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The Contest - Chapter Three, Plot One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential third chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

The ride to the diner gave me time to calm down a bit. This wasn’t exactly a good thing—I was still sexually frustrated to the point of distraction, but I was now increasingly aware of the reality of my situation. Rick may have been able to control me sexually, but he was neither my boyfriend nor my friend, and the only thing that I could trust him to do was to make the meeting with Rachael as embarrassing as he could. As we pulled into the parking lot of Michael’s Diner, his grin confirmed my fears that he had something evil planned.

I need to use the bathroom when we get inside, I calmly stated, hoping to convey that I was no longer under his command.

No, he answered, sounding amused that I would ask.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I demanded. I wasn’t asking you if I could, I was telling you that I need to.

I guess I have only myself to blame for treating you so kindly, he laughed. Show you the slightest mercy, and all of a sudden you’re talking to me like you’re in charge. I owe you no explanation, but I’ll give you one anyway. You used Kate’s bathroom two hours ago, so I’m sure you can hold it. Additionally, I suspect that you’re secretly planning to clean yourself up and remove certain things from your panties. I don’t blame you for wanting to get cleaned up; you do smell like a fish market, after all. However, after all the hard work I put in getting that vibrator strapped to your cunt, I’m not about to let you undo it on a whim.

Fuck you, I spat, hoping to show him that I wasn’t afraid of him. If I want to take this stupid thing off, I’ll take it off. I don’t need to go into the bathroom to do that.

Somehow, I doubt you have the balls to do that in public, he observed. I’m curious, though, do you think that I lack the balls to strap it right back into place in public?

I held my tongue. He was right, I absolutely did not have it in me to pull a sex toy out of my panties in public. Additionally, if he had proven anything to me, it was that he would not hesitate to sexually humiliate me, especially with an audience.

Entering the diner I saw Rachael standing by the counter. Turning around and spotting me, she headed over to greet me. I panicked a little, knowing that she’d almost certainly smell my juices when we hugged, but there was nothing that I could do.

Less than two years younger than me, Rachael and I looked extremely similar. Physical similarities aside, though, our personalities were as different as night and day. Where I was shy and introverted, Rachael was outgoing and confident. I was obedient and well behaved; she was a bit of a rebel. When we were in school I got the grades, she got the boyfriends.

This made put a fair amount of strain on our childhoods. Being so similar in age and looks, we were often compared to each other, a fact that neither of us appreciated. I resented her popularity; she resented the trust that authority figures seemed to have in me. We spent most of our childhood more as bitter rivals than sisters, but got over our differences and grew closer after high school.

Rachael came in close for the hug. Accepting that there was nothing I could do, I hugged back, praying that she wouldn’t notice the smell of vaginal secretion on my messy face. Her confused facial expression made it clear that I was not so lucky.

Why is Rick here? she asked, glancing over at him. I hated that her question came right after the hug, implying that she knew he was responsible for my current state.

You know him? I asked. He’s just tagging along, I hope that’s okay.

Yeah, I know him, she admitted. Is he your boyfriend?

I don’t know if boyfriend is the best term, Rick interrupted before I had a chance to answer. We don’t really like each other very much at all, but I am the guy that’s been fucking her.

I was mortified, but Rachael laughed, indicating that she thought it was just a joke. It didn’t surprise me that she would; I don’t think she thought of me as the type of person to have sex, let alone a fuck buddy. As we walked to our table I glared at Rick, hoping to convey that it was absolutely not okay for him to make statements like that. He returned my angry glare with a patronizing smile and a pat on the head, reminding me how little he cared about what I considered to be okay. Arriving at the table, we took our seats.

So, Rick, Rachael began, I hope you don’t mind my asking, but you’re nothing like the kind of guy that Sara normally dates. How did you two meet?

We’ve actually known each other for a long time, Rick answered. We’ve never been close, though. I’m a fairly open person, and your sister always struck me as a little repressed.

You got that right, Rachael laughed. We used to joke in high school about how she’d need surgery to get the stick out of her ass.

I shot Rachael an angry look. I expected Rick to try to embarrass me, but this was my sister. She should have been on my side.

Calm down, now, Rick chided me. You might not like to hear it, but it’s true. Anyway, I’ve been thinking that she could benefit from a good deep-dicking, so last night I gave it to her. And the rest, is history.

Rick, please shut the fuck up, I quietly demanded, growing more and more uncomfortable.

Cut him some slack, Rachael interrupted. He’s not wrong, you know. You’ll be happier if you pull that stick out.

There is not a stick up my ass! I shouted, hoping to make it clear that I was not okay with the conversation.

She’s telling the truth, you know, Rick said to Rachael. If there was, I’d have felt it last night.

Don’t you fucking dare, I growled at Rick in warning.

Wait, what am I missing? Rachael laughed. Do you want to tell me something, Sara?

I doubt she wants to tell you, Rick interjected, so I’ll tell you for her. Technically, I’ve never had sex with your sister. Last night I fucked her in the ass. I assure you, there was no stick blocking my path.

About to lose my temper, I glared at Rick in warning. He again simply smiled back, as if to ask me what I was going to do about it. Powerless to stop him, I resolved to absorb his abuse as best I could and use it to fuel my hatred later.

Jesus Christ, Rachael exclaimed in surprise. Is that why she was walking funny? God, did he really fuck you in the ass, Sara?

Of course not, I lied. He’s a fucking liar, everything he says is a goddamned lie.

She’s right, I do lie, Rick laughed. But I’m not lying about this. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her friends Jack and Kate – they watched the whole thing. Didn’t they, Sara?

After asking his question he reached into his pocket. Pulling out the remote control, he calmly laid it on the table in front of him. His threat was clear: tell the truth, or suffer the consequences.

Okay, it’s true, I admitted, but it’s not as bad as he makes it sound.

She’s right, Rick laughed. It’s actually much, much worse. Sadly, neither Sara nor myself are at liberty to discuss the full details. Not yet, at least.

You’re seriously blowing my mind here, Rachael announced. You’re telling me that my sister Sara, the same girl who ratted me out to mom and dad every time I tried to sneak a boy home, actually got ass-fucked in front of her friends?

You cock-blocked your own sister? Rick asked. That’s just cold. Now I don’t feel so bad for what I did to you in the car.

More than once, Rachael elaborated. I spent half my teenaged years grounded, just because Little Miss Stick-Up-Her-Ass couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

Rachael, we’ve been through this, I reminded her. We were young, I was stupid and trying to protect you. You said you forgave me. And as for you, Rick, I assure you that my sister does not want to hear about my sex life.

Your sister is an adult, he argued, and is more than capable of telling me if she doesn’t want to hear about something herself.

Exactly, Rachael agreed. So, what happened in the car? Did my sister get her ass fucked again?

Rachael, please don’t encourage him, I pleaded, before Rick cut me off by holding his finger to my lips and shushing me.

Nothing like that, Rick explained. Your sister was a virgin back there, and I want to give her time to recover before fucking her in the ass again. I did fuck her mouth, but that isn’t what I’m referring to. While we were in the car, I brought her close to orgasm, but didn’t let her cum. I did that over and over again, for about an hour. If it makes you feel any better, your sister now fully understands what sexual frustration means. In fact, she’s likely still extremely frustrated right now.

Jesus, that’s cruel, Rachael sympathized. You have no idea how painful that can be to a woman. You’re not going to keep her like that forever, are you?

Of course not, Rick answered, I’m not a monster. I just felt that she needed to learn a greater appreciation for the orgasms that she receives. I’m curious, though. Given all the times she caused you sexual frustration as a teenager, what would you want me to do? Should I prolong her suffering as a form of payback, or should I give her the satisfaction she desires?

I hoped that Rachael would be disgusted by the conversation, but it didn’t seem like that was happening. If anything, the devious look on her face implied that she was more interested than she should be. I wanted to change the topic, but they were in far too deep to make that reasonably possible.

Well, she is my sister, and I wouldn’t want her to suffer. I do love her, and all. On the other hand, though, you’re right – I haven’t completely forgiven her for the shit she put me through in high school. I guess if it was my call, I’d say that you should torment her a little longer, but let her cum before she loses her mind.

Sounds fair, Rick agreed. Just to be clear, though, how long would you define a little longer as?

You’re serious, aren’t you? Rachael asked. You’re actually giving me the power to decide when my sister’s next orgasm is?

Within reason, of course, Rick clarified. I consider her my property, so of course I reserve the right to overrule you, but yes – if you’d like to, you can determine just how much abuse your sister must take before I let her cum. Interested?

I pleaded with Rachael with my eyes, unable to bring myself to vocalize my objections. I knew that she was still resentful, but this was crossing the line. She simply smiled back.

Absolutely, she grinned. So, how does this work?

Simple, Rick explained. This remote control communicates with a vibrator. Before we came here to meet you, your sister strapped it to her clit. It was adorable, she begged me to test it on her, but I refused. Using this remote, we can give her pleasure, or take it away – all the while pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

That’s incredible, marveled Rachael. How do you know it works, though, if you haven’t tested it?

Good point, Rick answered. Let’s find out.

Picking up the remote, he pushed a button. As the vibrator hummed into life, I felt myself slipping emotionally into the same state I had been in while in his car. I began to grind down into the seat, pushing it against my clit, before remembering that my sister was sitting across the table from me and forcing myself to stop.

Well, Sara, does it work? Rick asked.

It does, I answered, my voice halfway between moan and whimper.

It’s on a low setting right now, Rick explained. This shouldn’t be more than she can handle, though we do have to be careful – after what happened in the car your sister is probably quite volatile. We’ll pay attention to her, and if she appears to be too close to orgasm, I’ll cut it off.

Rick, please, I pleaded.

Don’t ask me, he cut me off. I’ve subbed out this responsibility to your sister. If you want to cum, ask her. Also, don’t waste time asking me to just remove the toy – it’s staying put until you get off.

Rachael, this isn’t okay, I informed her, trying my best to sound stern. I’m your sister, for Christ’s sake! You need to stop this right now.

Or what? she laughed. Are you going to tell on me again? I love you, sis, but I think you’re boyfriend’s in the right on this one. You’ve always been a stuck-up cunt, and this is for your own good.

You don’t know what he’s capable of! I protested. If you knew the things that he’s done to me, you wouldn’t be taking his side!

Like what, fucking you in the ass? she laughed. Want the truth, Sara? I’m glad he fucked you in the ass, and I don’t feel the slightest degree of pity for you. I hope it hurt, and I hope that it was humiliating. You deserve it for the shit that you did to me. In fact, can I ask you a favor, Rick?

You can ask, he answered.

I want you to fuck her in the ass again, and I want you to do it hard. Not right now, of course, but when you do, I want you to record it. Once you’ve got the video of my sister getting fucked like a whore, I’d like a copy. I’m not going to watch it or anything; I’m not the sick slut – but I want her to know that I have it.

That seems reasonable enough, Rick answered. Though of course, I’ll need Sara to agree. It just wouldn’t be right to hand out video of her most private violations without her permission. So, what do you say, Sara? Are you okay with this?

Of course not, you fucking morons, I protested, my voice more awash with lust than I would have liked.

Ah, too bad, Rachael, Rick consoled. But hey, maybe she’ll change her mind later. Now, I’m sure that I don’t have to say this, but out of respect for your sister I have to ask you to not consider her refusal in your decisions about letting her cum. Please don’t be tempted by the knowledge that I’d really have no way of knowing whether you’re refusing her request because she refused yours or for some legitimate reason. Don’t assume that just because you’d absolutely get away with it that you should do it.

Of course not, Rachael laughed as the waitress approached to take our order. I would never take advantage of my own sister like that!

As Rick and Rachael ordered their lunch, I found the vibrator increasingly more difficult to ignore. I was able to prevent myself from outright moaning, but my heavy breathing made it clear that something was going on. Rick and Rachael seemed completely aware of how difficult it was for me, giggling like children every time they looked in my direction. When it was my turn to order, Rick picked up the remote control and looked at me, grinning like a lunatic.

I’ll just have a glass of water, I whispered, hoping that by keeping my voice low I could mask the obvious lust I was feeling.

Don’t do that, Rick interrupted. Your sister and I both ordered food, if you don’t get something we’ll feel awkward.

Fine, I grumbled, not wanting to fight with Rick. I’ll have an order of french fries, I guess!

Rick had waited until the word fries, and then cranked the power of the vibrator way up. As the waitress looked at me with confusion, I responded with an embarrassed smile while gripping the table tightly. Rick waited until she walked away before turning the vibrator back down.

Jesus, I thought she was going to explode, Rachael laughed, clearly understanding what had just happened.

Sara’s weird, Rick explained. It takes her a little while to warm up to it, but she enjoys being humiliated. You wouldn’t know it from that adorably angry look on her face, but she loved that. If the waitress had hung around a few seconds longer, she’d have probably cum right there, and might have even let us all know verbally.

That makes sense, Sara mused. I wonder, what else don’t I know about my whore sister?

I’m sure there’s quite a bit, Rick answered, but that’s not entirely her fault. She’s just now learning how much of a depraved little slut she really is, after all. For example, it was only last night that she found out she loves it in the ass.

Wait, she actually liked it? Rachael laughed, sounding truly amazed.

Absolutely, Rick replied. Sara, how many times did you cum last night while you were getting fucked in the ass?

Twice, I growled, trying to murder him with my eyes. But it wasn’t entirely from the sex.

That’s actually partially true, Rick explained, though she’s trying to be a bit deceptive. Sara wants you to think that she came because of other things that were being done to her while I was fucking her asshole, implying that she didn’t enjoy her anal rape at all. That would be untrue; though it would have taken longer I absolutely could have made her cum from fucking her ass alone.

What other things were being done to her? Rachael asked.

Nothing all too abnormal for the first orgasm, Rick explained. I had her on top, and I was rewarding her for fucking hard, so I rubbed her clit.

And the second? Rachael pressed, entirely too eager to hear about my rape.

The second was way more interesting, Rick explained, though that wasn’t actually something that I did. Do you know Sara’s friend Kate?

Kate Stubats? Rachael asked, rolling her eyes. You have to be making this up, Kate’s almost as repressed as Sara! There’s no way in hell that she’d lez out.

She didn’t, Rick calmly explained. And you’re right, Kate is a bit repressed. Maybe when I’m done with your sister, I’ll fix her up. I think it would be hilarious to make your sister suck her cunt.

Agreed, Rachael laughed. She’d fucking hate that. Hell, both of them probably would.

Anyway, Rick continued, Kate absolutely didn’t lez out with your sister. In fact, Kate was disgusted by the whole thing. But towards the end, right when I was pumping her ass full of cum, Kate spat in your sister’s face. The bitch loves abuse, it pushed her over the edge.

Man, that’s just awesome, Rachael laughed. Is that really true, Sara? Do you actually get off on being spat on?

I guess, I whimpered shamefully. I wanted to lie, but knew that Rick would just correct me and force me to tell the truth.

Don’t just take her word for it, Rick encouraged. Sara, lean over the table so your sister can find out for sure.

Yeah bitch, Rachael laughed. Lean over so I can spit in your fucking face. I want to see if this actually works.

I wanted to resist, but the constant vibration on my clit was wearing down my willpower. Deeply ashamed of myself, I reluctantly leaned over the table, presenting my face to my sister. Still laughing at my shame, she leaned over put her hand on the back of my head to hold me still, and spat directly in my face.

Reeling back, waves of shame and pleasure washed over me. Rick was right, I did get off on the abuse, and the fact that it was coming from my own sister only made it hotter. At the same time, being spat on and being sexually stimulated by something my own sister had just done to me was shameful and humiliating. Again, my brain fought my cunt for control, and again, my cunt seemed to be winning. Feeling my orgasm finally approaching, I began to cry.

Now I feel bad, Rachael sighed. I didn’t mean to make her cry.

Don’t be fooled by the tears, Rick advised. She may be experiencing extreme emotional stress, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love this. Still, if you want to make it up to her, now’s your chance. If I don’t turn this off soon, she will cum. So what do you think, Rachael? Has your sister, who won’t even allow you a simple copy of a videotape that doesn’t even exist yet, earned that right?

Sorry Sara, Rachael said, but I don’t think you have. Cut the power.

Rick did as she asked, leaving me just as frustrated as I had been in the car. Groaning in frustration, I wiped her spit off my face with a napkin. I glared at Rachael, unable to believe that my own sister could treat me so poorly.

The waitress delivered our food, with fortunate timing for me. So soon after my last denial, Rick was unable to turn the vibrator back on without the risk of triggering an orgasm. I knew he’d likely make up for it later, but at the moment it was nice to be able to interact with a human being without looking like a sex-crazed maniac.

I’m sorry, Sara, Rachael apologized once the waitress was out of earshot. I want to let you cum, but he asked if you had earned that right. I wouldn’t want to lie to your boyfriend, you know. You understand, don’t you?

Rachael, please, I begged. He’s a sick fuck, but you’re my sister. It’s bad enough that you’re involved in this, but you’re not allowed to enjoy shit like this. Just please get this over with, don’t drag this out.

I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to do whatever I want, bitch, she corrected. You’re the one that’s powerless here – not me. Personally, I agree with Rick. You should have to earn the right to cum and you’re wrong for expecting me to just give it to you for free. If you really don’t want to drag this out, I suggest you apologize for the tone you took with me and ask what you need to do to earn your orgasm.

God damn it, I sighed under my breath. Rachael, I’m sorry that I took that tone with you. You’re my sister, I love you, and it was inappropriate. What do I have to do to get this over with?

You can start by explaining what you mean by get this over with. You know how ditzy I can be, I might have forgotten what we were talking about.

You’re pushing it, I warned. Raising her eyebrows, she made it clear that it was not a good idea to bluff. Rick’s facial expression also conveyed the message that she was pushing nothing.

Okay, I sighed. What do I need to do in order to earn an orgasm?

That’s better, Rachael stated. I thought that was what we were talking about, but I couldn’t be sure. Just to be on the safe side, from now on I’ll expect you to clearly state what you’re asking for. No more hiding behind polite euphemisms like getting this over with. If you want to cum like a whore, you can certainly beg for it like one. Understood?

Understood, I answered submissively. Please tell me what I need to do in order to cum like a whore.

Good, she replied sharply. I’m going to give you three simple conditions. Fulfill them, and you get to cum. The first one is easy: I’m hurt that I had to find out what a whore you are from a stranger. You’re my sister, and I love you too – even if you are secretly a raging slut bag. From now on, you’re not to keep any secrets from me, no matter how degrading. Fair enough?

Fair enough, I agreed. And I’m honestly sorry. I didn’t mean to keep any secrets from you.

It’s okay, I understand, she sympathized. It must be difficult, seeing as you really are a disgusting slut and all. Anyway, second condition. I want you to make cooperate with Rick in making the tape that we discussed earlier, and I want you to personally deliver me a copy.

Rick, you said she couldn’t do that! I protested.

Watch yourself, he warned. I said that she has the right to decide when your next orgasm is, and I’m not going to jump in and second-guess the criteria she uses to make her decision. Besides, this sounds like a family matter. Leave me out of it.

Okay, I sighed in defeat. I’ll give you the tape, but you need to promise not to watch it.

Do you think this is a negotiation? she laughed. Since when do you tell me what I need to do?

She’s just forgetting her place, Rick explained, switching the vibrator back on. Sara gets stubborn when you don’t keep her pliable. Like most women, though, the key to controlling her is right between her legs.

Understood, Rachael stated. Truth be told, Sara, I hadn’t planned to watch it. Unlike some people, I’m not a disgusting slut. I have no interest in seeing a worthless whore getting plowed in the ass, even if she is my sister. However, since you seem to think that you’re in charge, I’m changing this condition. In addition to delivering the tape, I want your promise that you’ll hang around and narrate it to me as I watch it.

Fine, I promise, I whimpered. Had Rick not turned on the vibrator, I might have been inclined to argue with her. The constant buzzing on my clit, however, forced me to remember just how much it hurt when he took away the pleasure. I did not want to experience it again.

Cool, she acknowledged. Just one more condition and you get to cum. Must be exciting for a slut like you, huh?

Please, Rachael, just tell me what it is, I begged.

Simple, she explained. I want to see you suffer. Your bullshit meddling must have denied me dozens of orgasms throughout high school; payback’s a bitch.

Wow, Rick laughed. That’s cold even by my standards, and I raped your sister in the asshole while her friends watched. I like you, Rachael.

I like you too, Rick, Rachael answered. I’m glad that you’re a part of Sara’s life. Frankly, I’ve always thought she needed a nice, hard ass-raping, and I’m glad that someone finally delivered it.

As lunch progressed, Rick and Rachael got closer with each other through conversation. In a screwed-up way, I found myself feeling jealous. Rick might not have been my boyfriend, but Rachael didn’t know that and it felt wrong for her to flirt with him so openly in front of me. On a deeper level that I don’t want to think about, I guess I secretly didn’t want Rick losing interest in me, either.

They didn’t ignore me completely, though. Throughout the meal, they made a game of pushing me as close as they could to orgasm, only to deny me at the last moment. Rachael was particularly gifted at detecting the tell-tale signs that I was getting too close; no matter how hard I tried to conceal my impending satisfaction she always seemed to know just when to tell Rick to cut me off. Rick, on the other hand, amused himself by jacking up the power whenever a stranger wandered within earshot; taking delight at my surprised moans. Before long every single person in the diner knew something was going on with me, though no one seemed to want to find out what.

By the time they finished eating, I was broken down entirely. Having been brought to the brink of orgasm and then denied more times than I could count, there was a literal puddle of cum in my panties, slowly seeping into my jeans. I wanted to cry out and scream – everyone in the diner already thought I was some sick freak anyway, but I knew it wouldn’t help. The worst of it, though, was Rick and Rachael. In stark contrast to the hell I was experiencing, they were just sitting around laughing, acting as though nothing at all was out of the ordinary.

I had a lot of fun, Rachael, Rick announced, motioning to the waitress for the check. But I’m afraid our time is nearly up. I said that I’d let you decide when your sister gets to cum, and I meant that, but if you’re going to let her cum today it’s going to have to be soon.

Very well, Rachael sighed, sounding disappointed. Can I see the remote?

Of course, Rick answered, passing it to her. It’s quite simple to use. You’ll see the buttons are labeled with the numbers zero through seven. Zero is off, seven is the highest intensity.

Let’s try that out, Rachael said, pressing a button. Though I couldn’t see which one she pressed, the intensity on my clit told me it was seven. Collapsing in pleasure, I’d have cum right there if she hadn’t immediately pressed zero.

Well, I can see it’s working, she laughed. I’ll be honest with you, Sara, I’m really not sure what to do. As your sister, I hate to see you suffer like this, but you never seemed to have a problem keeping me from having sex when we were teenagers. In a way, it almost seems like you deserve to suffer. You understand, don’t you? Tell me that you deserve to suffer.

I deserve to suffer, I whimpered. Please take mercy on me. Please let me cum?

Wow, that couldn’t have been easy for you to say, she remarked. Begging your own little sister to let you cum, even after all the terrible things I’ve just said right in front of your face. You really are a disgusting pig, you know.

I know, I tearfully agreed.

I suppose that deserves some reward, she said, turning the vibrator on to a low setting. Moving on, let’s discuss the video that you’ll be starring in and delivering to me. Do you know what I’m going to do with it? After I’m done watching it with your expert narration, of course.

I don’t, I admitted, but I won’t object, I promise. Please just let me cum?

You’re learning, she laughed, turning the vibrator to a higher setting. I’m glad you understand that you don’t have the right to object, but I feel you should know just the same. I’m going to show it to people. I don’t have anyone in mind specifically, but I’m sure it will see lots of use. All my life, I’ve been hearing how I need to be more modest and hardworking like you. Well, now when I hear that I can show them how hard you work getting a cock up your sloppy asshole.

I understand, I whimpered, and I don’t blame you. I promise I’ll make sure the video is as degrading to me as possible. You can trust Rick to hold me to that, and he’s a master when it comes to humiliating me. I’m doing everything you’ve asked, Rachael, may I please, please cum now?

Just one more thing, she said, again increasing the vibrator’s speed while motioning for me to lean forward.

Submissively, I leaned forward, not knowing what to expect. Rachael leaned in to meet me, again wrapping her hand around the back of my head. Closing me eyes in anticipation of more abuse, I instead felt her bring her face to mine and press her tongue against my lips. Opening my mouth, she shoved her tongue into it, probing deeply.

I had always considered myself heterosexual. I had never been with a woman, or fantasized making out with one – much less my sister. As wrong as it felt on a conscious level, though, I didn’t want it to stop. Kissing back, my climax finally arrived.

Sensing my orgasm, Rachael broke the kiss. I opened my eyes just in time to see her pull her head back and spit. Laughing at me she slapped me playfully across my face, sat back down, and dialed the vibrator up to seven.

Fully in the grips of orgasm, I no longer cared how I was seen. I moaned loudly while massaging my own breasts with one hand, and my sister’s saliva into my face with the other. I knew everyone was watching, but I didn’t care – by that point I couldn’t imagine that any of them had an ounce of respect for me anyway. As my orgasm wound down I was vaguely aware of the men at the next table applauding my performance.

The waitress delivered the check, looking at me with the same contempt and disgust that Kate had shown earlier. I wanted so desperately to get out of there quickly and never return, but Rick insisted on taking his sweet time paying for the food. He seemed elated, knowing how much shame I was feeling. Rachael seemed rather pleased by it as well.

After finally settling up, I followed Rick out of the diner towards his car. Rachael walked behind us, seemingly embarrassed to be seen too close to me. That hurt, especially considering that she largely was responsible for the scene I had just caused.

Think there’s any chance you could take me home, now? I asked. I’m exhausted; I want to take a nap.

I don’t blame you, Rick sympathized, but sadly, I cannot. You made a promise to your sister, and I intend to hold you to it.

I know that you will, I accepted, but does it have to be today? After what happened in there, I don’t intend to see Rachael for a long time.

Actually, you’ll be seeing her again as soon as we get back to my place. Who did you think was going to hold the camera?

Decision time!

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  • If you think that Rick is kinda a dick (he really is) and should have been made to suffer, read other plot line. Note that if you read that plot line, none of the events that you just read in this chapter or the one before it happened. Yeah, you wasted your time like a sucker.
  • If you think this is all shit, go do something else.


  1. Your development of Rachael's character ends up creating a person with very un-sisterlike attributes. That's the way Rachael comes across to me. Instead of being developed as a sister, why don't you recast her as a childhood friend whom Sara has had a testy relationship with? All told, I've enjoyed your series. Keep it up!

  2. I don't disagree that Rachael comes across as such a bad sister than you can barely believe that she's a sister, but on the same note I love the fact that she's this way, and all that matters is that it's arousing, it doesn't need to be that realistic. I'm actually excited/hoping for more sister on sister humiliation :)