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The Aquarium

Author’s note:

This is my first attempt at writing a non-fiction story. There’s a catch with this – if you’re one of my frequent readers, you’re probably expecting a very specific type of story from me and this likely isn’t quite going to be it. I’m embarrassingly tame in real life, so this story may seem alarmingly soft-core compared to my usual writings. For what it’s worth, though, it did actually happen – aside from a name change, this is actually a factual recounting of things that occurred in real life as best as I can remember them. That’s worth something, right?

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My relationship with Laura was bizarre. We typically referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, though I think that was more out of convenience than anything else. Unlike your average couple we pretty much openly hated everything about each other – we just happened to be highly sexually compatible.

We’d go through cycles. We’d spend time together until we realized how impossible it was to tolerate each other and then we’d spend time apart until we realized how much we missed the sex. I’d call her a fuck buddy, but her location wasn’t exactly convenient enough for that – when Laura wasn’t living with me, she was roughly 750 miles away. Not exactly close enough to just pop over for a quickie.

This story takes place during the beginning of one of our on phases. We had just started talking again a couple of weeks prior after being split up for a few months. I had some free time, so we decided that I’d come over for a week to visit her.

Even with minimal stops and a general disdain for speed limits it still took me about 12 hours to get there. It’s funny, driving shouldn’t really be tiring in any way. I was really just sitting there and holding the wheel steady while cruise control did the rest, yet I was exhausted when I got there.

Laura was 22 years old at the time, but she still lived with her family. I had actually never met them before, so they wanted to speak to me as soon as I got there. It was awkward. I don’t exactly look like the kind of guy that most parents want their daughters with, and her stepfather’s personality strongly clashed with mine. Still, we managed to not tear each other’s throats out. By the time I managed to convince them that I wasn’t really that big a threat to Laura’s well-being I was barely able to keep myself awake. Not wanting to have half-assed sex, I went to sleep in her bed with her without doing anything.

I awoke the next morning still feeling exhausted, but I was awake enough that I could fake it. She wanted to do standard touristy stuff – go to the aquarium, see some museums, et cetera. I wasn’t opposed to that, but it wasn’t why I had went there. I like aquariums, but not enough to drive 12 hours to see one.

I agreed to go to the aquarium with her, but I wanted to make a quick stop first. Hopping on her computer I looked up the closest sex toy store and popped the address into my GPS. Glancing over my shoulder she saw what I was up to but didn’t object.

Hitting the toy store I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but I figured I’d know when I saw it. We browsed for a few minutes as I picked things out. When we left, I had purchased a small butt plug, some lube, and a remote control vibrator that would strap to her clit. She looked nervous when I picked the vibrator out, though I can’t blame her. She knew me well enough to know that she probably should be nervous.

I headed back to her place, claiming that I needed directions to the aquarium. It was an obvious lie, of course – I still had my GPS and she knew how to get there anyway. She argued slightly but gave in quickly – she wasn’t driving, and though she was afraid of what I might do I suspect she was eager for me to do it.

Her parents were at work and her little brother was at school, so we had her place to ourselves. I let her get the door closed before I grabbed her to tear her clothes off. She resisted, and even fought back, but she didn’t utter her safe word.

Laura enjoyed playing the submissive role with me sexually, but she never gave in easily. She typically viewed herself as dominant, and she had always hoped that someday she’d manage to dominate me. One of the few things that I respected about her was that she never gave up. Once I had truly beaten her she’d accept her role, but she always made me fight for it.

She didn’t exactly hold back, either. I’d hold myself back out of medical necessity – if I were to hit her with a closed fist we’d probably be on our way to the emergency room, but she didn’t have that problem. She wasn’t play fighting, she was legitimately hoping that this time would be the one time when she’d finally put me in my place and avenge herself for all the horrible things that I had done to her.

Unfortunately for Laura, I’m about a foot taller than her, more than twice her weight, and I have an almost alarmingly high threshold for pain. She got in a few decent shots (though the bruise never appeared, I suspected that she had blackened my eye), but in the end I had her completely naked and on her knees.

Despite her nudity and submissive pose, I suspected that she wasn’t quite beaten yet. She had a habit of feigning defeat until she saw an opportunity, and I didn’t feel like giving her that luxury at the time. I wanted her to fully remember that I was bigger – my place was to use her as I liked, hers was to simply accept it.

Grabbing her by the hair I led her to the couch in her living room. She cried out in pain as I roughly pulled her along. I hadn’t exactly given her adequate time to follow, but she managed to get there just the same.

Taking a seat I pulled her over my lap, facing down. Knowing what was about to happen she began to struggle as I suspected she would, but I was able to easily wrestle both her hands to her back and pin them down with my left hand. Holding her helpless, I began to spank her brutally.

Laura was funny with spanking. If you were to talk to her, she’d swear that she’s completely immune to that form of punishment and that your arm would grow tired long before she even registered any pain. To be fair to her she did have a ridiculously high threshold for pain when it came to spanking, but I like a challenge.

For the first minute or so, she did her best to pretend that she was bored. She’d occasionally make disparaging remarks about how softly I was hitting her, but as time progressed I could hear her voice growing shakier. Before too long she was no longer able to pretend that she could barely feel it.

The nice thing about her having such a high tolerance for spanking was that it came with an equally high amount of pride. Laura despised begging for mercy, and being made to beg for mercy due to something that she swore didn’t even hurt was both devastating to her and highly enjoyable to me. As I continued to spank her mercilessly I reminded her of all the times that she claimed she’d never give in to spanking, hoping to prolong her resistance as long as possible.

Eventually, the pain became too great for her to ignore. As she began to softly whimper I parroted back the things that she had said earlier, reminding her that it couldn’t possibly hurt because I hit like a girl. She apologized for the things that she had said, but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want her to take them back, I wanted her total surrender.

Laura was actually probably one of the proudest people that I had ever met. She absolutely despised speaking of herself in less than glowing terms, which was convenient for me. As she continued to cry in pain from the spanking, I told her what she had to do to make it stop. It was simple; she just had to apologize for thinking that a pathetic little bitch like her could ever stand up to someone of my stature.

It might sound like a trivial request, but to Laura that was absolute torture. Admitting that I was stronger than her was nearly impossible, doing it because of a spanking surely didn’t make it any easier. She must have been in tremendous pain – her ass was already covered with bright red handprints – but she managed to hold out another minute or so before giving in.

Feeling sadistic, I pretended I didn’t hear her the first time that she said it and spanked her again. She repeated it louder; I corrected her grammar and spanked her again. She pointed out that she had said exactly what I told her too, so I spanked her again for correcting me. Sometimes I’m kind of a dick.

Eventually she managed to get the volume and words right. Grabbing the bag from the toy shop I placed the butt plug and the vibrator in front of her and told her to pick one so that we could go to the aquarium already. The look on her face was priceless.

Laura had always been mildly uneasy about anal sex. We had experimented with some ass play, but never with anything more substantial than a finger or two. I knew that she enjoyed it, but she was clearly uncomfortable with that fact. Wearing a chunk of latex in her ass for a significant amount of time wasn’t the type of thing that she’d normally be happy to do.

Conversely, there was the vibrator. Laura wasn’t in the habit of having quiet orgasms, and she knew that I had some deeply exhibitionist and sadistic tendencies. Because it was remote controlled, she must have known that I’d exploit the ability to stimulate her at the worst possible times. Though she wasn’t exactly shy, she probably wasn’t crazy about trying to restrain her orgasm in public.

She shot me this incredibly pathetic look, begging me to cut her some slack. I felt bad for her (she really did look miserable), but I didn’t feel mercy would be appropriate. I hadn’t seen her in months, and I realized that that week could be the last time that I’d see her for the rest of my entire life. I wanted to make it memorable.

I let her know that I realized how difficult it must be for her to choose, and maybe I was wrong to force her to make that choice. She briefly looked relieved, but then she remembered who she was dealing with. She didn’t look surprised in the slightest when I explained that if she can’t pick one, I’d be happy to let her wear both.

Hesitantly, Laura pointed to the vibrator. Popping it out of the package I inserted the batteries and strapped it to her. With it securely in place I grabbed the remote and tested it out. Putting it on the lowest power setting I heard it hum into life. More importantly, she let out an a reluctant moan. Spanking always turned Laura on.

I forcefully dressed her, making sure that the vibrator remained exactly where I wanted it. In truth, I was probably using the excuse of maintaining the vibrator as a flimsy cover for my desire to grope and tease her, but immediately after the spanking she wasn’t about to call me on my bullshit. Hiking her panties up high, I forced the vibrator against her clit firmly as she moaned against her will.

I was pretty turned on by then, but I didn’t want to fuck her just yet. I get too merciful post-sex, and I didn’t want to lose my sadism so quickly. Grabbing my keys, I led her to my car.

When we reached my car she realized that her wallet had fallen out during the struggle, and headed back to the house in order to retrieve it. As she walked up the stairs I noticed something – each time she took a step she moaned a little. I suspected that the act of climbing stairs was pressing the vibrator against her a little bit harder, and looked forward to using that information against her.

The drive to the aquarium was uneventful. I turned off the vibrator out of fear that she’d develop a tolerance for it, and pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary. She was visibly afraid, knowing that I’d soon be doing terrible things to her, but she didn’t want to bring it up unless I did.

The aquarium had an underground parking garage. I made a point of parking at the lowest possible level, even though there were plenty of free spaces that were much more convenient. Getting out of the car, I headed towards the stairwell.

Laura tried to tug me towards the elevator, but I made up a bullshit story about how I was afraid of elevators. She clearly knew it was bullshit (we had lived together, I’m sure she’d seen me take plenty of elevators without hesitation), but she didn’t want to argue. At that point I don’t think she realized that I knew what climbing stairs was doing to her, and she probably didn’t want to clue me in.

We had parked four floors below where we needed to be. Right before we reached the stairs I silently reached into my pocket and turned the vibrator on to a medium setting. Laura stumbled a little in surprise and shot me a knowing glance. She probably realized that I knew about the stairs, but was powerless to change anything.

As we climbed the stairs, I intentionally moved slowly. I wanted to stretch it out. With each step she found herself increasingly unable to mask the pleasure she was feeling. By the time we were halfway up she was moaning noticeably. By the time we reached the top she wasn’t even trying to hide what was going on.

Once at the top of the stairs I told her that I thought I had dropped something a floor or two back. She told me that she’d wait there for me to get it; I simply laughed at the suggestion. Grabbing her by the wrist, I led her back down a couple of floors.

Pausing on the landing, I announced that I remembered I didn’t drop anything at all. She knew that I knew what was up, but wasn’t exactly in a position to do anything about it. Turning the vibrator up a notch, I led her back up the stairs.

By the time we reached the top her face was sweaty and her eyes were wide. It looked like she was about to cum. The expression on her face was incredible – she seemed to be terrified that I’d force her to cum in public and equally afraid that I wouldn’t.

I feigned obliviousness to her situation and turned the vibrator off. Leading her towards the aquarium I observed her face contorting. She obviously wanted to get some satisfaction, but in a public place she couldn’t exactly ask me for it.

The aquarium was nice. It was a weekday and most people were at work or school, so it wasn’t very crowded. It wasn’t deserted, though – no matter where we went there always seemed to be at least one person within earshot. The situation was nearly ideal for me, though probably not great for her.

I kept my hand in my pocket on the remote control the entire time. Whenever someone wandered by us I’d briefly turn the vibrator on to a high power setting. She’d clench her jaw and brace herself, struggling to hide what she was feeling. As soon as the person had wandered off I’d turn the vibrator off completely, leaving her frustrated with the lack of closure.

After an hour or so Laura had become so flustered that she was having difficulty functioning. She was finding it increasingly difficult to prevent herself from cumming when I turned it on and equally difficult to manage the frustration of being denied her orgasm when I shut it off. She began begging me to take her home so that she could finally cum but I refused. Like I said, I like aquariums.

We stayed for about four hours altogether. I found the experience of watching fish gracefully swimming by very calming. I don’t think her experience was quite the same. By the time we left, she was barely able to function. She was choking back tears of frustration and barely able to speak straight.

She wanted to go back to her place so that I could finish her off, but I felt that she needed to calm down a little. Instead of heading back I took her to a restaurant that was by the aquarium so we could get some food. For the most part I behaved – I only turned the vibrator on when the waitress was there and left it otherwise off.

Laura had calmed down slightly by the time that we finished our meals. She was still more than a little distracted, but she was capable of forming coherent speech. After paying the check we headed back to her place.

Unfortunately, we had been out so long that her family was home by then. She was irritated – she had hoped to be able to fuck as loudly as she’d like. I wasn’t crazy about them being home, but I figured we still had all week. I’d fuck her in every room of the house some other time.

We headed to the basement down to the basement and locked the door behind us. She had the basement to herself, so we had a degree of privacy, but the walls were still pretty thin. We could clearly hear them upstairs, which meant they could likely hear us too.

Laura looked extremely torn. I’m sure she wanted me to fuck her brains out and let her finally cum, but she knew that she couldn’t be quiet. She must have known that her family knew exactly what we were doing down there, but I don’t think she wanted them to find out precisely what her orgasms sounded like.

I was sympathetic to her fears, but I didn’t feel like just hanging out and watching TV. I had driven across three states to be there, and I didn’t feel like letting all of the teasing I had done just dissipate naturally. It was unfortunate that she wouldn’t be able to be as loud as she liked, but she’d have to manage.

I ordered her to lose the clothes. She was still feeling submissive from earlier, though she was clearly worried. Hoping to put her mind at rest, I promised her that I wouldn’t force her to cum or even fuck her until after her family had fallen asleep. She looked nervous, but she complied with my order.

As she was stripping, I went into the attached garage. Looking around, I spotted some rope and scissors. Grabbing them, I headed back into the basement to find her fully nude.

Spotting the rope, Laura looked both extremely nervous and extremely aroused. She knew me well enough to know that I’d keep my promise, but she also knew me well enough to know that that hardly made her safe. Grabbing her hair without saying a word, I led her to her bed.

I pushed her onto the bed and tied her wrists to the bed posts. With her arms tied down, I picked up the vibrator that she had stripped off. I watched her face carefully, drinking in the fear that was evident. I had no intention of breaking my promise, but I planned to have some fun with it.

She tried to resist as I strapped it back into place by kicking her legs. She actually managed to catch me off guard and got in a decent shot to my chest. Unfortunately, she wasn’t exactly a match for me when she had the use of her arms – tied down, she was easily restrained. Once I had the vibrator in place I tied her ankles to the bed posts, leaving her spread eagle.

With her bound in position, I lied down next to her. It was around 7:00, so I had some time until I’d be free from my promise. Not in any rush, I simply laid there silently and let her mind torment itself, occasionally toying with the remote without actually turning it on.

She repeatedly reminded me of my promise and asked me what I was planning to do. I think that she knew better than to expect a real answer, but I can’t blame her for trying. Instead of answering I just quietly chuckled to myself, toying with the remote.

After about half an hour of lying there, I turned the vibrator on to its lowest setting. Its lowest setting was extremely mild and I don’t think that it would have driven her to orgasm even in her heightened state, but it was certainly noticeable. As the vibrator hummed into life, Laura quickly stopped asking questions and clenched her jaw shut, her face awash in fear and lust.

Low was entertaining, but I wanted to see how far I could push her. Moving the remote to my side so that she couldn’t see it I randomly jacked up the power, only to turn it off before she got too close to orgasm. I made a game out of it. I’d see how close I could push her before shutting it off. She didn’t like the game at all, but I thought it was fun.

After about an hour, she tried to release me from my promise. I appreciated the gesture, but it didn’t seem right. Even if she was okay with it, I had given her my word – it just wouldn’t be okay to go back on it.

After another hour she had given up pretending that she was simply allowing me a way out of my promise and began to openly beg me to break my promise. I calmly explained to her that I simply couldn’t go back on my word even if she wanted me to, but I don’t think she understood. By that point, she was clearly having difficulty thinking straight.

She told me that I’d just get bored eventually, so I might as well finish her off so we can move on to something else. Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t getting bored in the slightest. With multiple speeds and complete control over how long it was on and off I had plenty to experiment with, and her reactions were only getting more interesting.

After another hour she was no longer capable of forming complete sentences. It didn’t stop her, though. Every couple of seconds she’d whimper out a please or something along those lines. It was cute. I told her that I’d be happy to do whatever she wanted, but I just couldn’t understand what that was due to her broken English. She didn’t seem to think my joke was as funny as I did.

By the time 11:00 rolled around she wasn’t even capable of forming words. She’d make pained grunts and groans every few seconds while crudely humping the air. I had to tighten the restraints on her ankles to keep her from finishing herself off by pressing her thighs together.

She had told me earlier that her family would be asleep by 11:00, but I didn’t want to risk it. I had just met them and all, and I didn’t want to create an awkward situation. I continued keeping her on edge until midnight. Laura cried, begged in broken grunts, and struggled pathetically against her bonds; but I was just trying to be courteous and keep my promise.

By the time midnight finally rolled around, I was becoming concerned for her well-being. I had kept her frustrated for nearly the entire day and it was clearly taking its toll on her. Still, I didn’t want to force her into an orgasm if she didn’t really want one, so I made her ask for one in certain terms.

She struggled forming the request, of course. She didn’t like it when I demanded that she enunciate better, but I had to be sure of what she was saying. When I corrected her grammar and insisted that she say please she looked like she’d have murdered me if she were capable.

Eventually she managed to ask me in a way that I felt was acceptable. I picked her panties up from the floor and shoved them into her mouth to gag her with. Normally I liked her loud, but I suspected that she’d be even louder than she usually was and I didn’t want to wake anyone up. Holding them in place I turned the vibrator up to max power and thrust my hand into her crotch. Applying firm pressure, I rubbed it against her clit.

She came hard. Even with the panties gagging her she was still remarkably loud. Tears streamed down her face as her body contorted in orgasmic bliss. I continued to hold the vibrator in place the entire time, enjoying the force of her orgasm.

I let her spit out the panties when her orgasm eventually came to an end about a minute later. She attempted to whimper out a quick thank you, though her mind was still pretty much jelly. Hoping to help her regain her composure I continued to hold the vibrator firmly against her clit, keeping it at the maximum setting.

She asked me to turn it off, but it seemed cruel to do so. She had just spent the last few hours begging me to leave it on; I didn’t want to turn it off again so quickly. Grinding it into her cunt I enjoyed the look of panic in her eyes as she realized that I wasn’t finished yet.

She continued to beg me to turn it off. I calmly explained to her that I’d be happy to; but not until she came again. She attempted to explain to me that she was sore from the constant stimulation to her clit and that it would be painful to cum again, but I wasn’t really interested in her excuses. Besides, she was still firmly tied up and not exactly in a solid position to stop me.

It took her about 15 minutes before she was able to orgasm again, and it didn’t happen easily. She begged for mercy nearly as hard as she had earlier when she wanted to cum, but I was having too much fun to be gentle. Her second orgasm wasn’t nearly as intense as the first, but it was still fun to watch.

After turning off the vibrator I grabbed the butt plug and lube. I made sure that she could see what I was doing, enjoying the look of fear in her eyes. As she watched me lube it up I explained to her that it was now my turn to get off, and I felt it would be entirely too cruel to use her cunt after how sore I had made it. She looked terrified, but she didn’t protest.

I was tired, but I took my time getting her ready. It was going to be her first time taking it up the ass, and I didn’t want to make it too unpleasant. I slowly fucked her with the plug for several minutes as she groaned in humiliation.

Eventually, her groans of humiliation turned into moans of pleasure. As I said, Laura had always enjoyed ass play – she was just embarrassed to admit it. I built up speed with the plug until I was actually fucking her pretty hard with it. After a few minutes of that I figured she was ready.

I quickly stripped naked and untied her. She was exhausted; I could easily pose her as I liked. Flipping her over I forced her to rise up to her hands and knees. As she struggled to maintain the position, I made absolutely certain that she knew what was about to happen.

While still fucking her ass with the plug, I let her know that she was about to get sodomized. I pointed out that a part of my reasoning the fact that her clit was so sore from the day’s abuse, but that wasn’t the real reason. I told her that she was a worthless whore and that fucking her cunt was too good for her; too respectful.

She groaned in humiliation, but she didn’t object. By that point she was very obviously enjoying getting fucked with the butt plug, and I think she was actually happy that I was about to take her anal virginity. Feeling sadistic, I ordered her to beg me to do it.

She didn’t do a great job begging, but she did well enough. Her mind was still more or less liquefied, so I suppose I can’t judge her too harshly. I made sure that she mentioned that she needed it in the ass because a filthy slut like her needs to take it in all three holes. She hated speaking of herself in such undignified terms, but I quite enjoyed it.

Casting the butt plug aside I lubed up my cock. I went slowly, but it still caused her some pain. The butt plug was much thinner than I am, and she struggled to adjust.

I gave her a few moments to adjust once I was fully inside. It wasn’t just a physical adjustment that I was interested in – Laura had been terrified of anal sex for years, and I wanted her to really soak in the knowledge that she could no longer claim to have never taken it up the ass. I forced her to tell me exactly what was happening before I proceeded.

For the first few minutes I went almost painfully slow. She groaned and whined, though I think that was more psychological than anything else. In the hopes of helping her to make the adjustment, I reminded her that she was a disgusting whore who was currently getting fucked in the ass and made her repeat it back to me.

After a few minutes I felt like she could handle a little more. I built up a little speed and started fucking her at a reasonable pace. She still sounded deeply humiliated, but she was also starting to sound like she was enjoying it.

I continued to build up speed until I was legitimately fucking her ass hard. Bracing my hands on her hips I plowed into her at full speed. Laura moaned openly – she knew that I already knew she was enjoying it, and lacked the energy to pretend otherwise.

After about 10 minutes I was unable to hold off any longer. I pulled out and shot my load on her face. Laura despised wearing cum, but she didn’t have the energy resist.

The beautiful thing about the ordeal that I had put her through was that she was far too tired to wash it off. I could tell that she wanted to, but at that point she could barely stand up, let alone walk. She fell asleep in my arm, my cum still dripping down her face.

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