Friday, April 27, 2012

The Contest - Chapter Four, Plot Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential fourth chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

Leaving the diner, I let Rick sit up front again. All things considered he had behaved pretty well, and I still didn’t want my neighbors to see me pulling his broken body out of the trunk. Besides, I wanted to keep an eye on him – I had put him through a lot, and wanted to make sure that he didn’t react in a bad way.

As I drove off, Rick sat silently. His facial expression implied that there was a lot going on inside his head, which made sense. Yesterday he had seen me as an impotent, frightened little girl who he could push around without fear of retribution. Since then, that same impotent little girl had managed to beat and humiliate him in ways that he would never be able to forget. Rachael probably made things difficult for him, too – any witness to his defeat would have hurt, but having a witness that he had most likely seen as a sexual conquest must have been devastating. To top it all off, there was his physical state – he had sustained some pretty brutal beatings, and was likely very hungry and thirsty as well.

The curiosity was killing me. I didn’t want to mislead him into believing that his thoughts and feelings mattered, but I had to know what was going through his head. After five minutes of silently watching his face contort out of the corner of my eye, I could no longer resist the urge.

Rick, honey, I began, you look like you have something to say.

Rick’s face seized up as if he was caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. I figured that what he had to say was probably something that he shouldn’t, and he was likely struggling internally over what to do. I thought about telling him that he could speak freely without fear of punishment, but that seemed excessive. He hadn’t earned such a privilege.

I’m hungry, he stated, sounding surprisingly firm for a man in his position. I demand that you feed me.

You demand that I feed you? I laughed. That’s very cute, sweetie.

It’s not fucking cute! he snapped. And yes, I demand food, as in, I’m not fucking asking.

That really is adorable, I chided. And what are you going to do when I refuse your demand, aggressively sulk at me?

I swear to fucking god, Sara, he growled. I’m going to get free, eventually. And when I do, you are going to regret every fucking thing that you’ve done to me. Until then, though, I’m not asking – fucking feed me, bitch.

I had expected this. I might have wounded his ego, but I hadn’t killed it. It was really only a matter of time before it resurfaced. In a way, this was a good thing – bringing all the bad things about Rick to the surface would be necessary in order to beat them out of him. With a heavy sigh, I pulled over to the side of the road.

What am I going to do with you? I pondered, trying to sound stern and disappointed, but not angry. I should remind you that you address me as owner, not Sara and most certainly not bitch, but I don’t think that’s really necessary. I’m sure that you know your behavior is unacceptable, I don’t think I need to remind you yet again.

You own nothing, he hissed. I haven’t surrendered, and I never will.

What an adorable thing to claim, I laughed. You might surrender, you might not, but I think that hunk of latex lodged in your asshole makes it pretty clear whose property you are. You haven’t forgotten about it, have you Rick? Do we need to get a bigger one that you won’t find as easy to ignore?

Rick simply glared at me. I’m sure he wanted to argue, but he had nothing. The time to claim that he wasn’t my bitch was long gone, and I don’t think he was eager to discuss what he was wearing under his pants.

Moving on, I continued, This little bullshit outburst of yours is unacceptable, as I’m sure you know. As soon as we get back you will be severely punished for forgetting your place, hopefully in a way that gets through that thick skull of yours. I don’t want to be a cruel owner, though, so I’m going to let you finish your little temper tantrum. Let it out all, bitch – tell me all the stuff you want to say. You’re going to be punished for it anyway; you may as well get it off your chest.

It’s not a temper tantrum, he insisted.

Sweetie, you can call it whatever you want, I laughed, stroking his hair dismissively. The important thing is that you get it out. Now come on, tell me what’s got my little bitch’s panties are twisted up.

This was apparently more than Rick could handle. Letting out a primal, guttural scream he struggled violently against his bonds. Unfortunately for him, the rope held tight – he managed to do little more than bruise his wrists. Not wanting him to hurt himself, I took out the stun gun and gave him a brief one second shock to the arm – just to remind him of the specifics of his situation. Remembering how much I could hurt him, Rick calmed down; the look of rage on his face replaced with one of fear.

Silly little bitch, I taunted him. I’m sorry that I had to hurt you, but if you act up like that I really have no choice. Now, finish your temper tantrum, but use your words – not your actions. Tell your owner all the terrible things that you’re unhappy about.

Rick glared at me. I could tell that he really hated me at the moment, but he was too terrified to act on it. Lowering his eyes, I think he accepted that he was beaten.

I’m sorry, he whimpered. I’ll stop. Please don’t shock me again.

Rick clearly didn’t want to continue the conversation. I’d have dropped it, but it didn’t feel right to let him weasel out of a conversation that he had forced. Besides, he needed a chance to vent, even if venting wouldn’t solve any of his problems.

I didn’t tell you to stop your temper tantrum, I warned. I told you to finish it. You’ve already earned a punishment when we get back; you may as well explain to me why you’re being such an ungrateful little cunt. It’s not like you can disappoint me any further.

Rick again paused. I knew he wanted to scream at me, but he was too afraid to. It probably didn’t help that he had no choice but to be submissive – even by telling me how angry he was he would be obeying my orders. It wasn’t his choice, and he needed to understand that. Hoping to encourage more rapid cooperation, I raised the stun gun again; reminding him that it would be unwise to argue.

Okay, I’m sorry, he pleaded submissively. I’ll finish, please don’t shock me? I’m hungry, and thirsty, and my whole body hurts. My ass is fucking killing me, and I can’t seem to forget about it because there’s a giant fucking butt plug shoved up there. I know you’re angry at me for sleeping with your sister in the past, but I can’t believe that you humiliated me like that in front of her. You need to feed me, stop hurting me, and keep things private; I can’t handle this.

Poor little fella, I soothed. That couldn’t have been easy for you to say, knowing how badly I can hurt you. Do you feel better now?

Depends, he whimpered. Are you going to be gentler with me?

I might in the future, I pondered. Though, it will be because I choose to, not because you’ve asked me to; and it will only be after I feel you’ve earned it. Now, you’ve said your piece, I expect you to sit quietly for the rest of the car ride and think about all the terrible things that you’ve said to make me disappointed in you. When we get back, you’ll have the opportunity to show me how sorry you are.

As I pulled back into the road, Rick lowered his eyes. This must have been torture on him, but it needed to happen. His face conveyed terror, humiliation, anger, and possibly a little remorse; but he was otherwise silent.

Arriving back at the apartment building I spotted Rachael waiting by the door. As we approached her, she glared menacingly at Rick. Watching him shrink away I felt a little bad for him. He probably had enough on his mind as it was.

Oh, calm down you big pussy, I laughed as he tried to hide behind me. You’re perfectly safe; she’s just psyching you out. I doubt she even plans to hurt you too bad; she’ll probably just slap you around a little and fuck you in your ass.

It didn’t seem like my words were successful in soothing him, but he was in trouble anyway. Entering the apartment, I closed the door behind us and shoved him to the floor. Picking up a pair of scissors, I approached him to cut him free.

Before you get any more bad ideas in that little slut brain of yours, I warned, remember that you’re outnumbered and probably pretty injured. If you try to act up once you’re untied, I will make you quickly regret it. Understood?

Yes, owner, he whimpered. It was good to hear him call me owner again, but it wasn’t nearly enough to get him off the hook.

Good slut, I praised. So, a few ground rules. First of all, when we’re at home, you will not wear clothing. If you’ve been a good bitch, I may at times allow you to wear panties, but otherwise you’ll be fully naked and available at all times. Since you most certainly have not been a good bitch, you will not be granted that privilege at this time. Strip, whore.

Rick began to disrobe, his motions slow and labored due to the damage I had inflicted on his body. Once his shirt was off, he hesitated a bit before removing his pants, fearfully eyeing Rachael. He probably didn’t want her to see that he really was wearing my panties, or to see the butt plug they concealed, but that wasn’t his choice.

Today, bitch, Rachael growled, running up and kicking him hard in the ribs.

It seemed excessive to me – he was already beaten, she was just being sadistic. I didn’t say anything, though; I didn’t want Rick to think that he could turn us against each other. Additionally, the look on his face was of hatred, not fear, which made me less interested in protecting him.

Realizing he’d get no help from me, Rick groaned and stripped out of his pants. Rachael cut him no slack, laughing at how ridiculous he looked in my panties. Losing the panties only made things worse; once they were off she simply laughed at his plug, commenting on how only a true slut could take something of that size. Rick looked up at me, begging me with his eyes to let him remove it. Feeling bad for him, I walked over and pulled it out, tossing it to the side.

Don’t get too comfortable, Rachael taunted. Your asshole won’t be empty for long.

Back to the rules, I interjected. While in the apartment, I don’t want you walking around on your hind legs like a human. It’s a very cute trick and all, but I’m concerned that your clumsy ass is going to knock something over. If you need to move somewhere, you’ll do so on your hands and knees like the little slut piggy you are. I know this seems cruel, but if you’re good, I might just get you some knee pads for Christmas.

He looked miserable. I knew he hated this, but it was for his own good – I couldn’t build him up until I had torn the old Rick down. I thought about giving him a few more rules, but I didn’t want to make him cry; at least not yet. There would be time for that later.

I don’t want to overwhelm your little whore mind with too many rules to remember, I explained, so that will be it for now. Remember, though – since I’m going so slow, you have no excuse for forgetting a rule; and you’ll be punished harshly if you do. Speaking of punishment, there’s the matter of your little incident in the car. I’d like you to tell me what you did that was wrong.

I said some things that I shouldn’t have, he sighed.

It was accurate, but his language was entirely too dignified. An equal might say things that they shouldn’t have, but he wasn’t my equal, and he needed to understand that. As I knelt down next to him he began to tremble, clearly understanding that he had done something wrong. Not wanting him too panicked, I gently stroked his hair for a few seconds until he had calmed down. Once he was calm enough, I slapped him hard across the face.

Sweetie, you didn’t say some things you shouldn’t have, I calmly explained. You threw an all-out temper tantrum. I know that’s probably pretty embarrassing for you to say, especially in front of my sister, and it should be. You should be deeply, deeply ashamed of how you acted. However, that doesn’t mean you should lie about what you did. Now, I’m going to ask you again: what did you do in the car?

I threw a temper tantrum, he admitted as I went back to gently stroking his hair. I’m sorry.

I know you’re sorry, I soothed. But you still need to be punished. Go into the bedroom, and look in the closet. You’ll find a black leather belt – bring it to me.

Rick crawled off to the bedroom as Rachael laughed at his situation. Taking a seat on my couch I kicked my feet up and relaxed. Things were good.

He’s really terrified of you, Rachael remarked, taking a seat next to me.

It’s for his own good, I explained. He still has some rebellion in him, and we can’t move forward until I burn it out. He’ll thank me for this, some day.

You’ll get no argument from me, she shrugged. It just seems to weird that my sister – who didn’t even have a boyfriend until she was 19 – is now beating a man like Rick into submission.

Rick crawled out of the bedroom, my belt in his hand. It felt inappropriate for him to carry it like that, dragging it along the floor, but I decided to let it slide. I’d educate him on how to properly fetch things later. Crawling up to me, he timidly held the belt forward while bowing his head.

Climb up on the couch, I instructed, taking the belt from his hands. I want you lying face first over my lap.

Rick awkwardly obeyed the order, lying flat over me. With him lying on me I was forced to realize just how much bigger he was than me. It was kind of neat; despite being half his size I still had complete control over him. Settling into position, his head fell in Rachael’s lap.

You know, I observed, that’s the second time you’ve shoved your head between my sister’s legs. You should be careful, I might get jealous.

Rick didn’t seem to understand that I was just kidding. I could feel his breathing quicken as he squirmed, trying to keep in the position that I had ordered while moving his head out of her lap. After amusing myself with his contortions for a few seconds, I grabbed his hair and pushed his head into her lap, holding it in position.

I’m just teasing you, slut, I laughed. God, Rick, I don’t know why you’re so nervous.

It feels weird calling him Rick, Rachael mentioned. I mean, I knew Rick, and this thing might be in his body, but it’s not the same person.

I agree, I stated. Rick is dead; or will be soon at least. I need a new name for my pet here.

How about Duke? she suggested. Duke was our dog as a child; a friendly and lovable Irish Setter.

Duke’s a big dog’s name, I critiqued. This slut may be a bit pudgy, but that shouldn’t earn him a big dog’s name. He should have a yappy dog’s name; given how much he whines. I’m thinking more along the lines of Spot.

Spot calls to mind a very specific dog, she said. When I think Spot, I think of a beagle with a big black spot over his eye.

That’s easy enough, I laughed. Spot, look up here boy!

He painfully twisted his neck, turning his face towards me. Once I had a good angle, I threw my fist into his face, aiming for the eye. My hand hurt like hell, but I hoped it would get me a nice black eye. It seemed easier to fix his markings than to fix his name.

Good boy, I praised. You can put your head back down as soon as you tell me your new name.

Spot, he choked out, clearly having difficulty accepting it.

That’s a very good Spot! I laughed, playfully messing his hair as his head sunk back into Rachael’s lap. Now Spot, it's time for you to be punished for your widdle temper tantrum earlier. I know this may hurt you, but I want you to understand that it’s a good thing. By punishing you, I’m making it possible to forgive you. With each stroke of the belt, I want you to remember that this is how you become a better pet, and that your owner is very generous to give you such a gift. I would also like you to count. Understood?

Yes, owner, Spot whimpered, burying his face in Rachael’s lap.

Taking the belt in my hand, I wrapped it around my fingers a couple times, then doubled it over and held the slack in my hand. Raising it high into the air, I brought it down hard across his ass, resulting in a satisfying thwack. The area that I struck quickly turned bright pink, leaving an imprint of the belt. Unfortunately, the imprint was partially obscured by his ass hair. I made a mental note to wax him when the time was convenient.

One! he painfully grunted.

Repeating the motions, I hit him again and again, trying to cover his entire ass in painful welts. After each stroke he dutifully called out the appropriate number, his voice growing more and more pained each time. Around fourteen his tone made it very clear that he couldn’t take any more. Wanting to make sure the lesson stuck, I raised the belt up one more time and brought it down with all my might, breaking the skin. He cried out in pain, but remembered to call out fifteen. He was making progress.

For such a big guy, you have a remarkably pathetic threshold for pain, I remarked. I suppose that will improve over time, though. Anyway, let’s see what you’ve learned. Why were you punished?

Because I threw a temper tantrum, he confessed.

And was I right to punish you? I continued.

Yes, owner, he replied. It was my fault for acting up.

And finally, are you angry at me for punishing you?

No owner, he sobbed. I’m grateful that you took the time to correct me. Thank you for helping me to become a better pet.

I was thrilled with his answers. It really felt like I had made progress, and that Rick might finally be dead already. Still, I had to be sure – his outburst in the car proved that Rick might just be hiding somewhere in Spot’s body.

That’s a good Spot, I praised him, again stroking his hair. I think you’ve earned some play time. Be a good little bitch and go fetch your toys. Take them into the bathroom and wash them off – take your time, as they will be going in your mouth. Once you’ve done that you may bring them to me.

Yes, owner, he choked out, sliding to the floor. Thank you, owner.

He didn’t sound as sincere as I would have preferred, but I suppose I couldn’t fault him. After all, he was being rewarded with anal rape, and he’d probably prefer some food. Still, I let it slide – I figured he’d learn in time to appreciate any attention I showed him, there was no need to force it early.

Shake that ass, slut! Rachael called as he crawled away to fetch his toys. Get it nice and hot, cause it’s going to get fucked hard!

You’re horrible, I laughed, playfully slapping her shoulder.

Please, she replied, that cocksucker deserves worse than that. So, anything I should know? I’ve never fucked a man in the ass.

There’s a lot, actually, I answered, pretending I was far more experienced in sodomizing men than I really was. With Spot, anal sex is a weird concept. He won’t admit it, but he fucking loves it. At the same time, he’s absolutely terrified of it. You want to stretch the terror out. Give him some tasks, make him think that he might be able to avoid getting ass-fucked if he does them well enough.

I still get to fuck him in the ass, though, right? she asked.

Of course, I laughed. Just not right away. You can crash here tonight, so there’s no rush. Take your time and have fun with it – I’d highly suggest fucking his face with the strap-on, it’s way more fun than you’d think.

Spot crawled out of the bathroom carrying the strap-on, butt plug, and lube; the toys still dripping water. Again approaching the couch, he timidly presented me with the toys and lowered his head. I thought about taking them from him, but it didn’t seem right. I could fuck him anytime, and Rachael was a guest. It seemed only fair that she should go first.

Spot, I explained, I’ve already fucked your skanky holes today. Let Rachael have a turn. Service her well, and maybe I’ll toss you a bone.

Spot turned to face Rachael, and offered her the toys instead. His body language wasn’t quite the same, though. It had felt like he was submissively offering them to me, but now it felt like he was just shoving them in her face. Her facial expression suggested that she felt the same.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with these? she demanded.

Just take them, Rachael, he sighed.

Wrapping the belt around my hand again, I lashed out and connected right below his eye. It must have hurt; he fell to the ground and clutched his face in pain. As he looked up, I beckoned for him to approach.

That’s a very bad Spot, I scolded. First of all, you do not give orders to anyone. You don’t tell her to take them, you ask her if she wants to take them – beg her, if need be. Secondly, you will not address people by their first name. She’s ma’am to you, not Rachael. Finally, you need to watch your body language. You’re begging her to play with you, not trying to palm off your disgusting toys. Now try it again, and try not to fuck it up this time.

Spot crawled up to Sara, clearly in a lot of pain. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken the belt to his face, but it was really his fault for being so disrespectful. Lowering his head, he presented her with his toys, this time more submissively.

Please, ma’am, he whimpered. Would you like to play with me?

How should I play with you, slut? she laughed. What exactly do you expect me to do with these filthy toys?

You could fuck my mouth, he suggested, clearly eager to direct her away from his asshole.

I don’t know, she sighed. That sounds kinda boring, to be honest. What else could I do with them?

Spot looked terrified. He was still so afraid of having his ass violated, making him suggest it might have been a little too much. He looked at me, pleading with his eyes to protect him. Still feeling a little bad about the belt to his face, I took pity on him.

Give it a chance, I suggested. Fucking his mouth is actually pretty fun. If you get bored with it, I’m sure he’d be happy to offer alternatives.

Spot looked at me, beaming with happiness and gratitude. Somehow he didn’t realize that his ass would still be getting fucked, just not right away. Still, it seemed cruel to shatter his hope, so I let him continue thinking that he might be safe.

Rachael took Spot’s toys and slipped into the strap-on. Sitting back down, Spot crawled between her legs and eyed the dildo. Probably hoping to avoid his inevitable ass-fucking he thrust his head down on it, greedily stuffing it into his mouth.

Bad Spot! I shouted, feeling a bit repulsed by his actions. Look, I know you’re eager to get all that tasty cock in you, but that’s no excuse for behaving like a pig. Before you go all out on that cock, I expect you to show it some respect. Give it some kisses; demonstrate your reverence for it.

Spot quickly obeyed, gingerly kissing the tip of the strap-on. I don’t know if he was acting out of fear of me or just wanted to put off the harder abuse as long as he could, but it didn’t really matter. As he gently licked the shaft, I couldn’t help but giggle at little.

Wow, Spot, Rachael commented. You’re a really good cocksucker. You must really enjoy this, faggot.

As we laughed at his humiliation, Rachael ran her fingers through Spot’s hair. She waited for him to raise his mouth to the tip of the dildo to give it another kiss, then gripped hard and pulled his head all the way down, roughly forcing the plastic dick down his throat. Spot gagged a little and reflexively pulled back. I was a bit disappointed by that, but he corrected himself and allowed her to hold his head down before I felt compelled to punish him.

How long can he keep this dick in his throat? she wondered.

Pretty much as long as you want him to, I answered. He might cry a bit, but he’ll live. He knows that if he tries to take it out, I’ll make him cry worse.

I have to admit, Spot, she said, I’m starting to see why you enjoyed doing this to me. All those times, I thought you were just being an asshole, but now I really get it – it’s just fun.

Rachael permitted Stop to come up for air. Dislodging the dildo from his mouth, he gasped heavily for air. Rachael gave him a few more seconds before forcing him all the way back down and again holding him in place.

It’s funny in a way, she continued. When you used to gag me like this I used to think about how you could never handle it if the situation was reversed. Now that I see that you can, I’m actually a little less angry. It’s nice to know that while you may have been a scumbag piece of shit, at least you weren’t a hypocrite.

Again relaxing her grip, Spot came up and gasped desperately for air. Laughing at his suffering, she only gave him a couple seconds before again impaling him. He looked miserable, but from what Rachael was saying it sounded like he deserved it.

You look unhappy, she remarked. I bet you think I’m just going to gag you like this all night. Relax, I’m just getting you warmed up – you’ll get a chance to show off the full range of your skills. In fact, I think that’s enough gagging for now. Show me how you suck cock, Spot. Do it the way you used to demand that I do it.

Taking her hand off Spot’s head, he came up for air again. He took a bit longer than I would have liked to catch his breath. Displeased with his selfish behavior, I let out a heavy sigh and again wrapped the belt around my hand. Quickly picking up on my hint, Spot went back to work; forcing his head down on the strap-on.

His method would best be described as violent. Each stroke was long – he’d start at the tip and go all the way down, until his face butted up against her stomach. At the same time, it was fast; he kept his head moving at all times. I appreciated his lack of concern for his own comfort, but was getting a bit irritated. Rachael had ordered him to do it the way that he used to demand, which meant that he had put my sister in just as painful and degrading a position as he was in now. I knew it was consensual between them, but it still seemed wrong. As I took in the inhumanity of the act, I felt myself getting angry. He looked like he was about to cry; I could only imagine how Rachael must have felt when she was on the receiving side.

You look fucking miserable, Spot, I snapped. Do you have any idea how insulting that is to a lady? If you don’t like getting fucked in your mouth, that’s fine – we’ll just go straight to your asshole next time.

Spot struggled to fake a smile. It couldn’t have been easy; frankly I’m amazed that he was able to keep from vomiting, given the brutality of the blowjob. I was impressed by his effort, but it wasn’t enough. Still angry, I picked up his butt plug as Spot watched out of the corner of his eye.

As I coated the plug in lube, Spot gradually slowed his actions. Rachael didn’t seem to care for this; she slapped him hard across the face, connecting right where I had hit him with the belt earlier. Spot’s whimper was muffled by the dick in his mouth, but it was obvious that it really hurt him. Ignoring his suffering, I got up with the butt plug and walked behind him.

He seemed to be having difficulty focusing; most likely he was distracted by what he knew was about to happen. He probably should have thought of that before he degraded my sister, though. Aiming the butt plug I forcefully shoved it in, ignoring his pained groans. Once fully inserted he collapsed into Rachael’s lap, looking fully defeated.

You’re not done yet, you fucking whore, I hissed. She told you to suck her cock the way you made her suck yours, and that’s what you’re going to do. I want to see exactly how you defiled my sister, just in case I start feeling accidentally merciful towards you later.

Grabbing him by the hair I forced his head down hard, held it in position for a few seconds, and then began to violently pump it up and down. He tried to protest, but all I heard were wet, guttural sounds. Unable to handle it, tears began to stream down his face.

Don’t you fucking cry, slut! I demanded. We’re not done until you show me how much you fucking love this. I swear to god, if I don’t see a giant fucking smile on that whore face of yours I will show you what pain really is.

Spot struggled to obey my order, but I wasn’t making it easy on him. From my position I had excellent leverage, and I took full advantage of that. With each stroke I challenged myself to push him harder, faster; all the while he could do nothing but accept it. I went on for a good five minutes or so before I started to worry that I might actually hurt him bad enough to require a trip to the emergency room. Pulling his head back, I shoved him to the floor.

Stupid bitch, I sneered. Can’t even suck cock right.

Spot slowly climbed up onto his hands and knees, and crawled in front of me. He was a mess. His eye was swollen; his face covered in his own spit and tears. As he looked up at me, though, I was surprised by his expression. He didn’t look angry at all. He looked a little afraid, but mostly he looked remorseful.

I’m sorry that I failed you again, owner, he sobbed. Please punish me so that you can forgive me? I promise I’ll cooperate.

I felt a little bad. What he had done with Rachael in the past was consensual, and I really shouldn’t have punished him for something that my sister was okay with at the time. Still, I couldn’t show any regret over my actions. Spot needed discipline; he needed someone to beat him into submission in order to be keep him from regressing into Rick. Hardening my heart, I reminded myself that this was for his own good.

I guess I should have seen it coming, I sighed. You might love sucking cock, but you’re fucking horrible at it. The deal was that if you did a good job you might be spared an ass fucking. Since you’ve fucked that up, I don’t want to hear a single fucking word of complaint coming out of that worthless mouth of yours. Get on your fucking hands and knees in front of Rachael and present your slut ass to her.

Spot obeyed immediately, quickly crawling in front of Rachael and lifting his ass into the air. It felt good to watch. I’m sure that some of his speed was due to his fear of further punishment, but I really believe that a big part of it was his desire to atone for disappointing me.

Rachael seemed quite eager to do her part. Reaching forward, she pulled the plug out of his ass and set it on the floor. Approaching him, she aimed the tip of the strap-on and wrapped her hands around his waist.

I hope you’re ready for this, she hissed, because I’m not going to be gentle.

Before Spot had a chance to react Rachael viciously thrust her hips forward, slamming the dildo into Spot’s ass. Clearly unprepared, he stumbled and fell forward a little. To his credit, though, he immediately got back up.

Don’t make me do all the work you lazy whore, she growled as she slapped his ass. Fuck back. Show me how much you love a nice hard cock up your ass!

Spot groaned in displeasure, but obeyed her order just the same. It was wrong of him, of course – he should have been moaning like a bitch in heat, whether he felt like it or not. I still felt bad for how rough I was on him earlier, though, so I decided to cut him some slack. Stripping out of my pants I laid down in front of him and pulled my panties to the side. The best way to keep him from getting into trouble with his mouth was to keep that mouth occupied.

It felt really weird getting into that position with my sister watching. Even though I was older Rachael had always viewed me as somewhat childlike, and I think that might have been a big part of why I did it. I wanted her to realize that I was an adult, and I could be just as sexual as she could.

Spot didn’t need to be told what to do; he dived right in as soon as I got into position. He must have really loved eating pussy, even back when he was still Rick. God knows he was good at it. Grabbing him by the hair I pulled him in and held him in place while Rachael took control from behind.

As Spot used his tongue to prove to me that he wasn’t completely worthless, I made eye contact with Rachael. With Spot being no more than a sex toy, I again felt as though I was committing incest. The expression on her face led me to believe that she felt the same way. Neither of us seemed to have a problem with it, though – neither of us looked away.

Working into a rhythm, I found that each time Rachael thrust forward, Spot responded by jutting his tongue into me. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to fantasize openly about being fucked by my own sister. It wasn’t far from reality.

Between Spot’s oral prowess, the taboo of the situation, and the sexual energy I had pent up from the diner I was in heaven. After only a few minutes my body quaked in orgasm. I had to bite my tongue – not because I was afraid of being too loud, but because I was afraid that I’d call out Rachael’s name.

Gradually coming back down, I opened my eyes to see Rachael, still hammering away at Spot’s asshole. I gave him a minute to lick as much girl cum as he could out of my pussy – I figured he was probably still hungry. Getting back up, I took a seat back on the couch and relaxed, watching Spot’s abuse.

It seemed that he had gotten past the pain phase and was enjoying his sodomy, which was good. I didn’t want to have to punish him for failure to moan, and now that wouldn’t be an issue. He was clearly enjoying himself as much as Rachael was.

Spot lasted a few more minutes before he began begging for permission to cum. I don’t think Rachael was done just yet, but I gave permission anyway. Spot had performed well, and post-orgasm I was feeling more mellow and merciful. Rachael looked disappointed, but she’d live. There would be other times to abuse him.

Spot threw his body back against Rachael as a thick stream of cum launched out of his cock, landing on my hardwood floor. Rachael looked a bit disgusted, but she let him finish before pulling out. Standing up, she delivered a quick kick to Spot’s midsection, causing him to fall over on his side.

Disgusting little pig, she hissed. How dare you make a mess like that on my sister’s floor? Lick it the fuck up!

Yes, ma’am, Spot sobbed, climbing up to his knees.

Spot crawled over to the puddle he had left on the floor. He was clearly disgusted, though he did try his hardest to mask it. Leaning over, he dutifully licked his cum up, swallowing every last drop as Rachael laughed. I could tell that the laughter hurt him, but he was the one that made the mess.

I let Spot finish cleaning up his mess before I called him over. He dutifully crawled up to me and lowered his head. Feeling relaxed in my post-orgasmic state, I calmly stroked his hair.

You got off to a weak start there, I commented, but you improved. Overall, I think I’d give you a C-minus. With your track record, that’s actually quite impressive.

Thank you, owner, he replied meekly.

I can’t reward you for your performance, of course, I continued, but I won’t punish you either. I’ve punished you enough today, anyway. I’d like to see if you can make it until tomorrow without forcing me to punish you.

Yes, owner, he answered. I’ll try my best to not disappoint you.

I know you’ll try, I sighed, but I think you may need a little help. I’m going to put you in time-out for now. Being inanimate seems to keep you out of trouble. I’ll need to gag you, of course, so I’d like you to fetch me the panties you were wearing earlier.

Yes, owner, he sobbed, as he crawled off.

Oh, Spot? I called after him. From now on, fetch with your mouth, not your hand.

Spot returned with the filthy panties in his mouth. He clearly didn’t like carrying them that way, and I couldn’t blame him. Even from a distance I could see the wad he had deposited back in the diner. He looked so pathetic as he crawled up to me. Taking pity on him, I reached down and took them out of his mouth.

Good boy, I praised as I stroked his hair. I know you probably don’t want these to go back in your mouth, and I don’t blame you. They’re soaked with your filthy little piggy cum; no one in their right mind would want to taste that.

Unfortunately, I continued, you did make this mess, so it’s only right that you should have to clean it up. I want you to know that this isn’t a punishment, though – I’m not angry at you at all. Now, open your mouth, slut.

Balling the panties up, I shoved them into Spot’s mouth. Once I had them all the way in I put my hand under his chin and forced his mouth closed. I’m sure he would have liked to have spit them out, but he knew better.

I spent the next several hours just hanging out with Rachael. It was really nice, we watched a few movies, chatted, and pretty much ignored Spot entirely – though we did use him as a foot rest. Spot seemed mostly okay with it; he simply curled up into a ball at the foot of the couch and relaxed. We were so pleased with his behavior that we let him briefly remove his gag and have some popcorn. He had to beg for it on his hind legs and catch it in his mouth, of course – I didn’t want to spoil him.

Eventually, I began feeling tired. I led Spot into the bedroom, and removed his gag. Taking the rope I tied his ankles together, then his wrists, then tied his ankles to his wrists; binding him in a fetal position. Leaving him at the foot of the bed, I tossed a towel over him to use as a blanket. I didn’t want him to think that I was cruel.

Rachael slept in my bed with me. With my sister in my arms and my pet on the floor, I felt extremely safe, and extremely happy. Life was good.

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The Contest - Chapter Four, Plot One

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential fourth chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

Please Rick, no, I pleaded as I got into his car. I’ll cooperate with you when we make the tape, I’ll hand deliver it to her, I’ll even hang around while she watches it; but I can’t have her in the room when we do it.

Why is that? he asked.

She’s my sister! I exclaimed. It’s gross enough that now she knows about the things you’ve done to me, and I don’t even want to think about what happened back in the diner. Christ, I think today was literally the first time we’ve ever even discussed sex.

Funny, Rick commented, I never would have guessed based on how you shoved your tongue down her throat.

She shoved her tongue down mine, I corrected him.

Ah, my mistake, Rick laughed. Was she also the one who came while a diner full of strangers watched?

Forced to remember what I had done, I hung my head in shame. I couldn’t believe how low I had sunk. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe that no matter how disgusted I was with myself, I didn’t want it to end.

Sitting in silence, I wanted Rick to say something. I hated being left alone with my thoughts; thoughts that made it increasingly difficult to pretend that this was all rape. Not in the habit of reducing my pain, though, Rick simply drove in silence; giving me ample time to torment myself.

Ricked pulled up in front of a small house. Parking the car, he got out and waved at Rachael, who had been following us. Taking a deep breath, I exited the vehicle and followed Rick inside.

He led me into his living room and instructed for me to sit on the couch. As I obeyed, Rachael took a seat next to me, with Rick sitting in a chair opposite the coffee table. As they stared at me with examining eyes, I looked around.

Rick’s place was small, but not tiny. Nearly devoid of any decoration, it was clearly the abode of a single man. While I wouldn’t call it dirty, it was certainly a bit on the messy side – though random objects were carelessly left without a proper place, I didn’t feel like I needed a tetanus shot to sit down.

She’s too messy, Rick observed. I want her enthusiastic and happy for this, especially if you’re planning to show it off.

Good point, Rachael agreed. Could we also make her look a bit more whorish? Right now she looks like just some random girl, it doesn’t really mesh with the sex fiend image that I think you’re going for.

I’d like that, Rick remarked, though I don’t exactly have a closet full of women’s clothing. I do have scissors, though, if you’d like to make some quick alterations to what she’s wearing.

That could do work, Rachael stated. I’ve got some makeup to fix her up as well.

I’ll grab the scissors, Rick said as he rose, before turning his attention to me. Sara, give your sister your clothes. I expect you to obey her as you would me until I return.

Outnumbered and on his turf, I had no choice but to comply. As Rick left the room I took off my shirt and handed it to Rachael. Removing my pants, I saw her eyes grow wide. Looking down, I understood why – my panties were soaked, where they were once opaque white cotton they were now practically transparent.

I hope you’re not planning to sit back down with those on, Rachael warned. Frankly, you shouldn’t even have them anymore. It seems to me that if a man can make your panties that wet, you ought to offer them to him as a trophy.

Please Rachael, I pleaded. He’s not in the room. You’re my sister; you need to stop helping him violate me.

I may be your sister, she sneered, but until he gets back I’m your fucking owner. I don’t want to disappoint him; maybe if you were as diligent in your duties you wouldn’t find yourself in this mess. If you don’t want to see how willing I am to abuse the fuck out of you, sister or not, you’d better remove the panties and offer them to him when he gets back.

Sobbing, I slid my panties down and gathered them in my hand. Now naked except for my bra and the sex toy strapped crudely to my crotch, I felt extremely vulnerable. Rachael’s obvious stares only intensified this feeling. I wanted to tell her to stop, that it was inappropriate to look at her sister like that, but given the situation it seemed pointless.

Rick returned with the scissors and handed them to my sister. Remembering Rachael’s instructions, I offered him my panties. Smiling, he glanced at Rachael knowingly.

What’s this? he asked, feigning ignorance.

A trophy, I mumbled in shame.

Aww, how sweet, he laughed. Tell me, what have I done to earn such a trophy?

I wanted to give a short answer in the hopes of quickly ending this conversation. Rachael seemed to have guessed that, and shot me a warning glance, as if to remind me that my answer had better be good. I didn’t want to provoke her, and giving Rick a brief answer was unlikely to make him stop embarrassing me anyway.

You made my cunt so wet that I soaked through my panties, I whimpered. When a man does that, he deserves a trophy. Please accept my panties as proof of your conquest.

Good answer, he acknowledged, but I can’t take all the credit here. I merely set the situation up; it was your sister that ultimately pushed you over the edge. I think she deserves the trophy, not me.

Mortified by the thought but without alternative, I offered my panties to Rachael. Rachael looked at me with disgust for a second before accepting them, but held them at arm’s length. I hoped that she would put them down, but she didn’t seem interested in letting it go so quickly.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with these? she laughed at me. I’m certainly not going to wear them, not after you’ve defiled them like this. Wait, I know – open your mouth, bitch.

As I opened my mouth, Rachael wadded my panties into a ball. Carefully examining them, she manipulated the fabric so that the inside of the crotch was facing out. Once satisfied, she stuffed them into my mouth and took a seat.

Keep those in there until you’re told you may remove them, she ordered. You can occupy yourself by sucking the cunt cream out of them.

Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to discuss some of the ground rules, Rick announced. As you know, Sara, you’re about to star in your very own pornographic video. Both your sister and I have plans for showing off this video, so it’s critical that you deliver a performance that will work with the ideas we’re trying to convey. Do you understand?

Unable to speak, I simply nodded my head in acceptance.

Good girl, he praised. So, first rule: you will not identify either your sister or myself at any point. Both of us have reputations to protect, and we can’t be seen as the type of people who would stoop so low as to fuck a disgusting whore such as yourself. Do not refer to either of us by name, or give any indication that you know who we are.

The second rule, he continued, also concerns identity – this time yours. You will identify yourself by your full name on tape, and will not attempt to conceal your identity in any way throughout the shooting. In the finished product, there should be absolutely no doubt in the viewer’s mind that it’s definitely you getting your asshole reamed. Understood?

I nodded again.

Finally, I want you to demonstrate enthusiasm. I want you desperate for cock, not reluctantly accepting it. Grovel for it, beg for it, spare yourself no dignity. In other words, quit pretending you’re being raped – you’re not fooling anyone, anyway.

Laughing at his comment, Rachael put the final touches on my shirt. She had slashed away the bottom so that it would only come down to a couple inches below my breasts, and given it a plunging neckline to show my cleavage. She held the altered clothing up for Rick’s approval.

Not ideal, he critiqued, but I suppose it will do the job. Get her dressed and made up. The bathroom is down the hall.

Rachael escorted me to Rick’s bathroom, carrying me newly altered clothes in one hand and her purse in the other. Entering the bathroom, she stood me in front of the mirror and removed the panties from my mouth.

I could see what Rick meant when he said that I was too messy. My face was sticky with a mixture of tears, saliva, and cum. Grabbing a washcloth and holding it under the sink, Rachael prepared to correct this.

Try to relax, she encouraged. You don’t have a choice in this, so you may as well enjoy it.

Why are you helping him? I sobbed. Are you really that mad about what happened in high school?

I’m still a little irritated, she admitted. High school could have been fun without you cock-blocking me every chance you got. To answer your question, though, I’m not just helping him – I’m helping you. You’ve always been so obsessed with being so proper. I think a nice, hard ass-fucking could do you a world of good. It sounds like you enjoy it, anyway. Did you really cum twice?

Yes, I confessed. I don’t know what happened. Have you ever had anal sex?

Oh god, no, she laughed. Sara, I know you think I’m a little loose, but I’m not a slut. Only sluts take it in the ass.

Rachael finished cleaning me up and applied the makeup. She did good work. Not only did I no longer look miserable, I really looked like a whore. As I marveled at her work, she stripped off my bra and removed the vibrator. Handing me the clothes, she instructed me to put them on.

Calling them clothes would be a bit of a stretch. I owned swimsuits that exposed less skin than my shirt and pants now did. Rachael, however, apparently didn’t think that she had gone far enough. Picking up her lipstick, she wrote the word WHORE across my chest in bright, red letters. It might have just been my imagination, but it felt like she used the opportunity to cop a feel.

There, she stated, now you look the part. I need you to act the part, too. I want to see you cum hard, Sara. I’ll know if you fake it, too – I am your sister and all. If you don’t cum for real, I will let Rick know. Promise me that you’ll show your little sister how a slut cums when she gets fucked in the ass.

I promise, I sighed. After the experiences in the diner and Kate’s apartment, I knew I would anyway. The challenge would have been if she had made me promise not to cum.

Rachael marched me back into the living room where we found Rick playing with a camera. Handing it to Rachael, he removed his shirt and tied it over his head, hiding his face. He instructed me to take a seat on the couch as Rachael turned the camera on and pointed it at me.

Hi there! he announced. What’s your name?

Uhm, Sara, I guess? I stammered out.

Rick let out a heavy sigh and motioned to Rachael to stop recording. Approaching the couch, he took a seat next to me. Grabbing me by the shoulder, he pulled me over his lap. I put up no struggle; I knew it was futile anyway.

It wasn’t a trick question, he explained. You don’t have to guess. You know what your name is; all you have to do is state it clearly for the camera – along with your last name as well.

She didn’t sound very cheerful, either, Rachael pointed out. If you’re going to punish her, can I help?

Possibly, Rick pondered. Let’s let her decide. Sara, you’re going to be spanked for your poor performance. Would you prefer that I deliver the spanking, or your sister?

Please don’t make me pick, I begged. It was bad enough that I was going to be spanked, making me decide who did it was just evil.

If you don’t want to decide, that’s fine, Rick shrugged. You can get a spanking from both of us. If you’d rather just get one, though, I recommend you tell me whom you’d like to deliver it.

As Rick slid my pants down to my thighs I thought about my options. If I went with Rick, it would probably hurt a lot more – he was a lot bigger than Rachael, after all. Additionally, Rachael would probably resent me for it. Going with Rachael, on the other hand, would mean that I’d be spanked by my little sister, which seemed especially humiliating. Still, it would be less painful, and I didn’t think Rick would mind it if I chose her.

I guess I’ll go with Rachael, I groaned. It sucked, but at least she might be a little gentler.

Why aren’t I surprised, you little dyke whore? Rachael laughed, putting down the camera and approaching.

Burying my head in the couch, I braced myself for the impact. It came quickly, and it came hard – it was clearly a mistake to assume that Rachael would be gentle. I was shocked – not only that Rachael would be willing to hit me that hard, but that she was even capable of doing so.

Careful, Rick cautioned. I don’t want any bruises that are visible in the video. Try not to leave any marks.

Aww, come on Rick, she argued. This bitch is probably loving this. Go ahead and check her cunt, I bet she’s already juicing up down there.

I silently prayed that he wouldn’t. Rachael was right – the humiliation, the burning sensation spreading from my ass cheek to the rest of my body, and the overall feeling of powerlessness was taking its toll on me. My mind might have hated this, but my cunt was drooling for more.

My prayers went unanswered. Encouraged by my own sister, Rick crudely jammed his hand between my legs, worming his fingers into my pussy. As he began finger fucking me, I again buried my head in his couch, trying to ignore the tell-tale wet sounds emanating from my crotch.

I guess a few marks wouldn’t by a problem, Rick conceded, and she does seem to enjoy it. Try not to draw blood, though.

Told you so, my sister laughed as she struck me again. God, I love the way her ass jiggles when I hit it hard.

It was humiliating. I felt so intensely vulnerable, bent over Rick’s knee, unable to fight back or even defend myself. The fact that they both knew how aroused I was made it worse, but the fact that my little sister was the one responsible made it almost unbearable. Closing my eyes, I tried to pretend that it was someone – anyone – other than Rachael doing the spanking.

I think that’s enough, Rick announced after Rachael had hit my several more times.

I was just getting warmed up! Rachael protested. She was enjoying this way too much.

Don’t be disappointed, I’m sure she’ll do something worthy of punishment soon enough, Rick comforted her. And hey, maybe the next time I’ll get a bit more creative than just spanking. I can think of other ways you could abuse Sara that might be more enjoyable.

Rick’s words scared the hell out of me. I could easily imagine him punishing me by having my own sister sexually assault me, and the way that Rachael was acting I could imagine her going along with it. I told myself that it was disgusting, and on a conscious level I believed it, but my cunt was intrigued.

Climbing up off Rick’s lap I took a seat on the couch. It hurt a bit to sit down, but I did my best to conceal it. My cunt might have been looking forward to the next punishment, but my brain was perfectly fine with putting it off as long as possible. As Rachael turned the camera back on, we began again.

Hello, there! Rick announced. What’s your name?

I’m Sara Fishuvudet! I replied, doing my best to sound cheerful.

Wow, Sara, you sure sound happy, Rick observed. What’s got you in such high spirits?

Well, I answered, I’m about to get my ass fucked! There’s nothing I love more than a nice, hard cock up my ass!

And who is the lucky gentleman who will be doing this deed? Rick asked. Is it someone you know?

I don’t know, I answered. It might be? I don’t really care, as long as I get ass-fucked.

I wondered if I was overdoing it. With Rick’s face covered by the mask it was difficult to judge his reaction. I didn’t want to act any sluttier than I needed to in order to avoid punishment, but without seeing his reaction it was difficult for me to know where that line was.

So, Sara, Rick continued, tell me about the last time that you got ass-fucked.

It was just last night, I answered. I was hanging out with some friends, and this guy fucked me in the ass while they watched. It was so hot; I came twice!

Was that guy a friend? Rick prodded.

No, I answered honestly. Actually, I fucking hate him. He’s a real piece of shit. But you know how it is, whores like me can’t be picky, and his cock was hard!

I hoped that my comment at the end would spare me Rick’s wrath. In a way, describing him as my enemy worked for the image he was trying to portray, and it was just too tempting to pass up a chance to verbally bash him. I wished that I could see his face; I really wanted to know if he was smiling or growling at me.

Whichever it was, he apparently wasn’t angry enough to stop filming. Walking into the frame, he stood in front of me and dropped his pants. His semi-hard dick flopped out, but he didn’t grab me or force me to do anything with it. Realizing that he probably wanted me to take the initiative on camera, I forced myself to smile and put it in my mouth.

Rick didn’t seem to approve. He shoved me back against the couch, causing me to look up in confusion. Playfully, he reached forward and slapped me across the face.

I know you’re eager to get that dick hard enough to ram up your asshole, he laughed, but try to slow down a bit. Give it some kisses, first.

It made sense; Rick wanted me to look like the aggressor, not the victim. By telling me to slow down on camera, he made it look like he was the chaste one. Figuring I would look like a whore no matter what happened, I played along.

I’m sorry, sir, I pleaded as I planted kisses along his shaft. I just love cock so much, sometimes I can’t control myself.

It’s okay, bitch, he laughed. Take your time, though. I promise, you’ll get your ass fucked soon enough.

If Rick’s cock was any indication, he approved of my manner of speech. It grew rapidly under my kisses until it was rock hard. Feeling him put his hand on the back of my head, I opened my mouth to allow his cock into my mouth.

I tried to move my head forward but Rick wouldn’t allow it. Instead, he simply held me in place as he forced his cock further into my mouth and down my throat. It took all of my energy just to suppress my gag reflex as my nose butted up against his stomach.

Rick held me in that position for several seconds. Running low on oxygen I began to worry, but he released my head before I felt the need to struggle. Moving his hand to my chin, he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

I know you probably didn’t enjoy that, he whispered. If you’d like to avoid having it done to you again, I recommend you show me how a good whore sucks cock. No matter what I say on camera, I want you to be aggressive – hurt yourself it if need be. Fail me, and the next time I ram my dick down your throat I’ll keep it there until you turn blue.

Rick stood back up and placed his hands on his hips. Not wanting to be gagged again I lunged forward, eagerly shoving his cock into my mouth. Forcing it into my throat until it became uncomfortable I began a series of quick, short thrusts.

Deeper, he growled.

Obeying his order, I began going deeper with each stroke. It was tremendously uncomfortable, but in a way, that made it hot. Each time I forced myself to push just a little further, until I had it in all the way. I hoped that Rick appreciated my efforts, but there was no way to know for sure.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachael slide her hand down the front of her skirt. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. My mind screamed at me that it was wrong, that she shouldn’t do things like that in my presence, and especially not as a result of abuse that I was suffering. At the same time, I wanted her to continue. I don’t know why, but the idea of my own sister masturbating to my brutal throat raping was a major turn-on. It didn’t matter, anyway – even if I had the words to make her stop, I’d be unable to speak them with Rick’s cock rapidly plunging in and out of my mouth.

Rick had me continue for several more minutes. Each time I went too slow or too shallow he’d punish me by grabbing me by the back of my head and thrusting his cock in all the way, then holding me in that position for a few seconds. I tried to avoid that fate as well as I could, but as time progressed my jaw and neck began to ache.

Eventually Rick decided that I had enough and pulled his cock out of my mouth, again shoving me back to the couch. Picking up a container of lotion, he squirted some on his hand and began rubbing it into his cock. I began to disrobe – the clothing wasn’t concealing much anyway, and I figured I’d probably be punished if I kept it on too long.

You know where this is going, don’t you? Rick taunted.

Up my ass! I cheered, doing my best to sound ditzy.

Show me, slut, he ordered.

Facing the couch, I pointed at my ass. I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted, and hoped that it would be enough. Though I couldn’t see Rick’s reaction, I could see Rebecca’s – and she looked a bit disappointed with my performance. I hoped that Rick didn’t feel the same way.

I didn’t say point at your butt, you ignorant whore, he sneered. Show me exactly where you’re about to get fucked.,/p>

Realizing he wanted something far more explicit, I climbed up on my knees on his couch. Bending over, I reached back and pulled my butt cheeks apart, giving him a clear view of my vulnerable openings. Rachael’s expression implied that it still wasn’t enough. Not sure what else to do, I slid a finger into my ass. I felt like the biggest whore in the world, but I was beginning to feel like that wasn’t a bad thing.

Get yourself ready, Rick growled, tossing me the lotion.

Picking it up, I squirted some onto my finger and began to massage it in. My flesh was still tender from the night before, but the pain was manageable. Realizing that they probably wanted me to put on a show, I began pumping the finger in and out. It was humiliating; I was basically masturbating anally in front of my sister, my enemy, and a video camera, but I had no choice.

I hope you don’t think a single finger is going to prepare you, Rick warned. If I’m going to do you the honor of fucking you in the ass, I’m not going to be gentle.

I wouldn’t expect you to, I sighed, slipping a second finger in.

As I pumped the two fingers in, Rick motioned to Rachael to get in closer. Rachael brought the camera mere inches away from me, making sure that they’d have a good shot of my self-defilement. If she was in any way hesitant about getting so close she certainly didn’t show it – her face was close enough to me that I could feel her heavy breathing on my exposed skin.

Not wanting to force Rick to warn me again, I slid a third finger in as soon as I felt it was possible. Pumping it in and out, I tried to ignore the fact that my own sister was watching and recording my every movement. This wasn’t easy. I could hear wet noises coming from her crotch; it was becoming increasingly difficult to pretend that she wasn’t touching herself as she watched.

I should have told her to stop. It was inappropriate enough for her to be watching, masturbating to something like this was just beyond the pale. I couldn’t, though. Even if I thought I could force her to, I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted her to take over for me; wanted her to be the one finger fucking my ass. I didn’t want to think about what that meant.

Will you please come over here and fuck me in the ass already? I begged. I wasn’t sure that I was ready, but I had to do something. I was afraid that if I didn’t make something happen, I would do something with Rachael that I would regret later.

I guess since you asked so nicely, Rick laughed, it would be cruel to deny you.

Rick waited for me to remove my fingers and then placed the head of his dick at my anal opening. Pushing hard, he forced the tip in, but went no further. Rachael backed off a bit, though just enough to allow Rick room to operate. As Rick wrapped his hands around my waist I took a deep breath and braced myself for the moment of impact.

Get the camera on her face, he instructed. I want a close-up of her reaction when it goes in.

Rachael did as he asked, taking a seat on the couch next to me and pointing the camera at my face. Somehow, her new position made me feel even more vulnerable than when she had the camera aimed at my ass. With her right in front of me it was impossible to pretend that she wasn’t there, and equally impossible to pretend she wasn’t rubbing her clit under her skirt.

I didn’t have much time to worry about it, though. As soon as the camera was aimed, Rick pushed in hard. I wasn’t prepared – the pain was nearly unbearable. I cried out in pain, but it didn’t stop him. He continued pushing in until I felt his balls slap against my cunt.

I’m not going too hard, now am I? he laughed.

His question was a cruel joke. He knew goddamned well that he was, but I knew that I’d be punished if I said yes. Rachael seemed to find the whole situation tremendously amusing; she looked as though she was having the time of her life.

No, I lied through my teeth, struggling futilely to mask the pain in my voice. I like it hard.

Rick was fully inside of me, but he wasn’t moving. I thought for a second that he might be showing me mercy, but then quickly remembered whom I was dealing with. Rick was a sadistic asshole; mercy was not something that he was fond of. He wasn’t giving me time to adjust, or sparing me from pain – he was waiting for me to fuck back so that he’d have further proof that I was the whore he claimed that I was.

Sliding forward, I moved until everything but the head of his cock was no longer in me. Clenching my teeth, I slowly pushed back, forcing him back in. I knew he probably wanted me to go fast, but that just wasn’t realistic. The pain that I was in was easily overpowering my fear of punishment.

Taking a deep breath, I repeated the motion with slightly more force. Just as I had when he was raping my mouth, I forced myself to go a bit faster with each stroke, working into a rhythm. As the pain began to fade, I actually began to enjoy the sense of power. Though Rick might have controlled the situation, I was controlling the sex act. It was minor, but in a way it was a victory.

Rick, of course, did not let that victory last. Seeing that I could handle it, he began to fuck back. Each time I threw myself back he thrust forward to meet me. With the pain fading, I found myself pushing harder and harder, trying to outdo him. I wanted to show him that I hadn’t given up, that there was still some fight in me.

Unfortunately, that fight was short lived. Content that she had enough footage of my facial reactions, Rachael aimed the camera back at my ass. With my torso out of the frame, she took her hand out of her skirt and wrapped her arm around my waist, holding me still. Not wanting to give up so easily I struggled against her, but with the leverage her position provided I was unable to move.

With my being held paralyzed by my own sister, Rick jumped at the opportunity to fuck me as hard as he could. The feeling was bizarre – though painful, each stroke was putting strong pressure on my G-spot. My orgasm building, I ceased my struggles and went passive, allowing Rick to do as he pleased.

Once Rachael saw that I was no longer struggling against her she removed her arm from me and stuck her hand back down her skirt. With her kneeling on the couch next to me, I was inches away from her crotch. I could see the movement under the fabric of her skirt; I could hear the sounds. Unable to hold back any longer, I came hard. Rachael seemed to notice; the movement under her skirt grew faster.

After my orgasm finished, Rick grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the couch. Falling to the ground, I watched him take a seat next to Rachael. He motioned for her to take a seat in the chair facing him, and motioned for me to take a seat on him. Still in a state of post-orgasmic delirium, I quickly complied; impaling myself on his cock while facing my sister.

Rachael made no attempt to hide the fact that she was masturbating. Facing me, she spread her legs apart and hiked her skirt up. Pulling her panties to the side, I found it impossible to look away. It felt dirty and wrong to be turned on by the sight of my sister fucking herself, but to be fair; she was watching my anal rape.

With my eyes fixed on Rachael’s crotch I reached down and began to mimic her motions. Noticing what I was doing, Rachael began to rub her clit faster, occasionally dipping a finger inside. Allowing her to lead me by example, I copied her actions.

Rick may not have noticed what was going on between my sister and myself, but he certainly noticed that my attention was on something other than fucking him. After giving my ass a quick slap he wrapped his hands around my hips. Squeezing, he pumped my body up and down violently.

This is not a good time to be taking a break, slut, he growled into my ear.

Not wanting to anger him I forced myself to pay more attention to his needs than my own. Bouncing up and down on his cock, I worked into a rhythm. I didn’t stop rubbing my clit, but I did stop mirroring Rachael’s actions. I was disappointed, and judging by the look on her face she was too. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; her being angry with Rick could help drive her to my side.

As my rhythm with Rick became more and more natural, I found my eyes again gravitating towards Rachael’s crotch. She was going at it hard; I challenged myself to match her pace. Watching her fuck herself like that was an immense turn on, I could feel another orgasm approaching. From the looks of it, it seemed that she could, too.

Ignoring Rick, I focused only on my own needs. I knew that he’d punish me for it later, but at that point I didn’t care. Intensifying my rubbing, I made eye contact with Rachael. This must have pushed her over the edge; she arched her back and came visibly. That pushed me over the edge as well.

Rick slapped my ass in warning again, but I didn’t care. Again gripping me and forcing me up and down, I felt less like he was having sex with me and more like he was just masturbating with my ass. After several minutes of this treatment, I felt his warm semen pumping into me. He held me in place until he had emptied his balls, and then tossed me unceremoniously onto the floor.

As Rick rose to his feet, Rachael turned off the camera and pulled her panties back into place. Everything felt so bizarre; there was nothing right about what had just happened and yet I loved every minute of it. I was physically and emotionally drained.

I’m going to take a shower, Rick announced, walking towards the bathroom. Don’t think that I didn’t notice your piss poor effort towards the end, though. We’ll discuss that later.

I remained on the floor, feeling his semen slowly ooze out of me. I was too exhausted to get up, but more importantly I felt terribly awkward. Rachael moved back to the couch, taking a seat right next to me. Feeling vulnerable, I inched myself up against her leg.

I’m not gay for you, I blurted out, breaking the awkward silence.

You say that, she answered, yet I think I’ve made you cum twice today. Care to explain?

I can’t, I admitted.

It’s okay, she laughed. Frankly, I’d rather have a cunt-crazy dyke constantly trying to get in my pants for a sister than a stuck-up prude. It’s a positive change.

I’m not a cunt-crazy dyke! I protested.

I’m just teasing you, Sara, she assured me. You’re my sister, and I’ll love you no matter what. But really, I’m enjoying the new you.

So, I began, think there’s any chance of you destroying that recording?

We’ll see, she laughed. We might be able to work something out.

Decision time!

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  • If you think this is all shit, go do something else.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Contest - Chapter Three, Plot Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential third chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven't read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

Gazing over Rick’s broken body made me swell with pride. It wasn’t just the physical damage, or the humiliated look on his face, but the whole thing in its entirety. Collapsed on my bed, his chest gently heaving for breath, his flesh conveyed a sense of complete and utter defeat. I could have untied him and he still wouldn’t have had the balls to get up without my permission. The sense of control was a powerful high.

It wasn’t quite enough, though. Rick had humiliated me in public, my retribution was in private. Though his appearance claimed otherwise, I knew that somewhere in him there might still be a spark of rebellion, and that spark needed to be extinguished. I understood that he was no longer a human being; he needed to understand it as well.

Taking the stun gun in my hand, I approached him. Applying it to his left arm, I pulled the trigger and gave him a brief, 3 second shock. I felt a little guilty abusing him like that, but I needed him good and passive for lunch. I might let him regain his physical strength someday, but that wouldn’t be until he understood his new role in life.

Have I displeased you? he sobbed pathetically.

Frequently, I replied. But that one wasn’t punishment. I’m taking you to lunch with my sister, and with your talent for doing stupid shit I don’t want you getting yourself into trouble. Keeping you weak is for your own good.

Please don’t, he begged. I’ve been a good little bitch, please just leave me here tied to your bed.

His sudden concern surprised me. I assumed that he didn’t want to be humiliated in public, but that wasn’t my problem -- my problem was that he somehow thought I would be concerned with what he wanted. Walking around the bed, I shoved the stun gun in his right arm and gave him another three second shock to keep him submissive. After giving him a few seconds to calm down, I shocked him again for his backtalk.

A good little bitch would know better than to argue with its owner, I calmly explained as I freed his arms. A good little bitch would jump at the chance to serve.

I’m sorry, owner, he groaned, clearly in a lot of pain. I just didn’t want you to be angry at me in public. Thank you for correcting me.

Ignoring his apology, I tossed him his shirt and ordered him to put it on. The rest of his clothing lay in a pile on the floor. His pants and socks were clean enough, though his underwear was a bit gross. Mildly disgusted, I tossed it in the trash as I waited for him to awkwardly struggle into his shirt.

Once he finally had his shirt on I ordered him to get on the floor in a kneeling position. From behind, I wrapped the rope around his waist a couple times, then lashed his wrists to the loops. Tightening the knots, I made sure that he would be unable to move either hand more than a few inches from his waist.

Approaching my dresser, I selected a lacy pair of panties for him to wear. Returning to him, I made sure that he could see them. His face conveyed that he didn’t want to wear them, but I wasn’t about to let him go out without underwear. That would be undignified.

Can you at least take out the plug, first? he whimpered.

I might have if you hadn’t taken so fucking long putting your shirt on, I lectured, pushing his torso back onto the bed. Now we just don’t have time for that.

He cooperated as I dressed him, individually raising his feet so that I could put the panties and pants on. With him fully dressed I rubbed my hand over the back of his pants, feeling for solid base of the butt plug. Finding it, I pushed in hard, wanting to make sure that I had his full attention.

I’m taking the stun gun with us, and it will never be out of my reach, I explained. If at any point you’re able to move your hands more than three inches from your waist, you will receive a ten second shock and then be retied. If at any point the butt plug manages to get out of that tight little ass of yours, you will receive a ten second shock and then have it reinserted. I am fully willing to do these things to you in public, and I promise you no mercy if you force me to. Is that understood?

Yes, owner, he answered submissively.

Good bitch, I laughed, pulling him to his feet.

Before leaving the apartment I selected a jacket and tossed it on him. He looked ridiculous in it, the jacket being far too small and obviously meant for a woman. However, it covered the rope that lashed his wrists to his waist, and I figured it could spare me some embarrassing questions.

Walking him out to the car brought some strange looks from my neighbors. Even dressed, the damage that he had sustained was quite obvious. No one said anything, though, so I figured it would probably be okay. Exiting the building, he walked up to the trunk and waited for me to open it. I’d have been happy to make him ride in the trunk again, but the street was no longer deserted and I didn’t want to raise too much attention.

I’m going to show you yet another act of undeserved kindness, I sighed. Since you were such a good little slut in taking my cock all the way up your tight little ass, you get to ride up front like a real human. Now, I am a bit concerned that you might misinterpret this, so I want to be perfectly clear. This does not make you human in any way – you’re still nothing more than a worthless fuck toy. Is that understood?

Yes, owner, he answered, lowering his eyes. I’m not a human, I’m a worthless fuck toy. Thank you for being so kind to me, I promise I won’t forget my place.

Satisfied with his answer I got into the car, let him in, and drove to the diner to meet my sister. Each bump in the road triggered a pained groan from Rick, I suspect due to the large hunk of latex that was currently inside him. Enjoying his reaction, I made sure to hit every pot hole on the way. When we pulled into the parking lot, I took the speed bump at 35, causing him to outright moan.

We entered the diner and found Rachael waiting by the counter. Seeing me, she approached and gave me a hug in greeting. Noticing Rick, she broke off the hug and glared at him.

You look like shit, Rick, she coldly stated.

Rick stared at the ground, looking no less nervous than when I had strapped on the dildo earlier. Suddenly, his reluctance to come with made sense. Clearly he knew my sister, and in all probability had done something with her that he knew I wouldn’t be happy to learn about.

Rachael and I were two very different people. Where I had always been shy and reserved, Rachael was fearless and outgoing. These personality differences translated to our love lives – Rachael had her first boyfriend years before I had mine, despite being younger. I certainly wouldn’t call my sister a slut, but I knew that she occasionally had sex with men she wasn’t dating, and suspected that’s how she knew Rick.

Is there something you’d like to tell me, you disgusting piece of shit? I hissed into his ear while grinding the tip of the stun gun into his ribs. I didn’t plan to shock him, but wanted him to know that this was serious.

Sara, it’s probably best you don’t know, cautioned Rachael while Rick held his tongue.

Her warning implied that my suspicions were true. Rachael and I talked about many things, but sex was not one of them. For whatever reason, our family just didn’t discuss such matters. I don’t know if it was the feeling of power that I was experiencing, but I was ready to change that.

Rachael, we’re grown women, I argued. It’s time that we stopped pretending that discussions about sex are off-limits. We both have it, it should be okay to talk about it.

I’m okay with that, she answered. You’re right. We’re sisters, we should be able to discuss anything.

Rachael and I dated! Rick blurted out.

We absolutely did not, Rachael laughed. God, what woman in her right mind would date you, Rick? Sara, Rick was basically a friend with benefits. Wait, that’s not accurate – I wouldn’t call him a friend. Honestly, he really is a piece of shit. I’ll admit, however, that he does have some talent in bed.

Bringing the stun gun up to Rick’s throat, I reached around with my other hand and applied pressure to his ass, forcing the butt plug in. I was not happy with him at all. He was right to want to stay home – this new information earned him no mercy.

So, let me get this straight, I hissed into his ear. You’ve fucked my little sister. You’ve lied to me, in claiming that you were dating her. You’ve also slandered her by making such a disgusting accusation. Is there anything else I should know, or should I just take you out back and slowly beat you to death right now?

I’m so sorry, owner, he whimpered back, keeping his voice low. You have every right to be angry with me. I know that you’ll punish me for this, and I promise that I won’t resist. I know that I don’t deserve it, but I hope you’ll give me a chance to show you that I understand how wrong I am.

Don’t get too mad at him, Rachael suggested. He’s a piece of shit, but it was consensual. I may regret knowing him, but I don’t regret sleeping with him.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed down a bit. I was still angry and disgusted with Rick, but getting arrested for beating the shit out of him in the lobby of a diner wasn’t going to fix anything. Besides, a quick beating wouldn’t be nearly enough. If I stretched it out over time, I could make sure that his suffering would be sufficient.

As the waitress called our name, I removed my hands from Rick and followed her to our booth. He looked relieved, as if he had somehow been let off the hook. I considered correcting him, but it seemed pointless. He’d learn soon enough.

So, why Rick? I asked Rachael as we took our seats. I mean, you can do so much better.

Honestly, Sara? she replied. It’s entirely a sex thing. He’s an obnoxious douchebag, but he’s good.

Rick’s facial expression mutated slightly. He still looked nervous and afraid, but there was definitely some pride going on there too. Jabbing the stun gun back into his ribs, I reminded him that this was no time to feel proud.

He’s not that talented, I corrected her. And obnoxious douchebag is a massive understatement.

Wait, how do you know? she asked, slowly realizing the answer. Jesus Christ, Sara! You’re not actually dating this piece of shit, are you?

God no, I laughed, enjoying the pained reaction on Rick’s face. But you know, you were honest with me, so I’ll be honest with you. I’m fucking him, but I’m in control. I know how much of a douche he is, too, but I’m training him to be better.

Good luck with that, she laughed. There’s no way you’re capable of fixing that damage.

Sara’s stronger than you think, Rick interjected. If anyone can do it, it’s her.

It was cute seeing Rick stand up for his owner like that, but the cuteness didn’t justify speaking out of turn. Sliding over to him I ran my hand under his shirt and up his chest, grabbing his nipple. Pinching it between my thumb and forefinger, I applied pressure and twisted it hard.

Rick, honey, I whispered into his ear. Have you forgotten what your mouth is for again? You’re in more than enough trouble as it is, you don’t need to make it worse. If we want you to speak, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, you will sit there in silence like a good bitch.

Removing my hand from his shirt, I slid back away from him. Rick quietly lowered his head, staring at the table. Rachael stared back and forth between Rick and I, clearly amazed.

What the hell was that? she asked, her eyes wide.

That, I explained, is how I train him. He’s not bright enough to obey verbal commands on their own yet, but if you add a bit of pain it eventually seeps into his thick skull.

Christ, Sara, she replied, still sounding amazed. How far have you taken this?

Full honesty? I asked, as she nodded back. I spent the better part of this morning beating and shocking him. Once he was too weak to move, I took him home, tied him to my bed, and fucked his mouth. For good measure, I then took a strap on and helped myself to both of his holes. It started as a punishment, but the little slut loved it – you should have seen him fucking back like a bitch in heat.

You’re seriously blowing my mind right now, she commented. Is that why he’s walking so weird?

I’m sure it’s a part of it, I explained, but there’s two other factors that are contributing to it more. If you look under his jacket, you’ll see that his hands are currently tied down, which I’m sure is hurting his sense of balance. More importantly, though, there’s an impressively large butt plug lodged in his asshole that he’s forbidden from removing.

I can hardly believe this, she marveled. Anything else you’d like to share?

I think that’s about it, I laughed. He calls me owner now, and he is wearing my panties – he said they made him feel pretty, but that’s the big stuff.

As Rachael processed the new information, the waitress arrived to take our order. I ordered a cheeseburger, large fries, milkshake, and some bacon. I was hungry after all the physical activity. Writing down my order, she turned to Rick.

I’ll have a number six, he began, struggling to sound normal.

You most certainly will not, you flabby slut, I cut him off. He’ll have a diet soda. Nothing more.

The waitress looked confused, but wrote down the order. After taking Rachael’s order, she hastily made her way away from our booth, clearly uncomfortable. Rick looked at me with longing eyes. He was probably just as hungry as I was.

So, Rick, I began, keeping my voice at a reasonable volume so that Rachael could hear. Are you trying to disappoint me?

No, owner, he attempted to whisper into my ear. I pushed him back, not wanting to let him get so close.

I can’t hear you, bitch, I warned him.

No, owner, he choked out, a look of deep shame on his face. I’m sorry.

Let’s recap, I sighed. In addition to all of the shitty things that you’ve done you now apparently think that you have the right to order your own food. This is actually quite hilarious, as your gut clearly demonstrates that you lack the intelligence to decide what to eat on your own. Furthermore, you tried to keep your voice low; no doubt an attempt to hide the shame of your role from my sister. I might understand and even forgive such a transgression, but in case you’ve forgotten you’re already in trouble for hiding things between sisters.

I’m sorry, owner he mumbled.

You’re always sorry, owner, I snapped. It’s not enough, Rick. I’m beginning to think that I should just toss you in the dumpster out back, shock you until the batteries run dry, and walk away. Is Rachael right? Are you really just a lost cause that I’m wasting my time on?

No, owner he cried, clearly terrified. I didn’t think, and I fucked up, but now I know better. I promise I won’t try to order food ever again, and I promise I won’t try to hide my role!

More empty words, I sighed. Show me that you’ve learned. Tell my sister exactly what you are.

Rick slowly turned to face Rachael, gulping deeply. I could see that this was difficult for him. Rick had a lot of pride, and admitting his place to a woman that he most likely considered a conquest would be a challenge. I thought about calling him off, but Rachael seemed interested.

Rachael, he said, his voice awash in shame. I’m your sister’s property. Everything that she said about me is absolutely correct. I belong to her, and she can do whatever she wants to me.

I’m honestly just completely amazed, Rachael laughed. And don’t worry about me, Sara – I absolutely approve of this. I just wish I had beat the shit out of him first.

The beating definitely helped, I explained, but the ass-fucking was what I think did the trick. You should have seen him begging, it was hilarious. At first he was begging me not to, but before long he was begging for it hard.

You’re kidding, she laughed. He actually didn’t want it in the ass? Rick, you of all people really shouldn’t be surprised when someone turns around and gives it back to you.

Rachael, you didn’t actually let him, I began, connecting the dots in my mind.

Oh god, no, she cut me off. That’s not to say he didn’t try, though. Could never get too comfortable with him, always knowing that he’d try to stick a finger where it didn’t belong. In fact, you don’t mind if I get a little revenge, do you?

Not even a little, I encouraged. But I’m not taking him to the hospital, so if you go too far you have to help me dispose of the body.

Rachael inched closer to Rick and playfully slapped him across the face, testing his reaction. It didn’t look like it hurt him physically, though he clearly didn’t enjoy the humiliation. Looking over at me, he seemed to be begging with his eyes for me to intervene on his behalf. Ignoring his plight, I laughed as Rachael hit him again with a bit more force.

You’re free to continue if you like, I explained, but I feel I should warn you. That sticky shit on his face is mostly his own cum.

Eww, seriously? she asked.

Yeah, I answered. I told you; this slut really, really likes being fucked in the ass. I’m sure he’d be happy to lick your fingers clean, though.

Rick grumbled, but obediently opened his mouth. Rachael hesitated a bit, but eventually held her fingers in front of his mouth. Realizing he’d receive no mercy from me, Rick extended his tongue and went to work cleaning them. Once her fingers were sticky with his saliva, Rachael wiped them across his face, scooping up cum in the process. Once satisfied, she shoved them into Rick’s open mouth.

I think Rick thought that she wanted him to suck them clean, but he was mistaken. As an evil grin crawled over her face, Rachael rammed the fingers deep into his throat, causing him to gag. Surprisingly me with her sadism, she allowed him no recovery time before roughly pumping her fingers in and out of his mouth. Rick looked to me for mercy as tears began to run down his face, but I figured he probably deserved it. Besides, I was amused by the sounds he was making; identical to the ones he made when I was fucking his throat.

As the waitress approached with our food, Rachael removed her fingers and slid back away from Rick. The juxtaposition of the two was almost comical – she looked as normal as ever, he looked quite understandably as if he had just been assaulted. Placing our food in front of us, the waitress left Rick’s drink on the edge of the table, apparently not wanting to get too close to him. As she walked away, Rick stared longingly at the glass.

Ignoring him, I reached for my milk shake and took a sip. The cool fluid was like heaven – I hadn’t really drunk anything since I woke up. I thought about Rick’s situation – he had been sweating, crying, and cumming all day long, and I hadn’t given him anything to drink. Taking pity on him, I sighed and slid his drink in front of him.

Thank you, owner, he cooed as he lowered his head to drink.

Unfortunately for Rick, neither the waitress nor I had inserted the straw in his glass. With his hands bound, he had no choice but to awkwardly slurp at the edges of the glass, getting more of the drink on the table than in his mouth. Irritated, I grabbed the glass away from him.

You’re like a fucking farm animal, I scolded him as I inserted the straw. I suppose it’s my fault for thinking that you might be able to act like a human being for just a little while. I should know by now that you’re hopelessly incapable of such a task.

I’m sorry, owner, he submissively replied.

I could tell that he hated this. Rick had always been so proud and independent; being completely dependent on me for his most basic needs must have been devastating. If he had been just slightly less obnoxious, I might have shown him mercy and permitted him a modicum of freedom. Unfortunately for him, this was not the case. I needed him devastated, needed to crush any foolish misbelief that he might have in his value as an individual. As he watched in silence, I picked up his glass and greedily drank half of the refreshing fluid inside it before sliding it back in front of him.

Drink it slowly, I warned. I don’t want you getting any more spoiled, so this is all that you’re going to get until later. I know it’s probably impossible, but make believe as if you were a real human being and try not to embarrass me any further. If I hear you slurping – hell, if I hear you making any sounds at all – you’ll be wearing that, not drinking it.

I understand, owner, he sobbed. Thank you.

Lunch was enjoyable. As we ate, Rachael and I took full advantage of our newfound ability to discuss sex. It was nice, for the first time I really felt like she was my friend, and not just my little sister. Rick, to his credit, managed to sit silently the entire time, even as the discussion turned to his own various perversions and shortcomings. It couldn’t have been easy for him, given how intentionally cruel we were in our discussion.

Taking a final bite, I looked down at my plate. I had been hungry when I ordered it, but there was more food than I had expected and I couldn’t finish it. There was still half a plate of fries that Rick stared at longingly.

Want my fries? I asked Rachael, sliding them towards her but leaving the plate under Rick’s face.

Nah, I’m stuffed, she answered.

Oh well, guess they’ll just get thrown out, I stated. It’s too bad, I hate wasting food.

Rick whimpered quietly. He must have been starving, and having the food so close to him really tested his self-control. He begged me with his eyes, knowing that he would be punished if he spoke without permission.

Is there something you’d like to ask me? I laughed, taking pity on his situation.

No, owner, he whimpered, lowering his head.

Aww, poor little fella, I chided, sliding closer to him and scratching him behind his ears. You’re really hungry, aren’t you?

Yes, owner, he replied, submissively keeping his eyes down.

Poor guy, I sympathized. You haven’t eaten anything since last night. Well, except for my cock. And Rachael fed you something before the food got here, too. Sadly, you’re going to be hungry a lot from now on – at least until you lose that disgusting layer of flab. Even if I wanted to feed you, this is people food. I’ll tell you what, though -- we’ll stop by the pet store on the way back and see if we can pick you up some slut food.

I understand, owner, he sobbed, barely able to contain his disappointment. Thank you for explaining it to me.

So, not to change the topic, Rachael interjected, but what are your plans with him? I mean, once you’ve gotten him all trained up, what next?

Honestly, I haven’t even thought about that, I admitted. I guess I was just going to throw him away, but now that I say it aloud it seems a bit wasteful. Maybe I’ll teach him how to actually please a woman and whore him out to my friends – I have to admit, he does have some potential.

Planning on giving a family discount? Rachael laughed.

God, you’re horrible, I laughed back. And cheap – I doubt I’ll be able to change much more than a couple of quarters for his services anyway.

Well, let me know when he’s available, she replied. You’ve got your first customer already. Also, let me know if you need any help with his training; I’m sure I could pitch in.

Feel like training him right now? I suggested, not wanting to be outdone by her boldness.

I’m game if you are, she answered. What did you have in mind?

This morning he tried to go down on me. It was fucking atrocious, like having a limp, spongy noodle artlessly rammed into my crotch. If he’s going to earn his keep, he’s going to need to learn to eat pussy.

You’re serious, aren’t you? she asked.

Why not? I replied coolly. We’re in a corner, no one’s around, you know that waitress is avoiding us out of fear of getting to close to this piece of shit. He can slide his ass under the table, and you’re wearing a skirt. If anyone notices, we can blame it all on him. You’re not chicken, are you?

Hell no, she laughed back. Let’s do it.

Rick, baby, I explained, you’re going to get yet another chance to fail me. I want you to suck my sister’s cunt, and try not to fuck it up. If you do a good job, I might just reward you with some of these fries. If you disappoint me again… Well, I pretty much expect you to, so I guess I can’t be too angry about it. Still, remember that I’m deciding whether to make you my whore or simply toss you out with the garbage when I’m done training you. You do want to be my whore, don’t you?

Yes, owner he answered, a bit too eager. More than anything.

Then why the fuck aren’t you on the floor between Rachael’s legs where you belong? I laughed.

Rick scrambled to get under the table. It wasn’t easy for him – though he was nowhere near as fat as I had been pretending he was, he was certainly not a small man. Awkwardly fumbling, he eventually managed to get under the table, bumping his head on the way.

As I watched Rachael lean back and relax, I felt Rick’s body clumsily bump into my legs. Wanting to encourage him to be more careful, I gave him a gentle kick in the ass, driving the butt plug deeper and triggering an uncomfortable groan. I hadn’t meant to hit the butt plug, but I was okay with it. Hopefully he’d learn to be more careful.

Think I should pull my panties aside for him? Rachael asked.

No, I answered. He still has teeth, and if he wants to keep them then this would be a good opportunity for him to prove that they can be useful. Besides, I want to train him as a full-service whore, the customer should be able to just sit back and let him do all the work.

As Rick’s body stopped squirming, I watched Rachael’s face. Though I obviously couldn’t see through the table, her expression told me what was going on. As I watched as it transition from confidence, to surprise, and ultimately to pleasure; I knew that Rick was doing his job.

Let him keep his teeth, she half-moaned, half-laughed. Jesus Sara, he’s sucking on my clit! Holy Christ that feels good!

In all my joking about how terrible Rick was at oral sex, I forgot that he did actually know what he was doing. It made me a little nervous – I didn’t want him to start feeling good about himself, even if it was for the one thing he was meant for. Hoping to distract him and throw him off his game, I braced the heal of my foot against his ass, aiming it for the base of the butt plug, and pushed hard. A defeated grunt echoed from under the table, followed quickly by a lustful moan from my sister. Wanting to see if it was a coincidence, I repeated my action and got the same results.

Fucking hell, she moaned, whatever you just did, don’t stop doing it.

Shrugging, I continued rhythmically pumping my foot against Rick’s ass. I enjoyed abusing him, and didn’t really need an excuse to continue. It wasn’t like he was going to object, anyway.

As I continued, though, I began to feel strange. A couple hours ago, I had never even discussed sex with Rachael, and now I was actually witnessing her engaging in a sex act. Additionally, in my mind Rick was nothing more than an object, and it was clear that my actions on him were influencing his actions on my sister. Even though I wasn’t touching her, it felt very much like I was fucking my own sister using Rick as the sex toy. What was strange was I didn’t necessarily dislike the idea. Allowing myself to embrace the control, I pumped hard, enjoying Rachael’s moans of pleasure. After a minute or so, Rick’s grunting sounded less painful and more pleasurable. After another few minutes, I heard him trying to speak between his moans.

Owner, he begged, may I please have permission to cum? Please? I don’t think I can hold out much longer.

I was a bit concerned. Rachael was able to keep her moans quiet enough so as not to be heard, but Rick needed to be loud for me to hear him. It didn’t seem like anyone else in the diner had heard him, but I didn’t want to risk it.

You may, I sighed. But not until after my sister gets off.

It didn’t look like that was going to be much of a challenge; Rachael was clearly close to the edge. As her orgasm gripped her, I pushed hard on Rick, shoving him further between my sister’s knees. Watching both of them get off at the same time, I felt a tremendous sense of power.

After Rachael’s orgasm subsided, Rick managed to crawl his way back up to the booth. His face glistened with my sister’s juices, but he looked a lot more relaxed. He probably could have used a break from all the stress I was dumping on him, but I didn’t want him getting too comfortable.

Did you just cum in my panties, you disgusting little pig? I demanded, doing my best to sound incredulous.

But you told me… he began to protest.

Don’t you fucking tell me what I told you! I warned. Answer the fucking question. Did you defile my fucking panties with your disgusting semen?

Yes, owner, he admitted. I’m sorry, owner.

I paid $20 for those panties, slut, I explained. So, it looks like I’ll be keeping 100% of the proceeds from your first 40 tricks. I guess I should have expected an ass whore like you to cum like that.

Yes, owner, he agreed. You should have 100% anyway; I am your property and all. Please don’t be mad at me, owner.

Aww, I can’t stay mad at you, piggy, I laughed. Not when you so clearly understand your place. Come here and give your owner a kiss.

I’m not sure what came over me. I’ve always identified as straight, but the experience of making my own sister cum was just so thrilling. I don’t know why, but I wanted to taste her. It was perverted and wrong, and probably a little disgusting, but so was everything else that I had done, anyway.

Before I could kiss him, though, I caught a glance of Rachael out of the corner of my eye. The confused look on her face brought me back to Earth – we’d have enough to discuss without my having to explain this. Thinking quick, I reached out and slapped Rick hard across the face. I think I enjoyed solving problems by means of abusing him.

You didn’t actually think I’d kiss you after you sucked off my sister, did you? I laughed. God, you really are disgusting. That would practically be incest, you twisted fuck!

Rick simply lowered his gaze sheepishly, looking again like he was going to cry. He must have really wanted to kiss me, and it was probably cruel of me to taunt him like that. Feeling mildly guilty for the abuse, I decided to throw him a bone.

You defiled my panties and accused me of incest, disappointing me in two creative and unique ways, I observed. But, you did manage to make Rachael cum, and I guess that just two massive failures per one minor success is a bit of a record for you. As a reward, I’m going to let you eat people food just this once. You have ten seconds to eat as many fries as you can manage. Go.

Rick wasted no time burying his face in the plate. I couldn’t tell if he was intentionally trying to imitate an actual pig eating or he was just really hungry. His appearance was somewhere between disgusting and hilarious. Amazingly, it looked like he might actually finish the entire plate before the ten seconds were up. Not wanting to go too easy on him, I called time before he was able to finish the task.

Rick sat up immediately, but stared longingly at the few remaining fries on the plate. He was clearly still hungry, though I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to starve to death any time soon. Besides, keeping him hungry kept him weak. Leaning over, I gently wiped his face clean, more out of disgust than mercy.

Thank you, owner, he said, sounding amazingly sincere. You’re very kind to me, even though I don’t deserve it. I hope that someday I can be less of a disappointment to you.

It’s okay, slut, I soothed. I know you don’t try to fail me; you just don’t try hard enough not to. Now, what should you say to my sister?

Thank you for cumming in my mouth, he answered, turning to face her. It was an honor.

I know that was just training, Rachael laughed, sliding two quarters across the table, but he earned it. Congratulations, Rick. You’re now officially a whore.

Laughing at his humiliation, we got up and paid the check. Leaving the diner, Rachael asked me if she could come back to my place with us. I don’t think Rick liked the idea, but I agreed. It sounded like fun.

Decision time!

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