Monday, April 16, 2012

The Mounty's Revenge

Author’s note:

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from readers recently. I like that. Even if it’s just a quick I like your stories, it makes me smile. Of course, not all of the feedback is positive. That’s okay; I like negative feedback, too. Some of the negative feedback has actually been extremely constructive, which I think helps me to improve my writing style. Some of it has been extremely juvenile, which helps me to laugh.

Of the negative feedback, one of the most common complaints that I get is that I’m too brutal – especially when the victim is male. I’m a bit surprised by this, but apparently there are a lot of people who really love reluctant consent/humiliation stories but only when they’re super gentle. Not really my thing, but who am I to judge?

Recently I received an e-mail from an angry person who told me that while they like my femdom stories, they wish that my characters weren’t so rude and mean, pointing out that there’s nothing wrong with being a little polite. I won’t call you out by name, but you know who you are, and this story is for you. For everyone else, though – please don’t read this. It’s horrible. Like really, really horrible. It’s offensive, stupid, and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I understand that many of my readers are masochists, but trust me; you do not want to continue.

You’re still reading. Seriously, stop that. The fuck is wrong with you?

Whatever. You were warned.

Elizabeth was in her worst dry spell to date. It wasn’t that she was unattractive or unavailable; it was just a time thing. The life of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was difficult; crime never took a break. Throughout her years she had seen the absolute worst that humanity had to offer – litterbugs, people who were mildly disrespectful to the queen, signs printed only in English without the slightest concern for the feelings of French Canadians, et cetera. She had seen the darkness of true evil, and she couldn’t afford to selfishly take time off for her own needs.

She couldn’t complain about her situation, but she didn’t enjoy it. As she headed out to respond to the call she found herself wondering why the miscreants of the world couldn’t just be nice. Immediately, she felt overwhelmed by guilt, realizing that it wasn’t very nice for her to judge them. Tearfully, she thought about what it would be like if her namesake, Queen Elizabeth Windsor II were to have witnessed her transgression.

I’m sorry, your royal highness, she sobbed as she hopped off her horse and approached Stephen.

Stephen was well-known in her law enforcement circles, and had a bit of a history with Elizabeth. They had met many years back when she was forced to give him a verbal warning for saying that the queen was not a very good monarch at all. As he grew older he cleaned up his act a bit, but he never completely lost his rebellious streak. Today, he was a successful moose wrangler, but the rumor was that he had been playing a bit fast and loose with the rules.

I’m sorry, Stephen, she apologized, but I’m going to need to see your wrangler’s license and registration.

Of course, officer, he responded respectfully, handing her the documents. Though I should warn you – while the license is up to date, the registration expired yesterday. I’ve applied for a new one, but I’m afraid it hasn’t arrived in the post yet. I’m deeply sorry for this.

A grimace crawled across Elizabeth’s face. Not only did he lack the necessary forms, his apology didn’t sound completely sincere. She believed that he was genuinely sorry for inconveniencing her, but it didn’t sound like he was sorry at all about not filing for a new registration early enough to allow adequate time for delivery. Normally in a situation like this where the nature of the crime was so horrific she’d call for backup, but she decided not to. Between her own frustration and the brutal nature of his offense, she was ready to take the law into her own hands and did not want any witnesses.

I’m sorry to say this, Stephen, she began, a dark grin coming over her face, but I don’t think you’re very sorry at all. In fact, I think you’re a very rude man who just told a lie. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings.

The words hit Stephen like a baseball bat to the face. Doubling over in emotional torment, he began to sob. Elizabeth immediately regretted her cruelty; barely able to believe that she could cross such a line. Approaching the wounded man, she gently stroked his hair, hoping to soothe him.

I’m so sorry, Stephen, she gushed. I’d give every dollar coin with a ridiculous name that I own if I could just take that back. Please know that I deeply regret having hurt you. It was wrong, and very unbecoming of an agent of the queen.

No, he argued, I am the one that is sorry. You’re right, I’m a very rude man indeed. I could tell that you were stressed, and I failed to address that. Truly, I don’t deserve the rights to socialized medicine and vinegar soaked French fries, for I am history’s worst monster!

Now I am sorry for making you feel so bad! she bawled. It isn’t your fault, Stephen. If you must know, I haven’t been with a man in years, and it is making me feel undesirable. I’m so sorry that I pulled you into this, and even sorrier that I made you feel like it was your fault.

I’m sorry, Elizabeth, he replied, but I find that ridiculous.

Ridiculous?! she demanded. I’m sorry, but how dare you pass judgment on my feelings?!

I’m so very sorry, he answered sheepishly. I did not mean that your feelings are ridiculous or in any way invalid. You have a right to feel any way that you choose, and I deeply regret implying otherwise. I meant that the idea that you are undesirable is ridiculous, as I find you quite desirable while respecting you as a person as well.

She heard his heartfelt apology, but it was too late. The inner darkness that she had dealt with throughout her career had corrupted her, and it was finally breaking through. Scum like Stephen wanted to play by their own rules, not caring that this could result in people’s feelings being hurt. It was time for her to teach him that his feelings could be hurt, too – but not too bad, because he was still a valid human being with the right to feel good about himself.

No, Stephen, she growled. I am the one that is sorry, because I do not accept your apology and I know that it is very rude of me not to. Even though I sincerely regret the callous disregard for your feelings, I am going to have to insist that you remove your clothing now. You have hurt my feelings, and now I am going to use your body to make myself feel attractive – unless you really don’t want to, in which case I’m sorry to have put you in such an awkward position.

As the realization of the situation dawned on Stephen, a look of polite fear overtook his face. Although filled with respect and attraction for Elizabeth, he wasn’t sure that he was that he wanted to express this physically. Unfortunately, she had him beaten – there was no way that he could refuse her offer without appearing rude for his lack of interest. Trying in vain to mask his humiliation for fear of making Elizabeth feel unwanted, he stripped off his many layers of sensible clothing.

Elizabeth took in the sight before her. Stephen’s naked, vulnerable body shivered in the cold, waiting for her next command. If it were any other day she would profusely apologized for her cruelty, but she had tasted the dark side and wanted more. A wave of sadism washing over her, she slowly approached Stephen, enjoying his fear.

I’m sorry to tell you this, Stephen, she hissed, but although I find your body very attractive, I have noticed a few imperfections. Even though these imperfections are minor and in no way unattractive, I felt you should know that I am aware of them.

Stephen collapsed to his knees, visibly wounded by her verbal tirade. Looking up at her he mouthed a silent I’m sorry, not wanting her to feel bad about having hurt his feelings. He felt terrible for his unwillingness to express his admiration for her physically, and knew that he had brought this on himself. As Elizabeth stripped out of her neatly-pressed uniform, though, he felt something more – a sense of regret for not realizing just how attractive he found her.

I want you to know that I find your body very attractive, he moaned lustfully. And I’m sorry if that makes you feel objectified, as it shouldn’t in any way imply that you aren’t a perfectly attractive human being in the non-sexual realm as well.

I’m sorry if you think you can intimidate me with such harsh words, she sternly warned, but that’s simply not the case. I’m going to force you to use your tongue to pleasure me sexually, and the only way out for you is to comply with my orders or tell me that you don’t want to in which case I’ll apologize for such a rude suggestion.

Stephen knew he was trapped. There was no way that he could talk his way out of this without appearing impolite. Accepting his fate, he leaned forward and gave her beaver mound a polite kiss. Enjoying the taste, he dove in, pleasuring the law enforcement officer while being careful not to act in a way that might be inappropriate.

Elizabeth moaned in pleasure, though not too loud as she wouldn’t want anyone else to hear the act and be made to feel uncomfortable. As her orgasm approached, she gripped his hair and pulled his head towards her. Immediately realizing that this might hurt him or make him feel unsafe, she released his hair and apologized. Fully in the grips of a reasonable and enjoyable orgasm, she realized there was no turning back. Hers was now the path of evil, a path that she would embrace.

I’m sorry to let you know this, she growled after her orgasm subsided, but I do not plan to reciprocate with oral sex. I will, however, consent to sexual intercourse with you, but only if you are interested in having it with me.

I’m sorry that you thought I would expect you to reciprocate, Stephen retorted, now willing to strike back hard. While I would certainly hope for reciprocation I realize that you are in no way obligated to do so and it would be wrong of me to suggest otherwise. Furthermore, I consent to full sexual penetration, though I should warn you: if you revoke your consent at any time I will stop immediately and apologize for having harmed you in any way.

I too will stop if you revoke your consent! Elizabeth threatened, mounting the vulnerable moose wrangler. In fact, even if I suspect that you no longer wish to continue but haven’t verbally expressed this, I will immediately dismount and seek clarification. If my suspicions were inaccurate I will resume the activity after a sincere apology, but otherwise I will terminate it and apologize for my transgressions!

I’m sorry, he growled, but that isn’t going to happen because you have my fully informed consent as I wish to continue with this sexual act! I will only stop if I feel that it is no longer an expression of physical love for you!

Elizabeth rode him hard, but not hard enough to hurt or make him feel bad about himself. After several minutes of rigorously polite sex, both parties reached mutual climax; though it would have been okay if they hadn’t because they both knew that they weren’t in any way entitled to such a thing. Overcome with respect for each other as people, they embraced and discussed their feelings and aspirations.

The end.

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