Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Contest - Chapter Two, Plot Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential second chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

This particular plot is another attempt of mine to write FDom material. If you're not into the idea of a woman beating, dominating, and raping a man, you probably shouldn't read it. Check out the other plot instead.

Waking up, my body made it perfectly clear that it was not happy with me. My ass still stung from the abuse Rick had inflicted the night before, my body ached from sleeping on the floor. The hangover did nothing to distract me from the aches; if anything it magnified them.

Emotionally, though, I had never felt better in my life. Rick had thrown everything that he could at me the night before, and I withstood it all. The soreness would fade in time, but the knowledge that he was powerless to destroy me would last forever. He had proven himself impotent, but our agreement still stood. Best of all, I had a plan to turn the tables that I knew would work.

Several months ago, my father read in the newspaper about a handful of armed robberies in my neighborhood. Being a bit overprotective, he begged me to move. I wasn’t financially in a position where I could do that, so he asked me to buy a gun. I’m not very comfortable with weapons, so I refused that as well. Unwilling to drop it, he then bought me a stun gun and asked me to promise him to keep it in my purse – just in case. I didn’t like the idea at the time, but it seemed to make him feel better so I agreed. The stun gun had been wasting space in my purse ever since, but now it finally had a purpose. In his arrogance, Rick had left quite a bit of room in our agreement. I couldn’t ask for help, but there was no rule forbidding me from using a weapon. I think he thought that he was invincible, and I was eager to prove just how wrong he was.

Sitting up, I felt the desperate need to use the bathroom. Before I could make it to my feet, however, I felt Rick’s hand creep over my shoulder, holding me down. Irritated, I mentally added it to the list of things that I’d be punishing him for.

The fuck do you want now? I demanded.

Oh, you know, normal stuff. Let’s talk about our feelings! he laughed at me sarcastically.

Fine, I hissed. Right now I’m feeling like I need to take a piss, and unless you’re feeling thirsty I feel like you should probably let me the fuck go.

In a minute, he growled. I want to discuss our arrangement, first.

Backing out already? I taunted. I had no idea you were such a little bitch.

Sleep does wonders for your confidence, he observed. Or perhaps it simply makes you more delusional. Whichever it is, I’ve got good news for you. Not only am I not backing out of our agreement, I’m interested in raising the stakes. Seeing as you seem to think your victory is inevitable, this is basically a gift.

Fine, I replied, you have my temporary interest. How would you propose that we raise the stakes?

Quite simple, he answered. Right now we’re fighting for little more than pride – the winner receives nothing more than the simple knowledge that he is stronger than the loser. I propose we put some teeth in this, and stipulate that the loser becomes the property of the winner.

Why on Earth would I want to own you? I laughed. I liked the idea, but didn’t want to tip my hand by appearing too eager. I’m really only interested in beating you to a bloody pulp; owning a worthless piece of shit falls well outside of my interests.

Short-sighted as always, he sighed. Have you considered just how easily I could monkey-wrench your entire plan? With nothing on the line, there’s really nothing stopping me from surrendering out of pure spite, handing you a hollow, meaningless victory. Think about what you know about me as a person – would it be in any way out of character for me make myself vulnerable, lead you to believe that your victory is imminent, and then whisper I surrender into your ear just to see the look on your face when you realize that you went through all of this for nothing?

Fine, I agreed, trying not to sound too excited. We have a deal. The winner will take full ownership of the loser. When that happens, I just hope you’ll remember that this was your bright idea.

Rick removed his hand from my shoulder and extended it. Staring him dead in the eye, I grabbed his hand and shook it. As I headed to the bathroom, I hoped that I hadn’t revealed too much.

After draining my bladder, I checked myself out in Kate’s mirror. I looked like complete shit; hardly unexpected given the previous night’s events. As the gears in my head turned, I realized I could use this to my advantage. My appearance mirrored Rick’s uninformed image of me – a beaten little girl who would never have the nerve to fight back. As long as he believed that was what I was, he wouldn’t expect my attack. Splashing some water on my face I resolved to play up this false image until the time was right.

Heading back into the living room, I found Kate standing in front of the couch. Sensing my presence, she spun around to face me, a look of pure hatred and disgust plastered on her face. I felt bad for the fact that she had been unwillingly involved last night, but I reminded myself that this was Rick’s doing – not mine.

Kate, I know you’re angry with me, I calmly stated, and you have every right to be. I hope that in time we can resolve this and be friends again, but right now I think that you need some space. Please know how sorry I am, and give me a call when you think you’re ready to discuss this.

Don’t forgot to take your piece of shit boyfriend with you, she hissed, gesturing at Rick.

I thought about correcting her. Rick was most certainly not my boyfriend, and no matter what happened next this was unlikely to change. I didn’t want to start a fight, though, so instead I held my tongue and left, Rick following right behind me.

We’ve got about two hours, I explained, once out of the building, until I have to meet my sister for lunch.

Until we meet your sister for lunch, he corrected.

No, I’m pretty sure I meant to say I, I replied, standing my ground. Maybe if you beg me really nice I’ll consider it, though.

We’ll see, he laughed, looking a bit confused by my confidence. Now, are you going to follow me to my car like a good girl, or shall I remind you of your place? As an added incentive, if you cooperate I’ll let you sit in the front seat instead of the trunk.

You wouldn’t put me in the trunk, would you? I exclaimed, trying my best to sound afraid.

Try me, bitch, he growled, clearly buying my frightened little girl act.

As I followed him to his car, I reflected on how easy it was to manipulate him. Anything that implied that I was afraid of him would be accepted as the truth, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Realizing that I could use this against him, I decided to put off my revenge until he did something worthy of my hatred. Getting into his car, I stowed my purse at my feet, thinking about how sweet that moment would be.

Starting the car, Rick pulled out into traffic. I considered asking him where he was taking me, but it didn’t seem like it really mattered. Hoping to build up the image, I simply sat quietly, doing my best to look nervous.

After a brief drive, Rick parked his car in front of a sex toy store on South Street. Internally, I was ecstatic – I couldn’t believe my good luck. Not only would I have a chance to procure the tools that I would need to humiliate him, I’d be able to con him into buying them. Externally, I did my best to act terrified.

Please don’t make me go in there! I begged. I’ve never been in a place like that, and someone I know might see me! I’d be humiliated!,/p>

Well, I wouldn’t want to humiliate you, he mocked. Maybe I should strip you naked and carry you in by force. Would you prefer that?

God, please no! I pleaded, allowing him to think he was winning. I’m sorry, I’ll come in willingly. Please don’t punish me?

I’ll let it slide this time, he laughed like an idiot. But don’t test my patience.

I followed Rick into the store, silently laughing to myself about his ignorance. I was glad that I put off my revenge; building up his ego would make his fall that much more satisfying. Walking down the aisles, Rick stopped before a large display of various butt plugs.

What are these for? I inquired, feigning ignorance and innocence.

Well, slut, he explained patronizingly, these are for shoving up your ass. The nice thing is I’ll be able to plug it when I’m not using it, and then when I decide to fuck you in the ass I won’t have to waste as much time getting you ready. Since you’re being so cooperative, by the way, I’m going to reward you. You may pick out which one you like; but be warned: pick one too small, and I will punish you for it.

His warning was unnecessary. I knew that I wouldn’t be the one wearing the plug, and I had no intention of letting him off with a smaller one. Still I needed something that would fit, which ruled out the largest ones. Picking up a medium sized one, I checked his reaction only to find that he looked unhappy with the selection. His looked changed to reluctant approval as I put it back and selected one slightly larger. I just hoped that he would remember that he wanted to go big when the time came.

Walking further down the aisle, we passed a selection of strap-ons. Rick ignored them, but I lingered. Realizing that I wasn’t following obediently behind him, he turned to see what I was doing.

God, you wouldn’t buy one of these, would you? I whimpered.

Why on Earth would I, you stupid bitch? he laughed back. In case you’ve forgotten, I have the real thing, and I think I proved last night that it works just fine.

That wasn’t what I was thinking at all! I protested, baiting the hook. Never mind, forget I said anything.

You don’t tell me what to do, he warned. And you are on extremely thin ice. Explain what you were thinking, and do it quickly.

I’m sorry! I pleaded. I’ll explain, just please don’t be mad? Last night, I think it’s pretty obvious that if Kate wasn’t there, Jack would have jumped right in and joined you. I hate the idea of being turned into a whore for my friends’ use, but I guess I can’t really stop you. I’ve been worrying about that a lot, to be honest. The only real upshot is that most of my friends are female, so at least I don’t have to worry about you letting them fuck me. If you had something like this, though, I’m afraid some of them might actually take you up on the offer.

Pick one, he ordered, oblivious as always.

Looking over the selection, I picked up one that was approximately the same size as the butt plug that I had picked earlier. Rick shot me a look of disappointment, but didn’t object. Before I could swap it for a larger one, though, he turned and continued down the aisle, beckoning for me to follow.

Not wanting to push my luck, I remained silent for the rest of the Rick’s perverse shopping spree. He picked up a handful of additional items – rope, lubrication, handcuffs; nothing too unexpected. After paying for the toys he led me back to his car, forcing me to carry the goods.

As I got into the car I tossed the bags into Rick’s back seat. Jumping in the front seat, I quickly grabbed my purse and reached inside before Rick could get in the driver’s seat. Feeling the cool, black plastic of the stun gun, I quickly pulled it out and hid it behind my back.

Rick got in and started the car. As he drove off, I continued to play the part of the terrified little girl, far too afraid to ask what was going on. Focusing on the grin on his face, I looked forward to the time when I would wipe it off.

After driving a few minutes, Rick pulled into an empty parking lot. Parking his car at the edge furthest from the stores, he shot me a menacing look. Playing along, I gulped loudly.

Strip, he ordered.

Please don’t hurt me, I whimpered, grabbing my shirt as if to pull it off.

Buying into my act, Rick reached to the back seat for the bag of toys he had just bought. Struggling to reach, I saw my opportunity and jumped on it. With a single, fluid motion I whipped the stun gun out from behind my back and jammed it into his ribs as hard as I could. Before he had time to react, I pulled the trigger and pushed it into his body hard.

Disappointingly, he didn’t scream – though he did twitch, and quite a bit. As a crackling noise filled the air, I wondered how long I should apply the shock. Not wanting to risk a counterattack, I kept it up for a good ten seconds before taking my finger off the trigger. Rick’s body collapsed uncomfortably between the two front seats, heaving with his gasps for air.

You fucking cunt, he hissed. That’s fucking cheating.

Please don’t be mad at me, I laughed, mimicking my pleading from earlier. Let me make it up to you. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!

Throw that fucking thing out the window and get naked, bitch, he demanded. His ignorance amazed me.

What’s that? I asked. You want me to shock you again? I don’t see how that will help, but I guess you’re the boss.

Jabbing the stun gun back into his ribs, I again shocked him. Feeling merciful, I only went for a couple seconds. He was clearly immobilized; I just wanted to remind him of his place.

Okay, he panted. I get it. You’re mad, I crossed the line. I’m sorry. Let’s call a truce, okay?

Rick, honey, I soothed, gently stroking his back, you’re not surrendering this easily, are you? I haven’t even gotten a chance to pay you back for last night. I guess it’s okay if you are, though. As I recall, that would make you my property – meaning that I’ll still have my revenge.

Fuck you, cunt, he hissed. I’ll never surrender. You’ll have to fucking kill me first.

Fine by me, I laughed, preparing to stun him again.

Wait! he cried. I’m sorry, please don’t shock me again.

Is that fear in your voice? I laughed. I don’t blame you if it is. You’d have to be insane to not be terrified right now. However, if you cooperate, I promise I’ll be relatively gentle. You can start by getting your ass out of the driver’s seat and into the trunk.

I can’t, he whined. I swear to god, I would if I could, but I can’t move my body.

Poor baby, I mocked. I’m pretty sure that you could if you tried hard enough. This says to me that you either think that I’m stupid enough to believe your bullshit, or that I’m too afraid to shock you again. Which is it, Rick? Am I a coward, or an idiot?

That’s not what it is! he cried. I swear to god, Sara, I would move if I could. Just give me a minute to catch my breath?

Like you gave me a minute to catch mine last night?! I shouted, filling with rage as the memories of his cruelty returned to my mind. You’re pushing me, Rick, and you don’t want to do that. Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up before you dig your hole any deeper. Now, I’m going to count to ten. If you’re still in the car when I finish, I swear to god you will regret it.

As I slowly counted to ten, Rick’s body stirred into motion. Gradually crawling back into an upright position in his seat, he slumped up against the door. Fumbling, he eventually found the handle and pulled it, causing the door to open and his body to fall out onto the pavement. Pleased with myself, I reached into the back seat and grabbed the bags with ease; removing the handcuffs, rope, and butt plug.

Walking around the front of his car, I found Rick’s body on the ground. Struggling to breathe, he looked up at me with a look of sheer terror on his face. Smiling back at him I noticed that his feet were still inside the vehicle. Increasing my pace, I ran up to him and kicked him hard in the ribs. Enjoying the groaning noise he made as my foot slammed into his torso, I kicked him a few more times for good measure.

I instructed you to get out of the car, I explained. I didn’t say get all of your body except for your feet out of the car. I can’t have you misinterpreting my instructions like that. You understand, don’t you?

Yes, he whimpered.

Good bitch, I laughed. Let me give you a chance to prove it. I want you to sit up straight. I do not want you to dawdle or waste time, and I certainly don’t want to hear any excuses.

Rick struggled to comply with my order. If it were anyone else, I’d be worried that I had hurt him bad, but I figured that if the worst that Rick got out of this was a couple of broken ribs then he had gotten off light. It took him a bit longer than I’d have liked, but he eventually made it to an upright position. Once sitting up, I brought his hands behind his back and cuffed them together. Wanting to be thorough, I then wrapped the rope around his torso several times before tying it tight behind him.

See how merciful I can be? I taunted. Since you obeyed my order like a good little bitch I’m not going to have to punish you – at least not yet. Try to keep up the good behavior and get your slut ass in the trunk.

Rick struggled to get to his feet. Truth be told, I doubt he could have pulled it off before I bound him, and being tied up wasn’t helping his balance. Ignoring his struggles, I leaned over him and pulled the trunk release. Seeing that he had made no progress, I sighed heavily and helped him to his feet, then led him to the trunk. He paused in front of it, unsure how he would climb in. Feeling that he was testing the limits of my patience, I punched him in the back. Crying out in pain, he awkwardly tumbled into the trunk. After helping him get his legs into the trunk, I carefully placed the butt plug directly in front of his eyes.

If you hadn’t stopped me, I reminded him, I’d have picked a smaller one. Hell, if it had been up to me, I might have picked the smallest one they had. I want you to really look at this, and think about how it’s going to feel when you are forced to take it. Keep that thought in your mind, and remember that you wanted it big.

Slamming the trunk shut, I felt a wave of pride wash over me. Yes, Rick had won last night’s battle, but he’d pay for every indignity that he forced upon me. Enjoying the sense of control, I hopped in the driver’s seat and drove home, ignoring his muffled moans of pain.

Parking the car, I looked around and found the street deserted. I walked back to the trunk with my stun gun ready. I was a bit concerned that Rick might have gathered his strength and escaped his bonds, and wanted to be prepared. Popping the trunk, though, I found that this was not the case. Rick was right where I had left him, still tied up, still pathetically helpless. Seeing the stun gun in my hands, a look of sheer terror came over his face.

Poor little fella, I taunted, gently stroking his hair. You’re in a lot of pain, and you don’t want me to shock you again, do you?

No, please, he whimpered.

Well, good news, I explained. I don’t want to have to shock you either – though I will if I need to, and I promise I won’t feel even a little bad about it. Now, I’d like you to show me how obedient you can be, and kiss my stun gun. Hopefully my trigger finger doesn’t slip; I don’t think it would feel good on your face.

As I extended the weapon, Rick leaned forward timidly to kiss it. Enjoying his obvious terror, I rubbed my finger over the trigger. Staring intently at my fingers, a tear rolled down his face.

That’s a good little bitch, I commended him. Now, let’s get that slut ass inside. You’ve had enough rest that I think you should be strong enough to crawl out of the trunk, and I’m sure you’re excited to try out your new toys.

Rick looked relieved to have the weapon out of his face, but clearly wasn’t strong enough yet to crawl out of the trunk. Impatiently, I tapped my foot as he struggled to thrust his upper body over the lip. Balancing his weight on the lip, he looked up at me as if to ask for help. No longer feeling patient, I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out of the car, allowing him to painfully fall to the ground.

You’re moving entirely too slow, bitch, I warned. I’m going to gather up your little toys. By the time I’m done, you had better be on your feet and ready to move.

Ignoring his whimpering, I returned to the car and gathered up the bags. Turning around I was surprised to see that he had actually managed to make it up to his feet, though was clearly having trouble keeping up. Openly laughing at his pain, I grabbed the butt plug out of the trunk and headed into my apartment building, motioning for him to follow.

Rick managed to keep up with my brisk pace, which was fortunate. I didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt over my actions, but I wasn’t hoping for my neighbors to find out. Entering my apartment I shoved him to the floor and locked the door behind us.

The bedroom is over there, I coolly explained, gesturing in the appropriate direction. Get your ass in there, and climb into the bed. Try to do it without taking an eternity, my patience is wearing thin.

Rick groaned loudly as he struggled to his feet and began walking. Feeling that he was moving too slow, I gently kicked him in the ass. Feeling that he deserved worse, I kicked him again, a bit less gently. Enjoying his humiliated sobs, I continued kicking him until he finally made it to the bed and fell in.

Lie flat on your front, I instructed, picking up a pair of scissors from my dresser. I’m going to cut you free, but only long enough that I can tie you up in a different position. If you make any moves other than what I instruct, I’ll shove my stun gun between your legs and teach you the true meaning of pain.

Rick complied with the order, rolling over on his stomach and holding still. Holding my stun gun to his ass with one hand and the scissors with the other I cut him free from the ropes, then unlocked the handcuffs. I don’t know if it was fear of abuse or if he was just too weak to try anything, but he held still the entire time. Once I had him free I took a step back, leaving the cuffs on the bed.

Good slut, I praised him. Now, let’s get you out of those nasty clothes. Strip naked, and then cuff your right wrist to the bed post. Once that’s done, I want you to lay your left wrist by the opposite post and close your eyes.

Rich groaned in humiliation, but obeyed. Once he had completed the tasks and closed his eyes, I quietly approached him, stun gun in hand. Once close enough, I dropped my knee onto his wrist to pin it down. Rick winced in obvious pain as I tied the wrist to the bedpost. I almost felt bad for hurting him like that, but it was what I needed to do to make sure that he didn’t try anything.

Having secured his arms, I got up and went to work on his legs, lashing each ankle to a bed post. That job complete I lied down next to him, hoping to give him time to take in the situation. Gently stroking his chest, I looked him in the eye, taking great pleasure in his terrified appearance. I would have given anything to know what was running through his head at that moment.

So, I said, breaking the silence. I’m going to fuck you in the ass. I’d like to know how that makes you feel.

Sara, please don’t do this, he begged. I swear to god, I’ve learned my lesson. You can beat me some more, you can shock me, I don’t care, but please don’t fuck my ass.

I don’t know, if I keep beating on you you’ll probably die, I mused. You’re not exactly in great shape, you know. Then I’d have to bury your flabby ass, and really, I just don’t feel doing that.

Please, he pleaded, I obeyed your orders, I know my place. I’ll do anything else, but I’m begging you, don’t fuck me in the ass!

I suppose you have been obedient, I admitted. However, I’m not so sure that you’ve learned your place. I do enjoy the begging, but I’d like to hear you describe your role here more explicitly. Refer to yourself as an obedient little slut pig, and suggest some activities I could engage in instead of fucking you like the bitch we both know you really are. Make it convincing, and maybe we’ll work something out.

Rick stared at me, a mixture of shock and contempt on his face. I assumed that his pride was simply overpowering his fear, and picked up the strap on. As I removed it from the package, his tone quickly changed.

Wait! he begged. I’m sorry. Please don’t fuck your little slut pig in his dirty little asshole. Please fuck my mouth instead? I promise I’ll get you off like the good little bitch I am!

I guess that could be a bit more enjoyable for me in some ways, I agreed. I’ll make a deal with you. You have five minutes to get me off. Succeed, and you might just be able to keep your asshole virgin, at least for now.

Slipping out of my pants, I climbed up over Rick’s face and pulled my panties to the side. Lowering myself, he eagerly raised his head to meet me. I was a bit disappointed at just how eager he was – I wanted this to be abusive, not fun. As his tongue made contact, I quickly realized why he was so happy to accept my deal.

Rick may have been a piece of shit, but he clearly knew how to pleasure a girl with his mouth. As he went to work on my clit I realized that five minutes was entirely too much time – he could likely have gotten me off in half of that. Not wanting to give in so easily, I did what I could to sabotage his efforts – playfully slapping him across the face, grinding my crotch back and forth; but nothing seemed to faze him. After only a couple minutes, I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. As much as I wanted to cum, I couldn’t let him off the hook so easily. Steeling my willpower I forced myself to dismount his face.

That was fucking pathetic, I lied through my teeth. I’m going to do you a favor and stop you early. You’ve proven how inept you are, I see no reason to embarrass you for the full five minutes.

Yeah, that’s what it is, he laughed sarcastically. I’m sure you hated every second of my terrible performance.

It was the wrong thing to say. He might have had some talent, but he absolutely did not have the right to correct me. He needed to realize that, and I knew how to educate him. Enraged, I picked up the strap-on.

Wait, I’m sorry, he pleaded, realizing the seriousness of his mistake. I didn’t mean to question you, please don’t be angry. Please, just come back and fuck your slut’s face a little more. I promise I’ll try harder, and even if you cum I’ll understand that it was in spite of my incompetence. Please forgive your little piggy?

Too late, I growled, strapping the dildo into place.

Approaching the bed, I savored Rick’s obvious terror. He continued to beg, but I wasn’t about to let him talk his way out of this one. Still, I didn’t want to cut his suffering short. Realizing that I had time, I straddled his chest and aimed the tip of the dildo at his mouth.

Thank you so much, he gushed. I’ll be a good little slut and suck your cock all you want. I promise you won’t regret it.

His submission pleased me, but I didn’t want him to get too comfortable. Inching the plastic dick back, I made him reach for it. Laughing as he strained his neck to reach, I continued to wiggle further and further back, until he could just barely touch the tip with his tongue. As he struggled to reach, I reached back and slapped him hard across the face, sending his head flying back into the pillow.

Rick stared up at me with a surprised look on his face. He clearly didn’t like being slapped, and was likely struggling not to say something that he’d regret. I looked at him with mocking eyes, as if to ask him what he was going to do about it. To my surprise, he managed to pass my test – rather than question my actions he simply lied back, his mouth agape in shock. Figuring that it was cruel to taunt him like this, I decided to give him something to do with his mouth. Inching forward, I positioned the tip of the dildo at his mouth and rammed it in hard.

I hope for your sake that you can suck cock better than you eat pussy, I warned. This is your last chance. If you can’t get me off this time, I’ll have no choice but to fuck that tight little slut ass of yours. Understood, pig?

Rick tried to say yes, but found it difficult to do so with the plastic cock rammed down his throat. I considered taking it out so that he could answer, but didn’t see any real reason to. It didn’t matter if he agreed or even understood, as he had no say in the decision anyway. Unable to answer verbally, Rick instead tried to demonstrate his compliance by bobbing his head back and forth as much as our positioning would allow, eagerly sucking on the dildo. Surprisingly, this was actually quite pleasurable – the base of the dildo pressing against my crotch with each thrust of his head. Enjoying myself, I let him degrade himself for several minutes until his thrusts slowed. As his actions became almost insultingly labored, I pulled the dick out of his mouth.

Giving up already, slut? I demanded.

No, he cried, I’m sorry, I’m not giving up. My neck hurts really bad, please have mercy?

Your asshole is going to hurt worse, I reminded him. And after last night, I think it’s established that you most certainly do not deserve mercy.

I know I don’t, he admitted. I know that I deserve everything that you’ve done to me and worse. You’re a better person than me, though – everyone knows it. I guess I’m hoping that you’ll show mercy to your slut, even though I don’t deserve it.

I’m glad you’re finally beginning to understand, I praised, gently stroking his face. I suppose I can cut you some slack, just this once. Don’t forget that you don’t deserve it, though – I don’t want you getting spoiled.

Rick opened his mouth to thank me, but I wasn’t interested in conversation. Forcing the dildo back into it, I gradually moved my hips forward, forcing it deeper into his throat. His distressed moans suggested that he didn’t enjoy this treatment, but that wasn’t my problem. Ignoring his suffering, I continued forcing it deeper and deeper, until his nose butted up against my belly button. Surprised and a bit impressed that he could swallow such a large object, I held the position for a couple seconds as he struggled against his bonds.

Once again, you manage to disappoint me, I sighed. I show you mercy, you show me a disgusting lack of gratitude. A slut like you ought to be thrilled to have its owner’s cock rammed down its throat, yet instead of moaning like a bitch in heat, here you are acting like you’re in pain.

Dismounting him, I ignored his apologies and grabbed the butt plug. Coating it in lube, I held it immediately in front of his face, making sure that he could get a sense for the size. Rick quickly shut up, his eyes widening in terror of what he knew was about to happen.

You’ve failed me, yet again, I explained. Maybe it was my fault for letting you off with such mercy. Either way, you need to be punished. I’m going to give you another chance to demonstrate your lack of oral prowess, but this time, you’ll have this up your ass the entire time. Understood?

Rick reluctantly nodded. He knew that he was beaten; there would be no talking his way out of this one. He looked like he was about to cry.

I’m glad you understand, I soothed, moving the plug closer to his face. Now give it a kiss to show your respect, and brace yourself – I’m done with playing gentle.

Rick leaned forward and gently planted a kiss on the tip of the butt plug. Savoring his fear, I slowly pulled the plug away from his face, dragging the tip downward along his chest. Reaching his crotch, I found a surprise – Rick was rock hard.

Looks like a certain little slut doesn’t hate its punishment as much as it’d like me to believe, I laughed. I can’t say I’m surprised, though. You are a disgusting creature; I should expect you to act in disgusting ways. Still, I hope you don’t think I’m going to have anything to do with your filthy little pecker.

Rick groaned in despair as I positioned the tip of the butt plug at his anal opening. Applying firm pressure, it slid in more easily than I would have expected. After the first inch, though, I began to feel resistance.

You really should try to relax, I suggested. You don’t have a choice as to whether or not this is going up your ass, but you do have a choice as to how much you cooperate. Help me get it up there, and I promise I’ll leave it in place for the time being. Resist, and I might just fuck you with it for no other reason than to watch you suffer.

Rick didn’t answer verbally, but he did scoot his ass down, doing his best to force the plug inside. Enjoying the act of forcing him to humiliate himself, I simply held the butt plug in place, allowing him to do all the work. It took a while, but eventually he managed to get it all the way in, groaning in humiliation the entire time. With the plug in place, I again mounted his chest.

I bet you’re glad you insisted on a large one now, I taunted. Who’s the real size queen here, slut?

I am, he confessed. I’m sorry that I said such a false thing about you. It was very wrong of me, and I’m glad you’re teaching me a lesson.

Save it, whore, I spat, slapping him across the face. Your mouth exists to get fucked, not to speak.

Plunging the strap-on back into his mouth, I again slowly forced it in as far as I could. Holding it in position, I was pleased to find that Rick had learned from his earlier correction. He was still clearly uncomfortable and having difficulty breathing, but he did his best to feign pleasurable moans. Taking pity on his situation, I withdrew the cock a bit and allowed him a moment to compose himself. Not wanting to spoil him, I then fucked his face in earnest.

It was a lot more fun than I expected. With each thrust the base of the dildo rubbed up against my clit bringing physical pleasure, but more important was the feeling of power. I had total control over the situation – I could go rough or gentle, shallow or deep, and all he could do was make wet gargling noises.

Unfortunately, it was also quite tiring – my position wasn’t quite ideal, and I found that I could only go for a couple minutes before having to rest. I didn’t want to give him a chance to embarrass himself by misusing his mouth as an instrument of communication again, so I simply thrust the dildo as deep as I could and relaxed. I doubt that Rick enjoyed that, but he diligently did his best to convince me otherwise.

I continued in this manner for several minutes, occasionally slapping him or pinching his nose shut, just to flaunt my power. I could have gone for hours if I wanted to, but I did have to meet my sister for lunch and I still felt he needed to have his asshole raped. Reluctantly, I withdrew the cock from his mouth, marveling at the layer of saliva and tears coating his face.

I’m sorry to have to say this, slut, I sighed, but it’s just not enough. I’ve given you much, much longer than five minutes, and you still haven’t made me cum. I don’t think it’s a time thing, either – you’re just a miserable failure. You know what that means, don’t you?

You’re going to fuck me up the ass? he whimpered, lowering his eyes in shame.

I’m glad that you understand that you’ve left me no other options, I said. I’m not heartless, you know. In fact, if you cooperate fully, I promise I’ll go gentle – at first, at least. You’ll be getting fucked hard before I’m done either way, though. Now, show me what an obedient little whore you are and beg your owner to fuck your slut asshole. Make me understand how much you want this.

Rick’s face contorted in emotional distress. He obviously didn’t like the idea of begging for his own violation, but he understood that refusing my order would only make it more painful. I had no idea what he would do, but it didn’t really matter.

Please fuck your whore, owner! he blurted out after a few seconds, obviously struggling to make such a request. Please shove your plastic cock in my dirty little asshole. I’m begging you, please fuck my ass!

I suppose if you’re that desperate, it would be cruel not to, I laughed, moving towards his ankles. Since you’re being such an obedient fuck toy, I’m going to free your legs so that you can participate more. Now, before you get any bad ideas in that empty whore head of yours, I need you to understand. If you kick me, or use your legs in any way other than facilitating your ass-fucking, I will make you suffer worse than you can possibly imagine. Is that clear, bitch?

Yes, owner, he whimpered. I promise I’ll only use my legs to help you fuck my asshole. Thank you for trusting me.

Rick showed me his compliance immediately after I severed the bonds on his ankles by lifting his knees into the air, providing me access. Laughing, I removed the butt plug and moved into position. Taking his ankles in my hands, I moved them up so that his legs were straight. Surprisingly, Rick didn’t resist in the slightest, allowing me full control over his body.

Aiming the tip of the strap on, I watched a look of panic creep over his face as he realized the time had come. Wanting to savor his expression, I lingered for a few seconds before gradually pushing the dildo in. As his facial expression changed to one of pain he turned his head to the side.

Don’t you fucking look away! I demanded, releasing his ankle to slap him hard across the face. You’re going to maintain eye contact until this is in you all the fucking way. I want you to describe what you’re feeling, in graphic detail.

It hurts! he cried.

And I can make it hurt worse, I warned. God knows you’d deserve it, too. I don’t give a fuck how much it hurts. What I want to know is how you feel, knowing that your owner is using your asshole for the first time.

It’s humiliating, he moaned. I feel completely powerless against you; totally at your mercy.

What else? I hissed, enjoying his feedback.

I guess it feels right in a way, he admitted with struggle. I brought this on myself, and I know that I deserve worse. It’s fucked up, but I’m honestly glad that you’re doing this. Thank you, owner. Thank you for teaching your slut a lesson.

Something about his tone led me to believe that he was actually sincere, not just saying what he thought I wanted to hear. The idea was strange, but not undesirable – I honestly enjoyed the power I had over him, anyway. Wanting to reward his honesty, I leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Pushing his knees back I forced the dildo further in until it was fully buried. He groaned a bit, but never stopped kissing back.

I appreciate your honesty, I said, breaking the kiss. Let’s explore this a bit. Tell me what you think I should do. You have my permission to speak freely.

I think you should use me however you wish, he answered.

That’s a shitty cop-out, I hissed, slapping him lightly across the face while pushing the dildo in hard. I said you have permission to speak freely, not that you have permission to dodge the question.

I’m sorry, owner, he whimpered. To be honest, you should probably stop being so merciful with me. I wasn’t half as merciful as you, and I don’t deserve such gentle treatment. I hate to admit it, but I think you should probably fuck me as hard as you can.

That’s a good slut, I praised, stroking his face. And I have some good news: that’s exactly what I was planning to do regardless of your answer.

Leaning back, I raised his ankles high into the air, aiming them at the ceiling. Rick trembled in fear a bit, but did not resist. Slowly sliding the strap-on out of his ass, I looked him in the eye and rammed it back in hard, causing him to wince in pain. Enjoying the helpless look on his face, I repeated the process, again and again.

As he had pointed out, he deserved no mercy – and that’s exactly what I showed him. Fucking hard into him, I ignored his pained yelps and enjoyed myself. I liked seeing him squirm. I liked being in complete control. I really liked the way the base of the dildo kept grinding into my clit. I liked it all so much that I didn’t stop, even when his pathetic whimpering gave way to pleasurable moaning.

I thought about untying him so that I could take him doggy style, but decided not to. It would be more appropriate to have him on his hands and knees, but I didn’t feel that he had earned that much trust yet. Besides, I’d have other opportunities.

Continuing my assault, I was pleasantly surprised to feel an orgasm building. I hadn’t expected to cum, but I wasn’t about to turn it down. Ignoring his pleasure and suffering, I focused only on my own; using his body to grind the dildo as I chose. By the time I brought myself off he no longer existed as a human to me; he was nothing more than an object for my use. I hoped that he could accept his new role, but it was okay if he couldn’t. I knew that I could force him to.

Done using his body, I unceremoniously pulled the strap-on out. Remembering his pathetic threat from the sex store, I reinserted the butt plug. So I won’t have to waste time getting you ready next time, I laughed. He didn’t answer, but his eyes showed that he understood.

Feeling quite pleased with myself, I took a moment to admire my handiwork. Rick’s face was covered by his own saliva and tears, the bruise from where his head connected with the pavement was beginning to swell. His torso trembled, bathed in sweat and exhausted. His cock, however, was not quite as hard as it had been the last time I checked. Looking closer, I saw a small puddle of semen pooled on his stomach.

I was mildly proud of myself, knowing that I managed to get him off without even trying. However, it concerned me that I hadn’t given him permission to cum – in fact, he hadn’t even asked. Not wanting to spoil him, I scooped up his cum in my hand, slathering it between my fingers. As he looked on with an expression of fear and confusion, I slapped him hard across the face with the same hand, leaving a sticking handprint where I connected. Enjoying his humiliation, I then rubbed his cum over the rest of his face.

You came without permission, you stupid bitch, I explained. As punishment, you can now wear your shame. I hope it helps you to remember how you’ve yet again failed me.

Thank you for correcting me, owner, he whimpered. I’m sorry that I failed you, and I’m very grateful for your undeserved mercy.

The sense of power his words filled me with was incredible. I thought about running with it and correcting him more thoroughly, but chose not to – for now, at least. I had a lunch date with my sister that I had to get to.

Decision time!

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