Monday, July 18, 2011


Warning: The following story describes events that are illegal, immoral, and just generally a very, very bad idea. Nothing in this story should be emulated. Nothing in it is a good idea. Nothing in it actually happened, either -- it's a work of pure fiction. If you are underage, easily offended by things that probably should offend you, or unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you should probably piss off right now.

Jessica lived in a small basement apartment in the outskirts of Philadelphia. Despite the small size of her apartment, she enjoyed living there. Most of the building's residents were middle-aged and they typically kept to themselves. Although she occasionally missed being around people her own age, Jess loved the peace and solitude that her building provided her – no one blasted music late into the night, her neighbors left her alone, and she had never even seen anyone in the hallways after 8 PM. Immediately across the hallway was the building's laundry room, which worked out well for the girl.

Today was laundry day, though Jess had been putting it off. She had been working on a very important project for work that would be due Monday morning, and she had fallen behind. This weekend was supposed to be catch-up time for her, and she had been working on her project non-stop since arriving home. It was now almost midnight, and she just didn't feel she could spare the hour or so it would take to sit and wait for her laundry to be done.

Normally, Jessica would sit and wait for her laundry to finish. Right now, though, that just seemed silly – no one in her building was likely to even want to steal her clothing, and the odds of someone even coming into the laundry room at this hour were monumentally small. She decided that just this once she would load up the machines and go back to her apartment across the hall. After all, she could always check up on it through the peep hole in her door if she heard someone coming down the hall, and she really needed to get some work done.

Jess quickly hit alt-f-s on her computer to save her work and grabbed her laundry basket, 5 quarters for the machine, and her detergent jug. She made her way across the hall to find the laundry room deserted as expected. Choosing the machine at the far right side of the room, she dumped her basket in and had an idea.

Fifteen seconds – that was about how long it would take her to get safely back into her apartment after pressing the start button on the machine. Hardly any time at all. Her basket hadn't quite filled the machine, and it seemed silly not to wash all of her clothes, including what she was wearing now. Additionally, the idea of being naked in public played into some of the exhibitionist fantasies that Jessica had.

Reminding herself that no one was awake at this hour anyway, Jessica poked her head out into the hallway to make sure that no one was coming, closed the heavy wooden door to the laundry room, and dumped the contents of her pockets into her now empty laundry basket. She stripped down to her panties, and in a moment of fear decided to grab a barely-dirty towel out of the machine and wrap it around herself; just to be safe. After pouring in the detergent and starting up the machine she walked back to the door, pleased with her courage.

Mere feet away from the door Jessica panicked as she saw the knob twist and the door swing open, revealing a man in his early thirties. She let out a quiet, involuntary yelp and dropped her basket as her mind raced, trying to make sense of the situation and come up with an exit strategy. Quickly scanning the room, she came to the realization that there was no way out but the door that the stranger was standing in.

I do apologize, miss. I didn't mean to startle you, he stated calmly with a chuckle.

It's okay, Jessica nervously replied. She had come to the conclusion that there was really no easy way out of it, but that it probably wasn't as big a deal as her mind was making it out to be. She'd pick up her basket, leave, and hide out in her apartment until the man had gone; and then she'd try to pretend that none of this had ever happened.

As Jessica picked up her laundry basket, she was horrified to see the stranger enter the room, close the door behind him, and lean up against it. Realizing that her only way out was blocked she silently screamed in her mind but forced herself to stay calm. She reminded herself that nothing horrible had happened yet, and it was unlikely that anything horrible would happen. This was just an awkward, embarrassing situation, and it would be over soon enough. He probably just didn't realize that he was blocking the door, and it never helps to panic.

You're that girl who lives alone in 1B, aren't you? he enquired.

Err, yeah, that's me, Jess sputtered out, hoping that after a little small talk he'd move out of her way.

I'm sorry, he stated with a chuckle, I just realized how intimidating a question that could have been. I did, after all, just tell you that I know where you live, and that I know that you are all alone. I can only imagine how threatening that might seem to you.

It's okay, she replied sheepishly. It wasn't, of course. She hadn't thought of the implications of his question at first, but was now beginning to get genuinely afraid.

You know, I've seen you around here, he commented, leaning back against the door. I'm sure you've seen me too. Well, not exactly sure, as I don't think you've ever so much as acknowledged my existence, but it seems pretty unlikely that you've never seen me.

I'm sorry? she offered. She knew he was right; she had seen him around but had never spoken to him. She hadn't done so to be rude, but Jessica was a very shy girl and it really just hadn't occurred to her.

Now, some guys, they'd probably get offended by that, he continued on. They'd probably think that you're just some stuck-up cunt who thinks she's too good to lower herself to speak to someone like me. But I don't think that's it. I bet that you're just nervous; after all, it can be scary to live alone. I lived alone when I was your age, you know. I remember how it was.

Look, I really am sorry, she spat out, hoping that was what he needed to hear in order to get out of her way. Unfortunately, he showed no signs of moving. In fact, he didn't show any visible reaction to her apology at all.

Yeah, when I was your age... Would have been really nice if I had someone a little older to help me out a bit, guide me through some stuff, he pondered aloud. I think I could do that for you. Give you some pointers, keep you out of trouble. Make sure you don't do anything stupid, you know? For example, you're in public area right now, and you're wearing nothing but a towel. What's up with that?

Err, well, I'm doing my laundry, and I kinda thought no one would come down here. So I kinda thought I could wash the clothes I was wearing too? she explained nervously, hoping that some brief cooperation would lead to him moving out of her way.

Well, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about right here, he announced with a condescending smile. You're young, and probably don't realize it, but towels need to be washed too. See, I'm looking out for you. Don't want your towels to be all gross. The good news though is that you just started the machine, so it's not too late. Let's throw that towel in there.

Jessica’s mind was about to explode. She wasn’t a child; she knew that towels needed to be washed. She wanted to scream at him that he wasn’t helping at all, but couldn’t find the courage to do so.

I can’t, she whimpered.

And why is that, 1B? he asked, seemingly oblivious to her state of distress.

I just can't! she spat out, nearly crying. She had meant to sound empowered and strong, but had failed miserably. Instead, she just sounded like what she was: a frightened little girl in a dangerous place.

Now, 1B, this isn't going to work if you don't cooperate, he sighed. When I ask you why you can't do something, you need to give me an honest answer. All you did was restate that you can't, and that really just doesn't tell me anything at all. I'm trying to help you out here, you know? Believe me, 1B; you want me in helping mode here. You don't want me to be disappointed with you, and you certainly don't want me getting frustrated and angry.

Okay, look, I'm sorry, she offered, nearly in tears. I'm not wearing anything underneath the towel, so I can't wash it now. Okay?

Well gee, thanks 1B, he answered, his voice dripping heavily with sarcasm. I sure couldn't have figured that one out on my own, and I'm glad you warned me – seeing a naked girl would just be ever so terrible. But hey, you know what, 1B? I think I'll manage. Believe it or not, I actually have some idea what a naked woman looks like – in fact, I've even seen naked women before! Mind-blowing, huh? So yeah, great news, I'm willing to tolerate your nudity. Now, let's get that towel in there.

Jessica looked the older man in the eye, summoning up her courage. Focusing, she told herself that he was probably just seeing how far he could push her before she pushed back. If she wanted him to stop, she’d need to put her foot down.

No, she answered, trying her best to sound defiant.

Clearly unimpressed with her attempt at defiance, he shot her another condescending grin, took a step forward, and slapped her hard across the face with an open hand. Jessica fell to the ground, mind in full-on panic mode. Her face hurt, but that was the least of her problems. She was terrified, now unable to tell herself that everything was going to be okay. To make matters worse, her body was rebelling against her mind – always a bit of a masochist, Jessica was turned on by pain; even in situations that were completely non-sexual.

Calmly, he knelt down beside her to help her up. His demeanor suggested that there was nothing abnormal about the situation; he acted as if she had just fallen down on her own. Terrified but not knowing what else to do, Jessica allowed him to help her to her feet.

You know, 1B, I didn't enjoy that, he explained, sounding tremendously patronizing. You should never hit a girl, really. It's just not right. But the thing is, you didn't really give me options, you know? I'm willing to make some sacrifices here – like I said, I'm even willing to see you naked. That's okay. But asking me to tolerate back-talk is just too much. I hope you realize that what you did was wrong, I really do. But don't be too hard on yourself. Sure, you disappointed me, but I forgive you, as I'm certain that you'll try harder in the future.

Once on her feet, his left hand quickly moved to the back of her head. He ran his fingers up through her hair, and then gripped down. Though not hard enough to hurt in any serious way, it was clear to Jessica that he was in complete control. He walked her over to the washing machine and tugged back on her hair as if it were a leash and he was giving signal to stop.

Don’t make me tell you about the towel again, he warned.

Jessica was in emotional overload. She was terrified for her safety, which seemed less and less secure with every passing moment. Her face still hurt from the slap. She felt more powerless than ever before in her life. Completely against her will, though, she was deeply turned on. The pain, the degradation, the complete control that this strange man had over her; all played into fetishes that Jessica had always kept secret. Though she did not want to be aroused, she couldn't help herself.

She removed the towel and quickly covered her bare breasts with her right arm, trying desperately to retain some dignity. After placing the towel in the machine and closing the lid she looked to him sheepishly, hoping that having obeyed his order he would now let her go.

See, now that's a good girl! he praised, while patting her on her head as if she were a dog. It's going to be a while before that machine is done, so let's have a seat and get to know one another.

Unceremoniously, he led her towards the couch by her hair. A few feet away from the couch, he tugged, giving her another stop command. Confused, she looked up at him.

Now see, we have another problem. You told me that you were naked under there, what the fuck is this? he demanded, gesturing at the frightened girl's panties.

I'm sorry! Jessica blurted out; terrified he would hit her again. I didn't know and I mean I knew but I didn't think I had to tell you…

He didn't strike her, though. Instead, he pulled her in and again gently patted her head. Terrified and bewildered, Jessica had no idea how to react.

There, there, he comforted her. You made a mistake, and that's okay. Again, I'm a little disappointed, but I forgive you. We can fix this, anyway. You told me you were naked under there, and that was a lie, but we can make it true. Lose the panties.

Frightened and in tears, Jessica blindly obeyed; sliding the panties off and hoping that he wouldn't notice the obvious wet spot in the crotch. He immediately kicked them aside as she attempted to cover her crotch with her left hand while covering her breasts with her right. Satisfied that the panties were off he roughly shoved her towards the couch and instructed her to sit.

Jessica sat down and immediately crossed her legs as tight as she could, desperately trying to cover her nudity. Calmly, he sat down beside her and kicked up his feet. His body language suggested that he had no idea how terrified Jessica really was.

So, 1B, tell me about yourself, he instructed, his voice unnaturally calm.

I, uhm, I, I don't know, she stammered. The seemingly simple question proved impossible for her in her current state. He may as well have asked her to recite the Declaration of Independence. In Sumerian. Backwards.

Aww, poor girl, he laughed condescendingly. It's not that tough a question, but I guess some people have difficulty talking about themselves. I'll tell you what, how about instead, I'll ask you questions, and you'll answer me honestly?

I guess that's okay, she timidly consented.

Excellent! he exclaimed, sounding almost impressed with her obedience. Let's see. Oh, I know! When you removed your towel, I couldn't but catch a glance of your bare tits. They're not bad, by the way. Little on the small side, but that's okay. Anyway, it looked like there was something metal on your nipples, but I couldn't really tell. What's up with that?

My nipple rings? she replied, mortified that he had noticed. She had had them done over two years ago, briefly after her 18th birthday. At the time, it felt to her like she was being brave, making an adult decision and claiming her sexuality as her own. Now, she felt only shame over the decision.

Is that so? he asked, feigning surprise. Let me see.

Without giving her time to respond he grabbed her forearms and effortlessly pulled them to the sides, exposing the terrified girl's breasts. She struggled briefly as he quietly giggled, clearly amused by her failed attempt to resist. After a few seconds of pointless struggling she gave up, realizing that it was futile. He released her arms but shot her a look of warning, making it very clear to her that she was to keep her arms at her side.

You know, 1B, it's funny, he mused. When I was younger, it seemed like good girls could have their ears pierced, or they could leave them unpierced. Rebellious girls might get their nose pierced, but that was about it. Only one type of girl would actually pierce her nipples, though. Do you know what type of girl that was?

Jessica couldn't answer. Her mind was overrun by the burning desire to cover her breasts fighting it out with the overwhelming fear of what he'd do to her if she did. She attempted to say something, anything at all, but all that came out was gibberish.

While Jessica tried to answer, the man unceremoniously touched her left nipple ring, sending involuntary chills down Jessica's spine. He toyed with it for a second, seeming interested in her forced reactions. Without warning, he then crudely groped her entire breast in his hand and squeezed.

I guess not, he sighed, sounding disappointed at her inability to answer. I'll tell you though. The only type of girl who would get her nipples pierced was a slut. See, when a girl puts jewelry on her ears, she just wants to look pretty. When she puts jewelry in her nose, she just wants to get attention. But when a girl puts jewelry on her tits, well, she's basically announcing to the world that that is what she's for. Having her tits stared at. Getting fucked. Now, I can see that you're uncomfortable hearing this, but it's okay. The world needs sluts. The world needs women it can just use; grab their tits, fuck their holes, dump some cum and leave. We can't use normal girls like that, as they deserve respect. And that's where your kind comes into the picture. So you see, I'm not mad at you. I'm not even disappointed.

His implication that she was just a common slut was just too much. Unable to restrain herself, Jessica pushed his hand away and again covered her exposed breasts with her arms. She hunched forward and began to sob tears of shame, unable to deny what he was saying.

I didn't say you could cover your tits, 1B, he admonished her. Sit back up and put your arms at your side. Now.

I can't! she protested. I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry but I just can't do it!

Poor girl, he comforted her, sounding as if he were talking to a child.

He stroked her gently for a moment and then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across his lap, face down. Releasing her hair, he grabbed her wrists, pinning them down against her back with a single hand. Jessica tried to get away, but it was no use – he was far too strong for her.

Unfortunately, I think that you just told another lie when you said that you couldn't, he sighed, still calm but sounding more disappointed. I know that I let you off with a warning the last time you lied, but this time, I don't think that I can. Even sluts need to be honest, you know. I won't enjoy this, but we need you to understand that it's never okay to lie.

So, here's the deal, he explained. I'm going to spank you. Not gently, either, because it's very important that you learn this lesson. After each spanking, I expect you to tell me that you know it's not okay to lie. Once I feel that you really understand that I'll release you and you can sit back up – with your arms at your side and your back straight up, of course. Do you understand?

Oh god, please no! she cried.

She tried again to slip her wrists from his grip, but he wouldn’t allow it. Laughing at her resistance he raised his hand up and brought it down hard on her naked ass, resulting in an extremely audible whack. Afraid, humiliated, and hurt, Jessica let out a pained yelp.

He wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't be gentle. Jessica was shocked at how hard he had hit her, much harder than he had slapped her face. Even so, the significant pain of the spanking wasn't nearly as bad as the humiliation she felt; lying naked on a strange man's lap and being disciplined as if she were no more than a disobedient child.

Well, 1B? he enquired impatiently.

I'm sorry and I know I shouldn't lie! she blurted out, terrified and in tears.

Nah, I just don't buy it, he stated. I mean if you were really sorry, I don't think I'd have needed to prompt you for an answer.

Raising up his free hand he spanked her again, just as hard as the first time. Pain coursed through her, blossoming out from where he had struck. Though she knew on an intellectual level that struggling was futile, she instinctively continued trying to escape.

I'm sorry I know I shouldn't lie! she forced out, hoping that a prompt reply would save her from additional punishment.

Better, but still missing something, he critiqued, sounding almost bored.

He spanked her again, this time even harder. The pain was almost unbearable, but the humiliation was the strongest feeling in Jessica. She had never felt more vulnerable in her entire life.

Oh god please stop I'm so sorry I lied I'll never lie again I swear to god! she cried.

The pain was substantial. She could feel the blood rushing to where she had been struck and knew that there would be a bruise. She felt like she couldn’t take much more, but she had no way to force him to stop.

Much better, 1B, he laughed. See, even the stupidest slut can learn when properly motivated. I now believe that you understand that what you did was wrong, but I just need to do one little thing to make sure that you don't forget.

Still laughing, he began to spank her rapidly while she struggled to free herself. After several blows he released her without saying anything. Timidly, she crawled up off his lap and took a seat, forcing herself to ignore the pain in her ass and sit up straight.

You know, 1B, he calmly explained, it really looks like you're tempted to cover those little slut tits of yours again. Let's make this a little easier for you to resist, I want you reach behind your back and grab your wrists.

Afraid to disobey, Jessica did as she was told, and forced herself to sit up straight. Her ass hurt terribly from the spanking, she was terrified, and yet, completely against her will she felt more aroused sexually than she had ever been.

Somehow I doubt that you have the $1.25 you're going to need for the dryer, he observed. That's going to be a problem when the machine is done. See, the washing machine only washes your clothes, it doesn't actually dry them. If I'm not mistaken, though, apartment 1B is right across the hallway. We can go back to your apartment to get the change so that way we'll be ready.

That's okay, Jessica blurted out, you don't need to come with.

Laughing, he grabbed her by her hair again, and led her to her feet. Fully naked and exposed, Jessica felt terribly vulnerable. It took all of her willpower just to stop herself from using her arms to cover her nudity.

Now, that's just silly a silly idea, he answered. I can't just let you go on your own, you're naked and in public. It just isn't safe. After all, there're some very bad men out there, and they might try to take advantage of you in your current state. We wouldn't want that, now would we?

Forcing her to walk a few steps ahead of him, he looked at the marks he had left on her ass. Jessica could feel his eyes on her, and wanted to tell him to stop. Afraid of provoking his wrath, though, she simply held her tongue.

You know, 1B, he commented, You have a pretty nice ass. Granted, it's a bit chubby, but you know what they say: the bigger the cushion the better the pushin’.

Uhm, thank you? she offered, unsure of how to react but not wanting to make him angry.

Good girl, he praised. You should always thank me when I compliment you, even if it is on something like your fat ass. Tell me, 1B. Have you ever gotten fucked in that fat ass of yours?

No, that's disgusting! Jessica protested, crying softly.

It was true. She had always been afraid of anal, and aside from one boyfriend who attempted briefly to sneak a finger, had never even experimented. To her, anal sex was something that porn stars and prostitutes did, not something that she should ever consider.

Now across the hall, Jessica opened the still unlocked door to her apartment and entered, the man immediately behind her. The sense of safety that she used to feel when coming home was perversely reversed; somehow she felt even more vulnerable than she had in the laundry room. Hearing him close the door behind them she tried to walk towards the desk where she had the change, but he wouldn't let her. Instead he simply held her still, all the while staring at his handiwork on her bruised ass.

It's a shame, really, he stated, his voice dripping with disappointment. See, good girls have one hole – a vagina, which they use to make love to their husbands. Sluts, though, they have three. They're not for making love, of course, and they're certainly not limited to marriage. Really, anyone can use them, at any time, for any reason. But I digress. Tell me, 1B. Have your other two holes been fucked?

Jessica was shocked by the crass way he spoke about her sex life, but still remembered how much the spanking had hurt. She rarely discussed such matters with friends, and never in such vulgar terms. Knowing that she had to answer, she let out a timid yes, hoping that it would be enough.

I think I'd like a more elaborate answer, 1B, he said with a disapproving frown in his voice. Complete sentences, and all, so that I know you understand. Which hole, what was it fucked with, how often, how many guys or girls, et cetera. And I don't want to make you nervous, but you're trying my patience right now. I wouldn't want to have to correct you again.

Jesus, please don't! Jessica pleaded, terrified by the idea of another beating. I've had my mouth fucked with penises, by six different guys. Never any girls, though. I've taken three men's penises, fingers, and tongues in my vagina. I don't know how many times, though. Maybe 50? I really don't know, please don't hit me.

Haha, that's a good one, he laughed, as if she had made a joke. You've had penises in your vagina? Please. Respectable, nice women have vaginas. What you have is a cunt. Or a fuck hole. A pussy, a cock holster, whatever – but not a vagina. Try again, but no more joking around.

Okay, I'm sorry! she blurted out, terrified by the idea of further punishment. I've had my cunt fucked by three men. They used their cocks, their fingers, and their tongue. Please don't hit me, I'm trying as hard as I can to be good!

Poor girl, he soothed. You're really scared, huh? Calm down now, I promise that I'll never hit you unless you leave me no other option. I don't like hitting you, you know, but I'm willing to make sacrifices for your own good.

Sadly, he continued, we do have a problem. Your answer was good enough, but the thing is, it's like I said: sluts have three holes. Now, we know of course that you're a slut. I mean, you have pierced nipples, you call your vagina a cunt, hell, you've even let three guys use it as they please – possibly at the same time for all I know. Thing is, a slut that only uses two of its holes is really only two thirds as useful as it could be. Sluts need three holes. Sometimes guys just get bored fucking the same hole, and want to switch it up. Sometimes the hole they're in just feels too loose. Hell, sometimes, as I suspect may soon be the case for you, they just don't feel like waiting in line.

I have good news, though. I'm here to help you, like I said. I can see that you're in pain, I can see how ashamed you are to be only two thirds as valuable as you could be. So, I'm willing to make another sacrifice. Before this night is over, I promise to take the time to fuck you, right in your little slut asshole. But don't worry, I'm not going to just crudely pump and dump in your ass. I'll take my time, make sure that you're ready, and just for good measure I plan to fuck your other two holes first. You know that I'm telling you the truth, don't you?

I do, she sobbed. It was now impossible to ignore the reality. She was standing completely naked in her own home, overpowered by a man whose name she didn't even know. He had informed her that he planned to rape her and take her anal virginity, and she had no reason to doubt his word.

I'm glad you understand, slut, he answered. You probably should have thanked me too, but I'm going to let that slide – for now, at least. For future reference, though, when a man offers to break in fuck holes that are sloppy as yours most likely are you should show some fucking gratitude. Now let's take a look around.

Giving her head a push, he walked her past the desk into the kitchen area. On the counter he spotted a small package of rope. Picking it up, he gave her a somewhat knowing, somewhat disappointed look. Jessica wanted to explain that it wasn't anything dirty, she had bought it so that she could put up a clothesline in her kitchen so she could save money on the dryer; but she realized he probably wouldn't believe her or even care.

Taking the rope with him, he turned her around and led her to her bed on the opposite side of the small studio apartment. Without asking permission he opened the night stand drawer, finding what he expected to find – a small, bright green vibrator, about 3 inches long. Laughing at her, he placed the vibrator in his pocket. He picked up her purse, which she had left next to her bed, and dumped its contents on the bed. Eyeing a small tube of Vaseline that Jessica had for her lips, he again laughed at her and picked it up.

Well, guess there's really no question that you are indeed a true slut, he taunted her. I can’t help thinking, though, that I’m being terribly rude. Here we are, abandoning your clothes and just hoping that no one steals them, for what? $1.25? I am truly sorry, slut, I should just loan it to you. I'm sure that I can trust you to pay me back. After all, I do know where you live, and believe me, you'll be seeing a lot of me in the future.

As he led her back towards the door, Jessica's mind raced. She still hadn't completely processed the idea that she was nude, vulnerable, and about to be raped. She had no idea what he was planning to do with the rope, vibrator, and lubrication that he had taken from her; but she knew it wasn't good. On top of that, she realized that he pretty much just told her that he'd be raping her again in the future, and again she had no reason to doubt him.

Now at her apartment door, Jessica panicked a little inside. Though she realized that she was already in the worst-case scenario she couldn't help thinking that she was still naked and about to be forced out of her apartment and into a public place. She wanted to hesitate, but he would not allow it, crudely pushing her through the door and dragging the frightened, crying girl back into the laundry room. Once back in, he shoved her back down onto the couch. Strangely, Jessica was most concerned with the laundry room door which he had left open. Despite all that was happening she was still afraid that someone would walk by and see her.

You cross your legs so tightly when you sit down he observed. It's almost like you really, really have to piss. Is that what it is, slut? Do I need to take you to go potty?

No, I'm sorry, she whimpered. I'm just embarrassed.

Embarrassed?! he laughed. You're a slut! Sluts should never be embarrassed by their fuck holes. Hell, that's pretty much all you are, three fuck holes and a body to keep them warm enough to use. A good slut never crosses her legs, as doing so would only cost the men around her valuable seconds that could be spent dumping sperm in her. So, let's stop playing games now. We both know what you are, and I think it's time you started acting like it. In fact, pretending you're not a slut by crossing your legs is dangerously close to lying, and I trust you remember how I feel about lying.

Accepting her fate Jessica did as she was told and uncrossed her legs, even managing to move her knees a few inches apart. Apparently still unsatisfied, the man reached over and put his hands on her knees. Without giving an explanation he forced her legs open as wide as they could go, boldly exposing Jessica's obviously wet vagina. Aware that her arousal was now plainly visible to the man, Jessica began to cry again in humiliation – but did not dare attempt to close her legs from the lewd pose he had put her in.

Well, that's strange, he commented as Jessica braced herself for a comment about her visible wetness. Your tits are a little small, but it's obvious that you've been through puberty. Just the same, I don't see any hair on that little cunt of yours. Where's your cunt hair, whore?

Though relieved that he hadn't commented on her sexual arousal, Jessica wasn't happy about the question. She had enough trouble accepting that he was looking at her, making her discuss it felt impossible. Just the same, she realized that she had to answer.

I, uhm, shave it? she offered.

Ah, of course! he exclaimed. That makes sense. Pubic hair can be a magnet for cum, and I'd imagine a slut like you probably expects more than a little cum to be dumped in that general area. Good thinking, slut.

Thank you, she timidly replied.

Hold still a minute, he ordered. I want to get some pictures real fast.

Please, no she began to protest, but was silenced by an irritated look from him.

He got up, pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, and aimed it at her. Seconds later, an audible shutter sound came from the phone as Jessica wept. She wanted to run but knew he’d easily catch her.

No, that won't do at all, he growled. You're a slut, showing off your most important part. You should be happy to have me paying attention to such a worthless cunt and yet you look almost sad. Let's try it again, but this time, I want you to smile. If you don't smile, I'm going to have to assume that you think you can get away with lying to me by pretending you're not just some dumb slut.

Jessica forced out a half-assed smile. After a disapproving look from the man, she realized it wasn't good enough, and tried harder. The camera made the shutter sound again.

Much better, he announced. Here, let me show you.

Sitting back down he held his cell phone in front of Jessica. The phone's low-resolution camera had worked against her. As near as she could tell her smile actually looked genuine. Maddeningly, the camera didn't seem to pick up the tears streaming down her face, yet somehow showed the inflammation in her sex. Jessica was disgusted with herself; the picture showed her as precisely what he had claimed she was: a filthy, depraved slut. Involuntarily, her knees began to inch closer together from the shame.

My poor slut, he sighed, looking at her knees. You seem to be dangerously close to closing your legs. I don't want to have to punish you for lying again, you know.

Grabbing her again by her hair, he forced her to her feet. With another tug on her hair he led her to the coffee table that sat a few feet in front of the couch. Terrified, Jessica looked up at him as if to beg for mercy.

Straddle this, he ordered.

Reluctantly, Jessica climbed onto the coffee table. As soon as her chest touched the cold wood, he roughly pulled her back a couple inches and he lashed her left knee to the table's leg with the rope he had taken from her apartment. As he repeated the process for her right knee, she realized just how vulnerable she was about to be and attempted to sit up. Laughing, he pushed down on her back, forcing her back into the table. He grabbed her left arm, tying it too to one of the table's legs. Accepting her fate, she offered no resistance as he tied her right arm down.

See, now isn't that better? he asked mockingly. Now you won't have to waste your limited brain power on keeping your holes open and available. I know, I know. I spoil you.

Thank you, she choked out through tears.

So, he began, I didn't want to say anything earlier as I obviously wouldn't want to embarrass you, but is there something wrong with your cunt? It looks like it's just totally drenched. Did you piss yourself or something? I've been with sluts before, but I really don't think I've ever seen one this fucking wet.

Paralyzed with humiliation, Jessica was unable to answer as he crudely groped her between her legs. Instead, she quietly sobbed to herself, wishing that her body would cooperate with her instead of him, wishing she wasn't more turned on than she could remember ever being before.

Still laughing to himself, he pushed a finger in. Finding no resistance, he removed the finger, and pushed in two. Clearly amused, he pulled out the fingers and held them in front of the frightened girl's face; showing her how they glistened with her cum.

So, he announced, I have good news! You probably haven't figured it out by now, but I was actually planning on raping your cunt. Thing is, seeing how wet it is, I don't think I can rape you.

Really?! Jessica exclaimed. She hadn't expected it to be over so quickly, but was thrilled at the possibility that it might be. In her mind she was already playing out the idea of being untied, running back to her apartment, and pretending that none of this had happened.

Really, slut, he reassured. I mean, there's no way that fucking a cunt that is this wet could be considered rape. If anything, it would be cruel to you to not fuck it. In fact, I think I need to get a picture of this, just so if you try to cry rape I can demonstrate that you really were asking for it.

Seconds later, Jessica heard the same shutter sound she had heard earlier, coming from between her legs. Seconds after that she heard the sound of a zipper, followed by pants dropping to the floor. Devastated by the realization that he had no intention of letting her go just yet, she continued sobbing to herself.

The man grabbed her hair again, in a way that had sickeningly become almost familiar to her. Pulling he head up, he positioned his lips next to her ear. Jessica felt his hot breath against her cheek.

I'd tell you to brace yourself, slut, he growled, but with a cunt that wet I don't think it will be necessary.

With a single, brutal motion he jerked back on her hair while thrusting his cock into her as deep as he could. Jessica let out a yelp of pain. To her surprise, the pain was from her hair being pulled – not the brutal rape she was experiencing. Disgusted with her body's compliance she found herself moaning quietly as he roughly pumped in and out of her. Horrified, she realized that if he continued she would almost surely orgasm.

Please stop, she begged between moans.

Stop? he laughed. You can't even stop yourself from moaning, and you want me to stop? Oh, I think I understand. You're concerned for me, aren't you? Aww, such a compassionate little fuck toy. I can tell what you're thinking. You're thinking, this poor man, having to fuck such a slimy, disgusting hole. And you know what? You're right. It is disgusting. It's like fucking a waterslide. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not too loose, but really. With each thrust, I can just feel my cock being coated in yet another layer of your slime. And really, who is going to clean that off? But I told you I was willing to make sacrifices for you, and I meant it. So yeah, fucking this slime puddle is pretty fucking disgusting, and in a way, you're pretty fucking disgusting too; but it's okay. I'll forgive you.

Oh god, you don't understand! she protested. I'm going to cum! Please, please stop! I'll do anything you want!

Well, of course you're going to cum, he laughed. That's what sluts do when they get fucked. It doesn't matter if it's someone who cares about them, a stranger, hell, you'd probably even cum if you were being raped by a dog. In your little slut brain, you just don't have the mental power to process any of this – all you know is that your hole is getting fucked, and you're happy to have it fucked. Really the problem here is that you keep trying to fight your nature. Now, I told you, there are decent, respectable women out there, who work hard for that respect. That's not you. You don't deserve respect, as your leaky cunt clearly shows. See, your role isn't to be respected; it's to be fucked by anyone willing. And when you fulfill your destiny and get a cock, or a tongue, or a strap on, or really anything in you, your body rewards you. And that's where our problem is, because you just don't understand. The fact that you are going to cum from being raped by a stranger who's a decade older than you isn't your problem, it's your definition.

That was all it took. Unable to hold herself back, Jessica experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. Realizing that hiding it was futile, she moaned loudly. As her cunt walls quivered he thrust as deep as possible into her, pulled her hair back, and held her in that position while her orgasm rocked through her body.

Good slut! he laughed. I'm glad you finally realized that being fucked to orgasm is what you're for, and I'm happy that we can put your problem behind us. Sadly, there's still my little problem, though. As I said, my cock has been getting coated in your filthy whore juices, and someone is going to have to clean it off.

He withdrew his still erect penis from her and walked around the table, crudely shoving it in her face. Jessica saw that he was being truthful, his dick gleamed with her cum. Unable to ignore the smell of her own sex, Jessica was mortified. She hated all cum, even her own. She had always made her boyfriends wear condoms, and never engaged in oral sex after any type of sexual intercourse. She had never tasted herself before; yet here was this cock in her face that he clearly expected her to suck.

Clearly disappointed by her hesitation, he slapped her across the face – not too hard, but hard enough to remind her that she was at his mercy. Stunned, Jessica looked up at him, her mouth agape. Taking quick advantage of this, he rammed his fingers into her mouth, prying her jaw. Once her jaw was open, he thrust his cock into her throat with the same lack of gentleness she was growing accustomed to.

I'm sure that I don't have to tell you this, slut, he growled, but if I so much as feel a tooth, I'll be removing all your teeth myself, and I promise you that you won't cum from that.

Having made the threat he removed his fingers; burying his cock deep in her throat and gagging her. The acrid taste of her own juices was both nauseating and somehow intensely erotic to Jessica. In horror she watched as he gently pinched her nose shut, cutting off her only access to air. She attempted to look up and plead with her eyes while making distressed grunts, but he only laughed.

What's the matter, slut? he mockingly asked. You look almost unhappy, and that just doesn't make any sense. You've got a dick in you – yeah, maybe it's not your favorite hole, but a dumb cunt like you can't really be too picky anyway.

I can't breathe! she tried to scream, but here words muffled by the stranger's cock in her mouth.

Moy gant broove? he asked, feigning ignorance to her predicament. Slut, I don't even know what language that is, but I'm certain that I don't speak it. Now tell me, what's wrong?

Again she tried to tell him, tears streaming down her face. Again, he claimed to be ignorant to her problem. Jessica was now feeling the effects of oxygen deprivation, and needed fresh air desperately.

Laughing at her suffering he removed his cock. Jessica took advantage of the brief mercy; gasping heavily for air. He stood motionless before her, brandishing his erect penis menacingly.

I'm just kidding, slut, he explained jokingly. I know that you can't breathe, but you need to learn to trust me. I wouldn't actually suffocate you – if I did, your holes would go bad. Granted, they're pretty lousy holes, but you know – waste not, want not. Incidentally, just because I've removed my cock does not mean that you should stop worshipping it.

Taking the hint, Jessica opened her mouth and kissed the tip of the strange man's erect penis. She could still taste and smell her cunt juices, but knew better than to complain. Hoping to earn his favor she licked the shaft, feigning pleasure.

Wow, slut, he commented, you must really love the taste of cunt – even if it's your own. I can see how much you love this, I really can. It's amazing, really – you claim that you have never been used by a woman, and yet here you are, gorging yourself on cunt-slime coated cock.

So, there is a lesson here, he continued, reinserting his cock and punctuating his sentences with painful thrusts down her throat. As a slut, you don't have the right to refuse any usage of your holes. I don't know why you've made yourself unavailable to women, but that's going to change. You clearly love the taste of cunt, so whether or not you consider yourself a twat-sucking dyke is irrelevant. From now on, you're going to accept any attention that anyone shows your holes – it doesn't matter if they're male or female, young or old; whatever. You're going to offer them whatever they want, and you're going to be grateful for it.

As he fucked her face while lecturing her he pulled out his cell phone again. After pressing a few buttons he showed it to her. On the screen she could make out a video playing. She recognized her own naked body tied to the table, and watched as the man on the screen raped it mercilessly. Horrified, she realized there was audio. Disgusted with herself, she was unable to ignore the sounds of her own orgasm coming from the man's phone.

I thought you'd like that, whore, he explained. See, I took a little video of the good time you had, just for fun. I can see you crying, and I think I know why. You're afraid that being on a phone, it's probably going to get deleted. Don't worry, slut. It may be deleted from the phone, but not before I show everyone in the building who is interested – after all, I think they should have the right to know what kind of a filthy whore lives in their basement. I'll be uploading it to the Internet, too, just to make sure that it never really goes away.

Removing his cock from the crying girl's throat, he walked back to the couch and picked up the small tube of Vaseline that had fallen out of his pocket. As Jessica watched in horror he returned to her and squirted a generous amount into her vulnerable anus.

God, please, not that! she pleaded. Please sir, anything but that!

I'd love to spare you this, he explained, but I told you that I was going to help you I always keep my word. A two-holed slut is worthless, and I think you realize that. You might not believe me, but I know that you can be more. I know you can reach your full potential, and for you that means having three fuckable holes.

As he explained himself, he began massaging the lubrication into her asshole – first with one finger, then two. He moved slowly, at first, but picked up speed as time progressed. The sensation was mildly uncomfortable for Jessica, but not necessarily painful.

Now, I know this is scary for you, he comforted her, but I'm going to walk you through it. Right now, I'm finger fucking your asshole. You feel that, don't you?

I do, she quietly sobbed.

I'm finger fucking your asshole for a reason, though. I need to loosen it up a little, just enough that I can fit that vibrator of yours in there. Once I can do that, I'm going to fuck you with it – gently at first, but gradually harder. It's funny, really. You'll technically be losing your anal virginity to a goddamned piece of plastic; a toy. Even by the reduced standards that we have for sluts that's still pretty fucking pathetic. Of course, I'll only be butt-fucking you with the toy to loosen you up. Do you know what I'm loosening you up for, slut?

I do, she sobbed again.

Prove it, he challenged. Tell me why I’m getting you nice and loose.

You're loosening me up because you're going to fuck me in the ass, she cried. Please don't? Please?

Silly slut, do you really think that will work? he laughed.

Believing she was ready for the vibrator, he removed his fingers and pulled the vibrator out of his pocket. Aiming it at the opening, he applied slow, firm pressure, and watched as it gradually slid into her. Jessica groaned as she felt the cool plastic slide past her anal sphincter.

No, but please? she begged. I swear to god, I'll do anything. Just fuck my cunt some more, okay? Please?

Laughing, he ignored her feeble attempt to bargain. The vibrator now fully in her asshole, he removed pressure and watched as it slid back out. When only an inch or so remained in the girl, he pushed it back in – just a little faster than the last time.

Pain and humiliation coursed through Jessica; but to her horror there was something else there as well – pleasure. As the pain gradually subsided she felt actual pleasure from her violation, which only compounded her humiliation. Disgusted with herself, she began to realize that having her ass fucked, even with a toy, was something she actually enjoyed.

By now, the toy was going in and out rather quickly. Satisfied with the progress he had made he squirted more Vaseline into her asshole, fucked it in with the vibrator, squirted a bit more on his own penis. Feeling that she was ready, he removed the toy and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her asshole and gently pushed it in.

The brief pleasure was immediately replaced with immense pain. Though his cock was by no means abnormally large, it was significantly thicker than the toy she had been fucked with. Jessica let out a visceral groan.

Although he did not remove his cock he did pause to give her time to adjust; keeping a small amount of pressure on. He had time, and wanted to make this last. Disgustingly, Jessica felt the cock slowly sliding into her.

As the cock gradually slid deeper and deeper into her Jessica lost her ability to protest verbally. She could only moan in pain and humiliation as each inch slid into her formerly virgin asshole. Once it was in all the way, he collapsed on top of her.

Guess what, slut? he chided. My cock is all the way in your ass. You are now officially getting ass fucked! Did you know that?

Please just take it out! she begged.

He didn’t take it out. Instead, he playfully slapped her on the back of her head. Jessica looked back in confusion, not understanding why he had struck her.

You didn't answer my question, slut, he explained.

I'm sorry! she pleaded. I'm being ass fucked! I have your giant cock up my asshole, and it's fucking me! There, I said it! Please stop now? Please?

Laughing at her cries, he began to truly fuck her. He moved slowly, but the sensation of cock gradually pumping in and out of her was impossible for Jessica to ignore. Realizing that she truly was no longer an anal virgin, she cried in anguish.

Now, I know this is your first time, so I want to make this a good experience for you, he explained. Communication here is key; I need to know if you want me to go faster or slower. So, what we're going to do is use a simple code. If you want me to fuck your asshole harder, just say ‘slower’, or something along those lines. I doubt it will come up with a whore like you, but if for whatever reason you want me to fuck your asshole softer, just say ‘Please fuck my dirty little shit hole harder, sir.’

As Jessica cried he decided to give her a reason to communicate. He slowly slid his cock out of her asshole until only the head was still inside and then thrust it in, hard. As she yelped in pain and struggled helplessly against the ropes that bound her to the table, he laughed at the impotence of her resistance.

Oh god! she cried. It hurts so much! Please slow down!

Slower, huh? he laughed. Well, I know what that is code for.

As he began to fuck her ass in earnest she remembered the cruel joke of a code that he had just explained. She realized that if she wanted him to slow down, she’d have to beg him to go faster. She knew it was likely a trap but she had to try it.

Please sir fuck my dirty little shit hole harder? she cried out, ashamed and humiliated.

What was that, slut? he taunted. I didn't hear you. Gotta speak up if you wanna be heard, you know?

Please sir fuck my dirty shit hole harder please! she cried, louder this time.

God, you really are a slut! he laughed. Wasn't but half an hour ago that you were swearing that getting ass fucked is disgusting, and now look at you! Outright begging for it! You know, I still care about you, but I do have to let you know something. You disgust me. I mean, really. Now, I don't mind using you as a cum dumpster or anything, but come on. Sluts like you give women a bad name. Look at you. Cunt dripping, getting fucked in all three holes by a man she just met, begging for a hard ass fuck? It's really just gross. You should be ashamed.

As he continued to fuck her asshole Jessica came to realize that the same thing that had happened with the toy was now happening with his cock – the pain was fading, being replaced with pleasure. Just as she had been unable to stop herself from quietly moaning earlier during her vaginal rape, she was unable to keep quiet now as well. Terrified, she realized that if he kept this up she would orgasm yet again.

Oh god, you have to stop now! she pleaded, horrified at the idea of orgasming from anal rape.

I'm pretty sure that I don't, actually, he sneered.

You don't understand! she argued. Just please stop? Finish in my cunt, my mouth, I don't care. But you need to stop!

I don't understand? he asked. What exactly is it that I don't understand, slut? That you're going to cum? Of course you're going to cum. We had this talk. I'm using you as you're meant to be used, so your body is rewarding you. It knows you're nothing but a life support system for three holes, which is funny, as you clearly somehow still don’t understand that. Hell, your cunt, your asshole, and mouth – none of them have their own brain and yet they seem to be smarter than you, you dumb bitch.

So, yeah, I think I do understand. I understand that you're a fucking slut. You know who doesn't understand, though? You. You don't understand the sacrifices that I'm making, fucking a disgusting little piggy like you. You think I like to be buried up to my balls in your ass? You think I like bathing my cock in your cunt slime? No! But I make sacrifices – sacrifices that you just don't seem to appreciate. I told you about thanking me earlier, but you seem to have just ignored it. Well maybe that's my fault because I didn't correct you, but it's stopping now. You will thank me after each sacrifice I make for you, or you will be punished.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Jessica gave in to her orgasm. Seeing the helpless girl violently cum was enough to push the man over the edge as well. He pulled his cock out, aimed it at her gaping asshole, and fired a thick load of semen right into it.

Exhausted, he pulled his pants back up and sat back down on the couch, leaving the quivering mass of flesh that was Jessica tied to the table. He admired his own handiwork. Bright red bruises covered her buttocks, tears streamed down her face, and looking at her nether region you could easily tell that both holes had been thoroughly used.

I just warned you about it, too, he said sadly.

Jessica was confused; she had no idea what she did wrong. Thinking back, she remembered what the last thing that he had warned her about was. Hoping it wasn’t too late she spat out a quick thank you, but he seemed unmoved.

Too little, too late, he sighed. It's too bad, too. I do hate to have to punish such an accessible slut, but it's for your own good. I'll be right back.

Jessica watched as the man left the room. Terrified, she considered screaming for help, but decided not to. The odds were that no one would hear her cries anyway, and she knew it would be a bad idea to further provoke him.

After what felt like an eternity he returned, a brown paper grocery bag in hand. He picked up her discarded panties and knelt down next to Jessica's face. Jessica trembled in fear, not knowing what was about to happen.

In horror she watched as he balled up the panties, making sure that the inside of the crotch was on the outside, and forced them into her mouth. Reaching into the bag he pulled out a roll of silver duct tape, which he wrapped around her head, locking the panties in her mouth. Helpless and unable to move, she had no choice but to taste her own juices.

Next out of the bag was a small glass mason jar. Unable to protest with the gag in she could only watch as he attached a blank white label to it and pulled out a permanent marker. Quietly laughing to himself, he wrote the word Tips on the label, dotting the i with a heart.

He removed a piece of black cloth from the bag next and wrapped it around her head, this time covering her eyes. Unable to see anything she heard the rip of duct tape and felt him wrapping more tape over the cloth, binding the blindfold in place. Hearing more duct tape, she felt him reinforce the rope that bound her wrists and ankles.

Now unable to move, speak, or see, she could only hear and feel. What she felt next was the marker on her back. Trying to concentrate, she attempted to figure out what he was writing on her skin, but was unable to. Once he finished on her back, she felt the marker one more time – a single vertical line drawn on her left buttock.

Utterly defeated, she sobbed as she heard him stand up. She felt him pat her on her head and heard the familiar sound of his laughter. She briefly struggled to test the strength of her bonds, and found it futile.

Trust me, this is for your own good, he soothed.

She heard the sound of coins being tossed into the glass jar next to her head. And ringing of metal on glass faded, it was replaced with the sounds of his footsteps walking away. It was going to be a long weekend.