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Teach - Chapter One

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

I knew what Madison wanted. She might have believed that she had already figured out the secrets of the universe and was far smarter than everyone, just as countless other high school seniors had before her, but in reality she was completely transparent. She was failing my class and she was hoping to bullshit her way out of the consequences so that she could graduate on time. I didn’t know exactly what specific flavor of bullshit she might try to feed me, but I wasn’t nearly as oblivious to what was going on as she might have hoped. It wasn’t my first rodeo.

Under different circumstances I probably would have cut things short, told her exactly what additional work she would need to do in order to earn a passing grade, and been done with it. I generally have no interest in torturing students, and with the school day being over I was eager to get home already. Madison was different, though. She was my daughter’s best friend and chief corrupter. I quite enjoyed seeing her squirm.

Madison and Leah had been close ever since they were both twelve years old. Even back then, Madison was a bad influence – she taught my daughter how to shoplift and expanded her vocabulary to include words that shouldn’t be said in polite company. As the girls aged things only got worse. When Leah was caught ditching school, I knew who she was ditching with. When I smelled tobacco smoke on Leah’s breath, I knew where she got it from. I had always been tempted to simply put my foot down and forbid Leah from associating with Madison, but it felt like doing so would be unfair to Leah. Leah didn’t have a ton of friends, and as much as I hated Madison’s negative influence on her I didn’t want to isolate her socially.

So, Mister Rivera, she finally began. I’ve noticed you looking at my body, and I’m hoping that we might be able to work out something with my grade.

I suddenly wasn’t quite so happy about the situation. Madison might have had a reputation as a problem child, but if she were to tell the wrong people that my eyes occasionally drifted in an inappropriate direction she could easily drag my reputation down with her. Teaching twelfth grade history is a strange thing – the students are legally and biologically adults, yet we’re expected to pretend that we never view them that way. Everyone knows it’s bullshit, of course – any healthy adult man is going to be attracted to a smoking hot eighteen year old girl like Madison whether he wants to be or not – but that only seems to make things worse. If I deny that I’ve had sexual thoughts I look like a liar, if I admit it then I’m a pedophile. Once the accusation is made, there’s really no winning strategy.

Where exactly are you going with this? I shot back, trying to sound confident yet bored in the hopes of making her think that I wasn’t the slightest bit worried. I’d like to get home already, Madison, so if you could just spit it out already I’d really appreciate it.

Fine, she shrugged. You give me an A, and I’ll give you a blowjob. Your wife’s been dead for three years now, and Leah tells me that you haven’t had a girlfriend since. Change one little letter which doesn’t cost you anything, and instead of jerking off in your bedroom once you think Leah’s asleep I’ll suck your dick.

I would normally be pretty angry about the crass way that she had spoken about my wife’s passing, but mostly I was just relieved. Madison wasn’t trying to blackmail me; she was trying to bribe me. The balance of power was once again in my favor.

You’re kidding, right? I smirked. I give you an A, and then what’s your report card look like – F, F, F, A, F? Yeah, that won’t raise any suspicions. Here’s the thing, kid. You never do homework, you never study and it shows – even a D would look questionable on your report card. As fun as it would be to see your embarrassing teenaged understanding of how you think oral sex works in action, I think I’m going to have to pass. Somehow I just don’t think you’re that good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to be getting home.

You’re wrong, she shot back as I rose to my feet. I may be young, but I know how to suck dick. In fact, I might just teach Leah my secrets this summer; assuming I don’t get to go to Europe on account of the fact that I’m stuck in summer school.

Her thinly-veiled threat struck a nerve. Madison knew how much I despised her negative influence on my daughter, and threatening to turn Leah into a slut like her was absolutely not okay. I shot her an angry glare, hoping that she’d understand that she was well over the line and back down. Rather than realizing how unacceptable her threat was, though, Madison responded with a smug grin; as if to let me know that she believed she had some power over me. It felt almost as if she were silently challenging me; mocking me for my inability to stop her. Losing my temper, I stepped forward and slapped her across the face. I managed to hold myself back a little, but I hit her hard enough to knock her down to the floor.

You fucking psycho, she hissed, bracing her face with her hand. You can forget about the blowjob, by the way. You’re giving me an A now, or I’m going to the cops.

Go right ahead, I bluffed. You think anyone’s going to believe a stupid bitch like you? Here’s what really happened, officer – she told me that if I didn’t give her an A then she’d hit herself and pretend that I did it. I’m a respected member of this community, Madison. You’re a piece of garbage that will no doubt spend the majority of her adult life in and out of correctional facilities. You don’t think anyone is actually going to take your word over mine, do you?

I watched with delight as Madison’s facial expression contorted from one of smug security into impotent rage. I knew I should have felt bad about what I was doing – I was blatantly exploiting my position of power in a way that was completely unfair and ethically disgusting – but at that moment I really didn’t care. I was still angry about her threat to teach Leah how to perform oral sex, her disrespectful comment about my wife, and her historical corruption of my daughter. Mimicking her actions from earlier, I shot her a smug smile as if to dare her to do something about it.

Madison didn’t seem to appreciate my actions any more than I had appreciated hers. Springing to her feet, she lunged and me and punched me in the gut as hard as she could. I was actually impressed – even though she was half my size, she managed to hit pretty damned hard. Enraged, she then did her best to claw my eyes out.

Unfortunately for Madison, though she might have had some impressive tenacity on her side her plan was hardly without flaw. Once I got over the initial surprise of her punch I was able to easily grab her wrists and restrain her. To her credit, she didn’t give up – she continued to struggle even after it was clear that she really didn’t have a chance. As she flailed about futilely, I forced her over my desk and pinned her arms behind her back. Even bent over and in such a vulnerable position, she still tried to fight me.

Let it all out now, little girl, I laughed, intentionally sounding as patronizing as possible. Go ahead and struggle to your heart’s content – I’ll let you go as soon as you’re all tuckered out.

You think this is over? she growled. I’m not going to let you get away with this, motherfucker. It might not be today, but I promise you I’ll get you back for this.

I’m sure you’ll try, I replied. And when you do, I’ll just overpower you and restrain you again. Maybe next time I’ll turn you into the police for assaulting me, maybe I won’t. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I never said I’d attack you like this again, she hissed. You’re right, and I can admit that – you probably would just overpower me again. I don’t think Leah’s quite as strong as you, though.

Are you actually threatening to beat my daughter to get me back? I asked, appalled that even Madison could suggest such a thing. She’s your friend, you fucking psychopath.

She is, Madison agreed, and no, I won’t be attacking her physically. I would never want to hurt her; I only want to help her become a woman. Don’t get mad, now – I know you don’t want me teaching her how to suck dick – but there’s other things I can teach her. She’s still a virgin in the other two holes, but she won’t be for long. Make sure that you keep her on the pill, by the way – guys hate it when you ask them to use condoms. And hey, since her mouth won’t be occupied with strange cocks, maybe I’ll teach her how to eat pussy instead – I’m betting sweet little Leah has a very talented tongue on her.

I knew what she was doing. She was trying to make me lose my temper by saying disgusting things about my little girl; probably in the hopes that I’d get so enraged that I’d make a mistake and give her an opportunity to turn the tables on me. The correct strategy would have been to keep my calm and laugh at her impotent threat, but I didn’t care. She had no right to even say such filthy things about Leah, and I wasn’t about to let that stand. Rage taking over my actions, I flipped her slutty short skirt up and slapped her across her ass as hard as I could, leaving a bright pink handprint where I had struck her. Madison let out a pained yelp, but quickly regained her composure.

That was kind of hot, she moaned. I wonder if Leah is into the rough stuff too. I’m sure we’ll find out – you know how guys are. I doubt I’ll even have to suggest it; some loser will probably bend her over and spank the little bitch’s ass while he plows her from behind just because he feels like it. She does have an utterly spankable little ass, after all – but I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

Watch yourself, I growled. You’re playing with fire here, bitch, and you really don’t want to continue. Keep threatening my daughter and I promise you I will make you regret it.

You misunderstand! she protested, feigning innocence. I’m not threatening her at all. I would never have Leah spanked to hurt her, I just think she might enjoy it. Lots of girls do, you know – I mean, I’m not going to lie to you here, my pussy is already juicing up from when you hit me. Go ahead and check, I don’t mind.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I took her up on her offer. I just wasn’t thinking straight – I was so blinded with anger at her for talking about Leah the way that she was and fear that she might actually make good on her threats. I’m sure on some deeper level there was just the standard instinctual desire for pussy, as well – Madison might have been a waste of genetic material, but I couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t also a smoking hot piece of ass. While I may not know exactly what my motivation was, I know what my actions were. Keeping her pinned down with my right hand I brought my left to her crotch. Taunting me, she parted her thighs slightly; as if to dare me to continue. With no interest in backing down, I slipped my fingers around the crotch of her panties and into her slit. Just as she had claimed, she was getting wet.

See? she moaned. Just like I said, lots of girls like being spanked. I wasn’t threatening to hurt her; I was just saying that giving the little slut a nice spanking might make things easier on her. A lot of the guys I know have some pretty big dicks, so we’re going to want her pretty little virgin pussy soaking wet before they ram them up her. We wouldn’t want her to have a bad experience and dislike sex, after all – especially with all the cocks she’s going to be taking.

I’m not going to warn you again, I threatened, slipping back into rage mode. You do not speak about my daughter like that. You do not think about my daughter like that. I swear to god, bitch, I am not going to let you turn her into a filthy whore like you.

I know why that is, she laughed. It’s because you want to do it yourself, isn’t it? You’re not angry that someone’s going to fuck Leah up her tight little asshole, you’re angry that that someone doesn’t happen to be you. You should really get over it, Mister Rivera. From what I hear, you can’t even get it up – if Leah has to wait for your pathetic little limp dick she’ll probably end up dying a virgin. That wouldn’t be very fair to her, now would it?

I knew that she was manipulating me, but she was doing a damned good job at it. Again losing my temper, I pulled my hand out of her panties and spanked her ass hard. Madison yelped in pain again, though her voice had a much more lustful tone than it had the last time. I immediately regretted losing control of myself, but it was too late to take it back.

I know what that means, she taunted. You know how much I enjoy a nice hard spanking, so you’re trying to tell me that I’m right and rewarding me for my cleverness. I don’t want to be ungrateful or anything, but it’s unnecessary – really, it doesn’t take much insight to know that you’re an impotent little pervert. I mean, just look at the situation we’re in now – you have me bent over your desk with my skirt hiked up and my innocent little teen pussy dripping wet. You could prove me wrong easily by pulling my panties down and showing me just how hard you can get, but you won’t. You’ll just give me another boring-ass lecture, because you know your faggot ass could never actually fuck such high-quality pussy as mine. Do me a favor and just wake me up when you’re done droning on, if it’s not too much trouble.

The irony of the situation was that for all of her claims that I couldn’t get it up, my cock was straining against the inside of my pants to break free. I don’t know if it was the physical combat with her, the feel of her pussy, or even just the fact that it had been so painfully long since I had last been with a woman, but I desperately wanted to prove to her just how wrong she was. I knew it was a mistake, and I knew that I was only playing into her hand, but I really didn’t care. Reaching down with my free hand, I undid my pants and let them fall to my ankles. Grabbing her panties, I pulled them down as well.

Is that supposed to intimidate me? she laughed. Please, old man – I know you’re bluffing. Sure, maybe you can get it hard, but what difference does it make? You don’t have the balls to do anything with it, anyway. At least, I assume you’re hard – usually they’re a bit bigger than that tiny little thing. Does it really not get any bigger than that? I’m beginning to understand why you’re such an asshole – going through life with a second belly button must have been very stressful for you.

I’m not an idiot. Her manipulation couldn’t have been any more obvious to me, but that didn’t really matter anymore. It might have been precisely what she wanted me to do, but it also felt like the right thing. I had to choose between stuffing my cock back into my pants and walking home in frustrated shame, or fucking a smoking hot piece of ass and proving to her that I was not only capable of doing something with my dick, I was big enough to make sure she felt it.

Keeping my grip on her wrists, I positioned my body directly behind hers and aimed my dick with my free hand. By that point Madison was dripping wet; the head slipped in without any difficulty. She let out a dismissive sneer, as if to suggest that she still thought I was bluffing and I’d back off any second, but I didn’t care. If I’m honest, at that moment I cared a lot more about getting some pussy than proving myself. Still, I wanted to make sure she understood just how wrong she had been. Bracing my free hand on her hip, I thrust into her fully as hard as I possibly could. Madison grunted in surprise and pain – I don’t think she expected me to be so rough with her, but she probably should have.

Not so hard, she grunted. You’re hurting me!

I don’t see how that’s possible, I laughed, fucking her at a brutal pace. I mean, a slut like you who has no doubt had countless anonymous dicks inside of her must be all stretched out, and as you’ve so eloquently pointed out I’m equipped with little more than a second belly button – frankly I’m amazed you feel this at all. Surely you can handle a man as tiny as me, right bitch? This shouldn’t even faze you.

It doesn’t, she lied, obviously in a lot more pain than she would have liked me to know. I’m just trying to spare you some embarrassment. It sounds like you’re trying so hard to make me feel this, and I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings when I barely even notice that it’s over.

Good point, I replied, playing along with her bullshit. Though, maybe I’m just in the wrong hole. Maybe I’d be more effective if I chose to fuck you up the ass instead. I don’t have anything to lube you up with, of course, but with something as tiny as me I doubt we really need lubrication. Should be able to just shove it straight in there as hard as I can; you probably won’t even notice.

I watched as the confidence drained out of Madison’s facial expression. She must have known that I knew how full of shit she was – the stressed grunts that she tried and failed to restrain with each thrust made her story that she could barely feel me difficult to believe. I’m sure that she realized how painful and probably medically dangerous it would be if I were to fuck her ass as hard as I was fucking her pussy, but she seemed to think that I might just be bluffing. Hoping to demonstrate how serious I was, I pressed my forefinger up against her asshole and roughly forced it in, causing her to whimper in pain.

So what do you think, bitch, I taunted. A little slut like you can’t possibly be satisfied with such a tiny thing in her sloppy little pussy; it seems like not fucking you up your whore ass would almost be cruel. In fact, I shouldn’t even be wasting time asking – I’ll just spare you the trouble of having to state the obvious and shove it in there.

Wait! she cried out. Look, I was just kidding – you’re big enough for me to feel. Please don’t fuck me in the ass; I think you might kill me if you do.

Not nearly good enough, bitch, I growled, thrusting my hips forward hard. I don’t give a flying fuck about how big or small you want to pretend my dick is, but I do want to see you suffer. I warned you about talking about Leah and you decided to continue anyway. If verbal instruction isn’t enough to get through your thick skull, then maybe getting your whore asshole torn open will get the message across.

I’m sorry, she whimpered. I didn’t mean the things that I was saying; I was just trying to make you mad. I honestly never would do any of those things to Leah; I was just desperate to get my grade changed. Please don’t fuck my asshole?

I probably should have stopped there. Madison was clearly afraid, and I was sure that I had gotten my message across. Unfortunately for her, I was deeply enjoying the terror she was experiencing. She had always been so tremendously disrespectful towards me; having her actually fear me was completely new and highly enjoyable. I knew that I should have stopped myself and settled for what I had already accomplished, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let things go back to the way that they were. I had her paying attention to me for the first time in her life, and I wasn’t about to give that up so quickly.

I just don’t know, I sighed, continuing to fuck her pussy hard while keeping my finger up my ass. I’m real sorry, Madison, but I just don’t think I can trust you. It’s nothing personal, you know, it’s just that you’re kind of a lying little slut whom only an idiot would trust. I’d really like to believe that you’ll keep your word about not corrupting my daughter just because it’s the right thing to do, but I just don’t think I can.

I swear to god I will! she pleaded. Just please don’t fuck my asshole and I promise you I’ll never be a bad influence on Leah again!

You’ll never see Leah again, I corrected her. At least outside of school. You won’t talk to her, text her, and you damned sure won’t hang out with her. Is that clear, bitch?

Madison shot me a pleading look. Under different circumstances I might have been sympathetic to her position – she had been such close friends with my daughter for so long that it was probably a bit cruel for me to demand that she immediately end things. At the moment, though, I really didn’t care. I still had her threats about corrupting my daughter sexually on my mind, and I wasn’t inclined to show any mercy. Glaring at her, I forced a second finger up her ass just to let her know that I wasn’t open to negotiation.

Okay, she whimpered. I won’t talk to Leah anymore. Now will you please take your fingers out of my ass?

You’re goddamned right you won’t, whore, I growled. And I swear to god if I catch you talking to her, I’m going to do so much worse to you than just fuck you in your ass. Trust me, bitch – I know that a slut like you might not mind a little anal, but I promise you that I can come up with something that you won’t enjoy in the slightest.

Having made my point I pulled my fingers out of her asshole and slapped her hard across her ass again. I knew she’d probably enjoy it on some level, but I didn’t really care – the truth was that I deeply enjoyed hitting her and wasn’t all too concerned as to how she would take it. As she moaned in response to the spanking, I figured that I no longer really needed to restrain her. Releasing her wrists, I slid my hands under her body and up her shirt. I knew I probably would never get another chance to really take advantage of a student like that, and I wanted to make it count. As I continued to plow into her from behind, I explored her body with my hands.

With the threat of rough anal sex off the table, Madison’s mood changed quickly. There was still a look of minor fear in her face – I’m sure she realized that I could easily change my mind about raping her in the ass if I chose to – but overall, she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to her. She moaned loudly as I fucked into her, and even began to fuck me back.

The emotional experience was overwhelming. I was simultaneously ecstatic that I was finally getting a little revenge on Madison and disgusted with myself for what I was doing. I hated and pitied Madison, and I hated myself even more. With my mind drenched in chaos, my instinct took over. I forgot all about the moral issues of what I was doing and focused exclusively on what my animal side desired. I fucked her brutally – I wasn’t so much making love to her as attempting to stab her to death with my cock. She seemed to react well to that, though. After ten minutes of my brutal assault, Madison came loudly.

Watching Madison’s orgasm was a unique experience. It helped me to feel a lot less guilty over what I had done, but it also made me feel powerful. As her body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure I felt like I had truly conquered her; for the first time even it seemed like she accepted that she had been beaten. The feeling of victory was immense, and easily enough to push me over the edge myself.

I thought about cumming inside of her, but I decided not to. I wasn’t sure if she was on the pill or not, and I realized that I’d probably have enough shit to deal with after what I had done without knocking her up. Additionally, I wasn’t convinced that she wouldn’t head down to the police station and tell them that I had raped her; and I didn’t want to leave her dripping with genetic evidence. Pulling out, I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off of the desk and onto the floor.

Sensing what was going on, Madison opened her mouth willingly. Maintaining my grip on my hair, I forced my dick into her mouth as I felt my orgasm beginning. Wanting to see just how skilled she was orally, I forced it down her throat as semen spewed out. Surprisingly, she managed to take my entire length without gagging. A part of me regretting questioning her blowjob skills earlier, but I didn’t really care. Grunting loudly, I shot my load directly down her throat as she struggled to swallow it all.

After emptying my balls into Madison’s stomach, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled my pants back up. My mind was racing – without the high of sex to distract me I was beginning to realize that I had just done a very, very bad thing. As Madison rose to her feet and straightened her clothes I realized that I was probably going to have to give her something if I didn’t want to lose my job or worse.

I’ll give you a D, I stated. It’s passing, and it won’t raise suspicion the same way it would if I gave you an A. I’m going to need you to work with me here as well – start actually doing homework, paying attention in class, et cetera. I need it to look like you might have possibly earned it – If the administrators find out that I’m changing your grade because I fucked you then it’ll certainly fuck up my life, but it won’t do you any favors either. You’ll just get another teacher, and he’ll most likely give you the grade you deserve. Understood?

Understood, she grinned. I’ll meet you halfway, but if you even think of failing me I promise you I’ll make you regret it.

Having said her piece, Madison walked out of the room. Aside from the fact that she was walking slightly funny, she showed no signs of what had just happened in the classroom. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not – I was glad that she wasn’t so traumatized that she’d raise suspicion, but I knew how manipulative she could be. I worried that she wouldn’t settle for a single letter grade improvement, and I didn’t trust her to set her sights on something believable.

Feeling as if I was in a dream, I grabbed my things and drove home. I knew that I’d likely have to deal with some serious fallout from what I had done, but I wasn’t sure what I could do about it at the moment. I didn’t like it, but the truth was that I would just have to wait and see what happened next.

Continue reading with chapter two.

Teach - Chapter Two

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter two of the story. If you haven't read chapter one, you should probably do that first

The rest of the school week was difficult. I was absolutely terrified that I would have to face the consequences for what I had done to Madison, every time I looked up I half expected to see police ready to take me away for raping a student. It never happened, but it was still nearly impossible for me to think of anything else. I couldn’t believe that I had been so stupid as to actually have slept with a student – especially a student as machiavellian as Madison. I knew it had been a mistake, but it was far too late to take it back.

Surprisingly, Madison didn’t seem to take advantage of my position. I expected her to realize how much power she had over me and start making additional demands, but she did nothing of the sort. She actually kept up her side of the agreement as well – she began turning in her homework, and though she was hardly a model student it seemed like she was actually paying attention in class. Though I have no way of knowing for sure, it even seemed like she was no longer talking to Leah. I probably should have been thrilled that everything had worked out so well, but I just couldn’t help thinking that it was only a matter of time before I had to pay for what I had done.

I kind of wanted to pull Madison aside and ask her what she was up to, but I knew that would be a bad idea. It didn’t seem likely that she truly didn’t realize how much power she could have over me if she wanted to, but if she really didn’t know how easily she could destroy me then I didn’t want to be the one to tip her off. I struggled, but I managed to make it through the week without actually saying anything to her at all.

By the time that Friday finally came I was really looking forward to the weekend. Being around Madison was eating away at my sanity and I needed a break. I needed some time to myself, and planned to spend the entire weekend blackout drunk and pretending that my life wasn’t two steps from falling apart completely. As soon as the Friday afternoon staff meeting ended I headed straight to the store to pick up a case of beer, and straight home from there.

Arriving home, I parked my car next to Leah’s, loaded the beer into the fridge in my garage, and headed inside to say hello to my daughter. I found Leah sitting in the living room watching television. Unfortunately, seated right next to her on the couch was Madison. As I struggled to maintain my cool so as not to let Leah know that anything out of the ordinary was going on, Madison shot me a coy grin. Racking my brain, I searched for any excuse to get Leah out of the room so that I could talk to Madison about what the hell she was doing in my home.

Leah, honey? I began, forcing myself to keep calm. I think you left your car’s headlights on – you should probably turn them off before they drain the battery.

Okay, daddy, she answered, heading towards the garage.

I waited until she was out of the room. I knew I didn’t have much time before Leah realized that her headlights were off and return, but I hoped I wouldn’t need long. Approaching Madison, I did my best to look menacing and intimidating.

Exactly which part of stay the hell away from my daughter are you having trouble understanding? I demanded, forcing myself to keep my voice low.

I don’t know, Alan, Madison smiled, heavily enunciating my first name as if to show me how afraid of me she wasn’t. I guess the part where if I go to the police and tell them what happened on Tuesday you’ll go to jail for a very long time, and I don’t see why I should take orders from you in that situation?

My heart stopped. I don’t know if I’d actually go to jail at that point – it seemed like all of the evidence would have been long since digested – but I didn’t want to find out for sure. At the very least I’d lose my job, my reputation, and probably my relationship with my daughter. Still, I remembered the disgusting things that Madison had threatened to do, and I couldn’t just back down.

Fine, I replied. You can see Leah, but no more corrupting her. I don’t care if you want to fuck up your own life, but I will not stand by and watch you fucking up hers.

Please, bitch, she laughed. You’ll stand by and watch me do whatever I want. If I want to have the entire football team over to gangbang little Leah you’ll just sit there and accept it like a good boy – maybe if you behave yourself I’ll even let you take a turn. Fortunately for you, that’s not what I want – at least not at the moment.

Then what the fuck do you want? I growled.

Just to hang out, she shrugged. You’ve got a nice place, and I like spending time here. I value your daughter’s friendship. Also, you tend to buy better beer than my family – I trust you don’t mind if I help myself while I’m here, do you?

I wanted desperately to reach forward and squeeze the life out of her, but I knew that would be a bad idea. As much as I hated it, she did have the upper hand at the moment. Reminding myself that if the worst that came out of it was having Madison drinking my beer on the weekends then I had probably gotten off light, I forced myself to stay calm.

Fine, I relented. You’re wrong about one thing, though. You might ruin my life, but if you attempt to do any of the disgusting things that you’ve threatened I won’t be going to jail for rape – I’ll be going to jail for murder. You can hang out here, you can even drink my fucking beer, but you’re pushing it. Don’t overplay your hand, kid.

Before Madison had a chance to respond, Leah came back in and told me that her headlights were already off. I made up a lame excuse and left the room to grab a beer – I felt like I desperately needed it, and I didn’t trust myself to be around Madison. I knew that things could have turned out significantly worse than they had, and I was pretty sure that the more time I spent around her the more likely it would be that I wouldn’t be getting off the hook so lightly.

I spent most of the rest of the night pathetically hanging out in my own garage. It was humiliating – I felt like a prisoner in my own home. Still, it was better than the alternative of hanging out where I’d be forced to deal with Madison and risk saying something in front of my daughter that I would regret. Besides, the garage was where the beer was.

I wanted to drink until I could think about something other than the situation I had gotten myself into, but I forced myself to pace myself. As desirable as getting hammered was, I knew that lowering my inhibitions too much while Madison was in my home could only end badly. As I sat on a milk crate nursing a beer, my mind wandered.

I tried to think of a way to handle my problem with Madison, but I didn’t really have a ton of options. She probably couldn’t prove what had happened on Tuesday, but that didn’t really matter – the accusation alone would be damning enough. Really my only defense would be to let her know that if she pushed me too hard then I’d put my foot down and accept the consequences. I doubted that I could convince her that I would go to jail over her simply being in my home, but I was pretty sure that she knew she couldn’t invite the football team over and get away with it.

The difficult part was trying to figure out myself where I would draw the line. Obviously I wouldn’t stand by while she had my daughter gang-raped, but I wasn’t really sure exactly where I would put my foot down and just tell her to turn me in already. It seemed important that I knew where that was – I was pretty sure that Madison would push me until she found it, after all.

I started with the premise that anything involving Leah would be off-limits, but it was difficult for me to believe that. She had already violated my demand that she stay away from my daughter, and I think both of us knew that I wasn’t going to risk my career over that. As the alcohol soaked into my system I found myself unintentionally and unwillingly thinking about just how far I’d really let her go.

I immediately decided that actual sex would be off-limits. As far as I knew, Leah was still a virgin – and even though she was legally an adult and I could accept she wouldn’t be a virgin forever, I didn’t want her to lose it because of Madison’s sick games. I wasn’t so sure about other things, though. Oral sex, for example – the idea of Madison encouraging my daughter to suck some loser’s dick enraged me, but I wasn’t sure if it enraged me enough that I’d actually throw in the towel. I didn’t like thinking about it, but I knew that I’d probably let Madison get away with that. Still, I knew that I couldn’t let her know.

Around midnight I heard Leah go to bed. Figuring that torturing myself in the garage was neither healthy nor beneficial, I decided I should probably get some sleep myself. Heading back into the house, I passed Madison on the way to my bedroom, still relaxing on the couch. I intentionally didn’t acknowledge her, not wanting to get sucked into a fight that would draw Leah’s attention.

Entering my bedroom, I closed the door behind me. After stripping out of my clothes I climbed into bed, feeling no less emotionally chaotic than I had throughout the week. I hoped that when I woke up Madison would no longer be in my home, but that didn’t seem likely. The look on her face when I had walked passed her made it clear that she knew how much her presence bothered me, and I suspected that she intended to milk that for all it was worth.

After lying in bed unable to get to sleep for about half an hour the door opened. As Madison walked through it I wanted to scream at her, but I knew that doing so would only wake up Leah. Still, the smug look on her face was making it extremely difficult for me to keep calm. She walked up to my bed as if she had every right in the world to be there, and that was not okay.

What the fuck do you want? I growled, keeping my voice low. Isn’t it enough that I have to tolerate your presence in my house without you coming into my fucking bedroom?

Aww, poor baby, she mocked. It must be ever so difficult for you to handle this stress. I mean, having a ridiculously hot teenaged girl who is way out of your league in your bedroom? That’s like the worst possible fate ever, you know? Well, maybe not as bad as spending the next ten years in prison getting raped in the ass because you couldn’t keep your hands off your students, but I’m sure it’s pretty close.

You’re not answering my question, I snapped. What the fuck are you doing in here?

Your couch is uncomfortable, she shrugged, climbing into my bed. I’d rather sleep in a bed. Also, I want to fuck. Now, I could climb into bed with Leah, or I could climb into bed with you. If I wanted to I could head into Leah’s room, fuck her face while taking pleasure in the knowledge of how doing so must hurt you, and go to sleep in her bed. Since I’m a guest in your home, though, I thought it would be polite to give you the option of letting me sleep in your bed instead. So tell me, bitch – can I sleep here, or should I head down the hall?

I really hate you, I growled, glaring at her angrily. Fine, you can sleep here. I’ll take the fucking couch.

Before I could sit up and get out of bed Madison pounced on top of me. I probably should have simply shoved her off of my body, but for some reason I hesitated. The look on her face implied that if I didn’t stay where I was then she’d make me regret it, and I had no interest in encouraging her to go down the hallway and climb into bed with Leah.

You’re not listening, she sighed. The bed is only half of what I. I need you here for the other half – or Leah, if you’d prefer that I go that way instead. I really don’t give a shit if you choose to sleep on the couch after I’m done, but unless you want me teaching your sweet little girl the finer points of pussy licking you’re not going anywhere just yet.

You’re a sick bitch, I growled as she climbed off of me and slipped her panties off. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but I guarantee you that I will get you back for this.

You whine too much, she laughed, pulling back the blankets and shoving her hand down my boxer shorts. Really, you make it sound like I’m victimizing you in some terrible way. You do realize that most teachers pay a far steeper price when they go around raping students, don’t you? Besides, for all your pretending that you don’t want this, your cock seems to disagree. At least one part of you has some sense, right?

I wish it wasn’t the case, but she was right. My cock was rock hard and had been ever since she had straddled me. I wanted to explain to her that it was just a combination of male physiology and my alcohol-lowered inhibitions, but it seemed like a waste of breath. Truth be told, I didn’t think I could convince myself, much less Madison. I didn’t want to admit it, but even though I consciously wanted to throw her out of my house and tell her to never come back, on a more primal level I was thrilled that I’d be getting a chance to fuck her again.

Fine, I grumbled. Let’s just get this over with.

Looking me straight in the eye, Madison cracked a mischievous grin. Taking her hand off of my cock, she brought it up to my face and slapped me hard. I wanted to hit her back, but I restrained myself. As satisfying as beating the shit out of her would be, I was pretty sure that she’d make me regret it. Besides, I didn’t want to wake up Leah.

I’m disappointed with you, she explained. You were hardly the romantic the last time we fucked, but that’s okay – given the setting I think you had an excuse to just shove it in. This time, though, you really ought to know better than to want to just get it over with. We don’t have to worry about some stray janitor walking in on us, and I expect you to take advantage of that fact.

Before I could respond, Madison climbed up over me and straddled my shoulders. Hiking her skirt up, she grabbed my hair and thrust her crotch in my face. As the musky scent of her sex filled my nostrils I felt myself torn between throwing her off of me and shoving my tongue into her to get a taste. Aided by the alcohol flowing in my blood stream, I sided with my lust over my rage and cooperated fully with what she wanted.

As her intimate flavor washed over my tongue I felt my desire to get rid of her fading. I still despised her and I still wanted to make her suffer, but mostly I just wanted to fuck her. With my inhibitions melting away I told myself that while fucking her again was unlikely to make anything better, it realistically wouldn’t make things any worse either. Allowing my animal instincts to take over, I put aside the contempt that I felt for Madison and focused only on fucking her with my tongue.

You’re good at this, she moaned. That’s a good thing, you know – I really do enjoy having my pussy eaten, and your talent will probably make it so I don’t get bored with you. Keep me interested and I’ll be a lot less likely to stray elsewhere – say, for example, down the hallway and into Leah’s room.

Invoking the name of my daughter snapped me out of my focus. I still wanted to fuck Madison hard, but I wasn’t about to simply sit by and take it as she made her disgusting threats. Grabbing her hips, I forced her off of me and onto her back. Before she could get back up I climbed on top of her and pinned her down. Rather than struggling, Madison simply spread her legs and grinded her clit up against my shaft.

Let’s get something straight, I growled. The shit that’s going on between you and I is between you and I alone – you will not involve Leah, you will not mention Leah’s name, and if I so much as see you looking at Leah in a way that makes me uncomfortable I will end your worthless little life. Got it, bitch?

Oh, calm down, she laughed, continuing to grind her crotch against mine. I’m only talking, and I know you’re bluffing. You might do something if you walked in on me fucking your daughter’s cute little face but I think we both know that you’re not going to throw your freedom and reputation away just because I talk about it. Drop it – it makes you look petty and weak.

I would have liked to argue with her, but I knew that she was correct. As much as I hated the things that she was saying, the plain truth was that I wasn’t going to go to jail over words alone. Complaining and making empty threats was only working against me by letting her know how effectively and easily she could hurt me. Unable to construct a verbal reply, I grabbed her ankles, spread her legs wide, and shoved my cock into her as hard as I could. It probably wasn’t the most effective way to shut her up, but it made sense at the time.

That’s more like it, she moaned as I worked into a steady rhythm. You really shouldn’t get so worked up over such things anyway – it can’t be good for your health. Aside from the fact that I know you won’t do shit about it, they’re just words, you know? I’m not actually going to do anything with Leah, at least not as long as you keep me interested. Once I get bored with you, though, I don’t see why I shouldn’t play around with her a little.

Watch that, I warned, thrusting into her roughly in order to add impact to my words. I don’t give a flying fuck how bored you get with me, you will not lay a hand on my daughter.

This shit again? she laughed, thrusting her hips back towards me to let me know that she could handle what I was doing to her physically. Come on, we’ve already covered this. And like I said, I’m really not going to do anything about her for the time being. Still, it doesn’t hurt to talk about it. Would you like to hear the things I’ll be doing to her the instant I decide you’re no longer worth the trouble?

I could feel my anger rising with each taunting word that escaped her mouth. Frustrated and desperate to put a little fear back into her, I remembered what I had done the last time. Pulling out of her, I flipped her over onto her front and grabbed her by the hips. Ramming my cock back into her pussy, I slipped a finger up her ass as well.

Keep talking, bitch, I warned. Go ahead; you’re right after all. You can talk all you like, and I can’t really do anything about it. Of course, I can fuck you in your little slut asshole, and there’s really nothing you can do about that.

I hope you’re planning to lube me up first, she moaned, fucking me back. If you don’t, I’m betting it will hurt a lot – so much that I’ll probably even scream so loud that Leah will wake up and come to see what’s going on. How do you think you’ll explain that to your daughter, by the way? It probably doesn’t matter – I doubt that there’s really anything that you could say to her to justify raping her best friend in the ass.

I’ll gag you first, I shot back. You can try to scream as loud as you like, but I doubt she’ll be able to hear.

That might work, Madison conceded. I’m not completely sure it would – I can scream pretty loud, after all – but I think you’d have a pretty good chance of keeping me quiet. Honestly, you probably could get away with fucking my ass dry, though I think it would just make me angry. I’d probably seek revenge on Leah, too, and make sure that whatever you do to me I have done to her. I could do it, you know – I could easily get some dumb jock to shove his cock up her ass, lubricated only with her blood. Don’t worry, though, if it comes down to that I promise I’ll make sure that she knows exactly why it’s happening. I’ll make sure that once his cock is fully buried up the little bitch’s formerly virgin asshole he leans in real close and tells her that it’s all because her daddy wanted it that way. So let me ask you, bitch – are you sure you want to have your finger up my asshole?

I was utterly repulsed by the things that Madison was threatening. The idea that she’d not only have my daughter anally raped but even make sure that Leah was told it was all because of me was disgusting, but I could easily see Madison doing something like that. I hated backing down, but I wasn’t willing to risk her actually doing something like that to my little girl. Angry and frustrated, I pulled my finger out of her asshole and slapped her hard across the ass. Predictably, rather than cry in pain she moaned in pleasure.

That’s a good boy, she moaned. I understand that you don’t like it when I talk about Leah, but you’re just going to have to get over it. I enjoy your reactions, and I really don’t see why I should censor myself just to protect my rapist’s feelings. Besides, I know why you’re so protective of her – it has nothing to do with protecting her virtue, you just want her fucking other people until you get your turn.

That’s disgusting, I growled. You’re wrong, too – I would never touch her like that.

Oh please, Madison laughed, reaching back and playing with her clit as I fucked her hard. You don’t have to lie to me – I’ve already been raped by you, it’s not like I’m going to lose any further respect for you because you want to fuck your own daughter. Honestly, I don’t even blame you – Leah might not be the hottest little piece of ass out there, but she works that whole innocent little girl angle flawlessly. Hell, I’ve even admitted to you that I’d love to fuck the little bitch myself, I’m not going to judge you for wanting the same thing.

Watch yourself, bitch, I growled. You’re treading on some thin fucking ice right here.

The thing is, she continued, blatantly ignoring my warning, I know something that you don’t know. See, I’m Leah’s best friend – we talk to each other and she tells me everything. I know way more about her sex life than you ever will – I know how often she fucks herself, what she uses, and even what she’s thinking about when she does it. That last one is the important one, by the way – let’s just say that if you did want to slip it to your little girl, she wouldn’t really mind all too much.

I had no idea how to react. It sounded like Madison was telling me that Leah had told her that she had had sexual thoughts about me, but that just seemed so impossible. I wanted to demand more information, but I was hesitant to do so and admit that I might have had similarly inappropriate thoughts about Leah. I wasn’t proud of it or anything, and I certainly never planned to act on my urges, but the truth was that Madison was right on some level. I hated myself for it, but I knew that at times I had caught myself having thoughts about my daughter that I really shouldn’t have had.

See, you’re thinking about things the wrong way, she moaned. You keep looking at me as your enemy, and I’m really not. That’s a good thing, by the way – if we were enemies, I’d just go to the cops and turn you in right now. I could destroy you easily if I wanted to, but I won’t. See, I don’t think we need to be enemies – I think we could make decent allies. We both want the same thing, after all.

I sincerely doubt that, I growled, fucking Madison hard in a misguided attempt to regain my dominance. But just for fun, what exactly is this same thing that you seem to think we both want?

Leah, she moaned. I want to see the little slut lose her virginity to her own daddy. That’s the only reason she’s still a virgin, by the way – I’d have probably convinced her to give it up to some other guy if I wasn’t saving it for you.

Why would you want that? I demanded, simultaneously disgusted and deeply turned on. You claim that she’s your best friend, and you want to see her getting raped by her own father? What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick fucking bitch?

It’s like you said, she replied. I’m a sick fucking bitch. I hadn’t even thought about rape, though – that actually sounds like it might be pretty fun. Still, it won’t be necessary. That little slut is hot for daddy and you can’t really rape the willing. You could probably go down the hallway right now, tear her panties off, shove your cock in her and make her cum like the slut she wants to be, and she’d probably thank you for it. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Making your little girl cum on your rock hard cock?

As if to demonstrate the point, Madison began to cum herself. I tried not to think about Leah, but I found the task impossible – shameful though it is, as I felt Madison pussy convulse around my dick I was imagining what it would feel like with my own daughter. Just thinking about violating Leah like that pushed me over the edge.

I probably should have pulled out, but I was too drunk and emotionally volatile to care. Still thinking of Leah in my mind, I thrust into her as deeply as I could and flooded her with my sperm. Madison didn’t seem to mind, at least – she pushed her hips back and flexed her internal muscles, milking every last drop out of me.

Utterly drained both physically and emotionally, I pulled out of Madison and collapsed on my bed. With my orgasm over I felt immediately and completely overcome with shame. I couldn’t believe that I had just done what I had done while thinking what I had been thinking. The smile on Madison’s face implied that she knew what I had been thinking about as well. I was disgusted with myself, but there really wasn’t anything that I could do to change what had happened.

Anyway, think it over, she smiled, curling up next to me. You don’t need to answer right away or anything. Like it or not, you are stuck with me – we may as well make the most out of things. I’m not going to judge you for the sick things that you want to do to Leah, and the truth is that the little slut wants it anyway.

Mentally exhausted, I fell asleep aside Madison. I knew that I probably should have gotten up and slept on the couch so as to keep her from getting the wrong idea but I just didn’t have the energy. Besides, I was pretty sure that I had already sabotaged my life enough that sleeping next to my daughter’s best friend couldn’t make things any worse.

Continue reading with chapter three.

Teach - Chapter Three

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter three of the story. If you haven't read chapter two yet, you should probably do that first

I woke up the next morning feeling physically refreshed, but just as mentally and emotionally drained as I had the night before. Glancing to my side I saw that Madison was no longer in my bed. I was grateful for that – at least I wouldn’t have to worry about Leah seeing me leaving my bedroom with her and having to explain what exactly had happened.

I didn’t have a hangover, but in a way that was a bad thing. While I was grateful for the fact that I wasn’t vomiting my brains out, the fact that I felt refreshed made it difficult for me to pretend that I was drunk out of my mind the previous night and therefor shouldn’t worry about my actions. I knew that I had had more than a few beers, but I had still been far too sober to blame it all on the alcohol. Getting dressed, I headed out in the hopes of finding something with which to distract myself from thinking too much about what had happened.

I found Madison in my living room. Just seeing her was difficult. A part of me wanted to murder her where she stood, a part of me wanted to tear her clothes off and rape her until she accepted my authority. Most troublingly, a part of me really wanted to tell her that I wanted to proceed with her plan. I wasn’t sure what to say to her, and I wasn’t sure if I should say anything at all – I didn’t see my daughter anywhere, but for all I knew she might have been within earshot.

You can calm down, Madison laughed dismissively. Really, being that tense can’t be good for you – though I’ll probably get bored with you before the stress kills you so I suppose it’s not really that big of a deal. Still, though, you don’t have to worry – Leah just hopped into the shower, so we have some time to speak freely.

We have nothing to speak freely about, I shot back. Nothing has changed. I still want you out of my house, out of my life, and most importantly out of Leah’s life. I accept that actions that I have taken have made it impossible for me to force this. Still, don’t think that we’re suddenly friends – the only reason you’re still standing here is because I can’t kick you out.

I guess it’s a good thing that you realize how powerless you are, at least, she shrugged. We don’t have to be friends, anyway – frankly I doubt that we’d get along. We’d make terrible friends, but we could be effective allies.

Allies? I scoffed. Christ, Madison – you really are insane, aren’t you? I want you to listen very carefully to the words that I am saying: You may have some sick thoughts about my daughter, including what you seem to think my relationship with her is like. Those thoughts, however, exist exclusively in your mind. I’m not going to work with you, I’m not going to help you. We will never be allies, no matter what dirt you might have on me.

Whatever, she shot back dismissively. If you won’t be my ally, you’ll be my bitch. I can work with either way, though I hope you realize you’re being stupid. Anyway, bitch, I want some time alone with your daughter today. You can hang out around the house for now, but try to stay out of our way. Come sundown, make up some excuse to disappear for a few hours. Think you can manage that?

I think you’re insane, I corrected. I wouldn’t leave a creature like you alone with my daughter even if I didn’t know what sick shit you were planning. I might not be able to kick you out, but I’m going to watch you like a hawk while you’re here.

Sounds boring, she yawned. Also sounds unacceptable. I don’t want to get into an argument over it, though. If you want to hang around and disobey my orders, fine. It’s your home, and you can do what you want. I’ll even try to include you in the conversation, though that could be tricky. I’m not sure there’s a ton of common interests going on here – really the only thing that I could think to discuss would be how you raped me last night while imagining that I was Leah. It’s not much, but I think it should be enough to get some conversation going – I’m betting Leah will have a whole lot of questions, after all.

Listen you psychotic whore, I growled. Remember how we talked about overplaying your hand? That’s precisely what you’re doing now. If you so much as breathe a word of what you think happened last night to my daughter, I swear to god I’ll break your neck where you stand. Yeah, it might be difficult explaining to Leah why I just beat the shit out of her best friend while she watched, but it’ll be absolutely worth it.

I think it would be more difficult explaining it to the police, she replied, frustratingly unmoved by my threats. Assault is a pretty serious offense, even if we don’t get into the whole rape issue. You’d definitely be looking at some jail time, leaving poor little Leah all alone in the world. I don’t want you to worry about that, though – if you have to go to jail, I won’t hold it against her. I’ll take her under my wing entirely and take good care of her. Sure, I probably won’t feel like waiting for you to get out before I devirginize the little bitch, but I can at least promise to keep her entertained. So here’s the deal, Alan. You can hang out here and I’ll do exactly what I said, or you can make yourself scarce and save yourself a visit to the state correctional facility. Just because I’m feeling generous I’ll give you my word that if you cooperate, I won’t rape your daughter while you’re gone or even invite anyone else over to do it for me. Piss me off, though, and you have my word that I will turn her into the biggest whore you could possibly imagine while you’re locked away in some hellhole of a state prison.

I wanted to argue with her, but I really didn’t have anything to argue with. She was right – getting myself arrested would only make things worse. Taking Madison at her word when she told me that she wouldn’t violate my daughter seemed like a bad idea, but I was pretty sure that she could be trusted to make good on her threat. Frustrated, I headed back to my bedroom in defeat – I didn’t want to cooperate with her, but I knew that I didn’t have a choice.

I spent the rest of the day trying to keep myself occupied. I mowed my lawn, cleaned out my gutters – anything to keep busy so that I wouldn’t have time to think about what was going on. The effort was wasted, of course – try as I might I couldn’t think about anything else – but it wasn’t like I had any other choice. I couldn’t risk spending time around my daughter and daring Madison to make good on her threats to tell Leah what had happened the previous night.

Around 8:00 the sun went down and I excused myself. I hated myself for it – making up a bullshit excuse about going for a walk in order to obey Madison’s orders felt like the most humiliating thing that I had ever done – but I knew I didn’t have a choice. I headed to the public park down the road and spent a few hours just wandering around, torturing myself with thoughts about what might be happening back at my house. I wanted to believe that Madison would keep her word, but I just couldn’t trust her.

By 11:00 I had managed to convince myself that I would come home to find my daughter in the lewdest position humanly imaginable with half the neighborhood raping her. Figuring that I had spent enough time out I headed back home, both eager to get there and put an end to whatever Madison was doing and hesitant to actually find out what had happened. I tried to convince myself that I hadn’t been gone long enough for Madison to do too much damage, but I just couldn’t seem to make myself believe it. I knew from personal experience that Madison didn’t need too much time in order to create serious problems.

Arriving at home, I took a moment to brace myself for what I might see and headed in. Entering my living room, I was mildly relieved by what I saw. I had half-expected to find Leah’s naked body being used in some perverse satanic ritual, but all I found was Madison sitting on my couch sipping one of my beers. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but I knew better than to let my guard down just yet.

Where’s Leah? I asked.

Asleep in her bed, Madison shrugged. Well, technically passed out would be the better term – your daughter is a bit of a lightweight, by the way. Two and a half beers and she’s out like a light.

You gave me daughter beer? I demanded.

Your daughter drank beer, she corrected dismissively. God, you make it sound like I’m the sole bad influence in the universe; have you ever considered that maybe Leah is capable of corrupting herself? Really I don’t get why you’re acting so irritated, anyway. I didn’t whore her out to strangers, I didn’t shove increasingly large objects up her unlubricated asshole while taking pictures; I just had a few drinks with her. In the grand scheme of things, it really could have been much worse. Anyway, if you’re so worried about her feel free to check up on her – like I said, she’s asleep in her bed.

I wasn’t crazy about Madison drinking with my daughter, but I had to admit that she was right. Compared to the depraved scenes that I had been imagining when I was in the park, having a couple drinks really didn’t seem like that big of a deal. I wasn’t happy about it, but I figured I’d just have a talk with Leah later about drinking and be done with it. As I gradually calmed down I headed towards Leah’s bedroom, just to make sure that she really was okay. Madison followed closely behind.

Quietly opening Leah’s door, I flicked on the lights. I was not prepared for what I saw – my daughter’s naked body was laid out on her bed, with her legs spread far apart. As I forced myself to avert my eyes, Madison casually strolled into the room. On the plus side, the lights didn’t wake up Leah, so at least I didn’t have to worry about the awkward situation of her finding me in her room while she was in such a vulgar position.

You don’t have to look away, Madison commented. Like I said, this bitch is out cold – she’s not going to wake up and catch you staring at her pussy. Hell, you could probably do more than look if you really wanted to. Besides, it’s silly not check her out – she has an adorable little pussy on her, don’t you think?

Was it really necessary to leave her like this? I growled. Couldn’t you have tossed a fucking blanket on her?

I could have, she shrugged, but it seems almost criminal to cover up such a delicious little twat, don’t you think? Hell, just looking at her is getting me turned on, and judging from that tenting in your pants I don’t think I’m the only one.

The shameful truth was that she was right. I was growing hard, and my daughter’s naked and splayed out body was definitely the main reason why. Not wanting to discuss such things with Madison, I turned around to leave Leah’s room. Before I could exit, though, Madison quickly stepped in front of the door and blocked my path.

Get out of my way, I ordered, before I move you myself.

Fair enough, she shrugged, stepping out of my way. You can leave if you want, but I want to fuck. If you’re not down, though, that’s cool – I can keep myself amused with Leah’s body. She might not be awake, but I can still have some fun with her. Still, I’d rather fuck you. Don’t let it go to your head or anything, but conscious people tend to be more interesting partners.

Fine, I growled. We’ll fuck. In my bedroom, though.

No, she replied, approaching the bed. You can fuck me here or you can go run away to your bedroom, but I’m hanging out here. Don’t be such a pussy, Alan – she’s not going to wake up. Look, I’ll prove it to you.

Climbing into bed, Madison traced a finger up Leah’s naked thigh and towards her pussy. As I watched with a combination of horror, disgust, and animal lust Madison slipped her finger into my daughter’s pussy and began to slowly pump it in and out. Unable to look away, I couldn’t help but notice that my daughter’s vaginal lips were bright pink and inflamed, as if she had suffered some kind of slight abuse recently. I began to realize that Madison had probably done more than just have a few drinks with my daughter while I was gone.

Get your fucking hands off of my daughter, I demanded. This is rape, Madison – you can’t do these things to someone who isn’t awake.

Is it? she shrugged. I’d prefer to look at it as an opportunity – I mean, think about it. If I can stick things in her pussy without waking her up, then you probably could too. Still, I get where you’re coming from with the whole rape thing – she’s asleep and can’t consent. Would it make you feel any better if I told you that she consented to worse before she passed out?

What the fuck are you talking about? I demanded, my temper rising.

Oh, calm down, she laughed. It’s really not a big deal – mostly stupid teenaged making out stuff. We kissed, fondled, et cetera. I did fuck her with a cucumber, but really, can you blame me? You should see the little slut cum, by the way. It’s absolutely adorable.

I felt like I was being torn apart inside. I was disgusted by the idea of my little girl being violated in such a crass way, enraged by how nonchalantly Madison spoke of it, and desperate to hear more details. I hated Madison, but not nearly as much as I hated myself. To my utter revulsion I could feel my cock straining against the inside of my pants, struggling to burst free.

We really ought to get her some decent sex toys, Madison continued, but that’s a conversation we can have at a later date. So, the way I see it you have three choices – you can attack me and spend the next five to ten years inside a jail cell wondering what horrible things I’m doing to your daughter, you can piss off and let me experiment with just how much I can stuff up the little bitch’s holes before she wakes up, or you can come over here and use that hard-on in your pants to fuck me senseless. Which would you prefer?

I wish I could say that I struggled with the decision, but I knew what I wanted right away. Even if the alternatives weren’t horrifying, I really did want to fuck. Telling myself that I was only doing what I had to do to protect my daughter and stay out of jail, I walked towards the bed as Madison slipped out of her panties and hiked her skirt up. Unzipping my pants my cock sprang to freedom; jutting angrily in Madison’s direction.

Get off the bed, I instructed. I’ll fuck you here, but not in her bed. I don’t want to wake her up.

Not good enough, Madison sighed. You really have to stop being such a pussy, you know. She’s not going to wake up, and if you’d like I can prove it to you. I don’t want to piss you off or anything, but my finger isn’t the only thing that’s been inside her since she’s passed out. I actually fucked her pretty hard with the cucumber before you got home just to see if I could and she didn’t wake up from that, so I doubt she’s going to wake up from some rocking of her bed. Still, if you want to be a little bitch, that’s okay. Just to show there’s no hard feelings I’ll even let you hang around and watch as I entertain myself with Leah’s body.

Moving one hand to her crotch, Madison began playing with herself as she leaned into my daughter’s crotch. Tossing her hair out of the way so that I could see exactly what she was doing, she then extended her tongue and forced it inside Leah’s defenseless pussy. Unable to simply stand by and watch, I approached the bed, grabbed Madison by her hair, and pulled her head out from between Leah’s legs. Reacting quickly, Madison wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down on top of her, landing right next to Leah’s body.

That’s more like it, she laughed, shifting her hips so that my cock was rubbing up against her crotch. And see, you had nothing to worry about – little Leah’s still sound asleep. So what’s it going to be, bitch – do you want to go back to your bedroom and rub one out while I have my way with your daughter, or do you want to use that rock-hard cock I feel to show me who’s the boss here?

I knew I was only playing into her hand, but it didn’t make sense to resist. If Leah hadn’t woken up from what Madison had already done to her then it was pretty unlikely she’d wake up just because the bed started rocking. Angry, confused, but extremely horny I forced my cock into Madison’s dripping wet snatch and began to fuck her as hard as I could without making too much noise.

Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, Madison leaned up and forced her tongue into my mouth. Overcome with lust, I completely forgot about the fact that her tongue had just been inside of my daughter and willingly kissed her back. As the familiar flavor of pussy washed through my mouth, though, I quickly remembered what had just happened. Shamefully, I didn’t break off the kiss – as much as I hated to think about it, tasting my own daughter was exhilarating. Besides, it wasn’t like it was hurting Leah in any way – I wasn’t even touching her.

How’s her pussy taste? Madison asked after breaking off the kiss. If you want more we can always shift positions – I don’t mind you tongue-fucking her as long as you don’t stop fucking me.

You’re disgusting, I hissed. I would never do that to my own daughter.

Suit yourself, she moaned. You’re missing an opportunity here, though – little Leah isn’t going to wake up no matter what you do to her, and tomorrow morning she’s just going to assume that any soreness was the result of the cucumber. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just your tongue, either – I wouldn’t mind if you stopped fucking me in order to fuck her; at least not as long as I get to watch you making your little girl into a woman. I’ll even promise not to tell her what happened – you can do anything you want to her and she’ll never even know.

I didn’t want to think about what she was suggesting, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. She was probably right – I could get away with doing horrible things to my daughter and she would never know. I absolutely refused to consider it, though I couldn’t help but wonder if I was refusing because it was wrong or because I didn’t trust Madison to keep her silence. Hoping to distract myself, I channeled the emotional turmoil that I was feeling into fucking Madison as hard as I could – Leah clearly wasn’t waking up, forcing myself to keep the bed from rocking just didn’t make sense.

After about five minutes of rough sex, Madison pushed me off of her without warning. I had no idea what was going on – neither of us had reached orgasm yet and it seemed somewhat out of character for her to want to stop early. I wondered if she was planning to try to force me to fuck my daughter before any post-orgasmic clarity set in, and I worried that it might work.

What the fuck? I asked as she crawled out from under me.

Relax, I just want to switch positions, she explained. I prefer doggy style, and I think you do too – I know how you like being able to finger my asshole, you little ass freak.

I was relieved that she wasn’t planning to force me to violate Leah, though I was also secretly a little disappointed. Fortunately, Madison quickly gave me something to distract myself with. She assumed the position on her hands and knees, but she did so immediately on top of Leah’s body. Pressing her tits against my daughter’s, she hovered her ass right above Leah’s crotch. It was hard to not notice that the pussy I would be fucking was less than a foot away from Leah’s.

Well? she asked impatiently. What are you waiting for, come on over and shove it in. Also, my offer still stands – if you want to pull out and shove it in Leah for a little while just to feel that nice, tight virgin cunt of hers I won’t mind. I’ll even suck your cum out of her if you want to finish inside, just so she won’t have any idea that her daddy fucked her tomorrow morning.

Just give up already, I replied, kneeling down behind her and forcing my cock back into Madison. I’m not going to fuck my daughter, no matter how many times you ask. It doesn’t matter if she has any idea or not, it’s wrong.

Bullshit, Madison moaned in reply. The little bitch wants it, and besides – maybe she deserves to be taught a lesson. I mean, she was drinking, and you clearly don’t approve of that. Maybe if she wakes up with a sore pussy dripping with her daddy’s cum she’ll think twice before having a beer. It doesn’t have to be her pussy, either. I know how you like the butt stuff, I won’t complain if you want to take her back door.

I’m not fucking my daughter in the ass, I snapped. What kind of sick mind do you have where that’s a fitting punishment for drinking?

Probably just as well, she shrugged, blatantly moving her hands to my daughter’s chest and massaging her breasts. I don’t think you’d fit, anyway. I slipped a finger up there while I was eating her pussy before you came home, and she is fucking tight. Don’t worry about that too much, though. Getting her stretched out to take a dick up the ass is definitely on my list of things to do.

Cross it off that list, I demanded, slapping her ass. In fact, burn that list entirely. I will not be fucking my daughter in the ass or any other hole.

Fine by me, she replied, but if you won’t, then I’ll have to find someone who will. She’s going to need to be stretched out to take any cock up her ass, even if it isn’t yours. Don’t get me wrong or anything – I want it to hurt her a little, but that’s just the sadist in me. I don’t want to tear her apart, though. Like I said, I am her friend.

If you do anything to her ass, I warned, slipping a finger back up Madison’s ass, I’ll make sure to do the same thing to you. Don’t expect me to be all too concerned with tearing you apart, though – like I said, I’m not your friend.

That threats growing old, she laughed, continuing to molest my daughter’s naked body. I doubt you’ll do anything that would actually be dangerous – I think you realize that if you shove it in dry I’ll just have the same thing done to Leah. If you want to lube me up and fuck me in the ass, though, I don’t think I’d mind. Still, you could get away with that anytime – how many other chances are you going to have to do it to Leah?

As her words echoed in my mind I watched as Madison brought her mouth to my daughter’s breasts and began licking her nipples. I knew that I should have stopped her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I fed myself empty excuses about how if I pulled her mouth off of my daughter’s breasts she’d just find some other place to put it, but I knew that wasn’t the truth. The truth was that I was getting off on watching what she was doing, and as much as I would have liked to believe that I wasn’t the slightest bit tempted to take her up on her numerous disgusting offers I was actually struggling not to pull out of Madison and force my cock into Leah.

After a few more minutes Madison began to cum. Reaching back between her legs, she played with her clit as she rode out the orgasm. I felt my own orgasm approaching, and I saw no need to hold back – in a way it seemed like a good idea to cum quickly before I lost my willpower and ended up abusing my daughter. While Madison moaned loudly I picked up my pace, grunting as my orgasm rapidly approached.

The instant I began to cum, though, Madison grabbed my cock by the base and pulled it out. Aiming it down, she pressed the tip against Leah cunt as semen erupting from me. I knew that I should resist her, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. As I felt the head of my prick rubbing up against my own daughter’s genitals I secretly hoped that Madison would pull me inside of her. I hated myself for that – it was bad enough that I was shooting sperm onto my daughter’s vagina – but I couldn’t seem to force the desire out of my head. Madison seemed to pick up on that, and pushed the very tip inside of Leah, though she stopped short of actually inserting it any further. Ignoring the voice in my head telling me that I needed to pull back, I continued to spew the rest of my cum directly into my daughter’s helpless pussy.

When my orgasm finally ended I pulled back and climbed off of Leah’s bed. I was utterly disgusted with myself – I couldn’t believe that I had done what I had just done. Madison seemed a bit less impressed, though. Acting as if nothing had happened, she spun around and pressed her lips up against my daughter crotch. Though I couldn’t see exactly what was going on with her hair in the way, it was pretty clear from the swallowing sounds that she was slurping the cum directly out of Leah.

Would you get the fuck off of my daughter already? I growled. You got what you want, now leave her alone.

I guess I could, Madison replied nonchalantly, taking a break from servicing Leah. I’m not sure if you really want me to, though. She’ll blame any soreness of her sweet little cunt on me when she wakes up, but I don’t think she’s going to believe that I shot sperm into her. I mean, don’t get me wrong here – if you want her to find out what happened like that I won’t stand in your way – but if you don’t want Leah to think that her daddy is too much of a pussy to fuck her while she’s awake then it’s probably better if I clean up after you.

Without my libido in control I no longer wanted to see Madison violating my daughter, but I had to admit that she was probably right. I thought about pushing her aside, grabbing a rag, and cleaning her myself, but that didn’t seem like a great idea. I doubted that I’d be able to get all of the sperm out from inside of her, and I didn’t really trust myself around my daughter’s naked crotch at the moment. While Madison loudly slurped away and made the most vulgar wet noises possible, I quietly exited the room and headed towards my bedroom. It seemed like a good idea to get out before my sex drive returned; I didn’t think I’d be able to resist the temptation a second time.

Climbing into bed, I tossed and turned for hours before I finally fell asleep. I was beginning to realize that things were only going to continue to spiral further out of control, and there really wasn’t anything that I could do about it. Madison clearly wanted me to legitimately fuck Leah, and for the first time I was beginning to understand that she probably would get what she wanted. Most troublingly, though, was the fact that a growing part of me was actually happy about that.

Continue reading with chapter four.

Teach - Chapter Four

Warning: The following story describes events that are possibly illegal, probably immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

This is chapter four of the story. If you haven't read chapter three yet, you should probably do that first

I woke up to a warm sensation on my crotch. Stirring from my slumber I looked down to see the top of Madison’s head, bobbing back and forth between my legs. I probably should have been shocked to wake up to her sucking my dick, but given everything else that was going through my mind it seemed almost inconsequential. Noticing that I had awoken, Madison straddled my hips and guided my cock into her.

You’re a heavy sleeper, she commented, sliding her body down on my shaft. I’ve been sucking you for a good ten minutes; I was beginning to think that you might cum before you woke up. Maybe it’s genetic – god knows I got away with worse on your daughter last night.

Her words troubled me deeply. A part of me had really hoped that everything that had happened the last night had been some kind of twisted nightmare. Deep down I knew that it had all really happened – I could never forget how good it felt to have even just the tip of my penis inside my daughter – but her confirmation wasn’t helping. Disgusted with my behavior, I let out an audible groan.

Oh, don’t complain, Madison laughed, slowly bouncing up and down on my cock. I didn’t even do anything that bad to her. There was the cucumber, of course, but I already told you about that. After you left I didn’t really do much of anything. I cleaned her up, but you should be grateful for that – that’s the only reason she doesn’t know her daddy pumped her full of baby juice, after all. Oh, I also rubbed my cunt all over her face just so she’d wake up sticky, but that shouldn’t bother you. I mean, surely you realize by now that I’m going to be training her to eat my pussy, right?

It’s not about you, I snapped. You’re a sociopathic freak; while I hate the fact that you’ve done those things to Leah it’s probably expected of you. I’m not like you, though. I’m a decent guy.

A decent guy who found his daughter passed out and decided to teach her a lesson by dumping some sperm in her pussy, she corrected. Come on, Alan – you don’t have to pretend to be a decent human being around me. I think I’ve proven that I know the sick shit you want to do, and in case you haven’t noticed I want you to do it. Isn’t even like it would hurt anyone, anyway – as I’ve told you, Leah would love to give her cherry to her daddy. Still, I understand that you don’t want the rest of the world to know the things you’ve been doing, and I can appreciate that. I don’t want anyone else finding out either – though I’ll tell them if you don’t cooperate. See, you can bitch and moan, but the end result is going to be the same. May as well just relax and enjoy the ride instead of constantly whining about how wrong this all is.

It didn’t happen like that, I growled. I didn’t decide to teach her a lesson; you forced my cock inside her.

I don’t recall you resisting much, she reminded me. Alan, we’ve been over this – you want to fuck your daughter, I know it, and everything will be so much easier once you finally come to terms with that. Take a minute and think about how good it’s going to feel when you finally get over this silly little fear of yours and slide your cock into her. You know that it’s going to happen eventually, and when it does you’re going to regret all the time you spent denying yourself. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to make the little slut squeal.

It’s not about what I want, I replied. It’s still not going to happen.

At least you seem to be coming to terms with the fact that you want it, she laughed. Not that that’s all too impressive – I mean, you did pump a pretty enormous load into her last night. Took me forever to suck it all out of her, by the way. Oh, don’t get too mad or anything, but once I sucked it all out? I spat it back into her mouth. She swallowed it all, so you don’t need to worry about her finding out, but yeah – right now your daughter is digesting your sperm. It’s really too bad that I can’t tell her, you know. I guarantee she’d get off on knowing that daddy’s cum has been in her mouth – even more so if she found out that it was in her pussy, first.

Can you please just shut the fuck up? I asked. I don’t want to hear about the things you’ve done to my daughter. I might not be able to stop you, but you could at least not rub it in.

Bullshit, she replied. You cry about it, but you fucking love hearing these things. Frankly, I’m amazed you haven’t cum yet – I would think the idea of me scooping your cum out of your daughter’s twat and gently working it into her mouth, massaging her throat so that she swallows it, and grinding my twat on her face just to slime her would have pushed you over the edge by now.

Irritatingly, my body betrayed me. As much as I wanted to be disgusted with the actions that Madison was describing, it really was enough to push me over the edge. Groaning in defeat, I began to cum inside Madison. I would have liked to have held out for longer so as to avoid proving her correct, but that seemed to be impossible. Besides, the reality was that I wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t already know, even if I was giving her proof that I didn’t want her to have.

I totally saw that coming, she laughed, grinding her hips back and forth to milk my sperm into her. I should probably be mad at you for cumming before me, but I realize that was probably my fault. Still, seems like a gentleman would want to do something nice for me in order to make up for the disappointment. I trust you’ll be a gentleman, right Alan?

Just spit it out, I demanded. What exactly do you want?

Sex toys, she answered, climbing off of me. They’re expensive, and kind of embarrassing to buy. Pick me up some and it would totally make up for your cumming too quickly.

Madison was acting as if she was asking me for a favor, but I wasn’t na├»ve enough to not see what was going on. I knew that if I refused her she’d simply make me regret it; I really didn’t have the right to decline. Still, I hoped that I could put some conditions on her demands to mitigate the potential damage.

If I buy you anything, I replied, you need to promise me that you won’t use it on my daughter. This would be for your use only.

I’ll promise you that it won’t be used exclusively on your daughter, she laughed. I mean, I’ll use them too – both on myself and on her. Being the generous friend I am, I’ll even let her hold onto them. She’s been masturbating with an electric toothbrush, you know – it’s time for her to get some real equipment. So here’s the deal, Alan. I want a vibrator, a strap on, a dildo, and a butt plug. Oh, get some lube, too – again, you don’t want me fucking your daughter’s asshole dry. I’d go small with the toys if I were you, but I won’t second-guess your decision. Remember, though: it might be tempting to get a giant butt plug to shove up my ass, but it’ll be going up Leah’s ass too. Anyway, I want you to pick that stuff up now, before Leah wakes up. I’ll pretend that I brought it all over myself on Friday, so she’ll have no idea that her daddy’s a pervert. Sound fair?

It didn’t really sound fair at all, but I didn’t exactly have a choice. I couldn’t imagine that Madison would take no for an answer; arguing with her would only result in me humiliating myself when she forced me. Besides, there was a slight upside to it – if I got to make the selection without Madison’s input, I could at least keep things mildly tasteful. As horrifying as the idea of buying sex toys for my daughter was, buying them with Madison seemed far worse. I could only imagine the depraved things that she’d pick out if I took her along for the ride.

I took a quick shower, got dressed, and headed out. I still didn’t like the idea of leaving Madison alone with my daughter, but I figured that she had already done pretty much everything that she could do. I figured that as long as I got the errand taken care of quickly she wouldn’t have enough time to do anything too severe.

It took me a while to find a sex store that was open so early, but with the help of my GPS I was able to pull it off. I was a little nervous about heading in – as a high school teacher, being seen buying sex toys isn’t exactly the best career move – but I managed to suppress my reluctance out of a desire to get home as quickly as possible. The only store I was able to find that was open at that hour was twenty miles away from where I teach, so I figured that I probably wouldn’t be recognized anyway.

I picked up the objects that Madison had requested – a vibrator, a dildo, a strap-on, and a butt plug; as well as a bottle of anal lube. I tried to pick out the smallest toys that I could possibly find, but even the smallest ones they had available still seemed too big. Purchasing objects that I knew would be forced into my little girl was simultaneously horrifying, humiliating, and exhilarating. I tried to convince myself that they were strictly for use on Madison, but I didn’t buy it – no matter how hard I tried to believe it, I couldn’t force myself to think of anything other than my sweet, innocent daughter being violated by the toys that I was selecting. After paying for my purchases I quickly and quietly headed back to my car, eager to get home already.

Arriving home, I grabbed the discreet bag of sex toys and headed into the house. I found Madison in the living room again, though I didn’t see my daughter anywhere. Glancing around, I made sure that Leah wasn’t lurking somewhere before handing the bag off to Madison. I didn’t want Leah to see me handing off the bag and realize that I was complicit.

You can calm down, Madison chided. You have good timing. She’s in the shower now.

I just don’t want her to find out that I was a part of this, I explained as Madison went through the bag. I already hate myself enough as it is without her having to know my role in all this.

Hate to break it to you, old man, Madison laughed, but your role in this is far from over, and is going to involve a hell of a lot more than buying a few sex toys. I won’t tell her where they came from yet, but sooner or later she’s going to know that her daddy is a pervert – it’ll be hard for her to miss when your cock is popping the little bitch’s cherry, you know.

It’s not going to happen, I growled.

Sure it isn’t, she yawned sarcastically, pulling the dildo out of the bag. See, this is what I’m talking about. Cucumbers might get the job done, but this would have gotten it done so, so much better. Would have been really nice to have had it last night – and this morning, too.

This morning? I asked, immediately regretting it.

She woke up a few minutes after you left, Madison shrugged. She felt a little weird about what had happened last night, and I wanted to reassure her that it was okay. Seemed like the best way to reassure her was fucking the little bitch again. Oh, you’ll love this – she’s now tasted your sperm while awake, though she doesn’t even know it. She’s so adorably innocent sometimes, you know? She thought my pussy was just abnormally wet, she had no idea that she was actually sucking her daddy’s cum out of me.

Can you not tell me this? I groaned. I really don’t want to hear it.

I guess I probably shouldn’t, Madison laughed. I can see your pants tenting up already, and we really don’t have time to do anything with that – unless you’re planning on growing a set and just fucking me in front of your daughter. Or fucking her in front of me, I’m okay with that too. Anyway, as far as today’s plans go, you’ll be happy to know that I won’t be kicking you out of your own home again. In fact, I’m not even going to tell you what to do at all.

How generous of you, I sneered. What’s the catch?

Simple, Madison answered. I’m going to be spending the entire day introducing these toys to your daughter. You can hang out around the house if you’d like, but you might overhear some things that might make you a little uncomfortable. If you want to go out and give us some privacy, that would work too – I’d kind of like to fuck Leah in some other rooms than just her own, but I don’t think she’ll be down for that with her daddy home. And of course, if you decide to grow a set, you’re welcome to join in – I’m sure Leah won’t mind if her daddy wants to show her the advantages of a flesh and blood cock over a rubber one.

She wasn’t offering me much of a choice. Participating was straight up out of the question, or course, but I wasn’t sure if I should stay or go. I absolutely did not want to overhear the things that Madison would be doing to my daughter, but at the same time I didn’t want to leave her alone and risk having Madison invite other people over. Reasoning that my presence would at least mitigate some of the damage, I decided to stay home. I grabbed a few beers and headed to my bedroom to camp out for the day and hoped for the best.

Lying in bed while nursing a beer I tried to make sense of what was going on. It bothered me that I had someone become okay with Madison molesting my daughter, so long as she didn’t involve other people. I felt like I should be putting my foot down and telling her that if she touched Leah again then I’d kick her out of my house and just accept the consequences, but I couldn’t make myself believe it. I tried to convince myself that my unwilling acceptance was just because it had already happened and allowing it to continue wouldn’t make things any worse, but I didn’t really believe it. I knew that on some level I was allowing it to continue because I got off on the idea of what Madison was doing to my daughter.

After a few minutes I heard the water shut off and I knew that Leah was done in the shower. After hearing her door close, I could make out her voice as well as Madison’s. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but they both sounded pretty excited. I suspected that Madison had just shown her the new toys, and that made me both nervous and eager. Knowing Madison, she’d probably want to show my daughter exactly how the toys were meant to be used.

After a few minutes of excited chatter, they both got really quiet. That made me uncomfortable – quiet probably meant that they were doing something that I wouldn’t want them to do. A part of me really wanted to go check on them, but I suspected that would be a mistake. Leah might stop whatever was going on when she heard me approaching, but I was pretty sure that Madison wouldn’t appreciate it and I was certain that she’d find a way to pay me back if I were to interfere. Frustrated with how powerless I felt, I turned my attention back to my beer in the hopes that a little alcohol would make it easier for me to forget about what the silence I heard might imply.

The silence didn’t last long. After a few seconds I heard the sound of music coming out of Leah’s room. I’m not an idiot – I knew what it was for. They were hoping to drown out any tell-tale sounds of what Madison was doing so that I wouldn’t hear my daughter moaning. I suspected it was Leah’s idea, as I couldn’t really imagine Madison putting any effort into concealing what was going on from me. While I appreciated the gesture, in a way it made things worse. Unable to hear what was actually going on my mind wandered, assuming the worst.

About ten minutes later my suspicions were confirmed when I heard Madison moaning loudly. Although the music drowned it out a little it was very clearly her. A few minutes later I heard my daughter’s voice join in. Though quieter than Madison’s, I could no longer tell myself that they weren’t doing exactly what I had assumed they were doing. I was disgusted with myself for the fact that I knew I wouldn’t intervene, but even more disgusted with myself for the fact that I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. I was growing hard quickly thinking about the horrible things that Madison might be doing to my innocent little girl, and I hated myself for that.

As the minutes turned into hours I struggled not to do something with my erection. A part of me wanted desperately to go down the hall and give Madison exactly what she wanted, but I forced myself to ignore it. I considered jerking off in my own room, but even that seemed like it wouldn’t be okay – while I would have liked to pretend otherwise, I knew that I’d be jerking off to the sounds of my daughter being violated. In a vain attempt to avoid dealing with my own raging erection I continued to drink, hoping that if I got drunk enough I could simply ignore what I was hearing and what I was feeling. It didn’t seem likely, but I didn’t really have any other options.

After a few hours the moaning finally stopped. I hoped that they were done for the day, but that didn’t seem to likely. The sun was still up, and I didn’t foresee Madison missing out on an opportunity to have her way with Leah. Still, it was nice having a break from being forced to listen to my little girl’s moans, even if I knew it was only temporary and a part of me was eager for them to get started again. As the music continued to blare from Leah’s room I wondered how much longer it would last.

Shortly after the moaning stopped my door opened and Madison came through it, completely naked and covered in sweat. I was mildly irritated with her for intruding, but I was at least comforted by the fact that my daughter wasn’t with her. As far as I knew Leah had no idea what was going on between Madison and I, and I wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. I suppose on some level I realized that it was only a matter of time before she found out, but putting it off seemed desirable.

Lose the pants, she ordered. We’re going to have to make this quick.

Excuse me? I shot back drunkenly. Look, I hate to break it to you, but you don’t get to just tell me when to fuck. What makes you think I’m even willing?

The bulge in your crotch, she answered. And I hate to break it to you, but history says that I do very much get to tell you when to fuck. Frankly, I’m doing you a favor here – Leah’s about to eat my pussy, and if it doesn’t taste like her daddy’s cum she might realize that something was out of the ordinary this morning when it did. I’m perfectly fine with explaining to her that most of the cum she swallowed wasn’t mine, but unless you want her figuring out what’s going on I suggest you cooperate.

Groaning, I stripped out of my pants. The truth was that she wasn’t really imposing on me at all – if I wasn’t fucking her, I’d probably be jerking off. I really only argued with her because I wanted to feel like I had no choice.

Where exactly is Leah right now? I asked as Madison crawled into bed. Though mildly intoxicated, I wasn’t so drunk that I wasn’t worried about my daughter walking in on us.

In bed, Madison answered, straddling my hips and slipping my cock into her. I left her tied up doggy style; blindfolded too. If you wanted to, you could come and watch – as long as you’re quiet she’ll have no idea that her daddy is in the room. So what do you say, Alan – feel like watching your daughter suck your cum out of my pussy after we finish in here?

Not going to happen, I replied. We’ve been over this, Madison. I’m not some depraved sex fiend like you.

Bullshit, she laughed, beginning to work into a rhythm. You are right about one thing, though – we have been over this. I’ve proven over and over again that you want what I want, yet you keep resisting me. Speaking of which, I’m going to need you to get over your bullshit little phobia about fucking your slut daughter already. I was planning to give you as much time as you needed, but something’s come up.

What’s that? I asked, knowing that I probably wouldn’t like the answer.

Stupid virgin stuff, she answered, bouncing up and down on my dick. You know how you got me that strap-on so that I could fuck your little girl? I want to use it to fuck the little bitch’s pussy, but she doesn’t want me to. She’s afraid that would count as taking her virginity, which as we both know is being saved for your slow ass. It’s funny when you think about it – I’ve already shoved all kinds of other stuff up the little whore’s twat, but for whatever reason as soon as we get to the strap-on she starts refusing.

That’s not my problem, I growled. I’m glad she’s refusing – I only wish that she would do that more often.

Actually, it is your problem, Madison corrected. See, anything that I’m unhappy about with your daughter is now your problem – unless you want me to have a conversation with Leah about what kind of a pervert her father really is and why she shouldn’t bother saving herself for you. Anyway, the way I see it there’s three ways that I could go here. The first way, of course, would be for you to grow a set, come down the hall with me, and take care of the virgin issue once and for all.

Not going to happen, I interrupted.

Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t, Madison sighed. It’s too bad, really – that option would be the best for everyone involved. Anyway, moving on – the second option is that I just ignore what the slut wants. Like I said, she’s already tied up and vulnerable. I go back down the hall, put on the strap-on, and give it to her nice and hard. She probably won’t like it at first, but once she realizes that it’s too late to take back I’m sure she’ll adjust.

If you rape my daughter, I warned, I swear to god I will beat the shit out of you, throw you out of my house, and call the police. If you want to tell them that I raped you as well when they get here you’re free to do so, but you will go to jail either way.

You’re bluffing, she replied. You might throw a little temper tantrum, but you won’t call the cops. You know Leah would never press charges against me, but you know that I’d press charges against you if you really pissed me off. Anyway, that brings us to option number three: I take the back door. She’s wearing the butt plug right now, so she should be stretched out enough. She hasn’t said anything about saving her anal virginity for daddy, so it could be a good compromise. I’ll get the fun of plowing Leah up her ass, you get the peace of mind of knowing that I’m not raping her, and she gets to save her real cherry for daddy.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with any of Madison’s proposed solutions, but that one seemed the least objectionable. I wouldn’t have to do anything to my daughter, Leah wouldn’t have to be raped by someone who called herself her friend, and I could always hide out in my room and pretend that none of it was happening. It seemed terribly wrong that the least corrupt option was to have my daughter sodomized, but it was the only course of action that I could really tolerate.

Fine, I relented. Do that one.

Which one? Madison asked, feigning ignorance. I’m going to need you to be more specific, Alan. I know how protective you are of your daughter’s honor and all. Say the whole thing; tell me exactly what you want me to do.

Use the strap-on anally, I forced out. Just make sure that she consents to it – I really won’t stand idly by if you try to rape my daughter, Madison.

Okay, Alan, Madison moaned, leaning down and positioning her mouth right next to my ear. After you shoot your cum into me I’ll go back down the hallway, force your little whore of a daughter to suck it all right out of my pussy, and then pound her in the ass like the filthy slut pig she really is. That’s what you want me to do, right?

It is, I groaned.

You don’t sound too convincing, she observed. I think I’m going to need you to prove to me that that’s what you really want. Again, I really don’t want any misunderstandings here.

And how exactly do you expect me to do that? I demanded.

Simple, she answered. After we’re done in here, I want you to follow me down the hallway and watch. Like I said, your daughter’s blindfolded and you can hear the music still playing so you won’t have to worry about her noticing your presence. I’ll feed her your cum, and when I’m done with that I’ll fuck her in the ass. If you decide to grow a spine and join in, I won’t stop you. If, however, you choose to not follow me or you leave before I’m done with the little bitch’s asshole, I’m going to have to go with option number two. Is that understood?

I know that I should have been horrified by what Madison was proposing, but I actually felt almost relieved. The truth was that I really did want to watch – hell, I wanted to do much more than watch. By forcing me to do so, she gave me an excuse that I could believe. Besides, I could always pretend that I was only watching to make sure that she kept her word and didn’t rape my daughter.

Understood, I replied.

Wonderful, Madison moaned. Now, we’re running low on time as it is, so I’m going to need you to finish inside of me already. I can always make up some bullshit explanation as to where I was or even just slap Leah around a little for questioning my absence, but I think it’ll be better for everyone if she doesn’t ask in the first place. Go ahead and cum, and make it a good one – Leah hasn’t eaten all day, and I don’t want her getting hungry.

It doesn’t work like that, I replied. I don’t just cum on demand.

Close your eyes, Alan, she whispered into my ear. I want you to picture what is going to happen after you dump your cum in me. I’m going to go back down the hallway, keeping as much of it in me as I can. I’m then going to crawl under little Leah’s head, spread my legs as wide as I can, and feed her your cum straight out of my pussy. I shouldn’t say feed her actually – I’m going to be quite rough with the little bitch. I’m going to grab her hair and fuck the little slut’s face hard, getting her nice and sticky. Once she’s cleaned me out I’m then going to put on the strap-on, pull the butt plug out of her, and fuck her in her tight little virgin asshole. She’ll probably cry a little, you know – it will be her first time and all – but I’m going to keep going until the bitch cums. Can you see it, Alan? Can you imagine what it’s going to look like?

As I involuntarily pictured the scene that Madison had planted in my head, she leaned in and kissed me deeply on my mouth. Just like the last time that we kissed I recognized the familiar flavor of pussy – my daughter’s pussy, specifically. I knew that I shouldn’t cum; I knew that doing so would only prove to Madison just how right she was about what I secretly wanted, but I just couldn’t hold myself back. Grunting loudly, I flooded her womb with my seed – all the while thinking about Leah being forced to suck it all out.

That’s a good boy, Madison laughed as my orgasm finally ended. Good news, too – you don’t have to imagine what it’s going to look like. You’ll get to see it with your own two eyes – unless, of course, you want me to rape your poor little virgin daughter in her pussy. Also, if you change your mind and want to join in, that would be okay as well.

Madison, wait, I protested, a glimmer of post-orgasm sanity returning to me. Look, you can’t make me do this. Isn’t it enough that you’re going to trick her into eating my cum? Please don’t make me do this.

It’s never enough, Alan, she sighed. And I’m not making you do anything – if you don’t want to watch me fucking your little slut of a daughter in her ass, you can listen to me raping her pussy instead. She’s been trying to keep it down, but I’m sure if I try to steal her virginity she’ll be loud enough for you to easily hear her over the music. It would just be such a shame, though, if little Leah had to suffer because you couldn’t bear to watch. Still, it’s your call – you can stay here and jerk off to your daughter’s first rape, or you can come with and make sure that I don’t take advantage of her in her vulnerable state. Oh, if you do choose to come – leave the pants off. She’s blindfolded anyway, so it won’t make a difference.

Having made her threat, Madison climbed off of me and headed out of my room to return to my daughter. I briefly debated staying put – having just cum I no longer really wanted to watch what I knew was about to happen – but I didn’t think I could live with myself if I knew that my actions had directly resulted in my daughter’s rape. I considered trying to physically stop Madison, but I knew that doing so immediately after ejaculating in her would be a bad idea – she’d have little difficulty convincing the police that I had raped her, and I would be stuck in jail where I couldn’t protect my daughter at all. With no other options, I headed down the hallway and followed Madison into Leah’s room; praying that I would have the strength to restrain myself from what I knew I’d secretly want to do.

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