Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sales - Chapter Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Author's note: This is the second chapter of the story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably go do that first.

Wednesday hadn’t just been a good day; it had been a great day. Conquering Natalie filled me with a sense of confidence and strength that lasted for the rest of the day. My customers responded well to it; I was closing deals left and right. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Natalie didn’t fare quite as well, of course. The semen on her face was barely noticeable and no one could see LIAM’S WHORE written on her chest through her shirt, but I’m sure she was painfully aware of their presence. She managed to close a handful of deals, but knowing that she had been defeated was clearly gnawing away at her.

At the end of the day I scanned our respective numbers. Frustratingly she was still ahead of me, though I had gone a way towards closing the gap. If Thursday went the same way I’d surely overtake her. Clocking out, I went home to get some sleep – I would need to be rested to be at my best.

Sleep didn’t come easily, though. I tossed and turned for hours while playing out the day’s events in my head. I couldn’t believe that I had done the things that I had done, and I couldn’t believe that I had gotten away with them. I regretted nothing, but it was difficult to realize how much things had changed.

It was tremendously screwed up, but a large part of my reality had been an understanding that Natalie was my hated enemy. So much of what I did at work was driven by the desire to finally defeat her and prove that she wasn’t better than me. After Wednesday, that reality just didn’t make sense – she was no longer my rival, she was my bitch. It was an awesome change, but I was struggling to wrap my brain around it.

The most confusing part was how I felt about Natalie. Previous to Wednesday it was easy to hate her – she was always above me, always rubbing it in my face. That dynamic made no sense anymore, and I found it increasingly difficult to hate her. Without the desire to finally overcome her, I was beginning to realize that I actually kind of liked her.

Sure, she had spent the last couple of years going out of her way to fuck with me, but I had done the same to her. In a way, I almost respected her for her constant tormenting of me – if I were honest, I’d probably have done the same if I was in her position. Still, adjusting to the idea that I liked my former arch-enemy was a bit difficult.

I awoke Thursday morning feeling exhausted. Glancing at my alarm clock I saw it was already 9:00 – apparently I wasn’t just too distracted to sleep, I was too distracted to remember to set my alarm. Hopping out of bed I took a quick shower and began the drive to work.

I arrived around 10:00, two full hours late. Fortunately, it didn’t seem that I had missed anything – aside from Natalie’s and Dave’s cars, the parking lot was empty. Management might not be happy when they went over the time cards, but after my sales performance the previous day I wasn’t too worried. I briefly checked my appearance in my rear view mirror before heading in to work. Entering through the front door I found Dave and Natalie relaxing by the front counter.

I never cared for Dave. We got along fine professionally, but there was something about his personality that had always made me want to avoid him. Dave was the kind of guy who followed every single rule and habitually looked down on those who didn’t, a perpetual gossip, and a bit of a sycophant – none of which exactly meshed well with my personality. We weren’t enemies, but we were hardly friends.

Seeing Dave standing there on that Thursday morning irritated me even more than normal. I desperately wanted to torment Natalie and reinforce our new power dynamic, but I wasn’t crazy about making our relationship public knowledge. If Dave suspected anything was up I could be certain that the rest of the store would soon know as well, and I had no desire for that to happen. Even if I managed to avoid getting into any trouble for what I had done, which was extremely unlikely, I liked the idea of keeping things secret. There was a lot going on in my head, and I didn’t need the added variables that public knowledge would bring. Clocking in, I racked my brain for ways that I could remove him from the equation.

The sad fact was that there really wasn’t anything that I could do to get some alone time with Natalie without raising his suspicion. Like the rest of the store, Dave knew that we hated each other. Even standing close to her would seem abnormal. Accepting that I would just have to be patient I took my place at the counter, hoping for customers to distract myself with.

Being patient was difficult. I found myself wondering obsessively if the phrase LIAM’S WHORE still appeared on Natalie’s chest. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted it to still be there or not. The idea of her degrading herself by tracing such a dehumanizing thing on her own chest was extremely appealing, but so was the idea of punishing her for disobedience. Doing my best to hide my frustration, I leaned back against the counter and began tapping my foot on the tile floor, impatiently waiting for a customer.

An hour had passed before an elderly customer walked into the store. I reacted slowly, having been lost in my own mind at the time, and Dave managed to greet him before I got a chance to. Initially irritated, I quickly realized that this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dave would be paying attention to the customer, not to Natalie and myself. He’d still be able to see us, of course, so it wasn’t like I’d be able to bend her over the counter and fuck her brains out; but I’d be able to at least talk to her without him noticing.

Dave greeted the customer and launched immediately into his sales process. The process was designed to look completely casual, but was actually a carefully designed routine meant to build rapport with the customer and determine what exactly he was looking for. It was painfully dull to watch, and my burning desire to get alone with Natalie was doing nothing to help my patience. Tapping my foot, I waited impetuously for him to reach the point where he’d move away from the counter to show the customer some products.

Eventually, Dave finally felt he had a solid enough understanding of what the customer was looking for and led him away from the counter. The store’s layout was open, so I’d still have to act carefully – Dave would be able to see me at any time, though I could count on his focus being elsewhere. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it would have to do.

Keeping my motions calm and fluid I took a few steps towards Natalie, stopping several feet away from her so as not to appear too suspicious. I figured that from that distance she’d be able to hear me even if I kept my voice low, and if Dave happened to glance over we’d still be far enough that he wouldn’t suspect anything. Leaning back against the counter I kept my eyes on Dave, waiting for him to appear sufficiently distracted.

I was wondering how long it would take you to grow the balls you need to approach, Natalie stated, keeping her voice low and her eyes straight ahead.

Her comment irritated me, but I kept my cool. She wasn’t an idiot; she must have known why I didn’t approach her with Dave present. Furthermore, she probably wanted to keep what had happened the day before secret just as badly as I did, even if it was for different reasons. She was most likely just looking for a way to insult me and regain some face after how I had humiliated her on Wednesday.

So, you’ve spent the entire morning thinking about my balls? I retorted. You worry too much, bitch. My balls are just fine, and I’ll happily demonstrate that fact to you later today.

The funny thing to me is that you probably believe that, she replied. Yesterday was a one-time thing, and it will never, never happen again. Hope you enjoyed it; there will be no encore performance.

You sound rather confident, I admitted. I think I like that, actually – it’s almost becoming. Of course, you’d have to be a moron to actually believe the things you’re saying, so you lose points there. Pretty much a wash, when all is said and done.

Oh, come the fuck on, she chuckled. You really think I believe for one second that you’re going to rape me again with Dave here? Yeah, I am confident, and I’d say I have every reason to be. Face it, Liam, you haven’t won and you’re not going to.

I disagree, I argued. Actually, I think the fact that you feel compelled to hide behind a brown-nosing douchebag like Dave says that I’ve already won. Unfortunately, once again you’re showing more confidence than intelligence, bitch – do you think I’m the slightest bit intimidated by a weasel like him? Please, I could probably take him down with even less effort than I’d need to take you down.

Interesting solution, she sighed. You’ll just beat him into submission and then have your way with me like the caveman your intellect suggests you to be. You may be physically capable of pulling that off, Liam, but I’d remind you that we live in a society of law. Even you aren’t stupid enough to not realize the consequences of doing shit like that.

Probably true, I ceded, but it’s hardly relevant. You’re only safe when there are witnesses present – all I have to do is get you alone. Speaking of which, you’ll be taking your lunch break at 1:00 today. You’ll go to the shopping center down the street, and you’ll wait in your car.

Will I, now? she laughed. I’m curious, Liam – what happens when I absolutely don’t do anything remotely like that? Are you going to stomp your feet and throw a little temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way? If you do, please let me know ahead of time. I’d love to see that; I’m sure it will be adorable.

You know, I could answer that, I replied. I could make up some elaborate and specific punishment to ensure that you truly understand how important it is that you obey my commands like a good little bitch. I could actually truly drive home the point that if you rebel against me here, you’ll regret it – but I won’t.

Why not, pussy? she sneered. Can’t come up with anything, or just too afraid?

Too apathetic, really, I shrugged. There’s no need to make up a punishment, because there’s no chance that you will disobey. You can tell yourself that it’s because you’re just curious, or because you know I’d punish you in some horrific and terrible manner, or even because you think you might be able to turn the tables on me and get some revenge – I don’t really care. I may not know how you’ll justify it to yourself but in the end, I know you’ll be there like a good little bitch. I need not waste my breath making silly little threats over things that won’t happen.

Glancing over at Natalie I saw that my response had had the desired effect. Though she tried to hide it, she was clearly flustered. It looked as though she were searching for something to say back to me, but couldn’t think of anything that would work. I had her exactly where I liked her.

Anyway, you’ve got a few hours before 1:00. You can spend them pretending that you’re struggling over whether or not to go, or imagining the horrible things that I’ll be doing to you when you do. If you’d prefer, you can even convince yourself that you’re really not going; only to break down at the last moment and obey me. I really don’t care one way or the other, but I still need to check last month’s tickets – you never know when some scumbag is going to try to steal a sale, you know? If anyone needs me I’ll be in the back.

Having said my piece I headed for the back room, struggling not to look back to see her reaction. The line about checking my receipts was bullshit – it was something that I probably should do at some point, but it was hardly the reason for my exit. I wanted desperately to tear Natalie’s clothes off and bend her over the counter, and while I knew I had the self-control to restrain myself from such behavior I didn’t want to risk tipping her off to how much I wanted her with my body language.

Logging into the computer I went through the motions of checking receipts. I tried to tune out everything and just focus on the green letters and numbers on the screen, but it was futile. I spent minutes on each receipt instead of seconds, and if there was anything to miss then I’m sure I missed it. After wasting half an hour, I pocketed a permanent marker that was lying on the desk and went back out to the front.

Both Natalie and Dave were with customers. This was probably a good thing – I had no desire to speak with Dave, and I didn’t trust myself to keep cool around Natalie. Tapping my foot, I waited impatiently until a customer came in.

I spoke with two customers that morning and failed miserably both times. I still had my confidence from the day before, but my focus was shit. As much as I tried to focus on their needs, I just couldn’t take my mind off of Natalie. I obsessed over what I was going to do to her – both that day and in a more long term sense. I frequently glanced at the clock on the wall, wanting it to be 1:00 already. In general, I left the customers thinking that I really didn’t give a flying fuck about them, which was probably accurate.

More coworkers arrived around noon, though I barely noticed. My thoughts were exclusively on her; everything else was irrelevant information that could only irritate me. Repeatedly glancing at the clock, I made it until 12:50 before I could stand waiting no longer. Clocking out for lunch I jumped in my car and drove to the parking lot down the street; eager to get away before anyone noticed how strangely I was behaving.

Pulling into the parking lot, I parked on the outside edge so that I’d be able to see the cars as they entered. After applying the parking brake and removing my keys from the ignition I took a deep breath and tried to focus. I wanted to be calm and composed when she arrived, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. I had far too much energy to contain; I’d simply have to settle for being calmer than she was. That didn’t seem too difficult – I was certain that she was far more off-balance than I was.

Waiting for her to arrive I found myself regretting the fact that I had left early. I had justified it by telling myself that it was necessary to take off before I got tied up with a customer, but the truth was that I was just impatient. In hindsight it was foolish – my leaving earlier wasn’t going to get her there any quicker.

As the minutes passed, I found myself growing concerned. When we were in the store I honestly believed that she’d show up without threats, suspecting that she had too much pride to back down and hide from me. Sitting in my car I was beginning to fear that I had been overly confident. Frustrated at myself for not having made sure that she would show up, I impatiently scanned the parking lot with my eyes.

I considered driving back to the store. I could make up some bullshit excuse about having left something in the back room, and I don’t think anyone would notice. While I was there I could see if Natalie was still there as well. I was just about to put the key back in the ignition when I saw her car pull into the lot.

Natalie spotted my car and drove over, parking right next to me. I was mildly impressed – it was nice to see such boldness. Relieved that she had obeyed my instructions I steadied myself emotionally and got out of the car, doing my best to project the image of confidence. Natalie got out of her car as well, looking more nervous than I’m sure she would have liked to be.

You look relieved, she commented. You didn’t think I wouldn’t show up, did you? I hope that you weren’t sitting in your car this entire time, nervously worrying about where I was – I’d feel bad about doing that to you.

Keep dreaming, I spat, trying to regain my balance. I knew you’d show up. You’re my bitch, after all, and while you may desperately need some training I would certainly hope that even you would know better than to refuse a direct order.

About that, Liam, she sneered. I didn’t come here to give you another opportunity to embarrass yourself sexually; I came here to clear up some misconceptions that I think you have about what happened yesterday. First and foremost, I need you to understand that I am your coworker, not your bitch. You don’t own me, control me, or have even the slightest power over me. If anything, my superior performance puts me in charge, here – though I promise, I’ll be gentle so as not to hurt your delicate little feelings. You need to stop looking at me as your rival and start seeing me as your mentor – if you play your cards right, I just might take you under my wing.

I’m glad you cleared that up, I laughed sarcastically. I was apparently very confused; though I’m not sure it’s my fault. Seeing you on your hands and knees licking my shoes yesterday may have led me to believe that our relationship was very different from what you’re currently suggesting. Literally bending you over a desk and fucking your brains out may have reinforced that misconception as well. You have to admit your reactions didn’t really make sense unless we accept that you are, in fact, my bitch.

I was tired, she tried to explain. You caught me off-guard, and it will never happen again. I’d apologize for the misunderstanding, but I think if anything you ought to be thanking me. You’ve probably never had a woman of my caliber, and you probably never will again. You’re welcome, by the way.

I’d love to believe you, I claimed, but the thing is I just can’t. It’s nothing personal, but you are in sales, you know? Not exactly the most trustworthy of careers, and all. I think you’re full of shit, and all of this bullshit confidence is nothing more than a pathetic act.

You can think whatever you like, she shrugged, but that doesn’t change anything. I’m not your bitch, Liam. Keep pushing me, though, and you might just become mine.

I’m pretty sure that I can prove that you are, actually, I argued. I’m actually quite positive that if you remove your shirt, we’ll see written evidence that proves my claims.

I was bluffing, of course. I had no idea if my territorial marking still existed on her chest or not, but I was interested in seeing her reaction. Her body language told me that I was probably right – she looked flustered and at a loss for words, implying that she had most likely traced it back on just as I had told her.

It’s just too bad you’ll never get that shirt off, she retorted. I’ll let you pretend that your words are still there, though – it seems like it’s very important to you, and I think it would be cruel to destroy your childlike hope.

I assumed that her courage came from the fact that we were in broad daylight and she didn’t think I’d try anything there. Looking around, though, I was feeling pretty confident with our location. Other cars were parked in the lot, but no one was close, and no one was watching.

I’m not really the pretending type, I reminded her. Get in my car, bitch. I think we need to make sure that you did your homework.

Liam, she laughed, have you been smoking crack? I mean, your optimism is certainly adorable but you don’t actually think that I’m going to obey you, do you?

Look around, Natalie, I suggested. The nearest car is at least 100 feet away and its owner is mostly in one of those stores. No one’s looking in our direction, and even if they were they’d be too far away to see anything. We may technically be in public, but you’re hardly safe.

I’ll scream, she warned, sounding increasingly nervous.

Maybe you will, I shrugged. It’d be rather pathetic, but it’s not like you were all too rich in dignity in the first place. I’m pretty sure I can get my hand over your mouth long before anyone hears you, though. Now, you have a choice little girl – you can get in my car voluntarily like a good bitch or I can force you. I’m okay with either way, but if you disobey me you will be punished.

Natalie looked around and saw that I was right. I could see the confidence draining from her face as she realized that she wasn’t nearly as safe as she thought she would have been. She looked like she still wanted to fight, but understood that doing so at the moment would be strategically unwise.

I opened the back door of my car and motioned for her to get in. She hesitated a bit but eventually climbed in, looking more irritated than anything else. Closing the door behind her I walked around the car and got in the other side.

Natalie looked tremendously nervous in the back seat with me. I couldn’t blame her – she was trapped in a small area with me, and I had left no doubt in her mind that I planned to abuse her. I took a moment to look her over in silence; enjoying the fear and doubt that I suspected I was inspiring in her.

I’m going to have you remove your top in a minute so that I can make sure you’ve followed the sole rule that I’ve given you so far, I warned her. I don’t want you acting all surprised, so I want to make something clear: if LIAM’S WHORE isn’t written in fresh marker, I’m going to be very disappointed with you and I will be forced to punish you. Is that understand?

Cut the bullshit, she shot back. This has nothing to do with checking to make sure I’ve followed your stupid rule. You just want to see my tits; at least have the balls to admit that.

Thinking about my balls again? I laughed. God, Natalie, I know you’re a bit of a whore, but try to get your slut mind out of the gutter. I’m going to fuck your brains out eventually – you can stop worrying about that – but that’s not going to happen until I decide to. Right now, the only thing you need to worry about is proving to me that you’ve been an obedient little bitch. Lose the shirt and prove to me that you’re not completely incapable of following simple orders.

I don’t want to, she stubbornly replied.

And I don’t really care what you want, I reminded her. Let’s cut to the chase, bitch. I’m completely willing to physically force you to cooperate, and I think that you know me well enough to realize that I wouldn’t feel the slightest pity or remorse in doing so. You, on the other hand, will most certainly regret it – not just because of the pain that I’ll inflict in forcing you, but also because of the punishment that you’ll suffer for being such a disobedient little cunt. I’m bored with your rebellious bullshit, and we really don’t have time for it. This is your last chance to cooperate freely, whore – I suggest you willingly remove your shirt like a good little bitch, but I’m fully prepared if you’d prefer to do this the fun way.

Natalie paused for a moment and looked me over, likely trying to gauge how serious I was and what her chances would be if she chose to continue misbehaving. I maintained eye contact, keeping my body language confident yet impatient until she broke down. Lowering her eyes, she began to unbutton her shirt. Enjoying her submission, I cracked a smile.

As she unbuttoned her shirt I watched lecherously, unconcerned with whether or not she noticed. Natalie groaned in humiliation, but apparently knew better than to outright protest my objectifying stares. With the shirt unbuttoned she stripped out of it and then quickly went to cover her chest with her arms. I shot her a warning look to let her know that would be a bad idea, she timidly lowered her arms to her sides.

LIAM’S WHORE still appeared on her chest, immediately above her lacey black bra. It was slightly faded, though it was evident that it had been traced over – darker black lines covered far more faded gray. I was pleased – not only had she followed my orders, but her choice in bras was far less boring than the plain white cotton of the day before.

That’s a good slut, I praised, quietly chuckling. Tell me, how did it feel tracing that over your body?

Can we not talk about it? she whimpered, obviously deeply ashamed.

What would you prefer to talk about? I laughed. Perhaps you’d rather talk about your choice of underwear today – don’t think I haven’t noticed, by the way. It’s almost as if you knew someone would be seeing your bra today, and you wanted to impress that someone. Maybe you don’t want to talk at all – you are a bit of a raging slut, after all, it would hardly be surprising if you’d prefer I simply tore the rest of your clothes off and deposited my load in the sperm bank you’re running between your legs.

Natalie stammered a bit, trying to come up with something to say back to me. She was very clearly flustered, and even more embarrassed. Unable to form intelligible words, her face went bright red. I decided to press my advantage.

It’s okay, slut, I comforted her. You don’t have to answer my question, because it really doesn’t matter what you want to talk about. You’re my bitch – I decide what we talk about as well as what we do. Don’t get too sad, though. I still plan to use you as a cum dumpster, but first I want to know how it felt this morning when you traced those words on your chest.

I was irritated, she lied. I hate to risk damaging your fragile little ego, but that’s really all that I felt. Sorry, Liam – there was no arousal or humiliation, just annoyance.

I’m glad, actually, I replied, pretending to believe her. I’d feel bad if it had really affected you, and I can understand the annoyance. Tracing onto your own chest must be difficult – it must be an awkward angle, and all. Since you’ve been so forthcoming and honest, I’ll reward you – lose your pants, bitch.

Natalie shot me a confused look but complied with my order. As she kicked off her shoes and stripped out of her dress pants, I removed the marker that I had borrowed from work from my pocket. Seeing the marker, Natalie instantly looked afraid. She probably realized that I was going to give her more things to trace, but didn’t dare say anything. I neglected to address her very visible fear – I was, after all, still pretending that she had felt nothing but irritation in tracing the first thing.

With her pants off I could see that like her bra, Natalie’s choice in panties was also a bit more interesting than it had been the day before. High cut and lacy, the black panties that she was wearing perfectly matched her bra. Noticing that I was staring at her crotch, Natalie clenched her thighs together.

Ignoring her closed body language, I grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her leg out straight. She resisted briefly but quickly relented when she realized that she lacked the physical strength to put up any kind of struggle. With her right leg laying across my lap, I popped the cap off of the marker.

What are you doing? she whimpered, obviously afraid.

Giving you more to trace, I smirked. I would think that would be painfully obvious. Don’t worry, though – this time I’ll be writing on your thighs; you’ll be far less irritated this time.

Pulling hard on her ankle I stretched her leg straight and forced her to scoot towards me a little. On her left inner thigh I wrote the phrase CUM DUMP and then drew an arrow pointing to her crotch. Releasing her left ankle, I grabbed her right and pulled her leg out straight. On her right thigh I wrote FREE DEPOSITS 24/7, and again drew an arrow pointing in.

I’ll expect you to continue tracing the words on your chest, of course, I explained. I realize the angle might not be ideal, but I think it’s important that you remember both who owns you and what you are. These new ones, though, should be much easier for you to maintain.

Please don’t make me do that, she begged.

Why not? I laughed, feigning confusion. You had no real problem with LIAM’S WHORE, I can’t imagine why you’d take issue to these. In fact, I’m so impressed by the fact that you felt nothing but irritation that I think I’ll give you even more to trace – it’s not like it bothers you, right?

Okay, I lied! she blurted out, obviously not crazy about having more vulgar things that she’d have to write on her own body. I didn’t feel just irritation. Please stop now?

You’re kidding! I exclaimed, my voice dripping sarcasm. I never would have guessed that! I’m not so sure that I want to stop, though – you may have admitted your lie, but you haven’t exactly answered my question, either. I’m a nice guy, though, so I’ll give you one more chance – what did you feel tracing LIAM’S WHORE onto your own chest this morning?

I hated it, she whimpered, sounding like a petulant child. I still can’t believe I did it, you know. It was probably the most degrading thing that I’ve even done in my entire life.

Then why did you do it? I prodded. Somehow I doubt that even you couldn’t predict that it would be degrading.

I did it because you told me to! she cried.

I didn’t feel that she was being truthful enough in her answer. I suspected that she had grown conditioned to the leeway I had been giving her – I had always given her a chance to correct herself when she misbehaved, and she seemed to now expect it. Wanting to put an end to that habit I pulled both of her ankles over me and grabbed the marker again. On her stomach I wrote the words STUPID CUNT, shaking my head in disappointment the entire time.

Why’d you do that? she whimpered. I was cooperating!

You were wasting time, I reminded her. I know that I forced you to trace that phrase this morning, but that’s hardly the point. You’ve been a bratty little cunt all day long; all too eager to disobey me. I want to know why you obeyed me this morning, not a pointless reminder that I had told you to.

Fine, she sobbed. I did it because I didn’t want you to be angry with me. I was afraid that if I didn’t write it, you’d just find a way to humiliate me worse.

That’s certainly accurate, I shrugged. I still feel like you’re holding back, though – did you really only do it to avoid punishment? Was there a part of you that just wanted to please me for the sake of pleasing me?

Natalie looked up at me, clearly struggling to hold back tears. Letting out an impatient sigh, I made it clear that she would have to answer the question. She timidly nodded that my suspicions were accurate, but I didn’t feel it was enough. I slowly reached for the marker again, hoping to impress upon her that she would have to give a more explicit answer.

Okay, yes! she admitted. A part of me was eager to do as you told me to. As much as I fucking despised having to do it, there was a part of me that was eager to prove to you that I can be an obedient little slut.

That’s better, I encouraged, placing the marker back in my pocket. And I want to make something very clear, too – I am pleased with your tracing. Although you’ve been a bit of a cunt in other ways today, your demonstration of fealty makes me proud to be your owner. Congratulations, slut – you’ve made your master happy with you.

Thank you, she squeaked out, sounding sincere but terrified.

I’d like to know more, though, I continued. I appreciate you telling me how your mind was feeling while you were tracing, but I’m a bit more interested in what your cunt was feeling. Tell me, slut – did your cunt get all juicy while you were marking yourself as my whore?

It did, she admitted, looking down in shame. I don’t understand why, but tracing those words on my chest turned me on.

And what did you do after? I probed, suspecting that I already knew the answer.

I fucked myself, she confessed. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop myself. I told myself that I had to in order to stop thinking about you, but it didn’t work. I’ve spent all day feeling like your bitch; thinking about how you made me fuck myself without even trying. Are you happy now?

I wasn’t happy – I was ecstatic. I had suspected that I had gotten under her skin, but I didn’t realize I had corrupted her so deeply. Knowing that she had spent the entire day thinking about me gave me an unparalleled sense of power and made me feel better about the fact that I had been thinking about her all day.

I beckoned for her to come closer. She hesitated a bit but eventually crawled over next to me, curling up at my side. Feeling unexpectedly merciful I gently stroked her hair, enjoying the clean smell of shampoo and perfume. It seemed to calm her down a bit – after a few seconds she relaxed a bit; looking less terrified and more secure.

I’m very happy with you, bitch, I assured her. You’re a slut – it’s only natural that you’d fuck yourself when objectified. I’m really glad to see that you’re beginning to accept our relationship, and I’m so pleased with you that I’m considering forgiving you for the bitchy attitude that you’ve been displaying all day. Now, I’d like you to keep up the honesty and tell me what you’d like me to do with you.

I don’t suppose I could convince you to release me from all this so we could go back to how things used to be? she whimpered nervously.

Silly bitch, I laughed, mussing her hair. Why on Earth would I do that? I don’t think either of us was really all too happy with our old dynamic. We don’t work well as equals, and even if I were some pathetic slut like you I doubt that you’d have the strength to dominate me. This is really the only way we work well together, and you’re going to need to accept that.

I’ll never accept it, she replied, trying to sound defiant but sounding pathetic instead. You might beat me from time to time, but I’ll never give up. I’m going to fight you every time.

You say that, I shrugged, but I’m sure you’ll eventually catch on to how futile your adorable little rebellion really is. Until then, I don’t mind – I’ll just defeat you every time until you manage to wrap your head around the fact that you are my property, to do with as I please. Regardless of what the future holds I think the fact that you’re in your underwear and curled up all vulnerable at my side proves that you’re beaten – at least for now. With that understanding, answer my question: what would you like me to do with you?

Natalie looked down, clearly embarrassed. She knew that she’d have to answer, and probably knew that I’d know if she lied. Continuing to gently stroke her hair, I did my best to make her feel as though she was safe – at least as long as she continued to cooperate.

I want you to fuck me, she admitted. I want you to exercise your rights to my body. I don’t want you to forgive me for my attitude, either – I want you to beat some sense into my slut ass. I want you to leave no doubt in my mind that I belong to you.

Good answer, I praised. And I’ve got some good news, bitch – that’s precisely what I’m planning to do.

Reaching down, I unzipped my fly and pulled my semi-hard cock out. Running my fingers through her hair I gripped down hard, taking control. Natalie went passive, permitting me to guide her head into my crotch. Once she was close enough, she stuck her tongue out and began aggressively licking me, demonstrating her obedience.

The sight of Natalie so willingly degrading herself was a major turn-on. Within seconds my cock was fully erect and ready to do more than just get licked. Guiding her by the hair I forced her up and aimed her lips at the tip of my cock. Catching on, Natalie opened her mouth wide. Without hesitating I pressed down on the back of her head, forcing my cock deep into her throat and gagging her. She tried to pull her head back a little, but I held her still.

I’m sure that doesn’t feel good, I calmly stated, holding her head in place. I’d apologize, but I’m really not sorry. You were a mouthy little bitch this morning, and I think it’s only right that I demonstrate what your mouth is actually for.

Natalie whimpered quietly. Tears began streaming down her cheek; she was clearly miserable with my cock lodged in her throat. Although unhappy with her situation, she did manage to demonstrate that she knew her place by relaxing her neck muscles and ending her struggle. Pleased with her acceptance, I pulled her up and gave her a few seconds of air before forcing her back down again.

I’m not angry at you, I explained, but I do think we need to clear some things up so that you don’t embarrass yourself in the future. You seem to have some misunderstandings about what your mouth is for. It’s meant for a few things, really. We can use it as a convenient place to dump cum, a cleaning instrument, and of course as we are now – as another warm yet sloppy hole to fuck. It is not, however, intended to be used to talk back to me. Is that understood?

It is, she gasped as I pulled her back up.

I’m glad you understand, I laughed, forcing her back down on my cock. I’d like you to prove to me that you really get it, though. Show me how a worthless little slut sucks cock, bitch. I want you to show yourself no mercy – gag yourself, make it hurt. Demonstrate to me that you understand your comfort is far less important than my pleasure.

Having given my instructions I released my grip on Natalie’s head. She briefly came up for air, but was quick to get to work once she had caught her breath. Forcing her head up and down with fast, long strokes she managed to impress me. I was actually almost surprised at how violent she was; she must have been inflicting serious pain on herself. Fortunately, she seemed to know better than to complain, so I decided to reward her.

With my hand free I slowly slid it down her back, dragging my nails along her skin. Reaching her ass I slipped in inside her panties, worming my fingers between her legs. Natalie groaned a little, but parted her thighs to allow me access just the same. With my hand between her legs I discovered why she had been embarrassed – her cunt was once again dripping wet.

You filthy little slut, I teased. You know, respectable women don’t drench their panties every time a man shoves his cock down their throats; though I suppose comparing you to a respectable woman isn’t exactly fair. There’s nothing respectable about you, after all – you’re slut, nothing more than a walking life-support system for a series of holes, intended to be used as a cum dump and nothing more.

Natalie groaned in humiliation under my verbal abuse but managed to keep her thighs open. As I slid a finger inside her dripping pussy her groans quickly morphed into quiet moaning. Pleased with her performance so far, I began to pump my finger in and out of her, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her twat.

Unfortunately, my angle was terrible for finger fucking her. Reaching around her from behind put significant strain on my wrist, and before long I felt my wrist growing tired. Wanting to shorten the distance, I removed my finger from her cunt and pressed it up against her asshole.

The pressure on her asshole quickly got her attention. Thrusting her head up and off of my cock, Natalie looked up at me in panic. I didn’t expect her to simply accept my finger in her asshole without some reluctance, but she looked absolutely terrified.

What are you doing?! she demanded, her eyes wide with fear.

Natalie, I know you can be a bit slow at times, but come on, I laughed. What do you think I’m doing? I’m preparing to shove my finger up your asshole. The real question is what are you doing – you should know better than to question your owner under any circumstances; disagreeing when I’m shoving something into one of your fuck holes is especially inappropriate.

But you can’t! she protested, clearly afraid. I mean, I’m sorry – I’m not telling you that you can’t, I know that you can and you really don’t need to prove it to me. Please take some mercy on me, though, I promise I’ll be good!

Poor slut, I sympathized. I can see that you’re having difficulty accepting the fact that your asshole is just another option for fucking, and that’s unfortunate. However, the situation is what it is – you’re a slut, and you’ll take my fingers, cock, or anything else I feel like shoving into you in whichever hole I choose. I might not fuck you in the ass every time, but it’s going to happen.

Please don’t! she pleaded. Please, Liam, I’ll do anything you want but please don’t fuck my asshole!

I’m sorry, slut, I comforted her, but that’s simply not an option. Your entire value to me is in providing three warm holes to dump my cum in, and I simply cannot accept you operating at two thirds of your potential. I’m not entirely unsympathetic, though, so I’m willing to make a deal with you if you’d like to put off getting fucked in the ass until a later date.

Anything! she insisted. Just please, please don’t fuck my ass!

That’s a good attitude, I laughed. Here’s how it is. I’m going to finger fuck your ass today – there’s nothing you can do about that. If it’s any consolation, I won’t enjoy it in the slightest. Your ass is a foul, disgusting hole – really the only reason I’m willing to do it is to remind you of your place. Nothing that you can say or do will change that, so you’re going to have to accept that at the very least you will be getting finger-fucked anally. Is that clear?

It is, she whimpered, sounding defeated and afraid.

Good girl, I praised, slowly pressing the tip of my finger into her opening. The good news is that I’m willing to spare you a true ass fucking, at least for the time being. You’ll still be taking my cock up your ass some day in the future, of course, but you can at least put it off for a little while longer. If you want to earn this stay of execution, all you have to do is provide me with a key.

A key? she groaned, as my finger slid deeper into her asshole.

A key, I confirmed. Before you head back to work I’ll expect you to stop by the hardware store. Have a copy of the key to your apartment made, and present it to me when you return to the store. I’ll be expecting your address too, of course, as well as any security codes that I might need to get in. Is that understood?

It is, she whimpered as I began to slowly pump my finger in and out of her ass.

I’m glad, I replied. Now get back to work sucking my cock, you lazy bitch. Oh, by the way – if you decide to go back on our deal, I promise you that I’ll fuck you in the ass before you go home tonight, and I won’t be gentle. Even for a slut like you, I don’t think it will be enjoyable.

Natalie whimpered a little, but obeyed my instructions. Sliding her mouth back down on my cock she looked broken and defeated; apparently having my finger in her asshole was difficult for her to accept. I felt mildly bad for her. She had been behaving and I didn’t really want to hurt her, but she needed to understand that I had the right to use any of her holes without her permission.

As Natalie continued to degrade herself on my cock I very slowly began to build speed with my finger. Going off of her verbal cues I would assume that she hated it, but she made no effort to hamper my assault in any way. Pleased with the situation, I began to gently stroke her hair with one hand while fucking her ass with the other.

After a minute or so of building up speed, I found myself finger fucking Natalie’s ass at a reasonable rate. Despite her protests earlier, she seemed to enjoy it more than she would have wanted me to know. She was no longer whimpering, and the quiet moaning that emanated from her was reminiscent of when I was fingering her cunt. I found myself regretting the deal that I had made with her – I really wanted to fuck her asshole just to humiliate her, but didn’t want her to feel that she couldn’t trust me. Besides, we were both off on Fridays and I really wanted that key.

I entertained myself fingering her ass for a few more minutes, enjoying the chaos that I was probably inspiring in her head. I knew that she didn’t like the idea of anal sex, and assumed that she felt it was especially degrading. Her body, on the other hand, seemed to like it just fine. I liked knowing that she was probably struggling to come to terms with the idea of enjoying anal and I thought it was healthy for her to start accepting the idea. I didn’t plan on going back on my word or anything, but she was going to be taking my cock up her ass at some point.

As my wrist grew tired I lifted her head up off of my cock and shoved her back. She looked at me in confusion, as if she was unsure if she had done something wrong. I chuckled a little – it was nice having her like that, so eager to please me. Grabbing her shoulders I pulled her body over mine as I stretched out and aimed my cock at her slit. Pulling her panties to the side I pressed the tip into her cunt as she obediently held her position.

Relax, slut, I reassured her. You did fine, you can lose that terrified did I displease my owner? look. In fact, you did so well that I think I’m going to reward you.

Did I do well enough that you might promise not to ever fuck my ass? she asked meekly as I grabbed her by her hips.

That’s just silly, I laughed, slowly forcing her down on my cock. You’re going to get fucked in your ass, and there’s no way around that. You’re a slut, after all, and a slut that doesn’t take it up the ass just doesn’t make sense. If I swore off fucking your asshole I wouldn’t be rewarding you, I’d be failing to use you to your fullest potential. As a responsible owner I’m practically obligated to make sure that you accept my cock in all of your holes, so you may as well start accepting the idea that you will be getting your ass fucked eventually.

Natalie looked disappointed, but it didn’t last long. Her cunt was soaking wet, so I felt no need to go gentle. Squeezing her hips I began to bounce her up and down on my cock hard. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began moaning loudly. Getting fucked hard she was far too distracted to be disappointed.

How are you going to reward me, then? she managed to squeeze out between lustful moans.

I’m going to let you decide where you take my cum today, I informed her. Now, yesterday I permitted you to swallow it – that was a special treat, though, and it’s not something that I think I can allow every time. I’m going to give you two choices, and you can pick which one you like best.

Your first choice is to take it on your face, I continued. Just like yesterday you’ll have to wear whatever doesn’t get in your mouth for the rest of the day, but I have to warn you – yesterday I was mostly aiming at your mouth. Today I’ll be aiming everywhere except for your mouth, so there’s going to be a lot to wear if you choose to go that route.

Natalie groaned, though it wasn’t clear why. It sounded like she was terrified of the idea, but it also sounded like she thought it was a major turn-on. Personally, I liked it a lot – the idea of forcing her to wear evidence of her violation seemed incredibly hot. At the same time I was a little worried that she might get called out on it, and I didn’t want to cause any problems that could interrupt the fun I was having with her.

The other choice is in your cunt, I continued. Like your face, there’s a catch there as well. The load that I’m going to give you is massive, and it’s going to slowly drip out if I shoot it into your twat. My guess is that by the end of the day your panties will be just as soaked with my cum as your own, and I can’t tolerate my slut being messy. If you choose to go this way, you’ll have to suck the crotch clean as soon as you get home and swallow it all like the disgusting whore you are.

Natalie didn’t seem to like the options, but that wasn’t my problem. I wanted her feeling as though she had been marked as my property for the rest of the day, and though the things I had written on her body helped with that I wanted more. I liked the idea that she’d have to go back to work with her face covered in cum or her panties slowly filling with it and spend the rest of the day thinking about how it had gotten there.

I guess I’ll take it in the cunt? she whimpered between moans.

I wasn’t surprised by her choice. She might not have liked the idea of having my sperm dumped into her and having to suck her panties clean, but going to work with a facial seemed a bit insane. Unfortunately for her, I was feeling sadistic and wanted to torment her a bit.

Of course you take it in the cunt, I laughed. You’re a slut – well, not really a slut yet. More of a slut-in-training until we get your asshole broken in. Regardless, I think we both understand that you love it in the cunt; that’s long since been established. You still haven’t answered my question, though.

I meant I’ll take your load in my cunt, she moaned.

Taking my hand off of her hips I slapped her across the face. I was careful not to hit her hard enough to leave a mark, but I’m sure that she felt it. Natalie looked back at me in pain and confusion.

You sound like you’re doing me a favor, I explained, as I resumed fucking her. It’s quite the opposite – if anything, I’m doing you a favor by honoring you with my sperm; wasting it on a filthy little whore. Ask me again, but this time try not to sound like an ungrateful cunt.

I’m sorry, she moaned. Please shoot your cum inside my cunt? I promise that I’ll suck it all out of my panties when I get home, and I promise I’ll swallow it all like a good bitch.

I know you will, I laughed. Hell, you’ll probably spend the rest of the day thinking about that growing puddle in your crotch, wondering how it’s going to taste when you suck it out. You’ll imagine the feeling as it slowly slides down your throat, wondering if it will feel anything like how it feels as it slowly oozes out of your slimy little cunt. When you get home you might hesitate a little, thinking about how I’d never know if you disobeyed me, but you’ll do it in the end. Not to give away any surprises but I’m willing to bet that once you’re done sucking our combined juices out of your panty crotch you’ll fuck yourself silly, thinking about how you’ve pleased your owner.

Natalie’s face went red, but her breathing and moaning increased at the same time. Her body language said that I was most likely dead-on accurate and she knew it, though she was clearly ashamed by it. Grabbing her ass hard, I began to fuck her deeply.

I’ll tell you something else, I continued. You’ll be right – once you get your panties cleaned and all of that disgusting slime in your belly, your owner will be pleased with you. I’ll even be pleased that you fucked yourself, as it will prove that you truly understand what you are. I might not be there to witness it, but I’ll know.

I want you there to witness it! she blurted out, rapidly approaching orgasm. I don’t want to just fuck myself; I want you to fuck me! I want you to watch me clean my panties like an obedient little slut; I want you to force me to think about how disgusting what I’m doing is!

I know you do, you stupid bitch, I laughed in her face. And maybe you’ll get your wish, or maybe you won’t. I’ll have your key and your address by then, so it’s certainly an option. You won’t know until it does or does not happen, though.

As I continued to fuck her hard while squeezing her ass, Natalie’s orgasm began. To her credit she did nothing to hold back, there was no subtlety to it whatsoever. Her moans were deafening and almost bestial as she ground her hips into me. Grabbing her hair I pulled her in close, dragging my nails along her back with my free hand.

As her vaginal muscles contracted and spasmed I felt my orgasm begin as well. I thrust my cock into her as deep as I could manage, wanting to shoot my load as far into her as I could. I didn’t want all of my sperm dripping out immediately; I wanted it to slowly trickle out throughout the rest of the day so that she’d be unable to forget what I had done to her and what she’d be forced to do when she got home.

As our orgasms finished Natalie collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. She was sweating, heaving for breath, and obviously exhausted; and that was just how I wanted her. I was fairly exhausted myself, but I wasn’t done abusing her just yet. Sitting up, I pushed her back.

Look at the disgusting mess you left on my cock, I chastised, gesturing at my groin. You don’t actually expect me to go back to work like this, do you? I’d smell like whore for the rest of the day, and that’s just not acceptable.

Catching my hint, Natalie dropped down and went to work licking her slime off of me. I reclined as much as I could in the back seat of my car and watched as she degraded herself. Sucking my wilting cock into her mouth, she bathed it with her tongue.

Good whore, I praised. I’m glad you’re truly beginning to understand exactly what your mouth is for. Make sure you get all of your disgusting slime off of me and into your belly, now.

Natalie did as she was instructed, making exaggerated swallowing noises while licking any skin that looked wet. Grabbing her hair I took control of her actions, moving her face to any place that I felt needed cleaning. She didn’t resist – it seemed almost like she enjoyed being used like that.

As Natalie finished cleaning me, I glanced at the clock in my car’s stereo. It was time for me to get back to work. I was disappointed – I wanted to spend more time with her, but I couldn’t afford to risk tipping off my coworkers that something was up. Gently pushing her back, I pulled up my pants.

I’m sorry, slut, I apologized. I’d love to use your holes a little more, but it is a work day and all. Don’t get too sad, though – you’ll have other chances to earn my cum in the future.

I understand, she whimpered, sounding terribly sad.

After Natalie dressed herself we both got out of the back seat of my car. I hopped back in the front seat to return to work, she headed towards the hardware store walking slightly funny. Even knowing that I’d see her again it broke my heart to part with her, but I didn’t really have a choice. I did need to get back to work, and I couldn’t let her know how much I wanted to spend more time with her anyway.

Third chapter is here.

Sales - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

In a different environment I’d have probably been close friends with Natalie. We were both misfits; ill-suited for careers in sales. We both used what should have been our weaknesses to our advantage; leading our clients to trust us due to our un-salesperson like nature. Though I was a few years older than her, we were in the same general age range. We even had similar tastes in music.

In the environment we were in, though, we were hardly friends. We were rivals at best, bitter enemies at worst. Her name was always right above mine on the leader board, yet she never beat me by much. Every single month we’d finish close to each other, but every single month she’d win by just a little. Despite the fact that her victories were always so narrow she made a point of rubbing my face in them, openly and consistently referring to herself as better than me. She gloated without shame; frequently acting as though I should be grateful to be in the same general area as such a superior salesperson.

Natalie didn’t exactly win fair and square, though. She’d use sleazy techniques to eke out her victories – nothing ethical, but nothing unethical enough to actually get fired. She’d mention things to my customers when no one was watching to sabotage my sales, then she would come in and save the deal – always pocketing the commission. Management looked the other way – it technically wasn’t stealing, and they didn’t really care who got paid the commission as long as the deal was closed. At first I cared about the money she was taking out of my paycheck, but after two years I just wanted to see the bitch suffer.

I arrived at work at 8 AM on Wednesday, an hour before we opened. Scanning the parking lot I spotted Natalie’s blue sedan, but no other cars. That meant it was likely just her and I for the morning, meaning it was going to be a long day. I didn’t exactly enjoy her company, and being close to the end of the month I was stressed out already.

Thursday was the last day of the month. Like every other month, Natalie was ahead of me, though not by too much. I was running out of time to get my numbers over hers before the month’s numbers were compiled by management. I needed to close some deals desperately; I couldn’t let her beat me again, especially with our numbers being so close.

I’d receive a small bonus if I beat her for being in a better sales rank, but that wasn’t what was motivating me. If I beat her, my name would be above hers on the leader board. It might seem petty, but that was huge – it meant that every time she came to work she’d see visual proof that I was superior to her; and I knew that would gnaw away at her internally. Of course, the inverse was true, too. If I failed to pull ahead it would be her name over mine as usual, and I could trust her to make sure that I never forgot it.

The end of the month wasn’t just about selling, though. There was also the matter of checking over the previous months receipts and making sure that everything was in order. Though uncommon, it wasn’t unheard of for sales rankings to change over matters of a couple dollars; and I wasn’t about to lose my position due to a clerical error. Logging onto one of the ancient computers in the back room, I began the mind-numbingly boring task of reviewing all of the month’s receipts to verify that everything was correct.

It was a boring process, but it was one that I had worked into a mechanical routine. I’d scan the receipt, checking the areas that I knew I had to watch carefully. Once I saw that everything was in order, I’d tap F6 to bring up the next receipt and repeat the process all over again. Tuning out the outside world, I scanned receipts for about five minutes before I saw it.

Towards the bottom of the screen the computer listed which salesperson would receive the commission. Although I vividly remembered closing the deal myself, my sales number was not listed in that field – the number 138 was instead. I didn’t even have to look up whose number that was, I knew immediately what had happened. I must have left myself logged in at some point, and Natalie took the opportunity to change the commission and steal my sale. Enraged, I quickly tapped F12 in order to print out a copy.

As I waited for the copy to print, though, I felt my rage melting into joy. Management might have been willing to ignore the occasional underhanded trick to get ahead, but this was outright stealing. For the first time that I was aware of Natalie had actually crossed the line, and I’d soon have evidence of it. The commission she had stolen was tiny, too – just slightly over six dollars. Even if I lost the money, it would be worth it to be rid of her.

Snatching the printout, I triumphantly walked to the front of the store where I saw Natalie relaxing by the front counter. The air still smelled faintly of bleach from the cleaning crew the night before; that odor quickly overpowered by her perfume when I got close enough. She looked as smug as she always did, obviously unaware that I had found her bullshit. Walking up next to her, I casually placed the printout on the counter and looked her dead in the eye.

I understand how much pressure you face in making your numbers, I began. I can imagine how a salesperson with your lack of talent would need to resort to the occasional underhanded trick to make things word. This, however, is not acceptable.

Looking mildly confused, Natalie picked up the printout. Seeing what it was, her expression quickly changed to one of irritation, as if I had wasted her time with such a petty matter. Placing the printout back on the counter, she shot me a condescending grin.

You leave yourself logged in, bad things happen, she shrugged, demonstrating an intense lack of respect. I could have sent an e-mail to everyone letting them know you were gay; I figured this would be less embarrassing. I know you’ve been struggling, but I figured that a lousy six bucks wasn’t going to kill you. You ought to be grateful that I taught you such a valuable lesson in such a kind way; I could have just as easily changed larger tickets than that. Really, you ought to think of me as a mentor, Liam – I’m going out of my way to help you.

Gee, Natalie, thank you ever so much, I replied sarcastically. It’s so nice having a coworker to look out for me. I almost feel bad turning you in over this.

Are you fucking joking? she laughed. You’re going to go crying to management over $6? God, I had no idea you were such a pussy.

Natalie, I laughed back. I’d turn you in over six cents. I don’t give a flying fuck about the money – I’m just happy to have something that will get your ass fired. Yeah, maybe it’ll make me look petty; but the important thing is that it will make you look unemployed. You do realize that this is outright stealing, don’t you? As in, something that they won’t just ignore?

I watched Natalie’s face twist about in anger. She obviously didn’t expect me to react the way that I had, and I couldn’t blame her. I wasn’t exactly in the habit of respecting every little rule myself; turning her in over something like this was a bit hypocritical and out of character. I wasn’t happy to be doing it – it did feel incredibly petty and beneath me. The important thing was that I’d never have to see her again, though, and the ends would justify the means.

Natalie reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of bills. Looking through them, she found a ten and slammed it down on the counter on top of the printout. Looking up at me, she shot me a look of pure hatred.

Keep the change, you petty cocksucker, she hissed. Had I known you would be such a little baby about the whole thing, I’d have just sent out the gay e-mail instead.

You’re just not listening, are you? I sighed. Kiddo, do you really think I’m going to pass up a chance to get your ass fired over $10? Keep your money – you’ll likely need it more than I. Brian’s due in at noon; I suggest you spend the next few hours preparing for your firing. Contact your customers, let them know you’re leaving; that kind of stuff.

Having said my piece I put my elbows up on the counter and relaxed. I went out of my way to act nonchalantly, wanting to show her exactly how little concern I had for the situation. This did nothing to calm her down – if anything it made her more and more angry. Entertaining myself by watching her suffering, I cracked a smile as her face twisted itself in rage, fear, and hatred. I loved her suffering, and wanted to intensify it.

Aww, is poor widdle Natalie realizing that her ignorant ass is about to get fired? I mocked. God, you look so incredibly angry. Tell me, bitch – what’s it like to possess such an intense hatred and know that you’re completely and totally unable to do a goddamned thing about it? How does it feel knowing that I’m about to disrupt your entire pathetic life and you can do absolutely nothing to hurt me back? It’s true, you know – you’ll be fired, and you have no choice but to just grab your ankles and take it like a bitch. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to hurt me back.

My words did the trick. With an almost intimidatingly primal grunt, Natalie balled her hand into a fist and thrust it into my face. After landing the punch she took a step back and glared at me, breathing heavily.

Fortunately, though I’m not exactly muscular I’m hardly a small guy. I was easily a foot taller than her, and probably more than twice her weight. She might have hit me as hard as she could but I barely even felt a thing. Although I was initially instinctually angry that she had hit me, I quickly realized that this was a good thing.

I am going to fucking murder you, she growled, sounding deadly serious.

Let’s hope you have a weapon of some sort hidden somewhere, I laughed. I don’t think either of us has enough time for you to actually beat me to death with your fists alone. I should thank you, though. Getting you fired would have been fun, but having you arrested will be far more enjoyable.

What the fuck are you talking about? she demanded.

Security cameras, idiot, I reminded her. We’re standing in front of the cash register, so that little spat of yours is now on record. It’s funny – as pathetic as your punch may have been, it still counts as assault. That’s two years in a state prison, I believe. I won’t get to watch Brian fire you, but I doubt he’ll hold your job until you get out.

You wouldn’t dare, she replied, sounding far more nervous than she probably wanted to.

If you want to believe that, it’s fine by me, I shrugged, reaching for my cell phone. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but you might want to start thinking up a better excuse. I doubt a judge is going to accept I thought he wouldn’t press charges.

I hadn’t really planned to call the police, of course. Having her fired was already pushing my boundaries; actually having her sent to jail seemed extreme even given how much I hated her. Natalie apparently didn’t realize I was bluffing, though – she jumped at me and tried to grab my cell phone, visibly terrified by the prospect of losing her freedom along with her job.

If you’re going to assault me again, I sighed, easily maintaining the grip on my phone, at least have the intelligence to take me off camera first. You’re not hurting me physically or anything, but this is just embarrassing. Really, I’d feel bad for you if you weren’t such a raging cunt.

Realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to overpower me, Natalie stopped trying to wrestle the phone out of my hand. Backing off a bit she looked up at me, still noticeably terrified, enraged, and breathing heavily. I almost felt bad for her, but she deserved to suffer and I saw no reason to let her off the hook just yet.

Okay, she panted, swallowing her pride. You win. I surrender. I shouldn’t have hit you, and I’m sorry. Please don’t call the police. I’ll reimburse you for what I stole, I’ll quit so you’ll never have to see me again; hell, I’ll do anything you want. Just please, please don’t call the police. I know you hate me, and you probably have every right to; but I’m begging you not to send me to jail.

She was clearly terrified. I felt a little guilty for inflicting such intense suffering, but I still wanted to see her squirm. Throughout the years I had known her I had never had power over her, and it seemed almost immoral not to exploit it now that I finally did. Sweating it out a little wasn’t going to kill her, anyway. Walking towards the back room, I motioned for her to follow.

The back room of the store was free from security cameras, meaning that I’d be able to exploit my power over her without evidence. We still had about 45 minutes until we were supposed to open the store, and I wanted to make them count. I waited for her to enter behind me, then closed and locked the heavy wooden door behind us just to be safe.

Facing Natalie, I placed my hands on my hips and let out a sigh, doing my best to imply with my body language that I wasn’t sure what to do. I already knew that I wasn’t going to call the police, of course, but letting her think that I might was just too much fun. Natalie looked back up at me submissively, clearly unsure what to do. Enjoying her fear, I remained silent and let her sweat it out.

Look, I’m really, really sorry, she spat out after a few moments. Please don’t call the police, Liam?

You keep saying you’re sorry, I mused. I don’t know why, but I just don’t believe it. I think you’d sound more convincing on your knees.

Natalie looked up at me, probably trying to gauge how serious I was. I returned her look with an unyielding stare, hoping to convey that this was not a good time to test me. Tapping my foot, I let her know that she was trying my patience. Realizing that she had no other way out of it, she reluctantly dropped to her knees, noticeably hating the situation.

As I was saying, she choked out, her voice awash with terror and rage, I’m very sorry that I hit you. Please tell me that you’re not going to call the police?

I could tell you that, I admitted, but I might be lying. I’d like to not have to go to the police, but I’m just so concerned for society in general. If you aren’t punished you’ll never learn your lesson, and you’d be a threat to the community. I just don’t know if I could live with myself, knowing that I was responsible for that. I mean, what happens when you assault someone who actually doesn’t deserve it? I’d be partially guilty for having let you believe that you can get away with that shit.

Oh come the fuck off it, she snapped. You’re practically a fucking anarchist, there’s no way that you believe that bullshit.

Is that what you think of me? I chuckled, doing my best to sound hurt. I had no idea my reputation was one of such lawlessness – now I feel compelled to turn you in just to prove that I’m a decent, law-abiding citizen. Or, you know, maybe I just fucking despise you and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to hurt you. You’ll have a couple years in prison to ponder than philosophical question.

Okay, wait! she pleaded, remembering our new power dynamic. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t a law-abiding citizen. Just tell me what to do to earn your forgiveness, and I swear to god I’ll do it. I’m already on my knees here, cut me some slack?

I’ve been cutting you slack, I reminded her, by not calling the police just yet. Show some fucking appreciation, or I might just be compelled to stop cutting you that slack. I’m not sure you can ever truly earn my forgiveness, either – I mean, you hit me ever so hard, I just don’t know if I can get over that. You can start by showing that you understand your place, though. Shine my shoes, bitch – you’re already on your knees, we may as well put that to good use.

Natalie looked up at me in confusion. I’ll admit that demanding a shoe shine was a strange request – I wasn’t generally the type of guy that gave a flying fuck about how shiny my shoes were, and it did feel kind of random. Still, it was the first thing to pop into my head, and I saw no reason to take it back.

How am I supposed to do that? she asked in earnest. I don’t exactly carry around shoe polish with me, and I doubt you do either.

Natalie, I sighed. While I’d certainly prefer a more professional shoe-shine, we can always use your tongue in a pinch. You’ve been using it all morning to dig yourself a deeper hole, you may as well put it to use for good for a change. Really, you ought to be thanking me – as long as we keep your tongue occupied you won’t be able to say anything regrettable. On the other hand, I can understand if you’d prefer to get it some rest so that you’ll be ready to argue that you shouldn’t be convicted because you totally didn’t think I’d press charges. It’s your choice, really.

Natalie looked like she was about to cry. I couldn’t blame her – what I was asking her to do was truly disgusting, and even more degrading. I should have felt bad for putting her in such a dehumanizing position, but I didn’t – she was my enemy, and I had defeated her. I loved her suffering; I only wanted to gloat further.

Seeing that I wasn’t about to change my mind and show some mercy, Natalie dropped down to her hands and knees. Placing her mouth right in front of my left shoe, she slowly stuck her tongue out and gave it a gentle lick. She seemed to instantly regret it; it looked like she was about to vomit. I wasn’t sure if it was the shame or just the taste of shoe leather and dust, but I didn’t really care.

You’re dangerously close to offending me, I warned her. You should be eager to please – you’re receiving the honor of licking a superior salesperson’s shoe. I expect you to show some enthusiasm and appreciation for what I’m permitting you to do; your look of nausea is completely inappropriate.

I’m sorry, she growled, before going back to work on my shoe.

Natalie didn’t manage to convincingly mask her disgust at what I was forcing her to do, but she did seem to try her best. Bathing my shoe in her tongue she forced an awkward smile while making Mmm noises. The experience was borderline comical – no matter how hard she tried, I could still easily tell that she hated it.

You know, I think we may have found your calling, I laughed. Who knows, maybe I won’t turn you in at all. Just think, we could start every day like this, with you dropping to your knees and licking my shoes clean like the stupid bitch that you are. It’s win-win, really – I get my shoes clean, you get the opportunity to worship at the feet of a real salesman. Maybe someday my talent might actually rub off on you.

Natalie didn’t seem to like my idea, but I think that she knew better than to say anything. Choking back her rage, she continued to slather her tongue over my shoes until they were covered in a thin layer of saliva. Looking up at me, I saw tears slowly streaming down her cheeks.

Is this good enough? she asked. I swear to god, Liam, I’m trying as hard as I can – please don’t call the cops.

Good enough? I sneered, looking down at my shoes. I asked you to shine my shoes; you simply drooled all over them. For fuck’s sake, I could have gotten better performance off of a stray dog. What the fuck good are you, anyway?

But I did what you told me to! she protested. I did my best; I don’t know what else I can do!

Well that’s the problem, now isn’t it? I sighed. You probably did do your best; your best just happens to be shit. I’m sorry, bitch, but it looks like we can add shoe-shining to the list of things that your tongue is worthless for. I just hope it’s better at convincing judges to let felony assault slide.

Please don’t turn me in, she cried. Give me another chance, I’ll do anything!

It was strange. In the years that I had been working with Natalie, she had never been anything more than a hated enemy. With her broken and defeated before me, though, I realized for the first time that she was also an attractive woman. The power that I felt over her was so massively enjoyable that I just couldn’t stop, and my growing erection gave me an idea what I could do next.

Looking at her, I placed my hands on my hips and let out a heavy sigh. Natalie looked up at me, begging me with her eyes to be merciful. Silencing the voice in my head that screamed I was pushing too far, I unzipped my pants and let my cock flop out.

Let’s see if you can manage to clean this, bitch, I calmly stated. Try not to fuck this one up. I’m about out of ideas for ways that you could redeem yourself, so if you disappoint me again I really won’t have any other options.

Natalie looked repulsed, but she didn’t argue. Scooting closer to me, she stopped with her face mere inches from my cock. Looking up at me she again pleaded with her eyes for mercy, and again saw that it was out of the question. Forcing her tongue out of her mouth she gave me a lick, looking again like she was focusing on repressing her gag reflex.

A part of me really enjoyed watching her look of abject disgust – I wanted to strike back at her for all the pain she had inflicted on me throughout the years. She wasn’t supposed to enjoy this, after all. At the same time, though, it seemed grotesquely disrespectful for her to act so repulsed by my dick. Her disgust when licking my shoes was understandable – my shoes probably weren’t exactly clean; any reasonable person would be disgusting by their taste. My cock, on the other hand, was clean – by showing such open disgust she was essentially insulting me. Grabbing her by her hair I forced her head back.

Are you trying to insult me here, bitch? I demanded.

What? she whimpered, sounding surprised. No, I swear to god I’m not!

Are you sure, now? I continued. Because from my perspective, you look like you’re straining not to vomit on me. Tell me, bitch, does my cock taste disgusting to you? Why do you look so repulsed?

I’m sorry! she pleaded. It’s not disgusting, I was just being stupid. Please, please don’t be mad at me, I’m seriously trying as hard as I can!

This seems to be a theme with you, I sighed. You try as hard as you can, and you still fuck up. This was probably a mistake – you obviously have no interest in licking my cock clean, and I wouldn’t want to force you to taste something that’s apparently so disgusting to you. Let’s just cut this short and get the police involved.

Please no! she begged. Give me another chance! I swear to god, your cock doesn’t taste disgusting!

Is that so, bitch? I laughed. Tell me, then, how does it taste? I wouldn’t want you to continue if you’re not enjoying yourself.

It’s delicious? she lied. Please let me continue? I want nothing more than to suck your cock; please don’t deprive me of that?

I knew she was full of shit, but I had to give her credit for trying. I held her steady for a few moments, letting her believe that I was unsure as to whether or not I should give her another chance. Once I felt she was nervous enough, I let go of her hair and slowly shook my head.

I really need to stop giving you second chances, I sighed. If you don’t suffer the consequences of your failure, I can’t really expect you to change your behavior. Against my better judgment I’m going to give you another chance to disappoint me, but be warned: if you give me any reason to doubt that you’re having the time of your life licking my cock like the ignorant little slut that you are, I will make you regret it. Is that understood?

It is, she whimpered, forcing a smile. I promise I won’t make you regret it.

Wasting no time, Natalie lunged at my cock and went back to work. Much as she had done earlier with my shoes, she exaggerated the bliss that she was receiving from orally servicing me. I knew it was a lie, but I didn’t care – for once, she was completely at my mercy, and that was all that mattered. Enjoying her humiliation just as much as the physical pleasure, I felt my cock growing hard until I was fully erect.

Having noticed my erection, Natalie looked up. Her expression implied that she was on to me; that she knew I was having her give me a blowjob as opposed to cleaning my dick. I personally didn’t really care – I was still in control; the fact that I was receiving sexual pleasure from her humiliation was hardly her concern. Hoping to convey that she would be unwise to speak up, I shot her a warning glance.

Got something to say, bitch? I challenged her. Go ahead and make the comment – I know you want to. Come on, I fucking dare you – what is it that you want to say?

Nothing, she mumbled, clearly afraid to fight back.

Natalie attempted to get back to sucking my cock, obviously hoping to drop the conversation. I was eager for her to get back to work as well, but I didn’t want to let it slide so easily. She had shown that she thought my visible arousal might change things, and I needed to crush that idea before it became dangerous. Running my fingers through her hair, I clamped down hard and held her back.

Don’t you fucking lie to me, I warned. You have something to say. Spit it the fuck out, but choose your words carefully. If I suspect for even a second that you’re anything other than grateful for my mercy, the deal is off.

I guess I just wanted to say how thankful I am? she offered, sounding confused.

Thankful for what, you little whore? I pressed.

Thankful that you’re letting me suck your cock, she choked out. I’m truly grateful that you’re letting such a lowly little whore as myself suck your dick. May I please continue?

I was impressed; she clearly knew that she was beaten. Releasing my grip on her hair, I permitted her to get back to work. Natalie shot me a quick thank you before continuing to lick my shaft.

As Natalie continued to slather her tongue over my cock I couldn’t help but notice that she had quieted down a bit. She was still making the occasional noise to indicate that she was enjoying it, but it wasn’t quite as exaggerated as it had been. Watching her closely, I began to suspect that she wasn’t despising what I was doing to her quite as much as she would have liked me to believe.

It was nice knowing that she might actually be enjoying the act on some level, but I didn’t want her to have too much fun. Grabbing her by the hair, I forced my cock into her mouth and thrust deeply, intentionally gagging her. Holding her steady while fully inserted, I drank in the feeling of total power as she helplessly looked up at me, pleading with her eyes for mercy and air.

I kept her gagged for a few seconds before withdrawing my cock. Natalie gasped for air; trying desperately to regain her composure. I gave her a moment to recover and then forced my cock back into her mouth, fucking her throat quickly and violently. She went limp, making wet gagging noises with each stroke.

Hoping to provoke a reaction, I reached for my cell phone and snapped a picture. As the shutter sound played through my phone’s speakers Natalie looked up, seemingly panicked. I looked back at her, challenging her to say something while snapping more pictures. Apparently realizing that she had no way to force me to stop, Natalie lowered her eyes in submission.

I fucked Natalie’s face for a few more minutes before feeling the need to stop. It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying myself – I most certainly was, perhaps too much. I felt an orgasm building, and didn’t think I’d be able to hold myself back much longer if I kept it up. The idea of shooting my cum straight down her throat was certainly appealing, but I wanted to have more fun with her first. Besides, she seemed to have mostly adjusted to having her face fucked, and I wanted to push her further.

Grabbing her hair tightly, I shoved her back. Natalie fell backwards, landing painfully on her ass. She looked confused and hurt; she clearly didn’t understand what she had done wrong. Wanting to torment her a bit, I slowly shook my head as if I was deeply disappointed in her.

I asked you to clean my cock, I reminded her. Instead, you decided to give me a blowjob. I had no idea you were such a fucking slut; are you truly unable to do anything without being distracted by an opportunity to suck a dick?

You got hard! she argued. I was just doing what I thought you wanted me to do!

It was nice to see that she still had some fight in her, but I needed to correct that. Slowly approaching, I bent down and positioned my face directly in front of her. Staring her in the eyes, I shot her a menacing glare to remind her that pointing out my blatant hypocrisy was not in her best interest.

It’s not a good idea to argue with me, I warned her. But you might be partially correct – I asked you to clean my cock, yet my cock wasn’t dirty. This must have confused you, your slut instinct kicked in, and you did what came naturally. I still want you to clean my cock, but I think we have to get it messy first so that you have something to actually clean. Lose the clothes, slut.

I worried that I might be pushing too far. Natalie looked almost incredulous; she clearly didn’t feel that my suggestion was appropriate. It seemed almost comical, though – I had just violated her mouth, the line for sexuality had long since been crossed. Maintaining eye contact, I made it clear that I wasn’t backing down.

You really are a fucking pervert, she sneered. I don’t know how you get off calling me a slut when you’re the one that got hard.

Watch your tongue there, little whore, I growled. In case you’ve forgotten, you’re completely at my mercy. I alone decide if you’ll be waking up in jail, clocking into work, or enjoying unemployment tomorrow – you do not want to piss me off. I told you to lose your clothes; do not make me repeat myself again.

Natalie didn’t look happy about my insistence. She obviously wanted to remain dressed, but that wasn’t her call. I tapped my foot to remind her that she was testing patience that I didn’t possess; she reluctantly began to strip. Carefully unbuttoning her shirt, she slid it off to reveal a plain white bra. Standing before me she looked tremendously embarrassed; I did my best to make things worse by openly leering at her body.

Doing her best to ignore my lecherous stares, Natalie kicked off her shoes. Unbuttoning her dress pants, she awkwardly slid them down around her ankles and stepped out of them. Naked except for her bra and panties she wrapped her arms across her chest and shot me a look of pleading, probably hoping that she was naked enough as she was.

I told you to lose your clothes, whore, I reminded her. I didn’t say show me your underwear. This is just pathetic, really – I would think that I could expect a slut like you to know how to get naked if nothing else. In fact, I can’t help thinking that you’re being intentionally disobedient as a way to insult me. Is that what it is, whore?

No! she protested. I swear to god, I’m not trying to insult you. Look, you’ve got me down to my bra and panties, isn’t that enough?

And once again, there’s that insulting tone, I sighed. Listen, slut – your job is not to tell me what is and is not enough; your job is to do as I say and hope for mercy. Now, if you think that’s too much to handle we can just give up right now and I’ll call the police. If you’re hoping to earn some mercy, I suggest you tell me that you’re going to be an obedient little slut and comply with my orders.

Natalie shot me a defeated look and began unfastening her bra. It was great that she was complying with my orders, but I didn’t much care for her skipping steps. Reaching forward, I slapped her gently across the face – I didn’t want to really hurt her, but I did want her attention.

Stupid bitch, I sighed. Did you forget to tell me something?

I’m sorry, she whimpered, remembering my instructions. I’ll be obedient, I promise.

That’s not what I told you to say, I warned. Keep testing me, bitch – I promise you you’ll regret it.

I’ll be an obedient little slut! she practically shouted, obviously intimidated. I’m trying to do what you want, please show a little mercy.

That’s better, I praised, gently stroking her hair to build contrast. I don’t want to have to keep reminding you of your place, you know. I’d like to be nice to you – but you’re going to need to be more cooperative.

I understand, she whimpered, slipping out of her bra. I’ll do my best, I promise.

Now down to her panties alone, Natalie hesitated for a moment. Taking a deep breath, she slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Immediately, she thrust her hand over her crotch while wrapping the other arm around her breasts, hoping to conceal her nudity. She obviously didn’t want me to see her naked, and I suspected there was a deeper reason than the obvious.

I’m going to give you a chance to prove to me that you’re honestly trying to be a good slut, I informed her. Place your hands on your head and move your feet apart. Hold that pose until I tell you otherwise.

Natalie looked terrified by the order, but she reluctantly complied. Assuming the vulnerable pose that I had demanded, she looked like she was about to cry again. Openly leering at her body, I suspected I knew why.

Natalie’s nipples were erect, though I suspected she could blame that on the air conditioning as opposed to arousal. Looking down, though, her clit was clearly inflamed and her inner thighs were shiny with her juices. Noticing that I had seen her secret, tears began to again stream down her face.

I didn’t say anything right away. Picking up my phone, I shot a couple of pictures of her full body, and a couple more focused on the growing wetness between her legs. Natalie whimpered, unhappy with my recording evidence of just how turned on she was. I only laughed at her shame, enjoying her inability to stop me.

I can’t say I’m surprised, I chuckled. You are a slut, after all. Still, seems a bit fucked up that you gave me shit for getting hard when your cunt is so flooded.

It’s not what it looks like! she cried.

Is that so? I laughed. Cause to me, it looks like your fuck hole is dripping wet, desperately yearning for cock. Tell me, if that isn’t what it is, then what is it?

I don’t know, she whimpered. Can we please not talk about it?

I didn’t much care for her giving me orders, but I didn’t necessarily disagree with her desire. Talking about her dripping cunt was fun and all, but doing something about it would be even more enjoyable. Without saying a word I stepped forward and grabbed her tits; rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Natalie groaned, clearly struggling to keep her hands on her head as I had instructed. I happily ignored her obvious shame and focused only on her tits.

I know what you’re thinking, I comforted her. You’re disappointed that I went for your tits – you were probably hoping that I’d go straight for your slutty little twat, weren’t you?

Natalie replied with a unintelligible, pained whimper. I considered forcing her to answer, but chose not to. I suspected that I already knew the answer anyway.

You don’t have to be so sad, I encouraged her. I’m only planning to play with your tits for a little while. In a moment, I’m going to drop my hand down between your legs and finger fuck you, laughing as you struggle to keep your legs apart as I’ve commanded. Just to let you know before it’s an issue, I do expect you to keep your little whore legs open and inviting – if they close even an inch, I’m going to be angry. Is that understood?

Natalie nodded; indicating that she understood the rules. Wanting to put that theory to the test, I did exactly as I promised and slowly slid my hand down her chest slowly, drinking in the fear and anticipation that radiated from her body. Finally reaching my destination between her thighs, she struggled to keep her legs open as I callously slid my fingers over her slit.

Amazingly, Natalie was even wetter than she appeared. Aiming two fingers at her opening, I pressed them in. They slid in effortlessly, producing a sloppy, wet sound. Looking Natalie in the eye, I laughed as her face went bright red – she heard how wet she was and had no way of denying it.

Poor slut, I mock-comforted as I began to slowly pump my fingers in and out of her. You’re still not happy, and I know why. You don’t want to be fucked by my fingers at all. You were hoping that I’d just bend you over and slam my cock deep into you, weren’t you? God knows you’re wet enough already, you fucking whore.

Natalie again neglected to answer, letting out only an embarrassed whimper. I considered letting it slide again, but I didn’t want her to think it was okay to just ignore my questions. While I continued to fuck her with one hand, I wrapped my other around her throat. I didn’t choke her, but I wanted her to realize that I could.

I asked you a question, slut, I reminded her. And you’d do well to give me an answer. Tell me the truth now – you want me to fuck your little slut brains out, don’t you?

I do, she whimpered.

Natalie’s tone was surprisingly sincere. I knew she really didn’t have a choice in which answer to give – telling me no would have been strategically unwise. Still, I couldn’t help but think that she was using the situation to hide her very real lust. Regardless of her motivation, I wanted to reward her for giving me the answer that I had sought. Increasing speed, I began finger fucking her hard, enjoying the wet pumping sounds that filled the air. Natalie wobbled a bit on her legs and began to moan softly, but managed to hold her pose.

Then everything is going to work out fine, I laughed. I’m really only finger fucking you to get you ready, you know. I realize I could take you now – hell, you could probably accommodate a horse right now, given how sloppy your hole is. I want you flooded, though – I want you to have something to really lick off of my cock when we’re done.

Natalie moaned loudly; I couldn’t tell if it was through genuine lust or shame. Figuring that she was probably still a little embarrassed about how aroused she was, I decided to drive the point home. Pulling my hand out of her crotch I held it to her face, forcing her to watch as her cum slowly dripped down my wrist.

Here’s a little preview, slut, I laughed, smearing her cum over her face. When we’re done, this is what you’ll be slurping off my cock.

Having effectively slimed her face, I attempted to force my fingers into her mouth so that she could get a taste. Natalie initially clamped her mouth shut, but quickly remembered who was in control. Reluctantly, she opened her jaw; permitting me to force my fingers deep into her mouth. Emulating the motions I had made in her crotch, I pumped my fingers in and out of her mouth; enjoying the look of anguish on her face.

I fucked her mouth with my hand for a little while longer, then decided that she had been humiliated enough in that manner. Grabbing her by the hair I shoved her towards the desk. I was about to tell her to bend over, but it was unnecessary – Natalie quickly placed her hands on the desk and raised her ass into the air expectedly. I was pleased with her cooperation, but wanted to have a little fun with it.

You little slut, I laughed. You just can’t wait to get fucked, can you? Look at you, presenting your twat like a bitch in heat.

Natalie whimpered in humiliation, but held the pose. Approaching her slowly, I casually slapped her ass. After aiming the tip of my cock at her cunt opening, I placed my hands on her hips and hesitated a moment. Natalie was breathing heavily – I couldn’t tell if she was nervous or anxious about what was about to happen, but it didn’t really matter.

Seeing as you’re obviously desperate for a fuck, I mused, I think it would be appropriate for you to beg me. You clearly want this; I can feel your cunt cream soaking the tip of my dick even now.

Natalie groaned loudly. Her body language made it clear that she wanted it, but I don’t think she was okay with outright admitting it. Hoping to encourage her to get over that fear, I slapped her ass hard; leaving a bright pink hand print. Natalie whimpered a little in spanking, but apparently still didn’t understand that she was going to have to beg for it – she tried to wiggle her ass backwards, but was thwarted by my grip on her waist.

Please fuck me? she offered, hanging her head low. She sounded sincere, yet was obviously deeply embarrassed to say such things.

You call that begging? I laughed, slapping her ass again. Show me how much you want this, slut – I can already feel how wet you are, you’re not fooling anyone anyway. The longer you hold out, the longer you’ll be without the deep dicking that I think we both know you’re desperate for.

Please fuck my dripping cunt! she exclaimed, sounding both ashamed and desperate. Please fuck me like the whore I am! I need your cock, I’ll do anything for it! You can fuck me as hard as you like, just please fuck me already!

I was impressed. I had expected her to reluctantly beg. What she gave me was well above the bare minimum – she was truly begging to be fucked. In a screwed up way I respected that, and I wanted to reward her for her openness. Gripping her waist hard I thrust deeply into her, impaling her on my cock.

Natalie let out a yelp, though it seemed more out of surprise than pain. Fully engulfed in her warm wetness, I began to fuck her with long, slow strokes; taking my time and enjoying the experience. Natalie moaned softly, yet seemed to be holding back. I liked the shame she was clearly experiencing, but I didn’t feel like letting her hide it from me. Reaching back, I slapped her again on the ass, aiming for the hand print that I had left earlier.

Don’t you fucking hide your moaning from me, you fucking whore, I growled. I already know that you’re a fucking slut, you may as well act like one. Moan like the whore we both know you really are, or I swear to god I will make you suffer.

Natalie quickly corrected her behavior. Realizing that hiding her situation from me was futile and counterproductive, she began to moan loudly. Wanting to tease her I held still; she picked up the slack and began fucking me back. Relaxing, I simply stood there and let her do all of the work.

As Natalie went to work bouncing back and forth on my dick, I again picked up my phone. I shot a few pictures of her with her head down; some of her entire body, some zoomed in on my penetration. Wanting something a little more valuable I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look up, then took a few more pictures of the entire scene with her face visible. Each time the shutter sound played through my phone she groaned a little, but she never stopped moaning or fucking back.

I’m curious, slut, I wondered aloud. Do you always soak your panties when you’re abused, or is it just with me? Is this normal behavior for a whore like you?

Natalie obviously didn’t want to answer. Probably hoping that she could force me to forget about my question, she started to fuck back extremely hard. As good as it felt, though, I still wanted an answer. Slapping her ass again, I let her know that she was going to have to give one – I couldn’t just let her fuck her way out of every problem, after all.

It’s not normal for me, she moaned. I swear, I really don’t know what happened.

I think I know what happened, I laughed. You’re a fucking slut, Natalie – you saw a cock, and your cunt decided to get itself ready while you did everything in your power to get it in you. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking – fucking a whore like you is hardly punishment. You ought to be thanking me for lowering myself to fuck such a disgusting little slut pig.

Please stop calling me a slut, she whimpered.

Is that a joke? I laughed, slapping her ass again. Natalie, your cunt drenched itself while a man you claim to hate was fucking your throat. The instant that man stopped, you reacted by stripping naked and pleading for him to fuck you. You’re now bent over a desk in the back room of your job, fucking that man like a worthless little whore. You are the living embodiment of the very concept of a slut, and I don’t think I can allow you to pretend otherwise. Tell me what you are, whore.

Please don’t make me say it? she begged.

I suspected that letting her do the work was giving her an undeserved sense of power over the situation. Hoping to remind her who was in charge, I grabbed her by her hair and forced her face down into the desk. Leaning on her shoulders, I held her steady while fucking her hard; demonstrating to her that I was in control. Leaning in, I placed my face right behind her ear; breathing down her neck.

You’re dangerously close to making me unhappy with you, I warned her. Unless you’re hoping to convince me to punish you in a way that you won’t enjoy, I strongly suggest you start cooperating. Now, tell me what you are, bitch.

I’m a slut, she admitted.

More, bitch, I demanded. I want to know that you really understand what you are.

I’m a worthless fucking slut who gets off on being fucked by anyone, she sobbed. Even though I fucking hate you, I love the fact that you’re fucking me. I really am a disgusting whore.

Is that the truth, slut, I demanded, or are you just telling me what I want to hear?

It’s the truth! she blurted out. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

Despite how improbable it seemed, I had no reason to doubt her words. She might be able to claim that I had blackmailed her into the act in the first place, but there was no denying that she was loving every second of it. Rewarding her honesty I fucked her as hard as I could, forcing her to cry out in pleasure.

Apparently being forced to admit that she really was a worthless whore was too much for Natalie. Thrusting her ass back into me, she moaned loudly as her orgasm began. Holding her steady I continued fucking her hard, thinking about the humiliation she must have been feeling. I let her finish her orgasm and then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up, keeping my cock embedded in her the entire time.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that, slut, I growled. I gave you that orgasm – me, the guy that you supposedly hate. It really makes me wonder, is there anyone that you wouldn’t fuck? Are you that loose that any guy can make you cum, or am I special?

I considered forcing an answer, but chose not to. Fucking her felt much better than I had expected, and I could contain my orgasm no longer. After spinning her around I pressed down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Natalie looked up at me, her face awash in fear and lust.

Open your mouth, whore, I commanded. If you’re good, I might shoot it all in your mouth. If not, you’ll be wearing my cum for the rest of your shift in the hopes of reminding you exactly what you are.

Natalie obeyed my order immediately, opening her mouth as wide as she could and sticking out her tongue. As my orgasm began I launched the first strand directly onto her tongue, though a small amount landed on her upper lip. Enjoying the sense of power, I drained my balls onto her waiting face. I mostly aimed for her mouth, but I wasn’t too careful – I kind of liked the idea of forcing her to wear my cum for the rest of the day.

After my orgasm subsided I looked down at her, surveying the damage. Natalie’s mouth was full of cum; she had yet to swallow though apparently knew enough not to try to spit it out. Grabbing my phone I snapped off a few more pictures of my handiwork, enjoying her expression of total humiliation. A handful of small globs of my semen dotted her face; I reached down to rub into her skin. Her makeup smudged, but I was okay with that. She looked messy, but it wouldn’t be readily apparent why that was.

Swallow, bitch, I instructed. Unless you want to spit it out and wear it all.

The look on her face told me that she did not want to swallow my cum, but she didn’t seem to want to wear any more of it either. She looked up at me, pleading with her eyes for mercy; I returned her look with one of stern impatience. Accepting that she had no choice, Natalie closed her mouth and tilted her head back. Taking a deep gulp she looked absolutely miserable.

Good slut, I laughed, rubbing her throat. I hope you aren’t going to forget to thank me for letting you drink my cum, now. Who knows, maybe drinking it down will impart some of my talent onto you.

Thank you, she choked out, appearing as though she was struggling not to cry.

Looking down on my crotch I saw that she had made quite a mess. My cock was still semi-hard; the thin layer of cum coating it glistened in the light. Her juices had even run down my thighs, presenting a vulgar image. Running my hand through her hair I again clamped down, forcing her face into my crotch.

Well the good news is you’ve got something to clean up this time, I laughed. Get to work, bitch. There’s no way that I’m going to spend the rest of the day with your whore slime coating me.

Natalie obeyed. Though reluctant at first she seemed to quickly warm up to the idea. Releasing my grip on her hair, I permitted her to lick her cum from my crotch; laughing at her indignation. My laughter only seemed to encourage her; before long she was greedily licking up her slime with enthusiasm.

So, I have some good news, I began, as she continued to clean me. I’m not calling the cops – at least not yet. I’m not even going to talk to Brian when he comes in. It wouldn’t make sense to, at this point – I no longer want you fired. In fact, I’m starting to like you and looking forward to spending more time working with you in the future.

Thank you, she squeaked.

Back to work, slut, I instructed, pressing her face back into my crotch and forcing my semi-hard cock into her mouth. As I was saying, I’m not getting you fired; but that’s really only because I think I’ve found a more useful role for you. From now on, you’re my whore. Is that clear?

Natalie nodded to indicate that she understood, my cock still lodged in her mouth. Feeling that she had sucked enough of her slime off of it, I pulled her head back and pressed her face into my left thigh. Natalie quickly took the hint, and began licking her cum off of that as well.

I’m glad you understand, I praised her. If you cooperate, I’ll treat you well – well, at least by slut standards. I’ll still use you as a cum dumpster whenever I please, but I won’t go out of my way to hurt you or anything. I promise that you’ll be better off if you accept your new position without struggle – but just in case you think fighting might be a more viable avenue, please remember that I still have the pictures. I’d be more than happy to show them to any interested parties if I feel you’re getting out of line. Customers, coworkers, friends, et cetera – I’ll show the whole world just what a whore you really are.

You wouldn’t dare! she gasped.

Something about her tone seemed strange to me. She certainly sounded as though she was afraid of being seen in the compromising positions that I had photographed, but it sounded as if there was a little desire in it as well. Interested in where it might go, I pressed her face back into my thigh and continued.

That’s a strange thing to say, I mused. I mean, you should know that I most certainly would – in fact, I’ll likely look for excuses to show them off. I should probably let you know that I strongly suspect that you’re hoping I do, too. Just the same, I’m counting on the part of you that realizes that advertising to the world just what a whore you are might be a bad idea to keep you in line. Tell me that you understand and that you’ll be a good little slut.

I understand, she whimpered. I promise I’ll be a good little slut.

Good girl, I praised her, pushing her back.

As Natalie watched in anticipation from her knees, I grabbed a permanent marker from the desk. Popping the cap off, I knelt down in front of her. In two inch tall letters I scrawled the word LIAM’S WHORE across her chest. Placing the marker back on the desk, I kicked her clothes in her direction.

A few ground rules from now on, I began, pulling my pants back up. First of all, as I mentioned earlier you’re not to wash my cum off of your face. You failed to present me a large enough target, so hopefully my cum will help you to remember how you’ve disappointed me and encourage you to try harder in the future.

Please don’t make me do that, she begged as she began to dress herself. People will notice!

They’ll think you fucked up your makeup, I shrugged. At least, that’s what they’ll think if you cooperate. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll be happy to show them the pictures documenting exactly what those splotches really are. You can wash it off when you get home, but it stays on your face for the rest of the work day – understood?

Understood, she whimpered, lowering her eyes.

Moving on, I continued, the mark that I’ve put on your chest will fade in time; permanent marker is hardly permanent on skin. Part of your morning routine from now will be tracing it back on after you shower. If you don’t have a marker at home, get one. I’ll be checking you; if it’s faded in the slightest I will punish you mercilessly. Is that understood?

Natalie nodded meekly. Noting the time, I realized that we’d have to open the store soon. I considered adding more rules, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her – there would be time for that later.

Good slut, I praised. I don’t want to give you more than you can handle just yet, but I promise you that there will be more rules in the future. I’m going to use your body as it was meant to be used; you’ll be nothing more than a sexual plaything for me. Cooperate, and I’ll reward your obedience with orgasms. Fail me, and I’ll punish you severely.

I understand, she whimpered, sounding defeated.

I knew you would, I laughed, playfully slapping her on the ass. Now, let’s get to work. It’s going to be a long day, and as your new mentor I don’t want to see you slacking off.

Second chapter is here.