, she shot me a look of pleading. I had denied her an orgasm so many times; she was struggling to maintain her composure. As I went back to finger fucking her, she quietly begged me to take her into her bedroom. I felt a little bad for her – the pain and frustration was evident in her voice – but I refused yet again. I needed her frustrated.

It didn’t take long to reach the point where she was having difficulty hiding her moans. Paige looked terrified – I’m sure she thought I was just going to stop again before she attained satisfaction. I wasn’t planning to, though. I suspected that she was desperate enough that she wouldn’t stop me if I didn’t stop myself. The pained look on her face suggested that I was right.

Please, let’s just go to the bedroom already, she begged in my ear.

Movie isn’t over, I reminded her, whispering loud enough that Alana would be able to hear. I can just stop if you want me to, though.

Paige looked torn. I could see the gears turning in her head as she weighed the humiliation of cumming while Alana sat right next to her versus the pain of being denied yet another orgasm. She clearly didn’t like either option, but I wasn’t giving her any other choices. Unable to decide which fate was worse, she simply held her tongue.

I took her silence to mean that she wanted me to continue. She wasn’t going to outright ask me to finish her off with her friend right there, but she wasn’t doing anything to stop me, either. Interested in seeing how far I could get before something snapped, I continued to finger-fuck her.

Before long, Paige was moaning softly. It was very faint – I’m sure she was using all of her willpower to remain quiet, but it was clearly audible. Alana must have heard it too; she glared at me with an unrivaled hatred. I was happy – that was precisely the reaction that I wanted from her.

You know she has her own room, Alana growled. You don’t need to do this in front of me.

Paige begged me with her eyes to take her to her bedroom, but I wasn’t interested in that. I was enjoying having an audience, and I’m pretty sure that Paige was too – even if she couldn’t admit it. Besides, by that point it felt like taking Paige to her room would be backing down and letting Alana win, and I couldn’t let that happen.

No TV in there, I shrugged, and I’m ever so interested in this movie. Still, if we’re making you uncomfortable, you can fuck off at any time. Running away like a frightened little bitch might not seem dignified, but it’s your call.

It’s my home, she hissed. I have a right to be here.

You do, I agreed. Which is really the only reason I’m letting you watch. Your residency doesn’t give you control over Paige’s genitals, though – that belongs to me. You can either fuck off or watch quietly, but you damned sure can’t stop me.

I worried that I might have overplayed my hand. Paige didn’t look all too happy about my claim that I owned her cunt, but she hadn’t stopped me yet. Realizing that really the only thing I had going for me was her arousal; I focused on rubbing her clit as I leaned in to kiss her deeply on the mouth.

It seemed to work. By the time that I broke the kiss off, Paige seemed to have forgotten entirely about Alana’s objections. I think if anything, Alana’s complaints had only helped me – now that there was no denying her state, Paige was a bit less focused on hiding what was going on. As I continued to fuck her with my fingers her moaning grew louder and louder.

Alana continued to glare at me, but she didn’t say anything. It made sense – the last time she said something, it only helped me. I’m still not entirely sure why she chose to stick around, but I suspect that she just didn’t want to lose face by retreating to her bedroom. I didn’t really care what her motivation was, though – I was just happy to be hurting her.

Before long, it was pretty obvious that Paige was about to cum. I had initially planned to let her, but I was having second thoughts. Once she attained that satisfaction she’d be much more difficult to control, and I wasn’t done just yet. Fingering her to orgasm under a blanket was fun, but I wanted Alana to see me really defiling her. I didn’t want her to have to imagine what I was doing to Paige, I wanted her to be able to see it with her own eyes.

I removed my hand from Paige’s pants without saying a word. Paige looked like she was about to cry – she had been closer to orgasm that time than any of the previous times that night, and I think she assumed that I was going to finish her off. I felt a little bad torturing her like that, but it was a serious turn on as well.

Paige shot me an utterly pathetic look of pleading, clearly desperate to get me to finish her off. Fortunately for her, I wasn’t planning to let her cool down again – I just wanted more. After unbuttoning her pants under the blanket, I slid them down to her ankles. Stepping on them, I pulled her feet through, leaving her bottomless aside from her panties. Paige looked frightened, but she had the blanket covering her at the moment.

I slid my own pants off, kicking them into the center of the room. Alana let out a disgusted scoff, clearly hoping to remind me of how inappropriately I was behaving. I didn’t care, though – my cock was rock hard, and I wanted to do something with it.

Wrapping my arm around Paige’s torso I pulled her on top of me. She put up a token resistance, but quickly cooperated when I pretended I was losing interest. As Alana watched on in utter horror, Paige straddled me. Face to face with her with the blanket covering us both, I reached down and pulled her panties to the side before sliding my cock into her.

Paige looked both relieved that I wasn’t going to neglect her again and humiliated that I was actually fucking her in front of her friend. Not wanting her sense of shame to fuck things up, I began thrusting my hips up and down as best as I could while rubbing her clit. She still looked terrified, but she began to softly moan.

You really disgust me, you know, Alana growled.

You’re free to piss off, I reminded her. You’re the one that decided to stick around and watch, so don’t bitch to me about it.

Watch what? she sneered. You artlessly bumping around under a blanket with my best friend? Please, little boy, you might think that you’re especially bold but you’re really just a pig.

I didn’t actually disagree with her – with the blanket draped over us there really wasn’t much to see. I also felt like she was implying that I didn’t have the balls to lose the blanket, and that felt like a challenge. She might have just hoped to provoke me into doing something that would cause Paige to stop me, or she might have legitimately wanted a better view, but at that moment I didn’t care.

Grabbing the blanket, I pulled it off and to the left. Paige tried to hold onto it, but I easily overpowered her and tossed the blanket to the side. With it gone, she looked absolutely mortified, but she didn’t look the slightest bit turned off. As I said, Paige was into some degree of exhibitionism and humiliation.

Wrapping my arm around her back, I held her close while dragging my nails along her spine. Holding her in place, I thrust my hips up and down violently – partially for the sexual pleasure, but just as much to demonstrate to Alana that I was in control. As I fucked her hard, Paige began moaning openly. Alana looked on in disgust, but she kept her mouth shut.

Paige’s moans made me feel a little more confident. I wanted to push her to her limits, and the fact that she was no longer hiding her pleasure meant that I could go much further. Hoping to fuck with Alana by demonstrating how much Paige enjoyed fucking me, I began slowing my thrusts until I wasn’t moving at all, forcing Paige to do the work. She was on top, after all.

Paige didn’t seem to appreciate it, but she didn’t stop. She made a couple of shallow bounces on my cock, seemingly hoping to get me started again. When that didn’t work, she forced her crotch down onto me hard, grinding it back and forth. It felt good, but it didn’t feel visible enough. I wanted Alana to see us really fucking, not just grinding together with my cock hidden inside her.

I grabbed Paige’s ass, lifted her up, and then pulled her back down hard. She shot me a look of fear and desperation – I’m sure she was struggling enough just fucking in front of Alana; being forced to fuck in such an obvious way must have been difficult. I returned her pleading look with one of obstinance, hoping to let her know that if she wanted to cum, she’d have to play by my rules.

Keeping my hands on her ass, I continued to guide her motions for a minute or so. Once I felt that she had emotionally adjusted to the idea of fucking me like that while Alana watched I released my grip. Pleasingly, Paige continued fucking me as I had been forcing her too. I think she figured that the damage had already been done – Alana had seen her bouncing on my cock, and there was no way to take that back. She might as well enjoy it.

Glancing over at Alana, I noticed that her expression had changed slightly. She still looked enraged at me and disgusted by my actions, but she seemed a bit more interested in what I was doing than she probably would have liked. She tried to hide it, but I caught her staring at us more than a few times. Enjoying her discomfort, I decided to push my luck.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not watching, I laughed. I know you want to see this – it’s as close as you’re ever going to get to fucking her yourself.

Keep dreaming, faggot, she hissed. I have no desire at all to see your pathetic little pee-pee violating my friend.

That’s just rude, I sighed. Probably a bit counter-productive, too. I’m a generous guy; if you behave yourself I might just let you take a turn after I’m done. Keep insulting me, though, and I doubt I’ll feel so charitable.

Alana looked incredulous. I’m sure she didn’t want to discuss her attraction to Paige in that situation and with me present, but the cat was already out of the bag. She looked like she wanted to murder me, but she held her tongue. I suspected that while she wasn’t about to admit it, she wasn’t exactly opposed to my idea.

Unfortunately, Paige didn’t look all too happy with me either. The idea of being shared was actually a long-time fantasy of hers, but her homophobia was a bit of an issue. I think if I had offered another man the right to fuck her when I was done with her she’d have been all over it, but the fact that it was Alana made it a bit difficult for her to handle. She was clearly pissed off at me, but she didn’t stop fucking.

Still, I was feeling bold. I had gotten away with so much that night, and I didn’t want to bitch out then. I knew that I had a ton of control over Paige through her own sense of lust, and it seemed like Alana was actually open to the idea. The idea of forcing Paige to fuck Alana was extremely hot to me, and it felt like I might actually be able to pull it off.

You look offended, I mentioned, turning my attention back to Paige. We can stop, if you feel that I’ve crossed the line – we’ll just go back to watching the movie, exactly as we were before.

Paige didn’t look happy about that suggestion. She must have remembered how sexually frustrated I had been keeping her and had no desire to return to that. She also knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t bluffing. Still, her taboo over lesbianism ran deep; she couldn’t just agree to what I was suggesting.

I’m not gay, she replied defiantly, more lust evident in her voice than I think she would have liked. I’m not going to have sex with Alana.

That remains to be seen, I shrugged. If Alana can’t keep her whore mouth shut, you’re off the hook completely. If she does manage to be a good little bitch, though, I think it’s only fair that she get some reward. You know this can’t be easy for an obnoxious cunt like her.

What kind of reward? Paige demanded. I’m not going down on her.

I was happy that she had asked. It showed that while she was resistant, she was at least partially receptive to the idea. While I did want to force her to eat pussy, I was okay with putting that off a little longer. I wasn’t planning to break up with Paige at any point in the immediate future, and I can be patient when I need to be.

Fair enough, I replied. I won’t make you suck her off – at least, not tonight. Still, she should get something. I’m thinking I’ll let her suck your cunt when I’m done with it. If that’s not okay, though, we can always stop now. Movie is still playing, and all.

Paige shot me a tortured look, but she didn’t dismount. I could tell that she was really struggling internally, but it looked like she was leaning towards what I wanted. I suspected that she was rationalizing it – if she was only receiving oral, it wouldn’t be completely gay as she wouldn’t even need to know that the tongue servicing her was female.

Glancing over at Alana, she looked equally conflicted. I think she had always assumed that she’d never have a chance to fuck Paige, and the fact that it looked like she might have an opportunity must have been difficult for her to ignore. She might have hated me, but she probably realized I was the only chance she had to get what she wanted.

Feeling that I had said enough, I wrapped my hands around Paige’s waist and pulled her down on my cock. Fully impaled, she grinded her hips back and forth as I slipped my hand down her front. Finding her clit, I began rubbing it as she pleasured herself.

After a few minutes it looked like Paige was about to cum. That made me nervous – I normally want my partner cumming as frequently as possible, but the circumstances were hardly normal. Nearly all of the power that I had over Paige came from my ability to deny her the orgasm that she desperately wanted, and I didn’t want her to decide she was done for the night after she came.

Grabbing her ass, I lifted her up and pulled out of her. She shot me a tremendously hurt look – having been denied an orgasm for so long, she must have really been hurting. I felt a little bad for her, but it was necessary. I needed her to agree to my terms before I could let her achieve the satisfaction that she desperately wanted.

Calm down, I soothed. I’m going to let you cum, but I need a decision from you first. Swear to me that you’ll let Paige suck your twat, and I’ll finish you off.

Paige looked terrified. I knew she didn’t want to agree to my terms, but she knew that it was the only way that I was going to let her cum. Whimpering quietly, she nodded her head and squeezed out a timid okay.

Alana looked like she wanted to say something but was afraid to. I don’t think she really liked the idea of taking my charity fuck, but she couldn’t bring herself to turn it down. I liked that – I was still fucking with her head, and she had no way to hit me back.

I had grown tired of having Paige on top, though. It didn’t allow me much motion, and I didn’t feel that it was explicit enough. Lifting her up, I carried her into the center of the room before forcing her onto her hands and knees. Alana looked on in disgust and desire as I knelt down beside Paige and slipped my cock back into her.

With Paige having already agreed to my terms there was no need to hold back. I wrapped my hands around her waist and fucked her extremely hard. Paige moaned loudly and openly; we were well past the point where any kind of modesty would have been plausible. After only a few minutes, I had fucked her to orgasm.

I was happy with how things were going, but something didn’t feel quite right. One of the nice things about fucking Paige on the couch was that Alana was sitting right there next to us. I knew she was still watching our every move, but with her still on the couch and us on the floor she felt more detached from the situation than I wanted. I decided to fix that.

I hope that you don’t think it’s enough to just sit there and keep your mouth shut, I warned. If you want the honor of sucking your friend’s cunt, I’m going to need a little more.

That wasn’t part of the deal! she protested.

I don’t really give a flying fuck what you think the deal was, I retorted. If you want this pussy, you’ll play by my rules. Now get your ass over here and help.

Alana let out an exasperated sigh, but she got off the couch and began to approach. With her on her way I pulled out of Paige and forced her down to the floor. Rolling her over, I grabbed her ankles and held them apart in the air.

Hold this bitch’s legs open for me, I ordered. Keep them nice and wide so I can plow the slut hard.

Alana shot me a hateful look. I don’t think she liked the way that I referred to her best friend as a bitch and a slut, and she certainly didn’t like the idea of helping me. Still, she must have really wanted Paige – she eventually took her ankles from me and held them apart.

I fucked Paige for a couple of minutes before I became dissatisfied with our current position. Alana was kneeling by Paige’s side to hold her legs open, and I found that Alana’s body was getting in the way. I wanted to be able to grope Paige’s body with my hands, but I couldn’t do so in our current position.

You’re in my way, I growled. I want to grab her tits, and your whore ass is blocking me. Straddle her face – you’ll be able to hold her open for me without fucking things up.

Alana looked irritated by my criticism, but I think she was eager to straddle Paige’s face. Paige looked terrified of the idea, but I figured she could handle it. Alana was still fully clothed, so it wasn’t like she was going to be fucking her mouth.

Alana let out another sigh and climbed up over Paige’s head. It looked like Paige wanted to protest, but she held her tongue just the same. With Alana in position and holding Paige’s legs open I went back to fucking her hard.

I reached down with my right hand and began rubbing Paige’s clit. With my left hand, I grabbed her tit and pinched the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. With my hands free I continued to explore, grope, and abuse Paige’s body as I fucked her hard.

I was intentionally crass and a little bit cruel as well, knowing that Alana had no choice but to watch everything that I was doing to her friend. She looked like she was in total anguish, and I couldn’t blame her. She was, after all, watching and helping me to defile the woman that she had had a crush on for years. I couldn’t tell if she was more jealous or angry, but I didn’t really care.

I fucked Paige for another ten minutes or so, taking full advantage of the access to her body that I had. By that time, it seemed like she was about to cum again. I was pretty close to the edge myself – it took pretty much all of my willpower just to hold back.

I would have liked to give Paige another orgasm, but it didn’t seem strategically wise. I realized that there wasn’t anything forcing her to hold up her end of the agreement – it wasn’t like we had a legally binding contract or anything. It seemed to me like the best way to make sure that she didn’t back out was to leave her frustrated and wanting more, and with no options other than to get it from Alana.

I held my own orgasm back until it seemed like Paige was right about to cum, then pulled out. Whipping the condom off I shot my load all over her cunt, enjoying the fact that if Alana wanted to go down on Paige she’d be forced to taste my cum as well. I hated finishing before Paige, but in that situation it seemed necessary to get what I really wanted.

Paige let out a frustrated groan as she felt my sticky cum rain down on her crotch. She probably knew what I was doing, but had no way to really stop me. She was dreading what she knew was about to happen, but apparently not enough to make it stop. Paige really hated being denied her orgasms.

Alana shot me a look of disgust. I learned later that she really hated the taste of cum, and I’m sure the fact that it was mine wasn’t making it any easier for her. I didn’t care, though – in fact, I was glad that she was unhappy about it. I didn’t want it to be easy on her.

I suppose you behaved well enough, I sighed. Go ahead bitch, eat my girlfriend’s cunt to your heart’s content. While you’re down there, though, make yourself useful. Lick up all that cum I left there; I don’t want to leave a mess.

Alana shot me another look of disgust; I returned it with another arrogant grin. Backing off a bit, I grabbed Paige’s ankles from her hands and held them apart just as she had done for me. She had helped me slightly, it seemed only fair that I return the favor.

Alana hesitated for a brief moment. I don’t know if it was the fact that she knew she’d have to taste my cum or if she was just having difficulty with the crass and insulting way that I was offering her friend to her. Whatever it was, though, she managed to get over it. After letting out another sigh she leaned forward and pressed her face between Paige’s thighs.

Paige groaned in shame and made a token effort to close her legs, but she didn’t tell her to stop. I’m sure it was very difficult for her to accept that she was being orally pleasured by a woman, and with Alana’s crotch still in her face it must have been impossible for her to ignore. Fortunately, she seemed to be overcome with her desire to reach orgasm, and wasn’t able to turn down oral sex when she was so close.

I waited until Paige stopped struggling and then released her legs. With my hands free, I reached down and brushed Alana’s hair to the side. She didn’t seem to appreciate it – I think that she liked the modicum of privacy that she had with her hair draped over her face. I didn’t really care what she wanted, though – I wanted to see what was going on.

It’s difficult to describe the look on Alana’s face. She still looked angry, and I don’t think the privacy that I was denying her was helping her calm down at all. She looked a little disgusted, too, though I suspect that was just because she was being forced to eat my cum in order to get what she really wanted. At the same time, though, she also looked extremely happy. She had fantasized about doing what she was doing for years, after all, and it was finally becoming a reality.

Alana seemed to know exactly what she was doing, too. There was no hesitation in her actions; she was very obviously thrilled to finally get a chance to go down on Paige. Though Paige had initially been reluctant and borderline disgusted, after a few minutes she was moaning in pleasure.

I felt myself growing hard again, which was strange. I’m normally completely disinterested in sex immediately after orgasm, but the sight I was witnessing was just so fucking hot. As Paige began moaning louder, I began to realize that I might be able to go again.

Alana noticed my growing cock out of the corner of her eye and shot me a warning look. I could see her perspective – she had earned the right to suck Paige off without interruption, and it would be unfair for me to interfere. Unfortunately for her, I saw it as another challenge. Grabbing another condom, I slipped it on while she begged me with her eyes to let her finish.

Grabbing Paige’s ankles again, I lifted them into the air. Scooting forward, I thrust my cock into her dripping cunt. Alana looked enraged, but that wasn’t my problem. There really wasn’t anything she could do about it anyway. It wasn’t like Paige was going to tell me to stop, what with her fear of lesbianism.

Don’t look so pissy, I laughed. You can still lick her – you’ll just have to lick around my cock.

Alana didn’t seem to like my suggestion, and I knew why. She knew there was really no way that she could continue going down on Paige without accidentally licking me a few times, and she still very much hated me. Still, she knew that she probably wouldn’t get another chance to suck Paige off, and I think that was more important to her than her hatred for me.

Reluctantly, Alana went back to work. I considered slowing my thrusts to make it easier for her to operate, but decided not to. I didn’t want to make things easy on her, I wanted her to suffer for the bullshit attitude that she had always shown me.

As I continued fucking Paige, I felt Alana’s tongue frequently brushing against my cock. It was obviously accidental – Paige was her target, she just couldn’t help but hit me too – but it was extremely hot. I hated Alana as much as she hated me, but the idea of her being forced to lick my cock was a major turn-on, and the fact that she obviously despised doing so only made it more intense.

Between my cock and her tongue it didn’t take long to get Paige off. If I’m honest, it was probably more Alana’s doing than mine – she clearly knew how to please a woman with her tongue. Still, I don’t think that she could have done it without my help – Paige was so freaked out about lesbianism, I think she needed my cock in her to feel like it was okay to cum.

We continued in that position for another twenty minutes or so, with Paige cumming two more times. Alana shot my dirty looks every now and then, but it was clear that deep down she loved what was going on. Personally, I was about as happy as I could be with the situation – my exhibitionist needs were met, I was getting a fucked-up kind of revenge on Alana, and watching Paige struggle to accept the fact that she was fucking a woman and enjoying it was extremely hot.

Eventually, I couldn’t hold back my second orgasm any longer. I again pulled out of Paige, but not before grabbing Alana by her hair. She looked up at me with a mixture of rage and fear in her eyes, but she didn’t try to pull her head away. I think she thought that I was going to cum on Paige’s twat again, but she was mistaken.

I whipped off the condom and aimed my cock directly at Alana’s face. Strangely, she didn’t struggle at all, though she did keep her mouth closed. I was okay with that – I had already forced her to taste my cum, that time I wanted her to wear it instead.

Grinning widely, I launched the first spurt at her face. She flinched a little, but otherwise held still. Continuing to pump my cock, I coated her face with as much semen as I could produce.

I released my grip on her hair once I was finally spent. Alana shot me a defiant look as if to say that I hadn’t even fazed her before she went back to sucking Paige’s clit. I respected that – as much as I disliked Alana, I was impressed that she could shrug off my facial so easily.

Spent and exhausted, I returned to the couch and lazily watched Alana going down on Paige. I wasn’t able to get it up again, but it was still entertaining. I was honestly impressed with the energy that Alana was putting into it. Though Paige didn’t reach orgasm again, it was clear that she was enjoying it too.

After fifteen minutes or so Alana stopped. Crawling off of Paige, she spun around and kissed her deeply on the lips. I found myself strangely jealous – both of the fact that someone who wasn’t me was kissing my girlfriend, and of the fact that Paige was kissing back despite the fact that she had just gone down on her. The jealousy sucked, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. I resolved to use it as fuel for the next time.

It was pretty late by then, so we all went to bed – me and Paige in Paige’s bedroom, and Alana in her own. Holding Paige in my arms, I was extremely happy with how things had went. I had gotten a degree of revenge on Alana, made a significant dent in Paige’s fear of lesbianism, and had two mind-blowing orgasms myself. Of course, I still wanted more.

Chapter 2 is here.

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