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Norton Chapter 1: Arrival

Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Norton was a strange town, having quickly transformed into its current form. Just one year ago it was a nothing more than yet another tiny, insignificant blip on a map – very similar to Jenna’s home town of Oakville. The oil shale changed that quickly. Seemingly overnight, an entire industry sprung up to extract and process the formerly useless rocks – an industry that sought to employ several times the number of people currently living in Norton. The sudden influx of new citizens attracted other industries, as the opportunistic scrambled to provide homes, food, and entertainment to the growing army of roughnecks. Though people looking for work poured into the town, it was never enough, which was reflected in the wages. An unskilled worker who would elsewhere expect minimum wage could easily expect three times that in Norton.

Of course, there was a dark side that came with the sudden prosperity. The overwhelming majority of new arrivals were young, single males; leading to a surge in crime as their frustrations in lack of female companionship mounted. Wages were high, but unscrupulous merchants adjusted their prices accordingly. Perhaps most pressing, though, was the lack of housing. The building industry was working at full capacity, but they just couldn’t keep up.

Jenna’s family had warned her about all this, but the move seemed so critical to her. Oakville had no opportunity in it, no future for her. Though the exploding size of Norton intimidated the shy girl, it seemed like she could really get her life started there. She didn’t think it would be easy, but at the time, it seemed like anything would beat the crushing stagnation of home.

Only eight hours after stepping after the bus, Jenna was already beginning to regret the move. She had spent the entire day looking for a place to live -- or at least spend the night – and was no closer to a solution than she was when she arrived. On top of that, it was now beginning to rain.

Spotting a small bar on the corner, Jenna took a deep breath and made her way to it. Bars really weren’t her thing – she hated crowds and rarely drank. Unfortunately, at this hour she had few options, and being socially uncomfortable in a warm, dry place seemed better than getting soaked to the bone in a strange town.

Walking through the door, Jenna took a minute to survey the area. A wooden bar spanned the wall on her right. Two booths stood at opposing corners, with a handful of tables spread seemingly randomly throughout the remaining area. Though the lights were dim, the place was clearly filthy. On the plus side, it wasn’t crowded – only a handful of men sat quietly drinking.

Hey new girl! came a shout from an older man sitting in the far corner.

It took a moment for it to register with Jenna that she was the only girl in the establishment, which meant that the call was directed at her. Realizing that someone was trying to get her attention, she froze up. Normally she disliked meeting strangers, but in her current situation she downright loathed the idea.

New girl! he shouted again. Yes, you! Standing in the doorway! Come on, this is just silly, I know you can hear me!

Jenna stood paralyzed in awkward fear as the man got up from his seat and began to approach her. She wanted very much to avoid the situation, but didn’t know how. Running out of the bar seemed horribly embarrassing, and besides, that would put her back in the same situation that she entered the bar to get out of. Steeling her nerves, she reminded herself that he probably just wants to talk; there was no reason to panic.

Jesus, you look absolutely terrified he chuckled; now close enough to speak at a conversational tone. You don’t have to be. By the way, you should probably start breathing again.

His comment made Jenna realize that she had been holding her breath. Now aware of the lack of oxygen, she breathed deeply. She felt like an idiot.

Look, you can relax he continued. I’m not going to hurt you. You look like you need some kindness, and I’m feeling lonely. Come sit with me, I’ll buy you a drink and you’ll be out of the rain. I promise I probably won’t bite, and if you refuse, I’m going to be offended.

Okay? she squeaked back.

See, that wasn’t too hard he said warmly. Take a seat in the corner over there, I’ll grab us something to drink. And really – keep breathing, we humans tend to die if we stop for too long.

Making her way to the corner, Jenna screamed at herself in her mind. She felt like she had managed to make herself look like a complete moron with only a single word and she hated herself for it. Additionally, she was still more than a little freaked out about the concept of having a drink with a complete stranger. On the other hand, getting drunk seemed highly desirable at the moment.

The man returned to the booth with a pair of beers, placing one in front of Jenna. Taking his seat opposite her, he flashed what seemed like a very sincere smile. Want to see a magic trick? he asked.

Err, okay Jenna answered.

Okay, here we go he responded. You came to Norton from a small town in a different state hoping to get your life started. You just got here today, and don’t know anyone yet. Right now, though, the biggest issue is that you have no idea where you’re going to sleep tonight. Ta-da!

Jenna’s froze, feeling like her heart was about to leap out of her chest.

Well, that seems to have backfired he apologized. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out there. I’m not a stalker or anything, I just know your type. I was born and raised here, and I see people in your position pretty much every day. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s okay, you’re not the only one in this position, and you’ll get through it. Does that help at all?

Actually, it really does Jenna answered. Though still uncomfortable, what he had said was exactly what she needed to hear. Beginning to relax, she took a drink.

Calming down, she found it a bit easier to converse with the stranger. Over the course of several more beers, she found herself opening up to the stranger; telling him all about Oakville, her parents, her dreams. For the most part, he kept quiet. He told her that his name was Nicholas, but otherwise seemed content to simply ask Jenna questions about her life. Jenna completely lost track of time, and was shocked when the bartender announced it was closing time.

Crap, I have no idea where to go she cried, suddenly remembering that she was currently homeless.

About that, there’s bad news and good news he explained in a comforting tone. Bad news is that housing is insanely hard to come by these days. Hell, there’s people here that have been looking for months and still find themselves sleeping on the streets.

But what will I do? Jenna cried. The thought of sleeping on the street just one night terrified her, doing it for a month seemed impossible.

Well, that’s the good news he explained. I bought my house long before the boom, so it’s actually pretty roomy – something you don’t see in a lot of the newer construction. I’ve got enough room to fit a dozen people in my home, and I’m currently living alone. If you need a place to stay, you can crash at my place until you find your own.

Uhm, thanks, but I don’t know answered Jenna. She was desperate for a place to sleep, but she was hardly the type of girl to go home with a complete stranger, much less move in with one. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I did just meet you. I mean, I know you probably aren’t, but you could be a rapist.

A rapist? he laughed. I’m sorry, I forgot how new you were. You need to understand how this town is. See, Norton may be short on housing, but its real shortage isn’t homes, it’s cunt. About 95% of the residents here are male, and a good half of that small group of women are already spoken for. Long story short, for each female there’s a good 40 or so hard dicks trying to get in her.

This leads to lots of problems, he continued, the biggest of which is crime. Young men tend to get violent and stupid when deprived of females for too long. Because of that, the police just can’t keep up with everything and need to be a bit selective in which laws they enforce. Generally, this means if there isn’t a good amount of violence involved, they don’t give a shit.

So, moving on to rape. The cops will handle it if a man’s wife or girlfriend is raped. They pretty much have to – if they didn’t, the man might take matters into his own hands. A single girl, though, is a different story. Pretty much every day we see some new girl running to the police to report her rape. How they handle it is pretty consistent.

First, they explain that she’s being selfish. There’s very little cunt to go around, and an unused cunt is a wasted cunt. They remind her that by refusing to share her holes, she’s only making things worse for everyone, and they suggest that next time she try a bit harder to enjoy it.

Once they’ve cleared up the situation, they give her a place to sleep – the holding cell. See, we don’t have any fancy individual gender-segregated cells here, everyone goes in the same cage. So they toss the bitch in with whatever common criminals they happen to have, lock the door, and let nature take its course.

Come next morning, they go to the cell and ask her cellmates if they think she’s learned the importance of sharing. A vote is taken – nice and democratic like – and if she has, she’s free to go. If she still harbors some silly objection to her holes being considered public property, she spends another night in the cell.

The process repeats until she knows the score. Usually takes a couple nights for her to really impress her cellmates – after all, they have a benefit to voting against her. Some of the slower girls, though, have done months at a time before they figure it all out.

That’s horrible! Jenna gulped.

I guess it might seem like that to an outsider he pondered. Don’t be too quick to judge, though. It might be a bit sloppy, but it works. The men are happy, because they get some cunt every now and then. The town is happy, because crime is reduced. Few will admit it, but even the women are happy – they get all the cock they want without having to be judged for it. I’ll admit it isn’t perfect, but in the real world you’ll find that perfect tends to take a back seat to working.

I need to get out of here Jenna cried, getting up from the booth and running out the door. She wanted to believe that Nicholas was just screwing with her head, than no town could actually operate like that, but the slim chance that she spoke the truth terrified her. She ran down the street, turned the corner, and froze up, unable to believe her eyes.

Before her was a small crowd of people: three men and one woman, involved in an extremely lewd act. The woman straddled a man lying on his back, grinding her hips into his. Behind her a second man squatted, apparently engaging in anal sex with her. He seemed to keep his own rhythm, independent of what she was doing with the first man. Kneeling in front of her was the third man, grasping her by her head and thrusting his crotch into her face.

Jenna found herself paralyzed with confusion and dread. In Oakville, this kind of thing simply did not happen, and she had no idea how to handle it. It dawned on her that while this didn’t quite prove that what Nicholas was saying was true, it certainly didn’t contradict it.

Wanting to run but unable to make her legs obey, Jenna watch in disgust as the man in front pulled his penis out of the woman’s mouth and began to masturbate while holding her by her hair. The woman struggled to get it back into her mouth, but was unable to do so. Laughing at her struggle, the man ejaculated on her face. It had clearly been a long time since he had been satisfied; the messy load he shot out was impressively large.

Asshole the woman sighed, sounding more frustrated than angry.

Looking up, the man squatting behind the woman noticed Jenna’s presence. Smirking, he removed his penis from the woman and began to approach Jenna. Looks like some new meat here, he taunted while stroking himself.

This was all the incentive that Jenna needed to get out of there. She quickly spun around and began running – straight into Nicholas. Without saying a word he grabbed her by her shoulders and held her still.

Let me go! she shouted.

Go? he asked. Go where? You can run away from this situation, but there’ll just be another one waiting for you on the next corner. Besides, I don’t think he wants to rape you. In fact, it looks like he’s finishing himself off.

Jenna turned her head and saw that he was telling the truth. To her horror, the stranger was finishing himself off – and ejaculating all over the backside of her denim jeans. She wanted to protest, but was unable to find words that fully embodied how wrong this situation was. Instead, she remained silent until he finished.

Thanks, bitch the stranger laughed before walking away as if nothing had happened.

That’s mine, you fucking thief! cried out the woman. Like the rest of the situation, Jenna’s mind could make no sense of the cry. She looked back to Nicholas, hoping for an explanation.

Yeah, you’re not going to like this he began. See, food is expensive here, so a lot of the single girls improvise. They still eat human food from time to time, of course, but a pretty big chunk of their diet is, well, let’s just say protein-rich. That wad he just splattered on your ass? That’s part of her dinner.

Let me the fuck go! Jenna again demanded.

I’m afraid I can’t he replied. At this point, if I let you go I’d be assisting you in stealing this poor girl’s dinner. I don’t know how things are back in Oakville, but around here we view stealing food from the hungry as a pretty low thing.

It’s okay miss he called out, turning his attention to the woman. I’ll hold her for you so that you can get what’s rightfully yours. Don’t be mad at her, by the way – she’s new, she doesn’t know how things work here just yet.

The woman wasted no time, quickly dismounting the man on the ground and dropping to her knees behind Jenna. Grasping Jenna by the front of her thighs, she buried her face into the girl’s buttocks, greedily sucking the sperm from the fabric of her pants.

The man on the ground sighed deeply, clearly not finished with her. Getting up, he followed the woman to Jenna, squatted down behind her, and unceremoniously continued his violation. With him back in action, the woman again began to moan rhythmically.

Jenna briefly tried to struggle, but found it futile. Nicholas was clearly stronger than her, and as uncomfortable as the situation was, at least she wasn’t being raped. Relaxing a bit, she accepted her fate.

That wasn’t so bad, now was it? Nicholas chided after a few minutes. She got her dinner, you didn’t get raped; everyone’s happy. Just to show there’s no hard feelings, why don’t you two hug?

Without waiting for an answer, Nicholas spun Jenna around so that she was facing the strange woman. Now facing her and with her eyes better adjusted to the dark, Jenna could see the woman in detail. Disgustingly, it was apparent that the woman had been making dinner for quite a bit – semen seemed to cling from every inch of her body.

Unable to escape Nicholas’s grasp, Jenna had no choice but to stand silently as the strange woman rose to her feet, wrapped her arms around her, and gave her an extremely sticky embrace. She thought about struggling again, but decided against it – the damage was already done, anyway.

The strange man also stood up. Clearly unhappy about being forced out once again, he growled and slapped the woman’s ass hard. Obediently, the woman quickly thrust her ass out, lewdly offering it to the man while maintaining her hold on Jenna. From her angle Jenna was unable to see what was happening behind her, but the grunts and moans made it quite clear.

Jenna felt as if her mind was going to snap. Her previous life had done nothing to prepare her for such a bizarre situation – hugging a sperm covered stranger who in turn was being used from behind. Multiple emotions fought for dominance, but strangely, the one that seemed to be winning was lust. Though still terrified and disgusted, Jenna could not deny that she found the situation extremely erotic.

I’m sorry I yelled at you moaned the woman between thrusts. It was wrong of me, and I’d like to make it up to you. Are you hungry?

The question sickened Jenna. Though na├»ve, she knew what type of food she was being offered, and Jenna despised cum. She racked her brain for an appropriate answer – preferably one that didn’t involve sex acts with strangers.

Before Jenna could answer, though, the strange man provided a distraction, grunted loudly and thrusting his hips into the woman. Jenna couldn’t be sure, but it certainly appeared as though he was almost done with her. The woman tightened her hug to the point that it almost hurt.

He’s fucking cumming inside me! she announced, making eye contact with Jenna. Oh, fucking Christ! It feels like a fucking fire hose in there!

What the fuck is wrong with you people?! is what Jenna wanted to say. As soon as she opened her mouth, though, the woman exploited the opportunity, forcing her tongue into it. Confused, frightened, but more than a little turned on, Jenna went passive, allowing the woman to explore the inside of her mouth with her tongue. Her tongue had a salty taste to it, which Jenna realized to her disgust was most likely the product of at least one stranger’s semen.

After a few more seconds, the man apparently finished. Removing his genitals from the woman, he again slapped her hard across her ass. Barely worth the fucking trouble he growled before walking off.

I know how I can thank you the woman announced, breaking the kiss and standing up straight. It feels like he just pumped a gallon of cum in me, and I can’t eat it all. I’ll share it with you, kind of a Welcome to Norton! thing!

That’s okay, Jenna tried to protest, I’m not hungry.

Ignoring Jenna’s words, the woman broke off her embrace and reached down, crudely scooping semen from her well-used orifice. Raising the hand back up to Jenna’s face, Jenna saw it glisten with juices in the street light. Disgusted, she clamped her mouth shut and tried to look away.

Open the hangar, here comes the airplane! the woman laughed as Jenna struggled in vain. Realizing that Jenna wasn’t cooperating, she seemed to take offense. Opening her hand she rubbed the fluids over Jenna’s face, massaging the juices in.

Fucking stuck-up whore she spat. Just wait. When you’re hungry, remember that I tried to feed you but you were too fucking good for it. Dumb bitch.

As the woman stormed off, Nicholas released Jenna from his grasp. She considered running, but it didn’t make sense – everyone else had left already anyway. Her brain short-circuited, unable to process the fact that she was standing on the corner covered in the semen of god knows how many strangers.

This can’t be easy for you, Nicholas sighed, but you need to make a decision now. You have two choices: come home with me or remain here on your own. As a gentleman, I’ll of course respect your choice regardless of what it is, but you’d do well to consider your options carefully.

You weren’t wrong to suspect that I’d rape you if you choose to live with me he continued. Well, rape is the wrong word – fair use of personal property and all; but yes, if you choose the first option you’ll become my fuck toy. That said, you’ll have a roof over your head, normal food, et cetera.

As for the second option, well, you’ve just seen where that leads. Those men are gone now, but others will be back. What that woman said to you is true, too. It may take a week or so, but eventually you will be begging for the privilege of sucking a stranger’s cum out of a different stranger’s cunt. People do weird things when they get hungry. Regardless of dietary situations, I can pretty much assure you at least that by the time the sun rises, you’ll have had at least a dozen cocks in you.

So again, I realize you’re stressed, but I do need an answer. Home with me, or stay here on your own. What’s it going to be?

Home with you, I guess Jenna whimpered, emotionally defeated.

This way to chapter 2.

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  1. This story is absolutely amazing and very well-written. (I'm a girl, by the way.) I don't think I've been this wet in my entire life. You are a brilliant writer and your breaking of proud sluts is something I've never seen done so well in other erotica. Your stories are good enough to be published.